Child cough: how to treat, how happens when to call an ambulance

Among all the symptoms of a cold, children and their moms, perhaps, do not like cough most: because of him, the baby loses sleep and appetite, feels the decline of strength and even a violation of the brain circulation.

Among all the symptoms of a cold, children and their moms, perhaps, do not like cough most: because of him, the baby loses sleep and appetite, feels the decline of strength and even a violation of the brain circulation.

Cough - This is not a disease, but a symptom of diseases such as cough, croup, ARVI, influenza, bronchitis, asthma, problems with metabolism and digestion, as well as many others. Therefore, before starting to fight the cough and decide how to treat cough in a child and how to facilitate the cough in a child, it is necessary to find his cause.

Cough - what is it?

During the cough, the receptors of pulmonary fabric, larynx, bronchi, throats are irritated. As a result of this irritation, a sharp exhalation occurs to purify the respiratory system from mucus, dust, sputum and other unnecessary particles. That is why swallowing (10-15 times a day, most often - in the morning) The kids are normal - so the child's body cleans the larynx and the trachea from foreign presences.

Causes of cough for diseases

Cough is a protective reaction of the body. The reasons for its appearance may be as follows:

  • ORVI;
  • diseases of the respiratory system;
  • the presence of worms;
  • heart defects and other cardiovascular pathology;
  • pathology of intestines, stomach, esophagus;
  • allergies;
  • asthma;
  • stress, excitement;
  • adenoids, problems associated with the nasopharynk;
  • ingress of foreign bodies in the larynx, trachea or bronchi;
  • Irritating factors - Gare, dust, cigarette smoke, dry or hot air, cosmetics;
  • Breasts can cough due to jerking or because of too fast food.

When does the cough require special attention to the doctor?

  • When coughing, when a suffocation occurs, dry cough in children, a strong, incessant cough. It usually happens if the baby swallowed a particle of toys, food or something else, as well as in the infectious nature of cough (with cough, diphtheria, false croup);
  • When coughing with wheezing and gathering: such cough is heard from afar and most often occurs at night, closer to the morning;
  • If the child has blood, greenish sputtering in the child's wet cough;
  • If the cough accompanies an increase in temperature above 38 degrees and long-term preservation of high temperature (more than 3 days);
  • If the cough does not stop more than three weeks;
  • Complaints of chest pain.

When you need to immediately cause an ambulance?

  • If, in addition to cough, the child holds a high temperature;
  • If the cough appeared unexpectedly and does not stop at any way;
  • If the space is drawn between the ribs and the clavicle, while shortness of breath occurs;
  • If during the cough in the child there is a dizziness and a violation of consciousness, the formation or pale of the skin.

How to shoot a kola attack from a child, how to stop the cough in a child at night?

If the couch attack suddenly suddenly, it is characterized by a strong barking sound and a rheron is difficult to breathe - urgently call an ambulance. To help the baby before arriving soon - turn on the hot water in the bathroom and close the door: hot wet pairs will help relieve breathing.

If the coughing attack arose because of a cold and just prevents the baby to fall asleep - let him drink a little warm milk with honey or soda.

What could be cough and under what diseases it arises

Spicy cough

It happens when infecting the respiratory tract of viruses (laryngitis, false croup, rinofaring, tracheitis, pneumonia, bronchitis). It starts in a throat, a kola's cough in a child with dry sound; Wet or little, or not at all. A few days later goes into wet, the wet is moving, it becomes easier.

Spastic cough

It happens when asthma, obstructive bronchitis. First there are wheezing, then a long exhalation occurs and cough with a whistle in a child. Similar cough occurs when a foreign body hit in the respiratory tract.

Load cough (lasts more than 2 weeks)

It happens after the passionate tranchit or bronchitis (when too much sputum remains in bronchi), with increased almonds and adenoids, long smoking. In this case, the nasopharynx receptors are irritated by mucus, which flows from the nose. This is a superficial cough, most often such cough in the morning in the child occurs if he sleeps on his back.

Recurrent cough

It happens during asthma (as a reaction to an allergen) or after transferred bronchitis. This is a wet cough, which does not last more than 2 weeks.

Long, permanent, frequent cough in a child

It happens in chronic diseases of the respiratory system (fibrosis, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, tuberculosis, pleurisy). This cough is always present, putting it weaker, then stronger. In the morning and in the period of exacerbation, most often enhanced and is wet, after the cleansing, it subsides a little. For tuberculosis, a cough is characterized, passing from low on high sound. Cough with pain in the side when inhaling often points to the pleurisy.

Night cough

Cough at night the child happens during asthma (often arises in the morning). When heartburn and reflux (throwing the contents of the stomach in the esophagus), the cough can happen before vomiting in a child: in this case, consult with a gastroenterologist, which products should be excluded from the diet of the baby; Night cough can also be disturbed with adenoids.

Psycho Cashel

It happens during stress and only during the day. For such cough is characterized by an opening attack, and the cough itself is dry, with a "metallic" sound. It stops if you start talking to the child, such a cough does not occur during meals. In families with a hyperopic, where parents are constantly experiencing a child and talk about health problems, such a cough is found quite often.

Allergic cough in a child

Symptoms of such cough are manifested only at contact with the allergen. When leaving the zone where the allergen is present, the cough is almost immediately terminated.

How to cure cough in a child?

Different types and causes of cough require different approaches to therapy. Therefore, before you treat the cough in a child, it is necessary to understand - to what impact: on the mucous membrane of the bronchi, on the sputum itself or on the cough center, which is in the brain. If you decide to take your own responsibility treatment of cough in children - try to start to figure out how different groups of cough are working.

How preparations work

  • Opioids (possess a narcotic action) suppress cough, "turning off" cough center; contraindicated for children are limited to adults;
  • Combined nonarcotic drugs: Through the cough reflex; Used for children very limited, because may contribute to the development of infection or pneumonia (due to the "fearing" of lungs and violations of their ventilation);
  • Dry cough in a child than to treat: Mukolithics, expectorant (drugs that dilute wet); They help to soften flipping off, clean the respiratory tract from mucus;
  • Moisturizing aerosols, inhalation: Applied with a dry cough to reduce dryness and irritation in the respiratory tract, to make a sputum less viscous, stimulate expectoration, have an anti-inflammatory effect when using essential oils and herbs; efficiently work in a complex with an alkaline drink (mineral water with milk, milk with soda);
  • Wet cough in a child than to treat: In order to get rid of sputum faster, it is necessary to get ridicular warm drinks (morse, tea, alkaline mineral water) and sufficient activity (the movement will contribute to the disheve of the sputum), as well as walks in the fresh air;
  • Residual cough in a child How to treat: For the treatment of residual cough, not drugs are usually prescribed, but physiotocreders. If you prefer to do it yourself - a good effect will give a visit to the salt cave or the purchase of a homely salt lamp.
  • Antibiotics with kolas in children: Used exclusively in the presence of a microbial infection (for example, with bronchitis or pneumonia, or if the infection has joined the complication); In viral infections, antibiotics will not help, but only harm;
  • Broncholitiki : Apply solely when obstructive bronchitis and asthma.

Cough with a cold, a child's cough without a temperature, a strong cough in a child: how to treat?

When coughing, arising against the backdrop of a cold (ORVI, influenza), it is better to start with the use of plant agents - herbal decractions that contribute to the disheve of sputum (mother-and-stepmother, a richness, ninewood, the root of Altea, the plantain). At the same time, the child needs abundant warm (not hot!) Drink. Cranberry or sea buckthorn juice, tea with raspberry, lime, honey, will help excellently. Well helps with a cold cough black radish with honey, anise droplets, thermopsis, licorice root. However, these funds can be used only after the 3-year-old age of the child.

If a child is allergic, one should be especially careful, acquiring the finished remedy in the pharmacy, since expectorant drugs with active alkaloid substances and saponins are able to cause not only the urticaria, but also larynx swelling, and laryngospasm. A child who does not add to allergies, such drugs will help faster to get rid of sputum.

If after three days the cough still remains dry, the doctor is likely to prescribe a combined means having an anti-inflammatory effect (preparations with a valid fengirid). However, such drugs cannot be applied for a long time, because They contribute to the strong sputum products and the "fearing" of the lungs. Therefore, as soon as the cough becomes wet - they must immediately cancel.


  • At the same time (one day), give a child an expectorant (mercolitic) and an antitussive preparation;
  • independently use antibiotics and medicines for the expansion of bronchi;
  • If the child does not have a cough for a long time and treatment does not give results for 4-5 days, to continue it independently.

Coauthor, editor and medical expert - Maksimov Alexander Alekseevich.

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Massage with cough for children Respiratory gymnastics for children Warm drink Medicinal products

Cough in children can be a symptom of a wide variety of respiratory diseases: from ORZ to pneumonia. Therefore, if a child has a cough, then the methods of its treatment will depend on the set of factors. After all, the relief of this state should include the elimination of the cause of cough, the treatment of the underlying disease in the child and the prevention of possible complications.

In essence, cough is a natural protective mechanism designed to bring irritating substances from the respiratory tract, pathogens and accumulated mucus. For this reason, often the main goal in the treatment of cough in children is to increase its productivity for easy highlighting sputum.

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Massage with cough in children

Massage with cough for children

To facilitate the dishellment of sputum, children can make a fairly simple thoracic massage, which is easy to perform at home.

Massage will improve:

  • Blood circulation in the field of the back and chest of a child,
  • facilitates the removal of sputum from the bronchi and helps it easily flip
  • This is an excellent addition to the main treatment!

Do not forget to consult your doctor before performing the massage.

More details

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Respiratory gymnastics for children

One of the important auxiliary home methods for the treatment of diseases of the respiratory organs in children is respiratory gymnastics. A small complex, which occupies 5-10 minutes a day, will quickly improve the ventilation of the lungs of a child, will strengthen the wet offices and its elimination, and will also warn complications.

  • Respiratory Gymnastics: BeetleI will depict the beetle: starting position sitting, hands on the belt. Rotate the body to the left with a left-hand lead back and to the side. On the exhalation, returning to I.P., long walk the sound "f." Repeat for the right side. The number of repetitions in each direction is 4-5 times.
  • Respiratory gymnastics: crowCarnish, like a crow: Sitting starting position. On the breath of raising his hands up and on the sides. On the exhalation - to lower your hands down, say loudly "Ka-Rr". Repeat 5 times.
  • Respiratory gymnastics: gooseLet's show the goose: the initial position is sitting, leaning towards the knees and raising the palm to the shoulders. Make a deep breath, in exhale loudly pronounce "GA-A-A". Repeat 5 times.

Before performing respiratory gymnastics, it is better to agree on her with a pediatrician.

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Warm drink

Warm drinking, which needs to be given to a child in sufficient quantities, improves the removal of sputum from the bronchi, and also removes intoxication due to the vital activity of viruses and bacteria.

Recommended drinking fluids - heated to temperature 40-45 оC fastening black or herbal tea, non-carbonated mineral water and milk.

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Medicinal products

Cough syrup doctor mom ®Created on the basis of medicinal plant components, contributes to the relief of cough in a child. Due to the use of natural ingredients, syrup can be used to treat dry cough in children from 3 years. This agent received by ½-1 teaspoon 3 times a day helps to improve the mucus separation and its removal from the bronchi.

Ointment Dr. Mom ®Phyto is another means for treating cough. An irritating and anti-inflammatory effect of essential oils included in the ointment formulation is aimed at eliminating the lamp of the nose, head and muscle pain. This tool can be used to treat children from age for 3 years.

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The information in this article is referenced and does not replace the professional consultation of the doctor. For the diagnosis and treatment of treatment, refer to a qualified specialist.

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How to treat wet cough in children?

How to cure cough in a child at home

The answer to the question of how to cure cough in the child at home, depends on the cause of its appearance. Each disease that caused this symptom requires a special approach. For this reason, one should not be engaged in self-medication, it is recommended to consult a doctor and pass the survey.

In most cases, diseases that are accompanied by cough attacks can be treated at home under the control of the attendant physician, only in rare cases, the patient's hospitalization is required to hospitalize. In children, these cases include pneumonia, stenling laryngotrachite, heavy bronchitis forms.

In most cases, the cough in children is treated at home, but a doctor should control it In most cases, the cough in children is treated at home, but a doctor should control it

What helps from the cough to the child at home

Often parents ask the question of how to treat cough in a child at home quickly. For this, first of all, it is necessary to provide a child the conditions that would contribute to the speedy permitting pathology. This goal is the following measures:

  1. It is necessary to moisturize the air in the room where the child is. In a humid climate, this can be done by frequent ventilation, in dry - with the help of a special device (automatic humidifier). During the heating season, it is recommended to hang wet towels on the batteries, arrange several tanks with water in the room.
  2. The room should be regularly ventured, to carry out wet cleaning.
  3. If the condition of the baby allows (if the temperature is not raised), you should walk with it in the fresh air.
  4. At the time of the disease, exclude products from the diet, which can have an irritant effect on the mucous membranes of the respiratory tract.
  5. Provide a child abundant drinking mode, it contributes to the best sweep of sputum.

Medical therapy

Excraceing, mercolytic, bronchor, anti-infectious, anti-infectious, antihistamines can be assigned depending on the existing clinical signs.

Preferred preparations in the form in the form of syrup and inhalations. A small child usually does not give means in the form of lollipops or lozenges, as it can swallow or inhale the medicine.

Any medications must be appointed by a doctor, since their use without records of indications can lead to an opposite effect, can also have a negative effect of a combination of some of them (for example, central anti-anti-aging drugs and expectorant).


Inhalation is high with high anti-flexibility, since it allows you to deliver the active ingredient directly into the inflammation zone. For children, inhalations are preferred with a nebulizer. They are carried out using alkaline mineral water, saline or drug solutions. The drug, its dose and the multiplicity of the procedure appoints a doctor.

Inhalation with the help of nebulizer - one of the most effective methods of cough treatment Inhalation with the help of nebulizer - one of the most effective methods of cough treatment

Steam inhalations in children are undesirable, besides, they are ineffective.

Home physiotherapy

In children, in some diseases of respiratory paths, a percussion massage is used, which allows you to better depart sputter, and respiratory gymnastics, contributing to the speedy regeneration of tissues.

Folk treatments

The treatment of cough in the child at home is often carried out using the funds of traditional medicine. Folk therapy cannot replace basic treatment, but can be an effective addition to it. Parents should be known that, contrary to the existing opinion, such treatment is not absolutely safe, therefore, as well as any other requires compulsory approval with the doctor.


From medicinal plants with antitussive effects possess:

  • peppermint;
  • plantain;
  • Chamomile medicine;
  • Linden flowers;
  • clover;
  • sage;
  • eucalyptus;
  • Pine kidneys.

From vegetable raw materials, you can make decoctions and infusions, apply for inhalations.

For example, a popular cough tool in children over 7 years old is infusion from Althea, coltsfoots and souls (2: 2: 1 ratio). In a thermos, you need to pour 2 tablespoons of a dry mixture, pour 500 ml of boiling water and insist 4 hours. Take to ¼ cup 2 times a day.


The most popular homemade drugs include milk-based funds, which reduces the irritation of the mucous membranes of the larynx, contributes to the discharge and removal of sputum. For the manufacture of medicinal mixes, you can use a cow, goat or other milk fatness of at least 2.6%.

  1. Hot milk with honey. A glass of milk heated to a temperature of 40 ° C is added 1-2 teaspoons of honey, you can also dissolve the same amount of butter in the drink. Warm milk is recommended to use throughout the day and drink before bedtime, which will help get rid of cough attacks at night.
  2. Milk with mineral water. It helps with cough and trio in the throat, contributes to the disbursement of bronchial mucus. Warm milk and alkaline mineral water type Borjomi in equal parts are mixed for cooking. Mineral water should be pre-release gas.
  3. Milk with figs. It has a cotton, antipyretic, anti-inflammatory effect. For the preparation of the medicine, dark purple or black figs are used .. 2-4 pieces of fresh figs are poured with a glass of milk, bring to a boil, hold on fire a few minutes and cooled. Dried figs Before use, you can pour cold milk and leave for 30 minutes, then bring to a boil and insist for another 20 minutes. They are used in warm form 100 ml 3-4 times a day 30 minutes before meals.
  4. Milk with butter. Helps remove the cough attack. For its preparation in a glass of warm milk, they dissolve a teaspoon of high quality cream oil. It is recommended to drink the remedy for the waste to sleep.
  5. Milk with cocoa butter . The tool helps against dry cough. To prepare a medicine, you need to dissolve a 0.5 teaspoon of cocoa oil in a glass of hot milk, cool a little tool and drink a patient.
  6. Milk with bow . 2 small bulbs need to boil in a glass of milk before softening. After that, the fluid insists 4 hours, filter and give a patient across the tablespoon every 3 hours.
  7. Milk with ginger. To prepare this drink, grated ginger root (3-4 cm long) and 2 tablespoons of green tea flooded 1.5 liters of milk, adjusted to a boil, removed from the fire and insistently about 30 minutes. The remedy is used in small sips several times a day.

Homemade Black Radish Preparations

The means of which include black radish juice, have an expectorant effect and are often used for diseases of the respiratory system in children. There are several recipes.

  1. To the black radish juice obtained by any affordable way, add a small amount of sugar. Take 1 teaspoon 4-6 times a day.
  2. Wash the radish thoroughly, cut off the top and cut some of the pulp. Honey is placed in the resulting recess, leaving a place for the released juice. The top is installed in place, radish leave for several hours. The finished agent is taken on a teaspoon 3-4 times a day.
  3. Grinding black radish with a grater, squeeze juice and mix it with liquid honey in a 1: 1 ratio.
  4. Cut the radish slices, lay the layers into a suitable container, peeping each layer of sugar and leave for several hours to release juice, which is then drained into storage tank. The remedy use 1 teaspoon several times a day.
Black radish-based preparations are considered very effective with coughing buses. Black radish-based preparations are considered very effective with coughing buses.

Warming compresses

In some diseases, accompanied by cough (far from all!), Warming compresses can be used. Rules of their application:

  1. In the treatment of children, the compress for one procedure is set either on the chest, or on the back. Place of performances can be alternating every other day.
  2. Compress can not be applied to the region of heart and kidney.
  3. If a child has unpleasant sensations during the procedure, the procedure will immediately stop.
  4. If, after removing the compress, there is a strong redness of the skin, allergies or other complications, it is necessary to stop using this method and seek medical attention.

Contraindications for the use of compresses are the presence of allergies, skin diseases, elevated temperature. The method is not used to treat children of the first year of life.

  1. Potato compress . Boil the potatoes without cleaning, to smoke, add two teaspoons of any vegetable oil to the mass, shape a cake and put on the chest or on the back, then wrap the baby with a blanket. Compress keep up to cooling potatoes.
  2. Mustard and radish compress for older children (after 10 years). 50 g of dry mustard, 50 ml of radish juice, 1 tablespoon of honey, 2.5 glasses of water are mixed, soaked in a mixture with a towel, put on the body, covered with cellophane and woolen handkerchief. The procedure is carried out no more than 10 minutes. After removing the compress, the skin should be wiped dry, patient to bite the blanket.
  3. Honey compress . Wash the breast of the sick child with honey, cover with parchment and wrap the patient. The procedure is recommended for 30 minutes. After that, honey should be wired with a damp cloth, the exposure site can be lubricated by a small amount of vegetable oil.
  4. Salt solution compress . 90 g of the cooking salt is dissolved in 1 l of heated water. Cotton fabric is folded in several layers, wetted in solution, pressed and superimposed on the body. Time actions - before cooling (10-20 minutes).
  5. Compress with mustard. Mix over 1 tablespoon of mustard powder, flour, vegetable oil and honey, shape a cake, put it on the body and keep for several hours. If the patient complains about strong burning, the procedure must be stopped.
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The use of interior fat for the treatment of cough

Traditionally, items based on interior fat, which are attributed to a particularly powerful antitussive effect. Modern doctors of this opinion are not divided. Several recipes below are given for informational purposes.

  1. Ball grease Used for rubbing, and children from 12 years old are allowed to take inside 1 teaspoon per day (sometimes fat in tea or milk are added). For rubbing, you can use any other interior fat, there is no advantage from the barcurate fat.
  2. Goat Gold Used for rubbing. A mixture of equal parts of fat and honey is taken. Also use a means for the preparation of which in 1 glass of warm milk add 1 egg yolk, 1 teaspoon of goat fat and honey, a pinch of sugar. The mixture is consumed up to 3 times a day.
  3. Goose fat . One lemon is boiled in a small amount of water for 10 minutes, allow to cool, clean from the peel and squeeze juice into the decoction. 2 tablespoons of goose fat add to the liquid. The tool gives a patient 1 tablespoon before meals.
  4. Pork fat . 200 g of melted interior pork fat is mixed with the same amount of liquid honey, 100 g of butter, 2 cocoa powder with tablespoons. The tool is given to the patient 1 teaspoon 3-4 times a day, adding a mixture into a glass of warm milk.

Rubbing does not apply at elevated body temperature.

Various fat rubbing is popular with cough, but their therapeutic effect is doubtful Various fat rubbing is popular with cough, but their therapeutic effect is doubtful

Types of cough

Cough refers to the most frequent reasons for medical treatment. If the cough is not treated properly, it can disturb the patient for a long time, and the pathological process will progress. The table presents the main types of cough, depending on the duration.

In addition, depending on the presence or absence of sputum, cough can be dry or wet (wet).

Causes and risk factors

To the most common causes of cough include respiratory infections, as well as inflammatory diseases of the respiratory system (laryngitis, pharyngitis, bronchitis, pneumonia, tracheitis, etc.). Kashchal attacks can be observed in patients with bronchial asthma, tuberculosis, oncological diseases of the respiratory tract organs, cough.

The cough may be accompanied by the diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, the pathology of the thyroid gland, the cardiovascular system, melting invasion. Adolescents may have a psychosomatic cough caused by stress or strong concern.

Also, this symptom can be observed at:

  • the presence of an allergic reaction;
  • supercooling the body;
  • inhalation of cigarette smoke dusty or too dry air, chemicals;
  • Finding foreign bodies in the respiratory tract.

Little children can cough when teething, as well as when swallowing a large amount of breast milk during feeding.


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Why does the cough do not go long and what to do with it?

Why does the cough do not go long and what to do with it?

A long cough may damage for a variety of reasons, and the case in the location of the receptors that run the cough reflex. They are in the nasal and apparent sinuses, larynx, trachea, pleura, bronchi, and they can annoy them a variety of factors.

For example, external signs of rhinitis (runny nose) are absent, but inflammation of pharyngeal almond leads to a slight amount of mucus. Sometimes the structure of the nasopharynx is that in the rear wall there is a congenital deepening, where the mucus accumulates. And all this can be revealed only with endoscopy.

Dispools have a long cough often caused by adenoiditis, chronic rhinosinusitis, which can be found only from a otolaryngologist. How to treat cough in a child in this case? As a rule, it becomes much easier when washing the nasopharynx by salt solution, and in case of insufficiency, the effects are resorted to topical steroids, antihistamine, antiseptic drugs.

But respiratory diseases are not the only reason for a long cough in children. The pediatrician can clarify about the problems with the stomach and intestines due to the complaint against the cough, and will be right. With gastroesophageal reflux, throwing food into the esophagus annoys the rear wall of the throat and causes cough. In this case, regime moments are prescribed in combination with drugs for motorcycle gastrointestinal tract and enveloping mucosa means:

  • There is not a lot before bedtime and a quiet hour;
  • Do not wear a tight, apparent clothing, belt;
  • Do not mess, do not jump and do not run half an hour after eating, do not go to bed right after lunch or dinner;
  • Use in bed lifting headboard (pillows, raising mattress, frame, etc.

If the child has a wet spastic cough, which lasts 2 months, it is necessary to check the presence of an asthma component. Not in all cases, bronchial asthma is accompanied by the attacks of choking, sometimes the asthmatic component is manifested only by cough attacks. Especially in the situation, if the attack begins at contact with allergens, physical activity, the outlet of the cold, etc. Therapy is carried out according to the protocol of the treatment of bronchial asthma in children.

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Fast treatment of cough in a child at home

The baby coughs, and it is always bad. If this is not a cold or infectious disease, it is possible to eliminate this unpleasant phenomenon at home with proven ways that our grandparents have used. Parents are undoubtedly interested in how to cure cough in the child at home quickly, but it is worth warming them that it is impossible for one or two days. Anyway, you will need some time, because the components used for this must be primarily safe for children.

Causes of cough in children

The cough process is quite physiologically, since it is a protective nature, protecting the respiratory tract from the accumulation of dust particles in them, microscopic foreign objects, as well as mucus. If the child periodically coughes during the day, it does not mean a serious disease at all. Breasts in such a way are getting rid of maternal milk or saliva in such a way.

Parents are important to pay attention to whether the cough has other unpleasant symptoms, such as temperature, runny nose, headache. Sometimes even the lack of heat at the child does not give a guarantee that the cough is not a sign of some violations of the body's work.

It can be:

  • pneumonia;
  • bronchial asthma;
  • Inflammatory trachea process and other respiratory diseases;
  • Respiratory diseases;
  • disorders of digestive organs;
  • The reaction to allergens of vegetable, animal origin, chemicals, if the child takes some medicines.

In all listed cases, it is usually observed, a wet cough, the symptoms of which is the quality of sputum. It is this biological substance that may indicate the origin of cough:

  • If it is water, almost transparent, it speaks of inflammation of the mucous tissues of respiratory channels;
  • When there are bloody impurities in it, most likely, in the presence of tuberculosis or functional heart failure;
  • When the sputum has a grinding smell and contains a pus, this is an indicator of abscess.
  • with asthma and inflammation of the bronchi - the sputum is heterogeneous, viscous, containing bunches and lumps;
  • When the sputum has a grinding smell and contains a pus, this is an indicator of abscess.

Dry cough may occur with diseases such as diphtheria, false croup, flu, inflammation of pharynx and larynx, cough. Usually he is a folding, resembling a dog.

Such a cough of the child does not pass, but can develop, while the larynx swells and the baby becomes hard to breathe. Children, starting with breast age and up to five years, often suffer from such a kind of cough with false croup. This disease can not be treated at home - it is better to immediately contact the doctor.

Causes of cough in children

In some cases, even the lack of heat at the child does not guarantee that the cough is not a sign of some violations of the body's work.

When a child needs medical care

Even with the discharge of sputum, with a wet cough, self-treatment can aggravate the health of the child.

Parents need to know in what cases it is impossible to do without a doctor:

  • If after coughing the child begins the attack of vomiting;
  • If there is a cough in a dream and such attacks can not be stopped;
  • In addition to the fact that the baby coughs, sies and wheezing are heard when breathing;
  • pain in the breast of the child against the background of cough - a dangerous combination;
  • The sputum has a greenish tint or in it the presence of blood;
  • kid develops shortness of breath;
  • Cough remains for a long time (15-20 days) with intensive treatment.

As for such a phenomenon, as a cough after sleep, occurring in the morning, then in infants it is a natural effect to get rid of mucus, tears, but in other cases the prerequisites for it may be the diseases of the nasopharynk, bronchial asthma, violation of the gastric gatellite, allergic The response of the body to stimuli.

Cough often becomes a residual symptom of the suffering diseases, however, when you ignore this pathology, different options for complications are possible. That is why it is important for any infectious and colds to seek to see the doctor, especially when it concerns children, the immune system of which is not perfect.

However, quite often, the kid simply flies away from the unnecessary in his lungs "garbage" or this phenomenon remained after the suffered laryngitis. How to cure cough in the child at home fast, and with what funds that will be harmless to him?

There are several such treatment methods and all of them worthy of parents' attention, as to act, preferably comprehensively.

Medical assistance to the child

It is important for any infectious and colds to seek to Dr., especially when it concerns children.

How to cure cough in a child at home fast

When the child has a cough attack, parents can help him cope with this trouble, and sometimes prevent his offensive. There are several methods how to quickly get rid of cough at home.

To do this, you can take some useful actions:

  • The air in the nursery should not be too dry, since insufficient humidity becomes the cause of cough, for this you can put in the angle of the room a three-liter jar with water or buy a special fountain;
  • When placing into the bed, it is necessary to ensure that the upper part of the baby's body is on some elevation, compared to the legs - so the child will be easier to breathe.

The baby with a cough must be put on her knees down the face and make a lightweight backrest, warm up and carefully tapping. Sometimes it is enough to cause a vomiting instinct, touched a spoon to the inner wall of the throat - so the attack will be suspended.

Many do not know than to treat cough in a child. Different procedures and folk remedies are suitable for these purposes.

These can be compresses, inhalation and wraps.

  1. Inhalation is convenient to spend at home, and this method is extremely simple - a child inhales a couple over a hot water basic, in which plants, medicinal herbs, special means prescribed by the doctor can be added.
  2. To warm the nasopharynk, such herbs like linden with souls, chamomile and sage, or eucalyptus with menthol and calendula.
  3. A simple way is to mix a few drops of a tincture of iodine in hot water and a spoonful of soda - the recipe is suitable for wet wet and significantly makes it easier for the baby's breath.

But Mamam and Dads need to know - this procedure should not be carried out if the baby has a high temperature, heart disease and vessels, allergies on the grass or ether. You can also not use this method to children who have a tendency to bleeding or suspected bronchitis.

For infants, it is used with a pelling or a towel, pre-dipped in a diluted mustard. The solution must be squeezed, and wrap the fabric to wrap the breast and the back of the baby. Then you need to bite the baby with a warm blanket or blanket. The whole procedure takes about four minutes, after which the mustard was washed off with the skin, wipe dry, and the child is laid in bed. Children of preschool and older age you can simply put the mustard pieces on top of the gauze to prevent burns.

As a compression, potatoes cooked in uniform, sophisticated to a puree and mixed with turpentine, alcohol and any vegetable oil on one spoon on three medium potatoes, is used as a compression. Two cakes are chatted from the steep mixture and in warm form are placed on the chest and back. It is necessary to keep them at least 60 minutes.

How to cure cough in a child by folk methods:

  • From cough well helps brewed with honey chamomile or a drink prepared on the basis of heated milk with the addition of natural honey and food soda into it;
  • You can give children who were coming a year old, a mass of the dirty meat of the onion bow with honey or mixed with him a small piece of creamy oil - it softens the mucous membranes of the throat, the bow disinfects the fabrics of the pharynx, and the attacks pass quickly;
  • The same positive effect is observed if the honey is insisted on the juice of radish, placing it inside the vegetable and allowing half a day in the dark, the cooled children drink the little spoons three times a day;
  • For half an hour before each meal, children can be recommended to drink a tablespoon of a stolen plant of the plantain, fastened for five hours.

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To learn how to cure cough in a child at home quickly, does not represent difficulties, the main thing is that the baby suggested this or that means. Before dealing with such treatment, it makes sense to obtain a pediatric consultation, which is needed and useful, and from which it is better to refuse to not provoke complications.

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How to get rid of cough at home: "Folk" methods and pharmacology

Cough is different: wet and dry, acute and chronic, infectious and allergic ... But, what would be its causes and character, almost in all cases it becomes a source of discomfort. And let the cough - not a disease, but only a symptom, nevertheless you can and you need to fight. But what are the means to use to not harm yourself?

Coughs cackel

Cough - frequent symptom of respiratory diseases and not only. It happens with trachey, laryngitis, bronchitis, pneumonia, asthma, allergies, heart disease. People with nicotine addiction often occurs the so-called cough smokers. Professional harm, side effects of some medicines and even psycho-emotional factors can play a role in the emergence of a symptom. But the most common cause is ORVI and their consequences. So in the article we will talk about the cough as a manifestation of a cold.

If all other symptoms of respiratory infection - heat, sore throat, runny nose - usually pass in five to seven days, then the cough can be saved up to several weeks. Everyone knows how much anxiety he delivers. And the first question that occurs in such cases is how to quickly get rid of cough.

Pharmacies offer a large selection of cough suppression drugs. They affect the special center in the brain, the coal cough reflex. Pediatricians and therapists warned against the uncontrolled use of such drugs and explain that it is not always necessary to suppress the cough. In some cases, this may lead to dangerous consequences. [one] . To understand how to get rid of the cough an adult and a child, without causing harm to the body, you need to deal with the reasons and the mechanism of this phenomenon.

Cough is a reflex, an involuntary response when irritating the respiratory tract. It performs a protective function. Inflammation of the respiratory organs against the background of ARVI leads to overpressure of mucus. It annoys cough receptors located all over the respiratory tract from the nasopharynx to the bronchi. The nerve impulses from receptors come to the brain, which transfers the muscles of the larynx and the abdominal wall to shrink. As a result of a cough act from respiratory tract, a powerful air flow along with annoying agents is pushed. The same thing happens when the foreign bodies hit, only a mucus appears in the role of an irritant, and dust, allergens, food particles, and so on.

Thus, in terms of physiology, cough is a necessary mechanism designed to purify the respiratory tract. It can be imagined what happens if the body will lose this ability: mucus and sputum will accumulate and stagnate in bronchi, creating a nutrient medium for harmful bacteria. In such cases, pneumonia is inevitable. It is so often that people, without consulting a doctor, take antitussive drugs with ORVI: due to the impossibility of effective wet sputum arise complications.

So it is not necessary to treat cough? Not certainly in that way. It is impossible to suppress the cough reflex - this is permissible only in cases where the cough is unproductive and is physiologically useless (for example, with cough), and only by appointing a doctor. With a common cold when a large amount of mucus is formed in the respiratory tract, it is necessary to ensure its elimination.

It should be taken into account the character of cough. He is known to happen dry и moist . Tactics of treatment depends on it. Dry (unproductive) cough appears at the beginning of the disease. At this stage, the respiratory tract is already annoyed, but the mucus is still not enough to eliminate. An ill-rise painful cough causes a mass of suffering from the patient and, moreover, it can cause complications - the hip-hoarseness, Larygitis, tracheitis. The main task is to facilitate the patient's condition and achieve wetting of sputum.

With the natural development of the process, the amount of mucus formed is gradually increasing, and the dry cough after a few days goes into wet (productive). The goal of therapy is to reduce the viscosity of sputum and facilitate its lead.

On a note Therapists classify cough depending on its duration. The acute nature of the process is spoken in the case when it lasts less than three weeks. It is such a picture that is observed with influenza and other ORVI. Cough, ongoing from three to eight weeks, is considered subacute. This is not a rarity after a transferred viral infection. Finally, if the cough continues more than eight weeks, it is customary to talk about chronic flow. In such cases, you need deep diagnostics to find the cause.

Types of cough

How to get rid of cough

Respiratory diseases are widespread, so the cough problem is quite relevant. Medicine has developed various ways to combat this unpleasant symptom. However, many pharmacological drugs have side effects, and patients with ORVI are in no hurry to resort to the help of medicines, and refer to "verified" homemade recipes. Some of them can really affect, others are useless. As for drugs, then among them there are quite safe. So, consider how you can get rid of cough folk methods and what funds offer official medicine.

Homemade recipes

People's methods of treatment of cough are used for a long time. It is believed that they contribute to the wet wet and its removal from the respiratory tract. The effectiveness of the following methods is tested by time, but not confirmed by official science. Apply them or not - the personal cause of each patient. Harm from home resources will probably won't - but only if the cough is caused by an ordinary cold, and not more serious.

Distracting procedures

This conditional term is called mustard pieces, rubbing, hot tubs for legs, banks and similar ways. With all the diversity of distracting procedures, they have a similar principle of operation. It is about exposure to reflexogenic zones, which occurs at a temperature or chemical skin irritation.

The most popular distracting procedures for cough:

  • Mustard pieces . They are imposed on the back and chest, avoiding the projections of the spine and heart, and keep the appearance of a distinct burning.
  • Warming compress. The gauze is wetted in a solution of alcohol, put on the chest, an insulating layer of polyethylene is placed on top, and then warm tissue.
  • Rubbing . Any substances with local irritating effects are used: camphor, turpentine ointment, various oils (fir, eucalyptus, mint).

Distracting procedures are contraindicated to children up to a year, as well as with any infections, lesions of the skin. It is impossible to use them in the acute phase of the disease, when a high temperature is kept.


Many medicinal plants contain components to help ignite and remove sputum, anti-inflammatory substances. Most often, with cough, the roots of Aira Bolotnaya, ninexille of high, altea, licorice, plantain leaves, and machem leaves, the grass, mint, mint, mint, mint, mint, mint, mint, mint, mint, mint, mint, mint, mint, mint, mint-mint grass. Vegetable raw materials are used to prepare info and decoction - individually or in charges.

Attention! Despite the fact that herbalism is considered a harmless way to get rid of cough, one cannot forget about the probability of allergies - especially those who are predisposed. Homemade phytotherapy products, in contrast to pharmacy drugs, do not pass clinical trials, and therefore their effects are both basic and side - unpredictable.

Mixes and medicines

Folk medicine knows many homemade recipes from cough based on products that are usually attributed to the healing properties. For example, for example, honey, onions, garlic, ginger, black radish, aloe are believed to have a beneficial effect on respiratory organs. From these products prepare mixtures for intake. Widespread, for example, such a drug like honey with aloe juice or black radish.

Medicinal products

The fastest way to get rid of cough is the reception of drugs. They are diverse in composition, mechanism of action, indications (dry or wet cough), formations of release. The potent pharmaceuticals are permissible to apply only for the prescription of the therapist. For independent treatments, you can use syrups and tablets with soft expectorant and musolitic (thinning wet) by action.


This dosage form is very popular both in the treatment of adults and in pediatrics. Syrups have a pleasant taste, and children will be eagerly accepted. In the composition of the tools may be natural, and chemical components. With an uncomplicated cough against the backdrop of a cold, it is better to give preference to plant syrup. Their natural composition guarantees the minimum of side effects, and the active substances of medicinal plants provide a pronounced expectorant and musolitic effect.

In contrast to folk phytotherapeutic agents, pharmacy syrups are made on the basis of standardized plant extracts. This means that the dosage of the components is strictly adjusted, and the effect is predictable.

Vegetable syrups are single and multicomponent. The first contains only one extract and help either during dry, or with a wet cough. The second are produced from several types of medicinal plants. Due to the multicomponent composition, an integrated effect is achieved: such funds are often universal, they can be used in both types of cough.


The means from cough in the form of tablets are usually applied, as a rule, for adults only. Usually they contain chemical components with bronchhalytic, mercolytic, expectorant, anti-inflammatory effect.

Drugs from cough

With the "cold" cough in adults and especially in children it is important to choose a working, but at the same time safe means with a minimum number of side effects. Home methods can help, but their therapeutic effect is not proven. To get rid of cough quickly, it is better to take drugs, among which the leading positions on the ratio of efficiency and safety occupy plant syrups with multicomponent composition.

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Published: October 8, 2019

The manifestation of a permanent cough is a pathological phenomenon that suggests that the inflammatory process is in full swing in the respiratory tract.

Dry cough - One of the obvious signs of respiratory infection in children. Usually such a cough is developing on 1-2 day after infection. With proper treatment, after 3-5 days, it turns into wet, which disappears 1-2 weeks after the start of the disease. But what to do if a child does not pass cough for a long time? We tell why the disease is delayed and how to defeat it.

To avoid the flow of this unpleasant process in a hard form - it is very important to immediately begin special medicinal therapy. What are the main aspects of the treatment of dry cough?

It is not necessary to independently take on the diagnosis of your child - it is better to apply for this to a doctor who will make it more professionally and accurately.

What to treat a dry cough in children - this question often ask parents to pediatricians. Indeed, this problem often becomes especially acute, since a strong dry cough without wetting is not just annoying a child, prevents him from sleeping normally, but also the reason for the development of more serious consequences - injury to the mucous membrane of the larynx and joining the system of infection.

Types of dry cough

  1. Usual. A characteristic symptom of acute respiratory viral infection. Manifests itself several times a day. Promotes the purification of the upper respiratory tract. Does not cause pain.
  2. Unproductive. Long-term exhausting cough. Delivers painful sensations throughout the day. May be disturbed at night. Strongly straining respiratory muscles. Accompanied by pain in the chest, tearing and increased fatigue. With an unproductive cough, the sputum is not separated.
  3. Barking. It is found in the complications of ARVI and extensive inflammation of the respiratory tract. Reflex leads to shortness of breath and wheezing. The child cannot breathe normally. Characterized for laryngitis and tracheitis.
  4. Chronic. Lasts for a month without a break. Worried about three times a year. Usually arises after waking, nervous voltage and physical exertion.
Dry cough treatment in children

How is dry cough manifest?

As a rule, dry cough is manifested in the form of continuous attacks. At first, the child feels some sore throat, as if something is there and annoying the mucous membrane. To get rid of this feeling, the baby is trying to fade. However, these attempts lead only to the deterioration of the condition and the aggravation of the attack. The stronger the child begins to flick, the more the mucous membrane of the larynx is damaged, respectively, the urges are increasing towards coughing. In such a situation, attacks can last a few minutes, sometimes a strong dry cough ends with a complete gentle of the baby, the difficulty of breathing, vomiting, loss of consciousness. In order to prevent such states and prevent a strong dry cough in a child, treatment should begin with the appearance of the first symptoms of the disease.

How to recognize a dry cough in a child?

Many parents believe that the cough in children is dry when it is not accompanied by the disorder of sputum of bronchi or lungs. In fact this is not true. The discharge of sputum can be difficult for various reasons. For example, due to the high viscosity of the secret, due to the insufficient development of the lungs, when the kid is simply unable to pull the sputum, due to the fact that the secret is just beginning to accumulate and its number is not enough to die. All these signs indicate not on a dry cough, but on wet, with the exception that it is not yet productive enough.

Before you treat a dry cough in children, you need to figure out, for what features you can reveal this type. It is possible to determine the presence of a disease in a child according to the following symptoms:

  1. Cough attacks are long, while after the coupling the state of the baby is not facilitated, but only aggravated. This is due to the fact that in attempts to pump off the mucosa, the larynx is injured and is even more damaged, provoking a new wave of irritation in the throat and a new desire to pump out. For this reason, attacks can go one by one.
  2. Dry cough is accompanied by a rather ringing, rolling sound. Often, doctors identify this sound with the "Lace" of the dog (barking cough).
  3. The dry cough is formed initially in the region of the larynx, while the wet goes from the depths of the bronchi and the lungs, from somewhere from the inside. Accordingly, dry cough is superficial, does not require deep breath.

Regardless of the type of cough in a child, it is not worth making independent decisions. Only a doctor on the basis of data on the patient's health status and its individual characteristics should be prescribed medicinal therapy. Therefore, in order to prevent complications and stop dry irritating cough in a child, contact your pediatrician.

Dry cough treatment in children

Why does dry cough appear in children?

As a rule, dry cough in children does not appear in itself. In most cases, it becomes a "satellite" of a variety of diseases. So, he may appear as a result of the development of acute respiratory viral infection (ARVI).

When ORVI, dry cough appears at the initial stage of the disease. This is explained by the fact that viruses fall into our body through the mucous surfaces of the nose and larynx. This leads to inflammation of the mucous membrane, the occurrence of local edema and to irritation. All this provokes the occurrence of dry cough.

Also, a dry cough may be accompanied by a variety of infections of the upper and lower respiratory tract:

  • laryngitis;
  • pharyngitis;
  • tracheitis;
  • bronchitis;
  • pneumonia;
  • bronchial asthma.

All the diseases described require a different approach to treatment, so with a strong dry cough, the child should immediately consult a doctor to select proper therapy.

Dry cough treatment in children

Dry cough treatment in children: general rules and recommendations

It is advisable to adhere to the general rules for the treatment of a dry irritant cough in a child:

  • Treat not just a symptom, but the cause of the disease. Accordingly, it is necessary to pick up a complex of drugs to eliminate ARVI, or other infections that caused cough, and strengthen the immunity as a whole.
  • Select the appropriate form of drugs. When it comes to small children, they should not give pills covered with film shell, or soluble in the stomach capsules. Baby will be difficult to swallow them. Therefore, choosing than to treat dry cough in children from birth to 3-5 years, give preference to liquid forms: sprays, drops, syrup, solutions for inhalations.
  • Always read the instructions for the use of the preparation used for the treatment. This will be easier to avoid side effects, allergies and other unpleasant consequences.
  • Do not combine drugs from dry and wet cough. The data is based on the symptoms of various mechanisms, respectively, they need to be treated with different drugs.
  • Provide the baby maximum peace and comfort. Do not require an absolute obedience from the baby in such a difficult period for him. If the child refuses to do something, you do not need to scold him for it and punish it. Provide a bed mode, do not force him to eat if he does not want it, do not try to attract it to games without his desire. The calmer will be the baby, the smaller the probability of the occurrence of prolonged cough attacks.

Of course, the main role in the treatment of dry cough in children is plays correctly designated drug therapy. However, parents may additionally contribute to the early recovery of the child if they follow ordinary advice:

  1. Moisturizing air in the child's room. In the occurrence of dry cough seizures, both dry and too wet air indoors are equally dangerous - they are an additional annoying factor for larynx. To reduce the likelihood of attacks and smooth their flow, it is recommended to maintain a constant humidity in the room at the level of 60%. You can do this in different ways: to install a special device for humidifying air, place the containers with water (the same aquarium), put room flowers.
  2. Maintain a comfortable temperature. Both cold and excessively heated air indoors equally harms the nasophack mucosa. In order to prevent its injury and reduce the probability of irritation of the mucous membrane, the temperature should be maintained at the level of 19-21 degrees - this is the optimal indicator for maintaining the health of the nasophack mucosa.
  3. Regular ventilation. Viruses and bacteria are especially active in a stagnant environment. If you do not regularly avoine the room, do not provide the influx and circulation of fresh air, the cough problem can be aggravated. The mucous membrane of the baby, designed to protect it from infections, is already damaged, so it is especially vulnerable to viruses and bacteria, which may result in the development of complications.

Since the basis of a dry cough, as a rule, the development of the ARVI is based, then to relieve infection, it is recommended to limit the child's communication with other family members. In situations where it is impossible to do this, you will need to use additional personal protective equipment, such as medical masks. They need to be changed every two hours of wearing. It is also worth paying special attention to the observance of the rules of personal hygiene: Be sure to wash your hands after returning from a walk, rinse the throat and rinse the nasal passages.

Dry cough treatment in children

How to treat dry cough?

Avoid complications will help competent timely treatment. To the doctor you need to contact the first symptoms of colds. The specialist will select complex therapy, which will help you quickly defeat the infection and protect against new diseases. With a cold, influenza and ARVI, the doctor can prescribe Derinate. A modern antiviral drug has a comprehensive action.

  1. Helps the body to deal with viruses - the main cause of the disease.
  2. Supports the immune system, strengthens local and general immunity.
  3. Restores the nasopharynx mucous membrane, improves its protective and barrier properties, due to which the risk of joining the secondary infection and the development of complications, and hence the long dry cough is reduced.
  4. For the treatment of colds in children from the first day of life, they produce Derinat in the form of nasal droplets. For schoolchildren and adults - spray with a comfortable sprayer.

Read more about Derinate preparation on our website.

Keep in mind if a dry cough in a child does not pass for a long time - this may be a symptom of serious diseases:

  • bronchial asthma
  • parasitic infection,
  • pneumonia
  • Cocktle
  • tuberculosis
  • lung abscess.

In the event of a long-not passing dry cough for a child, be sure to visit the otolaryngologist and the pulmonologist. These experts survey you about the manifestation of the disease and will examine the child, after which they will put the correct diagnosis and register the necessary drug treatment.

Doctors can appoint you the following surveys:

  • chest x-ray (show the presence and course of inflammatory processes);
  • general blood test (for accurate infection);
  • Blood biochemistry;
  • bronchoscopy (only with strict indications);
  • Allergic samples (to identify is not the cause of the disease - allergies);
  • Wet analysis.

From a complete set of analyzes data - the diagnosis will be even more accurate, which will contribute to the most effective treatment.

Dry cough treatment in children

How to deal with an exhausting reflex?

Treat a dry cough with ORVI in children needed under the control of a specialist. Incorrect therapy may aggravate the situation and lead to serious complications. The doctor will examine a small patient and addate drugs that will help to cope with the painful reflex.

It is possible to facilitate the condition of the child alone. But it must be remembered that the people's methods are not replaced, and complement the conservative treatment of ARVI in children. To reduce the number of attacks and reduce pain syndrome, many refer to proven recipes.

  • Rinse. In the glass of water stirred on one tablespoon of the cooking salt and soda. The solution should be warm, not burning. Ringed the throat at least 5 times a day. The liquid flushes infectious agents with almonds, pulls toxins.
  • Inhalation. The procedure is useful not only in the nasal congestion. Steam inhalation facilitate throat pain and soften the unpleasant sensations. Prepare a solution easily. A couple of droplets of the essential oils of mint, pines, ate, eucalyptus or fir are added to the deep container with hot water. Breathe over the ferry for 10 minutes.
  • Compresses. Easy strong cough will help warming up. For the procedure, you can cook potatoes, make mashed potatoes and apply a gauze on a folded in several layers. The compress should not burn the skin. The dressing is fixed around the neck and keep up to cooling.
Dry cough treatment in children

Is the air cough aircraft permissible?

If there is no dry cough in a child for a long time, in no case cannot be engaged in self-medication. Preparations, overwhelming cough reflex, with a launched infection can lead to a lobes in lungs, edema, pneumonia.

Folk remedies and medicines that improve the debit of sputum during dry cough can increase the number of attacks. A specialist will conduct a comprehensive examination and select drugs that will eliminate the cause of the disease and will help to quickly forget about the exhausting attacks.

The dry cough occurs on the basis of the process in the mucous membrane of the larynx and the pharynx - it develops a sense of permissions and something interfering, foreign one. Impulses with inflamed mucosa in the larynx - enter the brain, it is stimulated cough. The next portion of coughing jesters is even more injured and annoying the mucous membrane. It forms a closed circle of dry cough - where the cough himself is the cause of himself.

The bouts of dry cough go one after another - and it does not bring any relief to the patient, unlike a wet cough. That is why - new and new cough attacks contribute only to the deterioration of the child's further state. In the most difficult situations, the cough is distinguished by an unpredictable and uncontrollable character: the child loses the opportunity to somehow control his coughing attacks, he does not even have time to exhale between them or pronounce the word. It greatly worsens the child's well-being.

Drug therapy should be built on integrated methods agreed with the doctor:

  • means from cough (tablets, drops, rinsing and others);
  • physiotherapy (special medical procedures);
  • inhalation (inhalation of therapeutic pair);
  • Fitotherapy (herbs treatment).

Cough preparations:

  • Kashchal reflex blockers at the generalized level are used to eliminate cough at a general level (inhibit the cough brain cough center);
  • Local receptor blockers are prescribed to facilitate dry cough (local receptor locators remove irritation of the epithelium of the respiratory tract);
  • Broncholitic agents are needed to remove bronchospasm (settling pulmonary respiration, especially necessary at bronchial asthma);
  • Mukolithics dilute the sputum (these drugs help to translate the disease in the wet cough stage);
  • Antihistamine drugs prevent allergic reactions (contribute to the locking of the production of histamine and the sensitivity of the receptors to this substance).

Applying these procedures and drugs must be solely under the supervision of the doctor.

In the event that a child has no cough for a long time - you can make it easier for him by the following actions:

  • If the dry cough does not pass for a long time, you need to eat a child more often (drinking temperature drinks soothe and soften the inflamed throat, moisturize the mucous membrane and protect it from cutting);
  • In the house you need to make a wet cleaning more often, for a while it is worth removing carpets, heavy curtains and soft toys (such items attract dust that irritates the mucous membrane of the respiratory tract);
  • Walking outdoors will make it easier for breath and strengthen the body, doctors recommend walking 1-2 times a day - if the child feels normally (while trying to avoid lively motorways: exhaust gases can provoke an attack);
  • Until full recovery, it is worth abandoning products and drinks irritating mucous membrane (under the ban - sharp spices, citrus, chocolate, useful - dairy products, viscous soups, kisins);
  • If there is no dry cough in a child for a long time, even at night, it is worth replacing the pillow to a higher, so that the child sleeps in the half-sidier position (it will make it easier for breathing and protects from sudden attacks).
Dry cough treatment in children

Treatment of dry cough in a child by folk methods

For the treatment of dry cough in children, folk recipes can have certain assistance. Nevertheless, it is impossible to fully rely on non-traditional medicine, such treatments should be applied as additional to the main drug therapy appointed by the pediatrician.

Why can a child have a long cough for a long time?

Doesn't the dry cough come for a long time? Most often, the reason is the complications of colds: pharyngitis, tracheitis, bronchitis. The virus infection is joined by bacterial, the disease from the nasopharynx "descends" into the lower respiratory tract.

An important stage of diagnosis that can help identify the type of cough is the definition of the place where it goes from. Wet cough, in which the sputum is separated - in most cases, it is distributed from the chest, from its very depth. Dry cough (which is quite often flowing into wet) - arises in the larynx. But the danger of dry cough just lies in the fact that with the further development of the disease, it can come down below, in bronchi and lungs. After that there is a risk of more serious diseases - such as bronchial asthma and lung inflammation.

Dry cough with pharyngitis

Pharyngitis - This is an inflammatory process that is localized in the field of pharynx and soft sky. The most common cause of the disease is too long to find a child indoors, where very dry air, inhalation of too hot or cold air, eating extreme temperatures. The second probable cause can be a contact with infection. Phargite is manifested as a dry cough, mixed with an end in the throat. Cough attacks are enhanced in the morning and evenings. Possible small selection of transparent sputums from the throat. The throat pain is developing, mixed with discomfort from the feeling that there is something foreign, interfering. It is also sometimes developing a runny nose. If the child has no cough for a long time - there is always the likelihood that it is Parrygit.

Dry cough with trachek

Tracheitis - This is the defeat of the mucous membrane of the trachea, which is infectious. Also, the cause of this disease can be the interaction of the child with too wet, cold air and water vapor. The manifestations of the tracheite are in many ways similar to the manifestations of pharyngitis: a sick child also appears dry cough with a throat, which is activated in the evening and night. Also, strong attacks of such cough are possible in the morning, at the time of the awakening of the patient - in view of a viscous abundant sputum formed in his throat for the night.

Dry cough with bronchitis

Bronchitis - This is inflammation of the structures of the bronchial tree. Bronchitis occurs both on the basis of infectious damage to the organism and on the basis of allergic manifestations. In cases, if a dry cough is not held for a long time, you will definitely pay attention to this that its condition has not passed into chronic bronchitis. The causes of this disease are the supercooling of the body and the long interaction of the patient with dry air. In addition, infection is possible through contact with the carrier of this infection. The main risk of bronchitis is that the disease can be descended in nature - and go deeper into the trachea in bronchi and lungs. In order for the disease not to move into a heavy chronic form - it is very important to start a child's drug treatment on time, as well as to isolate it from contact with a harmful habitat, too dry air and cold indoors will interfere with the process of cure.

Dry coughing for ORVI and flu

ARVI - This is generalizing the name of a number of colds. ORVI can often be determined by three main symptoms. The disease begins with an infrequent dry cough. Then high temperature rises, headaches begin, the general state of weakness and breakdown occurs.

Flu - This is a variety of ARVI. This disease may be accompanied by the fact that a long cough has a dry cough for a long time and the sputum is almost not distinguished. A child appears nausea and an increase in temperature to extremely high values, headaches are developing, the throat is beginning to hurt and a feeling of dryness in the nasopharynk appears.

Dry cough treatment in children

We give a few simple and affordable tips for parents.

Moisturizing and softening the throat of a child.

Since dry cough occurs as a result of irritation of the nasopharynx, it is recommended to use a variety of ways to mitigate and moisturizing the mucous membrane. This can help traditional warm drinks with adding honey, heated milk. But fruit juices and horses containing a large amount of acid, better avoid - they can perform an additional annoying factor for larynx.

Inhalation using natural essential oils.

To resort to this method only under the condition that the baby has no allergies on the oil and related diseases. As active components, essential oils with anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties can be used, for example, eucalyptus, peppermint, cedar, pine, rosemary and others.

Rubbing and compresses.

A sufficiently good effect in the treatment of dry cough in a child has a trituration of a barzuccia or goose fat. They warmly warm, possess anti-inflammatory property. You can also use the compress from boiled and crushed in potato mashed potatoes - it is turned around in several layers of dense natural fabric and applied to the chest.

Infusions and syrups from natural herbs, berries, roots.

One of the universal folk recipes for the treatment of dry cough is radish juice with honey. Cooking such a "medicine" can be different ways: grate black radish on a shallow grater, squeeze juice and mix it with an equal amount of liquid honey; The second way: with the help of a knife or spoon, make a deepening and pour honey back in the radish, let it stand for several hours. In both cases, the obtained tincture is recommended to give children on a teaspoon twice a day.

Treatment of severe dry cough in a child by pharmaceutical drugs

As the main drugs that are prescribed to small children for the treatment of dry cough, two groups of funds are distinguished:

  • Anti-tech - they are written out to reduce the number of cough attacks. They contain a substance that affects the cough centers in the Baby's brain, thereby suppressing the attacks and reducing their intensity.
  • Combined - such drugs are directed not only to reduce dry cough, but also have an additional anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effect.

If the cough is wet, but at the same time the sputum is difficult to separate, or it is too viscous, doctors prescribe special syrups based on altea, licorice and other plants.

In addition to treat the mucous membrane and facilitating the symptoms of dry cough, it is possible to carry home inhalation sessions using a variety of solutions. Such procedures are able to remove the edema of the mucous membrane, moisturize it, heal and improve breathing.

When prescribing medicinal therapy, many doctors recommend using spray or droplets of Derinate. This drug is used to prevent and treat influenza and ARVI, but at the same time it has a multidirectional action. Including struggling with viruses and strengthens and restores the nasophack mucosa, which can help reduce the number of dry cough attacks and eliminating irritation in the throat.

Recommendations for receiving, treatment schemes and all related information can be found in the instructions for the drug.

Pharmacy preparations to help mom

The doctor may advise to treat a dry cough with ORVI in children in sprays or droplets of Derinat. The tool struggles with the cause of an unpleasant symptom at once in several directions:

  • has antiviral action,
  • strengthens cellular and humoral immunity,
  • Restores the mucous membrane, closes the "entrance gate" for infection, reduces the risk of developing complications.

Before use, consult your doctor. It is necessary to carefully treat the health of your children and in your home will always shine the sun!

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Cough in children most often appears against the background of the development of the inflammatory process. Ignoring such a symptom can cause serious consequences, including the aggravation of the course of the disease and the spread of the pathological process to neighboring tissues.

That is why when coughing appears, a child needs to begin treatment. But at the same time it must be remembered that it is necessary to apply the recipes of traditional medicine only in a complex with drugs and after consulting a doctor.

Why arises cough?

Cough is one of the symptoms of respiratory diseases.

Cough is one of the symptoms of respiratory diseases.

Children most often cough appears against the background of a cold illness. At the same time, it is accompanied by a number of other signs.

These include:

But the cough has many reasons, depending on which it has its own characteristics. Provoke the appearance of an unpleasant symptom can:

  1. Allergic reaction. The cough is more often dry and appears after contact with an allergen.
  2. Bronchi spasm. There is no wet.
  3. Tuberculosis.
  4. Foreign body in respiratory organs.
  5. Infectious diseases.
  6. Diseases of the respiratory system.
  7. Inflammatory diseases that in the absence of therapy lead to the development of lung inflammation, meningitis.

Before starting treatment with the help of recipes of traditional medicine, the reason for the appearance of an unpleasant symptom should be established.

Inhalation: Rules and recipes

Inhalations are used for a long time in medicine. Previously, the procedure was carried out with the help of potato decoction, breathing above the pan. Today in pharmacies you can purchase special nebulizers and solutions for them.

Inhalation will help to cure cough faster!

Inhalation will help to cure cough faster!

There are many recipes for the preparation of solutions for inhalation at home. The most effective means to help cure dry and wet cough are:

  • Salt or soda. For cooking you need to dissolve a teaspoon of soda or soda in 500 ml of warm water.
  • Oil. They can be purchased in pharmacies. For the procedure, mint, peach, eucalyptus, or anise is suitable. They are also dissolved in 500 ml of warm water in an amount of 10 drops.

But the procedure for incorrect execution can only harm. Inhalation to have a positive effect, the following rules should be followed:

  1. Conduct a procedure hour after meals and physical exertion.
  2. Do not perform inhalation if a child has elevated body temperature or other contraindications.
  3. Above the dosages of drugs and the amount of ingredients in the preparation of the solution for inhalations on their own.
  4. It is necessary to carry out the procedure no more than 2 times a day for 3-4 minutes.
  5. Over the hour after inhalation, it is not recommended to go out into the street, talk, eat and drink.
  6. Clothes should not shove movements.
  7. The procedure needs to sit freely.
  8. Before inhalation you need to wash your hands with the use of antibacterial soap.
  9. When using special devices, all parts are treated with antiseptic solution.

Inhalation contribute to the softening of sputum. Due to the effects of drugs or solutions, its elimination is facilitated. This method of treating cough in a child helps speed up the process of recovery and avoid developing serious consequences.

Cough compresses

At elevated body temperature, put warming compresses forbidden!

At elevated body temperature, put warming compresses forbidden!

In order to relieve an unpleasant symptom, children are recommended to use compresses. Folk medicine knows several compressive recipes for compresses. They impregnate gauze, then applied on the back or chest area, and then wrapped with cellophane. Next are covered with warm tissue. They can be done overnight or conducts the procedure only before bedtime.

The most effective recipes are:

  • Dry mustard, honey, flour, oil, vodka. All components are mixed in equal proportions. Apply on the throat for several days.
  • Honey, vodka and sunflower oil. Ingredients in the amount of 1 tablespoon are mixed and warmed up in a water bath. The compress is applied to the area between the blades.
  • Boiled potatoes in uniform and oil. Components are mixed and applied to the chest.
  • "Dimeksid". It should be pre-made warm water in proportion 1: 3. Then warm and apply 40 minutes to the heart area. The method is not suitable for the treatment of cough in children under the age of 12.
  • Vodka or saline solution. Wash the napkin and impose on the chest area. Cleaning preload should be lubricated with children's cream.

Before applying mixtures for compresses should be verified in the absence of contraindications. The procedure categorically cannot be carried out in cases of high temperature in a child and an allergic reaction to components. It is also recommended to consult with your doctor who will prompt the best method of compresses depending on the type of disease, testimony and condition of the child.

The best recipes

Black radish with honey - efficient means of cough

Black radish with honey - efficient means of cough

Use folk treatment methods should be used depending on the nature of the cough. If it is accompanied by the release of sputum, then the following recipes can be applied to improve it:

  • Black radish. It must be pre-wash and cut about two centimeters from the top. With the help of a spoon, make a recess 2-3 cm and fill in high honey or sugar sand. Then cover the upper part and leave for four hours, after which syrup will turn out. It must be taken three times a day on a teaspoon.
  • Milk and honey. A glass of milk must be preheated, add 1 teaspoon of honey. Mix everything thoroughly and drink twice a day in small sips.
  • Black currant. It helps to raise immunity and contributes to the relief of wetting. For the preparation of the solution you need to place berries and pour the glass of boiling water. Insist about half an hour. Take half a cup 4 times a day.
  • Fig. Fresh fruits need to be rejected in milk. The resulting decoction to take on a half package twice a day.

In order to improve the condition with a dry cough, you can use the following recipes:

  1. Bananas. Two bananas need to be cleaned and rented to a porridge state. Then pour hot water with hot water and insist on a water bath for 10 minutes. Take 2 tablespoons twice a day.
  2. Carrot juice. 50 ml of juice is mixed with an equal amount of boiled milk, add a teaspoon of honey. The resulting mixture is insteaded for four hours and consumed in warm form.
  3. Wheat broth broth. For cooking, a glass of bran is required, one and a half liters of water. The ingredients are mixed, add a small amount of burnt sugar. All decoction needs to drink throughout the day.

More folk recipes from cough can be found from the video:

To get rid of cough in newborns, the following recipes can be applied:

  • Rho rosehip. You can give children from 4 months. For cooking you need to pre-grind dried fruits and in the amount of teaspoon add boiling water into a glass. Insist for 20 minutes, and then strain. Giving a baby on a small spoon every hour.
  • Altea root. An excellent tool that comes up with children from six months. A teaspoon of the root needs to be divorced in a glass of warm water. Capacity cover with a towel and give three times a day on a teaspoon.
  • Little children can be given infusion based on chamomile. It will help relieve inflammation and facilitate the detection of sputum. For cooking you need to pour a spoon of flower plants with a glass of boiling water. Insist for half an hour. Giving a child every two hours on a teaspoon.

In some cases, the components of many recipes, especially honey, can cause an allergic reaction. In this case, it is necessary to cancel the use of infusion and, if necessary, to contact a specialist.

When should I contact a doctor?

Cough does not pass for a long time? - Need a doctor!

Cough does not pass for a long time? - Need a doctor!

Cough can appear for various reasons. If it is not intense and is not accompanied by a complex of symptoms, it can be treated at home independently.

To consult a doctor is necessary in the following cases:

  1. Increased body temperature, which, after the use of antipyretic drugs, is not reduced or held for more than three days.
  2. Weakness and ailments of the child.
  3. Difficult breathing.
  4. The presence of rashes on the skin.

All symptoms are talking about the presence of a serious disease, for the treatment of which often requires the use of antibacterial agents and the use of other methods of therapy.

Cough in children can be treated with folk methods only in cases where there are no contraindications, and the rest of the symptoms are not pronounced. In order not to harm the baby, you must first consult with your doctor, as well as comply with all the proportions and rules for receiving funds.


Cough, usually accompanying respiratory infections, often occurs in children of different ages. Every time the baby cough himself, because of which there are difficulties with sleep and meals, parents tend to ease his condition as soon as possible. But in many cases, drugs are not required, quite simple events - massages, full-fledged rest, rinsing throats or inhalations when coughing to facilitate the state.

Cough development

To determine the most efficient means to eliminate discomfort, it is initially necessary to determine the specific type of cough, which is worried about the baby. Actually, cough is a way of delivering the body from an excess mucus that can block the respiratory tract. The child can cough due to irritation of the respiratory tract, acute infection, allergies or bronchial asthma. Sometimes cough is a symptom of other diseases. The type of cough, which occurs at the kid, is determined by what causes it.

Causes of cough: infection, cough, allergy

There are several cough varieties, the development of which often indicates the reason provoking the irritation of the respiratory tract.

  • Dry cough. It usually arises due to virus infections or flu. It can also arise due to infections of the lower respiratory tract, such as bronchitis, is formed with bronchial asthma or allergies, can be caused by stimuli, such as a cigarette smoke.
  • Cough with reprises. It is also known as a cough cough or a "cock cry", somewhat similar to the dry cough, however, the infection has certain features. Cashchain attacks can last long after the infection has passed, any respiratory diseases worsen the symptoms for several months. The attack lasts up to 30-60 seconds, the face is blushing, a convulsive breath can occur and at the end of the episode - vomiting.
  • Moist cough. It occurs as a result of excess sputum, partially blocking respiratory tract. The wet cough usually helps to remove the excess of sputum during the coupling.
  • Cough with cereal. The croup is a complication of a viral infection, at which there is a swelling of voice ligaments with the difficulty of air passage. This leads to the characteristic "barking" cough.
  • Cough with wheezing and whistles. This type of cough occurs when the respiratory tract is eaten and narrowed, viscous sputum accumulates, for example, with bronchial asthma.

How to help kid at home?

Kazheley kazel can often be treated or, at least, control, with the help of non-drug, remedies that are at home. To facilitate discomfort, which is experiencing a kid due to cough, not always needed medicines, in many cases cough passes as the cause is eliminated. There are a number of events that can hold parents to facilitate irritation of the respiratory tract and eliminate cough.

Massage of chest

Common or special massage helps the baby feel better. It stimulates the body for self-healing. There is a special cough massage that helps in the removal of sputum, cleaning the respiratory tract and relief breathing. It is usually used in a wet cough to stimulate the detection of sputum, improve the pulmonary ventilation. Conducting the massage of the back and chest improves blood circulation and activates the immune system to combat infection, so it can be used at dry cough. It is important to know that the massage is not carried out if the baby is fever or he does not like what parents do, he resists or crying.

Rest and bedding

The body is restored faster when the kid receives enough rest, and energy is not spent on physical activity. If a child has a permanent cough, you need to stay at home and relax during a couple of days. Stress from school classes, rides to school and any allergens on the street can aggravate cough. In addition, since when coughing, the baby spreads microbes or viruses, home treatment is useful to avoid transmission of infection to other children. In the acute period, bedding and sleep is shown, as the condition improves, you can involve a child in quiet classes, such as drawing or reading, let him play his favorite video game.

Inhalation when coughing

If the child has a hole in the throat in combination with the nose and breathing paths, you can use inhalation when coughing. Cool wet air helps to ignite thick mucus in the respiratory tract and stimulates her lead. In addition, inhalation with cough remove dryness and irritation in the upper respiratory tract. Many parents acquire ultrasound inhalers or nebulizers to carry out inhalation when coughing, they are the safest. It is worth refraining from steam inhalations when coughing is the danger of burning burns and deterioration. If there is no inhaler, you can turn on the hot water in the shower and leave it for a couple of minutes with a closed door. This will fill the room by the ferry, which you need to make a child for 10-15 minutes.


Dry and very warm air in closed rooms can strongly dry the mucous membranes, which leads to the release of a viscous, difficult to flip mucus. Sometimes severe dry air also provokes a cough due to drying out the pharynx. The use of a humidifier of the air, of course, does not treat cough, but it can make it easier to ease him. In addition, it is an effective way to avoid kazle kid at night, especially if he partly breathes his mouth.

The humidifier with a cool mist in the night helps to moisten the respiratory tract of the child. Morning need to thoroughly air the room to avoid excessive humidity.


The saline solution helps relieve irritation of the mucous membranes and calm the pain in the throat. A rinse with warm water, into which a teaspoon of salt for 1 l water helps to remove irritation, leading to dry cough. It is important to carry rinsing as much as possible, 4-5 times a day.

Abundant drink

Baby need to drink a lot of fluid to stay hydrated. The admission of sufficient liquid into the body will ensure the rapid removal of metabolic products and particles of viruses, bacteria. It is necessary to give the baby enough warm water for drinking, in addition, you can offer him tea, compotes, frost, strongly diluted juices. In addition to overall moisture, drinking water helps to thin the mucus and facilitates its flipping. Removal of mucus from the body reduces cough.

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Folk treatments for cough in children

Cough can begin in a child of any age. The reasons that cause it, many. Not always, parents want to give the kid pharmacy syrups from cough, since they contain a large amount of sugar, and sometimes dyes with flavors. Then the question arises about the alternative to traditional medicines. She is. Folk remedies can often cope with the problem no worse than expensive imported medicines.

Types of cough

Cough itself is not considered to be ill. This is a protective mechanism of our body, which is triggered by the head of the cough cerebral center when foreign bodies, pathogenic microorganisms fall into the respiratory tract. In the nose, in the larynx, bronchi and tracheans and even in Plegre there are many receptors that, in irritation, cause contraction of the respiratory muscles. As a result, the child begins to cough, since it is precisely that, with a holy exhalation, the body can be expelled with bacteria, viruses, etc.

Dr. Komarovsky in this issue will tell us everything about the children's cough, treatment and causes of occurrence.

Most often, the causes of the children's cough are sharp respiratory viral infections, influenza, cough. Allergic cough is quite common among children, which occurs as a symptom when inhaled allergen, as well as systemic allergies. Often, children are the cough react to pollution or excessive dry air, to toxic connections in it, to poisonous pairs and alkali.

The cough may be sharp if it started for some reason no later than 2 weeks ago, the protracted (if it lasts about a month), subacute (up to 2 months) and chronic (more than 8 weeks). In such a recurrent form, in some diseases (for example, with cough), the child's cough may continue for several months, he is amenable to greatly difficulty therapy.


Before choosing a method of therapy, parents should consult a doctor for qualified advice. For successful treatment, it is important to know what it is called. And if it is almost impossible to establish the reason for the reason at home, then determine which type of cough in a child's child is quite able to independently.

  • Dry cough. At the same time, the cough does not die in any way, so such a reflex is also called unproductive. The sputum does not leave, relief does not occur. The dry cough is quite painful and exhausting. Most often, it happens at the initial stage of the viral disease. If you treat the child incorrectly or not treated at all, the second type of cough appears - wet.
  • Moist cough . This is a productive reflex, accompanied by the formation and output of sputum. After the attack, the child is expectorated and feels noticeable relief. During cough, even without medical equipment, bouffags are heard, wheezing. Often wet cough is satellites of serious respiratory diseases.
  • Couch. Such a type is called "sealing lamin", for acoustic similarity with the cry of this animal. This reflex occurs approaches. Cough rough, dry and unproductive. The sputum is not formed and does not stand out. He may indicate the inflammation of the upper respiratory tract.

See more.

With a long cough, mom needs to pay attention to the hands of a child if his nails acquired the shape of clock glasses (lenses) and bend down, this so-called drum stick syndrome indicates a serious pulmonary disease.

If with a long cough of the mucous membrane shells of the nose pale, there is a high probability that the reflex is caused by an allergic reaction. If, on the contrary, mucous red and inflamed, it can talk about the presence of an infection of the child's body.

The unpleasant smell of mouth against the background of a long cough, it allows you to suspect the baby in the baby.

However, do the diagnosis of doctors are engaged in the diagnosis, and moms should well assimilate the other fact - dry and wet cough are treated completely differently. With the dry task of therapy - reduce the intensity of the attacks. With wet - on the contrary, stimulate the expectoration and the debit of sputum. If, with the first type of reflex to give a child musolithic preparations, the cough will only increase, and the relief will not come. It is also contraindicated with a wet cough feed a child with antitussive preparations. This can cause stagnation in bronchi and lead to pneumonia and more severe consequences.

With applied folk treatments apply the same rule. Recipes, relevant for dry or barking reflex, are absolutely not suitable for the treatment of baby with wet cough.

When can you do only to folk remedies?

Cough does not always have an indicator of respiratory organs. Sometimes this protective reflex is accompanied by ischemic heart disease, pancreatic deficiency, retardation in physical development with poor weight gain, hematopopic disease. Almost all of these diseases are satisfied dangerous and require immediate treatment, sometimes in the hospital. But the time can be missed while the parents diligently disappear by the kid with folk remedies from cough and make compresses on the chest and back.

In 40% of children of kindergartens, according to the official statistics of the Ministry of Health, during the examination for clarification of the causes of chronic cough, find small foreign bodies in the respiratory tract. They cannot be seen on the radiograph, but clearly visible according to the results of bronchoscopy.

You can have a long time to treat such crumbling tincture and inhalations, but the result will not be, moreover, the foreign body will gradually begin to cause an inflammatory process.

That is why it is so important before the treatment of any cough Show a child's child. Do not rely on your parental experience. If the doctor confirms that the baby coughs due to viruses and it is not hazardous, most likely, he himself will allow mom with dad to treat Karapus with the use of traditional medicine. Pediatricians are more than loyal to many recipes.

Effective folk remedies and methods

Egg cocktail

A glass of boiled milk needs to take a tablespoon of honey and as much cream oil. Yolk one chicken egg should be whipped with a fork and add a pinch of soda to it. All mix and eat a child several times a day. According to parents' reviews, such a recipe helps to cope with a wet cough with bronchitis and trachea. However, the presence of chicken yolk makes such a means unsuitable for use in children - allergies. The combination of honey and yolk is not recommended to children up to three years.

Pine kidney

For the preparation of such a drink, healers are recommended to boil 0.5 liters of milk and add a tablespoon of pine kidney. After the fluid is pretty imagined, it should be strain, and give a child to drink. The resulting number (about 500 g) should be given to a child in small portions during the day. This tool has an excellent softening effect, it is advised to give it with a dry cough. It should not be treated in this way of children with allergies, since pine kidneys can provoke a negative reaction.


This healthy vegetable is widely used in traditional medicine. There are recipes from cough. Two medium-sized bulbs should be cleaned from husks, cut finely, pour them with milk and cook until readiness. As soon as they become soft, the drug is removed from the fire, cozen at room temperature. When the decoction becomes warm, you can add a tablespoon of honey to it. Liquid give a child across the tablespoon every 1-2 hours (except for sleep time) for two to three days.

Lukovo-dairy decoction is recommended to give with a dry cough. Contraindications are all the same - a tendency to allergies and children up to 3 years.


Older children can use black radish, kids - green or white. The vegetable should be washed and cut off its upper part. In the pulp of radish make a deepening in which a couple of tablespoons of honey is laying. From above covered cut part of radish. The vegetable is put in a deep plate and insist several hours. When rare will give juice, it can be given to a child to drink, but in small quantities. Not more than 4 times a day 1-2 teaspoons. This method helps well with a wet cough.

Mustard Lepi.

This is an old and very effective way to treat cough, which facilitates the condition of the child, performing expectorant functions. You will need a tablespoon of mustard beans, as much honey and sunflower oil and two tablespoons of flour and vinegar (concentration of 9%). Ingredients for the exclusion of flour must be mixed and warm on the water bath, but do not bring to a boil. A flour is immediately introduced into the mixture, the dough is mixed, from which there are pellets.

On the chest baby and the back should be applied in a piece of wet gauze, top with a layer of food film. Only then there comes the queue of the resulting mustard pellets, which should be insulated from above with dry cotton and secure a warm scarf. Such a compress is left for 4-5 hours.

The cakes with mustard and honey perfectly warm the respiratory organs during dry and unproductive cough, but are contraindicated with wet, especially in the presence of pus or blood in sputum. Also, do not make warming procedures if the cough is accompanied by an increased body temperature.

Naturally, this recipe is not suitable for infants and babies up to 2 years, since the mustard, and honey - strong allergens.

Video ceiling of mustard pellets from cough you can see in the next video.


From this creek prepare a decoction, perfectly softening the inflamed throat and removing the cough intensity in the early stages of viral infections. Grains should be grid and cook in water at least 15 minutes. Such a means is hypoallergenic, it is no doubtful and caution can be given to children from 6 months to 3 years with a dry and barking cough.

Black currant

This useful and rich in vitamin from the berry will help you save the child from strong attacks of dry unproductive cough. It is necessary to squeeze the juice and add a teaspoon of honey to the juice. If there is no winter in the yard or spring, and there is no fresh currant, it makes sense to use the stocks of frozen berries, harvested in summer. It is necessary to give such a mixture on a teaspoon four times a day.


The blade Kalina perfectly helps to cope with the wet cough in the child. For this, the handful of berries is brewed in half liters of boiling water and leave to "reach" in a water bath for about a quarter of an hour. You can drink a decoction as in a pure form at a quarter of a glass three times a day, and in a mixture with honey on a tablespoon 4 times a day.


For inhalations it is better to use phytosteria. Herbs such as coltsfoot, souls are suitable for the treatment of dry unproductive and barking cough. Children after 5 years in fluid for inhalations can be added a couple of droplets of essential oil (eucalyptus, pine or fir oil).

Cedar Shishka

In the lytra of milk you need to cook one large cedar bump. The resulting milk with cedar aroma and useful essential oils, which it will take in the cooking process, should be given to a child for 2 tablespoons not more than 6 times a day. The method helps perfectly with dry cough.


This exotic fruit is now available to everyone without exception, and the medicine from it is delicious and pleasant. Two large banana should be wiped through a sieve, the resulting cleaner is good to peck in 300 grams of water. Add some sugar and give a child to drink in warm form. This method helps to avoid wet sputum during a protracted wet cough. It can be used in the treatment of children from year.


In a plate of warm water, you need to dissolve a tablespoon of the usual table salt. Mocked the pieces of wool fabric and make the compress with them on the chest baby for the whole night. This is a means with a pronounced expectorant effect.


This useful plant is recommended to rub with a dry cough, but not in a chest, but in the heel of the child. For the preparation of ointments take the head of garlic, the cloves are cleaned, wipe and mix garlic mass with any fat or oil. The remedy must be rubbed into the heels before bed. After the procedure, the child needs to wear socks (but not woolen) and leave until the morning.

Ball grease

Rubber breasts, back, heels and palm of the child with a strong cough this means can even at heart age. The main thing is to remember that the procedure is forbidden to conduct if the crumbs have increased the temperature, otherwise heat exchange can be disturbed and the heating will begin - the state is very dangerous, especially for newborns and infants.

Drainage massage

Drainage massage is an excellent auxiliary procedure, both with traditional cough treatments and with the treatment of folk remedies. To facilitate the extinguishing of sputum with bronchitis, bronchovetry, bronchopneumonia, you should put a child to your knees face down. His head should be below priests. The tips of the finger are easy to come on the back, and then sharply put the baby and ask to dance. After that, the procedure is repeated several times.

Breast child should not put his knees, it is enough to take it several times a day and gently pat on the back of the palm. This will also help the discharge of sputum.

In addition to these recipes, the cough is perfectly helped by means based on Anis and Sage, plantain and licorice, Altea and Cabbar.

How to make a massage in the treatment of bronchitis, see Dr. Komarovsky.


  • Folk recipes, which are based on milk, chicken eggs and honey, are not suitable for children who suffer Atopic dermatitis (or as it is also called mothers, diathesis).
  • A child who has Allergy to medical And beekeeping products, this product in folk recipes can be replaced with sugar.
  • Do not forget that when treating cough at home, it is important Comply with the requirements for air temperature and humidity in the apartment. Too dry air will prevent the discharge of sputum, as the bronchial secret can disar. Too wet air can aggravate the position and promote the spread of infection. The optimal parameters are as follows: The air temperature is not more than 18-20 degrees, humidity - 50-70-%.
  • In the house where the child is with a cough is required twice a day do wet cleaning, venting the room in any season.
  • For inhalation, it is advisable to use an inhaler or a special device - nebulizer. Of course, it is possible to breathe boiled potatoes in the old way, above a basin or a saucepan under a blanket with a head, but doctors warn from such a "treatment". Hot couples can cause nagging of the mucous membranes of nasopharynx, larynx, bronchi and lungs. And this is a completely different story that will require a long medication treatment in a hospital.
  • With home treatment, do not lay a child in bed and Do not prohibit it to actively move, play. Movement increases the number of breaths and exhalations, it contributes to a more rapid disorder of the sputum and normalization of the condition of the carappusion.
  • Do not forget about abundant heat drinking. Tea, roshinka decoction, compote from dried fruits are drinks that need to be given as much as possible in order to avoid drying the bronchial secret and the emergence of complications. Do not give carbonated water and kissel. Under the ban cold drinks. For diseases of the respiratory organs against the background of elevated temperatures, they can cause a vascular spasm.
  • To put banks with cough was fashionably 20-30 years ago. Now the pediatricians caution from such a procedure, as it greatly injures the skin of the child and can cause the organism overheating in general.
  • Treatment with folk remedies should not be delayed for a long time. If there is no result for two weeks, it should be the basis for applying to the doctor for the appointment of drug treatment.

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