Паспорт безопасности химической продукции
One of the most important technical documents is a chemical safety data sheet (PB). It is called upon to convey information to the consumer, which will allow you to properly use the chemical. Also, the document is needed to avoid potential risks in transporting, implementing, storing and disposing of goods. Knowledge of this information guarantees security for human health and the environment.

One of the most important technical documents is a chemical safety data sheet (PB). It is called upon to convey information to the consumer, which will allow you to properly use the chemical. Also, the document is needed to avoid potential risks in transporting, implementing, storing and disposing of goods. Knowledge of this information guarantees security for human health and the environment.

In what cases may be required?

Safety data sheet Manufacturer (supplier, Seller) provides the consumer when carrying out trade operations completely free.

Also, the document may be needed under other circumstances:

  • import of foreign cargo to the territory of the Russian Federation - the inspection is carried out by employees of customs services;
  • Evaluation of compliance of products in certification authorities (centers) - the passport is mandatory included in the package of accompanying documentation;
  • Transportation and storage of goods - Logistics companies need to be familiar with the rules of safe handling of the chemical;
  • conducting control measures by supervisory authorities - all permits for verification are requested;
  • Registration of chemical products in circulation.

Products needed passport

The technical document is drawn up on various chemicals (substances, solutions, materials, mixtures, waste industrial enterprises):

  • toxins;
  • poisons;
  • carcinogens;
  • mutagens;
  • peroxides.

PB is not being developed for the following types of products:

  • Minerals in the occurrence stage;
  • medicines;
  • Perfumes and cosmetics;
  • Food;
  • Substances manufactured by closed nomenclature (in the interests of the country's security).

Where to purchase a document?

The development of security passports is done by the "PromtehSert" certification center. Our specialists are well acquainted with current requirements for the preparation of technical documentation. Turning to us, you will receive a ready-made document in a predetermined period and at a favorable value. Ask questions you are interested in and ordering a document by calling 8 800 200-55-80 or through the feedback form.

Advantages of registration

Having in the hands of the document, decorated in accordance with the requirements of the current legislation, the entrepreneur (manufacturer, importer) can be confident in the absence of fines from the regulatory authorities. The refusal to compile a safety passport can turn into negative consequences for the intruder.

PB allows you to:

  1. transport and distribute various chemicals throughout Russia;
  2. In a short time, it is evaluating the conformity of substances in certification centers;
  3. Provide safety when using a chemical mixture.

PB becomes an official document only after registering it in the Association "Non-Profit Partnership" Coordination and Information Center of the CIS member states "(" NP KIC CIS ").


PB reflects important information that can be used in the exercise of trade and operation of the facility:

  1. The name of the substance;
  2. Registration data of the manufacturer (importer) - name, address, details;
  3. Possible risks;
  4. elements included in products;
  5. information on assistance to victims of the negative impact of the goods;
  6. means of ensuring fire and explosion safety;
  7. the actions necessary to eliminate emergency and emergency situations;
  8. rules for transportation, storage, loading, unloading;
  9. List of SIZ providing protection against harmful factors;
  10. physicochemical properties;
  11. the ability of the substance to be stable or to enter into chemical reactions;
  12. toxicity;
  13. measures taken for nature conservation;
  14. Waste disposal methods;
  15. norms of Russian and international legislation;
  16. Signs and printing of responsible persons.


Chemical Safety PassportEach PB section may contain subsections. The most important requirement that is presented to the content of the document is the accuracy of the information provided. All pages must be numbered.

PB is developed before the delivery of chemicals to the market. When new information appears, which will be necessary to ensure the safety of life and user health, the document is updated and reprinted. More detailed requirements for compiling a passport for chemical products are included in the interstate standard - GOST 30333-2007.


Manufacturers (importers) should understand the degree of their responsibility for the correctness of the design and timeliness of obtaining a safety passport for chemicals. Sanctions for violation of existing norms are established in Art. 14.43 Administrative Code.

The following types of administrative recovery are applied to offenders:

  • Penalties are up to 600 thousand rubles;
  • seizure of products (cargo);
  • Suspension of the company's work for up to 90 days.

Requirements for marking

The rules for applying preventive labeling are approved in the Interstate Standard GOST 31340-2013.

It consists of several elements:

  • danger symbol;
  • Signal word - focusing the attention of the user on the degree of danger ("dangerous" - a big risk or "carefully" - minimal risk);
  • A brief description of the danger (n-phrases);
  • Risk prevention measures (P-phrases).

The components of the marking depend on the type of products: pyrophoric chemicals, products in aerosol packaging, flammable liquids, gases or solids, explosive mixtures, components that cause serious damage / irritation of eyes, leather, etc.

SDS sheet (M) for export to EU countries

Exports abroad can be carried out only if there is an international document, which is called the SDS sheet (M). It is issued in English or the language of the recipient country. The requirements for the preparation of technical document are established in the EU directives and REACH regulations.

Note that until 2017, an abbreviation was used for a passport - MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet). But now it was officially changed on SDS. Nevertheless, the first letter (M) is still used among representatives of the business community.


The domestic security passport has a limited validity period, which depends on the characteristics of chemicals:

  • 3 years - for especially hazardous mixtures and materials (insecticide, lime calcium smallest, etc.);
  • 5 years - for other types of products (helium gaseous compressed, antifungal reagent, tar oil).

The international analogue of the passport - the SDS sheet (M) differs from Russian in that it does not have restrictions in the period of action, i.e. He is indefinite.

Package of documents

The certification authority "PromTechSERT" accepts applications for the development of technical documentation. Passportization involves learning from an entrepreneur of information:

  1. Registration data of the company (copies of the TIN, OGRN);
  2. the name and properties of chemical mixtures or materials;
  3. raw materials, interaction with other elements;
  4. production standards (GOST, TU, STR);
  5. laboratory test protocols;
  6. Toxicological reports.

Stages of work

PB preparation work is based as follows:

  • The entrepreneur sends a statement to our center;
  • We are discussing the nuances of cooperation and conclude an agreement;
  • Our specialists account for a passport in compliance with the current requirements of GOST 30333-2007;
  • We carry out the coordination of PB with the client, and then register the domestic document in NP KIC CIS.

More information about the cost and details of the issuance of a safety passport recognize in our center. We are waiting for your applications!

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MSDS Chemical Safety Safety Passport


MSDS is the abbreviation of the English phrase of the Material Safety Data Sheet, which in Russian means the safety data sheet of chemical products. It is a document that should be developed for most of the manufactured or supplied chemicals (for example, raw materials for making cosmetics, perfumery, paints, pyrotechnics, and so on).

The purpose of the design of the document

Safety data sheet should be obtained on chemical products used in everyday life and used in production. Without it, the implementation of trading operations in the Russian Federation, as well as transportation and customs clearance of goods in the EAEU countries and the European Union will be impossible. Without a security passport, it is also not to do during the assessment of compliance (certification / declaration) of the products of the TS system or GOST R.

Since one of the MSDS development tasks is to fully inform the end user regarding the permissible storage, application, transportation and disposal conditions, without obtaining this document, the manufacturer will not be able to guarantee the correct use of the material. This can lead to the emergence of danger to the health and life of people. That is why it is so important to make a product safety passport.

It is also issued in order to improve the reputation of the manufacturer's reputation, because its presence helps to enter the global market and declare itself as a reliable supplier of high-quality and safe materials.

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Passport content

This document contains the following information:

  • Name of PB;
  • Date of issuance and end of the passport;
  • Details of the certification authority;
  • The name of the stated substance and its main properties;
  • For what standards the substance is produced;
  • Its OKP code or TN VED;
  • Hazard characteristics;
  • Main dangerous components;
  • Applicant details;
  • Signature of the head of the Center, issued by PB, printing an organization.

A sample document can be requested from experts of our center.

What is a security sheet MSDS?

The security sheet of MSDS is customary to call the security passport of the chemical products of the international sample, which the manufacturer or product provider must obtain when importing or exporting substances.

The security sheet should be developed and registered before the delivery of materials on concluded contracts. When carrying out the import of chemical products from abroad, the MSDS passport will be required, and for transporting chemicals through the territory of Russia, as well as to implement it within the Russian Federation, the safety data sheet of chemical products issued in accordance with the requirements of GOST 30333-2007 is required.

Security sheet required for:

  • Substances indicated in the 1999/45 / EC directives and 67/548 / EEC;
  • Substances specified in Appendix No. 113 to the REACH Regulation;
  • Substances from the list, which is contained in Appendix No. 14 to the REACH Regulation.

Also, this document can be ordered in the Certification Center for the presentation of the Customer who wants to make sure the safety of the chemical products for which the maximum permissible rules of content were established.

Document validity

The validity of the PB is determined, based on the degree of danger of the stated substance.

For chemical products, characterized by high toxicity and representing serious danger to human health and ecology, the passport is valid for three years. For low chain chemicals, PB is issued for a period of five years.


PB of chemicals can be issued only by an accredited certification body or center. The procedure for developing PB is carried out in accordance with the requirements set forth in GOST 30333-2007, and implies several stages.

After accessing the client, the Certification Center includes a list of documents that should be collected for the procedure. The standard documentation package includes:

  • Inn client;
  • OGRN;
  • Company Charter;
  • The name of the claimed product, detailed information on its composition;
  • Regulatory documentation indicating the standard for which products are produced;
  • Toxicological reports;
  • Protocols of laboratory tests (if available).

If laboratory tests were not conducted, the specialist of the center is selected from the chemical, which is drawn up with the act. Next, substances are sent to research, the purpose of which is to confirm the quality of the goods and the safety certificate for the consumer.

Based on the compiled protocol, the client is issued to PB on the products of chemical production.

check in

Registration of the security passport involves checking the transmitted documentation package, determining the duration of the passport and making its number in the registry. And only after that, the applicant is issued a title sheet of finished PB, which indicates complete registration details.

Registration of the passport and any certificate of conformity can be ordered in our center "Expert GOST". We quickly define the hazard class of the substance and give you the official technical or certification documentation exactly on time.

MSDS security data sheet (Material Safety Data Sheet - material safety sheet) is a type of technical documentation that is attached to all potentially hazardous chemical and chemically modified substances, mixtures used in industry and in everyday life. Its basic function is to inform employees of enterprises and emergency services on the procedures for safe handling of chemicals and mixtures.

MSDS passport is necessary for importing chemicals and products containing such components to the territory of the Customs Union member countries. It is also the necessary element of the package of documents for chemical products when exporting outside the territory of Russia.

Information contained in the security passport

A feature of the MSDS security passport is that it is issued in the language of the state in which the importation of cargo is planned. Therefore, as a rule, two samples of the passport are drawn up in Russian and foreign languages, which contain the following data:

  • identification data (product name and manufacturer details);
  • The composition and characteristics of the main ingredients;
  • physical and chemical characteristics of the drug (melting, boiling point, fire; toxicity and effect on health, etc.);
  • conditions of storage and transportation of cargo;
  • conditions of processing and disposal;
  • Methods of first aid;
  • Dehydration methods;
  • the use of means of individual protection of persons using or contacting with a substance;
  • environmental protection measures;
  • regulatory data;
  • rules of conduct in emergency situations;
  • Additional Information.

It is important to take into account that the security passport is not a primary and authoritative source of product information, and acts as an additional document containing reference data. The most important information in the document concerns the danger of drugs, the rules of use and work with them, the conditions for storage and transportation, safety and neutralization measures.

Why do we have to entrust the design of documents

Guarantee legitimacy of documents under the contract

Guarantee legitimacy of documents under the contract

Only experienced experts and professionals in the state

Only experienced experts and professionals in the state

Personal manager throughout all the work and after

Personal manager throughout all the work and after

Privacy of your data

Privacy of your data

When MSDS is required

The manufacture of a passport is the responsibility of the manufacturer's company potentially hazardous chemical products. The main document that establishes a list of products that are required to be inspected is the REACH Regulation (Regulation of the European Parliament and Council of Ministers of the European Union). In accordance with 31 articles of the Regulations, this document is necessary for:

  • chemicals and mixtures falling under the classifiers of hazardous substances of the Regulations of the European Parliament and Council 1272/2008 / EC;
  • toxic, especially persistent or bioaccumulative chemicals, with the specific properties listed in REACH Regulations (Appendix No. XIII);
  • Components recognized by REACH regulations are potentially dangerous.

In addition, MSDS is necessary for exporting drugs that are not considered dangerous, but containing more than 1% of the total mass of the components of hazardous health and the environment. It is also needed for the export of drugs containing from 0.1% of persistent, toxic and bioaccumulative substances. Concentration norms are indicated for negascinated drugs.

Another indication for the design of this document is the maximum level of influence of the substance in the working environment established by the legislation of the European Union. Only chemicals, as well as some types of products containing substances that have been registered in accordance with REACH can be carried out or imported into the territory of the European Economic Zone. This rate is relevant for the production and import of goods in volumes of more than 1 ton per year.

The examination and design of MSDS makes it possible to import to the EU countries a wide range of household and industrial products. These categories include not only natural and synthetic chemicals in pure form, but also various consumer goods: domestic detergents, cosmetics, paints and varnishes, etc.

Multidisciplinary Center "Certification Plus" provides a full range of services related to the development, registration and design of technical and permit documentation (certificates and declarations of conformity, protocols, etc.). Our specialists will help you to issue and register the product safety data sheet as much as possible, develop other types of technical documentation.

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Chemical Safety Passport (M) SDS  This is an essential accompanying document, which contains information about the hazard level of the substance (mixture) and possible impacts on the human body and the environment when using, storage, production, transportation and disposal. In the safety data sheet of chemical products, information on assistance measures are also included in the onset of negative impact. Previously, the safety data sheet of chemical products had an abbreviation - MSDS ( MATERIAL SAFETY DATA SHEET ). In 2017, the abbreviation officially changed to SDS, but the first letter (M) is still "a habit" is used among users.

Geellorative composition 1M_US_Straist_1Geellorative composition 1M_ANGL_Straist_1 

Example of the title leaf (M) SDS in Russian and English

1458566643-731490.png.   (M) SDS is an indefinite and not subject to registration

1458566643-731490.png.The text of the passport is drawn up in the official language of the country, in which the chemical products are drawn, but if necessary, it can be translated into any language

1458566643-731490.png.(M) SDS is drawn up in accordance with the regulation of the country where products are imported

The passport provides consumers with reliable information on the safety of industrial use, storage, transportation and disposal of chemical products, as well as its use for domestic purposes. In the safety data sheet of chemical products, information on assistance measures are also included in the onset of negative impact.

(M) SDS (Safety Data Sheet) Safety data sheet, similar to a passport in accordance with GOST (current in the Russian Federation and in the CIS), but necessary for the turnover of chemical products abroad.

Similar technical documentation on the chemical product contains the same information as PB for GOST:

- the hazard level of the substance, mixture, material;

- Possible impact on the human body and the environment;

- Measures to eliminate a possible negative effect when exposed.

(M) SDS The safety data sheet of chemical products is issued indefinitely and will not require any registration from you. The development of a passport involves the translation of the text of the document to the national language of the country into which the products will be delivered. If necessary, the text of the passport can always be translated into the language you need.

For example, the REACH, CLP and 453/2010 regulations are adopted in EU countries. In some other countries, such as China, Japan, USA, Australia, Brazil, Turkey have their own standards and regulations in accordance with which the manufacturer / supplier of chemical products must be able to provide a copy (M) SDS to the consumer in paper or electronic form.

The document is issued according to the regulation of the importing country. MSDS (M) SDS The sample is one for all EU countries. He acts as the basis of technical documentation.

According to the EU adopted by the Rules Reach. , Each enterprise, a manufacturer or supplier of chemical products undertakes for the first requirement to provide consumers with a paper or electronic copy (M) SDS . Conducted by the fact that (M) SDS - This is a guarantor of the consumer security, as well as the ability to obtain a comprehensive description of opposition in the event of a negative impact of developed, produced, recyclable and other chemicals.

In which case, the presence of a passport (M) SDS?

- Cargo transportation

- Import and export of products

- Customs control

- Storage and storage of products

- participation in tenders

- when receiving some permits

What kind of products need to make a passport (M) SDS?

- Substance


- Material

- waste industrial production

- other chemical products

A responsibility

Due to the fact that the (M) SDS security passport of chemical products is not subject to registration, the responsibility for its design and the information contained within the information will be exclusively the firm for which it is decorated.

Therefore, it is very important that the manufacture of a passport (M) SDS exercise a reliable organization.

Documents required for registration:

- the regulatory document on which products are produced

- information on the composition of the substance or products


In the case of an independent design of a form of product composition, special attention is paid to the selection of CAS numbers is a unique numerical identifier of chemical compounds. In fact, it is such a unique number that is assigned to an element, mixture, in some cases a whole separate class and is necessary to clarify the component.

For example, take the oil. Oil is creamy, sunflower, engine, and each of them has its own unique CAS identifier. Also, when developing PB, the specificity of the hazard class is determined by CAS number. Currently, almost all chemical databases have a search by the CAS registration number.

More details about the CAS number can be found here.

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Samples of completed documents

 If you have questions regarding your passport (M) SDS - Call!

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Thanks to the developed network of accreditation partners, we provide highly qualified support in certification issues.


Passport (Certificate) Safety Substance (MSDS)

Passport or certificate of material safety (English: Material Safety Data Sheet, MSDS) is a document designed to inform employees of enterprises and personnel of emergency services on the procedures for safe treatment of specific substances or mixtures of substances.

The security passport (certificate) of security contains information:

  • about physical characteristics (melting point, boiling point, ignition temperature, etc.);
  • about toxicity;
  • about health effects;
  • on the ways of providing first aid;
  • about chemical activity;
  • about storage conditions;
  • on processing conditions;
  • On the use of protective equipment and special vehicles;
  • On the methods of neutralization.

Making a passport (certificate) is responsible for the company that produces this chemical product, therefore several MSDS documents can be detected on the same substance.

They may differ in volume, detailing - but in points related to safety, semantic differences are usually not very significant.

Certificate of safety material is not a primary information source; It cannot serve as an authoritative reference book of physicochemical characteristics of substances. In this part it should be considered only as a reference manual.

The material security certificate contains credible information in the part, which describes the danger of the substance, the rules for working with it, reducing neutralization.

In the European Union, the Regulations No. 1907/2006 of the European Parliament and the Regulations on registration, evaluation, resolution and restriction of chemicals (REACH) are valid. In accordance with the regulations, chemicals can be issued to the EC market only if they have been registered. The registration of substances imported into the EU, by themselves or in the composition of drugs should be carried out by an importer from the EU. Manufacturers of substances or drugs outside the EU exporting them to the EU must also implement the registration procedure. If the exported chemical or drug is classified as dangerous, it is necessary to prepare and provide the import passport data passport for chemical safety in accordance with REACH requirements

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