Instant print cameras: Principle of operation, Review of models, advantages

What is the name of the camera that immediately prints ready pictures? Not the first decade, many are called a fast Camera Polaroid, but in addition to this well-known brand in the photo engineering market, new models of other manufacturers appear.

What is the name of the camera that immediately prints ready pictures? Not the first decade, many are called a fast Camera Polaroid, but in addition to this well-known brand in the photo engineering market, new models of other manufacturers appear.

A device that allows you to receive photos instantly, immediately after the shutter has worked, the camera is called that quickly gives pictures. Ease of getting snapshots allowed such models of cameras to become popular in many areas as forensic medicine, scientific experiences, or as ordinary amateur purposes.

Cameras of instantaneous printing are presented on shop windows in a large variety of models and forms. Despite the fact that many digital cameras exceed these software quality devices, yet, the camera, which immediately prints photos, has its advantages. Any components like paper for photos, there are always available in electronics stores, and color pictures can be stored in albums or give friends, and not just to look at the gadgets.

Features of the camera instant print

Any camera instant printing, which is released today, will differ significantly from the analog cameras produced initially. The main difference is that cameras for snapshots have a digital filling, due to which the range of their capabilities has significantly expanded. For example, there is an instantaneous print camera that allows you to bring the remote items to add the framing in the photo, passing them using Wi-Fi access point or even record video.

In addition to these important functions, some cameras for snapshots have other features:

  • Mini printer;
  • Flash;
  • Ability to adjust the brightness in auto mode;
  • Built-in photo filters;
  • w / to screen;
  • Counter frames and others.

Reference! The camera for instant shooting will be more expensive if additional options in it will be more than in a simple model.

A quick camera is running from ordinary batteries, or from the battery - it depends on the cost. Cameras of instantaneous printing differ in size, as well as a way to obtain a picture, consumables and additional capabilities of the camera are calculated.

Important! Different models of fast print cameras are able to make up to 20 photos. How many frames can make the camera depends on the design of the device. This information is always in passport data.

Principle of operation of the device

Quick camera makes instant photos in two ways:

  • Manology of photos, due to reagents in cartridges.
  • Special crystals.

The first option gives an instant photo on the photographic paper. In this case, the film for the camera instant printing also serves as photos for photos. This material consists of several working layers and after the point of the shutter, the photo paper passes through a special solution, so colorful images are obtained at the output.

The principle of operation in the second case depends on the crystals. Paper for photography acquires colors due to crystals. This method is considered more promising.

A quick camera, printing snapshots, has both advantages and disadvantages. The plus is considered a small weight of the camera and the ability to quickly get ready-made photos.

But it is not cheap a camera, because together with the device will need to buy and periodically update cartridges for printout. Photos for photos ends often and has a high cost. In addition, snapshots of instantaneous printing can not be edited, so all unsuccessful frames come to print.

Review of cameras with instant printing

A quick camera that makes the instant photo - a popular model, which is produced by many manufacturers' firms. The greatest popularity among devices with instant pictures received such brands in the world of photographic equipment as Polaroid and Fujifilm.

Polaroid Camera is considered the founder of this type of cameras, since it was this company that developed a quick camera, printed pictures, even at the beginning of the last century. For a long time, the question is called a quick camera, many would answer - Polaroid. But with technical progress they changed the chambers themselves, namely the possibility of color snapshots and the introduction of a digital filling.

In all the variety of devices with quick photo you can get confused. How to choose from all models to not be mistaken? Buyer should pay attention to user reviews and overview of popular cameras.

Polaroid - Socialmatic.

Camera instant printing Polaroid - SocialMatic. The model features a small size and unusual design in a flat form. Of the additional functions, the camera is equipped with an internal printer and is able to lay out the snapshots into the network.

Polaroid Z340.

Polaroid instant printing cameras produce multiple models with additional options. Among the most convenient Polaroid models - Z340, allows you to share bright pictures.

Polaroid Z2300.

The other Polaroid model Z2300 is different in small sizes and light weight. A quick camera, in addition to instant frames, can also shoot a video, has a macro mode, it has the ability to store pictures on a memory card or transfer them to a PC.


FUJIFILM INSTAX WIDE 300 camera. Camera with the ability to get the largest pictures in size. The fotik has an attractive design, and in addition to external appeal, is also convenient for use. It is possible to fix tripod and external flash, the number of frames is displayed on the screen.

Fujifilm Instax Mini 50s

Fujifilm Instax Mini 50s Instant Printing Camera. A quick camera is easy to handle and has such additional features as macro shooting and selection of the desired mode, depending on the lighting.

Instax Mini 90 Neo Classic

Camera with instax of Instax Mini 90 Neo Classic. Camera small sizes, which has many design modes for photos. Fujifilm camera has the ability to extend the exposure time and adjust the exposure. The model is different from others with its retro style design.

Features of use

Methods of photographs on the instant chamber differ depending on the capabilities of the camera itself. All constructive features The user can easily find in the manual for the camera. It is important to remember and follow the instructions for the use of consumables such as paper for photos and cartridges for the manifest. Many of them may differ in size, depending on the device model.

Important! The photo paper is not purchased separately from the cartridge, it is stored inside it. Some types of paper already have an adhesive basis on the turnover, which allows you to conveniently store pictures after the manifest.

In order for the camera to work correctly, it is important to understand how the camera works with instant photographs. Cartridges are equipped with cards that immediately give a photo after the shutter shutter. The whole process is happening inside the chamber, so do not interfere.

The cartridge is inserted in advance in a quick camera in a special opening. It can not be touched by his hands, so as not to spoil the film, no picture, nor the camera itself. The viewfinder help determine the distance to which the object is located, set the desired mode and click on the descent.

A few seconds come out photos.

Nuances of the choice of the device

Each camera instantaneous print has its own special technical characteristics to which you pay attention to when buying.

  • At what distance the flash and focus will work.
  • What size turns out the instant photo.
  • What is the resolution of the matrix and excerpt.
  • A quick camera is powered by batteries or batteries.

The instantaneous printing camera varies at a cost and starts from the mark of 4 thousand and reaches 20 thousand rubles. The cheapest camera, printing pictures 6.2 * 4.6, will work from the batteries, and the flash work at a distance of no more than 60 cm. Such a quick camera will cost up to 5 thousand rubles.

For a little longer than 8 thousand rubles, you can buy a photo camera that prints photos and charges from the battery. Such cameras with snapshots have a greater functionality: retractable lens, several shooting modes. Some models even have a screen that displays all the basic information, such as the number of frames or the timer reading.

Starting from 9 thousand rubles instant chamber has the highest number of additional options and standard functions. A touchscreen display is embedded in any expensive camera, as well as internal memory, photo editor and recording device. In addition to these functions, more expensive models can transmit data using Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS.


Instant print cameras have always been in demand: easy to use, beautiful looks and give out stunning pictures. However, many models with different functions are now presented on the market and in different price categories.

To help you with the choice, we have compiled a rating of the top 7 best cameras of instant printing: what to buy, consumables, reviews Consider below.

Comparison Photo of Camera Canon Zoemini S and Zoemini C

Rating Top 7 Best Instant Cameras Cameras


In the topped top, you will definitely find a device that will satisfy all your requirements. In our opinion, the list of best models looks like this:

  • Instax Mini 90.
  • Leica Sofort.
  • Instax Mini Hello Kitty.
  • Polaroid ONESTEP 2.
  • Instax Wide 300.
  • Polaroid Pop 1.0.
  • Instax Square SQ10.

Consider each model separately.

Instax MINI 90.


The model of one of the most famous Japanese brands Fujifilm. It has a classic square species, resembles old film cameras. But he has modern elements that attract attention. Cartridges suitable for this apparatus are relatively inexpensive. Three shooting modes are available: normal, macro and landscape. The device has an advanced flash sensor that allows you to make bright and clear photos. It automatically detects the distance to the object and illumination. The camera is presented in two colors: black and brown.

Gabarits. 113.4 × 91.9 × 57.2 mm
The weight 296 g
Size picture 62x46 mm

Price: from 9290 to 9990 rubles.

  • there is a nest for installation on a tripod;
  • automatic exposure control;
  • The shutter can remain open to 10 seconds.
  • There is no framework for the preview of frames before printing.

About Instax now know everything is probably known. They produce excellent film cameras. I was convinced of this experience. Bought a baby about a year ago. He passed with me 5 travels and many events. Now I have excellent memory in the form of small photographs. I do not know why I did not bought it before.

Instax MINI 90.

Leica Sofort.


Camera from the German company Leica, which is an advanced version of Fujifilm. The model combines modern design with retro elements than especially attracts buyers. Lens - 60 mm F / 12.7 with 0.37x optical viewfinder. Exposure compensation ± 0.7 EV. Many shooting modes: automatic, self-portrait, people, nature, party and others. On the front part there is a small mirror. The camera uses the Fujifilm Instax Mini cassettes. The model is available in three colors: blue, white and orange.

Size picture 86 × 54 mm
Gabarits. 113x92x57 mm
The weight 296 g

Price: from 24590 to 27,000 rubles.

  • Included is a portable strap;
  • there is a tripod connector;
  • Batteries enough for a large number of frames (100 pieces);
  • Function of autotype.
  • No preview feature photo before seal.

I decided to please yourself and bought this camera for my birthday. I am delighted! As if returned to his youth when there were only film devices. Quality photo at the highest level, many modes. The gadget itself is small and easy, convenient to take in travel. If you do not know how to please yourself or what to give a friend is an excellent option!

Leica Sofort.

Instax Mini Hello Kitty


Cute apparatus in the form of a well-known Hello Kitty. It will be an excellent gift for children and women. The device is made in the form of a cat head, white-pink gamma creates a pleasant mood. It is possible to independently adjust the level of brightness and blackout frame. You can take pictures both in vertical and horizontal format. The intelligent flash independently defines the level of brightness and adjusts the shutter speed to get the highest quality frames. The model is sold in two colors: white and pink.

Gabarits. 169x145x69 mm
The weight 395 g
Size picture 62 × 46 mm

Price: from 4500 to 5790 rubles.

  • Mirror for selfie;
  • Included there is a strap and set of stickers;
  • automatic focus;
  • Indication of frame consumption;
  • Hi-Key feature for brightness regulation.
  • There is no feature of the preview of photos before printing.

I bought my daughter for a decade camera in the form of her favorite hero - Hello Kitty. She was delighted as me. Now it takes absolutely everything and everywhere, the frames are obtained wonderful and atmospheric! Even I sometimes take the apparatus and I spent taking pictures of the city! Includes detailed instructions, but without it, the control is intuitive. The child quickly and easily figured out everything.

Instax Mini Hello Kitty

Polaroid ONESTEP 2.


The model is made in retro design, completely repeats its old predecessor. You can use two types of films: i-Type and 600 (colored and black and white) for 8 frames. Snapshots are obtained by high-quality and large, due to large dimensions of the device. A special plastic screen that travels from the camera along with the photo protects from the illusion. It is possible to configure the timer and flash. The advantages include the classic photo size: 79x79 mm, as in old cameras. The camera has a built-in own battery with 1100 mAh. The device is charging via a USB wire.

Size picture 79x79 mm
The weight 460 g
Gabarits. 150x110x95 mm

Price: from 10290 to 11,000 rubles.

  • an enlarged viewfinder ledge (for the convenience of cropping);
  • Classic photo size (79x79 mm);
  • Included there is a strap on the neck;
  • Frame counter with backlit.

I wanted myself a retro camera. The husband fulfilled a desire and gave me Polaroid! Now I do not part with him. The wonderful technical characteristics of the device itself and excellent quality of photos. Nothing to do something. In the kit there was a strap on the neck, so the gadget is convenient to take with me for walking and travel. Battery is enough for a long time. I am insanely happy!

Polaroid ONESTEP 2.

Instax Wide 300.


The camera instantaneous print from a famous Japanese company, thanks to which excellent pictures are obtained at any time of the day and night. The camera is equipped with a retractable lens and macro mode with a distance of up to 40 cm from the object. The High-Key feature allows you to get bright and saturated frames in the soft color range. The gadget is built into the LCD display with the meter of pictures. Light level range (ISO 800): LV 10.5 - LV 15. The device runs from AA batteries (4 pcs).

Size picture 62 × 99 mm
Gabarits. 168x95x120 mm.
The weight 612

Price: from 8100 to 8490 rubles.

  • large lens (95 mm);
  • macro mode;
  • jack for fixing a tripod;
  • You can reduce and increase the exposure.
  • Heavy apparatus (612 g);
  • There is no preview of photos before printing.

This model is one of the most famous and popular instantaneous printing cameras. Therefore, my choice fell on it. Simple and convenient device in managing. It looks stylish. Frames are wonderful in any lighting, even people in motion take pictures well. I also like the size of the pictures, obtained by large (62 × 99 mm). Now I conduct an album with memorable photos.

Instax Wide 300.

Polaroid POP 1.0.


A unique camera combining elements of retro and modernity. The device uses a 20-megapixel double flash camera. The device can not only print photo immediately, but also save them to an SD card. It is also able to record video with a resolution of 1920x1080. Live Edit feature allows you to decorate photographs with various stickers, frames and inscriptions. The camera is easily synchronized with smartphones using Wi-Fi. The model is presented in different colors: black, blue, green, pink, yellow and white.

Gabarits. 340x320x250 mm
Size picture 35x42.5 mm
The weight 830 g

Price: from 19590 to 20990 rubles.

  • possible video recording;
  • Live Edit feature (edit photo on the device itself before printing);
  • Different colors of the device (black, white, pink, blue, green and yellow);
  • Strap bundled.

My favorite gadget. I wear it always and everywhere with me. It weighs more than 800 grams, but I almost do not feel weight. There is a special application on a smartphone with which you can watch a photo. There is also a video shooting mode. I have not seen such devices before. I want to give a friend now! She photographer, I think this model will become an indispensable friend.

Polaroid POP 1.0.

Instax Square SQ10.


Stylish and modern apparatus with instant printing feature. The internal memory of the device allows you to store up to 50 shots. You can choose one of the ten filters (after flashing the number increases to 16) and apply it in the photo before printing. Thanks to automatic exposure adjustment, photos are even brighter and juicy.

Size picture 62x62 mm
The weight 450 g
Gabarits. 119x47x127 mm

Price: from 15990 to 17990 rubles.

  • automatic exposure adjustment;
  • Selfie regime;
  • 10 filters (retro, black and white, saturated and others);
  • jack for fixing a tripod;
  • vignetting management (19 steps);
  • Preview photos before seal.

I have long dreamed of a camera instantaneous printing, where I can choose the photo you want to print. A rather convenient function, because good frames are not always the first time. I am satisfied with the purchase by 100%. The gadget is easy to use, takes little space, and we are not much weighs. Pleased additional filters, I often use them. In general, if you are in the search for a camera, I recommend that this gadget!

Instax Square SQ10.

Comparative table characteristics

For a visual comparison of the presented models, we use the comparative table below.

Model Size Sympeck (mm) Dimensions (mm) Weight (g) Price, rub)
Instax MINI 90. 62x46. 113.4 × 91.9 × 57.2 296. from 9290 to 9990
Leica Sofort. 86 × 54. 113x92x57 296. from 24590 to 27000
Instax Mini Hello Kitty 62 × 46. 169x145x69. 395. from 4500 to 5790
Polaroid ONESTEP 2. 79x79. 150x110x95 460. from 10290 to 11000
Instax Wide 300. 62 × 99. 168x95x120. 612. from 8100 to 8490
Polaroid POP 1.0. 35x42.5 340x320x250 830. from 19590 to 20990
Instax Square SQ10. 62x62. 119x47x127 450. from 15990 to 17990



To start taking pictures, you need to insert cartridges into the machine. They are selected for each model separately, since they differ in type and size. There is no universal cartridge. Photographic is not purchased separately - it will already be built into the cassette.

In one cartridge, 10 cards are usually located. They cost an average of 500 to 1500 rubles. There are packages in which 2 cartridges are immediately formed. They are cheaper (about 2000 rubles).

Instax release photographs with colored frames (emoticons, strips and so on) and various filters (black and white, retro).

Some models have a special paper: from the reverse side, it has an adhesive layer. You can immediately glue a photo on the wall, stand or in a special album.

Before shooting, the cartridge will need to be inserted into the special compartment of the camera. It can not be opened and touched by the hands of the film, otherwise the pictures will be ruined, and the device can be broken.

What to watch when choosing


For the most profitable purchase, we advise you to pay attention to:

  • Power supply. The device can be powered either from batteries or from the built-in battery. And he, and that kinda is comfortable. However, if the device is discharged on batteries, they will need to be replaced and continue with the shooting, and the device with the battery will have to be charged.
  • Photo size. The larger the size of the camera itself, the larger the pictures will be. It should be proceeded from their preferences, whether you will be convenient to carry a large machine with you, or it is better to purchase a smaller device. On the picture, this parameter is not reflected in any way.
  • Focal length. The smaller this parameter, the more items are placed in the frame. The focal length of 50 mm approximately corresponds to the corner of the human eye review.
  • Shooting modes. Most cameras contain standard modes: landscape, portrait, night mode. However, in expensive models there is a sport mode, macro shot, shooting mode - children.
  • Excerpt. The more the denominator, the shorter there will be an excerpt and the shutter will miss less light. For example, an excerpt of 1/250 second is shorter than 1/60 seconds.
  • Matrix resolution. It begins with ⅓ inches. And, as a rule, such sensors are installed in the cheapest devices. The wider and above the matrix, the further pixels are from each other, and the better the pictures are obtained.

Today, the most popular way of storing photos is on digital media. To put a picture in the photo album, you can print it on the printer at home, which requires certain costs and skills, or visit the nearest shopping kiosk with a similar service. Much more convenient to get moments of life imprinted on film instantly. Not so long ago, the production of instant printing cameras was resumed, and such an opportunity became publicly available.

The editorial board of the "Yanashla" offers you an overview of the best snapshots of snapshots, the size of a business card and more.

Large selection of cameras

Cameras of instantaneous seal

Started photograph recently becomes popular, as it is used not only for personal purposes, but also in the professional field of human activity. For example, in forensic, scientific practice, and where you need to get pictures on the spot. Such photos can be immediately used in any existing life situation, present a collection of family photos as a gift, to replenish them. It is quite convenient, for one or two minutes you can get the result, and all the necessary accessories are now easy to find on the sales market.

Modern models of devices are equipped with the latest technological developments and functions. This full-fledged digital technology allows you to make high-quality pictures, bring the far object to bring the object, switch the shooting modes and much more. It can be a worthy gift for a professional photographer or an ordinary person. Manufacturers represent the attention of customers to the vehicles, various in size, form, design and parameters, which is incredibly pleased and encourages the acquisition of this kind of photo devices. Therefore, it is necessary to know how to choose this device correctly, to learn to understand the main characteristics, understand the principle of work in order not to be disappointed in its functionality and need.

Principle of operation

Instant photos are obtained, thanks to two methods:

  1. Manifestation of a picture using a special reactive fluid in a shift cartridge. The photo material acts as two in one, that is, as a film and photographic paper at the same time. After making a picture, it is moving along the roller mechanism, begins to manifest themselves under the action of reagent and comes out of the camera.
  2. Manifestation by crystalline elements. In this case, special paper is required, which, interacting with the crystal temperature, acquires the appropriate color. This newest development is called "Zink", due to which the snapshot is not dirty fingerprints, moisture resistant, with age does not lose its original high-quality appearance.

Manifestation of photo

Equipment for execution of frames with instant printout has recently become in demand. The owners appreciate the opportunity to receive a photo immediately after imprinted, for 1-2 minutes, and sometimes 30 seconds. This is quite convenient, guarantees that the memory of a significant event will reflect on the film and will remain in the album 100%, and will not be able to be inadvertently from the digital media, without having time to revive on paper. But paper and cartridges are not suiced, and unsuccessful moments will be printed immediately. Therefore, everyone decides how it is necessary to acquire exactly the type of cameras, comparing the capabilities of its own budget, use skills to obtain high-quality, unique, unforgettable photos.


Initially released on sale cameras instant prints were not digital as now. The newest advanced models differ from the previous ones and have a number of "smart" features, features and additional useful options. Parametric data of each model are important selection criteria. But it is necessary to take into account the fact that such devices do not fit for professional shooting, rather for parties, or to relax in nature with the whole family.

room Parametric data Characteristic
1Type of food Work from ordinary batteries (2 or 4 pieces) or from battery.
2Size photo Each device implements a photo of a particular size.
3Focal length The distance that the lens is capable of extending. Denotes in millimeters, means which gap between the optical center of the lens to the matrix of the device.
4Excerpt The time interval spent after clicking on the shutter button. The smaller the shutter speed, the clearer the snapshot of the object in motion, for example.
5Front-camera Many cameras are equipped with a built-in mirror for shooting Selfie. It is located on the front panel next to the lens, allows you to make a self-portrait.
6Matrix resolution Basically from 2 to 18 megapixels. The more this indicator, the greater the cost of the device.
7Automatic brightness adjustment A convenient feature, since the device itself determines the most appropriate brightness setting for the removable removable.
8Liquid crystal screen The presence of the screen allows you to view the obtained pictures before printing.
9Light filters These filters allow you to get more rich pictures.
ten Photo list The flash allows you to make a frame quality, thanks to the intensive lighting of the darkened room, where the object is located. The distance of the outbreak each model is different.
eleven Editor photo Ability to adjust a photo before printing, for example, remove the effect of "red eyes".
12 Embedded mini printers An important camera element intended for instant printing on a photo paper.
thirteen Counter personnel Helps control the residue of unspecified frames.
14 Indicators for various purposes A warning about the state of the camera occurs by sunbathing or flashing the colored light bulbs (mostly yellow, green, orange and red).
15 Fastening to tripod You can attach a tripod so that the camera is at a certain height from the ground, and it is also convenient to use it when performing a picture after the self-timer.
16 Data transfer method With the help of modern means of transmission - GPS, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth.
17. The possibility of "zoom" This is the parameter of the camera lens required for the approximate shooting of a remote object, or its remoteness.

Thus, when choosing, you should not forget that this kind of camera is unprofessional, or semi-professional, as well as how much is each of the models. Multifunctionality is appreciated above, which means that the larger the camera includes standard operations, special features, additional options, the price is more expensive. The average cost of such chambers varies from 4,000 to 20,000 rubles. Inexpensive devices can be drilled within 4000-5000 rubles. They operate on batteries, the size of a finished photo is 6.2 cm by 4.6 cm, with a focal length of up to 60 cm. For 6-8 thousand - a device running from the battery, with a retractable lens and several modes. Expensive, from 9 to 20 thousand rubles, have many different functions, the presence of which justifies their cost during the operation of the device beginner and experienced photographers.

Popular devices manufacturers

For several decades, the best firms that produce photographs of instant printing photos are:

  • American company "Polaroid Corporation";
  • Japanese manufacturer Fujifilm Holdings Corporation;
  • Austrian omographic society "Lomography";
  • German manufacturer "Leica Camera AG";
  • Recreation project of the instant photo "Impossible Project".

Thanks to these manufacturers, the analog outdated devices were improved, became closer to the advanced generation, resumed on sale. Every year they are subject to improvements, various useful additions, are becoming increasingly popular among buyers. Which company is better to purchase the camera, everyone solves independently, but do not stop at the popularity of any one, since all models are unique and worthy of consumer attention.

Top best camera photographs 2021

Back in the 1990s, the most famous brand of instant photo devices was Polaroid. The modern photo equipment market is represented by several manufacturers. But in order to decide on the choice of such a rich assortment of devices, a rating of the best popular models was prepared based on reviews, reviews and consumer reviews.

Xiaomi XPrint Pocket Ar Photo Printer

Xiaomi XPrint Pocket Ar Photo Printer

Pocket printer starts a list of the highest quality devices. Weight is 237 grams, prints photos anywhere and at any time, no matter where the photographer is located. It is possible to connect to the smartphone, iPhone, tablet via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, NFC module. Snapshots are obtained in size 54 mm by 86 mm. The cost varies from 5,500 to 7300 rubles.

Xiaomi XPrint Pocket Ar Photo Printer


  • Compact - can be worn in your pocket, a handbag;
  • easy;
  • Connect to gadgets;
  • Color print, thanks to saturated printer paints.


  • activated only with the help of a Chinese SIM card;
  • The maximum load of the sheets of photographic paper is 10 pieces.

Polaroid Snap Touch (PolstB) with instant printing


Photos are saved on the MicroSD media (128 GB), which allows you to view the photo and select successful for further printout using Zink technology. Can record video in HD format. The camera is 13 megapixels, the photo list is built, Bluetooth, which allows you to perform synchronization with gadgets, the size of the picture is 50 mm by 75 mm. Price: 11690 rubles.

Polaroid Snap Touch (PolstB) with instant printing


  • compactness;
  • touchscreen;
  • Video recording in HD format;
  • Built in Bluetooth;
  • the ability to connect to the smartphone;
  • Saving pictures and rollers to the memory card;
  • Print photo under thermal methods and crystalline particles.




Japanese apparatus combining the technology of a digital device and an instrument of an instant manifest photo, weighing about 350 grams. It has additional opportunities, for example, the presence of a thread for use on a tripod. Photo size - 62 mm by 46 mm, manual focus - up to 3 meters, photo list, several shooting modes. In the cassette you can upload a maximum of 10 sheets of photographic paper. On the market there are an average price segment - 8500-9900 rubles.



  • additional functions;
  • design;
  • Carving for installing a camera to a tripod device;
  • Easy to install the cassette - Ideal for beginners;
  • Convenient location of the buttons on the rear panel;
  • Suppression of the effect of red eyes.


  • plastic case;
  • long printing process - from 5 minutes and more;
  • small snapshot size;
  • Cost.

Leica Sofort.

Leica Sofort.

German premium device with a focal length of 60 mm, built-in flash, timer. Fits both original film and fujifilm instax mini film. When using the LEICA film, users will be pleasantly surprised by the beautiful framing of photos in a white frame. Includes a number of useful features and several shooting modes: macrore, automatic start, portrait and more. There is a mirror on the front panel of the device for the convenience of self-execution. Cassettes contain 10-20 sheets. The size of the photo is 62 mm by 46 mm. Batteries are enough for the execution of about 100 shots. As far as the cartridge is grabbed, depends on the number of paper sheets invested in the cassette. The high-quality device is far from the budget value - 27 thousand rubles.

Leica Sofort.


  • high-quality pictures;
  • A spacious cassette - up to 20 sheets;
  • long battery work;
  • Many additional useful functions;
  • the possibility of using a non-original type of film;
  • design.


  • small image size;
  • Price tag.



The model is characterized by a lens extended by 95 mm, simplicity in use, weighing 612 grams. Removes in the usual and landscaped format, the pictures are obtained large - 8 cm for 10 cm, manifested for one minute. A automatic flash is built in, black and white colors are balanced in the printed image. There is a connector for a tripod. The cost of this product is 8490 rubles.



  • focal length;
  • large size of the photo;
  • ease and ease of use;
  • nest for a tripal device;
  • Built-in photo list;
  • Showing speed.


  • bulky and clumsy appearance;
  • small viewfinder;
  • No mirrors for selfie;
  • lack of timer.



Inexpensive cost, easy to use camera with focal length 60 mm. The photo gets small, size with a business card - 6.2 cm for 4 cm. For shooting in close-up, a special nozzle is included - a magnifying lens. On the front panel there is a mirror for the convenience of performing the autoportist, there is a timer, an indicator. Set of two AA batteries grabs 100 frames. The price of the apparatus is 5490 rubles.



  • Easy use;
  • The camera suggests the choice of a suitable mode;
  • Mirror for selfie;
  • Flash availability;
  • postponed shooting time;
  • compactness;
  • Affordable price tag.


  • small size of the finished photo;
  • Lubricated image quality with quick movement;
  • Mandatory use of macrolinses for photographing an object located closer 60 cm.



The camera makes it possible to use 5 focus modes, includes an annular flash, automatic start, it can be used as a color scanner. By installing the appropriate application on your smartphone, you can control this device remotely. Snapshot in the finished form in size 88 x 107 mm. The battery is charged via micro-usb, but has a quick discharge property. For the price to the buyer will cost within 20,000 rubles.



  • modern management;
  • battery charge using USB;
  • timer;
  • Comfortable ring flash;
  • Fantastic design ("Spaceship" or "Pyramid").


  • Learn enough battery charge;
  • large dimensions of the device;
  • Cost.

Lomography Lomo'Instant Automat

Lomography Lomo'Instant Automat

The camera itself is very beautiful, has a bright design. The manufacturer submits the devices of different colors on the individual taste of the buyer. This model can be used with replaceable optics, such as fishing, wide-angle, macro, and a wide Fujifilm film. The photo list is built in, there is no timer, but there is a fastening for a tripod. Focal length - 60 mm. Pictures in finished form - 62 x 46 mm. Price: from 10500 rubles.

Lomography Lomo'Instant Automat


  • Bright appearance;
  • Built-in flash;
  • nest under a tripod;
  • the possibility of using various lenses;
  • Large size of the received photo card.


  • separate acquisition of different lenses;
  • Lack of self-timer;
  • Cost.

Fujifilm Instax Mini 50s

Fujifilm Instax Mini 50s

Differs on the strict design of the rectangular shape. Plastic housing, glossy. You can automatically adjust the exposure, set the timer for 10 seconds, as well as install the camera on a convenient tripod stand. It is provided for manual control setting, illumination parameters in the space of finding a removable subject or object. Optical viewfinder gives the ease of operation of the device. The focal length is 60 mm, the average size of the pictures is 62 × 46 mm, which are characterized by the highest quality, lightly fill in the business card reader or wallet.

There are special color albums for storing photos of this type and size - it is convenient and fashionable.


There is a built-in, automatic flash drive, operating at a distance of 3 meters, as well as indicative notification of state, modes, frame costs. There is an unusual opportunity to perform two cards in a row, which allows the timer during the use of the timer to change the location, change the posture, facial. The kit contains 2 batteries, strap, lens for macro shot, which helps when performing a photo in the style of selfie on the elongated hand. You can separately acquire, for the purpose of decoration, and the main thing to protect against shocks and scratches, a stylish case within 1,500 rubles. The device itself costs - 4990 rubles.

Fujifilm Instax Mini 50s


  • acquisition at an affordable price;
  • strict rectangular design;
  • Many useful functions;
  • convenience and simplicity of use;
  • automatic exposure adjustment;
  • Replaceable optics in the kit;
  • Self-timer 10-second;
  • jack for a tripod stand;
  • frame consumption indicator;
  • high-quality built-in, automatic photo list;
  • Clear photos;
  • good optical viewfinder;
  • Fast frame printing;
  • Weight of 250 grams;
  • 2 years warranty service.


  • rare batteries;
  • There is no memory card, which limits the ability to save the photo to re-print and storing them in digital form;
  • plastic case;
  • Separate acquisition of the cover if necessary and desire.



This camera instant photo printing is the winner of the ranking of the best devices of 2021. The camera is characterized by a retro style design, works in automatic mode, but the shooting setting is provided manually. The focal length is 106 mm, so many buyers say why it is worth buying this model. There is a timer, a built-in flash. It works from lithium-ion battery, which is charged via a USB cord. You can shoot in the usual focus mode, or in the format of the landscape and macro. The advantage of this camera is that it performs quite large photos, in size which is 8.8 x 10.7 cm, and the square of the square is 7.9 x 7.9 cm. Cost: 10990-11900 rubles.



  • design;
  • ease of control;
  • Rechargeable battery using USB;
  • focal length;
  • Manual and auto-tuning of work;
  • automatic focus;
  • timer;
  • High quality lens - fixes objects from 60 cm and above;
  • high-quality photo list;
  • Classic, loved by many users snapshot in the shape of a square.


  • Expelive consumables are expensive.

Thus, modern manufacturers represent the attention of photographers and simply lovers a large selection of devices, the main calling of which is the instant printout of photographs. To navigate the most popular, best-quality cameras, by the number of functions built into them, the availability of useful characteristics and the latest technologies, you need to be able to deal with their parametric data.

Avoiding errors when choosing one day, you can find a high-quality device, which for many years will delight the owner, his relatives and close to colorful photos depicting important moments of their lives.

Features of using apparatuses

How to use the camera depends on which design it possesses which technical characteristics and parameters include. These indicators and capabilities are described in detail for each model in the instructions applied by the manufacturer.

It is necessary to adhere to the requirements, the tips on the operation of the apparatus prescribed by the manufacturer, if you want the camera to serve longer. It is important to use the recommended consumables, adhere to the personnel performance techniques to save the device in working condition after each case of use, as well as getting high-quality images.

The photo paper is already built into the cassette, so it is not acquired separately. Cartridges should be seamless taking into account the characteristics of the model, because they have distinctive signs, there are no universality in this production. Before shooting, the cartridge is placed in a specially designated compartment with extreme caution, since it is impossible to touch the surface of the film, open the cassette. All such actions will protect the snapshot from damage and damage the device, which should pay special attention to.


Then, using the viewfinder, you need to concentrate on the shooting object by selecting a specific mode, execute the frame by clicking on the "Shutter" button. After waiting a certain period of time, usually from 30 seconds to 2-3 minutes, you can enjoy the resulting image on paper in printed form.


The first photograph of the instant photo appeared on the market in 1948. Then they did not imagine that his "descendants" will be subjected to such incredible newest technologies, will be reborn. Instant printing devices models will gain special popularity.

Judging by the reviews of photos of photographs, manufacturers are not in vain committed the resurrection of photographic printing of snapshots, after many years after the cessation of their manufacture.

Modern cameras are far from being primitive, delivered the convenience of owners, produce much better pictures, justifying cash spent on them, sometimes considerable. With the development of digital equipment, the device data acquired a worthy view, improved functionality. Now they are gaining popularity among users, become a stylish acquisition for young people, indispensable assistants in the process of preserving memorable moments of human life, as well as their reproduction on a paper sheet into one instant, here and now.


If you have experience using photographic printing cameras described in the ranking, or more interesting model, tell us about it in the comments.

Smartphones and even tablets have long taken over the role of the camera: most ordinary "mirrors" are no longer needed.

But no modern gadget is capable of creating atmospheric paper photos that you can touch, sniff and insert into the photo album.

For lovers of printed pictures there is Excellent option - Instant printing cameras that allow you to get a ready-made frame on the photo paper in just a few seconds .

This is a good present for the amateur photographer, a child or just a creative person, so further in the article will be discussed about the best models of the camera instantaneous print.

Top 8 Rating Top 8 Instant Printing Cameras

How to choose an instantaneous photo camera?

Which to choose?

Instant printing cameras in many characteristics do not reach


And even to cameras embedded in smartphones.

Nevertheless, they differ significantly among themselves.


It is very important to make a choice in accordance with your wishes and needs:
  1. Digital or analog type. The first more modern, equipped with a large number of functions, allow you to process photos before printing. Analog cameras print photos longer and, as a rule, less functional.
  2. Photo size. Some models print photos with matchboxes or a business card, while others are capable of larger frames - up to 86x108 mm.
  3. Photographing parameters. Focus, Maximum Flash Distance, Exposure - All this affects the final image quality.
  4. Matrix. This is the main indicator on which the chromaticity, saturation and detailing of the frame depends. In most models, the matrix has a resolution from 2 to 18 Mp. The greater the digit, the better.
  5. Power type. The camera can operate from its own battery or from simple batteries. The second method is preferable because it is not necessary to wait until the battery charges. In this case, you only need to buy new batteries and install in place.
  6. Time of manifestation of pictures and their chromaticity. Photo printing can occupy from 10 seconds to several minutes, and the footage can be both colored and black and white.
  7. The presence of additional functions , for example, built-in photo editor or video mode.
  8. The presence of an LCD screen. It allows you to see the future concept of photography in advance, manually adjust the focus and other picture options. If the model is equipped with a video recording function, then browse on the screen.
  9. Ergonomics : Weight, dimensions, coating, convenience of grip, as well as appearance.

Review of the best instant printing cameras

The most optimal Consider Small, productive cameras with good autonomy, comfortable grip, multifunctionality and stylish design.

The top 8 rating of the best cameras with instant printing in terms of price and quality ratio.

Fujifilm Instax Mini 11

Compact analog chamber instantaneous printing with powered from two AA batteries, flash and self-mode.

A small device in several color versions is easily placed in the palm of palm and has a pleasant body and smooth, streamlined forms.

To start printing, you only need to be placed in a special cartridge tray and install batteries: the rest of the camera will make it myself.

The model has automatic focusing and exposure, selfie and macro modes, a flash and analog frame counter.


  • Focal length: 60 mm;
  • Exposure: 1/2-1 / 250 s;
  • Meals: 2Haa;
  • Size of a picture: 62 × 46 mm;
  • Weight: 293


  • appearance;
  • price;
  • automatic light adjustment;
  • quickly recharges;
  • Autonomy.


  • Photo size;
  • high cost of cartridges;
  • No video mode.


Compact camera in classic design, printing the largest photos in the instax line.

A small flash camera, several pre-installed modes, customizable lighting and macro mode.

The device is convenient in control, has a minimum buttons and switch levers, so even a child can cope with it.

Cartridges are used as consumables both for color and black and white printing.

The kit includes a lens for macro shot and a strap for wearing.


  • Focal length: 95 mm;
  • Exposure: 1/64-1 / 200 s;
  • Meals: 4Haa;
  • Size: 86x108 mm;
  • Weight: 612


  • build quality;
  • automatic shutdown;
  • Photo size;
  • several shooting modes;
  • There is a tripod mount.


  • 4 batteries required;
  • heavy;
  • No self-camera.

Fujifilm Instax MINI 9

Budget analog photopack with small sizes, printing pictures of 54 × 86 mm.

You can find a device in several colors. It is equipped with an outbreak and a mirror for selfie, and also has an adjustable exposure.

The model is easy to control: All the main elements are located on the front panel of the device, including the ring for adjusting the brightness.

The recommended minimum distance to the shooting object is 600 mm. The flash is triggered at a distance of 2.7 meters to the object.


  • Focal length: 60 mm;
  • Exposure: 1/60 s;
  • Meals: 2Haa;
  • Picture size: 54 × 86 mm;
  • Weight: 307


  • appearance;
  • ergonomics;
  • price;
  • there is a mirror for selfie;
  • several lenses included;
  • Autonomy.


  • plastic case;
  • small photos;
  • Dorganiza cartridges.

Fujifilm Instax MINI 90

Easy device with an unusual design, automatic exposure and focusing, customizable manually.

Very easy to control the camera with minor dimensions is running from the built-in battery.

The focal length is 60 mm, the diaphragm - F / 12.7, the minimum shooting distance is 300 mm.

The model is equipped with a flash and macro mode.

The format of finished images is very small - 54 × 86 mm. The kit includes a reliable strap and macrolyns for selfie.


  • Focal length: 60 mm;
  • Meals: 2Haa;
  • Picture size: 54 × 86 mm;
  • Weight: 296


  • interesting design;
  • low weight;
  • Many modes;
  • Strap bundled.


  • price;
  • high cost of cartridges;
  • Photo size.

Canon Zoemini C.

Easy camera with a 5 MP matrix, a selfie mirror and a memory card slot.

Comfortable in control, a bright camera with a built-in battery, a diaphragm F / 2.4 and a matrix 5 MP allows you to create high-quality, atmospheric, very realistic photos with a modest size of 50 × 76 mm.

The minimum shooting distance is 500 mm, and the finished frames are saved to the memory card, with which they can then be transferred to a computer via a USB cord.


  • Focal length: 24 mm;
  • Matrix: 5 MP;
  • Power: Built-in battery;
  • Picture size: 50 × 76 mm;
  • Weight: 170


  • very light;
  • good photo quality;
  • price;
  • There is a memory card slot;
  • there is a mirror for selfie;
  • Photographic paper included.


  • Long printing;
  • autonomy;
  • Instant to low temperatures.

Fujifilm Instax MINI 70

Analog camera with a timer, fastening for a tripod, a small display and flash.

The model with automatic focus has a compact size and a small weight, but many modes and functions.

A timer and flash are built into the device, there are modes of selfie and macro shot, self-timer and a tripod nest.

The result of the shooting is small, but good pictures of 62x46 mm in size.

The camera is convenient to use and has an affordable cost.


  • Focal length: 60 mm;
  • Meals: 2xcr2;
  • Size: 62x46 mm;
  • Weight: 281


  • Easy use;
  • several colors of the case;
  • there is a mirror for selfie;
  • many shooting modes;
  • price.


  • the quality of shooting in the dark;
  • Cost of consumables;
  • Plastic case.

Canon Zoemini S.

Bright device with good ergonomics, high-quality matrix 8 MP, flash, memory card slot and bluetooth interface.

The model runs from the built-in battery and is distinguished by a pleasant appearance, good filling and quality assembly.

The focal length is 25.4 mm, the diaphragm - F / 2.2, the minimum shooting distance is 300 mm.

Matrix 8 MP allows you to create high quality frames and not only instantly get them in printed form, but also save to the memory card.

The camera is equipped with a bluetooth interface and microUSB.


  • Focal length: 25.4 mm;
  • Matrix: 8 MP;
  • Power: Built-in battery;
  • Picture size: 50 × 76 mm;
  • Weight: 188


  • good matrix;
  • there is a Bluetooth;
  • there is a mirror for selfie;
  • photo paper included;
  • Small weight.


  • small photos;
  • saturation of images;
  • price.

Fujifilm Instax Mini Liplay

Digital camera with display, typing snapshots in just 12 seconds.

A comfortable, light camera with a built-in battery, a display and flash allows not only to create high-quality photos, but also to immediately process them and transmit to other devices via Bluetooth.

The size of the pictures is only 62 × 46 mm, however, due to the presence of a slot for memory card, you can save and transfer to another device.

The model is equipped with a flash, has a self-timer, a built-in editor and makes it possible to print the pictures that already exist on the memory card.


  • Focal length: 28 mm;
  • Power: Built-in battery;
  • Size of a picture: 62 × 46 mm;
  • Weight: 255


  • can be removed at a distance of 100 mm;
  • there is a Bluetooth;
  • self-timer;
  • self-mode;
  • Built-in editor.


  • small photos;
  • autonomy;
  • price.


If you used the goods about which there was a speech in the article, please leave the feedback in the form below.

Your feedback will help someone to make a choice. Thank you for sharing your experience!

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The camera instantaneous print, caught in his hands to the one who is used to the smartphone camera may seem toy.

To buy this device is not disappointment, you should remember:

  • Digital models can boast much wider functionality and high quality photos. ;
  • In addition to the camera itself, you will also need to spend on consumables. Cartridges for photo printing, with which the cost of one photo can vary from 20 to 100 rubles and higher;
  • the more functions and opportunities, the faster the device is discharged ;
  • It is advisable to give preference to models with a memory card slot . So pictures can be transferred to a computer or other device.

Useful video

This video presents an overview of the camera instax of Fujifilm Instax MINI 9:

Receiving snapshots on paper in minutes after pressing the shutter button - the real magic of the photograph, which is currently experiencing a second wave of revival. And although the cameras of instant printing are more suitable for entertainment, not professional shooting, you can catch bright life moments with them and immediately print photos for memory. Meet five bright instantaneous printing cameras on modern way!

Magic Photography: Top 5 Chambers Instant Printing

In the comparative table, you can familiarize yourself with the characteristics and prices. Instant print cameras from review . The entire range of current offers of such cameras is available in the appropriate section of the catalog next link . And about the phenomenon of instant printing is tenthly under the material "Instant printing cameras: Past, present, look into the future" .

Advantages: Selfie mode, automatic exposure control, selfie mirror, compact dimensions.
Advantages: Selfie mode, automatic exposure control, selfie mirror, compact dimensions.

Instax Printing Camera Line from Fujifilm will grow and improved. At the same time, the fighters of her squad are calmly placed in a wide pocket and do not require special skills in circulation. Weightful confirmation is the Fuji Instax MINI 11 camera.

The model is collected in the form factor "Soaps" With lens discovering from the case. Only, unlike traditional digital cameras, keep it in hand is necessary in portrait orientation. The prototype when creating a camera served as the model of the previous generation Fuji Instax Mini 9 . From innovation In the updated version of the camera, you implemented automatic exposure setting and shooting mode of selfie by pulling the tip of the lens.

Fuji Instax Mini 11 uses 62 x 46 mm in size cartridges. Access to the compartment for them is behind the camera. The number of the remaining photographs is specified in the framework of the analog frame counter. Another compartment in the design of the chamber is highlighted for replaceable "Finger" batteries From which the mini-camera gets food.

Positive models of the model complements Pleasant small things on a small mirror manner for selfie on the front panel, complete lace and customized overlays on the shutter button (One of them even glows in the dark). A bow of a fly in a barrel with honey - not cheap cartridges. However, for acquaintance with the genome of instant photo printing, it is better not to come up with.

Advantages: Selfie mode, automatic exposure control, selfie mirror, compact dimensions.
Advantages: Selfie mode, automatic exposure control, selfie mirror, compact dimensions.

The name of POLAROID has become a nominal one when it comes to instantaneous photographries. Uponate generation of such brand cameras, a significant role is played by a compact "baby" Snap.

The chamber is sharpened in the rectangular "body" with sizes 122x76x28 mm and weighing 397. The rate in it is made on the maximum ease of use. The camera turns on when removing from the viewfinder body and turns off if you press it back. From the controls on its "body", the shutter button, the shutter button, the self-timer button, the option of adding a white frame around the snapshot and a circular manipulator for embellishing by filters (6 pcs available).

The focus of Polaroid Snap is located 10 mp Image sensor and fixed lens with an exemplary focal length of 25 mm and a diaphragm F / 2.8 . The front lens lens is "under the cover" of the magnetic cover. If there is a Zink in the paper tray, the camera prints a photo in the size of 50x75 mm after each pressing the shutter button. The capacity of the tray is 10 sheets. Also, the camera saves digital pictures on MICROSD card . You can remove them from the chamber by connecting to Computer Through the microUSB port.

Polaroid Snap takes pictures of acceptable quality at a fairly good light illumination. Under the conditions of bad light, a built-in flash comes to the revenue, but it does not finish and there is no special sense from the backlight. Power on the chamber is served from the onboard battery for 700 mAh. In general, the model will serve as an interesting toy that allows you to capture various moments from life and immediately share them with others.

Advantages: Easy to use, mirror for selfie, memory expansion slot, adhesive media.
Advantages: Easy to use, mirror for selfie, memory expansion slot, adhesive media.

The Japanese company Canon joined the guards of the camera instant print in 2019, when "in people" released two chambers of the brand - the basic Zoemini C and more charged Canon Zoemini S. .

Compact styling with index "C" It is equipped with a 5 MP matrix and a built-in photo printer for printing of writing on special paper Zink 2 x 3 ". In one cartridge, 10 cards made of multilayer material covered with microcrystals are placed in one cartridge . Under the influence of heating, certain parts of the carriers change the color - it turns out ready-made prints. The image on them is not afraid of the bright light and the impact of moisture, and the adhesive base allows you to attach photos to almost any surface.

There is no bad settings from the camera. It is enough to simply build a frame through the viewfinder window and click on the shutter button. Additional user order is kindly provided with a photo list and a mini-mirror on the front panel for the convenience of shooting Selfie. In addition to printing, "without departing from the cash register", the camera saves pictures on the microSD card.

Without recharging the rechargeable battery, the capacity of 700 mAh canon zoemini C is able to make and print up to 25 photos. A more developed functionality offers a senior model of the line with the index "S" - there is a Bluetooth module at its assets and is supported by working with the Canon Mini Print mobile application. However, the price tag for it is much higher. Here choose yourself - you need simplicity or functionality.

Advantages: lens with autofocus, long autonomy, many bright colors for every taste.
Advantages: lens with autofocus, long autonomy, many bright colors for every taste.

Recent years, the rights to the popular previously brand Polaroid owns The Impossible Project. Under its aegid, films for chambers of the instantaneous print and the cameras themselves of this design are produced.

POLAROID NOW - classic camera analog structure, "doped" to modern way. The model works with the paper of the new i-Type format, the photos on which are printed in the amount of 10.7 x 8.8 cm. The chamber charge is enough for "shooting" about 15 cassettes. Also in a pair with Polaroid, it is assumed to be the use of an old sample cassette of the 600th series (with a built-in battery).

The main highlight of the model is the autofocus lens. The operation of the tip system is adjusted in two modes: near (0.55-1.3 m) and at distant distances (from 0.6 m to infinity). In addition to the camera there are timer self-timer and flash. The latest services will come to the way in conditions of poor lighting, with which the camera is very difficult to cope.

Polaroid NOW stores are presented in a huge variety of colors. Despite the bulky sizes, the model is in demand for both the fans of the brand and the adept of the genre of the instant photo. Buying a camera is a great way to diversify the home photo album, with which even a child will cope.

Advantages: Built-in display, digital zoom 4x, shooting short video Motion Mode, collage with temporary shift, shooting on long exposure, double exposure, mirror for selfie.
Advantages: Built-in display, digital zoom 4x, shooting short video Motion Mode, collage with temporary shift, shooting on long exposure, double exposure, mirror for selfie.

The products of the Fuji Instax series are one of the leading positions in the cavalry of chambers of the FUJI Instax. Take, for example, the model SQUARE SQ20 - a camera with strange opportunities in the shooting of various scenes.

Against the background of relatives, the camera allocates 2.7-inch screen from the rear by which you can go and use it to process pictures . For convenience of navigating menu and quick access to settings, the control panel is provided, supported by a photo rewind ring and selection of shooting parameters. Moreover, FUJI Instax Square SQ20 has a function of four-time digital zoom.

On the seal of one picture, the camera spends about 12 seconds. "Clean" time. At the output, users receive color prints in the amount of 62x62 mm. Of the interesting options on board the model of close attention, the shooting mode of short video Motion Mode (from the 15-second roller can be sent to print the most successful frames), dual exposure modes and collage with a temporary shift, as well as a photographing function on long shutter speeds (up to 10 seconds .).

The camera is equipped with a 1 GB storage and supports Maps of MicroSd. Volume of up to 32 GB inclusive. In its memory can be stored up to 50 last photos, which are subject to re-printing to choose from the menu. And although to "adults" Cameras The models are far in the field of instant photography equal to it almost no. Fuji Instax Square SQ20 will be an excellent tool for creating steep pictures.

For the past 10 years, users most often use their smartphones or tablets to take pictures.

Digital photos are almost nobody prints, they often be randomly removed and the most important thing is that the very moment is lost, for which this picture was conceived.

In order not to lose special moments and capture them immediately, people began to return to instant printing cameras.

Such equipment will make it possible to make a beautiful atmospheric photo and immediately print it on a small photo card.

For a convenient selection of a particular model, we analyzed the statistics of shopping photographs of instantaneous printing 2020-2021.

To compile a rating of 10 models in the price / quality ratio, official test results were used, functionality, expert reviews and buyers.

Top 10 rating of the best cameras of the instantaneous seal 2020-2021

A place Name Price
Top 4 Best Cameras for Instant Printing Prices / Quality for 2020-2021
1Fujifilm Instax Mini 11 Be find out the price
2Canon Zoemini C. Be find out the price
3Fujifilm Instax MINI 90 Be find out the price
4Canon Zoemini S. Be find out the price
Top 3 best mini-cameras of instantaneous printing
1Fujifilm Instax Mini Liplay Be find out the price
2Polaroid NOW I-Type Instant Camera Be find out the price
3FUJIFILM INSTAX WIDE 300 Be find out the price
Top 3 best inexpensive snapshots
1Fujifilm Instax MINI 9 Be find out the price
2Fujifilm Instax MINI 70 Be find out the price
3Fujifilm Instax SQ 20 Be find out the price

How to choose a snap photo camera?

When choosing a camera with the instant print function, the buyer should pay attention to six technical parameters of the device :

  1. Matrix resolution . This parameter varies in the range from 2 to 18 Mp. The higher the resolution of the matrix, the higher the quality of the photograph.
  2. Size photo . Analog cameras printed only miniature photos, 62x46 mm. Digital cameras print photos of different sizes: from the largest (86x108 mm) to the smallest (50x75 mm).
  3. Power type . Cameras of instantaneous printing are operated from two or four AA batteries or from batteries of various capacities. The batteries grabs no more than 100 pictures, the battery is about 300 photos.
  4. Picture print time . From the moment of printing and until a complete manifestation of the image in an analog camera passes about 2 minutes. Digital models print photos even faster - for 12-60 seconds.
  5. Cartridges for photo printing . Without them, print photos will not work. Many manufacturers include a single cartridge to the camera, with which you can print 10 photographer. After the cartridges need to be purchased. All of them have different prices. One photo of the user can do about 20-200 rubles.
  6. Useful functions . For more convenient operation of the device, it is desirable for it to be equipped with a LCD screen or analog display and maintained a microSD card. Also useful will be the ability to adjust the brightness, object approximation, autofocus, video recording and flashing.

Top 4 Best Cameras for Instant Printing Prices / Quality for 2020-2021

Fujifilm Instax Mini 11

Fujifilm Instax Mini 11 snapshots of the snapshots of Fujifilm Instax MINI 11 has fully automatic settings. . Therefore, it will be very easy to use even inexperienced user.

To obtain bright and saturated photographs, the device independently adjusts the flash parameters, exposure, excerpts.

The user only has to bring the camera to the object looking into the viewfinder and click the shutter button . Also using the device can be made selfie. To do this, the lens is small, the mirror square, looking at which the smooth photo with the face is in the center.

One of the ends of the camera is provided compartment to output ready-made images. . To print the instant photo to the device must be inserted a special cartridge.

It is enough for the execution of 10 shots of 62 × 46 mm. The snapshot appears from the compartment completely white and gradually manifests itself within two minutes.

Specifications :

  • Camera type - digital;
  • Size of a picture - 62 × 46 mm;
  • diaphragm - f / 12.7;
  • Battery - aa × 2.

Automatic focusing and exposure;

there is a personnel counter;

excellent photo quality;

Fast print.

Large size and weight can be heavy for a small child;

Dear cartridges.

Canon Zoemini C.

The well-known manufacturer Canon offers its customers a Canon Zoemini C camera model in minimalist design, but with bright colors (blue, raspberry, blue and yellow) .

The camera removes and immediately prints durable photos using Zink technology. This technology exhibits a photo on a special adhesive paper Zink with microcrystals, which, when heated, create waterproof and stain-resistant images.

One photo paper cartridge that comes in the kit will help make 10 pictures of 2 × 3 inches .

In addition to ordinary pictures, the camera will also help the user make a beautiful selfie using a special mirror on the front panel.

Specifications :

  • Camera type - digital;
  • Size of a picture - 50 × 76 mm;
  • diaphragm - f / 2.2;
  • Battery - 700 mA · h.

inexpensive cartridges;

Quick printout;

Good photo quality.

The button for shooting is very easily pressed.

Fujifilm Instax MINI 90

The Fujifilm Instax MINI 90 analog camera is equipped with various modes for snapshots and instant printing. Select the appropriate mode to capture a certain point ("Holiday", "Children", "Landscape", "Double Exposure", "Long Exposure") using a special button on the housing .

High-performance flash helps to optimize the exposure even at night. The brightness adjustment is performed by the user manually using four positions: "normal", "bright", "brighter", "dark".

The small LCD display shows the activation icons of various functions, as well as the number of pictures that can be performed. .

For instant printing, a snapshot into the camera must be installed photo paper cassette. It will print 10 color pictures.

The camera uses a rechargeable removable battery, the capacitance of which is enough for photographing and printing 100 photos.

Specifications :

  • Camera type - digital;
  • Size of a picture - 54 × 86 mm;
  • diaphragm - f / 12.7;
  • Battery - Li-Ion NP-45A.

High build quality;

Many modes for configuring the quality of the photo;

Excellent picture quality.

Canon Zoemini S.

The feature of the camera for instant printing canon zoemini s is the built-in mirror and ring backlight for selfie .

This model is suitable for a novice user who is just starting to get involved in photography. Camera can be connected via Bluetooth to the smartphone on which the Canon Mini Print application is installed.

It allows you to make group photos using remote shooting, add filters, create collages and choose sound effects for the camera .

The camera instantly prints photos immediately after shooting on a special adhesive paper Zink.

This type of photo paper contains microcrystals, which are started to show an image under the action of temperature. . Adhesive paper is sold separately from the camera of 10 pieces in one cartridge. Size of a picture of 50 × 76 mm.

Specifications :

  • Camera type - digital;
  • Video resolution - 320 × 240;
  • The screen is 2.4 ";
  • Battery - AA × 4.

Quick printout;

photo in retro style;

Built-in mirror and ring backlight for selfie.

Top 3 best mini-cameras of instantaneous printing

Fujifilm Instax Mini Liplay

A mini-camera for instax mini liplay instax from the Japanese company Fujifilm has one of the lowest time intervals spent on the seal of one photo card - 12 seconds .

The snapshot appears from the hole of the camera completely white and manifests itself within 90 seconds. The quality of the printed photo is quite high - 2560 × 1920.

The device has a very compact dimensions (82.5 × 122.9 × 36.7) and a small weight (255 g) . In this case, the camera has a slot for Micro SD / Micro SDHC card, timer, flash and a lot of effects for decorating a picture.

The sound recording function is also provided for 10 seconds after the button to hold the button.

Built-in battery camera is enough for printing and shooting 100 images . After, the camera needs to be charged for 2-3 hours.

Specifications :

  • Camera type - digital;
  • Size of a picture - 62 × 46 mm;
  • diaphragm - f / 2;
  • Battery - non-removable Li-Ion.

branded app for smartphone;

High quality photos;

Compact size and stylish design.

Not supported memory cards more than 1 GB.

Polaroid NOW I-Type Instant Camera

Famous American company Polaroid has released a new camera model for instant shooting NOW I-Type Instant Camera, which has an enlarged time of work. .

In one charge, the device can make up to 160 photos.

Among the useful tools that Polaroid added to this model can be highlighted: an accurate flash (improves the quality of the pictures with weak lighting), an autofocus lens (increases the clarity of the image and does not allow lubrication) and the self-timer (allows you to take a picture of the camera yourself).

On a small LED display displays the number of the remaining film in the cartridge . One cartridge allows you to make up to 20 photos.

When printing, the snapshot is protected by a film that protects it from sunlight to full manifestation . The camera is equipped with a cervical strap and charger with a Micro USB cable.

Specifications :

  • The type of camera is analog;
  • snap size - 88 × 107 mm;
  • Battery - Li-Ion 750 mA · h.

powerful flash;

Excellent shooting quality;

Large battery capacity.


Analog camera Fujifilm Instax Wide 300 prints a large format photo cards that are almost two times more than standard .

The built-in macroscope lens allows you to fall asleep the smallest parts at a distance of no more than 40 cm from the object. And the automatic flash optimizes the lighting intensity in the photo when shooting in poor illumination conditions.

To control the work of the camera on it there are several buttons .

And to track the remaining sheets of paper for printing, controlling the ratio of light and dark, as well as to display the flash mode, a liquid crystal LCD display is provided.

Rechargeable batteries will allow you to open and print about 100 photographers.

Specifications :

  • The type of camera is analog;
  • snap size - 62 × 99 mm;
  • diaphragm - f / 14;
  • Battery - AA × 4.

Beautiful and detailed pictures;

increased photo card size;

Rechargeable large capacity batteries.

High price of one picture.

Top 3 best inexpensive snapshots

Fujifilm Instax MINI 9

FUJIFILM INSTAX MINI 9 camera is perfect for a novice photographer. . It has fully automatic settings. Therefore, it can be used to create the first pictures.

From seven bright colors, you can choose a device that will enjoy any person. For ease of use, the manufacturer added a self-sirph mirror, a lace for the camera socks on the hand and two AA batteries to power the device.

The camera independently regulates the flash and exposure parameters . Exposure The user sets up itself. Also, use Hi-Key mode to get samples with softer lighting.

You can instantly print the photo immediately after clicking the shutter button . To do this, the camera must be installed a photo paper in the cartridge. It will allow you to get 10 snapshots of 54 × 86 mm.

Specifications :

  • Camera type - digital;
  • Size of a picture - 54 × 86 mm;
  • diaphragm - f / 12.7;
  • Battery - aa × 2.

automatic focus;

long runs from the batteries;

Good photo quality with sufficient lighting.

It may be hard for a small child;

Dear cartridges.

Fujifilm Instax MINI 70

Fujifilm Instax MINI 70 is a modern camera for instantaneous printing, which will make the perfect photo of the surrounding world and selfie .

To perform various types of snapshots, a high-performance flash, self-timer, automatic brightness adjustment, focusing and exposure are provided.

Mode "Selfie" and built into the lens A small mirror will help the user to beautifully photograph himself .

In addition to the analog camera, Hi-Key modes are laid (increase in brightness), macro shot (at a distance of not more than 30-60 cm), landscape shooting (distance - from 3 m)

Little LCD display and buttons on the camera case are provided to monitor the number of remaining frames, turn on shooting modes or self-timer.

Specifications :

  • The type of camera is analog;
  • snap size - 72 × 86 mm;
  • diaphragm - f / 2.4;
  • Battery - aa × 2.

Automatic focusing and exposure;

Beautiful and bright photos;

several shooting modes;

Built-in mirror for selfie.

Fujifilm Instax SQ 20

The hybrid camera for snapshots Fujifilm Instax SQ 20 is equipped with a digital viewfinder that allows you to view pictures and choose the best for printing. .

Also, the digital display allows you to handle photos by filters. The selfie mirror installed next to the lens will help to make the user a private photo.

You can take a photo single or series (up to 4 pictures) . Serial survey with an interval between frames from 0.2 to 2 seconds will help catch a moving object. For these purposes, you can also remove the video to a duration of up to 15 seconds and select the desired frame from it.

You can store highways on the memory card . With it, you can print pictures.

Specifications :

  • Camera type - digital;
  • snap size - 72 × 86 mm;
  • diaphragm - f / 2.4;
  • Battery - aa × 2.

light and compact;

a large number of functions;

Large display and convenient buttons.

Lens is not closed;

No cover included.

What is better - analog or digital?

Analog cameras are better suitable for lovers to create photo cards in retro style. They can be configured under their preferences in photo art. Also created on the analog device, pictures are completely white from it and in a couple of minutes begin to appear.

Digital cameras with instant printing more multifunctional .

They can shoot video, process photos before printing using various tools, send photos to a memory card, as well as another device via a USB cable or brand application.

What kind of company to choose?

The purchase of instant printing cameras needs to be carried out only in reliable manufacturers, as these devices are quite expensive.

The most modern and technological cameras of instantaneous printing in 2020-2021 produced three companies :

  1. Fujifilm. . The Japanese company produces snap-in printing machines in a separate Instax line. Such devices have stylish design, extensive functionality and simple control.
  2. Polaroid . This American company became famous in the 80-90s. XX century by the production of snapshots. In the XXI century, the manufacturer continues to produce analog cameras with more extensive functional and high-quality images.
  3. Canon . The manufacturer from Japan releases models with instant printing in the Zoemini line. Such cameras are mounted with a smartphone for convenient use and have all the necessary features for creating and printing pictures.


After examining the characteristics, features, advantages and disadvantages of 10 models of instant printing cameras, the buyer will be able to pick up equipment for quick shooting and printing frames.

Before buying this type of equipment, it is advisable to get acquainted with the opinions of other buyers about the functions and duration of operation of a specific model.

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