How to open the RAR file - all possible ways

How and how to open the .rar file?

How and how to open the .rar file?

Despite the fact that the .rar format has long been an integral part of Windows, Linux and many other operating systems, including MacOS and Android, many does not work automatically open the archive of the double click.

Next, we will look at what programs open files. RAR On different operating systems, what are their advantages and features of use.

Archives in Windows

By default, Windows only opens the ZIP archives, and for opening .rar will require downloading an additional distribution.


This is the main application to work with .rar. Of all popular programs, only this can create archives on Windows, while the rest of the software can only open them.

Fig. 1. WinRar Program Interface

Fig. 1. WinRar Program Interface

If WinRar is installed on the computer, then it is enough to create an archive file, right-click on the desktop, so that the menu appears with the Create "WinRAR Archive".

Further in the program window, you can drag all the necessary files using the mouse cursor.

And to open .rar, you just need to click on this file and it will automatically be opened in WinRAR if this program is again installed on the computer.

It also allows you to retrieve files from the archive. To do this, exists the "Extract" button on the top panel.

Winrar features such:

  • You can create an archive of no more than 8 GB.
  • You can add a password to the archive, email, split it into parts, block and
  • perform many other manipulations;
  • It is possible to correct archives that were damaged.


This program is perfectly coping with the tasks of opening and unpacking the archives in the .rar format.

Fig. 2. Interface 7-Zip

Fig. 2. Interface 7-Zip

In addition to this format, it works with a huge number of other files - tar, GZ, TB2, WIM, 7Z, but its main format is Zip.

It is important to note that when the 7-Zip and WinRAR installed, the user has the ability to create an archive in the 7-zip interface, but the WinRAR is still used.

Other features of 7-zip:

  • Very high speed of recording and unpacking;
  • There is your own 7Z format, which, according to experts, is better than Zip;
  • The interface is very similar to WinRar.


Fig. 3. Tugzip interface

Fig. 3. Tugzip interface

This program is not particularly known to many modern users. But she has a lot of "pleasant" features.

Among them are the following:

  • There is an editor for self-extracting archives;
  • The program supports multiple arrays;
  • classic for archivers interface;
  • Automatic data safety check.

Tugzip also supports a huge amount of formats, even more than 7-zip.

Helpful information:

Pay attention to the program Archpr (Advanced Archive Password Recovery) . It is created to quickly restore the lost password to the data archive stored in ZIP / WinZip format, ARJ / WINARJ, RAR / WINRAR and ACE / WINACE.


The main IZARC feature is that it works not only with archives, but also disk images, that is, with files in ISO format, MDF and so on.

Fig. 4. Izarc. interface

Fig. 4. Izarc. interface

Features IZARC:

  • the ability to convert archives into disk images and vice versa;
  • more reliable encryption methods than previous programs (including AES);
  • Support for multi-volume and self-extracting archives.

In general, IZARC is a very good, reliable and free tool for opening .rar files.


FreeArc is a completely free open source archiver. Works with a large number of filters and compression algorithms - only 11 pieces.

Judging by productivity tests, FREEARC operates at least 2 times faster than any other modern archiver.

Huge advantage in the possibility of connecting to Total Commander and Far. Other of its features are:

  • It is possible to restore archives;
  • automatic sorting by size, date of creation or other parameters;
  • ample opportunities to customize;
  • Automatic checking archive for integrity after recording.

Fig. 5. FREEARC interface

Fig. 5. FREEARC interface


Another free archiver, which is part-time is a graphic shell for other archivers. It has its own unique format of archives ,.pea.

Supports a huge amount of formats, including 7z, tar, Gzip, XZ, ACE, CHM and many others. Also has its own testing algorithm.

Fig. 6. peazip.

Fig. 6. peazip.

Hamster Free Zip Archiver

An interesting product from Hamster Studio. It has a very non-standard interface and support for a large number of archive formats (12 pieces) and files as a whole.

It has a set of special features to work with email and disk images. Also supports DRAG-N-DROP technology.

Allows not only to open, but create archives.

Fig. 7. Hamster Free Zip Archiver

Fig. 7. Hamster Free Zip Archiver

Archives in Linux (Ubuntu)

Often in Linux distributions already stands a software package specifically designed to open the .rar archive.

This is a set of free archive editors, without a familiar graphical interface.

We recommend using the commands to extract .rar - Unrar. и P7zip-RAR.

You can activate them through the command line by entering:

Sudo Apt-Get Install Unrar P7zip-Rar

Now in the file manager, when you right-click on the RAR archive and selecting "Unpack here" RAR archive will unpack.

Also, you can use UNRAR X [Archive Name].

Often, if the archive is created in Windows, when you try to open it in Ubuntu, encoding in the names of files (it is believed that it is typical of the Unrar-Free and Rar commands).

This editor does not allow anything to be viewed before unpacking, convert and actually perform a variety of operations without a terminal.


P7zip is exactly the same 7-Zip, only for Linux. P7zip has a full-fledged interface, classic for archivers.

Developers are open source software ideologists, so all programs are free.

We give one unverified tip from the forum: Use the 7ZIP for Windows in Ubuntu.

Opening an archive in MacOS

For this operating system, there are also unrarx versions, 7ZX and a paid RAR utility, which, in our opinion, is extremely uncomfortable in use.

All this is analogues of the above programs for other operating systems, and they work almost the same - with their work features, depending on the OS.

Apple users we would advise using the UNRARX utility for MAS OS.

Here it has a full-fledged graphical interface and is a much more understandable ordinary user.

There is another interesting archiver, called Keka - the P7zip clone and, respectively, 7-zip, with small differences.

RAR in Android and iOS

On the Mobile Platforms of the Archives, including those that have .rar extension can open almost all file managers.

True, together with them you need to install WinRAR.

In most cases, all this is already installed on the phone and tablet at the moment when these devices fall to the user in hand.

Accordingly, on the phone or tablet, too, you can also open, create or unpack the archive, and in some file managers, all this happens as if the user opens the usual folder.

So, if you have difficulty opening an archive on the phone - use one of the popular file managers for Android and IOS.

Programs for opening .rar on Android:

ES File Explorer.

One of the most popular file managers, which, perhaps, the widest functionality of all - can give root rights, follow the use of memory and much more.

Total Commander.

This file manager can be 10 times more than ES File Explorer, but these opportunities are only available to those who could figure it out in its difficult interface.

Amaze File Manager.

Attracts many users to their google-like interface. Does not hang.

FX File Explorer.

File manager working well in two-poy mode.

Studies to work with archives on iOS:

Documents 5.

Provides many opportunities to search and work with files - Move, copy, add to archive and more.


Perfectly copes with the task of connecting to a remote device.


This file manager has many features for "advanced" users and preview files.

File Manager.

The best option for those who use cloud storage facilities.

Below can be visually seeing how the .rar file is opening in Windows using WinRar.

A source

Hi, dear friends. Today we will make up computer literacy. More accurately - I will show how to open files with the RAR extension and how to archive the file using the WinRAR program.

how to open the RAR file


How to open archived files? - This is one of the most popular questions I receive from subscribers and buyers of my training courses. Naturally, the wording is different, but the meaning is reduced to the fact that many people have not yet learned to use archivers and, accordingly, do not know how to work with data hidden in the archive.

I decided that it would be more logical to make a detailed article on the blog, than each time it is individually talking about how to open the RAR file. If you perceive the video better than the text, then look at the roller and everything will become clear to you, under the video I duplicated the entire lesson in text format.

Program for opening rar files

To open such archives, you can use several options for archivers, I brought them here, but it is best to apply WinRar. The program created the same person who came up with the compression algorithm itself, so it is best to use it. The program is free, so I recommend to download the latest version from the official site. WinRAR version is in many languages, download the one you like - Download WinRar .

When I was preparing an article, the developers site opened a little crookedly - dive down the page to see there links to download.

How to use winrar

How to configure WinRAR program?

After downloading the file, run it. In the process of installation, it will only be necessary to agree with the license agreement and all. As soon as the program is ready, it will open the setup window, in which you need to put the desired checkboxes. In principle, I leave everything as it is by default.

How to configure WinRar

Associate Winrar S. - This unit shows which files will be opened automatically with this program. Where there are no checkboxes, it will not automatically open. All checkboxes should not be installed, as we can always manually open the ISO or JAR file.

Interface - responsible for creating program shortcuts in different places. I also leave everything by default, since the opening of the program is required very rarely, as it is embedded in the shell and works as a plugin (in this article I wrote about plugins).

Integration with the shell of Windows - As I wrote, WinRar is embedded in the operating system and here we choose exactly how it will be done. I make exactly like in the picture.

Now we'll figure it out how the program works.

How to open RAR file with WinRAR?

There are two ways to open a WinRAR-OR file RAR.

Option 1.

Click right-click on the desired file. We see a list of possible actions with the file. This list has 3 points related to the archive.

How to open the RAR file?

"Extract file" Opens a detailed menu in which you can specify any path to extract archive files.

"Extract the file to the current folder" Accordingly, unpacks all the files into the same folder in which the archive is located. I do not recommend this if your RAR file is on the desktop or in any folder with a large number of other files. Extracted files may be lost among others.

"Extract file name archive \" - In my example POST Manager. In my opinion, this is the most convenient option. All files from the archive neatly fall into one common folder.

All - all the data you need is extracted, and you can use them. In 90% of cases I do this way.

Option 2.

Double-clicking with the left mouse button on the RAR file (as well as you run any other file). A program that resembles a conductor opens. In this window, you can go to folders and files that are hidden in the archive and even run them. It happens in cases where there are many files in the archive, and you need some one.

How to open RAR files with double mouse click?

Remember, at the beginning of the article I said that the program is free. So, in fact, WinRAR is conditionally free program. This means that you can buy a license, but you can do without it. The licensed copy functions are no different from the free test. The only difference is a window offering to buy a license (it will begin to appear after 40 days of use). No restrictions on the work of this window does not impose, just close it and all - use the program further.

Well, that, you learned how to open the archive files, but it is not all. A program that opens the RAR files can create such archives and I will teach you easily and quickly.

How to use WinRAR to create an archive?

You can pack the file to the archive using the same program - WinRAR. It is also done simply as extracting from the archive. You can pack both separate files and entire folders and, even, a group of folders and files at the same time.

To do this, highlight the desired files of the left mouse button and click right-click on dedicated objects.

How to archive the file?

In the menu that has opened, there are 4 points related to the work of the archiver. Usually the first first first are used. I will start from the second, since it is easier, and I use it more often.

How to archive the file?

Add to archive "Archive name"

Instead of the phrase "Archive Name", the name of the file or folder you have selected is automatically substituted in which the selected files are located.

It is enough just to choose this item and the program will start the data packaging - no additional settings will have to do. At the output, you will receive a file with the extension .rar and the title that has been shown earlier. The file will lie in the same folder in which all starting materials are located.

Add to archive…

This option has to be used if you want to give the archive you created, some special features. Now I will tell you about them. After selecting the Add to Archive item, you will find this window:

Configure archive settings

At the very top, you can ask the name of the archive you need, it may differ from the default proposed, also by clicking on the "Overview" button you can change the location where the created archive will be saved.

Setting the archive parameters

Further, file compression parameters are configured on the left side of the window. You can choose compression format - RAR, RAR5 or ZIP .

ZIP is also the format of the archive file. Its dignity is that .zip files are read by very many programs and services without installing additional programs, in particular, Windows can work with it even without WinRar. But the compression ratio of this format is much worse.

RAR5 has just appeared, with the output of the fifth version of the archiver. I have not used them yet, so I can't say anything. I do not use it yet, since I am not sure of its compatibility with old versions of archivers.

RAR stands by default - apply it.

After selecting the format, select the compression method. In the drop-down list, everything is clear - stronger compression - the file processing will go longer, the high-speed compression method will make the file size slightly more.

Drug size I leave the default.

Divide on volumes - This feature allows you to divide the final archive file into several parts, they will be labeled as part1, part2, etc. It should be happening in cases where:

  • The final archive file is very large and, for example, does not fit on your USB flash drive.
  • You need to cut files on CD or DVDs, and the amount of data is more than
  • If you use a 32-bit operating system, the files should not exceed 4 GB, it does not see.

In a word - you need to cut the file - set the sizes of the pieces that you need.

You can specify standard dimensions from the drop-down list or enter a number in the window, and on the right to choose b, KB, MB, GB. If you don't really understand the information measurement units, then read in this article, there I painted in detail how many in 1 GB MB, etc.

In the right side of the window, the special features are configured.

Update method Needed if you already have a created archive and you create an updated with the same name. If you create a RAR file for the first time, do not pay attention to this point if you already have an archive with such a name, you will select the desired method of replacing or updating files.

Archiving parameters - Most items are understood here by name, so I will dwell only on those that may cause questions.

What is SFX? - This feature allows you to create self-extracting archives. If you put a checkbox opposite it, then at the output you will not receive the RAR file, but the EXE file. The size will be greater, but for unpacking such an archive, the program will be needed. If WINRAR is not installed, the archive is still unpackled.

Block the archive - This feature allows you to protect the archive from changes. You can remove files from it without problems, but it will not be possible to make changes inside the archive.

Settings button - "Install Password" . If you need to protect the data, you can set a password. In this case, you can extract data only after entering the password you specified.

What files need to archive?

At first glance, it may seem that you need to pack to transmit all the files, but it is not. Many data formats are already compressed as much as possible by themselves, and to reduce their size using archivers it is almost impossible or compression will be minimal, and a lot of time will go to this process.

It makes no sense to compress the following files:

  • Archive files are logical, they are already compressed.
  • Files with MP3, WMA music, etc.
  • Files of pictures JPG, JPEG, PNG, etc.
  • Most video files. From exception, I can only call MP4 - this format, usually, is well compressed.
  • ISO, NRG disk image files are similar. As a rule, already compressed data is recorded on the discs, therefore, the effect of additional compression will be minimal.

Successes, Dmitry Zhilin

Each PC user or smartphone owner regularly faces various formats of archives. RAR is a common extension used to compress files on most operating systems. In this article, let us know in detail how to open the RAR file on all types of devices: from the computer to the phone.


How to open the RAR archive

Description of format

RAR is the type of archive files, that is, it contains other compressed files. The main advantage of this format is to save space, as the information is in the "Packy" form. We list the benefits of the RAR format:

  • The maximum archive size, as well as files in it, is practically unlimited;
  • There is a multi-volume archive (consisting of several parts);
  • Protecting the password of the archive contents;
  • There is a correction of errors.

By the way, RAR is decrypted as Roshal Archiver, the format has received its name by the name of the creator, the Russian programmer, Roshal Evgenia Lazarevich.

To view and edit files within the archive, you must retrieve them with a special program to open RAR files.

How to open a rar file on windows 10

How to open RAR.

A proven way to open RAR, regardless of the version of the Windows operating system, install the required software. Be something current Windows 10 or gradually an obsolete seven, the list of programs will not change. Popular Windows 7 Compatible Utilities:

  1. WinRar - Archiver from the Creator RAR format, what could be stable? Embed into Windows Explorer - To create and unpack the archives, you do not need to run the program.
  2. 7-Zip - a free analogue of WinRar, you can download 7-zip from the official site, register and pay for the archiver.
  3. TC4 Shell - a similar convenient tool to open all sorts of archive formats through Windows Explorer.
Download the program to open RAR files

Open Rar online

If the computer is someone else's or not constant need for an archiver, then not necessarily install programs. Unpack the RAR archive online using proven web services:

  • Archive Extractor is an affordable and understandable unzip in Russian Allows you to import a packaged file from a computer, google disk, dropbox or link.
Archive RAR Open online
  • B1 Online - This English-language archiver allows you to easily open the RAR archive online, and it turns out to understand the interface, even if you do not own a foreign language.
Open Rar online archive online
  • Unzip Online, like the previous service, easy to handle - downloaded the archive, waited for unpacking, downloaded the file.
Open RAR file online

Open RAR on iPhone

Application Notes - One of the most convenient ways to open RAR on the iPhone:

  • Download the archive through the Internet browser;
  • At the end of the download, choose "Open in" and press notes;
  • The rar file is open.

Another simple alternative is to download FileHub file manager, the extraction of archives is laid into the functionality of this application. Another option is a free Document 6 application that downloads without built-in purchases. As in the first case, download the document from the network and open using the manager.

How to open RAR file on iPhone

Open RAR on Android

On Android to extract files from the archive, a standard conductor is usually enough, as in the case of iOS. However, if the packaged files failed to unzip, download the RAR application and easily work with most of the well-known archives extensions.

Open RAR on MacOS

To open RAR on Apple computers will also need third-party software:

  • The Unarchiver - get this archiver in the App Store can be free, and intuitively understandable configuration will allow working with RAR without headaches.
  • StuffLT Expander - the free version of the program is suitable only if you need to unpack the file-RAR, but not more.
How to open RAR file for android

Open a damaged archive

Working with a damaged archive with WinRar is carried out in two stages:

  • Restoring a damaged archive
  1. Select the desired archive.
  2. Click the "Fit" button at the top or hold the ALT + R key combination.
  3. In the window that opens, select "Consider a damaged archive as RAR."
  1. In WinRar, select the recovered archive, extract files.
  2. You will appear the "path and extraction parameters" window.
  3. Select "Leave damaged files on disk", then press "OK".

This should help open the surviving files of the archive.

Video instruction

How to open RAR.

In this lesson, I will show how to open the RAR file. Consider the best programs for a computer and phone, online services.

RAR - This is an container inside which there are regular files and file folders. This container is called the archive, and the procedure for creating it is archiving. This procedure is used to pack data for more convenient sending over the Internet. And also for compression, that is, a decrease in computer size. Read more about it in the lesson how to archive files.

On the computer

Through the archiver program

The default Windows system has no programs to start the RAR expansion. Therefore, such files do not open. The easiest way to view them to use a special archiver program.


Official website:

7-zip. - Free open source archiver. You can download by reference: Select the appropriate version for your discharge, download and install on the PC.

After installing the 7-ZIP, it is embedded in the context menu and automatically associates the extensions of the archive archives (if other archivers not installed).

How to open RAR in the 7-Zip program:

Method 1. . Double click on the file.

Since we associated the extension with the program, the application icon appears on the file. And it can be discovered by a double click of the left mouse button.

Method 2 . Click on the right mouse button, select the "Open using" menu.

Method 3. . In the Town Catalog of the main window 7-Zip.

The main program window consists of a folder tree, moving on which you can find the desired archive and view its contents.

Method 4. . Unpack through the context menu.

Unpack (extract) - it means to lay out everything in the archive in the computer folder. To do this, click on it with the right mouse button and select one of the items: "Unpack", "unpack here", "unpack ...".

Pluses 7-zip:

  • Simplicity and convenience in work.
  • Ability to open popular formats.
  • Compatibility with any version of Windows.
  • It has its own 7z format, which perfectly compresses the data.

Minus : Not a very comfortable directory tree in the program window.


Official website:

Peazip. - Excellent free open source archiver. To install, download from the website a suitable version for your Windows - 32 Bit (universal) or 64 bit. Or you can download a portable version.

During installation, select the RU-RUSSIAN language in the Application Language point to apply the Russian menu.

Note the expansion of archives so that the program can associate them.

Open RAR file can also be as well as in the 7-Zip program:

  • By double-clicking on the file.
  • In the catalog tree in the main program window.
  • In the context menu through "Open with" and "Extract" items.


  • Friendly interface.
  • Support all popular formats.
  • The ability to convert from one format to another.
  • There is a portable version (without installation).

Minuses : fewer compression options compared to 7-zip.


Official website:

WinRar - This is the official application for which the copyright of the RAR format is enshrined. The program is paid, but is given 40 days to familiarize yourself. You can download by reference:

1. After switching to the site, go down a bit down, select the Russian version under your Windows Blossomy and download the program.

2. During the installation process, specify the extensions for the association with other formats (you can leave by default).

Open the archive using WinRAR as well as in similar programs:

Method 1. . Double-click the left mouse button on the file.

Method 2 . Running the program itself - through its window.

Method 3. . Through unpacking.

To do this, click on the archive by right-click, select "Extract Files" in the context menu.

Specify the path for retrieving - by default, the contents are unpackled to the current folder. Click OK and data will be extracted.


  • Comfortable and understandable interface.
  • Good compression level.
  • Ability to install a password to the archive.
  • Creating self-extracting archives.
  • Update and availability of topical versions for office. Site.

During work, I have not met.

WinRar command interface

The way is suitable if you want to try something new and extract data from the command line.

1. On, download the "Unrar for Windows" command line interface. It comes free.

2. In the "Destination Folder" field, select a folder to extract the program. Press the "Extract" button.

3. In the open launch menu, enter cmd. And run the command line.

4. Type the command: C: Unrar \ Unrar.exe X C: \ Archive \ Docs.rar C: \ Archive \ Extract

  • C: unrar \ unrar.exe - path to the program.
  • X - command for extracting.
  • C: \ Archive \ docs.rar - path to the desired file.
  • C: \ Archive \ Extract is the path to the folder where to extract the contents.

Data from the archive can be found in the folder specified to retrieve.

Using online services

On the Internet there are special free services through which you can open and unzip the RAR file. Consider some of them.


The address :

1. Click on the "Unzip files" button.

2. Click on "Select File" and specify the archive on the PC for unpacking.

3. Click on the "Unpack Archive" button and wait for the extraction process. The next window will show the data obtained. To download them, simply click on the desired file.


The address :

Service In addition to extracting data from RAR, it can work with a huge number of other formats. It is also possible to specify a link to the file located on the Internet.

Through the "Select File" button, download the file from the PC. Below are options for adding an archive by reference (for example, from Google Disc).

You can download data as selectively and entirely in the ZIP archive. Such a format easily opens with built-in Windows tools.

1 Onine.

The address :

You can download the file in one of two ways:

  • Drag into the window.
  • Click on the button "Click Here" and select manually.

Then you need to wait for unpacking, after which the received data will be displayed in the "Your Files" tab. You can download them by clicking on the "Download" icon.

On the phone

Modern smartphones have already caught up with a middle PC productivity and allow you to work with attachments and large archives. Consider several free Android applications.

For iPhone, there are similar programs that can be installed from the App Store. To do this, simply enter the RAR request to the search string.


You can install from Google Play by reference.

Appendix from the author of the WinRar program. Unlike the computer version, for Android comes for free. After installation, receiving a new RAR attachment, it will automatically open in the program.

You can open the archive through the Open WITH function and selecting the application.

You can also find and open the desired archive in the main program window.

If you need to unpack the data, this is done using the "Extract files" button.

Pros apps:

  • Support for large amounts of formats.
  • Creating new RAR archives.
  • Pleasant and understandable interface.

Of minuses : Availability of advertising in a free editorial office.


You can install from Google Play by reference.

Another good archiver, which recognizes a large number of compressed files. With the help of it, you can not only open, unpack, but also to archive the data.

If another application is set to work with archives, you can run the file in the explorer through the "Open Usat" function.

In the main program, you can find, open and unpack files.


  • Support for large amounts of formats.
  • Work inside the archive (change, add files).
  • Support for Russian encoding.

The minuses during the work did not find.

Total Commander.

You can install from Google Play by reference.

Total Commander. - This is an alternative to the built-in conductor with a large set of tools. In particular, through it you can view compressed files. To do this, in the main menu, it is easy enough to tap on the file.

Of minuses : Not intended to work with archives - can only open and show content.

Also get data from RAR on your phone through an online service. For more information about this, I told the above in the article.

Author: Ilya Kurbanovrotector: Ilya Krivoshevdat Publications: 03.06.2020

Very often, users are asked: "How to open the RAR file?". This file format is quite popular and used in all versions of Windows, Linux, MacOS, and even on Android, but for some reason causes difficulties when opening from users.

RAR - This is a special file compression format, in fact this is an archive that has a high degree of compression due to this, it has gained high popularity on the Internet.

To open the RAR archives, the generally accepted WinRAR utility is most often used, which allows you to create archives and extract files from them.

When working with the WinRAR application, the user can create composite and multi-volume archives, as well as set a password on them. At the moment, there are a huge number of different archivers who know how to work with RAR compression format. I propose to consider the best programs for different operating systems.

How to open the rar file in windows

If you have already managed to pay attention, then, probably, noticed that by default in the Windows operating system there is a standard opportunity to open only ZIP archives. Therefore, users often simply cannot open the RAR archive until they download a special utility. If you do not know what you need, then consider several options.


Probably the most popular archiver for the Windows operating system. WinRAR knows how to not only open and remove files from the archive, but also allows the user to create archives independently.

You can download the program as always from the official site of the developer - .

It is worth paying attention to the fact that the program is conditionally free. There are 30 day trial, which allows the user to familiarize yourself with all the functions.

With the WinRar program installed in order to place the file in the archive, just click on it with the right mouse button and select the "Add to Archive" item.

In order to unpack a compressed file, just click on it with the left mouse button and in the program window that opens, click on the "Extract" button, which is in the toolbar. how to open a rar file

The main functions of WinRar:

  • The ability to create archives no more than 8GB;
  • There is a password setup function to archive, attachment of email, archive blocking and other;
  • Restoration of damaged archives;
  • Availability of a file manager;


Another equally popular archiver created in 1999. The main advantage of 7-zip is that it is completely free and has an open source code. The program has two versions:

  1. Version with a graphical interface;
  2. Command line version;

Like the previous archiver, 7-Zip copes perfectly with RAR archives, and also supports work with such types of files like: tar, GZ, TB2, WIM, 7Z. By the way, the main compression format is ZIP for this program. RAR files are open

The user, at its discretion, can install several archivers on your PC at once, but the default archives will be opened in WinRAR.

The main advantages of the program:

  • Excellent speed of creating and unpacking archives;
  • Support for your own 7Z format, which has more advantages over Zip;
  • A simple and understandable interface that allows users to quickly deal with features.

Download 7-ZIP from the official site by:


Another absolutely free open source archiver. If you have a FREEARC installed in your arsenal, you will not have any questions how to open the RAR file, since the program can work with all popular formats of archives.

By the way, those who have already managed to work with this archiver, probably noticed that he has excellent speed of operations, so he is ahead of many of its competitors at least twice. how to open the RAR file

By the way, this archiver can easily connect to such popular file managers as Total Commander and Far.

Distinctive parties FREEARC:

  • High speed;
  • The ability to restore damaged archives;
  • Automatic sorting archives by date, size, etc.;
  • A huge number of settings;
  • Understandable interface.


The less well-known free open source archiver, which has been perfectly proven not only when working with archives, but with disk images.

If the standard functionality of the program does not suit you, you can easily replenish it specially created by plugins. how to open the rar file on windows 7

Main features of the program:

  • The creation of unpacking archives itself;
  • Work with disk images: ISO, BIN, IMG and others;
  • Creating encrypted archives;
  • Support for the installation of third-party plugins;
  • Restoration of damaged archives;
  • Integration into the context menu of the conductor;

I will not list all the functions that Tugzip has. As you can see, there are plenty of them here and, probably, even more than they have the most popular archivers. By the way, the program is independently updated via the Internet and has the support of the Russian language.


How to open the RAR file

A fairly universal archiver who knows how to work with disk images.

The program is completely free, supports all modern formats of archives and disk images. The main advantages include the following:

  • Ability to convert the archive to image and back;
  • Automatic integration into the context menu of Windows;
  • Scanning archives for viruses using antivirus;
  • Support for Russian language;
  • Working with multi-volume archives;

Having this archiver on its computer, you will no longer have questions: "How to open the RAR file?".

Hamster Free Zip Archiver how to open a file with rar extension

Quite interesting and at the same time an advanced archiver, which combines such functions that are not characteristic of most archivers.

It has the opportunity as:

  • Download archives to popular cloud services: Dropbox, Yandex Disc, Google Drive and others;
  • Sharing links, on the archives created, with friends and colleagues for work;
  • Supports all popular file compression methods;
  • It has a high degree of compression.

Therefore, if you want to keep up with the times, I advise you to look at this archival.


Ends our list of archivers for Windows - Peazip. This is a freely distributed free archiver that does not require installation on the device. It is enough to copy the program to the disk.

Also, peazip is a graphic shell for other archivers. The program has the support of the creation of the archives of the PEA's own format. how to open the RAR file

The main functions of the program:

  • Working with multi-volume archives;
  • Support for all modern archives;
  • Checking the integrity of archives;
  • Creating encrypted archives;

In general, a standard set of functions that are in many archivers.

How to open RAR file on mobile devices Android and iOS

As a rule, various archivers and file managers who know how to work with RAR archives are already preset on many mobile devices. Moreover, most file managers allow you to view the archives, so that the user opened the usual folder.

If there was no program to open the archive on your device, you can use the options proposed below.

Popular programs for opening RAR Archives on Android The program opening RAR files

Total Commander. - Popular file manager, moved from computers to mobile devices. With it, you can easily open the archives on your smartphone, though the program interface is somewhat difficult, because of this, many users are looking for alternative programs.

ES File Explorer. - Another very popular file manager, which in addition to its main tasks, has a number of additional functions that work perfectly on the rutted devices.

FX File Manager. - One of the few file managers who knows how to work in two window mode. The truth will not always be convenient, for owners of gadgets with a small display.

Amaze File Manager. - Less popular, but a fairly smart file manager that works without freezing. He loved users due to the interface, which is similar to Google's services.

The best programs for iOS can work with archives. Open RAR file online

File Manager. - Probably one of the advanced managers who will enjoy cloud storage users. So how can upload archives in the cloud.

USB DISK PRO. - Allows you to preview files, as well as there is still a bunch of functions that will enjoy both beginners and advanced users.

Documents 5. - The best file manager that allows you to search for files on the device, to copy and move, as well as add to the archive.

How to open the rar file on linux Open RAR file download program

If you use the Linux operating system on your computer, I can deliver you. You do not have to search for and download anything, since the distributions of this operating system already have built-in software packages for working with RAR archives. True, this set of programs has no usual graphical interface.

Tip! It is recommended to use the following commands for extracting RAR archives: - Unrar and P7zip-Rar.

To activate them, open the command prompt and enter:

Sudo Apt-Get Install Unrar P7zip-Rar

After that, you can unpack any RAR archive by clicking on it with the right mouse button and choosing the item "Unpack here".

Note! Very often, if the archive was created in the Windows operating system, and you unpack it in Linux (Ubuntu), then the file name is encoded. This happens when using unrar-free.

If you need a classic archiver for Linux with a graphical interface, then I recommend using P7Zip - analog 7-zip.

Let's summarize.

Today, we reviewed in detail how to open the RAR file on different devices. I hope that after reading this article, you will no longer have any questions to enjoy when working with archives. As you can see, there are quite a lot of free and more advanced solutions, which are largely superior to a popular WinRar archiver. Therefore, what program to choose you must decide for yourself.

one. If you have the RAR file that you want to open (for example, received by mail as an attachment or downloaded from the Internet), double-click on this file, and it will be opened in WinRAR. After that, you can choose those files and / or folders you want to extract.

Open RAR files in WinRar
Open RAR files in WinRar

2. Click the "Record ..." button at the top of the WinRAR window, select the target folder (where you want to save data from the RAR file) and click OK. The extracted files will be placed in the target folder.

Open and unpack RAR files in WinRar
Open and unpack RAR files in WinRar

Other ways to open the RAR file

• Right-click on the RAR file and select "Open to WinRAR".

• Click on the file twice to run WinRAR.

• Open WinRAR and select the file / folder in the WinRAR file panel.

With WinRar, you can open RAR files in Windows of the following versions:

Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7,

Windows Vista, Windows XP

WinRAR supports the following popular archive formats:

  • Tar
  • GZ, TAR.GZ and TGZ
  • Xz.
  • BZ2 and TAR.BZ2.
  • Uue.

Archives allow you to significantly save space on your hard disk. On average, the level of compression may be up to 30-70%. Therefore, we will tell you in detail how to open the RAR file on your computer, as well as other devices and operating systems.

Select the desired platform

First you need to download a program that has the functionality you need. We specifically highlighted the best options so that you would be easier for you to choose. But WinRAR is certainly preferable. There is only one nuance.

The license implies that you will use it 40 days. After expiration, you will need to purchase a program or completely remove it.

Because developers lead a rather loyal sales policy, at the end of the student period, the functionality is not blocked. You can use all the features as before. But now when starting, a window will appear with a reminder that it is time to pay money.

We assume that now on your PC is already installed one of the applications recommended by us.

The actions algorithm for almost all items will be identical, however, we decided to give a clear instruction for each of them. Performing the steps described you will achieve the desired result.

We solve the task on Windows 10

Let's start with a simple council. Before opening the RAR file on Windows 10, it is not necessary to start the program archiver and drag into it the archive. This is absolutely superfluous, because For your convenience, when installing, the most important functions are automatically embedded in the context menu.

So what should be done?

  1. By archive click right-click;
  2. Extract files and approx.
Photo: how to open the RAR file on windows 10 fasterPhoto: Check all the options and confirm the action

Nothing difficult. From any location, you make 2 simple actions and unpacking.

If you use another archiver, then nothing changes. Only some unpackers will first need to run, select the desired file and only then retrieve from the data. But this is a special case that will not be considered in this material.

How to work with an archive broken on many parts? Allocate all volumes at once and repeat the actions described above.

Now on windows 8

In Windows 8, the opening process is absolutely the same, so we make screenshots so that you can make sure about it.

  • Press right-click
  • Remove to the current folder or another
Photo: Find the desired filePhoto: We produce unpacking

This version of the operating system was not the most successful, but essentially passing. You can even say that we saw testing a fundamentally new interface without the user's usual elements. The result ended with the fact that they released Windows 10, which smoothed most of the flaws.

And of course Windows 7

This OS is still popular and many do not even plan to change it in the near future, so we could not get around her attention. How to open the RAR file on windows 7 in the fastest way? Quite simple.

  1. Click on the archive right mouse button
  2. Extract files (or to the current folder)
  3. OK
Photo: Go to the Parent FilePhoto: Click on it right mouse buttonPhoto: Checking all fieldsPhoto: The result of the actions

The unpacking time depends on the file size. If it is very big, we recommend fully closing other applications before conducting an operation. On old and weak computers, this is actually a mandatory requirement. Otherwise, you may encounter hangs and various errors.

And how to act, if for different reasons you can not download programs that are opening the archived files? This situation may well be real, so we specifically found an alternative, which will allow you to easily get out of such a predicament. How to do it?

We resort to help online services

These are specialized sites that in some cases can replace the archiver. Not popular, but the easiest way, because In order to open the RAR file online for free on your part, you will not need to install any software.

Let's start our review from the most well-known resources.

  1. - works with archives protected passwords, as well as broken apart. All popular formats are supported. It is possible to download not only from the computer, but also from Google disk, Dropbox or as a direct link;
  2. - very quickly copes with your work and completely free. Unfortunately, the interface is completely in English, so for those who do not understand it will need to use the online translator;
  3. - You can upload files with a size of no more than 200 megabytes. The results are presented in tree form, which is very convenient;
  4. - works with a volume of up to 400 megabytes;
  5. Expansion Archive Extractor for browser. Literally a couple of presses and that's it.

Please note that when working in this format, downloadable archives are copied to third-party service. For your safety goals, we strongly recommend applying usual software for these purposes. Or enjoy your own risk.

For Android phone owners

Modern smartphones today are quite powerful devices that partially replace desktop PCs. The only disadvantage is the low integrated memory. Yes, it can be increased due to memory cards up to 128 and even 256 gigabytes, but even such a "bonus" sooner or later comes to an end.

Therefore, many archive photos and videos, as well as other multimedia data. In addition, it is much more convenient to send a large number of files as an archive. How to open RAR on android and what application, because this OS itself does not have built-in components allowing it to do it?

  • Go to the address -
  • Click on the "Install" button and wait until the installation is over;
  • Then open
  • To work correctly, you need to give it the necessary access;
  • With the help of the file manager, we find an archive, put a tick opposite it and click on the up arrow icon;
  • If you need to change the settings and click on "OK".
Photo: Official RAR application page for AndroidPhoto: Installation process startedPhoto: Now openPhoto: Allow access to the devicePhoto: Go to the archivePhoto: put a tick opposite himPhoto: Unpacking parameters and its confirmationPhoto: Operation successfully completed

There is a built-in advertising, which can be closed only after viewing, as well as paid services.

Top 5 best applications for iPhone when working with RAR

Open RAR on an iPhone can be regular, but we advise you to resort to this method only in the most extreme case, because It is inconvenient and requires the launch of the Safari browser, download the archive via icloud. Probably it will be easier to download the application that will do everything for a couple of clicks.

What is best to download?

  1. Izip - Zip Unzip Unrar from Comcsoft Corporation. In addition to the function you need, you can automatically compress the photos made on the camera, as well as music from iTunes Music. There is support for Dropbox, as well as the installation of a complex password. And most importantly - you can use for free! Photo: izip Great free program
  2. Zip Browser. Implemented convenient navigation and viewer. If you wish, you can send the contents of the e-mail archive or separate files. As a pleasant addition, you can open PDF, Word, Excel, Open Office and any graphic images. Photo: Zip Browser has advanced features
  3. Zipapp Free - The Unarchiver. Universal Unpackingman Zip and Rar. Can compress individual entire directory and send data on the FTP protocol or through iTunes File Sharing. Understands many other formats, but failures. What to do if the format of the archive is defined as "unknown"? Just rename the extension in .rar or .zip. Photo: Zipapp Free Simple Unpacker
  4. RAR APP. Excellent free utility in the style of "minimalism". Nothing superfluous, only the most important thing. Unfortunately, the translation into English leaves much to be desired. Photo: RAR APP Classic solution
  5. Unzip Tool (ZIP / RAR / UN7Z). Integration with ONEDRIVE, Google Drive, Dropbox, Box. You can send archives to the repository and at first need to download them. The developer took care of his users and created a channel on YouTube, where he posted detailed training video. Photo: Unzip Tool One of the flagships in your area

We hope with such a selection you will not have more questions. If you know better options, then send them to us using the form of feedback and we will gladly supplement our material.

And if I have McBuck?

It would seem not a problem. We take and install WinRar and the case is done. In practice, you will receive a utility that is managed using the command line. Why is that?

It is difficult to answer, so we decided to find other options that will allow you to open the RAR file on Mac OS in the usual way.

  1. The Unarchiver. Start with this program. The interface is normally translated into Russian, which is very profitable to distinguish it from competitors.
  2. RAR EXTRACTOR LITE. After installation, click the archive twice and it is unpackled.
  3. Keka. . At first glance, this is a paid archiver, but it is only in the Mac App Store. From the official site You can download it for free. If he becomes an indispensable tool for you, then thank the developers with a one-time donation.

We hope we helped you and now you know what software and how to apply to work with this type of archive.

The archives have long been used in computers to combine and compress stored information. Archives may have a different extension, it depends on the program that created the archive and its settings. One of the most popular archives extensions is RAR.

How to open the RAR file

How to open the RAR file

What is RAR

Rar is the format of archives that first appeared back in 1993. He was created by the Russian developer Yevgeny Roshal. To date, this popular archive is able to unpack almost all current archiving programs. WinRar was and remains the only application that can archive files that the .rar extension will receive.

Archives with this extension are traditionally used to compress files. So for example, it is much faster and more convenient to send them. The complexity consists only that such a file must be unzipped first, return to its original state. This requires special programs.

What is in files .rar

Inside the RAR files, any files that need to be squeezed for data transmission may be

Inside the RAR files, any files that need to be squeezed for data transmission may be

This is an archive, which means that any files may be inside it. Images, music, program and games files, as well as any other data can be archived for a more convenient and fast transmission.

Users are concerned about the question of the discovery of archives with such an extension. This has long been nothing complicated. We will analyze this process on the example of two popular programs.

How to open rar archive

Method 1.

Since such archives are created by the famous WinRar application, then we will open it that this program. She has long established itself as a good, stable program with a simple interface, which performs its work qualitatively. So, you need to open the file:

  1. Download and install the WinRAR program if you do not have it on your computer. You can do this from the developer site of this software: On the official website of the manufacturer, click "Download WinRAR"

    On the official website of the manufacturer, click "Download WinRAR"

  2. We do not even need to open the program. We simply find our archived file on the hard disk of the computer. We find our archived file on the hard disk of the computer

    We find our archived file on the hard disk of the computer

  3. I click on it with right mouse button and choose the line "Extract as example \". Click on the folder right mouse button and select the line "Extract as example \"

    Click on the folder right mouse button and select the line "Extract as example \"

    On a note! After "B" will always stand the name of the archived folder.

  4. A folder will appear that will not be archive. You can go to it and get full access to all files. Next to the archived folder, we will see our unzipped folder to which we get high-quality access

    Next to the archived folder, we will see our unzipped folder to which we get high-quality access

On a note! The program is paid, after its installation, a trial period is activated, which lasts 40 days. But after its end, the program can also be used in full. Periodically, a window will appear in which you will be offered to purchase this program. If you consider the program useful, you can buy its full version. Then this reminder will disappear.

Method 2

In the second way, we use a similar program that was created to archive files. It is no less popular than the previous one. This program is 7 zip.

  1. Download it from the site: Install the program. We go to the site developer of the program 7 Zip and click "Download" the appropriate option for our Windows system

    We go to the site developer of the program 7 Zip and click "Download" the appropriate option for our Windows system

  2. We also go to the folder that the file that interests us is located, and click on it with the right mouse button. In the list that appears, select "7 zip", we bring on this line with the mouse, another list will appear. Already in this list, select "Unpack in" Example \ ". Right-click on the folder, we bring the mouse to the "7-ZIP", select "Unpack" in the "Example \" list

    Right-click on the folder, we bring the mouse to the "7-ZIP", select "Unpack" in the "Example \" list

  3. A folder will appear with the same name, there will be all unzipped files that you will receive full-fledged access. A folder with the same name appears next to the archive, all unzipped files will be located.

    A folder with the same name appears next to the archive, all unzipped files will be located.

Read new information with the correct methods of extracting in the article - "How to unzip the folder with files."

Ways to unpack RAR on devices with Android or iOS operating system

The owners of phones and tablets no less worries the problem of extracting RAR files. Fortunately, it is not harder to do this than on the usual computer.

Method 1. Using the ES Manager program

Unpacking files on devices with the Android operating system using many conductors applications. Consider this process on the example of one of the most famous representatives of this appointment:

  1. Download the application from the "Playmarket" or "AppStore" if it is not yet installed on your device. We go to the "Playmarket" or "AppStore", we find the application, click "Set"

    We go to the "Playmarket" or "AppStore", we find the application, click "Set"

  2. Opening it and find the file you need with this application. We find the file you need and open with ES Manager

    We find the file you need and open with ES Manager

  3. In the right corner we find a small menu bar and click on it to the "More" button. In the right corner we find a small menu panel and click on it to the "More" button

    In the right corner we find a small menu panel and click on it to the "More" button

  4. A list will appear in which we will be interested in the string "unpack". Click on the string "unpack"

    Click on the string "unpack"

  5. We choose the place of unpacking and click "OK". We put a tick to the place of unpacking, press "OK"

    We put a tick to the place of unpacking, press "OK"

Method 2. Using the WinRAR program for Android or iOS

The WinRAR program is also presented for the mobile devices market. It can be similar to it quickly and easily extract RAR archives on phones or tablet computers. For this you need:

  1. Download the application from the "store" that you usually use to download applications. We find WinRAR for Android or iOS in the application store, which we use, click "Set"

    We find WinRAR for Android or iOS in the application store, which we use, click "Set"

  2. We find our file in the application. Click on it, a check mark will appear on the right. We find our archived file using the WinRAR application for Android, put a tick

    We find our archived file using the WinRAR application for Android, put a tick

  3. We use the button on the top panel, which is designed for unpacking (up arrow). We use the button on the top panel, which is designed for unpacking (up arrow)

    We use the button on the top panel, which is designed for unpacking (up arrow)

  4. We specify the necessary parameters, first of all, the place of unpacking the archive. Click "OK". We specify the necessary parameters, first of all, the place of unpacking the archive, click "OK"

    We specify the necessary parameters, first of all, the place of unpacking the archive, click "OK"

  5. We get unpacked files. We get unpacked files next to the archive

    We get unpacked files next to the archive

Video - How to unpack Zip and Rar on android

Using archivers

Archivers can be used not only to unpack files. You yourself can create archives from files you want to send. In addition, it is convenient to archive information that is stored on your hard disk, but you do not use it. Very convenient way to save space.

Creating a RAR archive

Read also an interesting article - "How to set a password for the archive."

Create an archive with such an extension under the above mentioned WinRAR program. Please note that no other programs are capable of creating an archive with RAR expansion. Competitors use other methods and, accordingly, expansion. For example, .zip. To create the archive, we need:

  1. Find the files that we want to add to the archive. Find and preparing the files that we want to add to the archive

    Find and preparing the files that we want to add to the archive

  2. We highlight them and click right-click. Select these files and click on it right mouse button

    Select these files and click on it right mouse button

  3. A list will appear. Choose in it "Add to Archive". The list will appear, choose in it "Add to Archive"

    The list will appear, choose in it "Add to Archive"

  4. A window appears in which we must set the necessary parameters, change the name of the archive. We change the name of the archive, all other parameters can be left by default, click "OK"

    We change the name of the archive, all other parameters can be left by default, click "OK"

  5. The progress window will appear, nothing is required of you. Just wait for completion. Expect the process of completing file archiving

    Expect the process of completing file archiving

    The created archive will appear in the same place where we prepared the files

    The created archive will appear in the same place where we prepared the files

So, we found out that unpacking files on any devices are quite simple, the main thing is to get a good and convenient software.

Video - How to open the RAR file and how to archive the file?

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