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Как всегда выигрывать в Крестики Нолики. Показываю тактику, при которой нельзя проиграть
Surely Everyone played in the game Kresty Noliki And everyone had a desire to find some way with whom you will only win your opponent. However, it was not every Internet before. Now, absolutely any schoolboy can see some tactics for endless victory. By the way, by the way, the game in the crossbars of Noliki lost the following popularity and play it only on boring lessons. Well, we are not about it. Let's learn those tactics with which you will always win. We will have only 9 seats. No difference for what you will play, it is important that you go first (if you go for 0, then just change in my tactics 0 on x). But if you go the second, then these tactics you Anyway will help , because knowing them will be easy to go around the loss.

How to always win in the crossbars. Showing tactics at which you can not lose
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Surely Everyone played in the game Kresty Noliki And everyone had a desire to find some way with whom you will only win your opponent. However, it was not every Internet before. Now, absolutely any schoolboy can see some tactics for endless victory. By the way, by the way, the game in the crossbars of Noliki lost the following popularity and play it only on boring lessons. Well, we are not about it. Let's learn those tactics with which you will always win. We will have only 9 seats. No difference for what you will play, it is important that you go first (if you go for 0, then just change in my tactics 0 on x). But if you go the second, then these tactics you Anyway will help , because knowing them will be easy to go around the loss.

Lti photo to the right

Tactics №1 - If you go from the corner

As you can see in any situation you will win, you will even have 1 place
As you can see in any situation you will win, you will even have 1 place
How to always win in the crossbars. Showing tactics at which you can not lose
As you can see in any situation you will win, you will even have 1 place
How to always win in the crossbars. Showing tactics at which you can not lose
As you can see in any situation you will win, you will even have 1 place
How to always win in the crossbars. Showing tactics at which you can not lose
As you can see in any situation you will win, you will even have 1 place
How to always win in the crossbars. Showing tactics at which you can not lose
As you can see in any situation you will win, you will even have 1 place
How to always win in the crossbars. Showing tactics at which you can not lose
As you can see in any situation you will win, you will even have 1 place
How to always win in the crossbars. Showing tactics at which you can not lose
As you can see in any situation you will win, you will even have 1 place

Tactic number 2 - If you go from

If you go from the side, you will also easily win
If you go from the side, you will also easily win
How to always win in the crossbars. Showing tactics at which you can not lose
If you go from the side, you will also easily win
How to always win in the crossbars. Showing tactics at which you can not lose
If you go from the side, you will also easily win
How to always win in the crossbars. Showing tactics at which you can not lose
If you go from the side, you will also easily win

Tactics №3 - If you go from the center

Here already more complicated, but still you can also win, the main thing is to know tactics
Here already more complicated, but still you can also win, the main thing is to know tactics
How to always win in the crossbars. Showing tactics at which you can not lose
Here already more complicated, but still you can also win, the main thing is to know tactics

Output : Here I showed You have some types of tactics at which it is impossible to lose. Keep yourself for the future, perhaps it will be useful for you. Naturally There are thousands of different tactics. but I showed you The most basic . Today I am saying goodbye to you, until).

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Noliki crosses belong to the categories of solved games. So - the mathematical strategy of winning exists. You only need to figure out the rules a little and you can go constantly to win.

The easiest way to win the one who goes first. An experienced "athlete" is always the first progress to put a cross in the corner: so the opponent has more chances for a mistake. The enemy put 0 anywhere, except the central cell? All, you can open champagne.

How to constantly win in cross-noliki

But when the opponent goes the first, and even causally puts 0 directly to the center, such a strategy will not fit. Now the option is two: either to wait for his mistakes, or to reduce the game to a draw - so you can do in any case.

Actually, not even familiar with the winning strategies, a person will be able to get used in the game pretty quickly. Moreover, if you start the move from the same angle: it is worth trying to embarrass the opponent, otherwise the noliki cross will become too predictable.

How to win in noliki cross

Each of us, at least once in my life, played the famous noliki crossbars, trying to build in a row or diagonally 3 crosses or 3 talked on a ninethellular field. If you have trained enough in this game, then, for sure, you know that two experienced players always finish a batch in a draw, and it makes the game for them uninteresting. In this article, you will read about how to win in noliki cross or, at least, not lose, and also learn all the tricks and secrets of the passage of this popular game.

A little about the rules. The goal of the game is to build 3 of the same figures (3 crosses or 3 nolik) horizontally, vertically or diagonally before you make your partner on the game. The game of cross-tick-tags begins with a player's move, which puts a cross in any cage on the game field three to three (we note right away that it has much more chances to win than that of the opponent). After that, the second player puts on any free zelik. Then the cross again walks. Then again zolik. And so continues as long as:

  1. Someone from the players will not build in a row or diagonally 3 crossed or 3 talked, and as a result of which will be recognized as the winner;
  2. There will be no free cells, and the field will not be three running in a row of the same figures - in this case a draw is declared.

Tactics Krestikov

Field for Grubbread-NolikiThe first move of crosses. The most advantageous position is the middle of the playing field, or as noted in the cell diagram No. 5. It is here that you should enter your figure if this cell is free, and that is why novice crossings always have an advantage. Through the central cell, you can build the most possible options for winning: two diagonals, one horizontal and one vertical.

The second course of crosses. After you have done the first move, putting a cross in the center, you can wait for the enemy's move. In general, he has only 2 possible options for action: to put a talker in one of the "angular" cells (№1, №3, №7 and №9) or place its figure in cells No. 2, No. 4, No. 6 or no 8. And it should be immediately noted that your ability to win is already fundamentally depends on this stroke.

If a player chooses one of the non-diagonal cells No. 2, №4, №6 or number 8, then you have a win-win strategy. In other words, you can win with a probability of 100%, if you know how to act correctly. This algorithm is described in the Scheme below. First of all, you need to put a cross with your second progress in the angular cage, forcing the opponent to defend themselves. And then you take another free corner cell, as a result of which you have 2 rows, where only one cross lacks (this is shown on the last field of the circuit). Wherever the opponent has put his talker, you will win in any case, having a spare strategy.

Algorithm Victory Krestikov

If your opponent's own opponent chooses cells №1, №3, №7 and №9, then you do not have an absolute winning strategy, and you should only be revealed for the second inattention player that in such a simple game it is quite rare.

The third and subsequent moves of the cross. The further moves of the "cross" should be aimed at building 3 own figures in a number, as well as to prevent unlikely, but still there are 3 figures in a row in a row.

Also, "cross" in order to win can start not only from the central cell, but also with the corner. Read more about this here.

Algorithms of the moves of Nolikov

If you fell to the zolikov, in most cases you have to fight only for a draw. However, you have chances to win if you play with a completely inexperienced player.

The first move of the zolikov. If a player number 1 for some reason did not take the central cell - boldly put a zealik and act further, relying on the strategy of the cross-described above. But, most likely, the central cell at the time of your initial move will be occupied. In this case, do not commit an unforgivable mistake and do not put a tann in cells No. 2, No. 4, No. 6 or No. 8, and choose only diagonal cells No. 1, No. 3, No. 7 and No. 9.

The second and subsequent moves. Further moves of "Nolikov" should be aimed at stopping the attempts of "cross" to put 3 figures in a row, and if possible, to build 3 tongues, which is practically impossible.

All game strategies

On the chart below, which can be found in Wikipedia, there are possible strategies for victories and draws in the game of cross-tag on the field in 9 cells. All victorious strategy tactics and algorithms of nolikov


I hope this article has become an assistant to you in the tricks of nolikov's tricks, including money and at stripping, and you now know some necessary tactics and strategies in order to win (or at least not lose) in this wonderful game. And if you have comments, reviews and suggestions - Leave them below.

In addition, we recommend you to familiarize yourself with another strategy of Nolikov 3 on 3 by reference.

Good day and good mood. In this article I share the strategies of the victory of the game of cross-noliki, knowing which you can win always and everyone.

Already after the first response of the opponent, it becomes known, you can win or will be a draw. In school, I was a champion in the tournament of the Krubs of Nolikov, I played not knowing the defeat, regardless of whether I go or second, I play for the cross or for the znolikov, there was no chance to win me.

Noliki cross, rules

The playing field is a square of 3x3 cells drawn on a paper sheet and divided by nine cells. An easier option is to draw two horizontal lines, and two vertical lines. If you play online - the playing field draws the program on the screen of your device.

Who to play for the cross, players agree among themselves, either throw lots, on, after each game, players in turn playing for cross.

The first move makes the player playing with crosses into any cell. The second move behind a player playing a tag - he remains 8 free cells, it is impossible to walk in already busy cells.

How to play cross-tagGaming box for the game of cross-zoliki

The player who first built (within the playing field) line from three of its characters: horizontal, vertical or diagonally. In total, there are 8 combinations of such lines in the field of 3x3:

  1. Horizontal lines (1, 2, 3,), (4, 5, 6), (7, 8, 9)
  2. Vertical lines (1, 4, 7), (2, 5, 8), (3, 6, 9)
  3. Diagonal lines (1, 5, 9), (3, 5, 7)

Victory Strategy, Step-by-step video instruction

A small video clip, with real examples of the game in the noliki cross against the computer. See, the robot cannot win a person in such a simple game)))

The analysis of the algorithm of the game of the nolikov crossbars, depending on the first turn

Two options for the game are possible:

  • Draw. Empty cells ended on the playing field and nowhere to go.

The option "You lost", we do not consider, as those who have read this article to the end does not threaten. All the time I will not teach you, but I will tell you how you can always reduce the game to a draw.

For the convenience of the story, each square of the playing field designated numbers, from 1 to 9: (5) - the central cell; (1), (3), (7), (9) - angular cells; (2), (4), (6), (8) - lateral cells.

Digital designation of the playing field cells

Please note that the central cell (5) controls 4 out of 8 possible lines at once, where you can build three in a row: two diagonal lines, one central and one vertical line.

The angular cells control only three lines - one vertical, one horizontal, and one diagonal. The sidecale participates in the construction of only two lines - one horizontal and one vertical, so strategically beneficial to the first move to occupy the center, the second move is to occupy an angular cell.

So as not to stretch the story, I will consider one combination for each version of the first move. If, in my example, the zolics went to the angular cell (1), and in your case an angular cell (3), (7) or (9), then mentally expand the field and continue to go to the algorithm outlined below.

Situation number 1, crosses go to the center

The advantage of the cross is that they are first progress to occupy a central cell (5), 8 free cells remain zolikov for the response stroke - 4 corner and 4 lateral cells.

Everything is solved on this move. A second player comes with any angular cell (1, 3, 7, 9) - it turns out a draw. If the zoliki will take the side cage (2, 4, 6, 8), the player will lose, the crosses won.

The development of the game if the cross went to the centerFig. 1, crosses go to the center

In our example, the noliki went into the side cage (8), the cross-pass crossing occupy any angular cell, for the example the cell (1) and receive a line of two crosses (see Fig. 1, position 3).

The main wisdom of the game and the foundation of the entire tactics holds on two principles:

  1. Occupy the cell that will bring you an immediate victory;
  2. If there is no such cell, occupy a cell that will bring an immediate victory to the opponent.

Noliki cannot win on their own progress and according to the second principle occupy a cell (9), in turn forming a line of two testers (position 4, Fig. 1).

Crossings, occupying a cell (7) neutralize a threat from the side of the zero and at the same time build two lines from their figures. For victory, the next move, cross will need to take a cell (3) or (4), position5, Fig.1.

Building when one run is created at once two threats are called fork. The opponent can neutralize only one of two possible victorious options.

Noliki in the sixth step taking a cell (3) block one threat from the cross (position 6, Fig. 1).

The crosses on the principle 1, go to the cage (4) and win, the noliki converging the first to its side in the side cage - lost.

Situation number 2, crosses go to the center

Consider how not to lose to the nolikov when the center was taken by the center. So as not to lose this meeting, the nolikas need to take the angular cell. No matter what, your taste (1), (3), (7) or (9). For example, take (1), see Figure 2, Position 2.

How to win in crossbars, if you goFig. 2, crosses go to the center. Option 2.

Cross, again, without a difference, wherever they go, get a line of two figures, (see Fig. 2, position 3). Noliki, the move in the opposite angular cell, is closed with a line of cross, and create their own threat, building a line by vertical 2 - 7 (Fig. 2, position 4). The crosses go to square (4), the talkers are responsible to the square (6) (see Fig. 2, position 5 and 6).

The cross remains the last chance to build a winning combination vertically 2-5-8, going into a cell 2 or 8. No matter how crosses went, the remaining side cell should be occupied (2) or (8). The only move is available to the cross - take the last free cage (9). Their is completed by draw.

For the plug with the cross, with this beginning of the game, it will not be possible to build, but they will not give to the nolikov. If intense, after the 6th step, the talkers are going to the angular cell (9) instead of side (2) or (8), then the crosses will win the victory by building a horizontal line (2) - (5) - (8).

The option when the cross is the second course instead of the corner cell will go into the side, also comes down to any. No one will be able to build a plug for victory, unless of course the opponent will not succumb to.

Situation number 3, crosses go to the corner

You play cross again, now for diversity we go into the angle, without any difference, which angular cell out of four (Fig. 3, position 1).

Now the course of the nolikov, as in the situation number 1, the outcome of the game depends on this stroke. If the noliki went to the side cage, then you build a plug and win.

Cross-tag, if cross went into the cornerFig. s, cross the first move went to the angular cage

In the case of zolikov on the side cage, fig. 3 Position 2, crosses occupy another angular cage, forming a threat - a line of two figures, fig. 3, Position 3. The second course of crosses is one of two attached cells, it is impossible to walk into the opposite angular cell.

The center, the cell (5) is deliberately left blank for zolikov. Often, zoliki instead of covering your threat to the side cage (2), joyfully occupy the center.

If the enemy caught a trick and went into a cage (5), we occupy a cell (2) and the line was built (1) - (2) - (3)

We will not underestimate the opponent, and in step 4 closed our threat to the side cage (2), the crossways left, how to occupy a central cell (5) and build a plug (Fig. 3, position 5).

Now, wherever Nolik does not press, we will remain free one of two angular cells (7) or (9), the move in which will bring us victory.

In case the noliki is the first progress of the center or the angular cell, then there will be a draw. Winno the observance can only in the case of your inattention. But in our examples, we do not consider the options when any of the parties will do an unproduced move.

Situation number 4, crosses go to the side cage

The move itself in terms of the future victory is not justified. Exodus options - draw, or loss in mindfulness.

A combination when you put yourself in a tactically unprofitable position from the first move on your own, based on the above two principles of the game - to make the move that you will bring victory if there are no such moves - occupy a cage that can bring a victory to the opponent.

Rendise, pearl thread, gomoku, five in a row

When you have become closely and boring in a 3x3 game field, and play three in a row is no longer sporty, go to a big game area.

Rendise - a desktop logic game for two players, was also known in ancient China and Japan. Sports option classic nolikov cross.

The rendise playing field has dimensions from 15x15 and more. This is where the space for strategies and tactics begins. Each party is unique, from the first two moves it is already unrealistic to determine whose side will take up.

The same player wins, first built a line of five figures of his color. The line can be in any direction - diagonally, vertically, horizontally.

For the convenience of playing long lines (five in a row), crosses and zoliki should be different in color. Otherwise, the eye closes and other people's chips can be taken for their own, because They are one color, albeit different shapes. In the classic version of chips (stones, circles) which players go, - have black and white color.

According to the rules, the first move is made by black and they are forbidden to make forks 3x3, 4x4, as well as a row of 6 and more "stones" of their color in a row.

But the black can make forks with a size of 3x4, when two crossed lines are formed in one stroke - one three stone long, the second of 4 stones. So there is no reason to relax at the one who plays white.

White, for what follows - have the following advantages:

  • Can build forks of any size and any multiplicity;
  • Victory White brings a line not only 5 in a row, but also from a larger number of stones;
  • For their victory, white can force to build a black line of 6 and more stones in a row.


The player can miss the move if he is currently not profitable to change the location of its stones on the playing field.

If both players are in a row abandoned the stroke, a draw is announced.

All free cells ended - draw.

It turns out, the player can still miss the move, because he has nowhere to walk.

Gomoku, differences from Rendzu

  1. For black there are no fouls (prohibited moves), and black can build forks of any multiplicity and length.
  2. A row of six and more stones of one color does not bring victory to any of the sides.

Gomoku have softer rules, for the convenience of playing in ordinary life. Rendise rules are oriented towards sports.

Important conclusions

Learn how to win in crossbars, you can be a couple of minutes. I put a bet with friends that I would not lose. Bets to win risk to conclude, because A high probability of anything, however, the bet can be concluded after the opponent made his first response and you have already known the result.

For victory or anything, a cross - always go to the center, if you play with nolikov - make the first retaliatory move in the angular cage.

When you get tired so having fun, it means it's time to go to a higher level - rendise. The game on the 15x15 field is more fascinating, now you will need strain with gyms.

My childhood did not have computer games and applications for smartphones, it was enough for us for a fun game a notebook sheet into a cage and a pencil. In winter, the streets played in the streets in the street, drawing a gaming field with a 3x3 sprig on the snow. I repent, even played on the desk, drawing a handle or pencil on the table top - now I know that it is impossible to do so.

Wrongs to play in the noliki crosses were a favorite way to pass the time to change on boring lessons, because unlike a sea battle you can play absolutely silently and no longer demasked themselves to whisper on the floor of the coordinate coordinates of a rocket strike for four deck cruisers.

Now the games of childhood on the logic acquired the "mobile" character and switched to online, but the rules of the game and the strategy of victory remained the same. Having mastered the simple algorithm from this notes, you can easily win noliki crossbar according to the 3x3 scheme, and will never lose a living person anymore or a computer.

I have a request for you - write in the comments, what do you like puzzles and logical games? Perhaps using your prompts to choose the topic of the new note. I am writing on different topics, based on my interests and interests of readers, one - twice a month I make a newsletter on the most popular materials. For those who have not yet been signed on my blog, I suggest.

You all are good, yours sincerely, Alexander Whzyyshev.

There is not a single person who would not play this primitive game. At the same time, few people think that in it there may be their victory strategies or even minimizing losses through a draw. Yes, yes, we are in full, now everyone will explain and clearly demonstrate. Only TS-S-C-C, nobody!

Field "Three-on-three", two players, two figures, we all know the rules from the diaper. What could be easier?! However, the tree of game situations, that is, possible scenarios for the development of events, for the game of cross-tag consists of 25,5168 knots. This number is obtained as the sum of all possible options of moves: 9 options in the first step, 8 - for each of 9 in the second step, 7 - on each of the 72 options in the third step, and so on, minus the situations of the early end of the game (win). This, of course, not chess, but also a lot.

It should be understood that if there are two experienced people who know all the wisdom in the noliki cross, then the party per party will end with a draw, that is, the winner will appear only if the opponent is mistaken. And this is bad news. The good is that not everyone is familiar with the victory strategies in this game.

Before you reveal all the secrets of the game, let's figure it out in our terminology. For simplicity, we will always walk first, but about respectively, second. The term "corner" indicates all four angular fields, "side", respectively, not an angular field on each of the four sides. Well, the Center is the center, if someone suddenly did not understand. The indices after x and o show the round, that is, X1 is the first X. played. The game is absolutely symmetrical, it can be rotated in any direction, and the result will be the same. For example, if you start in the lower right corner, the principles of the game will be the same as in the upper left corner. Let's go.

Your course is the first. We start with the corner

In such a situation, everything is quite simple. The guru of the nolikov crosses with this situation is considered to be optimal to walk in any of the four corners. Guaranteed winnings in the figure below.

Please note that regardless of where O3 is located, x will win. The beauty of the "angular method" is that with such a situation there are seven guaranteed victorious schemes. In fact, the only place where I could win - the center, but about it is slightly lower.

Your course is the first. We start from

When you start attacking from any of the four sides, the number of guaranteed victorious circuits drops to two. The main thing is to know when playing this method, - x2 must necessarily touch O1.

If the enemy put on the side, and the corner nearest to you, it is wiser to place x2 in the corner opposite from O1

From this position you have only 50% of the chances of winning, otherwise a draw awaits you.

Finally, let's look at what happens when O1 is in the center. Houston, we have problems. Ideally, zerite, maybe at this moment your opponent will dramatically turn off, then you will not need to continue the party. If this did not happen, gather. There are a couple of combinations that will help you lure the enemy trap:

There is still a couple of other places where the enemy can deliver O2. Most likely they will lead to a draw.

Your course is the first. Start from the center

The center is always a great place to start. Everything is simple here: if your opponent puts O1 on one of the sides, then you put x2 in any of the corners and celebrate the victory:

If O1 chooses an angular field, then you must put x2 to the angle opposite diagonally and wait for O2. Most likely the party will look like this:

Your move is the second. X stands in the corner

As you notice, whenever O1 is on the side, X is guaranteed to win. Consequently, never put O1 on the side! If you put O1 in an angle, it also will not bring anything good. Optimal move - o1 in the center. Thus, you at least guaranteed to get a draw.

Your move is the second. X stands on the side

In the event that X1 stands on the side, our optimal choice, as mentioned above, is the center of the field. From there you should try to block all the chances of the opponent to the victory and is guaranteed to get a draw. But there are good news: in fact, you can win if you go the second. This example was already here:

There are few more cases when the victory will be yours. They suggest the placement of O1 in the corner and hope for the best. Although, by and large, a similar victory is rather luck than logic.

Your course is the second. X stands in the center

Such a split is very bad, oh, in this case there is no chance of winning. True, there is always the opportunity to not lose. Boldly put O1 in any of the corners - the further game is guaranteed to take a draw.

Miscellaneous-Noliki game is well acquainted with a zerosloma, Imalyush. Playing more, it is important to leave the discharge last decision. If the crosses or the player's noliki are unimproving hard or podiaagonal, tonalizes defeat. To ignore the surplus position, you need to know the secret of how to win sprigs-noliki.

How to win sprigs-zoliki?

The most popular is the game of a manifold field. The field is three square sorridge yatriyovali.

As always, first draw the field, the cross is Inolik. The first question that I wanted to clarify is Voznoli to win urgent if a pumpkins? The answer is affirmative, since the cross of this fight always goes first.

Advanced competitions need to be set over chorudali or podiaagonal three identical strokes. Follow ETJ need faster than a partner to play. The first toversion walks the cross. For the first player, there are more chances of the hype. The second move will be designed for the talker.

How easy is it easy to defeat the cross?

The most advantageous first step is the founder of the field. This cell gives the advantage to the player to walk in all right, noipodiagonal. Waigkey appears a chance to build three figures hardly:

  • diagonally two lines;
  • vertical is one line;
  • Horizontal - one line.

After the second step of the opponent, the first Nolik will appear. Depending on the opponent, the enemy put it, the further line of defense is built.

Theoretically, the enemy has two options:

  • put a zolik aqueous overhead of the lateral cells;
  • Put the zero-tosit of cells that do not go through a diagonal at number 2, 4, 6, 8. This step can become decisive for the outcome of the battle.

Kresty Noliki game how to defeat

Now the hungry walking by the cross appears a high probability of winning, Anebyt defeated. The second step is to build an attack. You need to put a cross in a wide corner cell. It is necessary that diagonal passed through it. This position will encourage the opponent to build a line of protection.

The third passage of the cross will be captured by another corner cell. This is necessary in order to obtain as many rows as possible, which lacks the ingur with a century. Thus, we will send a position in front of the opponent. Tychiki Nolik's point has not served his figure, Ukrentika will always be with another option.

If the opponent put the chamber of your battle with the shape of the chamber at number 1, 3, 7, 9- odds will try to become low, although the opponent's date is called.

The victory strategy is to rasp the line of the same figures of Pogorizontali or twisted. How to make it easy to increase the chance of raising? You need to put the first figure to the center or vug.

Scheme of strokes for spine

For players fighting Znolkov's post, won much more difficult. After all, the right of the first strike of this game is expensive. Here you need to try to go out, Avsluda inattention or the inexperience of the opponent even appears a chance of a hype.

Nolik's first step (aloud, if the opponent has not served his figure to the center) - to put a tedious number 5. Further tactics will be similar to Nata, which was prescribed cross. If the cell number 5 will be occupied by a cross, you need to select diagonal cells with samors 1, 3, 7, 9.

The following blows of opponents should go parallel to the in grade constructing a number of rows of figures.

How to walk Nolikom

Find out how to constantly win, you can solve the study of the scheme.

If the cross made his first course, the central, astrase the angular cell, the torple appears two options for the development of the game strategy.

As soon as the nolik is like a center, the opponent needs to quickly be the opposite depleting stroke angle. In this case, Unolika swing will be two steps. What excess will be selected by the outcome of the battle. Suppose Nolik will put a figurine a nonuminal cell. Then the cross will begin to defend himself, Ibitan will end in friendship. Naesli The position of the enemy will be marked by a vodogl cell, cross will be able to make a kind of "plug" to write the remaining corner.

how to win in crossbars

How to make the cross all the time won? Need to follow next tactics:

  • take the center;
  • make the nolikov start protection;
  • Build a "plug" of extensions.

There is such a strategy when the zagon is triggered, acresky is put up with an eye. Then the zolik begins to build podiaagonals, the Nokresses of Itut takes the last free corner. The result is a fork.

How to win sprigs-zoliki 3 × 3 and cells?

This popular game is very useful for the development of the logic of infrastructure, because there is a lot of programming of imathematics.

Wigre 3NA 3 cells The main reason for the loss of one of the game is the first progress. It is it that is determined by a further chain of events. In order for the second player to have a forget of the Injoint, he needs the whole first move, which will be made after the initial strike, put his figure to the center of the field or driving the heating. This will allow him to occupy a strategically important place, and the need for the need to block the point to block the threat. Writing 3D is the first impact strategy.

An interesting variety of battle is the three-dimensional 3N 3D 3. Here the competition is conducted by Vkub. Winning is assigned to the player who will take the top central field. Vehi struggle unwinds to be a draw. You can win, taking the central position of Napole, the attack of the position of the moves, diametrically opposed to each other.

For the complication of the competition of winning winning, the players were invented by the Sylverman's playing field of 4th 4k. Waying the player's goal is to draw up direct topiper of the same figures. The battle strategy for the first player is the vatake of the way the opponent's moves. Wtach version of the game is unprecedented. The worst option for the start of the Napolete 2 competition is 4. The opposition of podiagonal. Noweat case of a supervised player always have six options. As the practice of the Ianalysis of the battle, Higerokov, who made the first progress of this game, have huge benefits. In order to change the conditions to support the game, the main diagonals for victory are unchecked. In this case, for winning the first progress, it is unnecessary to make a periodic diagonal.

Support 4Na 4 can play a coat version of the game - "crazy cross-tag". Here the figures will unstable the use of kigen. Won the one who will gather the first few of the favorite four figures.

How to play cross-tag 5 on 5 cells?

The game is 5N for a 5 fourth, the nobrinsype of the omnication so as if Ivigre is mocked by the cells. The main tactics of the competition is the compilation of forks that the opponent's recent opportunity to build a number of out of 5figur. For the game to be a long and interesting, for the first player install special rules. It is impossible to build more than two forks, the attack is forbidden to create forks to the outlet of the 3rd 3 and 34N. 4. Compliance with these conditions opens the chances to the second player. It is noteworthy that this version of the competition can be skipped one move. But, if the metering player will miss the move, the moment ends against a draw.

How to play cross-tanks 10 for 10 cells?

The gaming fields 10 × 10 and15 × 15 are boards called Gomoku. This is a fascinating sports game that is popular for the world. The main moment of the competition is to draw up a series of identical shapes. To calculate the moves, there are many algorithms and even computer calculations.

Noliki crosses for 10 cells

It is necessary to know that one figure affects the overseas figures of the five cells of the scoundrel side of the sfigur. The main goal of playing is to prevent the enemy to put three figures in a row.

It is necessary to act in the hook, building first the chain of the edded of the figures, then three, four and the additional reads. As a housing level, the second player always goes away behind the first, so he needs to thoroughly think through every move.

The game came Knam since the day. Today there are many options for the competition: Nabumage, benchmarks. Winternet exist virtual games, which play real people playing, make rates and are in painting real money. It is eager to remember that the complexity of the battle increases the throat of the game field. With an online game, there is no guarantee that your opponent is Nemashin, which is a progress of several solutions of Ialgorithm. That is why the online game requires an explanation of the attention of urgency.

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