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Instagram mobile application initially does not imply active actions on a PC, but agree there is a lot of situations when it is extremely necessary , in this case, how to add Photo in Instagram. via computer or write to direct? Can cope with this problem possible, and you can easily update your tape and respond to comments. This will favoraly affect Rose subscribers и The number of Lykov .

Instagram mobile application initially does not imply active actions on a PC, but agree there is a lot of situations when it is extremely necessary , in this case, how to add Photo in Instagram. via computer or write to direct? Can cope with this problem possible, and you can easily update your tape and respond to comments. This will favoraly affect Rose subscribers и The number of Lykov .

In April 2020 instagram, finally, heard the aspirations of users and added Direct to the PC version.

You know how to handle pictures in photoshop, and maybe Old photos from a home archive, Or digitized video, print long signatures to posts? These are not all the reasons that make the mobile phone make and seriously think about Posting from a computer.

We choose the methods
We choose the methods

Add photos to instagram through your computer

You can send a photo or video from a computer to the phone, Save and then publish . However, it is too tiring and not comfortable. You can use third-party sites of postponed posting, such as Smmplanner or RobopoSting , but this will partly facilitate your work, In fact, you will still use a mobile phone .

How to add a photo in instagram through a computer

Two points to the note:

  • Instagram strongly recommends downloading photos from the phone for your safety. The fact is that Instagram records the source through which you come in social network. If it is more than one computer and the phone, check will be requested, And suddenly it is not you.
  • Some extensions are asked to enter personal data for the entrance.

We publish a photo in Instagram through a PC browser

When you download the web version of Instagram, in fact you get a cropped version. Of course you have access to Instagram, but these are limited actions : You can not post the photo, correspond in direct and so on. maybe Only comment Other posts and browsing Stories.

truth You can "convince" instagram that you went from mobile.

Open Instagram on your computer and press the button (F12 for Chrome and Yandex), (for Mozilla Ctrl + SHIFT + K) . It depends on what browser you have will appear the developer panel, then you need to click on the mobile version icon. Now you use a mobile version Web-Instagram. .

When switching modes, update the page.

Despite the relative simplicity of this method there are disadvantages:

  • It is impossible Use filters
  • It is impossible Create several photos in one publication. Only one photo - one post
  • It is impossible Mark someone in the photo, in the Comment field - please
  • It is impossible Edit the text of the signature by post after the publication, for this you need to open Instagram mobile.

Second way - Using official applications For computer from instagram. Download and familiarize yourself with the installation instructions On the official fan site Instagram .

There is a nuance. "Function Download images From the local storage of a computer in the stationary client instagram is missing. The user can take photos for an avatar profile or storm with using webcam help ".

With a small reservation, this option is possible only on Windows 10. without Operating updates nothing will work.

Download the official app Instagram from Microsoft Store . Install him I. Come in your account. Externally, the application repeats exactly the mobile version of Instagram, so the interface Intuitively understood . On any other operating system, this method will not work, and it will be better to use the emulator.

Personally, it turned out to be much more convenient for me to work in the browser via F12.

How to write in direct instagram from a computer

Emulator installs you on a computer A copy of the operating system By downloading which you get access to Instagram account. Working with instagram on a PC with an emulator is exactly similar to the mobile version. You can also post the photo, leave comments, write to the directory, while the system will perceive it as access to the account from the mobile phone.

Emulator Comfortable thing, with it you can delete photos.

The problem is quite significant. If in the mobile version you can click on three vertical points in the photo and delete, then the browser will not repeat this move. Foot when installing an emulator you can download Series of photo in one post edit or even Delete his.

BlueStacks. - Android emulator. After installation, you can easily run not only instagram, but also other mobile applications. Using BlueStacks. can not only post, but also Delete photos From your tape. The only minus is the owners of Macintosh to run this emulator will not be able.

Exposing a photo in Instagram through a computer using online services

This is the extreme case of posting with PC. Service services, most often paid, besides, this is not the best option to transfer very personal information.

Take advantage of some of them:

  • Idirect.
  • Okogram
  • DirectBulkSender.

Services are simple and understood, add some advantages in comparison with the mobile version (printing a comment on the keyboard is more convenient), the interface is intuitively understood.

Working in instagram from the computer is very convenient. You can handle photos for publication in professional photo edits, quickly respond to questions. Conduct massolloving and mass chill with PC easier and faster.

High-quality cheating services, without an unsubsion with a guarantee:

How to add a photo in instagram through a computer
4 ways how to upload photos in instagram from a computer

Update: September 3, 2020

A long time ago Instagram decided to give users the opportunity to upload and publish photos from a PC. Then the news quickly separated over the network, but at the same time the cherished button with the image of the camera from most did not appear. And the reason for the truth is not clear, many say that the update will appear in us after a while.

We decided not to wait and share several ways to upload photos in instagram from a computer. Download options for both third-party programs and without programs are available.

Method 1: Manual method through a browser

Here is the instruction for the Google Chrome browser, in other browsers everything is done in the same way.

  1. Log in in the desktop version of Instagram.
  2. Press F12.
  3. Next, click on the Toggle Device Toolbar - the button located at the top of the panel (seen in the screenshot). The Instagram page will go into your usual mobile viewing mode, and the button (Toggle Device Toolbar) itself will be highlighted in blue. Upload photos to instagram with PC
  4. If you are all done correctly, but the cherished button download photo does not appear, just reboot the page by clicking on the F5 key.
  5. Click on the icon and choose for download any photo from PC. It remains only to choose a photo and post it. Mobile type of Instagram with PC

To use all Instagram functions unfortunately will not work. In the PC version there is no possibility to edit the photo, adjust the filters, plus, you can not download the video. Otherwise, everything works exactly as in the mobile version.

Method 2: Services for promotion Instagram accounts

Most of the modern services to promote instagram allows you to download content, watch messages in Direct and make many other activities. All of them are paid, but you kill two hares in one dollar: and promote the account and post the content :)

Popular Tooligram 2.0 is one of the most functional services. Here is the possibility of publishing posts, Stories by timer, with filters.

In addition, the service can collect the target audience. To fulfill mass subscriptions, unsubsions and huskies, receive comments from live accounts. In response, users subscribe, growing the number of activities in your profile.

Method 3: Publication Planning via SMMPLANNER


This method is very convenient for regular installation instagram and allows you to upload posts, stories and video from a computer. 100 publications per month can be done free! Cloud service, nothing needs to be installed. We register and start working. Of course, you will spend 10-20 minutes to familiarize yourself with the functionality, but this time will reappear.

In smmplanner you can:

  • Edit and apply filters on the photo when loading
  • At the same time, post the content in several social networks or accounts
  • Set the schedule and schedule posts for many days ahead
  • Set the timer to remove content (suitable for promotional posts)

You need to register with the SMMPLANNER service, attach your Instagram account and add publications through the "Posts" section. Detailed instructions and promotion is located in this SMMPLANNER review.

P.S. In my opinion this is the only way to upload Stories in instagram from a computer.

Adding a photo in Instagram via smmplanner

Method 4: Special Services

On the wave of problems with the lack of ability to add photos from a computer in Instagram, several specialized programs and services appeared. I recommend method 2 with SMMPLANNER, as the menu items are functional and convenient to work.

Instmsk - Russian-language online service. We register and you can work. Very unpleasant interface, service has not been updated for a long time. Of the advantages: you can massively upload photos, video.

Gramblr. (stopped his work) - A program that is installed on your computer (is on Mac and Windows) and allows you to download photos in instagram. Version in english. Available editing and overlay filters, no more special features.

An interesting option is the extension "Desktop for Instagram", which is added to Google Chrome.

Bonus way: Content Manager

You can instruct all the work on how to fill your instagram account of the Content Manager. It will pick up photos, combine a single style ribbon and write posts. Previously, it can be coordinated to the technical task and discuss all the nuances.

Where to find a content manager to publish posts?

  • Gocontent - Special service to work with content managers.
  •, such as or Potter
  • Search among REDSMM graduates is a school that is engaged in training administrators Instagram. You can start here, at the end of the site there are contact telegrams to search for an admin.

Share a photo in Instagram through a smartphone - 5 seconds. Share content through a computer - an unreal task. But it would be convenient: I processed a snapshot or video and immediately from the computer uploaded to the application. It turns out that downloading photos and video in Instagram from the computer has long been possible. We tell how.

Instagram was created as a mobile application, but gradually introduced on Wednesday desktop solutions. There is already an official application that we can find in Microsoft Store. It copies the browser application, it is possible to add a video through "IGTV", but the photo is not added. Also in the app store you can find separate programs to add a photo, but they are paid and not always stable. We have a better decision.

With browser

Modern browsers have a great functionality, allowing you to easily and simply place publications without resorting to third-party services.


For those who are used to working in multitasking mode, there is a very convenient option. We will need a Vivaldi browser with its panel adding tool.

Click on the "Add webpacker" icon and insert the link to the Instagram site. After entering the account in the panel column there will be a familiar application icon, as well as a download button.

Thanks to this interface, you can view the event tape, add photos and work in parallel with multiple open tabs.

Mobile emulation

For this method, we will need to go to the browser and go to the Instagram site. We enter your account by clicking right-clicking on any free page area, select the drop-down menu " View code "

On the right side of the screen, a window with the source code of our page will appear. It can also be called a CRTL + SHIFT + I key combination. Next, click on the tablet / smartphone icon and select the device's usual interface for us. We update the page. At the bottom of the screen will appear a button to add a file.

This method is relevant not only for the considered Google Chrome, but also for Microsoft EDGE, Opera and Yandex.

To download the video, we need to log in to the account using the browser, the standard way without emulation. Next, by clicking on the Profile tab, we will see the "IGTV" button.

Click on the "Download" button and perform the necessary steps to publish.

Extension for browser

A similar variant described above, but with a little different by execution. We will need to set the expansion into the Chrome browser.

After installation, activate the expansion and enter the account.

Our application will be displayed in a separate window, simulating the mobile device screen.

Using emulators applications

To add photo / video, you can use the individual applying emulator. The meaning of his work in creating a copy of the equipment and its program code, which allows you to run mobile applications on a personal computer.

NOX App Player.

Download and install the program, we need a Gmail account. You can download Instagram using a separate file APK by adding it a special button with the right pane. Or go to the App Center page and add an application from Google Play.

After installing Instagram, an application icon will appear. Go to your account. The interface familiar to the mobile device.

The next step we need to configure the path to add files. To do this, click on the gear icon in the main window, in the settings tab, we put a tick at the Ruth item.

The application will request a reboot, after restarting, we can only drag the desired files in the gallery window.

This emulator can be installed both on Windows and on the Mac OS system.


BlueStacks - another popular Android emulator for Windows and Mac OS. The principle of operation is similar to the NOx emulator discussed earlier. By installing the program, we need to download Instagram from Google Play, after which the application icon will appear in the main window.

Select files for download and drag them into the gallery window, then perform steps to publish.

Using SMM services

We will not bypass the party and business owners associated with the business. Whether it is a blogger or shop, posting posts is important at certain intervals when subscribers are most high. This will help us online services with the possibility of postponed posting photos / video.

Smm Planner

This service allows you to download posts into several accounts at the same time, lay out posts with a specified time and has a convenient tool. By registering on the service page, we need to tie an instagram account. To do this, click on the "Account" button on the left side of the screen and in the opening tab you connect it.

Next, go to the "Posts - Plan Schedule" tab and add the necessary file from the repository.

We specify all the parameters you need for publications and click "OK".

In this way, you can publish a video / photo in several of your social networks without spending a lot of time. This service has a free trial period, and a lot of effort will be needed to quickly understand the interface.


We register on the page and add an account. The interface is minimalistic, for beginners there is a small trial period.

After completing these steps, a window with a profile appears before us. The number of buttons is minimal, it is possible to view the subscription tape and its publications.

You can add several publications at once, as well as edit the displayed post area. At the final stage, it is possible to task the publication, descriptions and geolocation time.

Also on the service page, you can find the "Direct" tabs for communication and "analyst", which in turn allows you to monitor the activity and growth of subscribers, saving a lot of time.

Add photo Instagram from a computer through a browser or an application available in the store for Windows 10.

Adding a photo in instagram from browser

The easiest option, as in Instagram, add a photo through a computer - take advantage of emulators in popular browsers.

Option 1: Google Chrome


  1. Open the site in the browser , pass authorization.

Open instagram

  1. Click simultaneously buttons: Ctrl + SHIFT + I (eng. i) The developer mode will open.

Site Code Instagram.

  1. To translate the application window in the smartphone type, you need to press the image of the mobile device in the upper left corner of the opened panel.

Smartphone mode Instagram

  1. Top click on the button Responsive , Select any mobile device from the list.

Emutron smartphone instagram

  1. Press the key F5 to update the page.

Translation into smartphone mode Instagram

Important: At this time, the developer mode must remain open.

  1. After the update, the buttons that are relevant to the mobile application will appear.

Buttons after updating Instagram

  1. Click on the button with the image " +"To start loading photos or video materials.
  2. The standard Windows window opens where the photo is selected in the computer's memory.

Choice photo Instagram

  1. The photo is loaded into the emulator for further loading in the tape.

It remains to edit it, add a geoposition, description, apply the filter and click the " Publish "

Option 2: Mozilla Firefox

You can add photos from the computer through Mozilla Firefox:

  1. Repeat the first 2 points from the previous instruction.
  2. Click on the image of a mobile device in the upper right corner of the developer window.

Mobile mode in Mozila Instagram

  1. Top click on the button " Adaptive "And select any mobile device.

Select Firefox Instagram

  1. Do not closing the main window, click F5 And wait for the page update.
  2. Click on the icon " +"To start the photo download process.

Swipe the necessary manipulations and click "Publish".

Option 3: Opera

Developer mode interfaces in Opera and Chrome browsers are similar.

Using online services

The functionality of such services is directed not only to download photos, but also on the promotion of the account. The site will independently load the material after a certain period of time.

But to post a photo through such resources, you will have to buy a subscription or content with a limited set of features.

It is also required to specify the login and password from the social network account, so that the bot was able to upload materials without the participation of the owner of the page.

Autobosting Instagram.

This is not the safest way to load materials from a computer, therefore it is not worth considering it in detail.

Application in the store Windows 10

Windows 10 users are easier to download the photos from a laptop to instagram, for this in the official store there is an application to access the social network.


  1. Open the application, pass authorization.
  2. In the upper left corner, find the button with the image of the camera.

Button in Instagram application

  1. Provide permission to use devices.

Instagram camera permit

  1. Roll the window with the application, open the folder " Chamber album ", You can find it in" Images " Transfer there photos to download in instagram.
  2. Expand the application, select the download material. Click " Further "

Download photo in Instagram Appendix

  1. Add filters and signature, click on the button Publish "

So through the application add stories, downloading materials into the profile will not work.

To post video or instagram photos through a computer, it is not necessary to use third-party programs or online services.

How to add a photo to instagram from a computer, not all users know about it, even if they know how to know it perfectly from the mobile phone. Instagram was originally understood by manufacturers as a service exclusively for mobile gadgets. Therefore, its functionality is convenient for them. At the same time, in the browser version of the service with a PC or laptop, you can also flip posts and stories, to put likes, but nowhere has a button that allows you to exit the download menu of the desired photo.

Is it possible to lay photos from the computer in instagram

Indeed, the button icon in ordinary browsers, with which you can post the desired picture to the instagram site, is missing. But the ability to insert a file in JPEG or PNG format exists. It is strange that the developers did not take care, so that it was convenient for people. Therefore, a number of steps should be taken to achieve the desired one.

How to add a photo in instagram

There are several possibilities, how to upload a photo in instagram through a computer. There are two principal approaches to this:

  1. Directly from the browser, which is used for Internet surfing.
  2. One of the programs specially created for this purpose.

The first way is convenient because it is not necessary to install any additional software. The second implies about the same familiar actions as on the smartphone, or simplifies the whole process as much as possible.

For Yandex Browser

If the Internet uses the Yandex browser, then the scheme of action is as follows:

  1. Go to your account at
  2. Call the context menu by right-clicking mouse in the empty page.
  3. Lower item "Explore the element" - what we need, select it.
  4. Activate the buttons listed on the screenshot. On the left does not necessarily choose the iPad. If you have another gadget, click on the black triangle near the device name and in the drop-down menu, select your model so that the interface looks familiar to you. as in instagram add a photo through the computer
  5. Restart the page. Hot Key for this action - F This does not close the open menu windows. After updating the page on the left, you can see a familiar icon with the camera. how to add a photo in instagram through a computer
  6. Click on it and boot the desired picture.

For Google Chrome

The one who is more convenient than the Google Chrome interface for the instructions below can also learn how to add a photo to instagram from a computer. It is also done without programs, you will not need to take any difficult actions.

  1. Enter the browser version of Instagram and call the context menu with the right click of the mouse.
  2. In the list of actions that appears, click the last item called "View Code". Those who work quickly with the keyboard buttons will conveniently be instead of clicking the mouse, just press the CTRL + SHIFT + I key combination. These actions are similar and allow you to open the source code of the page.
  3. In computers with the Windows system, the console with the code will open on the right, you need to activate the toolbar toolbox toolbox button above it. After activation, it should be highlighted in blue. how to post a photo in instagram

If you press the black triangle to the right of the Responsive button, you can find the desired device in the drop-down list and ensure that the image format is like on your smartphone. In the screenshot, it is shown below that we have chosen the interface display parameters as on the Galaxy S5 smartphone. how to lay out a photo in instagram through a computer

  1. Press the F5 keyboard or a circular arrow button in the upper left corner of the browser. How to publish photo in instagram from a computer
  2. Press either the camera icon from above on the left or on the "+" icon below the image.
  3. In the browser that opens, select the folder from which you want to download the image, the desired image and the "Open" button: How to add a photo from a computer in instagram

To return to the usual image of a page on a computer, close the console with the code by clicking on the cross on the right, and update the page again. How to upload photos to instagram from a computer

Browser Opera.

To find out how to download a photo in Instagram through a computer in Opera, log in to Instagram and act like this:

  1. Make a PCM click on the text free and pictures.
  2. In the list that appears, you need to find and click on the "View Element Code" item.
  3. Activate the icon shown in the screenshot of the arrow to become blue. How to add a photo through a computer in instagram
  4. Perform a reboot page with the F key
  5. Point to the icon with the camera, download the post. how to upload photos in instagram through computer

How to lay out a photo in instagram through a computer

Lay out the pictures and video in the Insta from the computer allow some special means. You need to download special small programs and install on the hard disk. Conditionally, they can be divided into the following categories:

  1. Android emulators.
  2. Software for Windows.

Speaking about the first category, you need to know that we are talking about the case when the emulator imitates the interface and all the functionality of the Inatagram service.

The second category is applications in which the user easily focuses and understands how to upload a photo in instagram through a computer.

How to publish photo in instagram from a computer

For the owners of electronics on Android OS, the NoxPlayer emulator will be very convenient. First you need to download and install NOX on your PC. Then the course of action is:

  1. Run the emulator.
  2. Click Google icon. How to publish photos in Instagram from a computer
  3. Login or create (if you don't have it) account.
  4. On the NOX emulator home page (it is loaded, if you press the button with the house, down to the right) go to Play Market. Using the search string, find Instagram.
  5. Install it.
  6. On the NOX Player's home page, activate the button specified in the picture below (in the row on the right) and click "Set". Like a laptop to post a photo in instagram
  7. In the emerging window, install a tick near Pyt. how to add photos from a computer in instagram
  8. Perhaps the system will ask for a reboot. Run it and start the emulator again.
  9. To download, simply drag photos to the NOX window.
  10. A window will appear, press the item selected on the screenshot in the Image File section. How to post a photo in instagram from a computer
  11. The program will show a window with a copied image. Leave only the main page of the NOX application (the remaining windows can be closed), and start instagram from it.
  12. You will see a familiar instant interface, like on your smartphone, where you can already add images.
  13. Click the cross.
  14. Select a previously downloaded photo that is now in NoxPlayer. How to lay out a photo in instagram on a computer

Similarly, you can use the Bluestacks emulator program and load the desired pictures.

GRAMBLR program

The Gramblr interface is convenient, not even familiar with the newcomers, it is easy to understand how to add a photo in instagram from a computer:

  1. Open the program (after downloading and installing it on the PC).
  2. Register in it.
  3. Enter your instruments data.
  4. Click the Select Your Media tab.
  5. Select the desired photo in the console on the left, or simply drag what you need in the program window. How to add a photo in instagram from a computer
  6. Then the program will consistently prompt you to make trimming, apply filters, create headlines. Do everything you think needed for photo editing.
  7. Publish your photo.

The advantages of this program in its simplicity, intuitive interface and the absence of advertising. However, it is not possible to make mass downloads and create a schedule. Decides this shortage of the site that is designed specifically for filling files in Instagram. See it below.

How to add a photo through Instmsk

A successful way to add a photo to instagram from a computer is a specially created online resource INSTMSK. Make the following:

  1. Open the official website of
  2. Click "Login".
  3. Sign up using the account data of one of the social networks that will be offered, or invent the username and password specifically for Instmsk.
  4. Go from the main screen to the "Profile" by activating the icon with the little man, and click "Add Instagram Account". how to upload photos to instagram through computer
  5. In the proposed fields, you will install your instagram account data, you will be prompted to enter the code sent according to your choice on E-mail or SMS.
  6. Go to the main page (icon with a house) and click "Upload 1 Photo". Next, follow your actions to the emerging instructions. Try also to press other buttons to understand their functions.

How to publish photo in instagram from a computer

Thus, we found out that the publication of images from a stationary PC is possible. Programmers have developed special services and programs for this. You can even do without them, and by setting certain actions to do everything directly from the Internet browser. Each has its advantages and definite disadvantages. Users can only choose what is more convenient for them.

How to upload photos to instagram from a computer

Some users make photos from the phone, and then processed them on the computer, respectively, it is more convenient to load a photo in instagram through a PC. For this there are several ways at once, consider them.

Through browser

Browser version of the social network Instagram is not intended to download photos. Through it, you can search for people and follow their publications, as well as manage your profile. However, there is a way to add a photo to instagram from a computer through a browser.

These web browsers are similar, as they work on one engine, they have a similar interface and functionality. Consider detailed instructions for each of them.

For Yandex.Browser:

  1. Open
  2. Log in On the site using your username and password, or enter through social networks.
  3. Right-click anywhere .
  4. Choose "Explore the element" .
  5. Click on mobile device icon In the upper left corner and set the settings, as in the screenshot.
  6. Update the page key F5 without closing the console.
  7. After that button will appear "Share photos" .
  8. Click on it and Select an image on the computer.

For Google Chrome:

  1. Go to and Log in .
  2. Click on scratch right-click and select "View code" .
  3. Click on mobile device icon Left from above.
  4. Set up settings like on screenshots.
  5. Update page Through the F5 button, without closing the console.
  6. Click on the button Loading images and select a photo on a computer for publication.


Browser Opera.

This browser is slightly different from the previous ones over the interface and functionality. In order to publish photos in insts through it, follow the instructions:

  1. Go to
  2. Log in to account.
  3. Right-click anywhere in the page and select "View the item code" or press the key combination Ctrl + SHIFT + C .
  4. Click on mobile device icon , It is located in the upper left corner of the console.
  5. Set the parameters like on screenshots.
  6. Check page update key F5. .
  7. Click on the button Publications of photo And select the image on the computer.

Through bluestacks

This program is one of the best android emulators for windows. Through it, you can install the mobile client instagram on the PC and make publications. To do this, follow the instructions:

  1. Download and install bluestacks on a computer. Step-by-step instruction
  2. How to register instagram through bluestacks instruction here
  3. Click "Open" in bluestacks.
  4. Click on "To come in" .
  5. Log in In instagram.
  6. Click on the button Loading publications.
  7. Click on the "+" icon.
  8. Choose "Gallery" .
  9. Top moving on top "Other" .
  10. Tap by "Choose from Windows" .
  11. Select an image on the computer.

How to add a photo through Instmsk

Instmsk - service for downloading publications in instagram, to use it is very simple:

  1. For starters need Authorize using the account on the social network.
  2. On the menu, select "Profile" .
  3. Right, sub "My accounts" Click on the button "Add Account" .
  4. Specify the data from the Instagram account.
  5. After that, in the top menu, go to "Upload Image" And pour your publications.


This is a desktop program for downloading a photo and video in instagram from a computer. It is not difficult to use it:

  1. First download applications and run it
  2. Create Account To do this, specify the email and password, as well as data from Instagram profile.
  3. Click on the download button Publications and select the desired file on the computer.
  4. Adjust it Install filters.
  5. Finish the design I. Publish photo .

Delayed posting

Also for downloading photos from the computer you can use a postponed posting. It is provided with a large number of different services, most of them are paid, but there are several and free. Read more in this article:

Delayed posting in instagram

Now you know all ways to lay out a photo in instagram from a computer using services and applications. To do this, make some simple actions.

How to upload photos to instagram from a computer - 5 ways

In this article, I will show how to add a photo in instagram from the computer. We will consider all possible ways: developer mode, expansion, emulator, online services and programs.

How to add a photo in instagram from a computer

Instagram is an application for a smartphone. And it was assumed that people would use it only on mobile devices. Therefore, the web version of Instagram is not like on the phone. It can be opened from the computer, but the photos cannot be downloaded through it.

But there are several ways to get around the restrictions of the web version. The fastest is to open a browser in the developer mode. But it is not very convenient and other options are more suitable for frequent work: extensions, online services or programs.

Methods for downloading photo in instagram from a computer

pros Minuses
1. Developer mode ✔ quickly ✔ without downloading programs ✘ Uncomfortable ✘ Functions of the social network cut off (no direct)
2. Browser extension ✔ quickly ✔ comfortable ✘ You need to download / install the plugin ✘ The function of the social network is cut off (no direct)
3. Android emulator ✔ All functions of Instagram are available (including Direct) ✘ Requires setting and setting the emulator
4. Online service ✔ Convenient ✔ without downloading programs ✘ unsafe ✘ works with interruptions ✘ no most functions
5. Windows program ✔ Comfortable ✘ You need to download the program and register ✘ No most functions

Method 1: Developer Mode

The developer mode is the fastest way to upload a photo in an instramp from a computer without an application. Principle Next:

  • Open the developer mode
  • Click on the web translation icon in the mobile version
  • We update the page, after which a button for downloading photos appears.
  • Click on the button and download pictures

This method is likely to browsers Google Chrome, Yandex, Opera, Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer.

Google Chrome, Yandex.Browser or Opera

1. Open the official website

2. Click "Login" downstairs to the right and enter data from your page.

3. Right-click inside the site and select "View Code" (explore the item).

4. The right side of the screen will display the site code. Click on the icon .

The page will take a mobile view. Update it: To do this, click inside the instagram right-click and select Restart. Or you can press the F5 key on the keyboard.

At the top, in the Responsive part, you can select a device for display (for example, iPhone X).

5. After updating the page, the buttons from the mobile version of the site will appear. To download the photo click on .

Pops up the file add file. Open the desired photo through it.

To the photo you can apply the filter, mark the location and users, sign the publication. But you can not do this, but just click "Next" and "Share."

That's all! Just you made a post in instagram. You can add several photos in the same way.

Microsoft EDGE and Internet Explorer

1. Go to and log in with the "Login" link (bottom right).

2. Right-click on the page and select "Check the Element".

3. Click on the button And select "Emulation".

4. In the "Browser Profile" section, select "Windows Phone".

5. Press the button To add a photo.

And then everything is like in the instructions for other browsers: Open the desired photo and publish it through the window.

Method 2: Extension for the browser

Expansion (Supplement, plugin) is a special rider that is installed in the browser and helps solve certain tasks. In the case of instagram, such a program helps to upload a photo from a computer.

Unlike the first way, via the extension lay out the pictures more convenient. It will be suitable if you plan to regularly use social network through PC.

We will look at two extensions:

  1. User Agent Swither.
  2. Download with Instagram (+ download photos)

The first addition is universal - it can be installed in the most popular browsers: Google Chrome, Yandex.Browser, Opera and Mozilla Firefox. The plugin simply switches the site to the mobile version and thus adds the download button.

The second extension is only for chromium. You can add files through it and download them, including from other pages.

User Agent Swither.

Google Chrome. . Come on the link and install the expansion. Immediately after this, a button appears at the top of the browser. .

To upload a photo, log in to the profile on, click on the button. And select Android -> Android Kitkat.

Yandex browser or Opera. . Add an extension by reference, after which the button appears At the top of the program. Next you need to enter my page in Instagram, click and choose from the IOS list -> iPhone (below).

Mozilla Firefox. . Add an extension to the browser by reference. After installation, we enter your page, click on the button At the top of the browser and choose Android Phone -> Chrome. Then restart the page by pressing the F5 on the keyboard.

The site will be loaded in a mobile form, where there will be a button for adding a photo. Click on it, select the file from the window and post on your page.

Download with Instagram (+ download photos)

Download with Instagram (+ download photos) - This is an extension for Google Chrome. It adds to the site to download and download the photo.

How to install:

  1. Switch by reference.
  2. Add a plugin to the browser: "Set" button -> "Install Extension".
  3. We enter your page on

At the top of the profile, new buttons will appear to download and download photos. Bingo!

Method 3: Android emulator

Android emulator - This is a program for a computer (laptop) that simulates the work of the smartphone. In fact, you get a phone with the Android system on your PC and can use all applications and games.

This means that you can install a full version of Instagram and use it as well as on the phone. Including add photos from a computer.

How to add a photo in instagram from a computer via emulator

To enjoy it in the emulator, you first need to install the NoxPlayer on the computer. Then open it and add an Instagram application inside. Well, after that you can use social network just like on the phone. Including download photos and video without loss of quality.

Now I will show how to do it. Start from installing and setting the emulator. This procedure must be performed only once.

How to install and configure emulator:

1. Go to and download the emulator.

2. Open the file received and install the program.

Usually the downloaded file is located in the "Download" folder. Installation Standard: Click "Set" and wait for the end of the process.

3. Run the NOX emulator and go to the main page (Home button - downstairs).

If Android 7 is written at the top of the program and above, go directly to paragraph 8.

4. Close the program and run Multi-Drive. The starting icon is on the desktop or start.

5. Remove the emulator from the list by clicking on the basket icon.

6. Click the Add Emulator button (bottom) and select Android 7 or higher.

Then wait until it fully loads / unlock, and close the program.

7. Open the NOX from the desktop or start and go to the main one.

8. Click the Google folder and open the Play Market.

9. Follow the entrance to your Google Account.

ten . Then on the main page, open Google -> Play Market. In the search string type Instagram. and select the application.

eleven . Click "Set" and expect the process end.

12 . Navigate to the main (home) and click on the computer icon on the right side. In the window with a question about root-right, click Install.

thirteen . In the settings window, put the bird on the "root" and save the changes.

If a small window appears asking for a reboot, click "Reload". The program closes and after a couple of seconds it will start again.

Installation and setting of the emulator must be performed only once. And then just open instagram in it and use.

How to add a photo from a computer via emulator:

1. Drag a photo from the computer folder to the emulator.

2. In the appeared window, in the part of the image file, click on "Open PC folder".

3. Another window will open (folder). It will have a copied photo. Close all unnecessary windows - leave only the main page of the emulator.

4. Run the Instagram application from the main page and log in to your instagram via the "Log In" link.

5. Click on the Add photo button at the bottom of the application.

6. Select a photo and publish it.

In this way, you can add photos from a computer to Instagram. In addition, this method allows you to use all the functions of the application - in the same way as on the usual mobile phone.

On a note . In this article, I showed how to use the NoxPlayer emulator. This is not the only program of this kind - there are still bluestacks. But in the latest version of BlueStacks there are no shared folders with a computer. And, it means, to download photos you will have to use third-party expansion, which is not very convenient.

Method 4: Online Services

Online services - These are special sites that help publish entagram records. You go to such a website, enter your login / password from the insta and get a more advanced functionality for posting posts.

Important to remember ! Online service is an third-party resource, this is not an instagram. And when you enter the username and password of the user, then actually pass your data to the login is unknown to whom. It may be unsafe!

Here are the three most popular services, with which you can publish a photo in Instagram:

  • Instmsk - free service. Everything is simple and intuitive, but it works with interruptions.
  • SMMPLANNER-free, but with restrictions. The service is designed to postpone posting posts in social networks.
  • Instaplus - five days for free, then 400 rubles per month. The service is designed to automatically promote the page in the inst.

I will not stop in detail, because everything is simple and intuitive: register, add an account and publish posts with photos. But remember that the services you use at your own risk!

Method 5: Windows programs

Instagram for a computer allows you to use the social network not through a browser, but through a separate application. It is convenient, but such a program requires the initial installation / setup.

In 2019, there are two main programs for working with social network:

  • Official app for Windows 10
  • GRAMBLR program

About the official app I will tell you quite a bit, as it knows how to do almost everything, except for downloading files from a computer. But about Gramblr talk more - you can easily download photos and videos through it.

App for Windows 10

In Windows 10 there are special applications to work with instagram. It is called - Instagram.

You can install it from Microsoft Store:

  • Open Microsoft Store.
  • Press the magnifying glass icon in the upper right corner
  • Print in the Instagram string and select the application from the list
  • Press the "Get" button and wait for the installation. You can open the application from start.

The Istagram program for Windows 10 has almost all the social network functions (even direct). But add photos from the computer via the application is impossible!

GRAMBLR program

But this program can upload photos and is suitable for all versions of Windows (XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 10).

How to download:

1. Go to the official site and click on the "Download Now for Windows" button.

2. Unpack the downloaded file archive - usually it is in the "Download" folder.

On a note . To unpack the archive, right-click on it and select "Extract to the current folder". If there is no such item, it means you need to install the archiver to the computer. For example, a free 7-zip.

3. The program file will appear. It is through it that we will run Gramblr and upload a photo in instagram. Therefore, it is better to transfer this file (copy / paste) to a more convenient place, for example, on the desktop.

4. We launch Gramblr and register:

  • Indicate your mail
  • We assign a password to enter Gramblr
  • Enter login to Instagram
  • We enter the password from it and click "Register"

If you can not register (the program does not allow further), try to change the mail in the account settings.

With successful registration, the program window will appear.

How to publish photo:

1. Click inside the program - where it is written "Drag and release an image or video ...".

2. In the window that appears, open the desired file - click on it twice the left mouse button.

3. Click "Save". If necessary, apply filters, click "Continue" and "Send!".

That's all: the snapshot is published on your page in inst!


There are five ways to lay out a photo from a computer in Instagram:

The fastest way to add a photo to instagram from the computer is to download it through the developer mode. But it is not very convenient - the expansion in this regard is better. But the developer mode and the extension is suitable only for posting posts. Other social network functions in them do not work (for example, direct). The only way all is available and everything works - Android emulator. But he is the most time consuming.

P.S. You can also throw a photo directly: Connect the phone to the computer via the USB wire, pour the desired pictures to the DCIM folder and place them in instagram through the phone application (as usual).

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