How to check the iPhone on the serial number and IMEI on the official website of Apple

Как проверить iPhone по серийному номеру и IMEI на официальном сайте Apple
Check iPhone for having and serial number.

How to check the iPhone on the serial number and IMEI on the official website of Apple

Check iPhone for having and serial number.

When buying an iPhone with hands, you must be extremely attentive. Scammers are trying to sell on the secondary market of various fakes, without checking which there is a chance to stay at a broken trough. How to check the iPhone, and at the serial number on the official Apple website told in this instruction.

How to check the iPhone on the serial number and IMEI on the official website of Apple

How to find iphone serial number

? In order to obtain additional information about the iPhone, we will need a serial number of the device. You can get it in various ways, for example, look at the back cover of the device (or on the SIM-card tray in old models), but the easiest way is to go to the settings.

Step 1. Go to the menu " Settings " → " Basic. "

Step 2. Select " About the device. "

Step 3. Locate the line " Serial number " It contains the iPhone serial number.

The serial number was mined, it remains only to check it on Apple.

How to check the iPhone by the serial number on the official website of Apple

Step 1. Go to the Special Apple Site Page To check the iPhone at the serial number ( link ).

Step 2. Enter the iPhone serial number in the field and click " Proceed "

How to check the iPhone on the serial number and IMEI on the official website of Apple (1)

Step 3. Wait for the page download with results and read the information received.

? What gives the test of the iPhone serial number

What information allows you to find out this page?

one. You are convinced that the iPhone is really original . If the Apple check service identified the iPhone, it means it is 100% original.

2. The exact iPhone model is determined. . Very often in the secondary market, fraudsters are trying to sell the iPhone 6 under the guise of iPhone 6S, iPhone 7 under the guise of iPhone 8, etc. Calculate on inexperienced buyers. Apple's website will definitely become clear which iPhone model in your hands.

3. Refine the status of the guarantee . Apple's service accurately answers the question whether the warranty works on the iPhone. Often, unscrupulous sellers are instilled about the guarantee. It is said that the official warranty on the smartphone is still valid, although in fact it is not. Fast check through Apple website and you all learned.

four. Checked confirmed purchase date . And that is no less important, the service allows you to make sure that the iPhone is bought officially, not stolen. This is a very important point, since a confirmed purchase date will allow you to contact Apple support for any issues.

How to check iPhone by imei

How to find out IMEI on the iPhone? Elementary. To do this, you only need to enter the command in the phone "phone" * # 06 # . IMEI instantly appears on the screen:

How to check the iPhone on the serial number and IMEI on the official website of Apple

This is how imei iPhone is displayed after entering the command * # 06 #

If the iPhone is packaged, I can see IMEI on the package:

IMEI found, now it remains to be pierced and find out more information. You can do this with the following services:

Just come to one of the listed sites and enter the smartphone IMEI checkup field. Check is performed in just a few seconds.

? What gives an iPhone checking?

one. The status of the iPhone is determined: threw or not . The main thing that shows the IMEI check - the status of the device. If the iPhone is lost or stolen by your real owner, then check will warn about it. iPhone, which is listed lost or stolen, does not need to buy in any case. Only if on spare parts.

The result of punching iPhone by IMEI. We see that the smartphone is already without warranty, but not stolen and not lost

2. The country of purchase is determined . IMEI defines the exact iPhone model number. It is necessary in order to check for sale in which country the smartphone is intended.

The model number allows you to find out from where the iPhone

3. Shows the status of the function "Find iPhone" . Also, IMEI check allows you to find out whether the "Find iPhone" function is enabled on the iPhone. If it is enabled, the seller needs to be asked to get out of its ICLOUD account.

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How to check the iPhone on the originality of the serial number and IMEI on the Apple website?

When buying Apple iPhone smartphones, you can check the device at the serial number. Thus, you can avoid buying Chinese fakes that have become too similar to original phones. By the way, after purchase it is necessary to perform some actions.

Therefore, you need to be careful, especially when you buy a smartphone not in the official Apple store or their partners. Also, when you make the purchase of a used phone, pay attention to the serial number and IMEI, how to check it, we will understand further.

What is the serial number and IMEI?

The serial number is a unique code for each device. Many data is encrypted in it - country , release date, etc. IMEI is an international unique gadget identifier. It is used to track and lock the stolen smartphone.

How to view the serial number in the iPhone?

This is done in several ways, namely the easiest: you can see in the phone settings (Settings -> Basic -> About Device).

How to check the iPhone on the originality of the serial number and IMEI on the Apple website?

Here you will see the "serial number" and "IMEI" items. If you do not have the ability to go to the settings, IMEI written on the SIM card tray, and on it - find the serial number. In the second way, you can watch the serial number on the back side of the iPhone box, but it may be missing when you purchase a smartphone with hands.

All iPhone serial numbers are presented in the following format: Aabccdddeef, where: AA - factory identifier and machine. B - year of release ("0" means that the phone is released in 2010, "9" - 2009 and so on). CC - Production Week. DDD is a unique identifier (different from UDID). EE - the color of the smartphone. F - Memory capacity (S - 16 GB, T - 32 GB).

You should also pay attention to the fact that the serial number may occur zero, do not confuse with the letter O, it should not be in the same serial number.

Apple Watch Serial Room

How to find a serial number with IMEI?

In this procedure, we will help the site . Come on the link and enter the serial number of the device, you will indicate some data on the smartphone, including the serial number.

  • Enter IMEI in the input field.
  • Click the button inside the field, or ENTER.
  • After downloading the page, we obtain the necessary data.

So you learned:

  • serial number,
  • phone model,
  • memory size.
How to buy or sell used iPhone
How to check the iPhone on the originality of the serial number and IMEI on the Apple website?

How to check the iPhone by the serial number on the official website of Apple?

To check the iPhone you need to go to the official page of the Apple site - . We act according to the following instructions:

  • We enter your serial number in a special field;
How to check the iPhone on the originality of the serial number and IMEI on the Apple website?
  • Click on the "Continue" button;
  • Carefully view the data obtained.
How to check the iPhone on the originality of the serial number and IMEI on the Apple website?

Now you have information about the expiration date of the warranty and originality of the device. You can also check almost any Apple devices from the tablets of this company to computers and TV consoles.

How to check if you bought a new iPhone (activated or not)?

  • On the Apple website, go to the section "Check Service and Support" section, in which to check whether the iPhone purchased is really not used earlier.
  • All that you need to know the user to work with the service is the serial number of the device.
  • In activated gadgets, this number can be found in the "Settings", in the "Basic" section, menu item "On this device".
  • In the event that the iPhone meets the user with a greeting starter, its serial code can be found by pressing the "I" button in the lower right corner.

IPhone check method on originality Zombie Check

The new test method was called Zombie Check. It provides for the connection of a smartphone or tablet to a computer via a double cable, to one of the parts of which the additional unit is attached, similar to the adapter to read the memory cards. After that, on a computer running MacOS 10.8.5 and the newly launched a specialized application for scanning. Thus, the serial numbers of all components are checked, regardless of the degree of damage to the device.

How to check the iPhone on the originality of the serial number and IMEI on the Apple website?
More useful articles, cases, manuals and lifehakov on our website .

Website IMEI.INFO offers comprehensive services for Apple iPhone phones. If you need a detailed information about your iPhone, you will find them all on our website. You have no iPhone, but do you plan to buy? Before doing this, use our services to carefully check the device you want to buy.

Thanks to our services, you can make sure that the phone is obtained from the legal source. Knowing the IMEI number or serial number, you can check the exact details of this model. Before buying a phone, it is worth find out what state is the icloud, "block" or "find the iPhone". If you want to buy a used phone, make sure that it is not blacklisted.

Below is a list of all services for the iPhone. :

Do you need additional information about your iPhone? Check your iPhone original communication operator, simlock status and find my iPhone

Checking the status of IClOUD is a service for iOS users. You can use the free check function to find out if iPhone or iPad locked or cleaned the status of icloud. This is the best way to check if you are activated on your Find My iPhone (FMI) device.

Thanks to this service, you can easily check whether the "Find iPhone" feature is activated on your iPhone. We recommend checking the status of FIM every time you buy a used device.

Make sure your phone is not blacklisted because of the loss, theft or unpaid accounts.

If you are iPhone, iPad, iPod or MacBook, even iWatch or Apple TV, the user can access hidden information about his device, simply entering the serial number. Use our FREE SN Lookup function and read the Secret Apple Device Information.

If you want to unlock your phone, you need to know the telecom operator that has blocked your device. Our services are designed specifically for you. We give here all the necessary information.

How to check iPhone (iPhone) by IMEI: Top 5 simple ways

Check iPhone by IMEI

Apple annually releases a new line of smartphones, prices for which exceed the average salary in the country several times. In order not to put in debts and loans, people acquire used equipment.

At the same time, it is necessary to check the iPhone on Having, otherwise you can turn out to be the owner of the fake, the device with an expired guarantee, stolen, another model or completely blocked "brick".

IMEI is an individual serial number of the device, which is broadcast by the operator when connecting the phone to the network. It is sewn by the manufacturer at the factory and is then used to track and block a stealled device.


How to find out IMEI

5 simple ways how to check iPhone

This number is indicated on the back cover, On the box and sometimes on the tray for the SIM card.

You can also find out:

  • In the phone menu in the section " Settings "( Maintenance -> About device -> IMEI )
  • With the introduction of a combination * # 06 # (on Dual-SIM models there are two numbers at once, which will be checked individually)
5 simple ways how to check iPhone

It happens that the number on the lid and the box is the same, and the phone gives another. So the seller was bored and put the filling from one iPhone into the case and the box of another

Naturally, all rooms must coincide, otherwise you have a suspicious device that is better not to buy.

So, you found the necessary numbers, now they need to check . Services are both paid and free, with the quality and amount of information provided in the first higher.

The most relevant information can be found here:

Below are detailed instructions for each method.

Verification on the official website of Apple

The first option to which users are requested. Allows you to find out the basic information: the legality of the device, the model and the services currently operating for it.

That's what you need to do:


Enter the previously detected number, captcha and send a request.

5 simple ways how to check iPhone


The site will provide information on buying, models available to services and guarantees. In the screenshot, it can be seen that the led phone is legal, not losing lost, but has long been not supported by the manufacturer. You can buy, but in the event of a breakdown, repair will have to at your own expense.

5 simple ways how to check iPhone

Data by phone

If the purchase date is not marked with a green tick, then the appliance apparatus does not have the apparatus. Unfair sellers can also sell 7 model under view 8, or 6 under the guise of


That is why it is important to check the model on IMEI.


Sometimes for unknown reasons, the site refuses to provide data on this or that phone. In addition, the manufacturer has long ceased to provide information on the unlock blocking. Check whether the phone is blocked by IMEI has become impossible, because of what many users burned on the purchase of thorough phones

5 simple ways how to check iPhone

To get the necessary data, you will have to use other services.

Check on the portal IMEI.INFO

The official website of the system is no less popular than, Apple site. Here is what you can find out for free:

Check iPhone by IMEI

You can find out any information necessary before buying, including 100% current data on black lists.

If you decide that now you have all the necessary information, do not rush to close the article . For loyalty to reliable, check the information immediately in several paid and free services, which will give you the most complete and bulk picture by the proposed smartphone.

Check IMEI

Check on iPhoneox

The service interface is easily simple, so you can even use this site even an elderly person. The data provided will be enough to take a correct purchase decision.


Follow the link Go, enter Have The phone is checked, check the check mark I am not a robot and press Check.

5 simple ways how to check iPhone


After 10 seconds, a summary table with data on the device will appear. In our example, you can see that the phone was bought in Ireland in 2012, it is activated, the warranty is over, there are no locks from the operator

5 simple ways how to check iPhone


Now it remains to check the activity of the function " Find my iPhone and the availability of the phone in the international black list. To do this, go to the corresponding link under the table (or on this one - go). In the English-language resource we will also enter the number and click Check

5 simple ways how to check iPhone


The service shows the status of Clean. This means that the phone was not lost or stolen. Checking Function Find My iPhone. At the moment, paid, but periodically administrators include free mode

5 simple ways how to check iPhone

So, thanks to the service, the model was clarified, all the details of production and sales, the criminal status and the presence of locks. The phone can be bought if it is suitable for all other indicators (price, appearance, etc.).

Check on iunlocker

An important parameter that shows not all free check services is replace or replacement. Such marking receive phones that were returned to the manufacturer due to breakage, then renovated and re-put up for sale at a reduced price. Unscrupulous sellers are sometimes trying to sell such busy drunks under the guise of new phones (even large networks like M-video are not bent).

In order to check this parameter, you need:


Insert IMEI And request verification. If the phone has been replaced, then the service will indicate

5 simple ways how to check iPhone

The phone is in active mode, without warranty, does not have criminal origin, not replaced, the Find My Phone function is active. Before buying, it is mandatory to ask the seller to get out of aiklaud, otherwise it can block the smartphone at any time and declare a disappearance, start demanding money for unlocking, etc.

Information with free services may not always be relevant, so it is recommended to check immediately by several databases. In order to be confident in information by 100%, use paid services.

Check on SNDeep

This service is the leader among the paid ways to verify the phones. It allows you to define not only the legality of the device, but also such data as:

  • Case color
  • volume of built-in memory
  • Version of firmware at the date of the primary sale
  • date of manufacture
  • Unlock options and even jailbreak

The service also contains a relevant database of lost and stolen phones. The victim is proposed to promptly make data on lost devices for blocking their resale.

Here's how it works:


Select the tab Apple Enter Have and click on the check button

5 simple ways how to check iPhone


The phone card appears. The first thing you need to know is whether the phone is lost or stolen. In our example, everything is in order

5 simple ways how to check iPhone


Dog page down and enter the two latest letters in a special window. This will find out for which country the phone was originally intended

5 simple ways how to check iPhone


Now go to the suggestion to obtain extended data. Access to detailed information on the gadget is paid, the extended check will cost $ 2.45. It includes the following information: purchase date, firm-seller, country of manufacture, warranty, model, activation, presence in the black list, Find My Phone, Replaced (restored in the Apple telephone service), Locking SIM, etc.

Although the service is not free, but it is more profitable to spend 150 rubles. To check the phone than to buy a cat in a bag for tens of thousand rubles. A detailed report will be delivered by e-mail within 5 minutes after ordering. Even if you have already met with the seller and inspected the phone, it's not too late to make a control test before buying

5 simple ways how to check iPhone

Information on smartphone

Thanks to the service, you can "break through" the wholemost phone and be sure that you buy a legal device of the agreed model and configuration, Which is not wanted, is not restored or blocked at cellular operators.

If IMEI does not "beats"

If when checking it turns out that there is no specified number in the system, then you are trying to sell fake. Other options, no matter how trying to convince the seller, can not.


Let's summarize. Have a true way to identify real Apple products, model, specifications, color, presence of warranty and locks, date and place of purchase, production country and any dark spots in the past and present phone.

All the necessary information can be found on the network, while it is desirable to use both free and paid services . After spending an hour and 150 rubles, you can protect yourself from buying a fake or not working phone.

Video instructions for checking IMEI below.

Video: How to check the authenticity of the iPhone by the serial number and how to check IMEI iPhone

How to check iPhone (iPhone) by IMEI: Top 5 simple ways

How to check the authenticity of the iPhone by the serial number and how to check IMEI iPhone

How to check iPhone (iPhone) by IMEI: Top 5 simple ways

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