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How to connect bonuses thanks 💳 from Sberbank?

Как подключить Спасибо от Сбербанка? Инструкция.
The presence of a bank card does not guarantee connection to the loyalty program. Yes, a credit card for participation is required. But thanks to Sberbank's connection does not take place in itself, you need to connect the bonus program in most convenient way: through an ATM, via SMS, through the technical support operator, thanks from Sberbank or Sberbank online.

How to turn the sheet in the Word horizontally - step by step instructions

By default, when creating a new document in the Word sheet program is located vertically (book orientation). The coup of the sheet into the horizontal (landscape) view is often necessary when you want to create a presentation or when working with wide tables, when all columns are not placed in the width of the page.

Why men get up in the morning and what it means (guy tips)

Usually women perceive the erection of a male member positively, considering it a tribute to their beauty and sexuality. Are you so glad to see me? - Phrase, who has become a parable in Languages: Erection is associated with sex, desire. Eregated member - a kind of compliment, although obscene, sometimes forbidden, but always causing secret joy for a woman. I want me, I bring men crazy! Such solid confidence in the connection between erection and sex turns into at once perplexity, disappointment, even insults. Why does men get up in the morning?

What flour is needed for bread maker - ogorod.guru

Homemade fragrant and gentle bread, prepared with the help of bread makers, always turns out delicious and has a crispy crust. Thanks to the simplicity of the recipe and minimal product requirements, even a beginner culinary can be baked. The taste of bread is completely independent of the brand or power of used equipment. The only thing that plays a role in creating excellent baking is high-quality products. It is also not recommended to add the ingredients to the eye, as the dough may not rise, and the finished dish will completely disappoint you.

His humidifier with his own hands: how to make it the house from a plastic bottle of 5 liters at home?

Как сделать увлажнитель воздуха своими руками?
Many know that health and well-being of its inhabitants depends on the humidity of air indoors. It is known that high humidity can promote the reproduction of bacteria and fungi in the room. To protect yourself from this, it is necessary to regularly ventilate the room and wipe dry items. This is especially important for premises with high humidity, such as a bathroom. However, what harm brings low humidity, not everyone and very in vain thinks. Punched air can provoke a number of health problems and well-being. It is especially important for children, since their body is more susceptible to negative factors.


One of the frequently used characteristics in practice when analyzing random variables is expected value. Under this term, often use the average value of random variable . It is not so difficult to calculate it, especially if we have a discrete value with a small number of points.

How to enter bios on Lenovo laptop

Hello Admin! Lenovo's new laptop laptop and decided to comprehensively explore, I really liked the fact that on the official website of the laptop there are drivers to my model starting from Windows XP and ending with Windows 10. Now Windows 8.1 is installed on the laptop, I want to reinstall it on Windows 7, but stuck On the elementary, I can not enter the BIOS laptop to disable the Secure Boot option. SMID when loading F2 and nothing happens, the same with the Delete key. What to do?

Instruction - Meduza.

Anger, irritation and an outbreak of anger can cause anything - including the keys that cannot be found on the bottom of the bag, or stupid comments in social networks. Or you refuse to the deserved (in your opinion) increase. Or, for example, you are late for work - and suddenly the child sheds freshly squeezed orange juice on a white and rejected shirt. All this is very infuriated. On the one hand, tested anger - it is quite natural, it is basic emotion. On the other hand, relatives are suffering from your inconsistency, and indeed it is constantly raging - it is hard. At the request of jellyfish, a candidate of psychological sciences and an expert in the field of emotional regulation of Alena Prihidko explained what to do if you often embrace anger, you are not able to control yourself and break into others (and you want to cope with it).

How to charge a disposable electronic cigarette - Sana-stom.ru

Most novice steambags are wondering how to charge a disposable electronic cigarette, and is it possible to do this in principle? Looking forward, let's say right away, it is quite possible. Moreover, this process of reconstruction of a disposable device for a guy will not take as much time and strength, and the presence of special skills and knowledge in the field of electronics is not required.

Why a woman hurts to write - the reasons what to do how to treat

Как часто бывает девушкам больно ходить в туалет по маленькому, статистика
It hurts to go to the toilet for a small, cutting, unpleasant feeling at the beginning, in the process and end of the act of urination, the feeling of incomplete emptying with frequent urges pee - in most cases these symptoms are not famous for women. Urinary tract diseases affect girls almost 10 times more often than men. This is due to the anatomical features of the female organism - it is possible because the urethra is much shorter than that of men, closely disposed of natural sources of infection (rear-ground opening, vagina) and therefore it is easier infected.

How to install a homepoint in Minecraft

Every time you go on a journey beyond your home, look for treasures or roll out the mine, no concern for objects in the inventory does not cease to grow. Any opponent, be it an enemy player or a strong mob, can kill your character and pick up valuable items. Also, if you do not have time to return to the place of death on time, the treasures will simply disappear. So that this does not happen, and your player could be at home instantly, learn how to put a homemade point in the game Minecraft.

Yandex Dzen.

Что такое Версус Батл? История Versus Battle
Versuse Battle is a fight Between the two executors participating (rapeurs, MC), which for three rounds should be in a verbal form, in the close circle of the audience to make the opponent. It can use abnormative vocabulary and Aggression in poetic form . Fights (Versuse Battle) are evaluated by judges - experts from the Hiphop industry, rap performers or famous public people.

Free programs for recording video from webcam 2021

Video editing - multifunctional video editor for processing and editing media files. Allows you to combine rollers, adjust duration, apply filters, apply background music, replace sound and much more. It also can also be kept video stream on a PC through a webcam. Followed clips can be built into the film, record on the disk or send to the Internet. The undoubted advantage is a clear interface in Russian.


Новогодний декор своими руками
New Year's home decor is the only thing you want to do from morning to night? So do not deny yourself in this pleasure! If every day, starting from today, you will be a little decorating your home for the holiday, then on the eve of the new 2020 you will find yourself in a fairy tale, and not just in your home or apartment)

Minced stories - Curly potatoes and cheese recipes

Stumes made of minced meat - this is a flat meat cutlet under a fur coat of potatoes and cheese. As additional ingredients, you can use mushrooms, eggs, tomatoes and other products. The filling on the meat cake is laid out by a slide. Apparently, therefore the dish has such a name, as it reminds of the form of a well-known agricultural construction - a stack of hay.

Composition of thickener

Описание загустителей для сливок и рекомендации по их применению
Beautifully appeared in the windows of confectionery stores and cakes covered with a lush pattern of whipped cream. But many mistresses prefer to prepare desserts on their own and want the appearance and taste of household products not worse, but better than the purchased. The cream will not be feather and will keep the shape if you add a special thickener to cream or sour cream.

Letter Santa Claus Sample Text

письмо деду Морозу шаблон
New Year - the time of the most cherished desires. Children write a variety of letters in the hope of getting a dream gift. Different children have different desires and hopes. Each child has unique letters. We give examples of letters. Some children take care not only about themselves, but also all close. There are those who do not ask surprises in the hope that the baby will be happy, maybe which is located on the other end of the Earth.

Country Masters

Здравствуй, Страна! Я просто обожаю всякие домики! В прошлом году я сшила новогодний домик на елку из фетра. К этому Новому году сотворилось у меня еще несколько  домиков, но уже из других материалов. Хочу их Вам показать! Извиняюсь, но фото будет много... Хорошей фотосессии не получилось: все время пасмурно, света не хватает, носилась-носилась я с этими домиками туда-сюда... Так что получилось, то получилось...
  Первый домик из коробочки от духов, оклеенной скрапбумагой голубого цвета.  фото 1
Hello, country! I just adore all sorts of houses! Last year, I sewed a New Year's house on the Christmas tree from Fetra. To this new year, I still got some more houses, but already from other materials. I want to show them! I apologize, but the photo will be a lot ... a good photo shoot did not work: all the time cloudy, there is not enough light, I am worn, I worn with these houses there and here ... So what happened, it turned out ... The first house from the perfume , Blue-colored scrapbook.

- Admin.ru.

In the process of creating a site, it may be necessary to integrate on its pages. Microsoft Powerpoint presentations . Presentations PowerPoint. Visual, colorful, dynamic. At the same time, the creation of a presentation of a sufficiently high level of complexity does not require the user of serious slatches and design, which is an additional incentive to solve the issue Integration to PowerPoint Presentations .

Hair dye 2020: all fashion trends

Розовый блонд
The coming year promises many new products in hairdressers. The most beautiful hairstyles, the most bold haircuts and, of course, the most fashionable and spectacular shades of the hair. Have you always wanted to drastically change or add a few light strokes to refresh the image? Then read about the most fashionable and relevant colors for hair coloring in 2020. Change completely or only add a shade - to solve you!