Why does the olive oil definitely and whether to send it to the garbage bucket?

Оливковое масло горчит
Olive oil is a product that has been opened over 140 centuries ago. At the dawn of civilization, people knew that the Olive tree and products from it could work wonders. It fits perfectly, serves as a component for many beauty recipes, heals and treats. The beauties of ancient Egypt, Greece used oils in order to make their skin and hair with the subject of admiration and seduction. They were used by leading shining science of those millennia such as Hippocrates and Aristotle. But why is the olive oil grieved? Did his taste differ from the one who was many thousand years ago?

Olive oil is a product that has been opened over 140 centuries ago. At the dawn of civilization, people knew that the Olive tree and products from it could work wonders. It fits perfectly, serves as a component for many beauty recipes, heals and treats. The beauties of ancient Egypt, Greece used oils in order to make their skin and hair with the subject of admiration and seduction. They were used by leading shining science of those millennia such as Hippocrates and Aristotle. But why is the olive oil grieved? Did his taste differ from the one who was many thousand years ago?

All knowledge and popular advertising suggest many modern people to the idea that it is time to change the usual vegetable oil from sunflower to the product from olives. Then the figure will acquire former harness, skin elasticity, hair enviable shine, and the body will fit. And this is all true.

What to do with bitterness and fish?

The tendency towards a healthy lifestyle and proper nutrition is becoming increasingly popular, and this can not but rejoice. And now you decided to change your diet and go to the store for a cherished dear bottle. Having come home, and, having tried for the first time a spoonful of the product, you have a shock, panic and one single question, olive oil is gritting?! Moreover, bitterness is very felt, and you are sure that you got an overdue and non-competitive product. What to do? Hurry to the store and scold the seller, pour and forget about the tricks of proper nutrition? Do not hurry until you read the information below.

Types of olive oil

In order to understand the question, you need to know what kinds are, and their main three.

Virgin Olive and Extra Virgin Olive Oil

This olive oil is the best product, as it is completely natural. All useful substances in it are preserved as much as possible, and they are absorbed by almost 100%. That is, all useful substances with daily use of the product in food will fill in the daily rate and hardening the body, improve the external state and lift the protective forces of the body.

Products are pressed using temperature, but it does not exceed 27 degrees mechanically. Virgin Olive is not processed, not cleaned, do not add any components, dyes, additives to it. This is a store store. But there are varieties of Virgin Olive.

It can have three categories:

  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil is the best product that can only be found for health among vegetable oils. The oil is obtained after the first cold spin of the best olives. Fruits do not have defects, they are not damped, not frozen, are not Padalitsa. This is an elixir that is used for treatment and for food in a fresh form. Product output after pressing minimum;
  • Virgin Olive Oil - get after cold pressed fruit. It is also useful, but the components necessary for our body are less. The price of such an oil will be lower. Acidness is higher - 2 grams per 100 grams of product. Such an oil can be more often found on the market, as the first category is rare, high-quality and expensive;
  • Ordinary Virgin Olive OIL - the acidity indices of this product are even higher and amount to 3 grams per 100 grams. This oil was obtained using biological reagents.

On a note! Why Extra Virgin Olive Oil is used to treat. The fact is that this is the most natural product and it has small acidity, which is 0.8%. And healing oils should have this indicator to 1%. They are for frying and for other thermal processing products does not fit.

Best oil is prepared under strict quality control. All indicators must comply with standards and standards, have certificates of conformity. Meet the present Extra Virgin Olive Oil with low acidity is very difficult. Such a product is obtained, only pressing the best fruit, but it turns out a little finished oil. It is labeled Extra Virgin.

But olives can still give a lot, and therefore they are poured with water and again expose to anneal. Such oils are also useful, but all the indicators will be suitable more for cooking, rather than for use in treatment and cosmetology.

Rafined Olive Oil.

This is a more traditional option. And all because we are accustomed to using refined extension. This category is just such. That is, it has passed a number of treatments, after which the unpleasant smell was eliminated, bitterness and for frying, thermal processing of products is the best option.

It is also worth noting that this category does not excrete carcinogens, because it is useful to use it. It costs oil much less than categories that have been described earlier. For treatment, this option is not suitable, since the beneficial components in the product are less after passing a number of treatments. The oil refined is obtained after the second pressed fruit.

Important! When you go to the store, you must pay attention to the labeling and the cost of the product, as well as the accuracy of acidity. It is not worth buying the cheapest product, since the natural olive oil Extra Virgin in it is at least the rest of all additives and benefits from the product should not be expected.

Pomace Olive Oil.

This is the third category that has the quality below the previous two, and receive it from the cake after spinning, from which the last drops of oil are harvested. They are fine and refined oil and other additives are added to the product. But again there are two types of this product:

  • Olive-Pomace Oil is just a mixture of cake and refined oil. But it can be bought for the preparation of products, bitterness and gari oil does not forms during heat treatment;
  • REFINED OLIVE-POMACE OIL - this is products only from the cake, and it is not worth buying it for food, as the quality of its lowest and benefit will not be any.

So, what types there are, you now know, but the main question is why the olive oil remains unanswered. About this is the next part.

On a note! Firms manufacturers put different labeling. If you see the word BIO, then check the composition for acidity and you can safely buy this product, as these are the best oils that are prepared under strict control.

Bitter Olive Oil: Is it worth worrying?

You bought or brought olive oil from sunny Italy, and it is unpleasant, bitterly so much that even in the throat. Did you give a fake? Not at all. Yes, no matter how strange it sounds, but olive oil is grieved and this is normal.

Moreover, if the product has a specific bitterness, then you should rejoice, since keeping present oil from Olive cold spin. Look at the packaging and composition of the product. If acidity is up to 1% and there are marks that we described above, then this product is healing. No need to fry on it. It is for salads, refueling, consumption in the fresh form.

If you have already become preparing, then you should not wait for an unpleasant bitterness in the finished dish. Food will be tasty, only here a lot of useful properties will disappear. Therefore, for frying, stewing the oil refined, and then you will not worry about the bitter taste.

On a note! If you ever have to try olives, not from the cans in the marinade, but fresh from the tree, then you will find that they have a bitter tart taste. Of course, the oil that was obtained only with the help of a cold spin, will save this mustard, and you should understand that it is normal and good.

But to use the product with bitterness is best immediately. That is, you should not store a bottle for special occasions, or as a present on the best times. The oil will benefit only at first after opening the bottle. At this point, it really can work wonders and improve your body, making it attractive outwardly.

Now you know that the real oil of Oliva is grieved, while you can safely use the product and begin to eat right.

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Humanity olive oil is known since antiquity. It is mined by pressing olive fruits by European. Among the connoisseurs, such an oil is called "liquid gold" for the abundance of beneficial substances, vitamins, antioxidants and useful fats. Olive oil is actively used in cosmetology. But the main sphere of its use is cooking. Oil is added to salads, put to the base of sauces. Having bought a bottle of olive oil in the store, you can disappoint, trying and feeling that olive oil is baptized.

The answer to the questions is whether it is possible to eat such a product whether olive oil should be understood, it is normal or not, and why sometimes it happens, depends on a number of reasons: the variety and pressure method, the harvest time and the area in which it is assembled. Many types of goods offered have a natural bitter and burning taste.

Why can unrefined oil in different batches may differ?

High-quality olive oil costs a lot of money. Buying him, I want to get a really high-quality product. By purchasing goods of the same brand or the same species, it can be noted that in different batches, the oil has a different taste tint. The first arising idea why the olive oil is bitter - one of the purchased bottles is a falsification. But real olive oil is easy to distinguish from fakes.

Check it easy. It is necessary to put a small amount in the refrigerator and give to cool for several hours. After a while, natural oil thickens. Light flakes will appear in it. These are frozen wax particles (simple fats), which are covered with a thin protective layer with a shell of olives.

It is not necessary to confuse these flakes with saturated fatty acids, the presence of which in the composition of olive oil is minimized. They frozen at room temperature, which can be seen on the example of margarine, and are unpleasant for the body. The wax does not carry any benefit or harm and is safe for health.

General criteria and standards that would define the taste of olive oil and installed whether olive oil should be bitter, does not exist. It is grieving and can have a taste of just fresh green olives or reminding green apples, almonds, spicy herbs and so on.

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Olive oil can be different shades: darker or lighter

Almost all types of olive oil have a mustard, which is pronounced or slightly noticeable in the language. The reasons are the fact that in various parties oil differs in the degree of bitterness and tartness - several.

One factors are a country of production:

  • Spain (production leader);
  • Italy;
  • Greece;
  • Tunisia;
  • Turkey.

The list is not exhaustive. Each of these countries has its climate and the composition of the soil, which causes a variety of taste. Oil, pressed within one country, but from trees grown in different provinces will also differ. Even the oil, pressed from trees located at different ends of the same olive grove, may differ in the taste and affects whether olive oil is grieving.

The second reason is the tree grade. They have a huge amount. Various types of oilseed trees, for example:

  • Minerva;
  • pek
  • Kalamata;
  • Okiblanka;
  • Trap, and many others.

The tree grade also provides a variety of tastes of olive oil.

Olive oil MustorTaste, tartness and degree of mustard depend on the time in which the harvest is harvested. Harvesting time:

  1. In early September, the collection of still very green olives begins, in which there is little oil. After pressing such berries, there is a feeling of bitterness, tartness and light burning on the nose. The color of this product is bright green. Such oil is most appreciated.
  2. In October - November, the collection of raw materials continues. Berries become more ripe. The color of the oil becomes more yellow, and the mustard is easier.
  3. In December and January, the collection of berries continues. These are already mature olives. They are rich in fat and from them pressing yellow oil with a mild taste. From lying on Earth, Omlin, the darkest oil is obtained, having a sweet taste.

The third cause is a way to produce oil. The berry is going to manually. Trees do not work and are not processed by chemicals. Bones are removed from fruits, and olive juice is obtained from the pulp. It is defended and separated from the water, collecting oil from the surface. The output is really a natural product with minimal processing. Each manufacturer has their secrets and technologies that directly affects taste.

Olive European fruit oil has a natural bitterness and tartness. It has a rich smell. Different variety of flavors. It is very useful for the body. Also on the site you will find information about



sea ​​burying




What is the taste of the first cold spin product?

Olive oil is a valuable source of unsaturated fats. It contains oleic and linoleic acid, phytosterols, vitamins K and E, chrome, well and many other connections. It has antioxidant properties, reduces the "bad" cholesterol and is very valuable for the body.

What taste should be at the oil of the first cold spin and why it is baptized, explained as follows. In the production process, the olives are almost not subjected to processing - exclusively washing, settling, separation from water and filtering. Therefore, such oil saves the taste of olives as much as possible. Berries themselves, and especially bones, bitter and tart. It answers the question, should olive oil must be patched or not. Organoleptic assessment or expertise is carried out by professionals.

1 starOlive oil tasting technique is simple:

  1. It is poured into a glass and heated in the palm of palm.
  2. Another palm is covered with butter tank. After a while, the oil acquires the body temperature.
  3. Opening a glass, you need to breathe aroma. Thus, the entire bouquet of smells will open. First of all, the oil should smell olives.
  4. Then the sip of the oil takes in the mouth and keep in the mouth. Through time, taste receptors will feel bitterness and tartness of oil.
  5. Then the oil swallowed. And in the larynx should be felt burning and pinching.
  6. If all these emotions were tested, and the aftertaste remains pleasant, then this sample oil quality.

Tastors allocate about 70 terms, which describe the taste of the oil of the first cold spin. This is the shades of apple, and flavors of spices, and herbs. As well as: hay, lemon, tomatoes, peppers, sorrel, almond, etc. Based on all the above, it can be concluded that the real oil of Olives is necessarily gritting. You can safely add it to food and use for cosmetic procedures. Masks for face and hair based on olive oil.

If bitter - is it normal?

High-quality olive oil must be patched. This means that it is:

  • Natural and unrefined, filtering and deodorization was made from high-quality olives and did not lose in the process of processing useful substances for the body (unrefined sunflower oil);
  • Fresh and first spin;
  • Concentrated (not diluted).

You can draw an analogy comparing Fresh with juice. Fresh will be more tarty and bitter than juice due to the naturalness of the ingredients and their saturation.

What should I eat?

As it was stated above, the fact that olive oil is grieving is normal. You can use it and extremely useful. Like a good guilt, you need to get used to him and love.

Saturation and tartness of taste will slightly decrease in a couple of weeks after opening the bottle.

If not happened, consider what you can do if olive oil is baptized, so as not to "spoil" the dishes of a bitter flavor

  • You can use a mixture of two oils - a bitter olive and other type of oil (rape, cotton, corn, sunflower). This will help "dilute" bitterness;
  • Mix with finely chopped garlic, add a couple of twigs of fragrant herbs. For example, Basilica and Rosemary. Let it stand in, after which it is used in snacks, sauces and salads. And it is possible, like the Italians, to make bread in such a mixture;
  • Use for cosmetic purposes.
2 stars
With olive oil perfectly combined chiabatta

Is it possible to use if you rank?

It also happens that over time, olive oil changes its taste for the worse, it became bitter and lost a pleasant fragrance (ferment). Such oil spoiled.

It should be understood why olive oil is grieving and can it be used. To distinguish rice oil from natural bitterness, you should make a small sip. Hold it in the mouth. Then listen to taste. If the initial bitterness does not reveal the tart flavor of olives and a lightweight note of spices, and the product is felt, the product is spoiled. In the mouth remains unpleasant aftertaste.

The reason why the olive oil is bitter taste, it could become an outdated less life, which, in accordance with the requirements of the GOST and international standards, is indicated on the packaging.

When buying, you should also pay attention to the date of bottling. If it exceeds 6 months - oil can be stagnant.

Another reason can be a violation of storage conditions. In order not to spoil the product, you should follow the following rules:

  1. Store away from sunlight. The best option to contain today is a dark glass bottle. It does not let the sun rays that destroy the useful components of the oil;
  2. It is necessary to close the lid tightly to prevent the oxygen ingestion and prevent the oxidation process;
  3. Store at temperatures below 30 degrees Celsius. Often housewives make a mistake - put a bottle of plate or microwave oven. This contributes to the heating of the oil and spoils its quality.

Useful video

Production of first spin olive oil:


  1. If olive oil is grieved - it is natural.
  2. A high-quality product is peculiar to a bitter taste. It indicates the freshness and concentration of nutrients.
  3. To distingvia from spoiled olive oil, he should be heard to the aftertension.

Olive oil began to be manufactured in antique times. Already then people appreciated the product for excellent properties. It saturates, applies in various beauty recipes, heals and treats. But many are interested in why olive oil is baptized. The answer to this question can be found from the article.

Virgin Olive and Extra Virgin Olive Oil

This product should be purchased, if interested in which olive oil is better. It is absolutely natural. All valuable components are stored in it, besides digested by the body completely. It can be included in the daily diet.

With everyday use, it turns out to fill the daily rate and restore your health, improve the condition and protective forces of the body. The product is exposed to a mechanical method at a temperature of not more than 27 degrees. It is not processed, not cleaned, additional components are added, dyes. Why is the olive oil definitely? This is associated with the taste of fruits from which the products are preparing.

Types of better oil

To find out what olive oil is better, you should familiarize yourself with its views:

  1. Extra Virgin Olive Oil is the best health products. This is the first spin olive oil created from the best olives. Fruits have no defects, they are not spoiled, not frozen. Products are excellent for treatment and food.
  2. Virgin Olive Oil - Created after cold spin olives. The product is also useful, but the valuable components are less in it. Its cost will be lower. Acidness more - 2 g per 100 g
  3. ORDINARY VIRGIN OLIVE OIL - Acidness is 3 g per 100 g. The product is created using biological reagents.

Why is Extra Virgin Olive Oil applied in treatment? This is due to the fact that the product is natural, and it has low acidity, which is 0.8%. And the useful oils must have an indicator of up to 1%. For frying and heat treatment, they are not used. Should I defect olive oil? These products should have this property, it is considered the most useful.

3 stars

The quality product is created on the basis of careful quality control. It is important to match the indicators and standards, besides, there must be certificates of conformity. Find in stores oil with low acidity is not easy. It is obtained by pressing the best fruits, but it turns out a little product. But olives are poured with water and again pressed. Such oils are considered useful, then they are suitable for dishes, and not for treatment and cosmetology.


This oil is traditional, as most people are accustomed to using refined products. This category is just true. The product passes a lot of treatments, after which the unpleasant smell disappears, bitterness, so it is ideal for frying.

This type of oil does not highlight carcinogens, so it is useful to use it. The cost of the product is less compared to the above products. In treatment, this oil is not used, since it remains less valuable substances due to processing. It is created after the second press of fruits.

When buying it is important to look at the labeling, the price, acidity. Cheap products should not be purchased, since natural oil is minimum. The rest is additives, so the benefit will be not enough. Why is the olive oil definitely? The reason for this is the bitter taste of olives, which is saved and after pressing.

Pomace Olive Oil.

Products refers to the third category, it has the quality below the previous ones. It is created from the cake after pressing when it is necessary to get oil residues. There are few of them, so refined oil and other components are added. There are two types of product:

  1. Olive-Pomace Oil. Products include a mixture of cake and refined oil. But it is acquired for the preparation of products. Begging and nothing appears during heat treatment.
  2. REFINED OLIVE-POMACE OIL. The product should not be purchased for food, since its quality is low, therefore the benefit will not be.
4 stars

Why is the unrefined olive oil definitely? The reason is the bitter flavor of olives. Even after processing it is saved. Usually, with cooking, bitterness disappears.


Why is the olive oil definitely? It is connected with taste of olives. In addition, it may be twisted in the throat. In fact, olive oil is grieved - this is normal. The real cold spin product must have bitterness. You should look at packaging and composition. If acidity is up to 1%, then this product is useful, but it is not worth frying on it. It is used for salads, refueling.

5 stars

Fresh olives tart taste. After cooking in the dish there will be no bitterness. Food will be delicious, but many valuable properties will disappear. Therefore, for frying, extinguishing should be selected refined oil. All dishes with it are delicious and fragrant.

Thus, olive oil is grieved - this is normal, since fresh fruits have a bitter tart taste. After cold spin, this property is saved. It is advisable to use products immediately, it should not be stored only for special occasions. Oil will be useful only after opening the bottle.


Therapeutic properties of oil celebrated Hippocrat, Aristotle first began to use it in the treatment of people. And Cleopatra for health used on an empty stomach on one spoon. The benefits are as follows:

  1. The presence of useful fatty acids, the main of which is oleic.
  2. Reducing cholesterol levels in the blood and improving the work of the gastrointestinal tract.
  3. Treatment of heart disease.
  4. The oil is absorbed by 100%.
  5. Treatment of skin and elimination of stretch marks.

To improve your health, it is necessary to include this product in the food. Olive oil is bitter taste, and this is considered a normal phenomenon. If you try it for the first time, it may seem strange, but over time the body gets used to.


Thanks to the useful properties, the product is used in different fields. He is in demand in cooking, cosmetology and traditional medicine. Olive oil is used for cooking: it is added to salads, side dishes, sauces and soups. It has an unusual taste. Should I defect olive oil when eating? This is considered normal, since fresh olives have such a taste. But in combination with other products, bright taste is obtained.

Vegetables, salad, oil

Survived by the industry, where oil is used, is cosmetology. The valuable oil product will be an excellent nutritional health and skin agent. Oil is used to obtain cosmetic products - creams, gels, shampoos.

In folk medicine, the oil occupies a special position. Since ancient times, it was used to treat various diseases due to therapeutic properties.


How to choose not bitter olive oil? It is necessary to pay attention to the packaging it was written by Refined Olive Oil. Such a product after long-term processing has no bitterness. When buying it is important to pay attention to the following nuances:

  1. Bottle. It should not be plastic. The goods must be taken only in dark glass.
  2. Label. It is important to get acquainted with the composition. It is necessary that the oleic acid be at least 55%, and even better 83%.
  3. Acid number. This indicator indicates the availability of free fatty acids. The higher it, the lower the quality. If you buy Extra Virgin, then no more than 1.5, and even better 0.5.
  4. Peroxide. In Extra Virgin, it must be no more than 20 mmol / kg. This indicator indicates the oxidation of fats in contact with oxygen. The lower the number, the higher the quality.
  5. Determination of the mass fraction of moisture. The smaller the indicator, the more valuable substances. An excellent indicator is 0.1%, and even better - 0.06%.
  6. Shelf life. Only fresh oil should be purchased. If it is stored for 6 months, the loss of valuable components occurs. You should not choose an oil that has been produced more than 1 years ago.
  7. Colour. It depends on the harvest time, ripeness of olives, the presence of impurities. It is advisable to buy golden oil, which can be shades. You should not buy a gray and high yellow product.
  8. Category. Extra Virgin is considered the best, since useful properties are preserved in products. He was not subjected to chemical treatment, besides, created from the best varieties of olives. It is used for cooking and cosmetology.
  9. Abbreviation. There are other signs that will allow you to choose high-quality oil. For example, DOP (Denominacion de Origen Protegida), created from the best varieties of fruits, besides bottled where it was manufactured. Such a product is manufactured under the highest standards, it is constantly checking.
  10. The country. This information must be indicated on the label. It is desirable that the goods are made in Spain, Greece, Italy, Turkey, Israel, Syria.
Olives on a tree

Considering these nuances, it turns out to choose a quality product. It will be useful for health. And poor-quality products, as you know, can bring tremendous harm.

Harm and contraindications

The product can not be used by all. In order not to cause negative reactions, it is better to exclude it from the power supply. Olive oil has a negative nuances:

  1. In case of disease, cholecystitis and gallstone disease should not use the product, as it has a choleretic effect.
  2. The oil is considered to be a calorie: in 1 tbsp. l. There are 120 calories. This norm will be enough.
  3. Frequent use of the product in excessive amounts entails serious complications: dizziness, low pressure, headaches.
  4. The oil is considered laxative, so a light diarrhea may appear.
Olive oil in a spoon

In order for the oil to have a healing action, you need to use it with valuable components. For example, the combination of fresh vegetables and fruit will be excellent. Only without heat treatment oil is considered healthy.

Why Extra Virgen olive oil may be charged

Why Extra Virgen olive oil may be charged

Extra Virgen olive oil may have to charge

Some hostesses believe that bitterness is an indicator that olive oil has spoiled over time or under the influence of external factors. In fact, it's not at all. Mustard - an integral sign of high-quality olive oil Extra Virgen of the first cold spin.

We explain why the mustard in the taste of olive oil is a good sign and product quality indicator.

Why olive oil is baptized

Olive oil produced from olives that have achieved optimal maturity and assembled with a healthy tree. At the same time, two different varieties of olive trees can give fruit that will differ in aroma, color and, of course, taste. Olive oil can be different in its characteristics, even from olives of one variety and harvest, but varying degrees of maturation.

At the same time, the olives of the highest grade is something in common - they are pleasantly absolutely. Binding is an absolutely natural characteristic of taste for olive oil. This is a guarantee of the quality of olive oil Extra Virgen of the first cold spin, which is considered the richest in composition and amazing to taste and aroma.

The degree of mustard can be different. It is influenced by many different factors, including from the olive varieties used in annexide, the state of the soil and weather conditions, in which the harvest ripened. Depending on these features, olive oil may have both a pronounced mustard, as well as caught.

How to evaluate bitterness

With the rosary of olive oil in the bottle, its complex laboratory testing is carried out. Oil is tested in two parameters: according to its chemical composition and organoleptic parameters. The latter also includes the determination of the taste of olive oil. To do this, it is necessary to taste it.

During tasting, experts determine the taste and aroma characteristic of each oil. Oil color, contrary to popular belief, does not affect its quality at all. That is why olive oil is tasting in glasses made from dark blue glass so that the color of the product does not mislead experts. As a rule, tasters describe the taste of high-quality olive oil with terms "balanced", "saturated", "rounded", "oil-made", "mature", "sharp", "bitter", "sweet". Sometimes more specific descriptions are used: "herbal", "almond", "apple" or "resembling green leaves." High-quality oil is gradually revealed in the mouth.

In European countries with stringent regulations and quality requirements for olive oil, the quality of the product is evaluated by special officially accredited tasting commissions.
Chiabatta, Oil

In Spain, the global leader in the production of high-quality olive oil, the culture of production and consumption of this oil is developed. Officially, the quality of the product in the sunny country is evaluated by the tasting commissions, but tasting itself as the process has ceased to be a formal procedure and has become fascinating entertainment. Real gourmets can visit the professional tasting of olive oil, where they will teach them to "read" the taste and aroma of the product and will tell about its production a little more.

Different Tastes from ITLV

Under the ITLV brand, several oils of the first cold Popper Extra Virgen are combined, each of which has its own unique taste and aroma: Extra Virgen ITLV - the taste of this oil is the result of a specially created blend of different varieties of olives. Therefore, this oil has a very soft, balanced taste and pleasant aftertaste. Extra Virgen Elegante is an olive oil from one variety of Olives Arbeckin. It is characteristic of a soft, lightweight and velvety taste with a tint of almonds and notes of a green apple. Oil has a pleasant enveloping aftertaste.Extra Virgen Balancio is an oil made exclusively of Olives of an Ohblanca variety, which has an individual character with a bright, fresh and expressive taste. The exciting game of shades of "fresh greenery" creates a refined balance of taste and aroma.

If you felt the mustard in the olive oil Extra Virgen of the first cold spin - rejoice. This means that you have chosen the highest quality product for your dietary diet, which is manufactured in accordance with the standards of a healthy harvest. A piquant mustard of olive oil will decorate vegetable salads, snacks, fish and bird dishes.

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Over all articles

Olive oil is a popular product that is widely used in cooking, cosmetology, traditional medicine and other fields. It was opened about 140 centuries ago. Back in ancient times, people knew about the beneficial properties of oil from olive fruits.

In the times of ancient Greece and Egypt, the girls were supported with the help of this component youth, health and beauty. Also, the oil was not eliminated by such outstanding personality in the field of science as Aristotle and Hippocrat.

Features of the composition

Propaganda of a healthy lifestyle, which is rapidly gaining momentum at the present time, has rooted the interest of the public to olive oil. More and more people change the usual sunflower oil to a more popular product. Regular and correct use of it improves the condition of hair, skin, and also contributes to weight loss and the general health recovery. It is at the expense of these characteristics that olive oil gained popularity among those who adhere to a healthy lifestyle.

The amazing feature of this product is that its composition directly depends on the preparation technique.

As a rule, the collection of fruits start in November and finish at the beginning of spring. Berries must be recycled as soon as possible due to the fact that they are quickly oxidized. Olives are processed by pressing the pulp. Disorders in the process of collecting and manufacturing the product lead to loss of quality.

The product of the first cold spin is saturated with palmitine, oleic and linoleic acid. 100 grams of oil contains about 99.8 grams of fats.

With regards to vitamins, in olive oil, their whole set: a, k, e, d. Among the beneficial elements and compounds, phenolic acids and squalens are isolated, which prevent the development of cancer cells.

The taste of the product is specific, and few people like it in natural form, but when it combines food, it turns out to create amazing dishes. The taste of the product affects many factors, among which the place of cultivation of olives is distinguished, their quality, the method of preparation of the product. It can be sweet, bitter and even a little salty. Such a variety gives culinary huge opportunities for experiments.

  • Varieties Those who are familiar with olive oil know that this product is represented by the modern market in a wide range. Products differ in taste, quality and cost. Consider three main varieties that can be found in supermarkets.
  • Virgin Olive. This is the highest quality and useful product. Manufacturers use special techniques to preserve all useful properties of fully natural oil. Each component and microelement in the composition is absorbed by the body almost 100%. Virgin Olive is ideal for daily use in natural form, as well as for the preparation of delicious and useful dishes.
  • Vitamins and minerals will increase the protective capabilities of the body, and with regular admission, positive changes in appearance will be noticeable. The mechanical process of pressing fruit passes in special conditions. Temperature should not be above 27 degrees Celsius. The resulting product does not undergo clean and not processed. Also, when it is created, dyes and other components are not used.

This type of oil is divided into three next varieties.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil - This is the highest quality product, which was at a high level appreciated by gourmets and professional chefs. Unrefined oil is obtained after the first cold spin. For cooking, only carefully selected fruits are used. Berries should not even have the smallest defects. If you have a lack of vitamins and useful trace elements that are included in the olive oil, this type of oil is recommended to use in kind every day. The goods of the highest category are often used for healing purposes due to low acidity - 0.8%. The minimum criterion for healing oils should not exceed 1%. However, the product cannot be terminated, which means it is not suitable for frying.


- The second form, which also turns out after cold pressed fruit. Despite his enormous benefits, the composition of this product is less useful elements than in Extra. However, the price of oil is more affordable. Acidness rate - 2 grams per 100 grams. Due to the reduced cost, the oil is much more common on store shelves.

Ordinary virgin.

- The most accessible option from all of all above. A distinctive feature of the product is increased acidity (3 grams per 100 grams). The oil of this category is made using special biological reagents.


  • The oil of this category is more familiar to the Russian consumer due to the fact that these refined products. This term suggests that the goods have passed a series of treatments before being packed and imparted to the counters. In the process of refining, a bitter taste is eliminated, sharp smell and other properties of a natural product. If you are looking for oil for frying and thermal processing of products, then this is the most suitable option.
  • The use of such a product is completely safe, as the oil does not secrete carcinogens. Its cost is much more affordable than the prices of the oils mentioned above. Remember that the goods can be used only for eating, therapeutic quality products are not peculiar. The goods are obtained by the second spin of olives.


A variety that has the lowest quality indicator. However, the goods deserves due attention. For the manufacture of the product, press the cakes, getting the last drops. The resulting resource is mixed with refined oil and other food additives.

This class is divided into two types.

Olive-Pomace - This is a conventional mixture of refined product with oil obtained after squeezing. It can be safely used to prepare various dishes. In the process of frying or other thermal processing, the product does not form a bitterness or gary.


- The goods of the lowest quality, which is obtained solely by pressing the cake. Acquire the product for consumption in raw form no sense due to the lack of use in its composition.

Manufacturers use various labeling. The icon with the inscription "Bio" talks about checking the oil into acidity. You can, without fears, take the goods for use in kind, since it was carefully controlled by each of the steps.

Should be bitter in taste? Many people who are just starting their acquaintance with this amazing product are not yet familiar with his features. You purchased an expensive bottle of olive oil in a healthy nutrition store, brought it from Europe or received as a gift. After unpacking and samples, you felt bitterness. The first thought - you spent money for a fake, or product spoiled, but this thought is erroneous.

  1. Binding for high-quality oil is normal. This characteristic speaks of naturalness.
  2. Such a specific taste has cold spin products (unrefined oil), manufactured by all the required rates of selected fruits. Natural unrefined oil is eaten for therapeutic prevention, as well as for the preparation of sauces, salads and cold snacks.

By ignorance, some hostesses use this product for frying, however, in this case, it is not necessary to worry that bitterness will be transferred to the dish. Food will be excellent to taste, but deprived of useful trace elements. If you plan to prepare anything by extinguishing or frying, it is better to purchase refined oil. It is not only better suitable, but it will cost cheaper.

There are cases when the oil can be pattering strongly. The reason for this is the expired shelf life or violation in this process. However, do not hurry to throw down the rocked oil, it can be used in cosmetic and domestic purposes.

How to use and how much can I keep a bitter oil?

Specific bitter taste oil acquires from the main ingredient - olives. Fresh fruits are tart and have a pronounced bitter taste.

We indicated that bitterness has two reasons: The naturalness of high quality product;

delay or improper storage of the product.

In the first case, this feature is not necessary. If things are different, you can try to save the product from this shortage. There is a way to remove bitterness at home.

  • We will need raw carrots. Vegetable need to grasp and pour outward oil. The vessel is tightly closed and put in a dark place on three days. After time expire, the oil is filtered, overflow into a clean bottle, and throwing the carrots. You can also add a spoonful salt to the container.
  • Product Storage Rules
  • A high-quality product in hermetic packaging can keep freshness up to 18 months. After unpacking, the product is desirable to use as soon as possible. The main negative factors for olive oil are heat and sunlight. The best storage place is a dark and cool room. The cold will not negatively affect the quality of the product, but it can cause partial solidification.
  • When buying, it is advisable to make a choice in favor of products packaged in tinted glass bottles.
  • In this way, manufacturers protect the goods from sunlight.
  • So that the product is not burned ahead of time, make sure that the oil package is closed tight. It is necessary to maximize the access of oxygen to the product.

How can I use bitter olive oil:

The product is useful in various domestic purposes, for example, for lubricating furniture and doors loops;

This is a practical and safe remedy for burns;

Olive oil is grieved it is normal

Oil can be used as ingredient in the manufacture of candles.

To make the flap skin softer and tender, treat it with a cotton swab, moistened with oil; This is an effective alternative to expensive cosmetics;

From the product you can make nutritious hair masks, this component will give the hair of a healthy shine and forces;

Furious oil can be used for traditional medicine, with the help of this component, pain in the ears is removed - you only need to warm the ingredient, to dip in it cotton swab and carefully put it in the ear sink.

  • In the next video, you will learn about the value of bitterness in olive oil.
  • Immediateness of the Vekhortka Vse. Saved man life: the aspen bark and wormwood got rid of parasites, Hina - from malaria. Yes, and now without bitterness, you can not do without it (they not only allow you to preserve the tone of the digestive apparatus, but also a lot more).

But a long time and hopelessly broke with a living world, a person has long ceased to trust his own taste and natural alarm. For this reason, quite benign products are in the garbage tanks. The basis for this (bitterness) seems weighty - if it is baptized, it is better to throw away what to choose!

Olive oil is grieved it is normal

Olive oil is one of the victims of such unreasonable distrust. After all, if the olive oil is bitter taste, it means gone! - this is the case of an inexperienced user.

Is it just so?

  • What is olive oil taste
  • The taste of olive oil depends on the method of its preparation. It can be obtained:

With the first (cold) tick.

Olive oil is grieved it is normal

Subsequent (secondary) pressing with mandatory heating of the raw material.

The first fraction considered to be the most valuable (and on food qualities, and in terms of cash equivalent), has its own name: Extra Virgin. The oil extract with such a name is grieving very much (and even causes a feeling of burning in his mouth after swallowing).

Forging - a significantly less concentrated second fraction (referred to as olive oil) contains olive extract of a lesser extent of fat content and therefore applies as a secondary food product (much lower quality). In order to gain the greatest benefit, the second fraction is mandatory diluted with olive oil exhaust quality Extra Virgin. The taste will take care of less (or does not care at all).

Olive oil extract (extract) can be:

  • Unrefined (proud).
  • Refined.
  • The refined modification (the one that does not grit) is not only deprived of the characteristic odor and taste, but also makes it useless its use in the raw form (it is used only for the purpose of frying).
  • Causes of bitterness
  • To the question: why the olive oil is baptized (and why the bitterness of the first cold spin oil) of the chemical scientists answered for a long time.
  • Hearshes because the percentage content in its volume of polyphenols to the incredibility is great. And it characterizes olive extract in the most positive way.

Polyphenols - chemical compounds from class cyclic hydrocarbons. These include many drugs with actions:

Olive oil is grieved it is normal







These group and vitamins P and E are two vital organisms of chemical compounds. Without them, a person would be completely defenseless (both from solar radiation and microbes and from cancer and other aggressors).

Unrefined olive extract although it is baptized, but is a real storehouse of all useful properties inherent in the above-mentioned chemical compounds. If olive oil is grieving, it testifies: it is natural and can be used, adding to the food eating raw (salads).

Considering that it doesn't like everyone when the oil is baptized, use a simple way to remove bitterness. It consists in heating, in which the esters and alcohols responsible for the taste and bitterness are made (oil does not lose useful qualities).

  • Is it possible to use if rut
  • The question is whether the olive oil should not be confused on the other: whether the product can be used, which is really burded (has a burnt taste).

Barring is a chemical process that leads to irreversible changes in fatty acids that are part of the product.

Science denotes the downtake of any fats with a special term: peroxidation oxidation of lipids. The term means that one fatty acid, changing the chemical composition, becomes another (having another name and other properties).

  • The process proceeds consistently and is irreversible (therefore, it is already impossible to call the roar oil, it can no longer be a food product).
  • Barring testifies: the oil is hopelessly corrupted and any benefit of the body is not capable of bringing.
  • The most common reason is that the product is strange, is the end of the shelf life, which can significantly reduce due to:

Useful video

Improper storage of oil (either in an open bottle, or outside the refrigerator, or when both factors are combined).

Problems of the product into non-sterile or unsubstantiated dishes.

Maximum term even for properly stored oil - a period of 18 months, counting from the date of the discount of the bottle. But even if the oil is stored in a closed form (in the factory package), in the refrigerator, the duration of the safety still cannot be eternal (this is not brandy, over the years I improve your quality).

Definitely it is impossible to eat for meals a product with an unnatural taste:

Lovely hay (mold).



Should I defect olive oil refined? In which countries is it done on conscience? What manufacturers should prefer? What to do if the shelf life of the product came out, and taste quality persisted (the product was kept properly)? What other options for using olive oil extract exist (is it possible to use it for the sun, for cosmetic purposes)?

Help to get answers to all these questions will help the video:

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  • Olive oil has connoisseurs, and opponents, and it is not by chance. Oil connoisseurs discovered all his benefit and taste for themselves, because this oil can be used not only for cosmetic purposes, but also when cooking food. It turns out delicious salad refills, unusual sauces with a large set of beneficial substances.
  • But it often happens that people, inspired by the stories about the benefits of this oil and an extraordinary taste, after buying and samples, oils are disappointed in it. Disappointment occurs from the fact that a bitter taste remains from olive oil in the mouth.
  • Binding in olive oil is quite normal and depends on what variety of oil is selected, used method of pressure, the terrain of collecting fruits, as well as the period in which the harvest was assembled. Any natural olive oil has bitterness in taste, only the degree of its severity differs.
  • Causes of the initial bitterness of olive oil
  • Sometimes acquired oil of a proven manufacturer of the same species, but different parties, differs in taste and severity of bitterness. It seems to be such a thing should not, but in fact it is quite acceptable for several reasons.

1. Country of production

Olive oil produced in several countries:


  • Italy
  • Spain
  • Tunisia
  • Turkey
  • These manufacturers are distinguished by climatic conditions, the mineral composition of the Earth, so the taste of oil is obtained so diverse. Moreover, the experts noticed that it differs in taste and then the oil, which was obtained from the fruits of trees in different areas within the same country. Trees from different ends of olive plantation also give fruit with various taste and tartness.

2. Tree variety

For the manufacture of oil used fruits of oilseeds:






From trees of different varieties collect olives that give a different taste of finished oil.

3. Method of oil production

To make the oil, first manually harves the fruits, then the bones are taken out of them, and the juice is squeezed out of the remaining pulp. This juice should stand for some time, and then from its surface the oil separated from water.

As a result, a minimum volume processing is used in the oil production process. But each manufacturer has its own characteristics features that are kept secret, but very affects how the oil is in the end to taste.

4. Harvesting time

The degree of bitterness and tartness is influenced by the time of the collection of fruits. At the beginning of autumn, the collection of young green olives begins. The finished oil from such fruits is bright green, bitter taste, even burns a little in the mouth. At the end of the autumn, the olives are kept, and the finished oil is already a little yellow, and the mustard in it is not so felt.

At the beginning of winter, ripe olives are harvested, from which oil with a soft taste and beautiful yellow color. If you collect ripped olives from the ground, you can get an oil with a sweet taste of dark yellow.

Important! The bitterness and the tartness of the taste of olive oil after opening the bottle gradually disappear, that is, you can subsequently enjoy a softer taste.

Causes of the appearance of bitter oil in olive oil

Despite the fact that the real olive oil has a mustache in taste, over time it can become bitter and neurotic. This means that the oil spoiled.

To distinguish the true bitterness of the oil from the taste of spoiled (violated) oil, you need to pay attention to the taste of oil in the mouth. To do this, a small sip of oil needs to hold half a minute in the mouth, and if there is an unpleasant taste, stuffiness, it means that the oil is not savage.

1. Expired shelf life

Due to the fact that the shelf life expires, the oil becomes bitter taste. The shelf life of the oil is indicated on the packaging, so before purchase it is necessary to check the oil pouring date. If more than 6 months passed from the moment of bottling, then the oil is already considered stagnant.

2. Incorrect oil storage

Another reason for the appearance of bitterness in the taste of oil is its improper storage. The fact is that such an oil does not tolerate sunlight, so buying the oil and store it is necessary in a bottle of close glass.

A dark bottle will not miss the sunlight from which the useful substances of oil are destroyed. It is also impossible to allow excessive heating of oil over 30 degrees, since the quality of oil is also spoiled. The temperature of its storage should be low, and leave it on the table in the cooking process will be a bad solution.

Ingestion of the oxygen bottle contributes to rapid oxidation of oil, so after using oil, it is necessary to tightly twist the lid. Compliance with these uncomplicated rules will allow a long time to enjoy the taste and benefit of olive oil.

Important! In order for longer to enjoy the taste and freshness of oil, you should give preference to the bottle of smaller size in the store. Thus, after opening, the oil will be faster, and it will be possible to get a new bottle of fresh oil again.

What can be done with fermented oil

If the oil has become ferred, many try faster from it to get rid of it, because it is tastefully and unsafe in food. But you should not hurry to throw out such oil. Even if it can no longer be eaten in pure form and use to prepare dishes, it can be used in cosmetic and domestic purposes.

1. Cosmetics

Rock oil can be added to the nutrient hair masks. It will help make hair more shiny and strong. Pre-oil needed slightly heat for better permeability of nutrients. More oil can be added when cooking homemade soap for the body. Such soap will perfectly soften and moisturize dry skin.

Should I bend olive oil

2. People's Medicine

With the help of bitter oil, you can get rid of the pain in the ears. To do this, it is necessary to warm it in a water bath, moisten in it a cotton swab and accurately accommodate in the ear shell. Watch tampon is only necessary to smoother in oil, the main thing is not to overdo it with quantity.

3. Household goals

An expired oil and fade oil can be used as a lubricant - for door and carrier loops, so that rust is not covered and worked well; for scissors and other metal tools; For street wooden coatings to protect them from the Sun and other weather phenomena. Е, А, DAlso, such oil is perfect for polishing furniture, it is only for this to mix it with lemon juice (2: 1). You can refresh the skin of the skin with a small amount of oil, after that they will look like new and perfectly glitter. With the help of oil, you can also remove the paint from the skin, it is enough to just wipe it with a small amount of oil.


  • To fully use all the useful substances of olive oil, as well as enjoy the unique taste with a light mustard, do not need to store it after the bottle was open. All benefits will be saved only at first after opening. It is at this time that the olive oil will improve the body from the inside, and do it beautiful outside.
  • ⭐ Olive oil is very useful. Many refuse to eat because of bitterness. Should he have a mustard? Is it possible to remove it? Why is the oil very sad and can it be used? Answers to these questions is important to know. It will help choose high-quality oil and warn the occurrence of health problems.
  • Useful properties of olive oil
  • He was noticed for a healing effect for a long time. Aristotle The first began to apply such a product to get rid of different ailments. Cleopatra drank a spoon of olive oil on an empty stomach to preserve health, beauty and youth.
  • Product properties are due to its rich composition. It has high content of fatty acids beneficial to the body, including oleinova. Many vitamins

. It contains useful for bones of calcium. In small quantities there are iron, sodium, potassium. Present in olive oil is also antioxidants, phytosterols.

Should I bend olive oil

The product is absorbed by a human body by 100%. Therefore, the benefits will be tangible. With regular use of such a product, the following changes are observed in the body's state:

Reducing cholesterol in blood;

improving the elasticity and elasticity of the skin;

normalization of digestion; reduction of pressure; Elimination of stretch marks.

what olive oil is better

It is especially useful to make oil from olives to the diet to those who have problems in the work of the heart, the predisposition to onco-scab. It has been scientifically proven that people who use such a product daily are 74% reduced by the likelihood of heart attack. Therefore, the olive fat is worth paying attention to persons over 65 years.

But many refuse to such a useful product because of its accommodation, considering it touched. It is important to understand what taste should be at olive oil.

Should I defect olive oil?

Should I bend olive oil

Those who are just starting familiarizing with olive oil, do not yet know all its features, specificity of his taste. Opening the bottle and trying the product, many are disappointed. The oil has a characteristic mustard. For a high quality product, this is normal and talks about his naturalness.

If you buy oil

Extra Virgin

, it will definitely have a mustard. This is an elite product. His taste is more rich and expressed. High-quality oil is characterized by fruit, sharpness and mustard, remotely resembling walnut. After it, it may be a little to twist in the throat.

Most often they buy a refined product. It does not have a characteristic mustard. Therefore, many have become accustomed to think that olive oil should not be imparted. Refined oil is considered less high quality and is cheaper. It passes many different treatments, as a result of which the characteristic mustard and a specific smell disappears. But the beneficial substances in such a product also becomes much smaller. This is the optimal option for frying, as carcinogens are not formed under the influence of high temperature and bitterness does not appear. The taste of refined oil from olives is weakly expressed.

  1. Why is the olive oil painfully taste?
  2. Gorkyness oil acquires at the expense of olives. Fruit fruits have a pronounced bitter taste and tart. Many do not know about it, as they use only a pickled product. And he is already deprived of bitterness.

The bitterness is due to the content of polyphenols. These are very useful for the body of the substance. They prevent the development of oncopathologies of various types.

A bitter taste is peculiar to unrefined cold spin olive oil made of selected fruits. Such a product is suitable for the prevention or treatment of certain diseases. It is used to refuel salads. Add it to sauce and cold snacks. But it is worth high-quality olive oil. In salads and gas stations, the bitterness of the product is almost no felt. The dishes are delicious, exquisite.

Why is olive oil very sad?

Should I bend olive oil

High quality oil should not be very damaging. This may be a sign of its corruption and unsuitability.

You can highlight two reasons for a very bitter taste:

Product overdue, oil was incorrectly stored;

Olive product was used for frying.

Excellence and ferryness

Perhaps a surprised product was purchased. Or the oil for a long time and incorrectly kept at home.

Should I bend olive oil

Roughness is the most common sign of unsuitability. It appears as a result of the oxidation of the product. This process occurs under the influence of heat and sunlight. Oxidation can begin even before the oil spill in the bottle, if the cooking technology was broken.

  1. In the spoiled olive oil, in addition to the unpleasant bitterness, there will still be a sharp smell. This is the result of improper storage of olives in piles before pressing. Speaks about the occurred anaerobic fermentation.
  2. It is impossible to use a burden product. This can lead to digestion disorder. But it can be used in cosmetology purposes. This oil is very nutritious and vitamin. It is useful for skin and hair. Therefore, it can be added to various creams and masks.

Intensified bitterness after frying

Many, having learned the usefulness of the product, begin to use it instead of usually sunflower. It is not only added to salads, but is used for frying fish, meat and other products. High-quality olive oil to expose high temperature can not. Such a product for frying is not suitable. When heated, carcinogens begin to appear in it. They greatly harm the human body. The taste of olive oil after burning bitter.

How to remove bitterness from olive oil?

In Salads, the accuracy of the oil is not felt. But, if it was decided to eat such a product on a spoonful day in its pure form to improve health, then its specific taste may not like. Gorkyness can be removed.

  • Below are ways to get rid of the characteristic bitterness of the product:
  • Take raw carrots. Clear and grate it on the grater. Ship in a bottle of dark glass and pour oil. Tightly close the lid. Leave for a couple of days. Profiltrate the oil, removing the carrots. The bitterness will leave, and the product will become even more useful.
  • Add to a bottle with oil a spoonful of a large salt. Bitter taste will become less pronounced.
  • Many olive fat usually add in sauce. For example, if you prepare mayonnaise on this product, bitterness can be very felt. Remove it easy. It is necessary to mix oil with warm water in equal parts. Everything should be thoroughly beat and insist half an hour. As a result of such actions, bitterness will go.
  • How to choose a product without a strong bitterness

On the shelves of supermarkets and the market presents different types of olive oil, in different packaging and from different manufacturers. It is important to choose the product correctly so as not to spend in vain money.

Olive oil first spin

Below are general recommendations:

olive oil bitter taste

Buy it better in the store or supermarket. The market is more difficult to achieve the creation of the necessary conditions for storing the product. Therefore, there are most often traded by a spoiled product.

When choosing a product to pay attention to its elimination and quality. It is better to take Extra Virgin.

Look at the shelf life of the product. It is indicated on the label. Unfair implementers can interrupt it. Therefore, the purchase should be performed in reliable outlets.
Look at the shelf life of the product. It is indicated on the label. Unfair implementers can interrupt it. Therefore, the purchase should be performed in reliable outlets.

Take oil in a glass dark bottle.

Pay attention to acidity. What it is lower, the better. If the acidity of 1% is indicated on the oil bottle, then you can be confident in its utility. But it is impossible to fry on it. Store olive oil is required in a dark and dry closet, where the temperature is within + 15-30 degrees. Bottle must be well twisted with a lid. Thus, if the olive oil has a mustard, then it is quite normal and explained by the tart and bitter taste of the olives themselves. This means that the product is natural and very useful. Strong bitterness in combination with a flip smell speaks about spilling product. It is impossible to eat it. But it is not worth throwing away. It still contains useful components and can be useful for cosmetology purposes. On the Internet, you can find a lot of information that "quality olive oil must define" ... but is it so?

We, as manufacturers, would like to clarify this topic. Extra Virgin Olive Oil Oil Option

Responding to the questioned question - yes, the mustard may be present. But this is more the question of the individual perception of taste than the mandatory quality indicator. And good olive oil causes an allocation in the throat. Yes, it is the allocation. Let's figure it out for reason. Olive oil of the first cold spin (Extra Virgin variety) contains the so-called


These substances are very useful for the body. Polyphenols - microelements rich in natural antioxidants, They help protect the body from carcinogens, degrease fatty foods, prevent the formation of cancer cells. It is the concentration of polyphenols responsible for the astringent and a bit of bitter taste, from which he will trigger in the throat. Polyphenols are also contained in such products as .

Nuts, cocoa, coffee, black and green tea, red dry wine, pomegranate, black currant, carnation, cinnamon.

Agree, - these products in different expense also "knit" mouth.
Agree, - these products in different expense also "knit" mouth.

In coffee and in red dry wine contains polyphenols.

With confidence it can be said that the stronger the astringent feeling in the mouth, the higher the content of these trace elements in olive oil. So, above and the health concentration for the health of the body. And it is in grade oil

olive oil bitter taste

Extra Virgin. This concentration is maximum. About varieties of olive oils and their differences you can read in this article

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