How to bring a girl to orgasm - effective postures + equipment for squirt

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Welcome to you, dear readers! Sex has long ceased to be exclusively a means to continue the genus. It is a source of pleasure and incredible pleasure. Although in this intimate matter, everything usually occurs intuitively, I advise you to study theory before practice and learn how to have sex. Men usually have no problems with the achievement of orgasm. But when his sweetheart appears, either he just wants to become a first-class lover, he may have a question, and how to bring the girl to orgasm. Dear ladies, do not rush to interrupt reading, the article has a lot of interesting things for you.

Welcome to you, dear readers! Sex has long ceased to be exclusively a means to continue the genus. It is a source of pleasure and incredible pleasure. Although in this intimate matter, everything usually occurs intuitively, I advise you to study theory before practice and learn how to have sex. Men usually have no problems with the achievement of orgasm. But when his sweetheart appears, either he just wants to become a first-class lover, he may have a question, and how to bring the girl to orgasm. Dear ladies, do not rush to interrupt reading, the article has a lot of interesting things for you.

It is unlikely that family life will last long and happily, if the wife remains unsatisfied with sex. And by the way, the female orgasm depends not as much from the woman itself, as from a man, his relationship to her and skill in bed. If you want to raise your chosen to the top of pleasure, read on.

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Look in the selection right now, see which programs are presented there. I think on female orgasm your questions do not end. You want to know how to have sex in general, to deliver great pleasure to the girl, how to make the girl you always wanted to hover it into your fantasies and make them reality.

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Myths about female orgasm

To help your woman achieve orgasm, you need to understand the mechanism of its occurrence. And for this, first say goodbye to the following stereotypes.

  1. A woman can get orgasm only during sex with penetration. Unfortunately, the male half of the population is only 15% of women are able to experience orgasm as a result of a traditional sexual intercourse. The remaining 85% need to stimulate the clitoris. Therefore, when masturbation, women practically do not use vibrators.
  2. The onset of orgasm depends on the duration of sexual intercourse. A woman can cum even during very fast and rapid sex. If before that it was excited to the limit, and the man knew that, where and how to stimulate. And when the other vice versa, even the longest sex and the maximum number of frictions will not save the situation. Partner all quickly get bored, she gets tired or will fall out at all right during action.
  3. The more male dignity, the higher the probability of experience orgasm. Another misconception based on the male ego. The size of the penis does not matter much. For a woman, much more important as a man treats her, whether it cares about her. But in second place there is already his sexual skill and the ability to wrap their tool. The main source of female pleasure is the clitoris. Therefore, to force the girl to cum, you need to change the pressure point. And this can be done by the advantage of any size.

Types of female orgasm

I will plunge a little in physiology. The female organism is more complicated than male. From here and the types of orgasm that she can experience, several:

  • clitoral;
  • vaginal;
  • uterine;
  • jet.

The main part of the beautiful sex representatives is most often experienced clitious orgasm. It is achieved by stimulating the clitoris. Make it easier with your fingers or tongue. Located this body is quite far from the vagina - at the point of convergence of small sexes. The clitoris contains more than 8,000 nerve endings. Approximately as much as on the head of the male member. And since the clitoris itself is small, then the concentration of them above. This makes the clitoris the main erogenous zone and allows you to bring the girl to orgasm without penetration. It can safely remain a virgin.

Vaginal orgasm can be experienced during intercourse if the point is stimulated by the point G. This mysterious point, and more precisely the region, is located on the front wall of the vagina approximately 3-4 cm from the entrance. In a calm state, this tubercle is practically not sufficient. But during sexual excitement, when blood sticks to the genital organs, he swells and becomes a rough, reminding to the touch of walnut.

Pretty rare uterine orgasm Some girls may experience during intercourse when the stimulation is subject to a sensitive zone near the cervix.

Inkjet orgasm (Squirt) is the most powerful orgasm, which can experience a girl. It is characterized by the fact that at the peak of sexual satisfaction, a woman has a liquid of milk-white color from parauretral glands. They are also called skin glands, they are located in the area of ​​the point G. This phenomenon itself is called squirting, or women's ejaculation. However, not all women nature endowed the opportunity to ejaculate.

Well, the most interesting fact is that women can experience not one and not even two orgasms in a row, but much more. Unlike men, they do not have a period of non-recondition after orgasm. An experienced man who properly applied in practice the advice of this article is able to achieve a multi-Russian man in his beloved.

Multi-Russian his beloved

Preparation for sex

The girl is a tender, sensual and impressionable. A man must make a sense of confidence, strength, protection and reliability in it. Then she trusts him and will be ready to surrender. It is important to create a situation that will help the girl fully relax and enjoy the moment.

What must be done when preparing for sex:

  1. Create a romantic atmosphere. Candles, twilight, pleasant music, wine, lightweight and delicious dinner and other pleasant little things will help this. And, of course, a man itself should be clean, tasty smelling and beautifully dressed.
  2. Help the girl to relax as much as possible. Being in a state of stress, nor a man nor a woman will be able to tune in for sex. If the girl is nervous or worries for some reason, she needs to help get rid of stress. The best alcohol is best helped in this, such as a glass of wine. Also well coped with this task a relaxing massage and a warm bath.
  3. Examine female anatomy. The man needs to know where the clitoris is located, from which parts it consists. This will help him understand the mechanics of the process and make his partner as satisfied as possible during sex.

Now that everything is ready, it's time to proceed.


The stronger the girl will be excited, the faster and easier will be easier to bring it to ecstasy. By itself, the mechanical sexual intercourse will not bring her any pleasure. The excitement of a woman begins in the head, in its fantasies and imagination.

It may take 20 minutes to heating. During this time, blood gets to genital and the grease will begin to produce. To excite a girl:

  • Kiss her on the lips;
  • caress and smooth, without removing clothes;
  • slowly tend it and share it yourself;
  • I caress her neck, chest, the inner surface of the hips, buttocks, without lingering for a long time in one place.

The man needs to be sensitive to his partner and track her reactions to their actions. Mark for yourself what she especially likes, and from what it begins to clamp.

The girls of the excitation phase is quite smooth and long-lasting in time. If you start a sexual act, without waiting for maximum readiness, it will be difficult to bring it to orgasm.

Preliminary facilities are needed

When the girl is breaking enough, you can proceed to stimulate the clitoris. It is necessary to do it very carefully and gently. It is best to use a special gel, especially if the natural lubricant is not enough.

The clitoris is a very gentle and extremely sensitive organ. When it is stimulated, the main thing is not to overdo it, otherwise there will be an overload of nerve endings and the signals will cease to flow into the brain. Then you have to pause.

Since each woman has all individuals and universal equipment to stimulate the clitoris, I advise men to do the following.

  1. Ask partner, what movements she likes the most.
  2. Allow the most stimulate the clit as it likes. A man at that time holds his hand over her.
  3. Listen to the feelings of a partner. Student breathing, moans, rhythmic movements towards a man are signs that everything goes as it should.

Sexual act

Achieve clituinal orgasm Woman may in 15 minutes. Therefore, depending on the shutter speed of a man, I propose 2 options for the development of events:

  1. To bring your choices to orgasm, stimulating the clitoris with his hands or orally, masterfully by performing a cunnilingus. And then to have sex with her and you yourself have fun. Or vice versa. It is better not to try to achieve orgasm at the same time - this is depriving the pleasure of observing the ecstasy of the partner. In addition, to obtain an orgasm, it is necessary to focus on their feelings, and not on the sensations of the girl.
  2. To do with a girl love, but choosing such poses in which it is convenient to continue the stimulation of the clitoris or other erogenous zones.

If you have chosen option number 2, then it is necessary to look at and try the following poses for sex:

  1. Missionary with a technique of a coital alignment. This posture has the highest female orgasm coefficient with vaginal sex alone. The whole secret in the stimulation of the clitoris of the pubic bone. Lobys Men and women should come into contact, and the movements themselves should not be argued, but sliding, as if the bodies rub each other. Of course, such a pose requires practice, but it will justify itself by 100%.
  2. Doggi Style with simultaneous stimulation of anal hole with a finger. Anus due to a large number of nerve endings is a very erogenous zone. Many girls experience incredible excitement from the penetration of the thumb into the anus.
  3. Pose of rider. In this posture, it is convenient to caress your breasts of a woman, the abdomen. Either a woman will be able to take such a position in which the friction of its clitoris about the publisher publisher will occur on the principle of the technique of coital alignment.

As soon as the girl experiences orgasm, it is necessary to stop any manipulation with its clitoris. After discharge, it becomes supersensitive and any touch to this zone will bring discomfort and pain. At this time it is better to switch to the caress of other erogenous zones.

To secure the material I advise you to watch the video.

Men's errors during sex

Often men make the following errors during sex:

  1. A man is not enough time to give foreplay and pre-caress. Let me remind you that the stronger the girl is excited in front of the immediate sexual act, the higher the probability of the occurrence of her orgasm.
  2. A man does not study the body of a partner, not listening to her feelings.
  3. The man does not admire the sexuality of his partner. It also matters for women who love ears.
  4. Some men tighten the sexual intercourse. When it lasts too long, and the long-awaited discharge does not come, the girl begins to cool. It is necessary to follow the reaction of your partner. And if it does not occur with her orgasm, it is worth changing tactics and try other ways to satisfy.

Main mistakes men in bed

How to bring a girl to squirt

Before deciding to such an experiment for the first time, it is necessary to prepare.

  1. Specify from the girl whether it is ready to try this method of stimulation and squirt.
  2. For the process itself, tighten your nails and thoroughly wash your hands, since the stimulation of the point G is carried out with his fingers.
  3. Prepare the lubricant for easy penetration of your fingers into the vagina, as well as a towel or napkins that will take a fluid stream - female ejaculate.
  4. Ask a girl to go to the toilet. The bladder should be empty, because the secretion during squirt is spoiled from the urethra.

Then you need to act on a proven scenario - to create an intimate environment and carefully excited the partner.

Squirt is achieved by stimulating the point G. Let the girl fall on the back and spread his legs wide. A man gently enters into the vagina to a depth of 2-3 cm, lubricated with a lubricant, the index and middle fingers so that the palm is facing up.

In the excited state, the point G resembles a rough tubercle. As soon as a man spares the desired area, you can proceed to stimulation. Lightly bent fingers to make movements up and down. When the inkjet orgasm approaches the girl will have a steady feeling that she wants to the toilet. This means that a man does everything right and to squirt remained quite a little bit. The main thing is to convince the girl not to restrain and fully relax.

Inkjet orgasm is a powerful ecstasy that a man can give his beloved. It breaks through the whole body of the girl and lasts for quite a long time. After such a breathtaking pleasure, the girl will be grateful, devotee and herself wants to deliver bright sexual pleasure to her man.

Useful courses for guys

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Any man bye forces to deliver an incredible sexual pleasure with his girlfriend. Theory, I told you, it remains for the practice. And remember that the excitement of the girl begins in the head. From your sensitive attitude towards her and desire to make her nice depends on how fast you will find the way to her orgasm together.

Write in the comments if the article helped you!

How to bring a girl to orgasm?

This question, perhaps, torments every man. After all, simple sex may not be enough. If the girl had guys with more pronounced and experienced, then bring the girl to orgasm can be very problematic and difficult, but we will help to figure out.

Here the main thing is to know which points to put pressure and with what effort . Only if a person fully examines the structure of the female organism and comprehends all the subtleties of art, then you can be sure that the girl will get the maximum pleasure and will not be just grateful, but also wants to continue.

How to bring a girl to orgasm with your fingers?

Each girl or even a woman dreams literally drown in the arms of her beloved man or just an object of passionate adoration. In the experienced hands of a man, a woman will feel defenseless and open, so the orgasm will be bright and enjoyable.

The most important thing is to know how and where to apply your hands so that your second half can enjoy your caress. Today, most men are practically confident that they know how to touch the woman. But in fact, it is a deep misconception, since the overwhelming majority of weak sex representatives constantly complain that men cannot satisfy their desires in bed.

How to bring a girl to orgasm?

Only those men who know how to bring the girl to orgasm are in demand from the female half of the population, and the rest just envy. The main thing here is to adhere to the basic rules that are not so difficult to observe:

  • One of the main mistakes of men is that they introduce their fingers into still dry vagina and immediately begin to make progressive and sharp movements . Some immediately try to immerse your fingers as deep as possible that it gives a girl not pleasure, but on the contrary, painful sensations. It is enough to enter only 3 centimeters and is not deeper, but to deepen only when natural lubrication will do its job.
  • Another excellent way to comprehend this art is ask the girl to caress yourself with you yourself . In this case, a man will be able to see everything with his own eyes and understand exactly how the girl likes, and in which case it will be able to get the maximum pleasure from the process.
  • Pay special attention and clutter Since this is a very active erogenous zone. In this case, your fingers can not be pulled out from the vagina. Spend your finger near the anal hole and press a little at that very point so that the girl will be excited even more.
  • To increase and stimulate You can, during such a procedure, gently kiss a girl in the neck and take the uham . This will only add adrenaline and increase the excitement.
  • Also You need to pay special attention to moans and sighs of the girl . They will be like a beacon that will tell you when you need to accelerate, and when to act a little rude.

Only if you follow such simple instructions, you can be sure that your lady will receive not just an orgasm, but the maximum pleasure of the process itself and the final.

More about how to bring the girl to orgasm hands

It is very foolish to consider a member of the only tool with the help of which you can deliver pleasure to the girl. There are many ways to do it and without sexual intercourse, but the pleasure that will receive a partner represented by representatives of weak sex will be the most pleasant and long-term.

Now we will understand in detail with approaches and techniques for the impact on the female body and erogenous zones.

Method LASS

To deliver the girl with pleasure, it is enough to do the following:

  • Put your hand at the bottom of her abdomen;
  • In this case, you can easily stroke the tip of the clitoris with a thumb;
  • You should massage the clitoris until there is enough lubricant, and the finger will not begin to slide naturally;
  • Now it is necessary to use the fingers of the second hand;
  • Gently introduce one finger into the vagina to a depth of up to three centimeters;
  • Then pull out your finger and insert two fingers to a depth of up to five centimeters;
  • If the dimensions of the vagina allow, and you feel that the girl reached the peak of excitement, then you can add another finger.

If you do everything right, then the girl simply will not be able to restrain the enthusiastic moans and screams from the double orgasm, which most likely she never felt.

I caress the point G.

Many over the years of their life heard such a thing as a point G, but few people even guess exactly where she is.

How to bring a girl to orgasm?

If you enter a finger to a depth of five centimeters from the sex lips, then you can easily feel a small seal, which in size reminds the coin with a face value of 5 rubles. This is the same cherished point that makes the girl get a powerful orgasm.

The procedure is quite simple, but It should be strictly observed:

  • The girl should be put on the back at a comfortable position so that her legs be slightly spread;
  • A little massaging sex lips and clit;
  • We drive your fingers, leaving only the non-name and medium;
  • It is them that needs to be introduced into the vagina;
  • As soon as the fingers are in place, you need to lift them a little and add a point;
  • Now it remains to make progressive movements with an interval of two shock per second, while massaging the point;
  • After a few minutes you will bring the girl to orgasm with these fingers.

Everything is simple as possible, but it will turn out only for those who will feel their partner.

Types of orgasm

It should be understood that girls have two types of orgasm:

  • Clitoral;
  • Vaginal;
  • There is still a jet, but talk about it separately.

At the same time, the vaginal orgasm is considered the longest and violent, so it should be sought in how you can bring the girl to vaginal orgasm.

What is a vaginal orgasm?

In order to know how to properly deliver the girl with pleasure, you need to figure out what is actually a vaginal orgasm.

Each representative of the weak floor near the bladder is a special iron that is responsible for developing the secret responsible for the emission of hormones. During the vaginal orgasm of the female vagina at the peak of sexual intercourse, fluid can spill, in the amount of glass up to half a glass, depending on the physiological features of the lady.

The basic principles of bringing the girl to vaginal orgasm

The female organism is very different in its structure from male, so it can be quite difficult to excite the lady, and sometimes an impracticable procedure. But bring the young person to orgasm, it is even more difficult.

How to bring a girl to orgasm?

Today there are many ways to do it. Men remain only to choose the one that is suitable for their skills is much better and follow a simple and uncomplicated instruction.

  • The stimulation of the point G by a sexual member requires a man just stunning skills in sex classes, because here you need to feel all the vagina space as thin and know at what point should the same point should be pressed, and at what point just continue forward movies at what point. Thus, the vaginal orgasm girl will be as saturated as possible and rapid. But also do not forget that after such an abundant sexual intercourse, the vagina and nipples will remain sensitive for several minutes, so you do not need to mock your partner triggering them.
  • So that each part of the vagina was in constant stimulation during sexual intercourse, Multiple positions should be changed . This will not only diversify sensations, but also give a girl to choose the very pose in which it will be more convenient to reach the peak of pleasure.
  • The best thing Do not hurry at the speed of translational movements . The longer the act lasts, the more the walls of the vagina will be stimulated. This will allow the girl not only to fully enjoy the process and its partner, but also get stormy emotions at the end.
  • Another proven method is the depth adjustment . It is best to enter the first time in the depth of 7 centimeters in the first time and continue smooth progressive movements. The main thing here is to feel your partner and listen to moans and exclamations. As soon as the girl will be at the peak of his ecstasy, you can begin to introduce a member as deeply as possible that it will certainly strengthen the feeling on the finish.

The instruction is not complicated, but very effective and efficient.

How to bring the girl to orgasm?

Of course, sex is real art on both sides and you need to know how to deal with it. With incorrect technician, you can also have fun, but the whole point is to achieve a real peak of sexual satisfaction.

Thanks to the effective advice of sexologists, you can always hone your skill to ideal marks.

Top postures for female orgasm

To make a woman during sexual intercourse to get the maximum pleasure, special positions should be selected, under which it can be not a transcendent fantasy, but a real event.

  • Rider pose like almost every girl . The whole thing is that during intercourse, it itself manages the entire process. It can: adjust the speed of movements, control the depth of the dive, stop at the moments of passion, sits down to the very end to the same peak. All this allows her to feel the main thing on this bed, which certainly gives her more confidence and pleasure. It can control a strong man, being such a fragile and defenseless special.
  • POST A man behind also like the ladies . So she can lie on the stomach and completely relaxing, succumbing to male strength and will. She does not need to strain, as a man will do everything himself. A relaxed female body will receive only pleasure and pleasure from what is happening, so the orgasm will be pleasant and long.
  • Missionary Pose Allows the Girl to fully relax, but unlike poses from behind, it will lie in a convenient position . She can spread his legs as he wishes and hugging her man. In such a posture, a man should move to the tact with the female body, but at the same time he can kiss the female breast, as well as neck and lips. This allows you to increase the stimulants of pleasure and give the girl a complete pleasure from the process. Also, such a pose allows the girl to achieve not one, but at once several orgasms, which will definitely be a great advantage.

The most important thing in sex is always to feel your partner, because it is possible to bring the girl to such an orgasm, which she will not be able to forget for a very long time, and perhaps never.

In the modern world, a man is important to pay attention to the pleasure of partners and know how to bring the girl to orgasm.

Simple movements: 5 proven methods, how to bring the girl to orgasm

The authors of the Bestseller "Wonders between the Hungs" are divided by five proven methods of joint achievement of the highest point.

Poster to the film "Nymphomaniac"

Imagine how you spend time with an attractive woman. Apparent sexual tension is growing while you drink cocktails, dinner and playfully witness.

Arriving home, you are no longer able to endure, and, the despite of the prelude, go directly to the sex. Later, it seems satisfied, even satisfied, but take into account: it doesn't matter how long you kept, the old good there is hardly to bring it to orgasm.

Calmly. Your potency is all right. You just guide too much energy into the wrong direction.

In heterosexual pairs, the main stage of sexual intercourse is considered to be penetration, but, unlike bad porn, women do not finish simply from vaginal sex. In the real world, only one of four girls is capable of that.

The possibility of a woman get orgasm from penetration is a matter of chance; It can end in this way if the clitoris is close to the entrance to the vagina.

However, you are able to show her the city of pleasure, despite this anatomical lottery.

Most men experience a spontaneous desire to have sex, and only 15% of women can also.

The rest of the desire is responding - this means that their excitement is subject to a romantic or sexual setting. These girls need a prelude in the head, so postponing a smartphone, free the schedule and organize the atmosphere before take a step.

2. Focus on foreplay

The clitoris is often perceived as a small pretty pipple at the top of the vagina's opposition, the zones between the female sex lips.

In fact, it is the clitoris - and not Vagina - the main female sexual body. The clitoris head is equivalent to a member head, and most girls for orgasm need its direct stimulation.

This means that you should be a little distinguished from the vagina and send the actions of the language and fingers to the clitoris.

If more heterosexual couples paid the attention of preludes, orgasm together with a partner could reach 75% of women who do not cum from penetration.

On the clitoris head, more than 8 thousand nerve endings are as much as on the member head, but due to the short size, their concentration is higher.

This makes the clitoris more sensitive than any body of the male body - and also means that the line between pleasure and discomfort is very thin. Therefore, be gentle.

Not all touches are suitable: if you stimulate the clitoris too persistently, the nerve ending will be overloaded, and they simply stop sending signals to the brain.

With this position, the output is one: take a break. To continue to avoid the "Pause" buttons, try indirect stimulation, different pressure strength and use lubricant to minimize friction.

4. Mysterious abbreviation

Relieve the fans of a missionary position: with the technique of a coital alignment, or TCV, you can bring a partner to orgasm during penetration. TKV - Pose with the highest female orgasm coefficient with vaginal sex only.

Secret in the stimulation of the clitoris of your pubic bone. Your pubis should come into contact, and move more remind of sliding or friction, and not push: forward-back, and not inside. Pose requires practice, but believe me, time will not be spent in vain.

In addition to anatomical smelting, the right road to an excellent sex life - communication.

Speak with partner about sex, listen and inform about what you want. Studies show that the couples discussing the bed affairs are more satisfied with relations in general and sex in particular - its in order to communicate partners.

3 Main Myth About Sex

Penis - the main tool to satisfy a woman

You probably got used to thinking that the more dick, the better, and the longer you will hold out, the more pleasure she gets. All this lie. But the truth is.

The researchers asked hundreds of women to the direct question, which is most important during sexual intercourse, and none of the participants mentioned the penis size. Instead, women said that crazy about men who care about their pleasure.

Good sex ends with simultaneous orgasm

So shown in the movies: a man is vigorously entering a woman, and - yes, yes, more! - They both have a quick and fabulous orgasm. In fact, simultaneous orgasms are a myth.

To bring the partner to orgasm, you must be focused on its feelings, and to experience it yourself - fully immerse yourself in your own. As you understand, combine it is difficult. The partner may experience pleasure to you, and after. And it is much more convenient than achieving simultaneous discharge.

To reach orgasm, women need sexual intercourse

According to the most optimistic estimates, only 15% of women can get orgasm as a result of sexual intercourse. The remaining 85% need the stimulation of the clitoris.

How to bring the girl to orgasm: data of anonymous polls
These anonymous surveys conducted by the author of the female sexuality of Lori Mintz among women over the past few years

The clitoris is the key to the female orgasm. This is once again proves the fact that only 1.5% of women masturbate with the help of the subject in the vagina. Another 12% do the same, at the same time touching its clitoris. And the rest - the colossal 86.5% - enjoy exclusively through the stimulation of the clitoris. So the main thing is to remember: frictions lead to orgasm you, but not your partner. Her point of pleasure is the clitoris.

How to do everything right

Myths dealt with myths, let's go to the essence. You have a date, and you really want the girl to remember him for life. We will have to go through three stages: how to prepare, put in bed, and then consolidate the impression. Let's start with the first one.


Find out where the clitoris is

A recent study showed that 25% of men cannot find this organ on the scheme. Check yourself and look at women's physiology even time.

How to bring a girl to orgasm: the structure of the female genital organ
Illustration from the book "How Want Wants"

If you are not inspired by pictures, you can watch a video about female masturbation, just not porn, but realistic. An expert on female sexuality Lori Mintz advises to see any (or all) out of 50 with excess learning videos on the site In them you will see 12 ways to clitual masturbation.

Arrange about sex

It often happens that one partner wants to have sex, and the other intends to prepare for the exam, work, watch TV or just go to bed. Agree about sexual adventure in advance - then the girl will be ready for what it is waiting for it, and you will be easier to achieve the goal.

Get rid of stress

80-90% of people (and women, and men) stress reduces interest, and almost all of all he reduces the ability to enjoy. Even with those 10-20% of us who are in a state of nervous tension experiencing increased interest in sex.

If your partner works in the morning to night, pulls the mortgage and three children, is experiencing constant stress, you can forget about orgasm. Therefore, before switching to bed actions, spend 20 minutes or even an hour to relax in a comfortable setting.

Ask the girl that helps her recover. Bath, walk, sport, cooking, sincere conversations, a glass of wine - anything, if only it worked.

Create context

Female pleasure is closely related to the context - external circumstances and internal condition. What exactly sets up a woman for sex, depends on it yourself. But usually the perfect context for sex = low stress level + admiration for the partner + erotic setting. So the candles, music and your irresistible appearance will not be superfluous.

Go to business

Highlight 20 minutes to warm up

Modern sex scenarios are focused mainly on the fact that you and your partner do between your legs, but most women, before proceeding with this, it takes about 20 minutes to warm up (kisses, affection).

The ladies need time to excite and develop a sufficient volume of lubricant so that there are pleasant touches to genitalia.

Here are some options as you can warm up:

  • Kiss each other on the lips - all possible ways (gently, persistently, with a language, without it).
  • Kiss each other in the neck, ears and other parts of the face, remaining dressed.
  • I am smooth and caress each other through clothes.
  • Roll over the bed, staying in clothes.
  • Undress yourself or share each other.
  • Fold, kiss and caress your chest partners.
  • Play with her nipples: Carefully rolling them between your fingers, suck, pull or tap if it excites it.
  • I am smooting and kissing naked bodies each other, without lingering anywhere for a long time. Many women say that they like it when a partner teases them for some time, touching the genitals, and then starting to caress again in other places.

You can also jointly take a shower or bath, laugh, joke and think about. Show fantasy!

Take a clitoris

When both of both are brew enough, go to the main dish - the stimulation of the clitoris. Do it as much as it takes. In general, women for orgasm are required from 15 to 45 minutes. Interesting statistics: If you give clitoral stimulation of 20 minutes or more, about 92% of your partners experience orgasm.

Tip: Start with cautious touches to her clitoris, and let it say when you can enhance pressure. The clitoris is a very gentle body, so it is better when she says "more", and not "oh!".

Find out what she likes

Women have nerve endings in different ways. Therefore, there is no universal pleasure recipe: each like your own type of touch.

In order to further complicate the case, add that the stimulation required by the woman for orgasm can be changed at different times (for example, depending on the phase of the menstrual cycle). So bring the woman to discharge will only help one thing - the desire to listen to her and hear.

How to find out what a woman wants today? Here are three ways:

  • Just ask. Conversations during sex are very short, but they can significantly affect the situation. For example, you say: "Tell me, what do you like," or "I want you to tell if it is suitable for you," or "I want to give you pleasure. Show you nice. "
  • Let her fingers say. Put your hand over the brush of the partner, feeding it a signal: you want her to show what a touch she likes. When she does it, follow its instructions (where, with what force, how exactly).
  • Listen. Student breathing, increasing moans and requests continue usually say that you go to the right direction. But if the girl does not show emotions, most likely, something is wrong, but she shy about it to say. In this case, go back to methods 1 and 2.

Test orgasm

You may first bring the partner to the orgasm using the clitoris stimulation, and then go to the sexual act and get your portion of pleasure or vice versa. Do not seek to experience an orgasm at the same time - remember that this is a myth. Researchers even believe that partners are undesirable to achieve discharge at one point, as it deprives pleasure to observe and feel the partner orgasm.

Enjoy a pleasant aftertaste

Talk after sex

Many couples are useful to "process the received information" immediately after sex. This will help the next time to make it better. Ask the girl that she liked her most and that you can do the next time. Just do not present complaints: if there are serious problems, it is better to discuss them behind the doors of the bedroom.

Be near

Many women after sex want to prolong the proximity: to bother, chat or just sleep together. What exactly should not be done, so it turns to the partner back or immediately call a taxi.

Stay near and be attentive. Remember that the manifestation of care excites women much more than the size of the penis and temptation in love affairs.

How to bring a girl to orgasm: "Point of pleasure", Laurie Minz and "How Woman Wants", Emily Napaners

The article is prepared on books:

  • "Point of Enjoyment", Laurie Mintz - a trip to the world of female orgasm, which makes the biggest lie about sex.
  • "As a woman wants," Emily Naughs - scientific answers to questions about the female body and sexuality.

Men in sex seek not only to satisfy their nature, but also help a woman to enjoy. To bring the girl to orgasm is not so simple, many fine sex representatives prefer to simulate the peak of pleasure. Women's sexuality works otherwise than men's. Therefore, every representative of the strong sex should own certain techniques.

Ways to quickly bring the girl to ecstasy and orgasm

Popular myths

Due to the lack of competent sex education, people are affected by different stereotypes. The main source of information is erotic and pornographic films and literature. As a result, the feeling that the main tool of a man is his big penis. The second popular myth is the duration of sexual intercourse. For sale a lot of dubious medicines that allow you to have sex for hours. But this does not always allow the girl to turn off the consciousness.

Popular Sex Myths

In the movie enough "cardboard" love classes . Forky recognition in feelings, quickly flying clothes, a couple of frictions - and a joint orgasm. In real life, everything is wrong. In order for the guy to enjoy, he must first focus on his feelings and only then on the partner. Women can experience 2-3 orgasm for one sexual act, while a man will make it just once.

The most important misconception is faith in the fact that a woman is for pleasure need sex with penetration.

In fact, only 15% of representatives of weak gender can be corded. The remaining part does not receive pleasant sensations. To achieve the body, they need the clitoris stimulation. Therefore, a man should understand that to bring to orgasm it does not need to make the maximum number of friction, you need to change the pressure point.

Preparatory stage

If the guy wants to bring the girl to ecstasy, he needs to study in detail the anatomy of the genital organs. Few of representatives of the strong floor will correctly call the location of the clitoris and its features. Therefore, the study of female physiology is very important - this will allow you to understand the mechanics of the process.

Film sex often promote spontaneous sex. Sometimes this practice can be practiced, but it is better to agree on a piquant continuation in advance. Perhaps the girl will prepare for the exam or she feels bad. Therefore, it is better to know her plans in advance.


It is necessary to get rid of stress. Most people have nervous tension relieves the likelihood of pleasure. It is necessary to prepare for a woman:

  • warm bath;
  • Sweets and snacks;
  • glass of wine.

You can find out the list of necessary things in advance to create a comfortable setting. Someone likes twilight and slow music, others - a satisfying dinner and a relaxing massage. Relaxation needs to be left 20 to 60 minutes.

For women, the context is important, i.e. external circumstances . Coffee for sex from everyone. It is advisable to create an erotic atmosphere - twilight, painted bed, etc. The man is predefined to take a shower, since a bad smelling body will not be attractive.

Features of heating

Quickly bring the girl to orgasm, paying attention to warming up. It is impossible to hurry - you need to pay the time to pre-caress. On average, it takes 20 minutes. Partner may like different impacts, and it is better to learn an experienced way.

This stage is needed to excite and develop a sufficient amount of lubrication. . You can use kisses - persistent, delicate, teasing. It is necessary to caress any parts of the body that are not covered with clothes - neck, parts of the face, hands.

Features of heating before sex

Stroking through clothes lead to greater excitation. The main thing is not to rush to take off, but in this form to lie on the bed and caress each other.

After some time you can begin undressing. A man caresses a woman's breasts, massages nipples, slightly compresses her hands. Sometimes pinching, pulling your fingers, squeeze.

To bring a woman to orgasm, it is not necessary to immediately go down to her legs. Changing the exposure site well warms up. Therefore, you can spend your hand through the hips, and then immediately switch to the neck. Such a trick will raise a partner.

Some lovers like a joint adoption of a bath or soul. The main thing is not to refuse to implement fantasy - it allows you to better feel each other.

Stimulation of the clitoris

This is a key point of high quality sex. It is from the caresses of this site that depends whether a woman can reach orgasm. To achieve ecstasy, it will be necessary from 15 to 45 minutes. The clitoris is a gentle body. Therefore, you need to start with barely noticeable touch. Act better with a brush, gradually enhancing pressure.

Each woman has nervous endings in different ways. Sensitivity depends on the day of the menstrual cycle. In the process, a man is necessary to ask about sensations. Short enough phrases:

  • Do you like? ";
  • "Suitable?";
  • "What is better to do?".

Questions during sex

Discuss similar questions during sex is a normal phenomenon. This will allow partners to better find out each other's features. There is another way of stimulation - a man puts his hand over the hand of a woman. She shows with fingers, which caress she likes (place, pressure, intensity), and it remains only to repeat them.

It is important to listen to the partner. Her student breathing, moans and requests to continue will indicate a rapid orgasm. If the girl does not show emotions, you need to change your caress.

Sexual act

The stimulation of the clitoris is not necessarily combining with penetration. Some of this is enough to get pleasure. Before Satimia, you need to make sure enough lubrication. If it is not enough, you need to use a special tool. Do not neglect this, since otherwise movement will cause pain.

With vaginal sex, you need to take a specific posture at which the pubis will be in contact, and frictions are made in the form of slip, and not jolts. All this will allow to effectively stimulate the clitoris and will help the woman to reach orgasm.

Sexual act

In the process, obscency can be said, compliments, comment process. It disks the desire and strengthens the excitement. You can combine sexual intercourse with manual clitoria. To do this, it is better to put a woman on his knees, let her rest in the back of the bed. The man needs to stand behind her and penetrate it, the hands of a gently caressing clitoris. Such a combination is likely to be brought to ecstasy.

It is sometimes useful to interrupt the sexual act and distract to other affairs. Kisses, strokes will only work out. A small rest will increase sensitivity.

Possible mistakes

Women hard to get an orgasm due to the characteristics of the physiology. Most often, the reason lies in tension and fatigue. If the thoughts of the lady are engaged in unprepared dinner or financial issues, then any orgasm can not be speech.

The lack of normal enlightenment on an intimate topic has generated the existence of a set of stereotypes. Partners are shy to talk to each other and learn from various techniques. As a result, their sexual life is deprived of pleasure. The stimulation of the clitoris can be carried out not only with your fingers, but also by the language.

Intimate toys

Some pairs for diversity will need special toys. They are sold in specialized stores in the assortment. With their help, it is possible to improve sensitivity, give the sharpness of the process.

Sometimes a man does not understand that the physiology of the girl works differently. She needs more time to excite, prepare for sexual intercourse. Rough and spontaneous sex is suitable for films. In other cases, he brings discomfort.

If it is impossible to bring a woman to orgasm, then you should not be upset. It is important to make sure that she was pleasant and she enjoyed. You can tactfully offer to try new poses or technology.

Do you really have good sex? How good are you a good lover? Do you do everything right? How satisfied your half? How often does your girl imitate orgasm? How to make sex better? What else can you try in sex? Tips how to quickly bring the girl to orgasm.

Want to be an excellent lover, so that the girl was crazy about your sexual abilities and talents? Then you will have more delicious borsch, smaller scandals, and love, care and tenderness more. Girls love those who can fry them well.

The amateur considers himself a professional in sex, when a professional lover never stops being improved. How to make sex better, and female orgasms are stronger? These tips will help to establish your sex life and make love relationships better.

How to quickly bring the girl to orgasm? 30 tips for orgasm
Elijah O Donnell, Unsplash

How to quickly bring the girl to orgasm?

"Fantasy of many guys, to chagrin, inspired pornography. They believe that the lady should get an orgasm in 2 seconds. But sex is like music: certainly you need to rehearse! " Kim Catherol

1. Show enthusiasm in sex

The most important thing in sex is not so much intimate technique and a variety of poses, as the enthusiasm of the participants. Show enthusiasm and desire in sex. As you like your half, as far as it is good and sexy. Girls make a frank attraction of men, when they are crazy about the girl and her hot body. When you get a buzz from sex and everything that happens, the orgasm will be brighter and stronger.

2. Eliminate distracting factors

Remove everything that prevents sex: phones, animals, children, light and other similar things. When nothing distracts thoughts from the proximity, the chances of orgasm are much higher. For good sex, an intimate and romantic atmosphere is important.

3. Do not avoid prelude before sex

For most women, the prelude is necessary. This is a mandatory component of sex and female orgasm. If a man in a secret section of the girl and started sex, then the chances are great that the girl will remain without a long-awaited orgasm. The beautiful floor needs caress and high-quality prelude. Start sex from afar and with the prelude, so that the girl himself pierced you next time.

How to quickly bring the girl to orgasm? 30 tips for orgasm
Elijah O Donnell, Unsplash

4. Various touch for greater excitation

There are many ways to touch, caress, press, iron, squeeze and touch. Of different strength, duration and type. Various touch, as well as changing the points of influence, to search for erogenous points of the partner. The more you try, the higher the chances of finding female erogenous points vulnerable to orgasm.

5. Be sex

Often we cannot relax for the reason that too compacted, or we are afraid to lose control. Try to be yourself and forget about how you look like during proximity. Put in sex more laughter, games, flirting, seduction and immediacy. This will increase the chances of a good orgasm.

6. Play role-playing games.

Role-playing games always make sex better, and orgasms come faster and stronger. This will be the ability to make novels, sharpness, intrigue and stronger excitement. Sex will play new paints when you play a nurse and patient, teacher and student, employee and chief, prostitute and client, passenger and driver, criminal and police officer.

How to quickly bring the girl to orgasm? 30 tips for orgasm
Mike Giovinazzo, Unsplash

7. I caress a female neck

Girls are always covered with goosebumps when you kiss them in your neck. On the neck of the girl a lot of nervous endings. This is one of the best places to gently tender touch and kisses. Kiss a girl in the neck during sex to finally reduce her crazy.

8. Do two things at the same time

Not only the girlfriend, then do something else. Kiss her at this moment, grab for different parts of the body, caress, Stoni or whisper something on the eye. The combination of action will result faster to bright and unforgettable orgasm.

9. Stimulate the clitoris

How to quickly bring the girl to orgasm? The answer is usually the clitoris. Meet the female clitoril clit. The clitoris caresses significantly increase the chances of female orgasm. Impact the clitoris with your hand or your body. The girl herself can caress him as she likes. When you caress the clitoris, the orgasm will be faster and stronger by 50%.

How to quickly bring the girl to orgasm? 30 tips for orgasm
Vino Li, Unsplash

10. Buy sex toys

Purchases in the sex top will make your sex brighter, and orgasms will be more often stronger. Do not let the modesty and the keenhood interfere with good sex. Toys, clothes and other accessories. Sex will never be boring or bad.

11. Do oral sex

The presence of oral sex increases intimate life satisfaction. But the posture 69 does not always make it possible to focus on the pleasure. Better to do each other alternately. Do oral sex so that the orgasm is bright and delightful.

12. Share your sexy fantasies

The implementation of sexual fantasies helps you get new sensations, open new faces and plunge into an intimate variety. Do not be afraid to tell your sex dreams. They can become a reality if you want.

How to quickly bring the girl to orgasm? 30 tips for orgasm
Elijah O Donnell, Unsplash

13. Watch each other in the eyes

Try sex with your eyes when you look at each other. There is something inexorable intimate, vulgar and sexual. It will lead you to exhaustion and orgasm.

14. See movies for adults

The joint viewing of spicy films will help to get harder, relieve emotional prohibitions, try the taste taste and grit something new. See movies for adults, have sex and enjoy life.

15. Speak a girlfriend compliments

Even when the girl is already a section, you should raise her self-esteem with pleasant words. Admire its beauty, body flexibility, breast attractiveness, cool tummy and passionate character. Someone whispers to her oxo with a mature voice. She will make sure. Girls love compliments and reach orgasm faster.

How to quickly bring the girl to orgasm? 30 tips for orgasm
Loren Cutler, Unsplash

16. Watch the feedback in sex

How does the girl react to your actions in bed? Do it all right? Watching its reaction, movements and moan. When you act correctly, the girl will play you movements and moan. This is such a secret agreement that we have in instincts.

17. Pay attention to female pop and back

We get used to caressing female breasts and the body of the girl in front, but forget the opposite side of the sex. The back and buttocks of the girl are filled with female endings. We caress her back and squeeze the buttocks with your hands. It will give her an unforgettable pleasure. All girls love it.

18. Stegonite during sex

Sounds in sex are important. You do not want to watch a silent movie in the 21st century? And in sex. Do not be afraid to moan and show how well you are well. Sweet moans are hardened and excite partners.

How to quickly bring the girl to orgasm? 30 tips for orgasm
Alexander Jawfox, Unsplash

19. Take a souls together

Become cleaner and wash off extra trouble. Joint shower is a good prelude before sex. You can get started, and then move, still wet, in the bedroom. The girl, with wet hair, always looks younger, sexier and debauchery.

20. Try violence in sex

Many girls are not in vain fantasy to rape with an excellent stranger. Let one of you take on all the control over sex. He can do what he wants and how wants. As if this is a game of rape. Handcuffs will add more reality and excitement into sex.

21. Keep rhythm

The girls adapt to the rhythm of the men, starting playing their hips themselves. Try to make rhythmically so that the girl can enter the taste. Do not change the posture too often. It knocks down a girl with a winding track to orgasm.

22. Add lubricants

Sex with lubricant more pleasant for a woman and a man. Regardless of how much you get hot in bed, lubrication makes sex better. Apply the lubricant on the penis.

How to quickly bring the girl to orgasm? 30 tips for orgasm
Carlos Murillo, Unsplash

23. Speak dirty during sex

At the time of Intim, a couple of vulgar, vicious and dirty words makes sex with a real fire. Girls are driving a dirty word crazy, which they say in a whisper's ear in a whisper or uttered in a rustling of passion. Speak dirty during sex so that the girl quickly cums.

24. Try changing the roles in sex.

Change the role when a man is not the initiator. Let the girl show more initiative. You can change the roles of behavior and even clothes when as if playing in the opposite floor. Try the Amazon sex pose when the girl makes friction like a man.

25. Ask intimate opinion of each other

Ask each other what you want to try in bed. Sometimes you can hear what was not even suspected. Such conversations increase the chances to bring the girl to orgasm. You can talk about it after sex or alcohol, when you both are no longer shy each other.

How to quickly bring the girl to orgasm? 30 tips for orgasm
Grzegorz Rakowski, Unsplash

26. keep frying a girl

The girl asks to continue, moaning loudly and almost at the finish? Do not change the strategy when the girl is very close to orgasm. It can move the orgasm indefinitely or tweaked it. Just keep doing what you are doing. Female orgasm will not make himself wait.

27. Try mutual masturbation

Let each of you masturbate when you both look at each other. It will give a better understanding of what partner likes. Mutual masturbation will definitely end with strong and stunning orgasms.

28. Practice a variety of sex

What could be worse than sex on schedule called married debt? Excitation and orgasms brings a variety. Do not be afraid to try a new pose, a new place, a new way, new time. The more you invent and diversify sex, the more and better it happens.

29. Rough and gentle sex

Sex with love, caress and tenderness sometimes bored. Close and gentle sex should alternate. More rude sex includes a slightly more aggressive, dominant and brutal sex. Locking hands, grip for hair, rough capture, use of dirty words, slaps and other aggressive actions. The most interesting thing is that the female orgasm can come very quickly and powerfully.

How to quickly bring the girl to orgasm? 30 tips for orgasm
Naeim Jafari, Unsplash

30. Practice, practice and once again practice

Sex is a process that gets better with regular practice. More often, you have sex in different poses, different places and in different ways. Regular sex makes orgasms more often and stronger. Do not ignore your sex life. This is a mandatory component of good relationships. Enjoy sex regularly.

How to quickly bring the girl to orgasm? Save advice, and then use them in practice. It will help make your sex gorgeous, and you will make you an unforgettable lover.

How to bring the girl to orgasm?

After all, each of us wants to be an ideal lover for anyone and each? Always bring the case to the natural finale, so that with the fireworks at the end, applause and call on the bis? Right?

To do this, it is necessary to understand that the female orgasm is not only physiology - the orgasm of girls is when the soul is cums. Such a proximity of any girl wants to divide with his beloved man. A man whose sympathies she herself wants to achieve.

Girl Orgasm Stimulation Tips Instructions

But do not forget that not the achievement of one orgasm is a joint night - a handsome need to be in all aspects!

Anyway, if you become the angel that every night before going to bed it will give her this sweet air, then all the jokers are in your sleeve and, no matter how I went in this game, it will only come out the winner. From now on, you will ask the role-playing model of your relationship. And distribute roles too.

And in general, you will be joyful yourself, if your girl is full of joy.

So what is your main task? You are not at least aimed at a maximum. Find the vagina and rejoice in it, as died, is not your lot. You - Macho! And no less. Your mission is to bring the girl to orgasm before penetrating it!

As in the anecdote: "There is no well-fixed patient in anesthesia." So the girl ends before the start of the main process will not wait for the maximum effort from you in the tension, and for both sex will become a simple and natural process of obtaining pleasure, during which it is possible to bring it to orgasm once again or more.

How to properly bring any girl to orgasm?

Tip 1: Relaxity and Romance

The girl should be calm, relaxed, focused only on the sensations between you, nothing should distract her. The situation around you during this process is very important. Nothing superfluous, no extra sounds, no one, of course. Everything must be prepared for perfect pastime.

A lightweight loop of romance will not hurt - muted light, aromatic candles, quiet music.

And do not worry myself, the main thing! Your excitement will be transferred to the partner, and what will it be then? Two frightened chihuahua under the blanket? It is if you can't worry, then nothing will worry about. Be both in one wave. Be one wave, figuratively speaking.

Tip 2: Listen to the sensations of the girl

It is important that an open dialogue about what is happening is established between you and your partner. You do not need from modesty or fear of sighing the moment to silence, if one of you is uncomfortable, I don't like something. If one of you do what is unpleasant to another, too hurt, or incorrectly chose the pace of what is happening.

Fix both each other, find it right during the sex the scheme that is suitable for both - and no longer distract anything more.

Tip 3: Let her touch you

Remember that the girl is not an object for the mandatory (for a tick) of the coarse "lapanya". You both are in the same extent enjoying each other's bodies - let me touch and stroke yourself where and how it will do.

Tip 4: Determine and caress Erogenic zones girls

During light petting, even before the sexual intercourse, the erogenous zones of your girlfriend unobtrusively determined. During a date or just close communication, the kiss her neck, the uha, palm, or, for example, a clavicle. Watch the reaction of the girl and immediately take a note all the places, touching it bring her pleasure so that when the responsible moment is not "to shust" in a hurry around her body, like a polly.

The girl will be nice and physically, and still from the fact that you know so well and remember where she is nice.

Tip 5: Preludes

And nevertheless ... foreplay. Remember that the foreplay is needed not for a fact, namely because without them sex for a girl will not seem full. Acceptance it's as a given, and remember that both of you will get the desired if both are for the sake of this. Make a nice girl, and she will answer you reciprocating. I myself enjoy the fact that you give pleasure to my girlfriend.

Tip 6: excite the girl gradually

Remember: Girl - It is like a gentle exotic fruit. Extraly remove the layer behind the layer with her clothes and happily greet hands and kisses every new barbed fragment of her body.

It would be stupid to break all her clearly specially selected for this night clothes and sharply put it before the fact that right now, after a second, you will have sex. The girl will not have time to arouse, and maybe generally change their mind or scarets.

Tip 7: Undress and caress each other in turn

First, remove things from each other in turn. Neither Comilfo first spread out the girl's doggow, and then pay off before her, clumsy tightened pants.

Secondly, when it comes to her bust, remember that the girl does not breast, but, after all, chest, and they both want caress. Starting it is a great place from the center itself to one nipple, then again from the center to another.

Tip 8: stripping and erogenous zones

And now approach the responsible moment (although all previous moments were also very important!), Remove the pants with yourself, panties with a girl, kiss and gently touch, smooth her erogenous points.

Tip 9: Kisses and Stimulation

Next, without ceasing gently kissing a girl, go to stimulation of the point G fingers. Remember that before you there is a task to bring it to orgasm before penetration.

Tip 10: I caress the point G

Take the area you need, and stimulate it with your fingers, moving them across (not along!), With such a tempo and effort so that the girl was nice.

Gradually, the speed and accompanying effort should be increased. The main thing is to constantly observe the reaction of the girl.

If all items are performed correctly and technically, then five minutes, a maximum of twenty minutes, the girl will have to cum, and then you can safely continue Coitus, without fear that one of you will be unsatisfied. Good luck!

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Happy girl

Any relationship is sooner or later reaching the moment of intimate proximity. In some steam it happens earlier, others later, but the fact remains a fact - without sex in relations nowhere. A very important aspect of good sex is the mutual pleasure of the process of both partners, and above all the opportunity to bring the girl to orgasm or make a man to cum. After all, if one is good, but there is no other, then any lesson will be bored soon.

Women to deliver their own pleasure, often do not need any special skills, except, except, technicians of a throat blowjob, where the practice will still need. But in most cases, it is possible to make a man to finish with simple mechanical movements of the hand along the member, or do almost nothing to do, and wait until the partner comes to orgasm in the process of sexual intercourse.

The male half in this plan is much more complicated. This is especially true for inexperienced guys whose sexual life just begins. The fact is that according to statistics, only every fourth woman regularly experiences an orgasm with a partner, and about 15% did not end at all for a long time. What to do so that your chosen one is among those happy 25%, which may cum thanks to a partner? Are there any special rules that will help bring the girl to orgasm?

Tell in order i

The thing is that the female organism is arranged more thanten male, despite the fact that both men and women belong to one-bedic form. In order to simply arouse, the girls are already asking, you need much more time than guys. And in order to trust a passion to orgasm, it is not enough to clean some mechanically to stimulate anything.

To begin with, it is worth carefully studying the body of a weaker floor. The very cherished body, the key to orgizmptically any girl is the clitoris. According to polls, more than 85% of girls are the clitoris, and not directly penetrated, or any toy in the vagina. That is, in order to finish the parent before the peak, you need to know where the clitoris is. Find emacies easy. At the base of the vagina, on top, you can add smallburk. It is there that is hidden the key to female happiness, securely covered with a hood. But to climb early. To begin with, the girl needs to be followed.

In general, all actions must be consistent. If a man firmly decided that he would make her partner to cum, then he had to gain patience. After all, it is not a fact that the orgasm will come quickly. Perhaps the partner "makes sweat" and twenty minutes, and forty. But it is impossible to retreat for anything.

How to bring a girl to orgasm

First you need to choose such a place where no one can prevent. It will be a shame if the girl is close, and it will somehow betray her mind. It should be understood that the woman is initiated first with her head and heart, and only then the body. That is, it is necessary to create a suitable environment: the bed must be soft enough, the fruit on the table is delicious, and the wine of the desired variety. You can lie on the bed, start slowly stroking the girl on the tummy, then by the thighs, a little to think, rolling down the bed in clothes, rub on a partner, in general, do our best to wish your chosen to share.

After the girl began to light up, you can gradually begin action. Down still do not go down. You should begin with kisses, gradually undressing a partner, and gradually increasing the area of ​​touches. Ideally will start with the neck and lips, then the clavicle, shoulders, hands, gradually reach the breasts and dwell on them longer. After all, breasts, especially nipples - this is a very serious erogenous zone, and it cannot be ignored. A few minutes caress her nipples - and the girl will grow up even stronger.

Then continue to leave a track from kisses on the tummy, smoothly dropping to the bikini zone. There may be several ways to sided the partner, and continue to kiss the thighs, the leg and feet, only for a second approaching the most intimate, or immediately proceed to action. It all depends on the "degree of readiness of the girl."

Girl shouts from pleasure

What to do when everything is ready? 2

Immediately dispel a global male misconception. Member is not the main man's weapon. And most of the video from porn sites, where the actresserist and violently cum from how an actor enters them - just fiction. The same, very small percentage of girls can cum directly in time of sexual intercourse. The most effective method is the language + fingers. And pinchum.

What is meant? First of all, the fact that Language should be causing a sensitive female clitoris from above, and fingers enter the attbuity (pre-mixing them with saliva, or smearing with some lubricant), and press them to the upper wall of the vagina. So the clitoris will have an impact at once from two sides, which will help partner to quickly become a peak.

First of all, it is worth remembering: the clitoris is an even more sensitive body than the head of the ereginated penis. While the male sexual organ boasts only 4 thousand nerve endings, their clit has as many as 8 thousand. Therefore, it should be done very carefully.

You should not try to climb the tongue under the hood. You need to caress the clit right through it. The language should be soft, not tense. There are no special techniques, but those that are described on the Internet (such as the alphabet, when a man "discharges" the entire letter in memory "by the language, or any" eight "and" zigzags ") most often do not need. It is necessary to elementary to lead the language or from top to bottom, or right left.

Girl screaming from pleasure 2

The main thing is that the pace. It must be constant throughout the cunniling process. And if you start in a rapid pace, and then slow down because of fatigue, it will be the reason why the whole process can delay it for an hour, or at all will not be crowned with success. The movements at the same time should not be sharp, tearful. It is necessary to maintain composure and just diligently lead the tongue from side to side.

Another way will be the assignment of the clitoris. However, it is necessary to do it carefully, not forgetting about the fact that there are teeth in the mouth, which is extremely undesirable to touch clutter at all. About bitching at all you need to forget.

In general, at the initial stage, it is necessary to alternate various versions of cunnilingus to "add" exactly the one who likes the partner. After some reaction followed: the moans became louder, the breath is more often, or the girl herself said that she likes exactly that way, it is necessary to stop at this option affectionate and continue until the girl ends.

How to get an orgasm girl

What to do with your fingers? Everything is very simple. Recall that the most important rule is to always press them to the upper wall of the vagina, Adalsha is already a fantasy matter. You can keep your fingers straightened, you can bend in vintage. Temp, as well as in the case of oral caresses, there must be one level of the entire process. Do not try to shove your fingers deeper - this is exclusive. It is worth penetrating into the partner until the lastics cannot become the greatest pleasure, and stop at this place.

Let's go back to the beginning. The main point is a girl applied to his head, and then the body. This means that she needs to feel the presence, feel that with her a living partner, and not a car performing a purely mechanical action. In some moments, you can replace the ones on your fingers, and also led them on top of the clitoris. At this time, you can spell a nice word partner: praise her body, admire her moans, say, how it all excites, and how insanely you want it. You can be so chewing on the phone porn so that the girl is excited also from what-toss. That is, to force a partner to finish, you need to use all the centers responsible for the excitement: both physical and emotional, visual and auditory.

The same process can also be started in different ways. Some prefer to first finish themselves, thus exciting the and-boiled partner, and then bring it to the peak, while others, on the contrary, bring the mistress to the peak, and then they are satisfied with the vaginal orgasm, which the member squeezes The earlier than the resulting pleasure.

Bring a girl to orgasm

Usually, in order to be confusing to orgasm, it may be necessary from 10 to 45 minutes, depending on the excitement of the partner's partner's movement and agility. It is worth a reservation that it may be far from the first time. This is especially applicable to the core girls who still do not know their body. The experienced loves will be directed to the desired point, prompt how to make it more pleasant. In this loud, you just need to listen and perform. After all, no one is capable of understanding the woman better than she herself.

Common mistakes 3

In all processes there are errors that stand up to not repeat them the next time, and complete the more quickly completed. What are the most common mistakes in men who want to bring the girl to orgasm?

  1. Excessive self-confidence. Many guys when undressing a partner, already mentally represent how it will shudder from all new orgasm waves, but when everything ends, it turns out that their partner has never been able to finish. No need to build macho. Women do not like it. On the contrary - you need to show your care, interest in delight. Then any girl will be able to relax even more, to trust his partner, which will help him quickly make it cum.
  2. The desire to fit all under one comb. If a man had experience with another woman, in most cases he will try to do what she liked with another partner. However, it does not work. One can like her in the tongue, the other fingers; One can cum solely when only the clitoris caresses, without penetration, the other you can insert a finger in the ass for greater pleasure, and the third is generally able to cum right during intercourse. Explore the new woman, because most often it will not be similar to the previous one as their behavior and the reaction to caress.
девушка кричит от удовольствия 3
  1. Deeper - it means better. Many alpha males are trying to penetrate as much as possible in the partner, after seeing porn, where from the fact that the actress included a huge member of a black man, she rushed her eyes and squatted. Such guys forget that most of the nerve endings focus on a depth of 2-3 centimeters from the entrance to the vagina, and that there is no sense to penetrately penetrate.
  2. Impatience. No woman will be able to cum if it will understand that her man is tired or he is tired of delighting her pleasure. Therefore, questions like "are you soon?", "Did you finish?", And unnecessary "Are you good?" Or "Do you like?" should be discarded. It is impossible to show the partner of your reluctance. The girl should feel that her partner wants her to finish, not less than she herself. Therefore, even if the hands are already hurt, but the tongue is not felt, it should be continued to continue. In the end, no barriers to the cherished goal should not be terrible. And bring the girl to orgasm, especially if earlier she did not experience anything like this - it is a very honorable achievement that requires patience, and sometimes excerpts.
Довести девушку до оргазма

Suitable 4

It remains to add that in order to bring the girl to orgasm, you need to be discommoded with it not the first day. Therefore, it is not necessary to be upset if everything turned out the spread partner, and with a new one - in no way. Perhaps, your bypassband is still not enough to you. Time passes, and if a man comes out correctly, any girl will definitely be able to cum, thanks to herself. After all, women are very important to trust the partner to be completely abused, and this can be achieved only when it knows a little long, and relationships bring her pleasure. Otherwise, as the guy did not try, his girl will not be able to reach the peak of bliss, and all the people will be in vain. Therefore, it is necessary to earn the trust of the girl, then bring it to the orgasm will be much easier.

Sex is first of all the source of pleasure for both partners, and already after a way to continue the kind. Despite the fact that many men are guided by intuition, not everyone can bring the woman to orgasm. Women's sexuality works completely differently, so to bring it to ecstasy you need to have specific knowledge.

Female orgasm is a psychophysical complex stage, depending on the large list of factors. It is important to know not only all the erogenous areas on the body partners, but also the rules of preparation, foreplay, stimulation, sexual communication, the basis of petting, what toys can help what to do. We will talk about all this in detail below, and for a visual example, you will add the theory of video tutorials.

How to bring any woman to orgasm

To achieve orgasm in a woman, you need to influence several erogenous zones at once. In turn, these points must be active and breeds.

In addition to physiological features, this process largely depends on the psycho-emotional lady background. Therefore, it is important to prepare the appropriate atmosphere, work with its mood.

After that, exhaust the techniques of the preludes, the stimulation of the clitoris and the point G, do not allow typical male errors.


The main condition for the achievement of orgasm is the right attitude of the girl, the lack of doubts, fears, complexes. To do this, you must create an appropriate situation, confidence in it in you and your actions. So that she managed to relax, prepare for this lesson in advance.

What is important to think and plan:

  • situation - To create a comfortable environment, take care of the complete privacy with the partner, select a secluded place where it will be easier for you to tune in to the proximity;
  • mood - Take care that she was not disturbed by excitement, experiences, fears, calm her, you can talk, make her massage, relax for some time to remove psychological and physical tension;
  • atmosphere - Do not dwell only on the bedroom and beds, it will quickly bother both both, create an intimate atmosphere in different places - in the kitchen, in the bathroom, for this burn candles, fill the jacuzzi for you two, decorate the room with flowers, etc.;
  • Communication - Best of all, the girl has proximity to the bodies closeness, so do not hurry to lay it in bed, spend time for conversations, gradually go to the frank topics, ask her dreams and sexual fantasies, tell us about your dreams;
  • Compliments "Help your choices to relax, for this say compliments, praise it, emphasize that you attracts and excites you, it will help her to liberate and be confident.


It will not be possible to quickly bring the girl to orgasm, if a man did not pay due attention of Prelude. It is this part of the process that is the most responsible in proximity.

All erogenous zones on her body, including the brain, are still at the stage of calm. And while you do not awaken them, directly penetration will be ineffective.

The prelude should consist of:

  • embrace - Tactile contact is obligatory, it helps the girl to open, trust, tune in to tenderness and sensual manifestations;
  • Kisses - This is primarily a way of manifestation of emotional relations between partners, feelings, and after the type of sexual contact, so before the sexual act and in the process, be sure to kiss your female;
  • caress chest - in the field of mammary glands and nipples there is a large number of nerve endings, caressing nipples, a certain signals incur to the uterus, which increase its tone, which pulls the strong excitation and increase sensitivity;
  • caressing ears, neck, belly, inside hips - Be sure to pay attention to these sites, caressing and lips, tongue, light-touch hands, change the influence intensity;
  • Stimulation of the clitoris - This is another responsible part of the interaction with a woman leading her to orgasm, the body is equivalent to the head of the male penis, so he needs to pay special attention.

Stimulation of the clitoris

For most women, the only source of orgasm is the stimulation of the clitoris. But not every man knows how to skillfully treat this sensitive tubercle.

There are over 8,000 nerve endings here, so you can do or very nice, or cause discomfort.

Observe several rules of the clitoris:

  • hands - To touch this delicate zone, the hands must be warm, clean, pre-aggregate nails, take care of hygiene;
  • Moisturizing - Use intimate lubricants and lubricants, as most women lack natural humidification of genital organs even with strong excitation;
  • Lack of sleep - Do not hurry to quickly excite a woman, pay cloth for 20-40 minutes so that he will be excited, increased in the amount, awakened with the other erogenous points of the vagina, implement different techniques affection;
  • Building tempo - At first it will be delicate touch, slow massage movements, and when you see growing excitement, you can gradually accelerate;
  • sex Toys - Only a special vibrator for the clitoris guarantees the most accurate effects without errors, so apply it first at the minimum mode of operation, gradually increasing it;
  • finish - Once your companion reaches clituent orgasm, try not to interfere in the process, weaken the stimulation, pressure, since this zone will be hypersensitive.
To clutter and head you need to touch carefully
To clutter and head you need to touch carefully

During sex

To bring the girl to an unforgettable pleasure, think over the tactics of behavior during sex.

Do not dwell on one action scenario, try and implement different techniques and techniques.

For example:

  • Oral sex - The most pleasant feelings of the girl experiences when you touch the sensitive zones of the tongue, especially nasquisy clitoris and outdoor genitals, try oral sex, and to be pleasantly two, in Posse 69;
  • Right poses - sexual intercourse will be productive only subject to its diversity, so practicing different poses and places all the time, every brave experiment gives completely different sensations;
  • Right temp - at first penetration, do not rush to intensive rapid frictions, first show tenderness and affection, as you excited increase the depth, the speed of the jokes, intensity, do not reset the pace;
  • caressing clitoris - it is not enough to penetrate the penis into the vagina to awaken all the erogenous zones leading to the orgasm, it is also important to work on the clitoris, you can choose poses for friction about this area or use the help of hands;
  • Exciting words - Another important erogenous zone of a woman's brain, so it also needs to be "annoying" with the help of vulgar, exciting words, phrases, you can whisper in obscenity, rude words, vulgarity.

What can I do

A little to know the techniques and secrets, how to cause a strong orgasm of the girl. You also need to be aware of which mistakes are often allowed by men. , because of what the misses actually happen to bed.

During sex it is impossible to make the following:

  • rush - Your partner will not be able to cum if you miss the preparation stage, foreplay, do not warm up her body as it should, but you will be concentrated only on your own pleasure;
  • Selective stimulation - Men often make a mistake, caress only erogenous genital zones, neglecting other parts of her body, although in fact heating must be complex, from lips and neck to her heels and fingers;
  • No diversity - Do not dwell on one scenario of sexual intercourse, find such poses of her body, which will contribute to relaxation, deep penetration, new sensations, alternate them;
  • strip - in a hurry or because of laziness, many men do not always completely undress partner and themselves, although in fact, even small accessories can distract from the main action;
  • Incorrect temp - You should not begin sex with sharp fast movements or opposite to reset their speed and intensity at the moment when the excitement increases, the movement must be at a minimum to a maximum in tact with increasing voltage;
  • sound accompaniment "Many women can confuse either silent, or too noisy behavior of a man, try to show signs of excitement and pleasure, but do not replay, be sincere in our actions.

How to deliver a real orgasm

To deliver a partner an unforgettable pleasure, just just skillfully having sex . There are several techniques how to make it quickly, hands and fingers, without sexual intercourse, with a member, erotic massage, orally, with the help of sex toys. You can also try petting techniques, bringing the girl to squirt, excite words by phone or by correspondence.

How to bring your favorite girl to orgasm fingers

The easiest way is the technique, how to bring the girl to orgasm with my fingers.

Resort to it immediately after the prelude when the partner is excited and ready for active actions.

What implies the technique:

  • Stimulate the clit with your fingers of one hand, you can use the vibrator instead;
  • Insert a finger of the second hand to the vagina to a depth of 5-7 cm, stimulate them the front wall of the vagina (there is a point G), taking a small embossed tubercle;
  • Perform the clitoris and vagina caress adjacent, gradually increase the pace and the intensity of the massage;
  • In parallel, you can introduce special sex toys into anus, it will only increase the result of such a mixed stimulation.

Such caresses with hands, provided that the sequence and rate of incidence of the pace, lead to a powerful orgasm. The best result guarantees the use of toys for adults, special heating and exciting lubricants.

How to make it fast

How to quickly bring the girl to orgasm, one particular technique will not respond. To do this, you can include in the process of all the most effective types of stimulation, namely:

  • Oral caress - They can perform in the form of a foreplay, caress the entire field of genital organs, pay a lot of attention to clutory;
  • Stimulation with hands - In parallel with oral sex, you can work out other erogenous areas with your hands, enter your finger or somewhat in the vagina and massaging the point G, you can delicate an abus, to enter your finger using a thick lubricant;
  • sex Toys - parallel use of the vibrator, dildo, anal stimulator with gradual increment of tempo and intensity guarantees a fast, enchanting orgasm;
  • Deep penetration - Sometimes rough and fast sex brings more pleasure and rather brings a woman to discharge, but only under the condition of its excited state, so pick up the postures for deep penetration and do not forget about the exciting words;
  • Preheating lubricants - Special intimate lubricants are able to warm up the erogenous zones, strengthen their sensitivity, due to this you can quickly bring the lady to ecstasy;
  • porn "So that it will be raised faster, liberated and released his sexuality, you can use porn videos as heater.

Without sex

To bring a woman to orgasm without sex will be able to only a deft and skillful lover. For this, it is important to focus primarily on its excitation through the brain and senses. How to do it:

  • Aphrodisiacs - To increase libido, many use special products, such as seafood, alcohol, chocolate, also involve essential oils that enhance sexual desire;
  • atmosphere - to relax and arrange a girl to yourself, if you retire with her, muffle the light, light the candles, include erotic music;
  • exciting communication - To set it up on the right way, you can start a dialogue with pleasant words, compliments, talk about your feelings, gusts of the soul, gradually moving to a personal erotic theme, tell about your fantasies and ask her;
  • Tactility - powerful exciting weapons are passionate kisses, hugs, contact with bodies, touching different parts of the body;
  • prelude - For a long time, gently, delicately smooth her body, close as much as possible to the erogenous zones, but do not remove clothes from her, keep the intrigue;
  • massage - To increase blood circulation, which increases degrees of sensitivity, the girl occupies a horizontal position, and you align and massage all its body, except for the most secluded corners;
  • Cunnilingus - When it is as relaxed as much as possible, and her body will respond to any touch, use the tongue, caressing in various techniques of the clitoris, at this stage most women end with orgasm.


Your dick can act as a tool for affection. Wherein Do not hurry to penetrate them into the vagina to perform frictions . Come to the process from a non-standard position.

Use the organ in the following directions:

  • Start with the foreplay, kisses, touches, as described above;
  • When it is excited, use the dick, caressing the head of the chest, neck, belly, ears;
  • Be sure to use lubricant, lubricant or oil so that the friction is enjoyable for you both;
  • Position a member between its breasts, pre-lubricating a rudely lubricant, then imitate friction;
  • Play the head with the nipples to cause the corresponding reactions in the uterine region;
  • Now go down to the head, touch the clitoris, spend on the sexual lips, perform different massaging movements;
  • When she is at the limit, enter a member in the vagina in different poses to bring it further to the finish line;
  • In parallel, caress your hands or toys, in this case the orgasm will not wait a long time.


Another way to female orgasm is an erotic massage.

He may be as a prelude to sex, part of it or an alternative.

Here are some rules for its execution:

  1. Tight palm . The hand is relaxed, tightly pressed against clutter. During the massage, no need to bend or remove the fingers and palm to the sides.
  2. Maximum trajectory . When massaging the back, start from the buttock fold up to the clavicle, divert the palms in different directions to the axillary variables. If you massage your legs, move from the heel dice towards the achilla tendons, to the lower back. Arraying hands - from fingertips to the clavicle.
  3. Without separation . Move hands smoothly, disagreeing in different directions. For maximum slip, use lubrication.
  4. The right pace. Make sure that the movements are not unnecessarily smooth and slow, otherwise the girl will fall, but without further sharpness. Set the average to the original point of massage, slow down in the final phase.
  5. Situation. The room should be muted by light, silence or quiet relaxing music, aromatic candles, no distracting factors.
  6. Special movements. Activate powerful erogenous zones can be smooth, a variety of impacts. You can spend nails, pour, pat, knead, etc.
  7. Games with partner. Do not rush to penetrate the merit corners of her body, tease it. Kiss it, touch your lips and tongue to different parts of the body. Special sensations will give the kisses of the wrist, trenches, inguinal folds.
  8. Active actions. When her body will warm up, turn it on his back, tie the eyes to exacerbate the sensations. Massify her shoulders, belly, hips, legs. Close to the intimate zone, capturing the pubis. The warm inner side of the legs, gradually touched upon the sex lips.
  9. Cunnilingus. Under the back, put the pillow to raise her pelvis, then touch the lips and tongue to clutter. Change the amplitude, the intensity of actions, caress the entire field of genital organs.
  10. Internal massage. When she is at the limit, and the clitoris from excitement will swell, getting ready for orgasm, enter your fingers into the vagina, click on the front wall of the tubercle and start gradually kneading it. Increasing activity, a woman will experience true pleasure.

How to bring to the stormy squirt orgasm

You can bring any girl to the intensive orgasm of the squirt with a huge desire and compliance with certain techniques. It includes 3 items:

  1. Relaxation - Do everything so that the partner is not compounded. This was described in the preparation facilities, foreplay.
  2. Activation of the clitoris - Before proceeding with internal stimulation, exclude the clitoris. This was also written earlier.
  3. Activation of the point G- In the process of sexual intercourse, it is weakly worked out, but manual massage almost always leads to the finish. Use sex toys (vibrator, dildo), massaging your hand the front wall of the vagina on the depths of 5-7 cm.


A convulsive and bright orgasm is the easiest to get in the course of oral sex. To do this, the girl needs to be prepared, warm up during the Prelude, after which practice several basic cunniling techniques:

  • Jelly Language - relaxed and soft language gently smooth the clitoris and the area around it;
  • butterfly - When you feel the swelling of the clitoris, move the tongue from side to the side, as if the wings of the moth;
  • alphabet - Make a note of intrigue and diversity, drawing up different letters by sex authorities;
  • Double penetration - Enter one finger in the vagina, the second in the anus, in parallel, continuing to caress the clitoris language;
  • Double orgasm - To bring a partner to orgasm, continue to stimulate the clitoris by the language by entering two fingers into the vagina for the massage of the point G.
With oral caresses it is important to understand the structure of the female body
With oral caresses it is important to understand the structure of the female body

Without penetration

Orgasm is possible only under the condition of penetration - erroneous stereotype . Get orgasm can be alternative ways, for example:

  1. Petting of the Upper Body Zones . Mutual geas of neck, chest, belly, ears massage touches, lips, tongue.
  2. Mammological sex . Placing a member between breasts with abundant lubrication moisture. The girl holds his chest with his hands, guy drives a member, imitating frictions.
  3. Contact with hips . The girl squeezes the hip, the guy places a member between them, imitating frictions. After the productive prelude, such an alternative to take pleasure to both.
  4. Stimulation in clothing . An incredibly exciting look of affection in which the pair pulls away the offensive of the climax. You can do absolutely all, but without removing clothes.


The best assistant for a man to bring his wife to orgasm is sex toys . They will help speed up the process, make it a variety. The most pleasant sensations of the lady can give a vibrator with different modes of work. What kind of varieties can be tried in the case:

  • Vibrostimulator on the finger - multifunctional toy for the massage of the clitoris and the point G with a ribbed surface of a dense, but velvety silicone;
  • vibrating massager - its curved form allows you to quickly find the point G, pointing to it, while the second edge is located on the clitoris for parallel stimulation;
  • Anal vibrator - a small compact tool for introducing into an anal hole, it can be combined with other toys, use during sex;
  • Double vibrator - Such a model with two departments is intended for simultaneous administration and in the vagina, and in anus, and several modes of operation will allow the pace to increase.

Vibrostimulator on the finger


Anal vibrator


Voted: 40.

Words by phone and by correspondence

If there is a distance between you, and the sexual stress is growing, you can resort to the help of remote excitation techniques and bringing to orgasm. To do this, you can use the phone and the Internet.

We offer an approximate action plan:

  • Trust conversation - Position the girl to a long and enjoyable communication, start with common topics, gradually moving to personal;
  • Compliments - To position it, take advantage of pleasant words and dithyrabs in its address, it helps the ladies to liberate;
  • Manifestation of feelings - To redirect the dialogue to the right direction, show tenderness to it, affection;
  • Flirt - Start to play with her, throwing unambiguous hints on growing sexual interest in it;
  • Erotic context - When she is ready, you can go to the topic of sex, for example, to say that you have dreamed of an erotic dream with her participation or ask about her sexual fantasies;
  • Exchange photos - To hear interest in each other, you can share photos of an erotic plan, removing different parts of your body;
  • fantasy - Offer to imagine how you spent time together if they were together now, say that we would like to do with her, what caresses would bring it to orgasm;
  • Mutual masturbation - If you both are excited, offer to continue the conversation with touch to yourself, even better if you are masturbating in the online communication process.

Petting through clothes

One of the incredibly exciting techniques of sexual stimulation is petting through clothes.

The technique is suitable for those who do not rush anywhere and wants to deliver a partner an unforgettable feeling, a crazy orgasm.

What can be done:

  • Start with prelude, kisses, tactile contact;
  • Continue touching different sensitive zones, but through clothes;
  • imitate sexual act by driving a member between breasts or hips, but without penetration;
  • caress the vagina and the clitoris with hands or sex toys, but without removing the underwear;
  • Press the bodies to each other, affect the genitals by friction.

Is it possible to bring a frigid woman to orgasm

If a woman who is in a long relationship with a man cannot achieve climax during sex, an erroneous opinion about her frigidity arises. Frigidity is a floor coldness, because of which the representatives of the fine floor are not methods in principle to experience pleasure and orgasm during sex.

For truly frigid ladies can be counted on the fingers. Experts emphasize that the main sign of such a state is the complete lack of attraction, excitement. Otherwise, a man simply fails to "dig" a partner. Here are some simple ways, how can this be done:

  • Hot souls . Take together the souls, start with hygiene procedures, after which the shower jets in the region of its genitals. Finding on the clitoris, warm water activates erogenous zones. Gradually increase the temperature, strengthen the pressure. After some time, it will experience a powerful, hard orgasm.
  • Three points of orgasm . Not so long ago, scientists have found a new way of obtaining orgasm. To do this, one fingers need to massage 2 points opposite each other on both sides of the clitoris, they are located at a distance of 2 cm. After that, it is necessary to stimulate the area between the vagina and anal hole.
  • Training muscles vagina . Another reason for the inability to organize - weak muscles. There is a lot of techniques how you can increase the tone of the muscles of a small pelvis, genitals.
  • Fantasy . To wake up interest in sexual life, it is important to include fantasy. You can talk about different experiments in bed, who would like him or watch together porn.
  • Correct setting . Do not focus your attention on the importance of the finish. The main goal of sexual intercourse and bedding should be interaction, pleasure from the process.

Masturbation is an excellent way to get acquainted with your body, explore sexuality, awaken inactive points on the body.

Useful advice

All bed leadership, which was proposed above, is important to consolidate the basic rules and the recommendations of sexologists. We bring to your attention a brief memo to improve the quality of sex:

  1. Safety regulations . Follow the rules of personal hygiene, if you do not plan children, use the contraceptive means.
  2. Studying her body . Ask right in the course of affection and interaction that the woman will like what your actions cause severe body reactions. Ask it yourself to show how to handle it.
  3. Right prelude . During the preparation, you pay attention to all parts of her body, caress different sensitive places, kiss, speak nice words. The duration of the foreplay must be at least 15 minutes.
  4. Oral caress . No other touch will give so much pleasant sensations as Cunnilingus. Language is the most wet, warm and soft organ, so boldly use it in the process of sex.
  5. Sex Toys . Specialists invented so much effective assistants to sexual partners, that they are sin to neglected. Once when using the vibrator, no woman can refuse such an experiment.

The key condition of productive sexual relationships pairs is a variety.

This refreshes, stimulates to new experiments, close contact, contributes harmony. Try different seats for sex, postures and technology. Remember that the woman is more difficult to cum, so put it in the first place its pleasure, and after your own.

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