Garage arrangement: devices and useful homemakes with their own hands

Despite the fact that the garage is mainly used for parking the car, the functionality of this room, if desired, can be expanded. Depending on the area, the workshop will be placed here, a place to rest, boxing for storing things and more. The arrangement of the garage begins with the preparation of a detailed plan of the room, which takes into account the size and location of future structures.

Despite the fact that the garage is mainly used for parking the car, the functionality of this room, if desired, can be expanded. Depending on the area, the workshop will be placed here, a place to rest, boxing for storing things and more. The arrangement of the garage begins with the preparation of a detailed plan of the room, which takes into account the size and location of future structures.

The advantages of the range of garages

The garage is used not only for parking. By means of refining, it is possible to significantly expand the capabilities provided by the internal space of this room. The advantages of the arrangement of the garage depends on what purpose works are being conducted. Usually, the advantages of such buildings include the following:

  • The ergonomics of the indoor space increases;
  • The necessary tools are located in certain zones;
  • The room becomes less grimaced;
  • The area of ​​the used space increases.

Performing work on the arrangement of the garage, you need to use fireproof materials. Overhaul should be carried out within which engineering communications are transferred.

It is possible to achieve the described advantages if you correctly make a plan for arranging the indoor space. Therefore, before proceeding to the alteration of the room, it is recommended to draw a scheme.

Clean room

We compile a scheme (plan) of internal arrangement

Regardless of the garage area (6 to 6, 8 per 8, and so on), before you begin to arrange the room, you must consider various design options. This will require a plan (scheme), with which you can position items inside in a simple and pre-calculate the approximate consumption of materials.

At this stage, it is necessary to determine what will specifically be installed in the room (racks, shelves and other). At the same time, you need to set the exact dimensions of all items and specify the data in the scheme.

During the development of the plan, it is necessary to take into account the area that the car occupies, and the distance between racks and transport. It is equally important to reflect the width of insulation in the scheme, if such material is used in the arrangement of the internal space, and the direction of opening the gate.

Wooden garage

Stage of preparation of instruments and materials

Devices for the arrangement of the garage are selected taking into account the tasks. Usually for the decoration of the room are required:

  • drill;
  • screwdriver;
  • roulette;
  • pencil.

If working with metal structures is planned, a welding machine and "Bulgarian" will be required. For wood it is recommended to prepare a saw or a logs.

Electro instrument

When choosing materials, it is recommended to give preference to those that:

  • do not burn;
  • carry the impact of mechanical damage;
  • Resistant to aggressive media.

To achieve the specified features of the workbench and other items installed inside the box are additionally processed by the corresponding compositions.

New Drill

Manufacture and placement of equipment and installations

Create a workshop in the garage with its own hands is quite simple. The main thing is to follow the previously developed scheme throughout the process and take into account the size of the sizes. If the items do not fit into the overall environment, it is necessary to refuse to use such structures.

Usually, at the initial stage of the garage arrangement, the zone is planned for storing instruments. It may be rack, boxes, drawers and other designs.

At the time of work inside the garage, it is recommended to leave a car on the street. When using the welding machine and the grinder, it is necessary to avoid hot metal on flammable materials.

Placement of equipment

Rack for a drill

To make a rack, you will need:

  • sandpaper;
  • Wooden bars (width 20 centimeters or more);
  • Furniture guides;
  • vice;
  • screwdriver;
  • saw on a tree;
  • drill.

For the manufacture of the rack, it is necessary to draw and cut into two holes of the hole (the diameter corresponds to the dimensions of the drill) and drill the niches under the screws that will fix the machine. Next, the basis of the structure (carrier bed) is mounted. Two guides are fixed to the latter (from T-shaped corners). Bruks are attached to the board. On the back of this part, small bars are fixed, which will move inside the guides.

Rack for tool

Auto repair overpack

For the manufacture of the overpass, a welding machine and several metal corners will be required. The size of the latter is calculated, based on the dimensions of the car. Supports of future overpass must be located at an altitude of 80 centimeters, and the minimum width of the wheels for the wheels is 40 centimeters. The total length of the design is calculated as follows: Machine length + 1 meter.

The device is sufficient. Outwardly, this design resembles a children's slide, in which the sidewalls and the lower part are made of metal corners with a width of 50 millimeters, and the ladder - from the corrugated steel with a thickness of more than 14 millimeters.

Estakada under cars

We collect a garage compressor

For the garage workshop, a compressor is suitable made of:

  • car chamber;
  • pump with pressure gauge;
  • Repair kit for automotive rubber;
  • Shila.

To create a simple compressor suitable for splashing paint, you need to follow the advice below:

  • Check the camera for detecting defects;
  • In the chamber to do a hole through which the air jet will be published;
  • Insert the fitting into the hole, connect with the paint and unscrew the nipple;
  • Nipple Camera Leave in the same position (the item will hold the compressed air).

Compressor in the garage

At the end of the described manipulations, several tests of the improvised compressor should be carried out, trying to achieve optimal air pressure required for uniform paint distribution. In the process of exploitation of the design, you need to track so that dirt and moisture fall into the chamber.


Make an independent crane-lift is quite problematic. To create such a design, specialized tools needed to work with metal will be required.

When arranging a private garage, a crane system is suitable made of sheet steel with dimension 400x400x25 millimeters and a rod with a diameter of 80 millimeters. To create an arrow, 1 meter length will require corners of 50x50 millimeters and a "glass" with two pre-pressed bushings.

This design is fixed on the ceiling by means of a shaped nut M 42x2.

Homemade lift


Many Russian garages there are workbenches. This is a comfortable design that helps perform the repair of various items or make something. To install the workbench, you will need:

  • plywood sheets;
  • polyurethane;
  • Grinder;
  • saw;
  • Fasteners.

As an example, you can consider the workbench with dimensions of 660x100x60 centimeters. For the manufacture of the design, 4 polymeters thick plywood sheet will be required. At the initial stage of creating a workbench, a frame of metal corners is cooked. Next, the boards are stacked on top of which plywood sheets are attached. At the end, the material is grouped and handled paint.

Wooden workbench

При желании можно изготовить ящики, для которых потребуется фанера толщиной 13 миллиметров.

Организовываем рабочее место

Вне зависимости от площади гаража, со временем возникнет необходимость в организации рабочего места. Для этого потребуется не менее одного стола, который обычно устанавливается в углу помещения. В случае если внутреннее пространство небольшое, можно воспользоваться следующей хитростью: смонтировать в свободной зоне навесную столешницу.

Для этого потребуются:

  • лист ДСП;
  • петли для мебели;
  • фурнитура и крепежи;
  • бруски.


Благоустройство гаража начинается с того, что на стену наносится разметка, после чего высверливаются отверстия и крепятся бруски. К последним фиксируются петли, на которые навешивается лист ДПС. В конце к этому материалу крепятся опоры.

Размещаем рабочий стол

Рабочий стол, при обустройстве гаража, размещается:

  • вдоль дальней стены, во всю ширину;
  • вдоль боковой стены;
  • в углу.

Размер рабочего места варьируется в зависимости от свободной площади и потребностей владельца. Оптимально, если вместе со столом монтируются выдвижные ящики и навесные конструкции для хранения инструментов.

Table with equipment

Монтируем стеллажи и ящики

Стеллажи можно приобрести в магазине или смонтировать своими руками. Для второго варианта потребуются:

  • plywood sheets;
  • обрезки труб;
  • профиль (уголок).

Работа по монтажу начинается с нанесения разметки на стенах и определения размеров полок (ширина не должна превышать 60 сантиметров). Высоту последних можно варьировать в зависимости от личных предпочтений. Далее соединяются вертикальные и горизонтальные части стеллажа. Полученный каркас, посредством дюбелей, фиксируется к стене и полу.

На каждом из приведенных этапов рекомендуется отслеживать уровень полок и других элементов конструкции, не допуская перекосов.

Installation of stellage

На стеллажах часто размещают пластиковые контейнеры для хранения мелких предметов.

Полки для инструментов

Правила обустройства рабочего пространства применимы для любых гаражных конструкций, в том числе и для полок под инструменты. Последние устанавливаются на различной высоте, в зависимости от того, для хранения каких деталей используются.

Существует множество вариантов организации полок под инструменты. Наиболее простым способом обустройства рабочего пространства считается фиксация армирующей сетки толщиной 2 миллиметра на стене. После монтажа отдельные проволоки откусываются и отгибаются так, чтобы получились навесные крючки.

Selection of nails

Второй, сравнительно простой в изготовлении, вариант предполагает крепление к стене листа фанеры, в котором просверлены отверстия, диаметром, соответствующем размерам инструментов (стамески, молотки, отвертки и других).

Крючки и держатели для гаражной аппаратуры

Существует также много вариантов держателей для гаражной аппаратуры: полки с выемками под инструменты, съемники и другие конструкции. Выбор в пользу конкретного приспособления в данном случае напрямую зависит от того, для хранения каких вещей оно применяется.

Work with wood

Для крупногабаритных предметов подойдут:

  • полки с вырезанными пазами по размерам гаражной аппаратуры;
  • отдельный навесной шкаф для смазочных материалов;
  • отдельные шкафы-солдатики с контейнерами;
  • картонные трубки и другое.

В магазинах можно найти так называемые гладиаторы, подходящие для хранения предметов различных размеров. Вместо обычных крючков, для фиксации крупногабаритных инструментов рекомендуется приобрести PowerTrack . This product makes an impact of aggressive media and withstands cargo weighing up to 30 kilograms.

Organizers for small parts

If small things accumulate in the garage, plastic organizers are suitable for storing such items. The latter can be purchased in the store or make yourself, cutting out a piece of plastic canister.

Organizer for details

Features of the arrangement of the garage pit

When arranging the garage pit, the latter sizes are selected, according to the following rules:

  • Length - Machine length + 1 meter;
  • The width is the distance between the wheels of the machine - 20 centimeters;
  • Depth - the growth of the owner + 20 centimeters.

The floor of the pit first falls asleep with sand on 5 centimeters and clay by 30 centimeters. Then the reinforced grid is stacked and concrete is poured on 7 centimeters. After that, the floor is treated with mastic. At the end, the foam is stacked, and concrete is repeated.

Walls of the pit are also processed by mastic, closed by rubberoid. Upon completion of these works, fittings are installed, concrete is poured.

Pit under the car

We assign a storage area

When arranging the garage, it is recommended to remove individual zones for storing certain items.

Fishing rods and gear

The rack for the rod is manufactured in two stages. At first, the PVC tube is attached at the bottom of the wall, inside which the holes under the handle are formed every 10 centimeters. Then the foam rubber is mounted at the top (or other similar material) with slots for fixing the rod.

Organizers are recommended for storing the gear.

Fishing rods on the wall

Canisters and other containers

Canisters and other similar containers are usually stored in the corner of the garage. But there is another, more interesting solution for storing such objects. Under the canisters you can organize a suspension shelf above the head of the car owner. This approach to the arrangement releases space inside the garage.

Building materials

Optimally, if building materials are stored at the top. Due to this, free space is not cling. To quickly organize a place to store building materials, it is enough to fasten several metal beams or PVC pipes on the ceiling.

trash on the shelves

Useful homemade garage

There are a large amount of ideas that simplify and enhance the convenience of operation of the garage. It can be homemade clock, places to relax from a metal barrel, non-standard storage devices.

Among the interesting options for placing items inside the garage should be noted the mounted structures under the wheels (tires). For this, profiles and corners are used, plywood sheets with wire and more. Also for storing items is suitable for attachments made from guides to which plastic organizers are then hung.

Create useful crafts can be at home from girlfriend. It is important to just decide what such products are meant for.

homemade device

How to save order in the garage?

The order in the garage is not enough. Over time, frequently used items will begin to litter the room, reducing the size of the internal space. As a result, this will lead to the fact that the necessary details will be difficult to find, and the time to perform repair work will increase significantly.

To keep order in the garage, it is recommended at the stage of arrangement to adhere to the following advice:

Pure garage

  • Frequently used things on a prominent and easily accessible place;
  • Develop a plan for the location of items under themselves;
  • place tools on open shelves;
  • take a separate area for storing large-sized items;
  • Use all available free space, including ceiling.

There are many options for arranging the garage. By organizing the inner space, it is necessary to first form a scheme of arrangement of objects indicating the size of the latter and select cabinets, drawers and other designs, according to their own preferences and needs.

The garage is separate or attached to the private house is a target building designed to accommodate and storing a car. It can be used as a workshop or as a premises, to store things or repair vehicles, but for this it is necessary to special design of the internal space.

The presented photos of the garage arrangement and the proposed solutions will help you choose the optimal option for self-realization.

What will allow transforming their own garage by making a comfortable building from it to work or leisure, providing a variety of services or classes with a favorite and fascinating hobby.

Pre-design and planning

Multifunctional mode of operation and the possibility of permanent access to the indoor room requires compliance with the conditions of comfort.

Even if the garage building is used to store conservation and tools, it is necessary when it is necessary to comply with a number of simple and effective principles, which include:

  • Ergonomics or convenience, with the zoning of the room;
  • operation of operation and competent distribution of storage systems;
  • Planning free and workspace inside the construction.

Conducting the arrangement of the garage inside with his own hands, you can significantly save a family budget and cost the minimal costs.

It should be noted that for a comfortable stay within and conduct certain types of work, not only the arrangement, but also insulation, sound insulation and noise insulation will be needed.

Practical finish of indoor space

Independent arrangement of a garage 6 × 4 or buildings of other sizes requires a systematic and complex approach with the details of different nuances.

Special attention should be paid to preliminary design, which ensures the full use of the indoor space and all conditions for recreation and work are created:

  • maintaining the required microclimate and comfort in the room;
  • Effective use of the useful area of ​​construction as a whole;
  • Separation of premises on functional areas for work and leisure.

To carry out an integrated approach, it is necessary to use the entire space of the room. Given the basement and observation pit.

Conduct competent work on the selection of effective storage systems, materials for heat and sound insulation, and so organize the work area so that all the necessary tools are at hand.

Drainage and floors with a slope

During the work, it is important to provide certain conditions in which the departure of the flooring will become the most simple as possible and does not take a long time:

  • A small slope towards garage doors will provide high-quality liquid drainage;
  • Avoid pollution of the floor with all sorts of compositions will help his impregnation of mastic;
  • The drainage chute laid along one of the walls will ensure a flow of melt water.

Conducting the flooring in the garage with their own hands it is necessary to take into account that this surface is created from wear-resistant concrete slabs.

Looking pit and cellar

Both premises can be included in the garage plan, so their arrangement is carried out additionally, given the features of their application.

For pit and cellars, it is necessary to create the conditions for high-quality air exchange, for which the system of natural ventilation is suitable, which allows to maintain a comfortable microclimate.

All kinds of shelves and racks

For the literate distribution and use of free space of even the most compact garage room, it is important to use different storage systems.

The most economical and efficient options are the following, and they can be made independently from undergraduate materials:

  • shelves, wall and outdoor, closed and open;
  • Racks of various designs and configurations.

As a budget option, you can use home furniture, but it is better to apply it as a material for self-making storage systems.

Easy to design shelves will become a roomy storage for tools and spare parts that need to be sorted and placed in separate boxes or pallet.

What is important to consider for a comfortable stay in the garage

To learn how to equip a garage manually, you can watching similar buildings of neighbors or thoroughly studying this information and ensuring:

  • Complete electrification of the room for a normal level of lighting;
  • thermal insulation to reduce the level of heat loss during the heating of the garage;
  • venting space, which is especially important when repairing vehicles;

When we equip the workshop in the garage, it is necessary to correctly perform the design of the working area, highlight the place to install and secure the equipment.

Photo of the arrangement of garage

We also recommend viewing:

From the very beginning, I understood that in my garage, in addition to a normal width and height, it should be convenient and pleasant to do creativity. If a desire appears. The list of necessary includes.1. Movement with a vice. . Summer. Made a workbench. Top metal 4mm- 600x1500mm. Trenches 50.

Full size

Vistak in the garage.

The welding table covered with a metal 4mm. In one side of the wheel on the bearings. Mobile table within the garage. From the other side I supply a handle for rolling through the floor. The cables extended from the welding machine for 3 m. And 6 meters and a member of 3 m.stolik at its usual place.

Welding table.

If you wish you ride all over the garage. Vary on the table. And not splashing the welding workbench.

Welding table.

Bought a wardrobe. Cleaned, painted, led in order.

Cabinet for dressing in the garage

Half under clean clothes, half under clean junk.

Cabinet for dressing

Thish bought on occasion.

Full size

Visits in the garage.

I shuffled out of slightly, painted. Screw to the workbench.

Full size

Thish in garage

Turned out to be swivel. Bolts rearrange in different holes.

Full size

Visits in the garage

Fastening for Bulgarians.

Bracket for Bulgarians.


Let me place in the garage along a long wall, which is more than 6 meters, workbench, dressing cabinet. All I plan in the garage will be placed on this wall.

Above the workbench fasten the screen from the chipboard.

Putting a rail to hang out kitchen cabinets. And he hung on her trays with a small one.

This time I decided to approach thoroughly on the placement of the tool on the rack before the workbench. I have already shot off what is my garage, but the workbench -tema more. Each time I dispersed the tool in different ways. And every time he improved it. I was very pleased with the purchase device for storing and fastening the heads.

Full size

Adapt to fastening heads

Three sizes of heads.

Very compact and convenient. Further, everything was attached to the traditional way-of mounting ribbon and self-drawing. I placed the center that the sap is needed. Hammers under the right hand. Measuring things away from vice. Safe place from damage. Fasteners and all motility, to the right. Left that is used less frequently. And everything is in sight.

Vice swivels. Welding with your table under the workbench, in the center. You can boil quickly, nothing needs to determine. You can quickly roll out, five-meter cables allow you to get to any point of the garage. On the right under the workbenk metal heavy and hammers, on the left metal light and thin. To the right of the workbench, at the bottom of the grinder and the screwdriver.

I try to remove everything from the floor to be able to dream of garbage and spend quietly. In the same time. Everything should be in front of the eyes. What to look for.

The opposite wall. To the wall I put the car.

I put the compressor to the basement.

Full size

Compressor in the basement of the garage.

Hoses and control of the compressor belong to the top, in the garage. Hose meters 10, grabs anywhere in the garage and on the street.

Full size

Compressor in the garage.

Through the same hole in the stove where the compressor hose passes, it will be necessary to start the water pipe. Put the container in the basement of liters per 100 and the pumping station to pump the water up-washbasin or where it is necessary ...

Music in the garage organized so. On


I bought the device without a housing. And decided to install it in a metal box from the old primus.

All formats nibble.

Full size

Music in the garage

And FLAC, including. And I have all flashlights in Flaces are recorded. There is a bluetooth and your receiver.

Full size

Music in the garage.

Speakers are active from the computer.

From the last, in conclusion, a couple of photos, as I decided the flooring in the observation pit.

Full size

Looking pit in the garage.

Full size

Floiled in the garage observation yam.

If the garage for you is not just a place to store your car, and you spend a considerable amount of free time in this room, that is, you make sense to think about it worthy. In order to fulfill the inner finish of the garage with your own hands, you do not need to be seven spans in the forehead or possess some kind of super skills - everything is elementary. The main question is in the other: how to combine comfort and harmony inside with operational features in the first place of technical premises? We reveal the secrets of the correct design using example 40 photos with a successful finish of garages.

4 main requirements for materials

  1. A high level of strength - all materials used for the design of walls, gender and ceiling must have a good reserve of countering mechanical effects, as well as to withstand weight loads;
  2. Resistance to chemical active compounds and temperature fluctuations - in garages, as a rule, a considerable amount of liquids containing them, and the temperature of them is also often stored, so it is necessary to consider this characteristic;
  3. reference fire resistance - in the place of accumulation of flammable liquids, this rule is observed strictly;
  4. Simple care and durability - do not forget that the garage is primarily the technical room where repair work is regularly conducted, which are strongly polluting internal finish, therefore it is logical to put forward this criterion in the number of first when buying a material.

Most popular wall finishing materials

Armed with the criteria listed above, you will certainly "sewn" for yourself a considerable number of options, but worry about the fact that the choice will be narrow, it is not necessary. In fact, suitable in all parameters for the interior decoration of the garage of materials. And now make sure that.

Ceramic tile (porcelain stoneware) / clinker

We have no coincidence that we started from it - in all respects it is the optimal material that is equally good can be used for cladding both outdoor and wall surfaces. With one reservation - it is best to use porcelain stoneware. This is a special type of tile, which is also made of ceramics, but hardened at a higher temperature.

As a result of Gres (it is often called porcelain stoneware) acquires all the necessary physical properties and becomes indispensable in places where resistance to chemical agents, high and low temperatures, as well as mechanical loads.

There is another type of tile - a clinker manufactured from high-quality raw materials by extrusion technology. Hardening occurs at a very high temperature, which allows the clinker to become even more durable than porcelain stoneware. And, alas, more expensive. Most often it is used to finish the facades, but there are often cases when the clinker can be seen in the designs of the interior decoration of garages and other technical premises.

PVC panels

We recommend using only those panels that have the best indicators in the class of mechanical strength, as well as moisture-proof and refractory. As a rule, they are more expensive, but in operation will serve you much longer than the standard options.

Of course, it is possible to decorate the finish with PVC panels only in cases where you do not turn your garage to a certain semblance of a hundred - uncomplicated repair work will not damage the material, and the light weight of the polyvinyl chloride design and elementary installation can easily cope with the facing even to those who are not He considers his hands enough "straight".


Another way to "improve" your garage, spending a minimum of money, time and, accordingly, forces. It is best to use cement-sand plaster - it perfectly covers structures from aerated concrete or brick and safely keeps the maximum amount of time.

One of the main advantages of the choice of this material is the possibility of staining. Yes, after applying plaster on the surface, you can paint it into any color you need. Or even a few - here everything has been dependent on your taste preference.


The years go, and the lining is still trend. In the garages, it is always relevant from a visual point of view, but her high hygroscopicity and flammability questioned the feasibility of use in this technical room.

Nevertheless, some expensive types of lining with a good margin of strength and fire resistance are quite justified for interior decoration.


It is not used as often as the other materials listed above, due to the fact that chemically active compounds are easily deformed and poorly transfers. However, there are options with improved characteristics. They cost much more expensive, but if it is pretty much this material, then why not?


Old as a world way to put in order, even the most running room is still working.

How to separate the floor?

The space of options here is no less wide:

  • Porcelain stoneware - reliable and durable coating that does not require complex care and easily cleales from dirt;
  • Professional flooring is ideal for garages and technical premises, elementary mounted and protects the foundation from damage;
  • The modular floor of PVC - bribes the simplest installation and ability to withstand weight loads and temperature fluctuations, but it is quite expensive;
  • Rubber modules - protect the surface from deformation well, but are recommended for additional floor protection in the technical premises;
  • Painting - the concrete basis is painted in suitable color, it is recommended to use paint with water-repellent properties;
  • Wood flooring - recently used extremely rarely, but as an option is still viable;
  • Self-leveling concrete is an excellent solution in all respects, but seriously hits the pocket, and therefore is not available to every garage owner.

Of course, before you take for some material, the floor must be prepared. We are talking about alignment. For this, reinforcement is used: the metal grille is laying around the perimeter and the beacons that serve as a circuit for the design. The concrete screed is poured and stands approximately a month, after which you can start the finish finish of the floor.

Finishing the ceiling

Since the ceiling in the garage is almost impossible to deform, then for its finishing, it is possible to use polyvinyl chloride panels in the installation. Either MDF with good moisture protection.

You can simply paint, but dust and dirt will climb up and consistently fall on the surface, which will quickly lead to the loss of fresh species.

Approximate prices

How much will the internal trim of the garage cost in one way or another? We give an exemplary price table so that you are quickly oriented.


Price (sq.m / rub)

Ceramic tile

from 300.


from 550.


from 700.


from 275 for 30 kg

PVC panels

from 400.


from 250 rubles for 1 sheet (3 sq.m)


from 420.


Due to the continuous development of technologies, the number of materials that are perfect for the interior decoration of the garage are growing. Of course, it is always great to make a quick and inexpensive repair, but the miser pays twice: it is better to choose the options that are really suitable for all operational characteristics to feel in the garage at home at any time of the year.

50 excellent ideas for proper garage arrangement

Each host seek to equip your "male burgrel" for yourself, so that it was not only comfortable to be, but also conveniently work. We are talking about the garage, which is very often used for men and the workshop, both to repair the car and to solve many other business issues. Using garage Thus, over time, too many things can be in it: tools, materials, accessories. All this should be kept in order.

50 excellent ideas for proper garage arrangement
50 excellent ideas for proper garage arrangement
50 excellent ideas for proper garage arrangement
50 excellent ideas for proper garage arrangement
50 excellent ideas for proper garage arrangement
50 excellent ideas for proper garage arrangement
50 excellent ideas for proper garage arrangement
50 excellent ideas for proper garage arrangement

Turn the garage into the designer of God thought out to the smallers is not so difficult, if you think. The easiest option is to remove the measurements, go to the store and purchase containers for storage, racks, cabinets and shelves.

50 excellent ideas for proper garage arrangement
50 excellent ideas for proper garage arrangement
50 excellent ideas for proper garage arrangement
50 excellent ideas for proper garage arrangement
50 excellent ideas for proper garage arrangement
50 excellent ideas for proper garage arrangement
50 excellent ideas for proper garage arrangement
50 excellent ideas for proper garage arrangement
50 excellent ideas for proper garage arrangement
50 excellent ideas for proper garage arrangement
50 excellent ideas for proper garage arrangement
50 excellent ideas for proper garage arrangement

The "hardcore" owners can use the second, no less popular way, they can try to build all this with their own hands from the girlfriend. And both ways can be combined!

50 excellent ideas for proper garage arrangement
50 excellent ideas for proper garage arrangement
50 excellent ideas for proper garage arrangement
50 excellent ideas for proper garage arrangement
50 excellent ideas for proper garage arrangement
50 excellent ideas for proper garage arrangement
50 excellent ideas for proper garage arrangement
50 excellent ideas for proper garage arrangement
50 excellent ideas for proper garage arrangement
50 excellent ideas for proper garage arrangement

Actually for arrangement Garage It remains only to show fantasy. It will not be harmful to ask the experience of other owners in this area. Sometimes they are surprised himself how for some business, completely unexpectedly, the thing is initially not intended for him.

50 excellent ideas for proper garage arrangement
50 excellent ideas for proper garage arrangement
50 excellent ideas for proper garage arrangement
50 excellent ideas for proper garage arrangement
50 excellent ideas for proper garage arrangement
50 excellent ideas for proper garage arrangement
50 excellent ideas for proper garage arrangement
50 excellent ideas for proper garage arrangement
50 excellent ideas for proper garage arrangement
50 excellent ideas for proper garage arrangement
50 excellent ideas for proper garage arrangement

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