General urine analysis - "How to assemble the urine girl? Lifehak from a pediatrician, after which we raised to the hospital. Barbaric device for collecting (photo). My methods for the exact analysis."

Hello everyone!

Hello everyone!

Today I have not exactly the usual feedback, which may be useful for young parents.

With the advent of the daughter, hiking to doctors, tests, vaccinations and other charming of life, became ordinary things (before pregnancy, I visited the hospital very rarely).

Many parents understand how important it is to check the OAK and OAM of the child before each vaccination.

If everything is clear with blood test: they came, shook, left, then with urine analysis not everything is so simple. Kids do not explain why mom runs all morning behind them with a jar. Make your business here and now, it also does not always succeed. Especially if the child is completely small. But the most trash is correctly gathering urine in the girl. Who knows will understand. Who does not know, may take advantage of tips from my review.

Analysis of urine. How to collect urine to a child.

Analysis of urine. How to collect urine to a child.


OAM-Laboratory studies of urine, conducted for medical practice, as a rule, with a diagnostic purpose. Includes organoleptic, physico-chemical and biochemical studies, as well as microbiological research and microscopic examination of the urinary sediment.

How to collect urine correctly:

Morning portion is going to analyze urine - First! Urination after night sleep. At the beginning of urination, a small amount urine (first 1 - 2 sec.) Release in the toilet, and then, without interrupting urination, substitute the collecting container urine , in which Collect Approximately 50 ml urine .

Just? For an adult person, easily. For a child, especially infant, almost impossible.

How we hit the hospital with terrible analyzes

Before vaccinating in 2 months, I carefully studied the reviews of experienced mothers and furring the expanses of the Internet. For myself, it clearly decided: before each vaccination, we will definitely take OAK and OAM.

And here I first wondered: how? How is a two-month girl to collect urine analysis correctly?

Pediatrician response: "In a plate."

It was necessary to take a shameless, almost flat plate, well wash it. Child put on the back, booty into this very container. And wait. I did not hear anything, I did not hear ... But the doctor advised. So it is right!

She was launched this very plate soda, retired boiling water.

The child was well designed.

All by technology. No problem.

Problems arose when the results of the tests came.

We were handed the direction for retirement. This time is notchiporenko. I collected the analysis all by the same technology.

With new results, we received a direction to the hospital.

Общий анализ мочи фото

The first question of our attending physician: "As you collected urine."

Would you see the face of a pediatrician when she heard my story about a plate ...

How to properly collect urine in a child

I was given a clear indication: only a sterile container, and nothing else:

Analysis of urine. How to collect urine to a child.

Analysis of urine. How to collect urine to a child.

It was necessary to move the analysis to 7 in the morning. For the first time I woke up in 4, washed the baby with soap. Fed. At 6 in the morning, it was joined by a driver, dried and waited. I was lucky, because for the first time everything turned out pretty quickly. And the result of the analysis was ideal.

For complete calm, we were sent to ultrasound kidneys and bladder. Everything is fine there too.

The outcome is a plate, so that it !!!

For some time we have lacquered in the hospital, at retaining, and also passed some specialists.

Before discharge, it was necessary to re-pass tests.

And then it began ...

My daughter did not take into a jar. Could you endure clocks. Only I will remove the container, immediately all things will be made on the floor, on a diaper, etc. So I walked a couple of days.

And I want home!

At the third morning I was psychodula, and the urinary student was stuck:

Analysis of urine. How to collect urine to a child.

Analysis of urine. How to collect urine to a child.

Analysis of urine. How to collect urine to a child.

Analysis of urine. How to collect urine to a child.

The daughter was not delighted with such a device.

I was not delighted with the results of the tests.

We were discharged almost with the same, with which they put.

In addition, to disconnect this urinary from the child - barbarism. I tried to do everything neatly, but no discomfort could not be avoided.

And not surprising. Look at how this device is dug away from an adult hand:

Analysis of urine. How to collect urine to a child.

Analysis of urine. How to collect urine to a child.

And from the delicate skin of the child? In general, tin. There is no repeating.

As the indicators were awful again, you need to find out the reason. We have already excluded a plate.

The attending physician warned that very often, the results of the analysis of children when using the urinal - incorrect.

Conclusion: bad results of analyzes were due to their improper collection.

How to collect correctly, I already knew. But how to make the daughter write when you need it? She wills tolerate to the last ...

The most effective methods that helped us :

  • Abundant drink at night, before surrendering

When the daughter was very small, such a number was not particularly passed, since the mixture and water she saw very little.

  • Turn on the water / melody of the melm.

We have helped us this method only 1 time. A familiar daughter with pleasure makes things under the sounds of water. Lucky Smile

  • Use a pulverizer
Analysis of urine. How to collect urine to a child.

Analysis of urine. How to collect urine to a child.

Fill the cool water and swipe on the legs.

This method is very effective when there is to help.

But if I am alone, and I do not have 4 hands to keep a child, a container, a water (drink) and a pulverizer, then it will be difficult to implement this idea.

  • Sometimes nothing helped and I included cartoons. While the daughter watched, could relax and make their business, and not tolerate, as usual.

This method may be ahead of the older children. My now 2 years old. For marmalade, and in a jar to pee ready Smile

This method is suitable again for older children. We have a doctor's set, the new urine container is also attached to this set. I explain to the child that you need to write there to attribute a jar into the hospital. It seems to understand. SmileDolls treats)

Thanks to such unacceptable ways, the results of the analyzes were no longer scared, and to collect the urine to the child was much easier.

Why make the analysis of urine infant? How to collect urine in infants using a uniform?

  • How to collect urine in a newborn girl?
  • How to collect urine in a newborn boy?

How to take urine in infants without a special urinary?

  • Urine collection in ordinary bag
  • Urine collection in a jar

The emergence of a person to light is a wonderful event in the history of each family. But with the birth of the baby, his parents appear a lot of experiences and hassle, because everyone wants to have a full-fledged and healthy life. It is for this purpose that a child must be examined with the presence of any deviations in health. So, the newborn is still taking a pediatrician, an ENT doctor, cardiologist and other specialists, and urine, feces and blood for laboratory diagnostics are collected.

как собрать мочу у грудничка, сбор мочи у грудных детей

What to collect urine newborn

To collect urine in a child at home, there are many ways. All of them are tested by time, but there are three most common, facilitating this task by many parents and not creating a child of strong discomfort.

The first way. Urination

Now in pharmacies are sold special vocarieties. They are already sterile and do not require a lot of trouble when collecting urine. They look like a small package with a hole in the top. For reliability on the urinary student there are special velcro, which are glued to the perineum and do not allow the uniform to move away. Velcro is completely hippallergenic and do not cause irritation even on the most tender skin.

How to collect urine correctly with the help of the urinary

Before the start of the procedure, the infants should be carefully sealed with the use of children's soap. The child is placed in a horizontal position, and between the legs attached the urefactor. The whole procedure is carried out only in a vertical position if the kid still cannot stand independently to hold on his hands. For a quick effect, you can stand next to the crane and open water.

After collecting the analysis, urine is poured into a prepared sterile jar. Do not fix the urination under the diaper The result of such a collection will be an empty container and a complete diaper.

The second way. Bank

This method is the most proven. To collect urin, a jar specially purchased in the pharmacy or any glass can from under children's puree, which is at home. The jar must be carefully flushed, quiet with boiling water and completely dry.

How to collect urine in a jar

The baby must be armed and laid on a clean oil. The bank should be kept in hand as soon as the child begins to write, the bank is substituted under the jet and recruits. In order not to scare the baby, do not make sharp movements.

Thus, you can collect urine in a boy, for the girl the bank will not work.

For girls, a deep clean and sterilized plate is used, which is led by the ass. When the crumb goes into the toilet, the plate is very carefully pulled out and the contents are overflowed into a sterilized jar.

Third way. Package

The package is the progenitor of a modern urinary, as it has the same principle of operation.

To collect the analysis, only a new cellophane package with handles is used. The handles are cut and tied on the legs of the child. As a result, it looks like a homemade urhydrone, which is located between the child's feet.

When collecting infants should be in a vertical position, so that the urine does not leave the package. After collecting the package is unleashed, and the content is overflowing into a prepared container.

Cons of each of the ways

Despite the ease and availability of each way, they have their drawbacks.

Method of collecting urine disadvantages
Urination It is not always possible to produce urine collection from the first time.
  • For a long time you follow a baby;
  • With the activity of the kid, you can not catch a jet;
  • With a sharp movement, the process of urination may be interrupted;
  • Not suitable for the girl.
  • Lack of sterility;
  • The kid feels discomfort and inconvenience;
  • When removing the package, the contents can shed.

"Harmful" tips

On the Internet you can find many methods, including "grandmother", which continue to actively use modern moms. Not all of them are good, and are able to provide a reliable result.

Not recommended:

  • Purifier fluid from pot. Sterilize the pot and make it absolutely sterile almost impossible. As a result, the doctors will find a large number of leukocytes in the analysis, which is a sign of infection, and parents with the child will have to spend a lot of time in hospitals, and acquire expensive medicines for the treatment of non-existent disease;
  • Store urine for more than 2 hours - this also negatively affects the accuracy of the result of the study.

Do not advise to use a polyethylene package to collect urins, this method is called "not hygienic". The question of how to collect urine at a one-year-old girl, or three months, is not complicated - the main thing is to pay attention to hygiene and preparation. To facilitate the process, you can buy a urinary in the pharmacy.

Features of the collection of urine in the girl

Collection of urine in the girl occurs difficult than that of the boy. Before the start of collecting a child's analysis, it is necessary to move in the direction from the genitals to the pope This will not allow the bacteria to the vagina. During the arms, you need to be very neat, as the noise of water can create urination. After washing, the crumb is wiped with a towel or a napkin dry.

Classic and modern way of collecting urine in girls:

  1. Classical. For this method, a small deep saucer is required for boiling water, which is led by the ass of babies. To speed up the process, you can iron the tummy the crumbs clockwise. After collecting the analysis in a plate, it shifts into a jar, and the child is once again shaped, since with this method the urine falls on gentle skin and may cause irritation.
  2. Modern. This method uses a uniform. When using this method, the child is shaped, then stacked horizontally. The urinal gluits between the legs on the sexy lips of the girl with the adhesive layer, and the child is put in a vertical position.

Basic advice

They concern both boys and girls. The question is how to hand over the urine in the infant correctly, worries any parent who collided with the need to collect material for research.

Several universal tips:

новорожденная девочка

  • If you wear a diaper during a night sleep, in the morning it is enough just to unbutton him that the crumb froze and immediately pissed;
  • You can give the baby water, but it is only if it is not in full breastfeeding. Otherwise, doctors are not recommended to poison him with anything to six months;
  • Try to bring the baby to the bathroom and turn on the water so that he heard her noise. This is a good way to stimulate urination;
  • Helps and massage - a rather warm hand gently put pressure on the bottom of the tummy.

For moms and dads of small princesses there is another good method. Take a regular cotton disk and moisten in warm water (but not hot). Apply the disk between the legs of the crumbs.

The main thing is to know the rules for collecting urine in a newborn girl, so that the analysis show a reliable result.

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Stimulation of urination in an infant

To reduce the waiting time during urine collection, you can use some ways:

  • During the night, you can offer more liquid to the baby if it is on natural feeding, it is more likely to apply it to the chest;
  • Before proceeding with the urine collection, it is possible to bargain a baby - the influx of cool air will speed up the process, will help provoke urination. The main thing is not to give the child to freeze (not more than 7 minutes);
  • You can open a tap with water - the sound of water will help the baby tune in to the desired mode;
  • Try to spend a lightweight abdominal massage clockwise, the massage is made in the area where the bladder is located.

All these methods will help to achieve the desired result in the shortest time, and most importantly, without unnecessary inconvenience and discomfort for the kid.

How to collect biomaterial in infants by means of a plastic bag?

The intelligence and resourcefulness of the parents there is no limit - it turns out that the collection of urine for analysis can be made by a conventional polyethylene package: cheap, available, effectively. Take you need a package "T-shirt" - with handles that cut for convenient fixation of the package on the legs of a child. Package on the sides you need to cut a little so that its form remotely resembled a diaper. This simple design is attached to the infant, after which the "miracle" is expected.

We recommend reading: your fingers are scratched on the hands: Signs why the fingers are on the right and left hand, interpretation of the day of the week and time of day.

It is important that the baby is in a horizontal position all this time. When the urine is collected in the bag, it needs to be pouring into a sterile container and send to the analysis to the clinic.

How much you need to collect

When a child is still a newborn, parents are very hard to carry out the urine collection procedure. And after the child gave a cherished 10 ml. urine, they joyful carry them into the laboratory. But, unfortunately, not every laboratory takes such a small amount of urine on the analysis. Any pediatrician along with the issuance of a direction for analysis should explain how much urine must be brought.

By Sulkovich - To give urine analysis on Sulkovich, you need to collect all the urine, which is going to an empty stomach in the early morning.

In Nechiporenko - But when surrendering urine analysis, it is necessary at least 17 ml of the collected fluid.

The limited framework was created not just so, because urine analysis is always deployed. Indicators such as the share of urine and some other health indicators are very difficult to obtain from a small amount of biological material.

Rules for collecting

It is important to clarify that urine analysis is carried out in 3 ways:

  • Analysis of Nechiphenko - traditional;
  • According to Addis Kakovsky - daily;
  • By Sulkovich - calcium definition.

Urina for the first and last procedure is collected similarly. It is necessary to do this in the morning, the amount of biomaterial should be at least 5 ml.

With the collection of Analysis on Addis-Kakovsky, everything is not so simple. Urin should be collected during the day, in one container. Then 200 gr. Well mixed fluid for analysis. With the collection of analysis, a one-year-old child may have difficulties for such reasons:

  • As the baby pisses practical every 30 minutes, then keep the child all day on the changing table will be extremely difficult.
  • It is difficult to also collect urine by a child using a package. Especially if there are no skills. Therefore, you will have to experiment.

Ребёнок на пеленальном столе

Another interesting point is that for adults there is a list of products that cannot be used before urine fence. This includes salty and pended dishes, seasonings, pharmaceutical preparations. Beets and carrots are also banned because they can change the color of urins.

The same limitations are superimposed on newborns. Of course, the Kroch itself will not use these products, but with breast milk can get full. Consequently, before collecting urine from a child, from the evening mom should refrain from the above-mentioned food. This also includes watermelons, melons and cucumbers. They have a diuretic effect, which means they can influence the composition of milk.

It is important to remember that urine is rather quickly changing in the composition at a warm temperature. Especially in bacteriological terms.

What do not need to do

When collecting urine analysis in a child, there are actions that cannot be carried out:

  • I can not squeeze out of diapers or diapers, it is also impossible to pour urine from the pot, such an analysis will not give reliable results, as fibers and bacteria are falling into it;
  • Urine analysis is kept very short time, so the collection is made only in the morning hours;
  • Urine is not going if the day before the breast child took antibiotics;
  • Capacity for collecting should be clean and completely sterile, to avoid bacteria from entering the analysis.

Urination as a panacea of ​​potential problems and inconvenience

To the great joy of parents, in order to successfully implement the material selection process, the industry of the relevant profile contributes to the possibility of using a special urinary researcher.

What is this simple device? In its essence is Sterile package Supplied with special velcro, attached to the crotch of the baby. This design ensures the tightness and purity of the resulting material.

There are vochemators intended only for both girls and purely for boys. This is the optimal option in terms of comfort. But there are also universal devices oriented immediately to the representatives of both sexes.

The procedure for the collection of material in girls is as follows. Thoroughly wash his hands, removing the child and removing the moisture remnants with a disposable towel, the baby should be put on the back and ensure access to the sexual bodies of the child. Introducing the vintage of the urinary, it is necessary to arrange it strictly in the field of sexual lips, eliminating the anus zone, and carefully press the kid's body.

The final fixation can be provided with diaper or pellery. In the process of fence in the urine, the child can be kept on hand to preserve tightness. Control the volume of the fluid follows according to a special scale applied to the urinary reservoir.

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According to the final urination, the urination is neatly separated from the skin of the baby, and the liquid moves to a special sterile container.

The specificity of the urine collection through this device in the boy is only in particular geometry of the urinary hole and the method of fastening this design to the body of the child.

In this case, the genitals are placed inside the reservoir, and the velcro is attached to the crotch of the baby. Otherwise, all the recommendations are exactly the same as in the previous paragraphs.

These products can be found almost in any pharmacy on very and very affordable prices.

Using a rubber circle

The rubber circle is washed, wipe dry and wrapped with a diaper. In his center put a clean deep plate. The girl is washed and each her leg wrapped in a separate diaper. Then it is placed on the circle and is covered with a diaper or blanket, depending on the air temperature indoors. Adults must be located next to the baby and watch it.

This method of collecting urine is most convenient for girls 1-3 months of life, the use of its older children is difficult because of their significant mobility and reluctance calmly lie in the same position.

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How to collect urine in a newborn baby?

Collect urine in a newborn baby - a whole problem, especially if a young parent faces the situation for the first time. Unlike adult children, the babies still cannot say when the process of urination is started, and sometimes it is not amenable to control. But if you figure it out in the question in detail, the situation becomes not so disturbing.

There are two methods for collecting urine - this is the use of the urinary and use of a special capacity.

Urination - This is a device with an oval deepening, reminding the polyethylene package reminding, but is absolutely sterile. Due to the special velcro, the device is attached to the skin of the perineum, excluding the flow.

How to use urination:

How to use urination:

  1. Thoroughly wash your hands with soap.
  2. Wake up your baby and dry his body using a disposable towel.
  3. Put the baby on the back, spreading the legs to the side.
  4. Remove the protective coating from the vintage of the urinal.
  5. Position oval deepening opposite the genitals.
  6. Press the sticky contour with a slight movement.
  7. Wait for urinate.
  8. Carefully remove the fixture and break the fluid into a special tank for analyzes.
  • During the procedure, you can fix the desired position of the urinary pellery.
  • To prevent the displacement of the device, it is better to keep a baby in the hands.
  • The amount of liquid is easy to control the markup on the machine.

How to "persuade" kid to pee?

  • After waking, the child will surely want to the toilet, so parents must be ready.
  • In some cases, the inclusion of water effectively helps. The murmur of a jet from the tap can provoke urination in crumbs.
  • Parents can massage the tummy tummy and put pressure on the bladder slightly.
  • A slightly wetted water of the Pelleka, on which the baby lies, also provokes urination.

After collecting analysis, a small piece of paper with the name passes on the jar.

What is categorically impossible to do when collecting urine in a newborn baby?

  1. Purl fluid directly from pot or non-sterile dishes. Even if you try to deal with the sterilization of the capacity yourself, then you can't kill all microbes anyway.
  2. Store urine for more than two hours. For analysis requires only morning and fresh urine.
  3. Collect urine from the body when it flows down the leg of the child. In this method, you can collect a huge number of unwanted pollution and dust.
  4. Squeeze the contents from the pellery, clothes or diapers. The presence of fibers of fabric and extraneous materials in Urin will confuse any doctor.
  5. Incorrectly store the resulting liquid. Failure to comply with the rule will lead to an incorrect result.
  6. Collect urine without prior array of the child. Urina must be absolutely clean.

On the Internet, there is another way to collect urine in newborn kids - this is the use of a standard polyethylene package as a container. However, this method is unreliable and has many minuses when used. The most important disadvantage of ordinary packages is the absence of 100% sterility.

мама держит грудничка за ноги

Have you just left the Pediatrician's office and in bewilderment turn in your hands the direction for the surrender of urine analysis? It is understandable, because your baby is a few months to the forefront and collect material for the study in the usual way is not real. Immediately remembered the tips of the experienced grandmothers, how to collect urine in a baby girl or a boy.

According to their stories, it is just necessary to squeeze the pelleon, to which the daughter pegged in front of it. Of course, this method is categorically wrong, since with the urine in the laboratory you will deliver a pile and various bacteria. But how to assemble material for analysis, we will understand now.

What to collect urine at the kid?

  1. You already know that with the help of Pelinka, it is impossible to collect urine. In the same category of prohibition, take the extraction of fluid using diapers or wool. By the way, the diapers are not enough of the fact that they will share their biochemical composition, so also act as a filter, so beneficia from such an analysis as a milk goat;
  2. Children's Pot - Device, Direct Purpose of which urine collection. However, in the case of laboratory analysis, it does not fit. No matter how you wash it or hide it with boiling water, plastic is not suitable for collecting material for analysis, since the sterility question remains open;
  3. Another way also familiar to you from childhood is a glass container or a special plastic cup. Quite acceptable, but not the easiest option of collecting urine in the baby girl, which is still impossible to plant;
  4. There are more practical options - a urinal or a regular plastic bag, but also their use will require some skillings from you.

Advantages and disadvantages of urinary

You need to know the two main disadvantages of the urinary:

  • The fact that he needs to not forget to buy in advance in the pharmacy;
  • And also the fact that it is necessary to practice to wear it and remove, not spilling the precious material.

That is, in the principle of flaws from the factory urinary man. Please note that there are special urinal for boys and special for girls, it is important, since the principle of fasteners is somewhat different.

Now about the advantages:

  1. Collect urine in infants, regardless of its sexuality, easy and simple;
  2. Full sterility;
  3. Urine is collected strictly in the urinary and does not appear on the surface;
  4. There is a measured gradation on the cumulative compartment;
  5. The cost of adaptation is acceptable;
  6. You can purchase in any pharmacy kiosk.

The pros and cons are already rated, it's time to move to practical exercises

Preparatory stage

  1. First of all, you need to buy a urinal one in advance, and better two, as you can damage the device during its unpacking;
  2. The baby you are well seal under running water, and also sterilize the container, where then the urine is then rolling.

Stage of working with urinary

  1. Practical lesson how to collect urine in a girl or baby boy with a urinal you begin with the opening of the device itself. Gently tear off the package so as not to damage the contents, we paint all parts of it, then remove the adhesive tape and carefully attach both in the picture:

Мочеприемник как пользоваться, фото

  1. Please note that there is a yellow cross on the urinal cross, he must be between the sexual organ and anal hole;
  2. Baby is better to hold on his hands, so the cumulative bag will hang out, and urine will not surfaches;
  3. Baby all this time can be capricious, talk to her, spoil her favorite song, hug and intelligible;
  4. If the child does not write for a long time, at the same time crying and nervous, try to turn on the water in the crane, perhaps the murmur contributes to urination;
  5. You can give a baby to drink (this applies to children over 6 months, which can already be lifted by a driver) or to suck the breast, often it also helps to peel the kids faster.

Finishing stage

  1. When the cherished material for laboratory analysis gathered in a storage package in a volume of at least five milliliters, you can free the baby;
  2. After you carefully cut the tip of the package and merge the urine into a sterile glass or a jar;
  3. Urinary you send to the trash can, and the sterile container as quickly as possible in the laboratory.

Advantages and disadvantages of a package for collecting urine in children

If you do not know how to quickly collect the urine in a baby or a girl's infant, then a regular package will come to the rescue. You yourself understand what a new one needs. Previously used, or what is worse than the packaged package is useful, except for utilizing the diapers used, but not for the sterile urine collection procedure.

  • The package must be kept on the sides and to build something like a diaper, tolding the ends on the hips;
  • It is better for you to hold the baby on the handles. Then the liquid stalks down and will not be the flow;
  • If you are lucky - the child will peck for a few minutes, but be prepared that it will have to be like half an hour;
  • After the package, you must carefully remove and merge the urine into the sterile cup.

The advantages of collecting urine in a child with a package:

  • The method is available to everyone, since the package for sure is in the house of any mistress;
  • sterility;
  • easy to implement;
  • It can be used even with infants.

Polyethylene package is a cheap analogue of a pharmacy urinal. The disadvantages include except for the possibility of impulse polyethylene or discomfort with long-term contact with the skin in infants. In addition, this method is uncomfortable at high age when the kid becomes more active and can trim the device.

Urine Collection in Bank

Old years proven way, how to collect urine is to use a jar. Instructions for carrying out:

  1. To the result of the analysis was one hundred percent correct, you need to carefully prepare the urine intake container. The bank should be washed with soda, rinse well, then sterilized in a water bath, since you prepare cans for conservation;
  2. The hygiene itself must be no less thorough, the result of the analysis also depends on this;
  3. Then, put the baby on the back on the changing table, in advance covered with a waterproof diaper, the legs are fixed in a bent and pressed to the tummy position;
  4. Take the bank to the sexual organ, but do not touch him, and expect when the child peers;
  5. You can press a little on the pubic part, it can provoke the baby to pee faster.

But in a child in 3 months, which is not still sitting, and in a position with bent legs, it is unlikely to agree for a long time to lie, it will be difficult to cut the right moment, so we recommend that you use a plate instead of the bank. (About how the child is developing in 3 months, you can read in the article: What should a child be able to be able to 3 months? >>>)

Action plan:

  • Baby need to be sealed;
  • On the changing table, decompose the pelleon, then put the infant;
  • Girl is better put on the tummy, under it slip the plate;
  • Prepare the urine collection container in advance, it can be a special cup or well-sterilized jar;
  • As soon as the baby pests, you need to drain the liquid into the container;
  • You can contribute to the fact that the baby flop faster. You can give it to drink, turn on the crane with water or overflow the liquid from one glass to another. Sometimes it helps the tickle, the infants will shine and faster faster. (Will you find out if a child starts laughing? >>>)

As you yourself were able to make sure, in the case of a newborn girl, the bank method is almost inappropriate, in this case the plate method taxes. The disadvantages include questions on sterility and comfort.

Rules for collecting analyzes in infants

You know that urine analysis can be carried out by three methods:

  1. Traditional - in Nechiporenko;
  2. Daily addis-kakovsky;
  3. And analysis on the content of calcium on Sulkovich.

Material for the first and third analysis you collect the same, in the morning, selecting the average portion of urine. You need to score at least five milliliters of urine.

Of course, in the case of a baby, we are talking about the average portion, there's no matter how to collect at least some urine. But if the attending physician insists on the rules, you can try the collection method using the bank. You need to cook three tanks and when the baby will start writing, quickly change the glass container.

The second analysis on Addis-Kakovsky is assembled throughout all day in one container, then everything is well mixed and two hundred liquid grams are cast on the analysis. This type of urine analysis in the case of infants causes the greatest difficulties:

  • Firstly, the baby writes every half hour, or even more often, and he will not lie all day on the changing table;
  • The package is also questionable. In this case, you will have to experiment and throughout the day use various ways, depending on the situation.

General rules for all types of urine analysis:

  1. Hygiene genital infant bodies;
  2. Sterility during material collection;
  3. The sterility of the container in which the urine will be transferred;
  4. Fast urine delivery to the laboratory.

By the way, an interesting nuance. In the rules for passing urine analysis for adults there is a clear list, which cannot be eating or drinking. In the list - drugs, diuretic, salty, first, various seasonings, there is even a reservation relative to beets and carrots that can change the color of urine.

What is interesting, such restrictions relate to both infants. It is clear that your baby herself does not use these products, but through your breast milk gets full. You do not need to eat cucumbers, melons or watermelons, as they are diuretic, and, therefore, can affect the composition of your milk.

Pay attention to your diet if you want to get an adequate response from the laboratory. And about what you can eat nursing mom, you can see in the know: Safe nutrition nursing mom >>>

Regarding rapid delivery of the assembled material in the laboratory, you should know that warm urine quickly changes its composition, especially with respect to bacteriological background.

See also:

How to collect urine in baby-girl: preparation, methods of collecting, their advantages and disadvantages

How to collect urine in baby girl? The complexity of the process is associated with the fact that breast children do not know how to control urination and report adults about their need for it. It is possible to facilitate the solution of this task in different ways.

In order to assess the growth and development of children of the first year of life, the timely detection of possible diseases and pathologies are carried out with a dispensary observation, including a regular inspection of a pediatrician, narrow specialization doctors, as well as a number of laboratory research and, above all, a general analysis of urine and blood.

Sometimes parents to speed up the process of collecting urine give the child to drink the infusion of the lilac shear, rosehip or daisy pharmacy. Do not do this.

Many children older than 10-12 months are already able to inform parents about their desire to press. Therefore, to assemble them to the urine for the analysis sufficient simply. But how to make a collection of a newborn or girl aged 2-3 months? Here, parents may have certain difficulties. However, before telling about how to take urine analysis, it is necessary to say a few words and how to do it is not recommended.

The easiest way to collect urine in a chest girl with a special urinary The easiest way to collect urine in a chest girl with a special urinary

Errors during urine collection in baby-girl

The most common mistakes committed during the collection of urine to research the kids of the first year of life are:

  1. Use for collecting urine diapers, diapers, wool. Some parents are laying between the big sex lips daughter a piece of watts, and then, after urination, press it into a jar. Others prefer to use a diaper or diaper for this purpose. At the same time, fibers of fabrics, bacteria and other extraneous impurities inevitably fall into the urine.
  2. Failure to comply with the rules of hygiene of external genital organs. Immediately before collecting urine on the analysis, the girl should be thoroughly strained. Otherwise, bacteria from the anus area, the skin of the crotch fall into the sample.
  3. Uripping urine delivery to the laboratory. Many parents at the doctor's reception ask the question of whether you can collect urine from the evening, and deliver it to the laboratory next morning in the morning. So you can not do. With long-term storage in the urine, various bacteria begin to reproduce actively, its acidic alkaline indicator changes.

All these errors reduce the accuracy of the analysis results.

Methods for collecting urine

The urine analysis is undesirable to take in the first few days after vaccination, as well as on the background of drug intake, including antipyretic and painkillers.

Using the urinary

Now in any pharmacy you can buy special disposable urinals for girls. Their main advantages:

  • low price;
  • sterility;
  • preventing waste of urine;
  • The presence on the accumulator of the graduated scale in milliliters.

The disadvantage of the urinary and the fact that its use requires a certain skill. Before putting it, the girl should be thoroughly washed with clean warm water. From the urinary, remove the adhesive tape and glue it to the skin of the pubic, the inner surface of the hips. After that, the girl should be taken to the arms and keep in a vertical position to prevent possible urine leakage. If the baby is nervous and can not reckon, she can give to drink water.

How many urine is necessary for analysis, it is advisable to clarify the doctor in advance by the doctor, which gave the direction. For general analysis, no less than 5 ml is required. After the required volume is assembled, the urinary is gently removed. Then, having cut the corner of the drive, urine is carefully poured into a clean dry container and deliver it to the laboratory.

If parents have never previously used the urinary and fear it is incorrectly used, you can see the video in which this process is shown in detail.

Using a package

In the absence of a uniform for collecting urine in breast girls, you can use a new polyethylene package. It is caught on the sides and put on like a diaper, knitting the ends on the hips. Baby should be kept on hand in a vertical position. After urination, the package is removed, the urine is poured into a clean jar.

During the day before analyzing the diet of a nursing mother and the babies, the baby should exclude fish, tomatoes, all brightly colored products (beets, carrots), citrus.

This method is only suitable for children of the first months of life. After half a year, they become very active and easily tear off their package or tear it.

You can collect urine in a baby-girl using a new polyethylene package You can collect urine in a baby-girl using a new polyethylene package
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Use jar

If the doctor appointed your daughter to pass urine analysis, it is advisable to prepare a sterile container in a pharmacy in advance. When for one reason or another it is impossible to do this, you can use a conventional glass jar. Before use, it needs to be thoroughly washed into a hot solution of drinking soda, and then sterilized in a water bath. If the house has a dishwasher, the container can be washed and sterilized in it by choosing the mode with the highest temperature.

The girl, pre-knead, put on the back on a changing table covered with a waterproof diaper. The legs pressed to the stomach and hold them in this position. As soon as the act of urination begins, the jar will be brought to the genital organs and they collect urine into it.

Name this way comfortable and comfortable for both the girl and for her parents can not. After a few minutes of staying in a forced position, the baby begins to be capricious, to show anxiety, and it becomes difficult to cut the right moment. Nevertheless, in some cases, this option is preferable - for example, this is the only way to take an average portion of urine to analyze in Nechiporenko.

Using a plate

In children of the first months of life during feeding or almost immediately after it, urine occurs. Knowing this physiological feature, to assemble the urine in the baby-girl can be using an ordinary plate. Prior to the start of feeding, a careful toilet of the external genital organs of the child is carried out, after which they are put under the buttocks a clean deep plate, which is held in the correct position until the desired result is obtained.

How many urine is necessary for the analysis, it is advisable to clarify the doctor in advance by the doctor, which gave the direction. For general analysis, no less than 5 ml is required.

Using a rubber circle

The rubber circle is washed, wipe dry and wrapped with a diaper. In his center put a clean deep plate. The girl is washed and each her leg wrapped in a separate diaper. Then it is placed on the circle and is covered with a diaper or blanket, depending on the air temperature indoors. Adults must be located next to the baby and watch it.

This method of collecting urine is most convenient for girls 1-3 months of life, the use of its older children is difficult because of their significant mobility and reluctance calmly lie in the same position.

Preparation for urine analysis

Preparing for urine collection for analysis, you should prepare everything you need in advance, and immediately in front of him to hold the toilet of the exterior genitals of the girl.

During the day before analyzing the diet of a nursing mother and the babies, the baby should exclude fish, tomatoes, all brightly colored products (beets, carrots), citrus. This limitation is explained by the fact that these products can change the color of urine or causes the appearance of salt crystals in it (phosphates, urates, oxalates). One-time detection of such deviations from the norm is not a reason for setting any diagnosis, but will require relief of analysis.

The urine analysis is undesirable to take in the first few days after vaccination, as well as on the background of drug intake, including antipyretic and painkillers.

In children of the first months of life during feeding or almost immediately after it, urine occurs.

Sometimes parents to speed up the process of collecting urine give the child to drink the infusion of the lilac shear, rosehip or daisy pharmacy. Do not do this. These medicinal plants have a diuretic effect and are able to distort the results of a laboratory study. The nursing mother is also not recommended to take the infusions of these herbs, as well as to eat on the eve of the analysis of watermelon and melon in significant quantities.

Preparing for analysis, it is advisable to purchase a special container for urine in a pharmacy Preparing for analysis, it is advisable to purchase a special container for urine in a pharmacy

Urban for general analysis, samples of Nechiporenko or Sulkovich samples are collected in the morning to the first feeding of the child and deliver it to the laboratory as soon as possible. It is allowed to store the collected biological material not more than 2-3 hours, but only in a cool place to prevent possible reproduction in the sample of urine microorganisms.

If an analysis of addis is assigned to Kakovsky, on sugar or adrenal hormones, the urine is collected during the day. After each urination, it is drained into one pure container with a lid and stored in a cool place. The next day, the entire assembled urine was stirred all the collected, cast a small amount into the container and deliver to the laboratory.

If necessary, the evaluation of the excretory ability of the kidneys can be assigned to the rebarg-tareeva test. To do it, it is necessary to come with a child in the laboratory in the morning. The girl must preoccupy. After that, she from veins produce blood cloth on creatinine, and then for two hours they collect urine. It is most convenient to use the urinary in this case, as it prevents urine possible spreading, which, in turn, makes the results of laboratory research as reliable as possible.

Video from YouTube on the subject of Articles:

Urine analysis is a mandatory monthly study for the first year of life, which helps track the condition of the child and determine whether its body works normally. Collection of biological fluid sometimes causes difficulties in young mothers, and if the boy gets the material relatively simply, then the parents of the daughters are often wondering how to collect the urine in the baby's infants.

Methods for collecting urine

Three ways of collecting urine in infants are popular among moms using the following items:

  • Universal children's urinary;
  • plastic bag;
  • soup plate.

Preferably in this case will be the use of a special urinary. You can purchase this device in a pharmacy.


Urine collection in infants is held in the lying position

What is urination

Children's universal urinary student is a soft polyethylene tank, on the upper part of which the sticky rim is attached. With this rim, the urinary student is gently glued to the sexual lips of the girl. Also, a scale is applied to the device, denoting volume in ml. Universal children's urinary female infant babies of both sexes.

How to use urinary

On the packing of the urinal, as a rule, detailed instructions for use are presented. To collect the fluid, you must perform the following steps:

  • Baby washed with baby soap, wipe dry, put on the back;
  • open the packaging with the urinary, remove the device;
  • remove the protective film from the sticky rim;
  • Carefully glue the rim to the sexual lips of the girl;
  • wait for the filling of the reservoir;
  • carefully remove the urinary with a baby;
  • Pour urine into a prepared container.

While the child did not care in the container, it is worn on his hands or leave in the lying position. To avoid crushes of the reservoir and leakage of the liquid from the urinal, do not wear diaper or underwear on top of it.

The urinary is designed for one-time application. After the urine transfusion into the container, the device is thrown out, and for the next procedure is purchased new.

The advantages of the urinary

The urinal facilitates the procedure for collecting urine in infants. The advantages of this device include:

  • ease of use;
  • availability;
  • affordable cost;
  • hygienicity;
  • Universality.

In addition to the advantages of the urinary, there are also cons that the impossibility of re-use and use in children with hypersensitive skin.

Other urine collection methods

When the urinal was not at hand, and the analysis must be passed in a couple of hours, other collecting methods are used, for example, using a package. A package for collecting urine should be thoroughly washed with the household soap and wipe dry. Package handles are cut so that they are "viscots". The baby is waved, wipe dry and with the help of the received "viscots" fasten the package on the hips of the child. As a result, a peculiar cellophane diaper should be obtained. Then the urination is waiting and gently overflow the liquid into the container.

как собрать мочу у грудничка девочки

Feeding stimulates a desire to press

You can also use a deep plate. The dishes are thoroughly washed with the household soap, wipe dry. The child is washed, laid on the back, under the buttocks substitute a plate. For the convenience of the back and legs of the child put pillows. After the baby urins, the fluid is transfused into the container.

Each mother itself decides whether to collect urine in a child, however, the methods described are not recommended, since there are serious shortcomings for these techniques:

  • lack of sterility;
  • inconvenience of application;
  • high probability of urine spilling;
  • discomfort in the child during the collection.

In addition, in this case, the likelihood of small foreign bodies in the studied liquid, which may make it difficult to work as a laboratory manner.

General recommendations for collecting urine in infants

Urine collection in infants immediately after waking, as a rule, does not take much time.

After removing the night diaper, due to the change of temperature, a child soon appears to urinate.

However, sometimes moms have to wait. The following measures take to accelerate the process:

  • feed the baby, since the reception of warm food causes a child to overcome a child;
  • turn on water or water noise record;
  • stroke the tummy;
  • Put under the child a warm wet fabric.

The analysis follows the rules. The study is delivered to the morning portion, which can be stored in the refrigerator no more than 2 hours. The liquid obtained from the diaper or overflow from the pot will not be suitable due to the presence of extraneous impurities.

Following the recommendations, each mom will cope with the collection of urine in a chest daughter.

Looking further: the features of the urine collection in the boy's babies

I will write a few words about this simple, but important action. The fact is that often, according to the general analysis of urine, it is clear that he is not correctly assembled, and I have to talk to parents many times and explain how to do it right. And sometimes parents say that they cannot collect urine for analysis a lot of consecutive days.


  1. Urine analysis can be collected in jar or urinary . A jar can be either thoroughly wash and dry, or buy a sterile container to analyze urine at the pharmacy. "Beddly" is also sold in pharmacies, and if we are talking about the routine urine control analysis, then convenient Total to use exactly the urinary However, if there is a reason to suspect the infection of urinary tract, or if the previous analysis was "bad", then collect urine better not in the urinary and immediately in the jar . It is quite easy to glue the urinary, then you just need to push urine into a jar.

The jar can be bought any, for example, one of these: konteiner-kala-lopatochkaThe urinary studies look like:


Urinemen are glued like this:


  1. As a rule, children write immediately after awakening. Therefore, planting a child to collect urine for analysis is more effective In the morning, as soon as the child woke up . In order for the child to pour it soon, you can turn on water And keep the child over the sink.
  1. Previously, before you begin to collect analysis or try to persuade the child to pee, you need Climb a child No matter how the child is (but it is especially important for the girl (girls are squeezed backwards)).
  2. Optimally collect Medium portion urine. It is also easy to do this: you just need to wait until the child starts to write and substitute the jar already at the moment when he starts to write, so you get the average portion.

Thus, or pre-remove the urine in the urinary in the urinary, or in the morning, after a dream, you go to the bathroom, turn on the water, wait and disembark the child, collecting urine into a dry jar after a few seconds after the child began to write.


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