Shoe size table

детская ортопедическая обувь

Foot length in cm The size
10.5 17.
eleven 18
11.5 19
12 19.5
12.5 twenty
Foot length in cm The size
Foot length in cm The size
10.5 17.
eleven 18
11.5 19
12 19.5
12.5 twenty
thirteen 21.
13.5 22.
14 22.5
Foot length in cm The size
Foot length in cm The size
14.5 23.
15 24.
15.5 25.
16 25.5
16.5 26.
Foot length in cm The size
Children's orthopedic shoes
Foot length in cm The size
17. 27.
17.5 28.
18 28.5
18.5 29.
19 thirty
19.5 31.
twenty 31.5
Foot length in cm The size
Teenage, adult
Foot length in cm The size
20.5 32.
21. 33.
21.5 33.5
22. 34.
22.5 34.5
22.8. 35.
23. 35.5
23.5 36.
23.8. 37.
24. 37.5
24.5 38.
24.8. 38.5
25. 39.
25.4 40.
25.7 41.
26. 42.
26.7 43.
27.3 44.
27.9 45.
28.6. 46.5.
29,2 48.5
Foot length in cm The size

How to measure the length of the foot

how to measure the length of the foot

Welcome to the online store of the company "OSTODA"!

Consult and make the order of goods you can by phone

 8 (495) 2-5555-24 ext. 717.

Recommendations for the purchase of goods In the online store

Dear online store visitors!

We sincerely thank you for choosing the company "Ortoda"! Please note: We sell orthopedic and comfortable shoes. It differs from ordinary shoes, as it has special properties and design. The advantages of such shoes are obvious. In children, it contributes to the formation of the foot, and in adult people compensates for the existing anatomical changes and disorders of the function of the foot. Such shoes warns the development of foot pathology, has a rehabilitation effect, as it reduces fatigue and increases your mobility.

Before the acquisition of orthopedic shoes, especially for children, we recommend consulting an orthopedic doctor. Our doctors carry out free reception by appointment 8 (495) 2-5555-24 ext. 717. .

Please approach the choice of shoes very carefully, each model has a detailed description. In contrast to other online stores, you can come to our salons and what is called "touch with your hands" any model. We also accept orders for the individual manufacture of shoes and shoe orthopedic stelks, which are indispensable with difficult foot deformations. Our shoes have a stylish design and made of high-quality materials. All products are certified. Waiting for you!

Children's orthopedic shoes, in addition to the protective function, is designed to ensure proper formation of the foot. According to orthopedists, almost half of all diseases of the stop, as well as the violation of the gait and posture due to the wearing improper shoe in early childhood. Correct orthopedic shoes for children will help you with recommendations of specialists.
  • Right size: Shoes should not squeeze a baby's foot or be too free. In order not to torment the kid endless fittings, the size of the shoes can be defined in advance, measuring the foot of the child's foot. The size of the shoe corresponding to the result can be found in our table. Please note that for young children who just started walking, and for children with very thin legs, no need to make a "reserve" more than 0.5 cm, since it is usually increased with an increase in the size of the shoes. If the dimensions of the right and left stop are distinguished, the selection of shoes should be produced at larger size.
  • Wide sock, not squeezing fingers. It is better if the sock of shoes will be with a protective cant, providing additional protection against injuries.
  • Before buying, carefully skit the inner surface of the shoes: the coarse seams and protrusions can injure the delicate skin of the child. The insole must be smooth and smooth.
  • Prefer only with natural materials, shoes are hygienic and quickly takes the shape of the foot.
  • Pay attention to reliable fixation: the fastener should prevent the foot shift forward, and the backbone - firmly fix the heel.
  • Shoes should be lightweight and rigid enough to provide the necessary flock of foot when driving.
  • Do not chase in fashion: an unusual shape of heels or a narrowed sock can lead to serious disorders of biomechanics stop when walking.
It is worth noting that these tips are applicable when choosing preventive shoes for your child. Children with deviations in the development of the foot need to consult an orthopedic doctor and wearing special orthopedic shoes or special corrective fixtures for foot. We wish you health and your children!
1) delivery by courier:
  • In Moscow (inside MKAD) - 300 rubles
  • Moscow (for the Moscow Ring Road), Moscow Region, the remaining regions of Russia - Delivery only with EMS Mail of Russia (calculated on the basis of a specific address. You can do it yourself on the site
  • If the shoes did not come up - only the courier services are paid.
  • Delivery by courier is carried out from 10.00 to 18.00 Mon-Fri.
2) Pickup at the address (by prior agreement with the manager): m. Semenovskaya, ul. Weavka, d.25, p.1. or m. Tretyakovskaya, ul. Big Orda, d.13 / 9, p.1. Travel Schemes and Salon Operations can be found here. 3) In Russia and Moscow (for the Moscow Ring Road), sending is carried out with the help of EMS Russian Post. The cost of the service is calculated by the manager individually after placing the order (to understand how much delivery will cost, you can do it yourself on the site
Warranty period - This is the period during which, in case of detection of shortcomings in the product, the seller who has established this period is obliged to satisfy the requirements of the buyer, established by Art. 18 of the Law of the Russian Federation "On the Protection of Consumer Rights". All installed in the salons "Ortoda" warranty period begin From the day of sale . Warranty period for goods purchased in the online store "Ortoda" are calculated From the date of receipt of the order by the buyer . The exception is the warranty period for Seasonal shoes. For seasonal shoes, warranty periods are calculated From the date of commencement of the corresponding season , whose offensive period is determined by the legislation of the constituent entities of the Russian Federation on the basis of climatic features (paragraph 2 of Art. 19 of the Law of the Russian Federation "On the Protection of Consumer Rights"). In accordance with the Decree of the Government of Moscow dated 04/07/1998 No. 375-RP "On the establishment of seasonality periods for certain types of goods in Moscow" in the territory of the city of Moscow and the Moscow region are the following Seasonality periods: For the shoes of the winter range - from November 1 to February 28; For the shoes of the spring assortment - from March 1 to April 30; For the shoes of the summer range - from May 1 to August 31; For the shoes of the autumn assortment - from September 1 to November 15. Warranty period of socks for all shoes purchased in our online store is 30 days From the date of purchase of goods. The warranty does not apply: - on shoes acquired during the sales period at a reduced price; - on replaceable details of the shoes, namely: on the insoles, incl. On staining, cliffs, laces, accessories, buckles, rhinestones, decorative metal and leather parts, textile fasteners for laces and so on. Dear buyers! Correct shoes on functional purpose correctly, operate shoes only in accordance with its purpose and season.
Dear buyers! You can Return or exchange Any bought in our online store and virgin goods within 14 days with The moment of its receipt . In case of return of goods We are refund You have its cost. The reasons for the return or exchange of goods that were not used, may be: - the goods received by you is not suitable in size, shape, style, coloring or configuration; - The goods have obvious defects or damage; - There are broken details. Shoes are not refundable or exchange:
  • nonsense;
  • With defects formed as a result of operation in conditions that do not apply to its appointment.
  • with mechanical damage (burns, cuts, courses, etc.);
  • Deformed as a result of improper socks, drying, losing quality as a result of chemical impact, and with other defects arising from the fault of the buyer.
  • renovated by the buyer before presenting a store (except for replacing the machines, attachment of metal jams, the prophylactic rocket attachments, if such a repair did not entail the formation of defects).
Returns are poorly quality (used shoes). In the case of the exchange of poor-quality shoes on the shoes of another model with the buyer, a corresponding recalculation is made based on the monetary amount specified when purchasing. When returning the money amount for the shoes, which produced a poor-quality, the store does not hold a part of the monetary amount corresponding to the loss of the quality of the shoes during the location of it from the buyer. In the event of a dispute about the reasons for the occurrence of deficiencies, the consumer will be invited to conduct an examination at the expense of the seller. According to Article 18 of the Federal Law "On Consumer Protection": "If, as a result, the expertise of the product found that its disadvantages arose due to the circumstances for which the seller does not respond (manufacturer), the consumer is obliged to reimburse the seller (manufacturer), an authorized organization or authorized individual Entrepreneur, importer expenses for examination, as well as related to its holding costs of storage and transportation of goods. " We also remind that the following conditions must be observed to make a return (Art. 25 of the Law of the Russian Federation "On Consumer Protection"): - the presence of a cash receipt or a receipt for the postal transfer confirming the fact of payment for the goods; - Footwear is not worn and has no explicit traces of operation; - Stored factory shoe packaging. Pleasant shopping!
"Orthopedic shoes are minor" TU 8820-037-53279025-2004 Description Orthopedic shoes are minor (further shoes) are shoes, the design of which is designed to take into account pathological deviations in the foot, shin or hip. Designed for adults and children who have strain and stop defects. Footwear is made on a medical order or selection. The view and design of the shoes depends on the anatomical and pathological changes in the patient's stop. Shoes have special orthopedic parts, made by manual or mechanical methods. Footwear is made everyday (summer, winter, spring-autumn, round-season) and home. Correction, compensation, fixation of the deformed foot in orthopedic shoes is carried out due to the inclusion of special orthopedic parts into it. It can be rigid or soft parts, interstole layers, nose details of a special design. Shoes are appointed with the goal: - to keep the foot in a corrigent position - rationally redistribute the load on the plantar surface of the foot - compensate for the shortening of the limb - hide cosmetic defects Operating recommendations
  • Always choose the right shoes in size and completeness, consider seasonality.
  • New shoes should be soaked with special means and come immediately after purchase.
  • Remember, leather shoes are not intended for socks in raw, rainy weather, because It is not waterproof (like, for example, rubber)
  • Do not leave shoes in a dirty state, because This may cause color change, as well as lead to strain deformation.
  • Dirty shoes first should be cleaned with a special brush, a wet cloth or a sponge, not giving dirt to absorb the skin. Only then you can take care of the skin.
  • Never drip wet shoes on heated surfaces, or near open fire. Dry shoes at room temperature using special struts, or pre-tightly stamping it with paper. Seeing removable contributing insoles.
  • Clean shoes at least once a week.
  • Nubuk and suede shoes should be cleaned in a dry condition using a special brush.
  • Leather shoes are purified from dust and dirt using a wet wipe moistened in a soap solution.
  • After drying, the shoes must be processed. Leather shoes process cream, nubuck and suede shoes - spray with water-repellent effect.
  • It is not recommended to go to the shoes on gravel, crushed, surfaces where there is a technical salt, avoid exposure to the material of the vertex of the shoe alkalis, acids and other active solvents.
  • Do not allow excessive mechanical loads, shocks, cuts, which, as a rule, lead to the separation of the soles, accessories.
  • When arguing, be sure to separate the laces, the fasteners and always use the horn for shoes, never remove the shoes, coming to the back.
  • Do not wear closed shoes on a bare foot, because It is not hygienic and may cause corns, skin defects and small wounds
  • Changing the color of the top of the shoe when water gets is not a defect
  • It should be borne in mind that with high sweating of the legs or during wetting, shoes can slightly paint from the inside.
Dear buyers! Remember, please, with the help of our recommendations, you not only extend the service life of your favorite shoe, but still get a good mood, feeling comfort and significantly save your family budget!

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