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How to connect bonuses thanks 💳 from Sberbank?

Как подключить Спасибо от Сбербанка? Инструкция.
The presence of a bank card does not guarantee connection to the loyalty program. Yes, a credit card for participation is required. But thanks to Sberbank's connection does not take place in itself, you need to connect the bonus program in most convenient way: through an ATM, via SMS, through the technical support operator, thanks from Sberbank or Sberbank online.

Yandex Dzen.

Ювенальная юстиция: Что это ? Простыми словами
Juvenile Justice is a system that returns justice over young criminals, since the general rules cannot be applied due to age. In the legislation of the Russian Federation, Juvenal Justice, as a term, is absent, although in the 19th century, punishments for adolescents and children in our country have been changed. And thanks

How to bring a girl to orgasm - effective postures + equipment for squirt

Мультиоргазм своей возлюбленной
Welcome to you, dear readers! Sex has long ceased to be exclusively a means to continue the genus. It is a source of pleasure and incredible pleasure. Although in this intimate matter, everything usually occurs intuitively, I advise you to study theory before practice and learn how to have sex. Men usually have no problems with the achievement of orgasm. But when his sweetheart appears, either he just wants to become a first-class lover, he may have a question, and how to bring the girl to orgasm. Dear ladies, do not rush to interrupt reading, the article has a lot of interesting things for you.

How to turn the sheet in the Word horizontally - step by step instructions

By default, when creating a new document in the Word sheet program is located vertically (book orientation). The coup of the sheet into the horizontal (landscape) view is often necessary when you want to create a presentation or when working with wide tables, when all columns are not placed in the width of the page.

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Выбираем способы
Instagram mobile application initially does not imply active actions on a PC, but agree there is a lot of situations when it is extremely necessary , in this case, how to add Photo in Instagram. via computer or write to direct? Can cope with this problem possible, and you can easily update your tape and respond to comments. This will favoraly affect Rose subscribers и The number of Lykov .

Brown in the interior: a combination of brown with other flowers in the interior

Сочетание коричневого с желтым в интерьере
The interior in brown tones is no wonder the most frequent selection of major law firms. Brown is the color of reliability and thoroughness, the faithful companion satellite. He calms down and configures on business way. Gives sobriety and clear look. Heats, envelops comfortably, luxury and refinement. This is an adult, solid color. On the other hand, if it is wrong to beat, it can become boring, simple and faceless.

Peppi Long Suit - Box of Ideas and Master Classes

Костюм Пеппи Длинныйчулок
The daughter was 6 years old, the New Year's matinee was approaching in kindergarten. And then our favorite heroine was peppillotte, we have already reviewed the Swedish TV series several times. Therefore, we did not have the slightest doubt who would do for the holiday. For New Year's costume Peppi. Grandmother sewed us a simple sundress with a pocket, decorated it with large buttons.

VULKAN RUN TIME LIBRARIES What is this program

While working on a computer, the user can notice that a label called Vulkan Run Time Libraries appeared in the Start button menu. Some users can take it for the next viral program, but I would advise not to rush with conclusions. In this material, I will tell you what it is, I will explain how this software gets to the computer and what is its purpose.

Console Commands - Teams

On this page, commands that work in solitary mode and on the local network. The use of these commands is equal to the use of cheats and turn them on when the world's first generation (maps creation) in the Advanced Settings of the World menu. Teams are shown in order of demand, you can streamline them according to the alphabet, also available search for teams and a detailed description of some of them. Commands for the command block can be found on the link.

How beautiful to tie a scarf on the head, detailed descriptions with photos

The original scarf is an accessory that helps create a bright memorable image. Regardless of the weather, it will have to the place, will emphasize female personality. However, do not everyone know how beautifully tie a scarf on the head so that he watched stylish. Today there are many ways to wear this accessory, so every woman can pick up suitable.

Why men get up in the morning and what it means (guy tips)

Usually women perceive the erection of a male member positively, considering it a tribute to their beauty and sexuality. Are you so glad to see me? - Phrase, who has become a parable in Languages: Erection is associated with sex, desire. Eregated member - a kind of compliment, although obscene, sometimes forbidden, but always causing secret joy for a woman. I want me, I bring men crazy! Such solid confidence in the connection between erection and sex turns into at once perplexity, disappointment, even insults. Why does men get up in the morning?

What flour is needed for bread maker - ogorod.guru

Homemade fragrant and gentle bread, prepared with the help of bread makers, always turns out delicious and has a crispy crust. Thanks to the simplicity of the recipe and minimal product requirements, even a beginner culinary can be baked. The taste of bread is completely independent of the brand or power of used equipment. The only thing that plays a role in creating excellent baking is high-quality products. It is also not recommended to add the ingredients to the eye, as the dough may not rise, and the finished dish will completely disappoint you.

His humidifier with his own hands: how to make it the house from a plastic bottle of 5 liters at home?

Как сделать увлажнитель воздуха своими руками?
Many know that health and well-being of its inhabitants depends on the humidity of air indoors. It is known that high humidity can promote the reproduction of bacteria and fungi in the room. To protect yourself from this, it is necessary to regularly ventilate the room and wipe dry items. This is especially important for premises with high humidity, such as a bathroom. However, what harm brings low humidity, not everyone and very in vain thinks. Punched air can provoke a number of health problems and well-being. It is especially important for children, since their body is more susceptible to negative factors.


One of the frequently used characteristics in practice when analyzing random variables is expected value. Under this term, often use the average value of random variable . It is not so difficult to calculate it, especially if we have a discrete value with a small number of points.

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Как жарить кальмары
Most world cuisines offer various squid dishes. Especially good delicacy in fried form. At home, fry squids are quite easy, but it is worth mastering some cooking techniques borrowed from experienced cooks to get an unmatched snack for a festive feast or just to pamper the exotic relatives and friends.

How to enter bios on Lenovo laptop

Hello Admin! Lenovo's new laptop laptop and decided to comprehensively explore, I really liked the fact that on the official website of the laptop there are drivers to my model starting from Windows XP and ending with Windows 10. Now Windows 8.1 is installed on the laptop, I want to reinstall it on Windows 7, but stuck On the elementary, I can not enter the BIOS laptop to disable the Secure Boot option. SMID when loading F2 and nothing happens, the same with the Delete key. What to do?


Сложное для сборки изображение
Collecting puzzles develops visual memory, patience, ability to analyze, small motor skills and a number of other skills that will be useful when playing musical instruments. From the side, this occupation looks simple, but, as in the music, there are subtleties here, which you will learn from our small guide to assembling puzzles.

Instruction - Meduza.

Anger, irritation and an outbreak of anger can cause anything - including the keys that cannot be found on the bottom of the bag, or stupid comments in social networks. Or you refuse to the deserved (in your opinion) increase. Or, for example, you are late for work - and suddenly the child sheds freshly squeezed orange juice on a white and rejected shirt. All this is very infuriated. On the one hand, tested anger - it is quite natural, it is basic emotion. On the other hand, relatives are suffering from your inconsistency, and indeed it is constantly raging - it is hard. At the request of jellyfish, a candidate of psychological sciences and an expert in the field of emotional regulation of Alena Prihidko explained what to do if you often embrace anger, you are not able to control yourself and break into others (and you want to cope with it).


Сердечки из бумаги к дню валентина
Paper is the most affordable material for creativity. At first glance, crafts from paper are not so impressive, but do not hurry with the conclusions until you read the fresh article Crossing, dedicated to ♥ Day of all lovers ♥ We tried to find not joined ways to make hearts from paper with your own hands by February 14!

Pain in the neck (cervical department) treatment, reasons, symptoms, pinching the nerve blade in Moscow

Боль в шее сзади
The neck with different periodicity hurts in 70% of adults. Prei, pain may not only wear different character, but also varying different diseases. Therefore, they are mainly observed, and they are accompanied by other symptoms that help to properly make the diagnosis and choose the optimal tactics of treatment.

Heating Radiators - What batteries are better for apartments and a private house

Красивые обогреватели в интерьере спальни
The choice of heating devices for the water system always remains the prerogative of the homeowner, even when the installation is performed by the wage masters. But choose the batteries on the advice of sellers or the reviews of Internet users are not easy - the first often do not understand the topic and repeat the advertising slogans, the second praise their swamp, which is quite explained. To find out which heating radiators are better to choose for an apartment or a private house, we offer to use a simple and understandable algorithm.

Several ways to go to the BIOS on the Acer laptop

Три способа зайти в Bios (uefi)
Portable computers from Acer have many significant differences from devices of other manufacturers. Technological solutions, nonsense interface, variety of form factors and many other. The standard keyboard shortcut is no exception, this applies to the entry methods in the BIOS I / O system. The manufacturer took care of this and gave the user a few options, how to go to the BIOS on a laptop. However, after a parallel exit of several Linek Laptopov, each of the entrance options was fixed in separate models.

How to charge a disposable electronic cigarette - Sana-stom.ru

Most novice steambags are wondering how to charge a disposable electronic cigarette, and is it possible to do this in principle? Looking forward, let's say right away, it is quite possible. Moreover, this process of reconstruction of a disposable device for a guy will not take as much time and strength, and the presence of special skills and knowledge in the field of electronics is not required.