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..... OM-TEL. - Location of the phone. Determine the location of a person By mobile number Automatic service .

OM-TEL. ..... OM-TEL. - Location of the phone. Determine the location of a person By mobile number Automatic service .

This automatic service is designed to obtain a telephone location information from a satellite and tracking the subscriber online. Use the services of the service and you can find the location of the phone, find out its location in real time up to 3 meters, follow the movement , In mode Online .

The OM-TEL service connects to the satellite online and determines the location of the subscriber regardless of the cellular operator. Automatic service finds all cellular operators " MTS "," Megaphone "," Beeline "," .Tele 2 ."," KIIVSTAR "," Kcell. ", "Velcom ".

How to use the service

Poisk Cheloveka.определить местонахождение телефонанайти человека по номеру мобильного телефона

  1. In a special line for entering the number, enter the number of the subscriber you need and click the "Get Data" button.
  2. The satellite connected to the number. Choose the service "find out the location" or "follow the subscriber".
  3. In your personal account, you can see the "Location of the Subscriber" or "follow its movement" online.

To determine Location of the phone and follow the subscriber , Go to your personal account and follow the system prompts.

When using the OM-TEL service, you can count:

Confidentiality - The obtained information about the location of the subscriber has strict confidentiality. Individual client access systems are built on modern standards and exclude the leakage of confidential information, which our team takes care.

Reliability - Time execution in the set limits The value of all parameters characterizing the ability to perform the required functions in the specified modes and conditions of application, maintenance, storage and transportation

Security - Multistage information security system and advanced IT technology in the field of electronic data turnover guarantee data security and customer tools. We use modern encryption software and data generation.

Support (Support) - At any time you can contact us from the "Personal Cabinet" and get answers to any questions. The client receives comprehensive support from us.

The location of the person by phone number. Locate mobile

узнать местоположение человека по номеру телефона сервис om-tel
OM-TEL service is a universal solution to search for a person. With it, you can know at any time where the subscriber is exactly. Register to OM-TEL right now and find all your loved ones on the map.

Why look for a person's location.


determine the location of a person by mobile number

No need to hire a private detective or get a job to a cellular operator. Find out the exact location of the subscriber through a special application.

OM-TEL service.

Its main advantage is easy to use. The program for determining the location of a person by phone number works on all gadgets and platforms (iOS, Android, Windows). After easy


In the service you just need to enter the number of your mobile, and the platform will immediately start searching.

Many customers are interested in the question: "Why look for a person's location." Each of the OM-TEL customers can give you your answer. Someone worries children - many parents use the service to make sure that their children are exactly. In adolescence, many young men and girls are prone to rapid actions. And the task of parents is to protect the younger generation from serious mistakes. And how to do it, if the teenager becomes secretive and all sorts of ways trying to get rid of parental control? Put the child at home - not a way out: a teenager needs communication, he must build relationships with other people and study the society and its role in it. But it is impossible to let him go without control. Today, the street is tatting a lot of dangers, which the older generation did not even suspect the older generation during his youth. And in this case

Program for determining the location of a person by mobile number

will be the best solution. You can always check where your child is located - at school or walk, at a friend at home or in a nightclub.

One of the key advantages of the OM-TEL service within the parental control is its imperiency. Caring from parents Many children perceive as an attempt on personal freedom. Therefore, classical parental supervision methods are perceived as a cruel insult. Any attempts to explain that the control over the movements of the child is no more than care about his well-being, passed by the ears, while the teenager itself becomes even more secretive, which significantly increases the risk of complications in communication. Based on the practice of most family psychologists, more than 95% of attempts to establish a teenager gadget GPS controller ends with a scandal. And the older the child, the more problems he can deliver to his parents at offense.

In turn, OM-TEL works completely unnoticed. The child does not even suspect that he knows its exact location. Parents can track the movement of the child completely unnoticed by intervening only in the most critical situations. Program for

Man's location by number

Mobile is convenient primarily for excited parents. Now they know exactly where their children are in a particular period of time, and may no longer worry about the fact that their heir was in a dubious company.

Determine the location of the person by phone number.

Sufficiently frequent reason for registration in OM-TEL is a desire to learn more about the life of your second half. We are not always talking about jealousy - after all, under the cover of the "old friend", the spouse can go not only to meet with another woman: quite often the man covers its addiction to bad habits or hobbies that are categorically not approved in his family - gambling, Drugs, drinking.

If earlier about the real state of deceived halves it was only to guess, now the whole truth can be easily recognized through OM-TEL - a person's tracking service will help to establish where exactly the owner of the gadget is located. And after a minute, comparing the coordinates of mobile and ordinary Google cards, you can find out where your couple is located. Is it really in the car service (beauty salon) or relaxing on a removable apartment with someone else.

The service developers have repeatedly asked about the moral component of the work. As far as honestly, follow someone without his permission. This question can give two completely opposite responses. And each of them will be true. One side,

follow a person through the phone

Somewhat unethical. From the point of view of the law acting on the territory of the Russian Federation, it is even illegally. Because every citizen of our immense birthplace has the right to protect their rights and freedoms. Including freedom of movements and secrets of correspondence. However, the state and itself often turns the laws inside out - the infamous "skarova package" can be the best example of this example. And if the state can follow their citizens through mobile operators, then why should I not take advantage of this opportunity?

We must not forget about simple logic. If a person has nothing to hide - the fact that you can learn about the gadget? Lunch time? Addresses of road traffic jams? Maximum than you can harm - disrupt a surprise to a memorable date, if suddenly your half will break out during the working day for the gift. And it is quite another thing if your pair turns out to be mixed in any unlocking. If you are cheating, change or betrayed - what ethics can we talk about? Most respondents respondents unanimously confirmed that

Program for determining the location of man

By mobile number - this is one of the best applications over the past few years.

And now about the most interesting thing - how to use the information obtained in OM-TEL. The service provides the subscriber location data in real time. You can fix them in any convenient format so that in the case of possible proceedings have good evidence in your hands. The only restriction is the screenshots from OM-TEL cannot be used in court as an evidence base.

Maximum accuracy.

In the era of becoming a mobile communication, the question of surveillance for people through gadgets was raised extremely infrequently. First, mobile devices were far from all - for a long period, their role was taken by the pagers. Secondly, the cost of servicing most operators was calculated in dollar equivalent - many owners of prestigious at that time "tubes" preferred not to use them without special needs.

Today, mobile phones are absolutely from everyone. It is difficult to meet a person who would not have at least a simple gadget for one SIM card. And a large part of active youth can even have several numbers. Therefore, it is now a question,

How to determine the location of a person by a mobile phone number

, I got in full growth. To date, this is the most reliable way to find almost any person even in the most densely populated city, knowing only the number of his mobile device.

Thanks to om-tel

Check out the phone location by mobile number

Maybe anyone. To do this, you do not need to have even minimal technical skills or study spyware skills. You just go to your personal account on the service and recognize the exact address of the subscriber through a special program. Unlike most advertised applications, you do not need to access the mobile device to install additional tracking programs. OM-TEL works on completely different principles, allowing you to control the movement of the subscriber of interest absolutely.

The principle of operation OM-TEL is based on duplicating a mobile operator signal. Joining the frequency of the cellular company, the service gets access to all its databases. The program monitors the location of the gadget in real time. As long as the subscriber is in the coverage area at least one of the cellular steps, the data on its exact location will be flogged on the mobile operator server and duplicate on your screen. The maximum error of the definition is a pair of meters - this discrepancy is caused by the retardation of the signal from the satellite. However, every year more and more satellites rises in the sky, so soon

We locate gadget

It will be possible with an accuracy of centimeters.

The imperfect protection of cellular operators allows you to control via OM-TEL almost all rooms registered in Russia. In more detail about

How to find out the location of a person by phone number

You can find out in our article about the work of cellular companies. It explains in detail the principle of cellular communication and all the technologies for control over gadgets through mobile networks are described.

Sign up in OM-TEL and get bonuses.

All registered users can use OM-TEL privileges. We will help you to solve the question of

How to locate a person by a mobile phone number

, and take care of your complete anonymity.

Registration on OM-TEL is performed in a few simple steps: 1. You create an individual profile on the service. 2. Confirm the login and password for registering a personal account 3. Tie an account on the service to the mailbox (optional)

After registering a personal account, you open access to all OM-TEL functions. Inside the account you get the maximum amount of useful options. Here you can

Find out the phone's location

and verify the coordinates of the subscriber with the map. Here you can store temporary files with the coordinates of the displacements of the Subscriber or contact the technical support of the Service to solve additional questions. What is the most important thing - no one except you can enter your personal account and track the history of data monitoring.

For the maximum convenience of users on the service there is a round-the-clock

Tech support

. You can set on duty administrators any


Regarding the site work or ask for help in the event of a system failure. Our experts in the shortest possible time will eliminate the problem and help restore a stable data channel from the OM-TEL portal to your device.

Important information for OM-TEL customers: When working on the service, you each time you use a protected communication channel. However, unscheduled power outages or system hangs on your PC can provoke channel damage or even loss of data. In this case, you are recommended, first of all, eliminate all risk factors, restart the system and re-log in to your OM-TEL personal account. After rebooting, all saved data will be archived and posted on your personal account.

In addition to rich functional and professional

Technical support

Registered OM-TEL users receive a number of additional privileges from the service. You are not only the first to learn about all the promotions and bonuses, but you can also become a member of our

affiliate program

. Now you can not only

find out the location of a person by mobile number

But also to make money on providing such services to your friends and acquaintances. Anyone can become a member of the affiliate program. For all questions regarding registration of participants and remuneration systems, you can contact the service administration in the section


or directly in the menu

"Affiliate program"


Om-Tel makes your life easier and easier. Now you do not need to worry about where your half is located or a child walks with whom. For countdown

will determine the location of a person by mobile phone number

And provide you with accurate coordinates.

Sign up to OM-TEL right now and have time to get valuable awards within our affiliate program.

To be aware of where your child goes, to track the route of the elderly parents, establish corporate control over the exit employees, help your wife or husband in navigation and much more are all those reasons that are obligated to follow the phone number on the map online. That is why we collected the most accessible and actual working methods that allow tracking people through their mobile phones.

What are the difference in ways

Methods 1-4 - allow you to track people through mobile operators. It is no secret that it is only in your phone to drive into the search engine, for example, a "cafe with a playground", as the route is immediately built up to the most neighbor, cheaper, to the most expensive or to the most promoted institution. How do they all know? And what do they have to do, because the operators are simply obliged to follow a person by phone number online to tell you on time where he needs to go or go.

Operators know everything! Where you live, you work where you go ... and we ourselves we give consent to this. Therefore, instead of indignant that we are all "under the cap", it is better to wrap this feature for yourself for the benefit to keep track of the phone's location by the number of the child, a loved one or employee.

Methods 5-7 - Programs that can be downloaded from Play Market and which will follow the phone number online on the map, and perhaps will provide 2-3 additional features. Such programs are narrow-profile and if you only need a location, they are perfectly suitable for you.

Methods 8-10. - These are special applications that are installed on the target phone. But the main difference between specialized programs - they have much greater opportunities and can not only follow the phone number online, but also write calls, intercept the correspondence, control the remotely microphone, the camera, the apparatus itself and much more. Download the program here >> . Well, now more about all!

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10 simple ways to track the phone number

Method 1. Locator service from Beeline

In Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and other countries of the post-Soviet space, it works (possibly under a different name) this world-famous mobile operator Beeline. With the help of Mobile Location Service or MLS (service to determine the location of mobile devices), they have been allowed to monitor the phone number for more than 15 years, on quite legal grounds.

The service is called "locator" and using it can be traced someone else's phone on the number for free for the first 7 days. The most frequent location definition is an interval of 5 minutes. You can connect 5 phones at the same time. Payable service per day for 7 rubles.

Methodification 2. Radar service from megaphone

Now about how to set tracking by phone number through the Mobile Megaphone Operator. Allows you to see the coordinates on the map not only of its users, but also other cellular companies.

The service is called "Radar". With it, you can follow 99 times in 24 hours. Follow the phone number online on the map. Granted only with the consent of the subscriber. The Subscriber itself may be annually canceled for any time, and the service will be immediately discontinued. You can connect 5 smartphones. The price of the service per day will be summed from the number of monitored subscribers plus 3 rubles.

Method for 3. Two services "Search" and "Child under the supervision" from MTS

The mobile operator MTS has two similar services that will allow you to track the phone at the number. As you already understood the title - "Search" is for any type of phone, and the "child under supervision" is the parental control of the movement of children.

For 30 calendar days you can see the coordinates on the map only 100 times. But, the surveillance of the phone number will be free for 2 weeks from the moment it is connected. Then the service will need to pay - 100 rubles per month.

Method 4. GEOPOIST service from Tele2

The uniqueness of this service from the TELE2 operator is that it works with Android, and from iOS. Also has parental control, which on a paid and free basis will allow you to control the child through his phone. The difference will be in the available features.

Connects exclusively after the consent of the subscriber. With its help, tracking by the phone of a person online, free will be made for the first 3 days after the connection. Then every day 2 rubles.

Method 5. LIFE360 - Family Locator

If you want to find a GPS phone online, then you need to install the LIFE360 family delayer. It can be downloaded for free with Play Market. This is a fairly powerful GPS tracker with the ability to set the "circles" zones, in which you can talk to each other and see who is located.

These circles have become particularly in demand in people engaged in the organization of excursions, campaigns and other events, where you need to install the subscriber by phone number, for free, for free, or track people in a particular area and precisely the specific number. After, for example, the campaign, people can be removed and add new ones.

The only minus - you can find the phone only on GPS. If a person disables this function of determining the coordinates, it will immediately disappear from the field of your vision. And yet, there is no interface in Russian, everything is only in English.

Method 6. Zenly - Your card, Your people

Now about how to track the location of the person by phone number without paying a penny. Ideal for tracking friends and relatives. This is not a hidden surveillance and they will all know about it. Zenly is a card on which one can see who is located, the device charge, when a person leaves a certain zone, and also leaves the city or country.

You can also "knock on phones", i.e. Make a private conversation and that other subscribers cannot join it. There is an opportunity to expose "Spark" on the map and thus declare that you have a meeting here and that there is a common chat here.

The only minus is that tracking a person online for free, i.e. You can download, install and work absolutely free. If problems or questions arise, then you will cope with them yourself. Well, accordingly, the definition of the coordinates of the phone is quite inaccurate.

Method 7. Family Locator

This challenge of the phone at the number behind your family members. Downloaded from the play of the market for free. It has pretty good reviews and is popular with moms. Very easy to use. There is a free and paid version. Works on android and iPhones.

It has free chat and the ability to send SOS in case of emergency. It will be possible to designate the "Dangerous Zones" on the map, which cannot be found by family members. If someone crosses her border, you will immediately receive a notice about this.

The only minus is extremely meager functionality. But if you only need a person tracking on the phone, then this program is a beautiful family locator.

Method 8. OM-TEL Tracking Service

Specialized tracking service


It will allow to determine the coordinates by phone number in Russia, Belarus, Moldova, Ukraine, Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan. This is one of the most affordable and simple ways to find the phone on the map. It works with almost all mobile operators of Russia.

Does not need additional installation of software. As they themselves position their service - it is tracking friends by phone number, adult users and teenagers. They write and write: "OM-TEL - tracking service for you and your friends." Registration of anonymous, works unnoticed. Can track several numbers at once. There are no binding to personal data.

Method 9. Neospy

Neospy. - This is a service for remote control, as well as a surveillance at the phone number without the knowledge of the owner. If you notify about the installed program, it will only be a plus for you, since you will not violate the law on the secret of personal correspondence, calls and location.

It has a serious functionality in which there is a sound recording, and the determination of the coordinates, and the history of the web browser, and monitoring photos, video and all that is being done on the phone. This is a full tracking of the phone via the Internet.

And on how to track the phone number through a computer online, you will understand immediately after registering when you open your office. It will be there that the infa will come in and in which you can go from your computer at any time convenient for you.

Method 10. vkurse.

Vkurse. - This is a full-fledged phone surveillance and total control of your Android phone. It will show absolutely all the actions that the user performs on its phone: recording calls, voice messages, correspondence in more than 10 social networks and messengers, web browser history, phone remote control (switching on the microphone, camera, lock, delete data, reboot the phone) and Much more (see Opportunities ).

For this you need Download program for free - Install it on the control phone "Follow this device" and to "follow this device".

You can track a person by phone without his knowledge, as the program works in the background (hidden) mode and does not exist externally. But then it will be a violation of the law, so after installing the program, inform the owner of the phone. Installation light And it will take no more than 10 minutes.

A little about the program

Tracking the phone at the number online using the Vkurse service is the ability to control the child, husband, wife, loved one, old parents or their employees through their working devices. You can see not only current coordinates, but also the route of movement per day, week or month. All information is kept in the office exactly 1 month. Access to the Cabinet will only have (from any computer or laptop, from your phone or tablet), the password can be changed unlimited number.

Vkurse is also a complete surveillance at the phone number over the Internet. All data will be transmitted via the Internet. There is no geographical binding, exactly, as binding to some particular personal data. Coordinates will be determined not only on GPS, but also by base stations of mobile operators, as well as using Wi-Fi access points. Therefore, in any case, the phone will be displayed on the map.

You will be able to follow the phone number online for free entire test period. All the intercepted information will be transmitted for free. At this time, you will familiarize yourself with the work of the service and appreciate truly infinite features.


After our brief overview of various ways to track people, I immediately want to shout: "Do you can track the phone number without a knowledge? Is it illegal? We are not in prison, where are they watching every step? Why created such a huge number of tracking applications? Why and whom do they need? "

Yes, we are not in prison, but we will still go with the phone and this is a fact! We must "stay in touch." And therefore it is better to play the charts that we were distributed than to sigh and fucking about those who are on the hands of another player.

What we have:

  1. Tracking on a mobile phone of their children - parental control, allowing to keep the nerves and child and parent (see Top 10 best programs How to track the child by phone ).
  2. You can find a wife at the phone number, if she left the car on his own and is still poorly oriented in the area (see How to put a listener on your wife's phone? ).
  3. Slotting on the number online will allow you to track the location of the machine if you put a pre-charged phone in the glove box - you will not be terrible to theft or sudden evacuation.
  4. Tracking a person on a mobile phone when he leaves on a business trip, abroad or goes hiking.
  5. Follow the phone number online on the map of its employees - office, away, remote, travel.
  6. Check your beloved person to loyalty, whether he tells the truth where she was and what he did.
  7. Constantly be aware of the movement of elderly parents or people suffering from memory disorder.
  8. Any ordinary life situations when tracing a person by phone is simply necessary.

Now you know how to track a person on a mobile phone - just install the program or connect the service and all of its movements will be like on your palm. It is really convenient, rarely free, but mostly enough inexpensively and on the pocket to any resident.

We provided you with simple ways to track people through their phones - and you choose what is suitable better! The choice is always yours! Good luck!

Have questions? Write to our online consultants!

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How can you track the mobile phone and see where is the phone on the map at any time of the day? How to calculate the full route of his movement? We offer you 5 best ways that will really allow you to track down a person on a mobile phone.

A little about work

How can I track the phone? It is simple enough, because 92% of the phones are connected either to GPS, or to cellular operators, or to the mobile Internet, or to the Wi-Fi distribution points. And therefore, trace where a person is through the phone, will not be any problem.

The main thing is to understand that before tracking the mobile phone, you need to install the tracking program. Or connect the service to determine the coordinates at the mobile operator, which this person uses. Or try to track through social networks. As you understand, the coordinates themselves will not be transmitted, you need someone or something did it)))

About how the determination of the coordinates is working so that at any time you could track the phone of another person, described in detail in the article " How the human location is working. Questions and answers "

Method 1. Specialized android tracking programs

Immediately, at the very beginning of our review, we will focus on how to track the location of the phone through tracking programs. One of the best and most actual working programs is REPTILICUS:

Also on the site there is a video instruction and always duty online consultants who will immediately answer all your questions.

From the program do not hide!

Unique chip REPTILICUS. - You never lose your phone out of mind. In any case, you will be able to trace where the phone is located (or was) during the day, week, month. If the Internet is always connected on the phone, then you can track the phone location online. If the Internet is disabled, then the program will determine the coordinates and save them. Once the Internet appears on the device, it will immediately give it the route.

Another feature - trace a person through the phone will be possible even when the GPS is turned off! Yes Yes! This will not be able to make any tracker program or mobile operators. It is ideal for those who need to follow the "cunning" person (children, employees, spouses), which leaving the GPS disconnects and thinks that he disappeared from the eye. In fact, he is similar to the hidden ostrich. Head in the sand, and everything else on the street. Well, you understand what we are about ...

The REPTICICUS program knows how to track the location of the phone not only through GPS, but also through the tower of mobile stations, as well as through the Wi-Fi connection point. Therefore, disconnected GPS is not a panacea from being hiding from the program!

With other similar programs, you can get acquainted in the article " Alignment of the phone: Top 10 best programs for tracking "

Method 2. Messengers and social networks

As you know, all android devices are initially connected to GPS. And this successfully enjoy the owners of the phones. You can choose a convenient route or see how far the store you need. But each medal has two sides. Since you see your location, it means others will be able to see it. And so now it will be about how you can track the location of the person through its pages in social networks or calls.

Come to the required chat and turn on geolocation. Everything. At the time of your dialogue with this person, its coordinates will be available. It was especially well tracked until recently Vaiber. On new versions, the accuracy of determination has become much worse.

And on the telegrams, you can even see how to trace the person by phone number online. There is a route from you to the interlocutor and you can see its coordinates. For example, when you go to each other to meet. However, as soon as a person comes out from this messenger, geolocation is immediately stopped and the point of the last visit is shown.

More specia about how to track the person's route by phone without installing the program, through Viber, Telegram, WhatsApp or VKontakte, can be found in the article " Alignment of the phone number: workers and non-working options "

Method 3. Through IMEI phone

Now about how to track down a person by phone knowing him. Please remember, once and permanently, you can not follow the IMEI of the phone to track its coordinates. This can only be made by special services or police and that if they have good reasons for. A simple person to track the mobile phone on IMEI is impossible.

This is described in detail in the article " Myths and Real Person Tracking Options "

Method 4. Through the services of mobile operators

We want to immediately draw your attention to that in this way you can follow the movement of a person by phone number only with his consent.

MegaFon: the service "Radar". Cost 3 rubles / day. It connects either on the site M.Navigator.megafon.ru, or via USSD request * 140 # or * 140 * 7xxxxxxxxxx #. You enter the desired phone number and your coordinates will be displayed on the map. So you can follow the phone number, if it is located on the territory of the Russian Federation and is connected to another network.

Tele2: GEOPOIS service. Cost 3 rubles / day. To activate the tracking mode, you need to send * 119 * 1 * 7xxxxxxxxxx #. Enter the number of the desired phone, and the surveillance begins to work. How to track another phone number? Just enter the desired * 119 * 2 * 7xxxxxxxxx #.

Beeline: Locator service. Cost 7 rubles / day. To activate this service, you must first send an empty SMS message to the number 5166. And then download the application "Locator". Allows you to track 5 phones at once.

MTS: Locator service. Cost 100 rubles / month. Send USSD request * 111 * 788 #. Then send to the number 6677 SMS message with the word add and the number you need. Also allows you to track the movement of a person by phone number registered on the megaphone.

Method 5. Through the trackers

Trackers programs. These are highly specialized programs that can determine the coordinates, provide free chat and record the environment. Installation quickly, do not hide, i.e. A person will know about the installed program. In the overwhelming majority, answer the question of how to trace where the child's phone is located.

Also can also be used as tracking the location of people in campaigns or on excursions. All phones connected to this program will be displayed on the same card and there will be a general group chat.

You can read in more detail about the tracker applications in the article " Best child tracking programs "


Now you know: what to track the movement of a person by mobile over the Internet can be using REPTILICUS - just once set it to the desired phone!

You also learned how to track the movement of a person by phone number - to go and connect paid services of mobile operators. Works exclusively when the GPS is connected.

After reading our review, you learned about one way, how can you track location through the phone - on installed messengers and social networks.

You will definitely use these knowledge if you really need to track the phone and its location on the map. Just keep in mind that by installing the REPTILICUS program, you will receive another: recording telephone conversations and voice messages, all correspondence and photos (which sends or receives a person on your phone), all saved contacts and installed applications, you can also record the environment and remotely take pictures from the camera. It will be a complete surveillance for the phone, and not a banal location definition.

In any case, the choice is always yours!

On your questions They will answer our consultants!

3 способа узнать, где находится человек по номеру телефона

I tell about ways to find a person, at his phone number. Use these ways, without the consent of a person on your conscience, I am only informative.

I will be pleased if you put thumbs up и Subscribe to the canal

Search for man
Search for man

Method first. Google Service

Google tracks all the phones on Android geolocation. Every day, statistics are collected from the phone, as his owner moved and entering the service and entering the person's account, you can see how it moves. This is necessary for this: - under some kind of pretext, find out the person's data, that is, the password and login from Google account. Everyone has an account, you can see it in the phone settings, because it will not work fully without it

Settings - Accounts
Settings - Accounts
  • As you learned the account data, go to Service (need to click)
  • We introduce all the data that you learned and watch red dots on the map, there was your person

The way is difficult in execution, but if this is your familiar person, under any pretext you can ask for data from the account.

The method of the second. Cellular operators

In different cellular operators, there are services that can be connected and find out where there is a person. I will tell you briefly, for I'm not going to advertise these services. That is, if you are interested, you will have to google.

Beeline Service "Mobile Locator". To make it not noticeable, you need to connect the service and in the menu, select "Find Subscribers", enter his cell phone, and take the phone of this person and confirm his consent. After you can use full. The only bad effect that a person does not know about it that is not good.

MTS The "Locator" service, occurs in the same way, you need to send an SMS with the phone and the name of the owner of the phone, as it will confirm the action, you will be sms about the location of a person. Megaphone

Service navigator
Service navigator

The "Navigator" service is easier here, because the action with the permission is to confirm once. After that, in the service from the megaphone, you can track the owner of the phone.

Third way. Call cellular operator

The most difficult way and is not a fact that it works. The bottom line is that you should learn a cellular operator whose person you check. It is easy, in the worst case you can google by number and the search will give you. How did you recognize the operator, you need to call the support service and under a beautiful pretext, ask to tell where the subscriber is. Operators of course cannot be disclosed by such information, but the human factor has not been canceled, it all depends on your "legend" and from the operator. At best you will learn, you will refuse you at worst.

When the need arises to accurately determine the location of a person by phone number on the Internet offer a lot of paid and free ways. Not all of them give the exact result, because Have a different principle of work. In the article, we will consider free and paid options, programs, sites and operator services. The most frequent occasion when it is necessary: ​​with theft of mobile or see where your child is, a relative. The article is presented solely to familiarize and follow the laws.

If you want to follow my wife, husband, friend, familiar (oh), another person, keep in mind that " Slotting is illegal if there is no court decision ".

The decisive factor in the search for geolocation is the accuracy of determination. The accuracy will be high if the device includes the Internet, GPS navigation or card, or the Find My Device feature. When a person himself activated the definition of the coordinates of the phone on satellites or the number and tower of the communication - it is not a problem, and the accuracy can be defined up to several hundred, tens of meters. Another thing, if you only have a subscriber's phone number - then you will have to use services and third-party programs. They do not guarantee 100% result and have great errors in determining accurate location.

Methods for free location by phone number

From free options to identify the subscriber by phone number:

  • Location of the phone through Google Maps and chronology.
  • Several online sites like: Phone Location and Mobile Tracker, which provide basic information completely free.
  • Device search via remote Android.
  • Through programs and special applications: Real Time GPS Tracker, X-GPS Monitor, Zoemob, Friend Locator, LIFE360: Be in a family circle, I know mom.

Another thing is the service of cellular operators. Often, these are paid options, but if the operator provides the service, it is interested in which users would be satisfied. These services are created primarily to determine the location of the child and family members:

  • MTS search;
  • Service "Locator", "Radar" and "Lighthouse" from megaphone;
  • Beeline-coordinate option, parental control for users Beeline;
  • Tele2 provides a package of tele2 "GEOPOIS +";
  • Vodafone option "Child under supervision".

Consider options and write the pros and cons of each separately.

"Mobile Tracker" - phone location on the map

Mobile tracker Mobile-Tracker.biz and similar sites work on the principle of detecting device activity points with a GSM network. Basic services by definition are provided free of charge. In an extended paid version, developers promise:

  • User geolocation with markers on the map;
  • Accurate online location;
  • Detailed map with detail all routes and movements;
  • Accurate coordinates of the current phone location;
  • History of movements for a certain period of time.

What principle do such trackers work?

All phones, with the included SIM cards of any operator constantly interact with cellular gearboxes for data exchange. To maintain a high GSM communication signal, the cell phone module is looking for the nearest tower to connect. When changing the user's location, its mobile phone switches to another tower for a more stable connection.

Logic is simple - the greater the city - the higher the accuracy, because Enable more tips. In small settlements, the rods are smaller. Mobile tracker sites define the location point on the map in these signals, and how accurately, we will check it.

Checking mobile by phone number on the map

On the main page of the Mobile-Tracker.biz site is a form for entering the number. To determine the subscriber on the map:

  1. From the drop-down list, select the country and the international subscriber number format.
  2. Enter the number in the second field for Russia in format +7 (XXX) XXX-XX-XX .
  3. Click the Search button. Заполните необходимые поля с номером

    Fill in the required fields with the subscriber number

  4. Wait for the device search process: the service will determine the mobile operator, the country and region. Wait for the device's search for

    Wait for the device's search for

  5. Upon completion, the result with the alleged city will appear on the map. Местоположение: результат поиска по номеру телефона на карте

    Search result by phone number on the map

Accuracy checking chromets . If the SIM card was released in another city or region - the site will issue information about the actual place of release of Simkart. If the card bought in Rostov-on-Don and went to Krasnodar, the site will give the first city. What is noteworthy: when you try to check the same number, you will be offered to undergo free registration. And after creating an account, replenish the account.

Pros and cons of service.

  • Pros: big coverage of countries, accurate determination of the operator and the region.
  • Minus: Free check of one number, which is very small.
  • Minus: Inaccurate determination of coordinates, if the SIM card is purchased or operating in another region.

Phone Location - find phone number online

The website [Phone-location.org provides monitoring of PLNet mobile networks. It works as well as the service above the cycling frequency of the Mobile Networks of the GSM and UMTS range. Developers declare the ability to track the device at a distance of 3 meters and track moving online.

Supported operators

On the main page of the site it is written that PLNet accurately determines the position of subscribers from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, the Republic of Kazakhstan. And supports operators:

  1. MTS
  2. Megaphone
  3. Beeline
  4. Tele2
  6. Kcell.
  7. Velcom
  8. Altel.
  9. Vodafone

Check the accuracy of the PHONE Location site

The principle of operation is the same as in the previous example. Open the main Plnet page and fill in all fields, and in the end, compare accuracy with the actual position of the device.

  1. From the drop-down list, choose the country.
  2. We enter the number in international format and click "Data". Заполняем поля на главной странице PLNET

    Fill the fields on the main page

  3. Wait for the search for the nearest cellular stations and GSM steps.
  4. Two windows will open in the final window. There will be information about the operator, country, region and city.
  5. In the right card with current location. Result with information and card

    Result with information and card

Note: Plnet site accurately defined the city for which Simkart was released. The actual location of the service could not be found. It is likely that the algorithm will be more accurate in the paid version.

Pros and Cons Phone Location

Phone Location offers an extensive list of countries and the support of most well-known cellular operators. The site accurately determines the card issue region, but also does not accurately give the actual position. Obvious minuses:

  • When checking the number you will be offered to pass the registration process.
  • Inaccurate determination of the current location.
  • Paid subscription requires 700 rubles .

Phone Location Like Mobile Ttracker has similar functionality, similar to the personal account and the same subscription cost. It comes out to the idea that two sites have one search algorithm that does not give 100% of the result.

Google Maps and Movement Chronology

It's no secret that using Google Services: Gmail mail, search, browser, Play Market You default provide access to some of your data. It also concerns the "Chronology" function, which will use your "Location history" even without your knowledge.

History in chronology - collects and saves data on where you visited the device even when you do not use the company's services. The function is designed to save the places you visited and follow-up recommendations. While it is turned on, all the days are saved in chronology.

How to see, enable and disable chronology?

To see the chronology of movements and seats, you can go through the google.com/maps/timeline?pb link and go to Google account. If you do not have access to the account, you can create a new and "link" it to the child's phone, husband, wife. Red circles will be marked the places you visited. Information is collected as long as you manually disable this option. By default, it is connected in all.

Harological Movement in Google Maps

Harological Movement in Google Maps

How to enable or disable location history

  1. On the chronology page, click the "Location Story" button as an example above.
  2. On the next page, move the slider to the active position. Enable location history

    Enable location history

  3. Second way: Open the main page of your Myaccount.google.com account.
  4. Go to the section "Data and Personalization".
  5. In the "Tracking" panel, you can enable or disable the location history.

For all manipulations, you need to have a login and password from Google Account. But what if you do not know or want to know the future movement of your child? In this case, simply create a new account and tie to the phone.

Create a new account and add to the smartphone

This method will be useful if you want to track the history of movements without a phone number. To begin with, register a new mail account through a computer or your phone. Separately save the login and password. The second step - in the "track tracking" settings, activate the "history" function as in the example above. Before adding an account, do not forget to enable Wi-Fi or Mobile Internet. Then in the phone of the child, relative:

  1. Open the smartphone settings and are looking for "Accounts" or Google Accounts. (Depends on the smartphone model).
  2. Click to the area named account and email address.
  3. Click the "Add Account" button.
  4. The form in which you want to enter the email address will be. Posts and password.
  5. All, now you can go to chronology from your PC or smartphone (https://www.google.com/maps/timeline?pb) and watch the location.

Programs and special applications

Below we will introduce you to a list of programs that will help track the movement of real-time objects. It will be useful to monitor children, relatives, establish control of your cars or animals with GPS beacons. Some programs are suitable for managers, others for parents, others - with a loss or stealing of a mobile phone. Before installing programs - read its descriptions, every person has different goals of their use.

X-GPS Monitor

X-GPS Monitor (the program is available for Android and iOS platforms.) - This is the development of the company "Gdemoi", a professional tool for viewing the movements of people, cars, cargo and transport, as well as animals. The program works paired with GPS beacons and trackers. Next, moving is monitored over the Internet and mobile applications for a PC or smartphone online. It is important to understand that this is not a surveillance, but a working tool for business and people. After installing the tracker and the mobile application you can:

  • Connect the application "X-GPS tracker" to your employee and monitor its move.
  • Effective algorithms allow you to determine accurate geolocation when moving on foot or by car.
  • For employees there are work tools: internal chat, the exchange of tasks with colleagues, the transfer of tasks and work statuses.
X-GPS Monitor

X-GPS Monitor

Find My Device.

Find My Device - the program is designed to locate the lost or stolen device android. It will work with the phone, tablet or smart clock. Allows you to remotely block your smartphone or delete data. This is the development of Google, which does not need a submission and speaks of quality.

Main advantages

  • Mark on maps еWith the current position of the device: smartphone, tablet, clock. If you know the current location, there is no possibility - you will be shown the last registered place;
  • The program proposes to pave the route to the device. To do this, press your finger on the green mark on the map and after the Google card icon; Find My Device in work

    Find My Device in work

  • If the phone was transferred to a silent mode, you can remotely set the maximum volume of sound and call on the smartphone;
  • The removal function of all data and blocking the device. It is possible to display the contact number or message on the screen, which is displayed on the screen. Suddenly the phone will find conscious citizens.

Full list of features of the program:

Advantages of Find My Device

Advantages of Find My Device

Family locator Zoemob

Zoemob Family Locator is a modern application that can get the exact location of family members with GPS tracking. You can watch online on the map for the current location of children. The program works without interruptions 24 to 7. All you need is to install an app on Android phone.

Who will be useful to track service

Target audience of users is parents with children from 8 to 17 years old. Children in our time lead an active lifestyle: go through the streets, make trips to society transport. Go to visit friends and relatives. In most cases, parents themselves are at work, on business trips or trips, and make sure that child safe and in touch is simply necessary .

List of application functions

  • Location on the map: instant display of all family members with the ability to view the history of movements.
  • Family Chat: A free messenger messenger is built into the program. In Zoemob there is a built-in closed channel for communicating between family members.
  • Alert notification: You will receive a message if children are in transport that moves faster than the speed you entered. Suitable for monitoring the movement of school buses or taxis.
  • Place alert: You will receive a message if the family member came to school, home, store or any place marked on the map.

Why is the service important?

Zoemob Important and Useful Service

Zoemob Important and Useful Service

Important: family members should understand that they agree to install this program and tracking their movement by other relatives. Or parents must establish the program to a minor child themselves. After installing on the device, you need to activate GPS navigation. The phone works with GSM networks, but GPS technology allows you to find out the most accurate location.

LIFE360 - Family Locator, GPS Tracker

A family delayer from LIFE360 has similar functionality. The application knows how to display the routes of movement of family members and their mark on the map. The company developer LIFE360 promises the increased accuracy of determining the coordinates. After installing the application and GPS activation, all functions will be available to you:

  • Viewing the coordinates of each other, family members, friends at the invitation link.
  • Developed technologies Circles LIFE360 and LIFE360. It is possible to open your favor to a specific group. (For example, show for parents and hide from friends).
  • Support messaging and conversations in individual chat rooms for participants.
  • Reception and receiving messages about the coordinates of a group or a circle upon arrival in the destination.
  • Tracking lost or stolen device.

Video Presentation LIFE360.

In the short video of the LIFE360 presentation, it is possible to get acquainted with the main features of the application in 30 seconds. It is clearly shown as interaction with cards and marks of relatives.

Play Market has a large selection of this type of programs: where my children are: parental control, family locator. To familiarize yourself with the full list: Run the playing market and enter the keyword keywords in the search bar. Locator " or " Knows mom ".

Applications Locators in Play Market

Applications Locators in Play Market

Services of mobile network operators

Do not everyone know, but most mobile operators provide services for tracking subscribers by mobile phone number. Here is a list from which you can choose the appropriate option, and below we will go through each of them.

  • MTS search;
  • Service "Locator", "Radar" and "Lighthouse" from megaphone;
  • Beeline-coordinate option, parental control for users Beeline;
  • Tele2 provides a package of tele2 "GEOPOIS +";
  • Vodafone option "Child under supervision".

MTS search

MTS Search is suitable for business owners. Their service is aimed at accurate control of traveling employees and transport. The cost begins from 3 rubles per day to corporate clients. Read more with the description of all the possibilities can be found in PDF Presentations: Presentation MTS Search

Using the "Map of Travel" module, you can track all employee routes for a certain period in the form of places where they visited locations and movement schemes. The history of marks and locations of movements is stored in the service until 12 months.

Services from the company MegaFon

MegaFon provides several options for tracking movements:

  1. Locator uses the radar application.
  2. Service beacon.

MegaFon Radar will allow you to find out where your loved ones are located and determines the location of the users based on the data obtained from the honeycomb links. You can manage the service through the site, application or commands in SMS messages. For more information and all functions can be found on the link above.

After registering on the site you need to install the Radar application in Play Market.

Megafon Radar App

Megafon Radar App

Prices and subscription fees for using the locator:

Number of people Daily pay
1 3 rubles
2 4 rubles
3 5 rubles
4 6 rubles
5 7 rubles

The service is a beacon - just an option on the type "Call me back", if the funds ended in an account or there is no possibility to communicate. To send, type a combination * 144 * Subscriber number # And click the call button.

Beeline Coordinates and Parental Control

Beeline Coordinates - a separate service that will determine the location of 5 subscribers in the Beeline network. You can connect children, relatives, loved ones or friends. Of course, it is worth it to obtain the consent of the subscriber to track its movements. Connecting service is free - 0 rubles.

The option is available for connecting only to users of the Beeline operator. Before registration, read the cost of the service for further use:

  • For familiarization, the first 7 days of use of the service are free.
  • Subsequent days, starting with the eighth, the subscription fee of 1.7 rubles per day is charged.

For connecting service:

  1. Go to the site and click the "Connect Free" button. Connect Beeline. Shordinates

    Connect Beeline. Shordinates

  2. On the next page, enter the phone number and code.
  3. For password. Send the code word password to number 4770. The room is free.
  4. Enter the received password in the field (4) and click the Login button. Sign up on Beeline.Cordinates

    Sign up on Beeline.Cordinates

Parental control

Parental control is a service for parents and their children. Suitable for restricting the access of the child's smartphone to unwanted sites, programs and games. You can specify time for recreation, study and entertainment. There is a remote control phone or tablet option. If necessary, it is possible to send an emergency message. You can connect the service by reference above. Connection and the first 7 days of use are free. In the future, the subscription fee is charged 5 rubles per day.

Parental control Beeline

Parental control Beeline

Tele2 "Geopoisk +"

GEOPOIS + for tele2 subscribers will allow you to find friends, children, relatives and loved ones on the map. As well as track location on the map of other people. Connect the service in several ways:

  1. On the official portal GEO.TELE2.RU
  2. By downloading the app for android or iPhone.
  3. Either send ussd entering a combination on the screen * 119 # And click the call button.

Subscription fee for the use of the service - 3 rubles per day (the first 3 days for free). But queries for the definition of location are free. On the official website information on the use of all types: through the site, application or USSD requests as in the example below:

How to use the USSD interface

How to use the USSD interface

Vodafone "Child under the supervision"

For users from Ukraine, Vodafone has developed their program to determine the company's customer card. To activate the service you need:

  • Having a smartphone of a GSM cellular standard;
  • Be a subscriber of the company MTS Ukraine;
  • Located on the territory of Ukraine, respectively.

Poisk.Vodafone.ua has 4 main directions:

  1. "Obid" - to determine the place of friends, relatives, children by phone number.
  2. Vodafone Compass - to search for an object or a certain place on the map.
  3. Monitoring employees - provides a unique system for organizations and business owners. Monitoring the movement and work of the team.
  4. Vodafone Navigator is monitoring and tracking vehicle movements.
Services Internet resource Poisk.Vodafone.ua

Services Internet resource Poisk.Vodafone.ua

Of the advantages it is worth noting that it does not require special configuration and installation of additional programs to use the site.


Today we tried to provide maximum information as tracing a person and locate a person by phone number. The article has many options for free ways: sites, programs and special operator services. To begin with, decide on your requests: follow the juvenile children for security purposes, this is normal. But the illegal surveillance of man without consent will entail responsibility. For business owners, professional services and applications from MTS, biline or megaphone are suitable, with which you can get acquainted above. And for moms and parents, an extensive list of free programs in Play Market.

Sometimes unexpected situations occur, requiring urgently to find a person at his mobile phone number. Most often, relatives are engaged in such things that cannot reach their elderly parents or young children in time. The situation may be serious enough, and there is no time for reading the article. Therefore, it is recommended to familiarize yourself with possible options in advance so that they are simply applied in the critical situation.

Geolocation capabilities


This is the definition of the location of a person at the signal of its mobile phone. The search is made using a satellite network, LBS (Location Based Service), as well as using base stations of operators.

On a note!

The satellite network allows you to determine the location of the person by defining the time for which the signal comes from the phone to the satellite. Using telephony stations, information is based on the signal strength on nearby antennas.

Some restrictions on technology for operators stations that are able to play a decisive role in a difficult life situation:

  1. It will not be possible to determine the location of a person. Geolocation can be mistaken by 50 or more meters in large cities. In rural areas, everything is much worse. If the tower is one on a tens of kilometers, then the search range will be just such. Therefore, the search engaged in the grandmother's forest is a difficult task.
  2. Disabled phone cannot be trapped. If the child got a battery, or he intentionally turned off the power, it will be quite difficult to find it.
  3. Track the location of a person is possible only with personal consent. Everything else is punishable by law.
  4. The search request can be sent no more than every 5 minutes.

How to find out the location of man

Currently, even providers provide services for the definition of a place in which a person is at a particular point. But the service is paid, and the consent of the owner of the device will have to be all equal. There is at least 5 different ways to find out the location of a friend or relative.

Operator services

Each major mobile company has a similar service. Just so the data on the subscriber will not be disclosed. It will be necessary to get his consent.


The service is supplied using the "Locator" application. To connect it, you can use one of the methods:

  • Run the request * 111 * 7883 #;
  • Send SMS to number 6677, in the text, specify the phone, followed by a surveillance;
  • Through the Center for Technical Support Subscribers, by calling 0890.

mts lokator

The trial version of the program together with the service is provided free of charge. For further use you will have to pay, the amount is very small.


It offers the service "Radar", which is connected by the USSD command * 140 #. To determine the location of a person by its mobile phone number, you will need to type * 140 * 7xxxxxxxxxxxxxx #, where 7xxxxxxxxxx is the phone number.

The cost is low and amounts to about 3 p per day. But the permission to track the owner of the number will have to get. You can enter into the search and phone numbers of subscribers of other mobile networks.


The locator service for connectivity requires sending SMS to number 5166. You can still download the application to the smartphone facilitating the search. The cost of "locator" is slightly higher than in other networks and is about 7 rubles per day. And you can track no more than 5 numbers.

Monitoring information on the Internet

geolokacija v internete

If you want to follow a unconscious man, about which, in addition to the phone number, it can be known, then you can use the Internet. You just need to drive the number in the following places:

  • Google and similar search engines;
  • social networks;
  • Forums.

Search engines allow you to capture many sites on which the user left its phone number. After analyzing the information received, you can make an impression of a person as well as his habits.

On a note!

Sites about the search for work can also be useful. The user's summary reflects complete information about its work places and, accordingly, movement routes.

Pages in social networks have most people. It is there that you can find out the full name (if it is indicated exactly), friends, as well as the latest visits. People often leave geolocation data on their photos and posts. If there is no such information on the page, it is advisable to visit people in the list of friends.

Program-direction finder

In mobile application stores there are several programs that allow you to track the location of the person using the GPRS system. In addition, the program is able to inform third parties information about user movements.

Such applications are most free and require only connecting to the Internet and the GPRS system. But it is not necessary to abuse this method without the permission of the owner of the phone.

Appeal to the police

Knowing a room can be applied to law enforcement agencies that have the necessary resources for search. This method is good only for the search for criminals or missing. Simple curiosity in the police will not satisfy.


The authorities send a request to the mobile network operator and receive all the necessary information, up to the printout of the last phone calls. But with the most likely to be interested in a person, they will not provide any information.

Use Viber

It is necessary in the settings of the messenger dialogue with a specific person to translate the slider opposite "sending geolocation data" to the "Included" position. Now the label with the location of the subscriber will be attached to each message. That is, the recipient, to whom the owner of the smartphone allowed the departure of the labels, will see its location.

On a note!

You can enable this feature and secretly. For this you need only a few minutes and the phone of a person, the surveillance of which must be organized. But do not forget that such actions are unlawful.

How not to become a victim of fraudsters

On the Internet, on request, you can find many offers, which are promised for little money or free to determine the locations of the person. You should not trust.

moshenniki v internete

In order to find out where the subscriber is located, it is necessary to connect a special service of the mobile network operator, to establish a special program or cause any interest of the internal affairs organs. In any other case, accurate information can be obtained. And those people who offer to do it for money are simple scammers.

Tips to calculate rogues:

  1. You should not spend money on the purchase of a mobile network operator database. They strictly follow the leakage of information.
  2. No need to introduce your data on third-party sites offering to find a person by phone number. This fraudulent scheme takes money.
  3. It is important to enjoy a protected compound that can save from viruses.
  4. Do not download unverified files from the network, they may contain viruses. Especially on sites offering a person's search services.
  5. No need to forget that the definition of a place where the person is located without his consent is illegal activities for which a serious penalty threatens. True, for this, a person will have to go to law enforcement agencies.

Only five simple rules are able to keep in the integrity of the funds in the wallet and on the bank card, as well as protect the computer and the smartphone from viral files.

poisk cheloveka

To find a person by his mobile phone number is simply, but for this it will be necessary to resort to one of the legitimate methods mentioned above. Such information is relevant for parents or friends who wish to always stay in touch. Also benefit can bring geolocation when searching for missing people or criminals. But idle interest is better not satisfied in this way, since it is possible to suffer responsibility in the form of a fine.

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