How to make a New Year's costume rapunzel do it yourself?



This is what Rapunzel looks like. As you can see, this beauty has the most important distinguishing feature in appearance - it is the hair, long, luxurious, which can be stored in the braid, and you can leave the leaving. And one more condition - the dress needs to choose a purple, purple or pinkish color.

Therefore, first come across the hair. Buy yarn yellow or light brown.


You can fix these "hair" on your head using a rim. To do this, weave the braid, the fatted rim, or insert it later, as shown in the picture. The edges of the braid on both sides are fixed at the ends of the rim, and then you can leave the "hair" with a lot of hair or turn into any braid - a simple weaving, "cooler" and so on. It is important to correctly calculate the length of the yarn so that the braid turns out long.


Now take a dress or sundress of the right color. You can put a lace, you can make it clear with the help of gauze or tulle, painting them in purple or eloquent color. Or you can make a cape on the shoulders from the kapron, silk handkerchief.

How to make a rapunzel costume

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RapunzelRapunzel created fairy tales Brothers Grimm, but the second life and the infinite admiration of girls around the world of Zlatovlask received thanks to the cartoon from Walt Disney studio.

In the image of the Adorable Rapunzel, your girl can appear both on the New Year's morning, and on a family holiday. I have not had a chance to meet a single girl for 5-10 years, which would not want to try on Rapunzel's lilac dress and her long shining braid!

We pay a little time and fantasy, and your daughter, granddaughter, sister or kleyman will be the most beautiful and most happy at the festival.

Rapunzel costume consists of three important elements: dress, pascal and, of course, a long braid.

Rapunzel Dress: Sew or Styling

Dress in rapunzel lavender color. One hundred percent hue hit is not necessarily, but it is desirable to at least save the color gamut.

If you already have a dress of a lilac, lavender or purple color - Congratulations: You can only stylize it: sleeves-volaniki, corset lacing, and then you can decorate your taste.

If you have a white-colored dress of the desired style (for example, last year's snowflake costume), you can save time and money and put on the skirt and liapeners of lilac chiffon. Chiffon for skirts fasten only on the waist, it will give a loaf of pomp.

Rapunzel Dress (front)Rapunzel Dress (Rear)

If neither a white nor a purple dress in your princess wardrobe, you will have to sew from scratch ...

Rapunzel hair: Long and shine

Very long hair is a distinguishing feature of Rapunzel, so you will need to try. Without a braid, a half of its growth Rapunzel - not Rapunzel!

So, I offer several ways how to make hair for a rapunzel costume

If the girl has their hair quite long , Kosa can be "supplement": a golden rain, acrylic threads under the color of the hair.

"Spit on the rim." We need simply hair rim, knitting yellow threads, glue, ribbons and decoration flowers.

It is very easy to determine the length of future hair: add 30 cm to the growth of the child. Cut the yarn of segments of this length. So that our hair is not confused, we fold the segments on a flat surface - on the table, or on the floor.

From the sliced ​​beam of the threads, we turn the pigtail, we stick to it with a rim, and descend on your back or on the shoulder.

Spit Rapunzel

You can need a ribbon to the braid, and better - the golden rain. After all, Rapunzel's braids are magical and shine, decorate the rim with flowers.

Rapunzel hair tightsHood-wig. You can take a thin knitted hat, or sew it from old tights (just cut the "legs" and squeeze the cut).

We prepare yarn as described above. We fold in half and sew to our hat, making the "sample".

Those who are friends with crochet can tie a hat. We dress a hat on a jar or a doll (the child does not survive for so long!) And the row behind next to the same hook is increasing our threads. Threads are attached on the principle of frisms. You need to start with the lower rows.

Cap - Rapunzel HairWe make hair rapunzel from cap

If you take the threads acrylic + wool and be patient, then every string can still be dissolved, it turns out very beautifully.

Rapunzel's hair with her own hands

We dress our wig on Rapunzel and you can braid braid!

Finishing Barcode - Pascal!

Pascal is a friend of Rapunzel and just a very charming chameleon, without him our Lovnovlask, well, no way!

Pascal can sew or draw and cut out of cardboard.

Slaw from a fairy tale about RapunzelSoft toy Pascal

We try out the outfit, put the Pascal on the shoulder (with the help of a pin) and begin to wait for the prince!

Girl in Rapunzel costume

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Rapunzel is a beautiful heroine of an old fairy tale written by brothers Grimm. The main difference of this girl is its long golden hair, the magical strength of which protects the witch stepmother, sharpening their owner in a high tower.

Any girl, looking at this cartoon, wants the same long braid and beautiful outfit. Having spent some time, it is quite possible to make a suit of this fabulous heroine for your little beauty.

How to make a rapunzel costume

1. Dress

By genre, the dress should be lavender, long, decorated ribbons and lace. The cut dress is not complicated, therefore, having spent a couple of days, it can be sehered from silk and organza itself. If you allow funds, such a dress can be bought and remake under the style.

How to make a rapunzel costume

In any of these options, characteristic features for similar to the outfit long-haired beauty, in addition to color, are the sleeves and the corset lace from the front.

2. Hair

A distinctive feature is a heroine, of course, very long golden-blond hair. Make this attribute of the costume can be two of the proposed methods.

Method number 1.

In this method, the basis will be the usual hair rim. In addition to him you will need: yarn is bright yellow, ribbons, artificial flowers and glue (for hot gun).

First of all, we define the length of the future braid. To do this, you need to measure the growth of the child from the head of the head to the heels, and add 20-30 centimeters to this length. Then, according to the resulting value, measure and cut the yarn. To avoid conflicting the threads among themselves, they must be carefully folded on some surface. When the desired number of "hair" is chopped, in the middle we will braid a pigtail. It is this section of the chapelur that will be attached to the rim, therefore the length of the braid mosper must be made according to its length, respectively.

How to make a rapunzel costume

Heat the gun with glue, and glit to the outer part of the rim obtained "hair".

How to make a rapunzel costume

From the ends, which remained on both sides of the rim, we turn the pigtail in the most common way, intertwined somewhere from the middle of the ribbon.

How to make a rapunzel costume

Decorate with artificial flowers. Ready! You can try to try on a luxurious long braid of your young lady.

How to make a rapunzel costume

Method number 2.

This method is a bit more complicated, but more beautiful than the previous one. Its foundation will be the most common children's tights (preferably yellow or beige color), the same bright yellow yarn, ribbons and flowers.

Semi-circle cut off the legs of the legs to get something like a cap, and we sew the cutting place.

How to make a rapunzel costume

We prepare the yarn, as described in the method number 1. Then we fold it in half and small stitches are sewn in the center of the cap from pantyhose. It will be more beautiful to look if you sew 15-20 centimeters of such a probor.

How to make a rapunzel costume

We dress a "wig" on your head and braid braid, decoring it with ribbons and flowers. The advantage of this method is the opportunity to dissolve "artificial hair" and invent other hairstyles.

3. Accessories

Accessories for this suit can be handbag and shoes.

The handbag can also be sewn independently - or choose something suitable in a children's store. You can fill it with different boards, a mirror and jewelry.

How to make a rapunzel costume

The footwear of a significant role in this suit does not play, but if you turn on the fantasy, you can make a beautiful addition to along. Moreover, it is not necessary to buy new shoes for this, they are fully suitable and worn. A little effort, and they will acquire a new appearance.

How to make a rapunzel costume

This costume is a great gift for any girl who dreams of becoming the heroine of a magical fairy tale. And the most important thing is to give this joy to the child is not at all difficult.

How to make a rapunzel costume

Sew princess dress for his child can be done with their own hands using the patterns and tips of this article.

Carnival costume Princess Sofia: patterns, photos

Every girl dreams to have The most beautiful carnival costume For any holiday: New Year's matinee, graduation in kindergarten, birthday and many other reasons. Enjoy great popularity Princess's dress And not simple, and your beloved!

One of the most sought-after costumes - Princess Dress Sofia . It is distinguished by a pleasant lilac color, a magnificent skirt with a white fatin paddy and hanging swans of satin fabric.

Sofia's outfit is embroidered with pearl beads and has a floral pattern on a white beam - symbolism of princess. The characteristic design of the dress is also the lanterns and a corset on laces of ribbons.

Princess Dress Sofia

Seam dress for your child can help patterns:

The basis of any dresses - corset . It can be seamless with a simple pattern. Templates give the most accurate measurements for Dresses princess which is not more than 8 years (approximately). Templates are designed for Front and back dresses.

Before and back Princess Dresses Sofia: Patterns

Sew princess dress Sofia need From satin fabric . But, in order for your child to be comfortable, you need to sew 100% cotton lining which can be cut on the same pattern.

After that you need to cut two semicircles that will serve Schedule and sew them to the base from the wrong side. Sleeves are not needed.

Sleeves for Princess Sofia

After you choose the bushes, n Rimerize the basis for your child. So you can determine: Magnify you with the size or not . With the help of sewing pins, secure zipper. Subsequently, if you have a desire, you can sew over zipper loops for corset In which we sell a thin ribbon.

Basis for dresses

In order to sew a lower dresses skirt you will need Satin white fabric, Namely two pieces with sizes 70 by 115 centimeters and Wide purple ribbon.

Bela Lower Skirt

Important: The main skirt, as already mentioned, Consists of Volanov . To do this, prepare patterns with accurate measurements.

Pattern of the bottom of the dresses skirt

It is necessary to prepare from white satin fabric Floral applique - Princess symbol. So that such a fabric does not attain and its edges were smooth, it follows the sides Fir fire.

Dress Flower Applique

After you select Appliqué, It is necessary to process the edges of the top skirt. . To do this, you can seen sequins, fats or braid with beads.

Decorating the upper skirt

After two skirts are ready, they should sew together and sew to the top of the dress . Doodle and decorate the seam will help Two semicircular vlara To sew to the bottom of the corset. Thereafter Forced dress with stones or pearl beads.

Crosslinking dresses and decorating stones

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How to make a children's costume eastern princess?

Elegant carnival Suit eastern princess - Another popular outfit for holidays and matinees. It's easy to make it enough. You use it Organza - transparent fabric, satin and a large amount of fats , pebbles and beads for decorating.

Patterns and description:

Description of sewing
Pattern Pants for Suit Eastern Princess
Pattern of the top of the costume of the Eastern Princess

IMPORTANT: Upper suite (top) and belt on trousers should abundantly divide beads and sparkles like in front and rear. Moreover, Prepare a large number of jewelry : Bracelets, rings, earrings, beads, to fully add the image of your child in an eastern suit. On the bottom of the person can make a veil from organza (She will hold onto the gum around the head).

How to make a princess jasmine costume?

Jasmine is the famous Eastern Princess. She had a wonderful image with a lush oblique and Suit tender purple color. Seam your child's beautiful dress Jasmine for the matinee can be using Detailed pattern.

Jasmine costume pattern

Princess Costume Elsa: Patterns, Photo

The dress of the main heroine of the fairy tale "Princess Elsa - Cold Heart" is also one of the most popular and sought-after Dresses for girls for holidays and matinees. It is simple enough, since it does not have magnificent skirts and attributes.

For sewing you come in handy Satin Fabric of Dark Turquoise and Light Lace (or organza) for cape. From white yarn you can Tie crochet crown And this element will ideally complement the "cold" image of your princess.

Pattern of Elsa Dresses
Dress Elzy

Video: "Princess Elsa Dress"

Princess Suit Anna: Patterns, Photo

Anna - Sister Princess Elzy. Her dress is a bit simpler, but also very beautiful. It has a red bright cape, a black corset and a blue skirt. In addition, decorate an outfit can be embroidered with gold thread in flower motifs.

Princess Dress Anna
Finished dress
Patterns for Dresses Princess Anna
Pattern for Dresses Princess Anna

Video: "Master class on tailoring of a children's dress"

Princess Lei Costume: Patterns, Photo

Princess Leia is a famous space princess. Her suit is very simple and spectacular at the same time. It should be sewed from satin tissue, using pattern. The costume consists of a dress in tone and cape.

Pattern Dress Lei.
Princess Leia: Ready Suit

Princess Costume Aurora: Patterns, Photo

Princess Dress Aurora has a rich pink color with white sleeves and a gate. It can be sewed from satin tissue. Make a fuel attitude for pomp.

Pattern Dresses Princess Aurora
Ready Princess Dress Aurora

Princess Costume Rapunzel: Patterns, Photo

Rapunzel princess dress has a pleasant purple color. It consists of a corset and a lush skirt, which can be made from any fabric: organza, fatin, satin.

Pattern of the dress Rapunzel
Ready dress Rapunzel

Video: "Dress Rapunzel do it yourself"

Girls love pink color, princesses and beautiful dresses. It is not surprising that the heroine of the Disney cartoon "Intended History" is a chilly girl with the character named Rapunzel - conquered their hearts. The dress of the future princess like girls from Mala to Great. In special stores or on the Internet you will easily find Rapunzel costume. But prices for such goods, as a rule, high, and children grow quickly. But spending some time and fantasy, you can make a rapunzel costume with your own hands with much less costs. In the article we describe several options, each of which is designed for craftsmen with different levels of skills.

Simple rapunzel suit for girl

Think, make an outfit for a child without sewing it is impossible? Mistake.

Look at the Rapunzel costume presented below.

Costume Rapunzel

To make it top, we had only to take a rose turtleneck, with the help of adhesive "cobs" to glue ribbons to the chest to imitate the corset and with the help of fatin ribbons in two stitches to make sleeves-buffers. Bows can be purchased ready, you can do yourself. But from the bottom will have to work a little longer. For him you will need:

  • Wide satin ribbon - 1 m (slightly more, if the child is older);
  • fatin in the shades of pink and light lilac color - 4-5 m (or several coils of wide fatin tapes);
  • scissors;
  • Big cardboard.

How to make a universal lush skirt-pack?

The work is performed simply and quickly:

  1. Cut the fatin of different shades on the strip 10 cm wide (so that they are approximately the same, roll the fabric and the tailor pins each 10 cm).
  2. Now you need to cut ready-made ribbons on the parts, 2 times large than the desired skirt length, + 5 cm. To do this, it is convenient to wind up them on the cardboard suitable size and then cut in the place of bend.
  3. Now take a satin ribbon. So that it does not twist in the sock, fall down her tips with a lighter. Fire strip Fit in half, put the loop over the atlas and thread the free ends of the fate. You will get a nodule that will reliably keep it. Continue to repeat this step until the skirt becomes lush.

After that, the simple costume of Rapunzel, with their own hands made, ready.

Rapunzel Costume for Girl

The lush skirt can be used to create different images - other princesses, fairies or just ballerina. And since the belt is easily adjustable, then the child will not grow up from it for a long time (in truth, rather, the fatin is igniting and breaking than the skirt will have time to become small).

New Year's suit "Rapunzel"

If you need to come up with an outfit not just for games, but for a matinee or birthday, you can develop the idea of ​​a skirt-pack and make a full-fledged dress. Good news: you do not have to even take a needle in your hands.

Here is what the dress looks like, which can be done almost the same as the previous costume:

Rapunzel costume do it yourself

For work you will need:

  • Fatin 3 colors: pink, purple, light lilac - 6-7 m Total (solid fabric or in ribbon);
  • Wide elastic openwork bandage;
  • ribbons of pink and purple color - 1 and 3 m, respectively;
  • large rhinestones;
  • Adhesive pistol.

Work order

The process can be divided into 4 stages:

  1. At the elastic basis, attach the fatin just as it was done in the previous version of the costume. But since the dressings have many rows with holes, it is best to make several rows of nodules - so the skirt will become even more lure.
  2. Pink ribbon Make imitation of the corset on the chest.
  3. With the help of a purple ribbon, make a strapless - just to last their looping just like the fatin, and throw on the back. To choose their optimal length, it is best to try on a child's dress. Then skip the tapes on the back in the form of a lacing and make the ends of the bow.
  4. With the help of hot glue, glue large rhinestones on the skirt.

A wig and crown - and you can safely go to the matinee.

More difficult job

If you have basic cutting skills and work with a sewing machine, then you can make a real carnival costume Rapunzel. Of course, it will take much more time to it, but it is quite accurately corresponding to the cartoon image of the heroine and is suitable for girls older.

New Year's costume Rapunzel

Materials (Metrap depends on the age and parameters of the child):

  • dense lilac fabric - 4 m;
  • Lining fabric - 4 m;
  • Translucent purple cloth - 2 m;
  • Pink tape - 5 m;
  • Velcro - 3 pairs;
  • glue cobweb - 2 m;
  • threads in tone;
  • Elastic band 3-4 cm - 1 m;
  • Sewing supplies and machine.

Work on the riding costume

  1. To make it easier for the task, take a T-shirt, which is well sitting on the child, fold it in half and circle - it will be the pattern of the armor.
  2. Similarly, do with a t-shirt or turtleneck to pick up the shape of the sleeve and the length of the bodice. Now make changes to the resulting pattern. Increase the pattern of the sleeves at the top and below, because the rapunzel costume has lush hives on the dress; Make a copy of the grain pattern and add a pointed end along the bottom edge to imitate the corset. Rapunzel carnival costume
  3. Using the resulting patterns, cut two halves from the fabric to the back and one solid part for the transfer. Do not forget about the allowances on the seams. Repeat a step in order to make identical parts from lining fabric, align them with the main cloth.
  4. Stretch your shoulders, handle the edges of the cutout. Then align the lower edges of the main fabric and lining, proceed, push and move (on all 3 items).
  5. On the pattern, cut the bags of bent in half the square of the main and lining fabric. Scaliate them in pairs.
  6. Sew on the front side parallel pink ribbons. Rapunzel carnival costume
  7. Mean the girth of the child's hands, cut a 5 cm wide rectangle, long-term measurement + 2 cm on the seams.
  8. Stretch the blank sleeves with wide stitches and pull the thread to leave the fabric. Note the shawl of the sleeves and the trick.
  9. Now you can assemble the top. Note the sleeve and push the shoulder seam. Then connect the sides of the dress. Rapunzel Costume for Girl
  10. In order for it to be comfortable to wear, treat the edges of the cuts of the backs of the back and the trigger 3 paired velcro.
  11. Take a pink ribbon with a margin (about 2 m) and a fist in front, imitating the lacing. Rapunzel costume do it yourself

We make skirt

To complete the rapunzel suit for the girl, it remains to finish it. Here the process is quite simple:

  1. Remove the measurements from the child - the waist girth and the desired length of the skirt (from the waist to the ankle + 7 cm). Add a break on the seam and multiply the waist girth on 2. Options for these parameters, select a large rectangle from the main fabric, lining and a beautiful translucent material.
  2. Align all the layers, proceed, step edge and side seam.
  3. Perhaps your machine will chew decorative material. In this case, use the adhesive "cowkin".
  4. Bend the top edge of the skirt and step it up so as to make a scene, wide enough to produce gum. Thug it with pin and sew. Rapunzel costume do it yourself

On this costume Rapunzel, consisting of two comfortable parts, ready.

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