The best humidifiers for the apartment, what to choose, ranking 2021 years

Лучшие увлажнители воздуха на 2021 год

Fans of additional functions should be considered humidifiers with flavoring (Ballu UHB-400), with a ionizer (Polaris PUH 4545 WAVE) or models operating on the principle of "all in one" as NEOCLIMA NCC-868.

Air humidifier - a compact device consisting of water tank, electric heater and a special moisture evaporator. Such a device well supports air humidity in summer and winter time in apartments and homes. An additional function is air flavoring. In turn, humidifiers will not be able to clean the air. This is done by air purifiers or air washing. Additional functions is a disinfecting UV lamp inside and air flavoring.

In the article telling what air humidifier is better to choose for an apartment or a private house. The ranking presents the best ultrasound, traditional and steam humidifiers. Each species have both advantages and disadvantages. In addition, we collected several successful air miles capable not only to moisturize, but also clean the air from small dust, hair and animal wool.

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GOST installed the recommended relative humidity of air for residential premises in the summer of 30-65%, in winter 30-45%. If the air is too dry, the respiratory tract and mucous membranes will be annoyed, which can provoke the occurrence of colds, such as rhinitis, runny nose, allergic. The skin will dry and grow old faster. In the case when the air in the apartment is too wet, there is a danger of mold development on surfaces. The fungus can cause pulmonary diseases, asthma and the strongest attacks of allergies. In addition, fungus and mold destroy the construction and finishing materials.

How to choose a good air humidifier

Before purchasing the device, it is necessary to study its characteristics. Consider the most important criteria for selecting an air humidifier for an apartment or at home:

  1. Optimal power Device 30 - 35 W. Please note that too powerful humidifier will consume a lot of electricity, which will affect the family budget.
  2. Device performance For a small apartment or room with an area of ​​up to 30 m 2 will be 350 - 400 ml / h. Productivity of a good humidifier for room 70 - 80 m 2Leaves up to 600 ml / h. The larger area serves the device, the higher its power consumption.
  3. In many models of the average price segment there are Built-in hygrometer and hygrostat - Special air humidity control sensors that help support the specified parameters. But they do not always give an accurate picture of the measurements, since they are inside the instrument, and near the device body, the humidity is always higher than in the other end of the room. Therefore, it is better to purchase a compact hygrometer that can be installed anywhere in the room, it is more accurate to measure the humidity of the air.
  4. Medium level of noise which publishes under the operation of the humidifier, is 25 dB. It looks like a quiet conversation. It is better to choose the models low noise, since with high dry air the device will work for no one hour.
  5. Well, if high-quality installed in the device water filters . They are needed if water is used not the best quality. However, if the tap water is clean and suitable for drinking, then you can purchase moisturizers models without a complex filtration system. During the operation of the device of a white plaque on the items in the room there will be no remaining.
  6. Special antibacterial lamp Inside the humidifier destroys viruses and bacteria. If you have little children, then such a device will be a good choice.
  7. Water consumption Depends directly from the volume of the tank inside the device. With continuous work per day, the device can spend up to 400 ml of water per hour. If the air is wet, then water consumption is reduced. During the day with dry air is spent up to 14 liters of water.

What are moisturizers

Consider the 5 most popular types of air humidifiers among consumers.

  1. Ultrasonic models - Some of the most popular on sale. Thanks to the membrane, creating ultrasound fluctuations, water is capable of intensively evaporated even at room temperature. The device generates cold pairs, which is absolutely safe for children, plants and pets. Low power consumption is the main advantage of such humidifiers.
  2. In traditional moisturizers A special wet filter is applied through which the air is driven by the fan. Provides natural evaporation of moisture. Due to the fact that the dust from the air settles on the wet surface of the filter, moderate air purification occurs. Devices of this type are more ultrasound fellow. In addition, they need to constantly replace water, as it is contaminated. The main advantage is that at the same way the air does not overlook.
  3. Steam humidifier Works through the heating of water and steam evaporation. Hot pairs with a temperature of about 60 оFrom the output can burn, so it is better to use the device where there are no small children and animals. Some models are arranged so that the temperature of the emerging pair does not exceed 50 оC. The main advantage is the purity of the steam, since when water boiling, viruses and bacteria are destroyed, and heavy particles remain at the bottom.
  4. Sink air - The device in which the main function of cleaning is performed by spinning discs from special plastic. The air coming outside passes through the drum with disks, all dust and small dirt particles stick to them and wash off with water from the built-in tank. This device will perfectly clean the air from dust, microbes, allergens and some odors in the apartment. Some models are capable of flavoring air.
  5. Combined devices - Climatic complexes often have HEPA filters, coal filters, smoke sensors, temperature, humidity. They eliminate all allergens, perfectly moisturized the air.

For high-quality cleaning of the house and get rid of dust, we recommend:

Rating manufacturers

This rating presents manufacturers of budget and premium models of air humidifiers that meet all the necessary quality, safety and reliability criteria:

  1. Xiaomi. - Popular Chinese brand, creating high-quality smart gadgets. Produce a huge amount of goods including humidifiers. Deerma Air Humidifier model became a bestseller in the world of humidifiers. They are distinguished by beautiful design, quality assembly and reliability.
  2. Panasonic - A popular and reliable brand of humidifiers, producing models with different set of options for different price categories: from low-cost basic to multifunctional devices of the Lux class.
  3. Electrolux - One of the best manufacturers by the ratio of "price / quality" of devices. It offers customers highly efficient, compact and comfortable in the device management, actively introduces their own technologies and developments.
  4. Aic. - European company specializing exclusively on humidifiers and air purifiers offers a wide range of models using its own innovative technologies.
  5. Boneco. - The oldest manufacturer and one of the leaders of the modern market. In the company's lineup, mainly ultrasonic devices of the luxury category. The company produces all types of equipment to create and maintain a microclimate indoor - cleaners, washing, climatic systems, air conditioners.
  6. Ballu. - A democratic brand offering buyers inexpensive and easy to manage humidifiers with various sets of useful options.

Rating of the best ultrasound humidifiers

When we met how to choose a moisturizer, learned what type they happen, you can proceed to the review of the best models of 2020. This rating top 10 models are based on the opinions of market experts and consumers according to their reviews. Consider models from the most multifunctional to budget.


Xiaomi Deerma Dem-SJS600

Xiaomi Deerma Dem-SJS600

Rating: 5.0

  • ultrasonic
  • Service area 25 sq.m
  • Performance 270 ml / h
  • Volume of water tank 5 l
  • Antibacterial lamp, flavoring

Average price: 4 500 rub

Perhaps the best ultrasonic humidifier from the famous Chinese brand with an integrated antibacterial lamp and convenient manual control. UV radiation and carbon filter 99.9% destroy harmful microorganisms and allergens. Equipped with a container to add flavors. When working, the noise level is no more than 34 dB. Additional sensors can be connected to the device to measure humidity and automate the work process.

Main characteristics:

  • It works 12 hours without topping water, while the tank volume is 5 liters.
  • Plastic water tank with a diameter of 20 cm is very comfortable to wash.
  • UV lamp destroys all bacteria and viruses.
  • The device is equipped with LED backlight.
  • When water ends, it can noise a little.




Rating: 4.9

  • ultrasonic
  • Service area 30 sq.m
  • Volume of water tank 5 l
  • Ionization of air
  • Adjusting speed

Average price: 6 700 rub

This is the same ultrasonic humidifier, as well as the previous model, but from the famous Chinese manufacturer. Quality and performance of the device at height. Humidifier is designed to serve premises up to 40 m 2, equipped with ionizer. There is a function of heating water, which helps to moisten the air faster. Using a convenient console, you can monitor the work parameters and set different modes.


  • The function of ionization and water heating helps to make air indoors clean and enjoyable for breathing.
  • It turns off automatically when the water decreases to a minimum level, which contributes to fire safety.
  • The LED screen displays the temperature and humidity of the air.
  • Low noise humidifier with a function of energy saving.


Ballu UHB-310

Ballu UHB-310

Rating: 4.8.

  • ultrasonic
  • Service area 40 sq.m
  • Productivity 300 ml / h
  • Volume of water tank 3 l
  • aromatization

Average price: 2 800 rub

Excellent ultrasonic model of a humidifier, not inferior to the first two. With a power of 25 W, it is well able to moisten the air indoor to 40 m 2. Compact size 176x226x176 mm highlights it allocates its competitors. The volume of the tank of 3 liters is enough for 9 hours of operation at the medium humidity in the room.


  • Equipped with a container for flavoring.
  • A small size allows you to place the device in any corner of the room.
  • The pair sprayer rotates 360 0.
  • You can use water from the tap, the filters clear it to the desired level.
  • On the housing there are legs of soft rubber, so the device does not scratch the surface if you move it.
  • Includes there is a cartridge for water purification and replaceable filters.


Royal Clima Adriano Digital (RUH-AD300 / 4.8E)

Royal Clima Adriano Digital (RUH-AD300 / 4.8E)

Rating: 4.7

  • ultrasonic
  • Productivity 300 ml / h
  • Volume of water tank 4.8 l
  • aromatization
  • Adjusting speed

Average price: 3 450 rub

The device with a built-in accurate hygrometer and night mode is well suited for ordinary city apartments. This device from the ADRIANO 4 premium line contains: thermometer, hygrometer, humidifier and air flavoring. It works up to 16 hours without topping water. Equipped with manual control of humidity level.

Main parameters:

  • Comfortable handle for carrying the device.
  • Water consumption 300 ml / h on an area of ​​up to 40 m 2.
  • Water is not going around on the floor.
  • Pleasant Blue LED Backlight When the device is performed, the device is replaced by red if the water ends.
  • 3 special regimes for steam output.
  • Power of humidifier 23 W.
  • Different high-speed modes of operation depending on the initial humidity of the air.


Xiaomi Dem-F628S

Xiaomi Dem-F628S

Rating: 4.6

  • ultrasonic
  • Service area 30 sq.m
  • Productivity 350 ml / h
  • Volume of water tank 5 l
  • aromatization

Average price: 2 975 rub

Another ultrasonic moisturizer from Xiaomi is one of the world leaders in the production of smart devices for home. A spacious 5 liter tank allows the device to operate without a break to 16 hours. The antibacterial lamp kills all bacteria and viruses, so the device can be used in the children's room.


  • 3 steam mode.
  • The display displays all device operation parameters: on temperature to air humidity.
  • There is a timer that can be exhibited at any time up to 12 hours.
  • Thanks to the built-in UV lamp, the air is 99% disinfect in any room.
  • Low noise and safe, can be used for children's rooms.


Timberk Thu UL 37E

Timberk Thu UL 37E

Rating: 4.5

  • ultrasonic
  • Volume of water tank 4.4 l
  • aromatization
  • Adjusting speed
  • Power 23 W.

Average price: 3 265 rub

Comfortable and low noise ultrasonic device from the well-known manufacturer of climate techniques Timberk. Built-in hygrostat accurately regulates indoor air humidity. The unique filling option of the Water Topfill tank allows you to accurately pour the required amount of water.

Main characteristics:

  • 2 steam feed speeds.
  • A small device well supports humidity in rooms up to 20 m 2.
  • It does not need to get a water tank, the hole is wide, which allows it to be easy to wash.
  • The volume of the tank is 2.2 liters, which is quite enough for moisture within 10 hours at a small speed.
  • There are no additional functions, so power consumption is minimal.


Royal Clima Sanremo (RUH-S380 / 3.0M)

Royal Clima Sanremo (RUH-S380 / 3.0M)

Rating: 4,4.

  • ultrasonic
  • Service area 40 sq.m
  • Productivity 380 ml / h
  • Volume of water tank 3 l
  • aromatization

Average price: 1 990 rub

Basic budget humidifier without additional functions. It is capable of worklessly work for 10 hours. The kit comes with replaceable 5 coal filters for cleaning water softening. The power of the device in 25 W is enough to maintain the room at 40 m 2.

Main parameters:

  • Replaceable carbon filters included.
  • Average capacity up to 380 ml / h.
  • There is an air aromatization option.
  • Manual power adjustment.
  • High-quality assembly.
  • In the device it is better to pour purified water.
  • Does not remove bacteria and viruses.


Kitfort KT-2802

Kitfort KT-2802

Rating: 4.3

  • ultrasonic
  • Service area 20 sq.m
  • Productivity 300 ml / h
  • Volume of water tank 3.5 l
  • aromatization

Average price: 3 190 rub

One of the leaders of the budget segment is a Chinese ultrasonic air humidifier with a duration of 10 hours without topping water. Low noise, up to 35 dB. Cold steam intensity can be adjusted.

Basic operating parameters:

  • The performance of the device is 300 ml / h.
  • Special notch on the lid allows you to send a pair stream to the desired side.
  • Pour into the instrument only clean and soft water. Additional filters from bacteria are absent.
  • The power of the device is 25 watts.
  • Good moisturizes air in small rooms up to 25 m 2.

The best traditional moisturizers

The devices from this category have no special heating elements, they evaporate the water naturally or with the help of embedded fans. Most of the traditional models not only moisturize the air, but also purify it.


Boneco W1355A.

Boneco W1355A.

Rating: 4.9

  • Power consumption: 20 W
  • Consisted Area: 50 sq.m
  • Capacity water tank: 7 l
  • Gigrostat: -
  • Ionization: -

The average price: 15 990 rubles.

Combined model with humidification and air purification functions. Working power 20 W, power supply, serviced area up to 50 square meters. m. Moisturizing water. Additional options: Humidity adjustment, shutdown with full evaporation of water ionization function, night mode operation.


  • efficient moisturizing, high-quality purification of air from dust and impurities;
  • several modes of operation (incl. night and intense);
  • low power consumption;
  • Consumables (filters) are not required.


  • high noise;
  • Because of the design features is complicated in maintenance and care.

Evaluation: The device will highly moisturize and clean the air, improving the microclimate of the house or apartment. Well suited for everyday use.

REFERENCE: Air washing unlike classic humidifiers are not demanding about the quality of water fill in them.


Winia AWI-40

Winia AWI-40

Rating: 4.8.

  • Power consumption: 15 W
  • Service area: 30 sq.m
  • Capacity water tank: 7 l
  • Gigrostat: Yes
  • Ionization: -

The average price: 14 810 rub.

Good humidifier with built-in air purification function. Power consumption 15 W, network work, serviced area up to 30 square meters. m. Moisturizing water. Additional options: Humidity adjustment, shutdown with complete water evaporation hygrostat, built-in air ionizer, night operation.


  • Qualitative performance of humidification and air purification functions;
  • Adjusting the intensity of work (there is a night mode);
  • low power consumption;
  • Consumables (filters) are not required.


  • high noise;
  • There are some difficulties in maintenance and care due to design features.

Evaluation: Reliable humidifier with air washing functions, perfectly suitable for home use.


Xiaomi Smartmi Zhimi Air Humidifier 2 (CJXJSQ02ZM)

Xiaomi Smartmi Zhimi Air Humidifier 2 (CJXJSQ02ZM)

Rating: 5.0

  • Natural moisturizing
  • Sale area 36 sq.m
  • Productivity 240 ml / h
  • Volume of water reservoir 4 l
  • Adjusting speed

Average price: 7 990 rub

This is the best traditional humidifier from the line of air mile in sales in 2020. It can be controlled remotely using an application for Xiaomi Mihome smartphone. It differs from previous models by supporting the natural humidity of the air around the clock, as it has a low water consumption.

Main characteristics:

  • Volume of water tank 4 l.
  • The average capacity is 240 ml / h.
  • Low noise, supports Wi-Fi.
  • Qualitatively cleans the air from unpleasant odors and microbes.
  • Water poured through special holes, no need to remove the container.
  • There are sound control of the water level in the tank and the tank filling indicators.
  • Air is closed through the side openings, so the device can be put on any surfaces.
  • Plastic discs are easily removed and wash.


Philips HU4816 / 10

Philips HU4816 / 10

Rating: 4.9

  • Natural moisturizing
  • Service area 44 sq.m
  • Productivity 300 ml / h
  • Volume of water reservoir 4 l
  • Adjusting speed

Average price: 14 990 rub

Air washing from the European manufacturer - quality assurance and uninterrupted work. Unlike the previous model, this washing is designed to fit the midline to 44 m 2. Couple comes out of the device very small drops, imperceptible to the eye. This allows not to leave the white flare on the items in the room.

Main parameters:

  • Included a moisturizing filter and hygrostat.
  • Productivity 300 ml / h at a tank of 4 liters.
  • It is possible to install a timer to 8 hours.
  • Noise level during operation up to 35 dB.
  • Works quickly and already the course of the first hour is noticeably moistened to the air, which helps to breathe easier.

Pleasant design and high-quality assembly. You can install on the table.


Xiaomi CJXJSQ02ZM.

Xiaomi CJXJSQ02ZM.

Rating: 4.8.

  • Power consumption: 8 W
  • Service area: 36 sq.m
  • Capacity water tank: 4 l
  • Gigrostat: Yes
  • Ionization: -

The average price: 6 490 rubles.

A device with a traditional air humidification system with a working power of 8 W. It feeds from the network, serves an area of ​​up to 36 square meters. m. Moisturizing water. Additional options: Antibacterial coating of water reservoir, the ability to control the smartphone.


  • high performance;
  • simplicity in management;
  • low power consumption;
  • minimum noise;
  • Compact sizes and stylish design.


  • The application for managing a smartphone is not always correctly.

Evaluation: highly efficient, ergonomic and easy-to-control device for air humidification.

The best steam air humidifiers

Humidifiers, combined into this category, operate on the principle of the kettle, heating water to the formation of steam and spreading it on the room until the required level of humidity is achieved.

ATTENTION! In order to avoid the formation of scale on the heating element of the humidifier, it is not recommended to pour in the device with ordinary tap water.


Steam Humidifier Polaris PUH 7005 TFD

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Rating: 4.9

  • Power consumption: 30 W
  • Service area: 60 sq.m
  • Tank capacity for water: 6 l
  • Gigrostat: Yes
  • Ionization:

Average price: 5 799 rub.

Good steam humidifier - Polaris PUH 7005 TFD. Model with a capacity of 30 W, works from the network, serves the premises of up to 60 square meters. m. Moisturizing with hot steam. Additional options: Adjusting the intensity of evaporation, air aromatization function.


  • simplicity and ease of use;
  • nice design;
  • minimum noise;
  • Large capacity of water tank (6 liters), convenient topping water (over the top).


  • There is no option to memorize settings when you turn off;
  • Bright backlight.

Evaluation: High-quality home use device, well-cope with the main air humidification function.


Air Humidifier Beurar LB 50

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Rating: 4.8.

  • Power consumption: 380 W
  • Consisted Area: 50 sq.m
  • Tank capacity for water: 5 l
  • Gigrostat: -
  • Ionization: -

The average price: 6 600 rubles.

A good air humidifier with a capacity of 380 W, works from the network, serves the premises of up to 40 square meters. m. Moisturizing with hot steam. Additional options: Humidity adjustment, shutdown with complete evaporation of water.


  • effective moisturizing;
  • Easy to use;
  • the presence of filters for mitigating water against scale;
  • Lack of plaque on furniture and things after using the device.


  • high noise;
  • The water level in the reservoir is poorly visible (especially in the dark).

Evaluation: Reliable homemade humidifier with minimal set of additional options.

The best climatic complexes for moisturizing

Multifunctional devices have an extended functionality: they not only effectively moisturize the air indoors, but also purify it from dust and harmful impurities.


Panasonic F-VXR50R

Panasonic F-VXR50R

Rating: 5.0

  • Power consumption: 45 W
  • Sale area: 40 sq.m
  • Capacity of water tank: 2.3 l
  • Gigrostat: -
  • Ionization: -

The average price: 30 900 rubles.

The best combined device for humidification and air purification. Power consumption 45 W, power supply, serviced area up to 40 square meters. m. Moisturizing water. Additional options: Light sensor, built-in protection against children, deodorizing filter.


  • high humidification and purification efficiency;
  • Fast set of necessary humidity;
  • low noise;
  • Filter pollution level indicator;
  • stylish design.

The shortcomings are not detected.

Evaluation: Universal complex to maintain high air quality in a house or apartment, perfectly coping with the claimed features.


Sharp KC-F31R

Sharp KC-F31R

Rating: 5.0

  • Power consumption: 27 W
  • Sale area: 21 sq.m
  • Capacity water tank: 8 l
  • Gigrostat: -
  • Ionization: -

The average price: 16 150 rubles.

Universal complex with humidification and air purification functions. Power consumption 27 W, power supply, serviced area up to 21 square meters. m. Moisturizing water. Additional options: The intensity control system, timer, air ionizer.


  • high-quality humidification and purification of air;
  • Easy to manage and maintain;
  • low noise;
  • stylish design.

The shortcomings are not detected.

Evaluation: Convenient climatic complex, effectively supporting the necessary air quality indicators in a house or apartment.


Winia AWX-70

Winia AWX-70

Rating: 4.7

  • Power consumption: 24 W
  • Consisted Area: 50 sq.m
  • Capacity water tank: 9 l
  • Gigrostat: Yes
  • Ionization: -

Average price: 20 981 rub.

Climate complex for humidification and air purification. Working power 24 W, power supply, maintains an area of ​​up to 50 square meters. m. Moisturizing water. Additional options: adjustment of intensity, air ionizer, timer, biofilter.


  • efficient and rapid moisturizing and air purification;
  • Built-in filter contamination indicator;
  • Large volume of water tank
  • minimum noise;
  • Ease of Management.


  • There are some inconvenience when topping the water in the tank;
  • There is no possibility to choose the desired level of humidity.

Evaluation: Easy to use complex, effectively providing and supporting the necessary level of humidity and air purity.

Video: How to choose a good air humidifier

In your apartment too dry air? The lack of humidity fade houseplants? It is necessary to take action urgently! Dry air adversely affects human health, as the mucous membranes dry and the threat of respiratory diseases occurs. To prevent such a phenomenon in your apartment, you need to purchase a humidifier.

To date, there is a large selection of various models of this kind of devices, they do not need to be installed, since the humidifier is a small device that does not take up much space, and does not reproduce a large amount of noise.

This article will consider species of humidifiers and key parameters to which you pay attention to when buying.

Select the desired type of air humidifier

Before buying a humidifier, it is necessary to choose its type in advance, because everyone performs in its own price category.

To date, there are three types of moisturizers.

  1. Ultrasonic ;
  2. Steam ;
  3. Traditional.


Comable and popular type of air humidifiers. Water is converted to cold steam with high-frequency oscillations (ultrasound). This type is suitable for plant moistening, because air humidity can reach more than 70%. If a hygrostat is provided in the model, then the level of humidity can be adjusted. The average power of such humidifiers is 30-45 W., And the maximum is 140 W. Therefore, use ultrasound humidifiers is beneficial, due to the small consumption of electricity.

The ultrasonic humidifier is notable for its silent operation and the presence of additional functions (ionization, flavoring, ozonation, water heating, use as a night light, etc.). The more functions are built into the humidifier, the higher its cost. Therefore, it is necessary to pre-decide which functions are necessary, and from what it is worth refusing.

Ultrasonic humidifier is suitable for those who have small children in the family, because it is completely safe. Many probably will like the availability of this type of devices, because the cost varies from 700 to 9,000 rubles, where everyone will select the desired model for itself.

There are also unpleasant parties - they are "picky" to the quality of water used, so require special care. Timely replacement and cleaning of cartridges, filters, using purified or distilled water.


Steam humidifiers occupy an average price category, work according to the "kettle" principle. That is, when water is heated, water boils, converted to pairs and thereby moisturizes the room. Such humidifiers are not picky about the quality of the water used, there are no cartridges and interchangeable filters in the design, and some models can be used at all instead of the inhaler. The humidity of the room when using this type of devices can reach more than 60%. It would seem that everything is simple, but this type of moisturizer has a number of minuses that are forced to think about his acquisition.

If there are small children in the house, choose a place to install the device, otherwise the child may accidentally burn. In addition, steam humidifiers at the time of work are very noisy, and consume more electricity than other types of humidifiers.


Prices for traditional types of humidifiers are high and many are not affordable by pocket. The principle of work lies in the "cold" evaporation. Pallets are installed inside the housing, they are located special grid cartridges that are wetted with water coming from a special barrel. Moisturization is achieved naturally due to the built-in fan. The traditional moisturizer is able to moisturize the premises to a maximum of up to 60%. The work of the built-in fan may be unpleasant due to the characteristic noise when working. Traditional air humidifiers have simple, but strict design that does not attract the attention of young children, which in turn will celebrate any parents.

Size of service area

Agree, it is not reasonable to use too powerful air humidifier in a small-sized apartment. Therefore, to select a suitable model, rely on the size of your room in which the device is planned. Try to pick up a more comparable model on the size of the serviced area of ​​a particular room, and not the whole apartment as a whole.

Power consumption

Power depends on the type of humidifier. Steam humidifiers differ from the rest of the fact that their power consumption varies from 300 to 600 W. In fact, it is a lot, and affects the power consumption. But there is one useful plus - high productivity (300-360 ml \ h), although it is not always justified. If there is a low level of humidity in your home, it means that the humidifier will more often work, so do not be surprised in the future when you get a receipt for electricity. Use ultrasound models is beneficial. The average power of ultrasonic humidifiers is 30-45 W, but there are also more powerful models - 100-140 W. Despite such power, performance at height and averages 150-250ml \ h. The power of the humidifiers of the traditional type is small, mainly does not exceed 40 W. But productivity depends not only on the power, but also on the level of humidity of the room. In this case, water consumption is from 200 to 500 ml \ h.

Capacity water reservoir, consumption and duration of work

These parameters are interconnected. The greater the tank capacity, the longer the device will work. The capacious reservoir affects the dimensions of the humidifier. In this case, it is necessary to sacrifice something. For room with an area of ​​up to 20 m 2, it will be logical to use a humidifier of a small container from 200 ml to 2.5 liters. If the room is from 20 to 40 m 2then the humidifier is suitable with a capacity of 2.5 to 5 liters. If the area of ​​the premises is above 40 m 2, then you should choose with humidifier over 5l.

Water consumption for each model of the humidifier. The parameter is responsible for how much water will be spent by a moisturizer for an hour of time. The optimal value is 150-300 mg \ h. With this value and the tank capacity with water with about 5 liters, the duration of work will be a little more than a day.


The presence of a display and control buttons allows the use of an air humidifier with maximum comfort. Mainly there are models with mechanical buttons. But if you want to purchase a moisturizer equipped with a display, touch buttons or electronic control, you can always find the appropriate option in any price range.

Additional features and opportunities

In addition to its main purpose, the air humidifier can be useful to users thanks to various additional features.

Adjusting the intensity of evaporation

Almost every humidifier supports the ability to adjust the intensity of evaporation. Basically, this setting is performed manually using touch or mechanical keys. However, you can meet models with automatic intensity adjustment, according to pre-entered values. The humidifier sends a convenient moisture mode for itself.

Availability of timer

The presence of a timer allows you to automatically turn on the air humidifier at a specified time, for example, before bedtime, and turn off the device in a few hours of operation.


Gigrostat is a relay that supports the specified humidity level, automatically including and turning off the device. Therefore, when choosing an air humidifier, you must pay attention to the presence of this sensor, otherwise you will have a constant oversupply of humidity.

But if you liked the model of the humidifier, which does not have a hygrostat, do not upset, there is a way out! To do this, you can purchase a separate meteorological station that will show the level of humidity. This measurement technique will even more accurately, since the built-in hygrostat is near the source of humidity, so the values ​​are a certain stake of error.

Ionization function

The humidifier with the ionization function is good for health, since at the time of operation the air is saturated with negatively charged ions, and human blood oxygen. Moreover, the dust is absorbed. The ionization function can also eliminate the unpleasant smell of the room, for example, suppress the smell of tobacco smoke.

There are several important factors that you need to know:

1) It is impossible to abuse the ionization function, since the overabundance of negatively charged ions, too, does not lead to anything good. This is due to the fact that with a large cluster of heavy aeroions, dust is delayed in the respiratory tract by 40% more, and it harms health; 2) dust particles become heavier and quickly settled on furniture; 3) It is necessary to take care of the ionizing element in a timely manner.

Remote control

Sometimes you want to manage the device without getting up with a sofa or bed. In some models of humidifiers, it is possible. The main thing is that the delivery package included a remote control.


Some models of air humidifiers possess the flavoring function. With the help of special devices (capsules for aromamasel), the room is not only moistened, it appears a note of incense. Such an application favorably affects the psychological level, in such a moistened room, to remove stress and relax will be much easier. Need you or not this option is a matter of personal taste.


For those who love sophistication and uniqueness, manufacturers have created models of air humidifiers with a special design. You can meet children's models in the form of animals, or a model of non-standard geometric shape. For lovers of practicality, there are models of humidifiers, which at night can be used as a night light.

Price criteria

Having become acquainted with the main types and other additional options of air humidifiers, it is necessary to decide for themselves how much you are willing to spend to purchase this technique.

The price range for budget models of humidifiers varies from 700 to 4000 rubles. This price category includes exclusively ultrasound humidifiers of air, which differ from each other by dimensions, the volume of the tank, power and functionality. You can find interesting models, with a unique design that perfectly fit into the "special" apartment interior. As a rule, budget models are designed for premises with a small area.

The average price category (4000-8000 rubles) includes both ultrasound and traditional humidifiers. The presence of additional functions and options affects the first time. Models of such humidifiers are more suitable for premises with a larger area, they are more powerful, and each is equipped with a display.

Over 8,000 rubles are available to the acquisition of all three types of air humidifiers. The main purpose is moisturizing the premises with a large area. Many models are equipped with a hygrostat, flavoring and ionization function. Allow you to quickly and efficiently moisturize, and clean not only home microclimate, but also of any office space.

I have everything, thanks for your attention.

Humidifiers are becoming increasingly popular devices for houses and offices. . Without them, it is difficult to imagine the daily life of a person, especially in cases where centralized heating works. At such a time, the skin is drained, peeling appears on it, and you still want to breathe wet air. Humidifiers are often used in kindergartens, because overly dry air does not affect child health.

The humidifier clears the air from dust and allergens very well, Therefore, it will become useful not only to people who care about their health, but also allergic. Harmes the lack of moisture not only to us, but also indoor plants. They are able to plant if they won't get enough liquid. Therefore, flowers first need to take care of buying a good large humidifier.

Rating of the best humidifiers 2020
Rating of the best humidifiers 2020

How to choose how to choose a moisturizer?

When you select yourself a humidifier for air, Be sure to look at the water consumption and container capacity, in which she pours. Knowing it, you can determine how long the device will moisten the air until the next refueling. For example, if the device spends 400 ml per hour and is equipped with a 2-liter container, it becomes clear that the humidifier can work less than 1 day.

The humidifier for air often includes at night, Since everyone is at home, and you need to take care of the health of loved ones. In this case, it is very important that the sound when working is not loud. The longest for the night will be the noise value of approximately 25 dB. An important factor is the presence of sound, which instruments are published during a set of water, so if you sleep sensitively, you will have to wake up from it.

Humidifiers are pretty uncomplicated devices in the device. . If you save hard, you can run into a device that will spray water, leak, leave the puddle. Some options are pretty bulky and occupy a lot of space. Some are just noisy. But the most frequent problem is Insufficient humidifier due to a small larger , on the contrary, the oversupply of moisture, from which dampness or fungus may appear. Therefore, do not save on these devices, Buy that moisturizer who will be suitable for your room.

Also decide on Do you have a remote control . Think about whether you need warm or cold evaporation. To be confident in its newly remedy, Separately acquire the humidity sensor, since it is built into the humidifier, it will incorrectly show air moisturizing . We are interested in the level of humidity at the other end of the room, since the built-in sensors measure readings next to the device, and these are unreliable.

Advanced humidifiers are equipped with a large number of options, Which are able to increase their cost several times. Manufacturers equip their products to flavoring . The presence of this option allows to efficiently get rid of unwanted smells and even carry out aromatherapy. Especially important for pets with pets , where there will always be a specific smell, also relevant for smokers, since the smell of tobacco is entrusted to clothing and hair.

Exist Models with ionization When the air indoor air is charged with negatively charged particles, dust and microorganisms that hover around are eliminated with them.

Option of ozonization will allow to disinfect homemade items where microbes and viruses are destroyed, thereby declining the chance to get sick.

We picked up a dozen modern functional humidifiers for home who have proven themselves among consumers in the ratio of price-quality. These devices will take care of your health, Qualitatively moisturizing air in your bedroom for easy sleep.

The ranking presents:

1. Xiaomi CJXJSQ02ZM air humidifier - Find out where cheaper all >>>
2. Air purifier Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier 2S (FJY4020GL) - Find out where cheaper all >>>
3. Air Humidifier Xiaomi Dem-F600 - Find out where cheaper all >>>
4. Air purifier AIC CF8410 - Find out where cheaper all >>>
5. Air Purifier Super-Plus Super-Plus Turbo (2009) - Find out where cheaper all >>>
6. Air Humidifier DYSON AM10 - Find out where cheaper all >>>
7. ELECTROLUX EHU-3710D / 3715D air humidifier - Find out where cheaper all >>>
8. Air Wash Cuchen Airwash - Find out where cheaper all >>>
9. Boneco W1355A Air Sink - Find out where cheaper all >>>
10. DYSON PURE HUMIDIFY + COOL air humidifier cleaner (PH01) - Find out where cheaper all >>>

1st place. Xiaomi CJXJSQ02ZM air humidifier

  • Average rating - 4.6
  • The average price - 6,900
  • Find out where cheaper all >>>

The Xiaomi CJXJSQ02ZM air humidifier is a very popular apparatus among users, gaining popularity with each month.

Xiaomi CJXJSQ02ZM air humidifier
Xiaomi CJXJSQ02ZM air humidifier

Having a cost of almost 7,000 rubles, able to offer the consumer pretty good options and characteristics . Moisturizes the area to 36 sq.m., the power is 8 W.

It is installed outdoor, It has a pretty roomy water container for 4 liters, And its inner coating has an antibacterial structure, so water will not change the composition, and the walls of the housing from the inside will not be slippery.

Water consumption here is represented by 240 ml per hour. In stock - Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, the device can be controlled from a smartphone. And also works in a smart home.

The manufacturer equipped its product with inclusion indicators, low water, humidity and temperature.


  • Popular model.
  • Famous Chinese manufacturer.
  • In stock - Gigrostat.
  • Good performance.
  • Spacious water tank.
  • Stylish design.


  • May leak after time.

2nd place. Air purifier Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier 2S (FJY4020GL)

  • Average rating - 4.6
  • Average price - 7,900 rubles
  • Find out where cheaper all >>>

Modern The device that loved users around the world It has a good air purification capacity of 310 cubic meters per hour. It is capable of working with apartments of up to 37 sq.m.

To this device built-in air cleaning sensor With which your room will be delivered from dust and allergens. Filters here are presented: Coal and preliminary cleaning which first eliminate air from large particles, then from allergens and microorganisms.

Air purifier Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier 2S (FJY4020GL)
Air purifier Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier 2S (FJY4020GL)

Installed the device outdoor, It will look stylish in a room having blonde tones. Management here is electronic, but you can configure the parameters and via Wi-Fi from the smartphone.

In this device built-in humidity and temperature indicators, With which you can maintain the optimal balance in the room.


  • Popular manufacturer.
  • Strong and reliable assembly.
  • Surrected model.
  • Electronic control.
  • Humidity and temperature indicators.
  • In stock - Wi-Fi.
  • Works in the smart home system.


  • High speed noise.

3rd place. Xiaomi Dem-F600 air humidifier

  • Middle Rating - 4.3
  • The average price is 1,800 rubles
  • Find out where cheaper all >>>

The Xiaomi Dem-F600 air humidifier is an ultrasonic device. Devices of this type are recommended for home, as they are able to create a strong stream that rises into the air in the type of fog.

Xiaomi Dem-F600 air humidifier
Xiaomi Dem-F600 air humidifier

The advantage of this type of devices is that they do not leave the drops of themselves, or even the puddles of water. Also Do not form a white lime bloom on furniture items. It is able to moisten the air indoors to 40 sq.m. The reservoir here is quite spacious, it is possible to pour 5 liters of water into it, the flow rate is 350 ml per hour, which is a lot.

To purify water into the humidifier Built-in ultraviolet lamps They fight well with microorganisms and unwanted impurities, purify water almost 100%. The aromatization of the air is built into the apparatus, with which in your home will always be tasty smelling with essential oils , herbs or something sweet.


  • Famous manufacturer.
  • A spacious reservoir for 5 liters.
  • Good performance.
  • Excellent power by 25 W.
  • Ultrasonic humidifier.
  • There is a timer.
  • Electronic control.


  • May be noise when the water is set.

4th place. AIC CF8410 Air Purifier

  • Middle ranking - 4.8
  • The average price is 11,000 rubles
  • Find out where cheaper all >>>

This air purifier AIC CF8410 is designed for 35 sq.m. ., It has quite high power - 55 W. Air purification capacity is 180 cubic meters per hour.

In the apparatus A large number of filters are built-in that will help clean the water and air in a residential room. . Filters presented: nera, coal, pre-cleaning and photocatalytic.

AIC CF8410 Air Purifier
AIC CF8410 Air Purifier

In this device implemented ionization option When the air in your rooms is charged with negatively charged ions. Also device It boasts electronic control and the presence of a timer. But here the noise of the moisturizer significantly tumbled: 50 dB will definitely hear in the afternoon, what to say about the night.

It is installed outdoor, quite stylish design will fit into the interior of any room.


  • Low price.
  • Value for money.
  • Ultraviolet lamp.
  • Different kinds of filters will help clean water and air.
  • In stock - timer.
  • Ionization function.


  • Quite - so much noise.

5th place. Air Purifier Super-Plus Super-Plus Turbo (2009)

  • Average rating - 4.6
  • The average price is 4,000 rubles
  • Find out where cheaper all >>>

This device is simultaneously a cleaner and air ionizer. The ionizer is a very popular option for users, Since all small organisms, pollen, dust settled on oppositely charged particles. And under the influence of charge, air indoors is enriched with ozone.

Air Purifier Super-Plus Super-Plus Turbo (2009)
Air Purifier Super-Plus Super-Plus Turbo (2009)

Air is issued by the device without fan, motor etc., so the device works almost silently. It is able to cope with unpleasant odors, especially with the smell of tobacco and even smoke.

Presented in several colors to choose Now everyone will select a humidifier to the color of furniture or wallpaper. It has a power of 10 W, you can also independently regulate the power of evaporation.

Apparatus Automatically give the light signal If the filter contaminated or it's time to clean it.


  • Inexpensive.
  • Popular.
  • Air ozonation function.
  • The ionization option.
  • Changes with unwanted smells.
  • Silent work.


6th place. Air Humidifier DYSON AM10

  • Middle Rating - 4.3
  • Average price - 38 000 rubles
  • Find out where cheaper all >>>

The Ultrasonic Powerful Air Humidifier DYSON AM10 We could not put on the first positions of the rating, yes, it is definitely good, but the high price will become a stumbling block for an ordinary domestic user. But we are not right to get around it, since the device Really useful and multifunctional.

It is capable of optimizing the microclimate indoors. The apparatus is implemented Ultraviolet Influence Technology Through what the air enters the air, which is completely cleaned of microorganisms and impurities.

Air Humidifier DYSON AM10
Air Humidifier DYSON AM10

Everyone knows that Couples spread better in the air and has a beneficial effect on the respiratory system, Skin and general condition of the human body. In this device, a low noise level when working, so it will be comfortable to use at night. It is able to work for 18 hours without refueling.

The instrument management is carried out using the remote control. The claimed timer can be set up to 9 hours.


  • Reliable manufacturer.
  • Beautiful moisturizer design.
  • Strong assembly.
  • Multifunctionality.
  • Ultraviolet lamp.
  • Power is 55 W.
  • Able to work 18 hours.
  • In stock - Gigrostat.
  • Sleep timer.
  • Indication of humidity.


7th place. ELECTROLUX EHU-3710D-3715D air humidifier

  • Middle ranking - 4.4
  • The average price is 8,000 rubles
  • Find out where cheaper all >>>

Humidifier ELECTROLUX EHU-3710D-3715D has an optimal price at a similar high power in 110 W. Moisturizes the air in apartments of up to 45 sq.m.

Is an Ultrasonic apparatus, thanks to which steam enters the air which positively affects human health and is the prevention of colds. The low noise level of 35 dB will allow to include a humidifier and night.

ELECTROLUX EHU-3710D-3715D air humidifier
ELECTROLUX EHU-3710D-3715D air humidifier

It is capable of working out a day without refueling, which is an excellent indicator among the humidifiers of this price range.

The demineralizing cartridge will allow how to work for a long time Without the danger of sedimentation of water on the furniture and the appearance of a lime-plane. The ionization of the air will make rid of large and small dust particles, bacteria and unpleasant odors.

Fragravization technology will help to fill the air into the room with pleasant smells. And to arrange a full-fledged aromatherapy session. Posted in white and black colors.


  • Great price and quality ratio.
  • Reliable manufacturer.
  • Air ionization function.
  • Option for aromatization.
  • Perfectly moisturizes and refreshes the air.
  • High quality assembly.
  • Built-in hygrometer and thermometer.


  • Not visible water level.
  • The close location of the humidity sensor (unreliable data).

8th place. Air Wash Cuchen Airwash

  • Average rating - 5.0
  • The average price is 22,000 rubles
  • Find out where cheaper all >>>

This device got the highest score from users, but again we cannot put it on the first place of our list due to unnecessarily high prices. Pretty cumbersome apparatus assumes an outdoor installation.

The manufacturer declares long work until the next refueling is a day. Power consumption is 44 W, able to moisten the air in the room with an area of ​​up to 40 sq.m.

Air Wash Cuchen Airwash
Air Wash Cuchen Airwash

The noise level at the maximum values ​​is 30 dB, which is very quiet, it can be put in the bedroom close to the place where you sleep. The volume of water reservoir is 5 liters, quite spacious, Especially considering its economical consumption.

Humidifier has antibacterial case coating, What will allow water to not stir and do not form a slippery film on the walls.


  • Created to work for a day without refueling.
  • Spacious water container.
  • In stock - Gigrostat.
  • There is a shutdown delay timer.
  • Noise level - 30 dB.


9th place. Air wash Boneco W1355A

  • Middle Rating - 4.5
  • The average price is 17,800 rubles
  • Find out where cheaper all >>>

This device has Simple control, attractive design, but also quite a high price. Excellent cleans and moisturizes air, power consumption is 20 W, it is capable of working effectively on an area of ​​about 50 sq.m.

Air wash Boneco W1355A
Air wash Boneco W1355A

The volume of water reservoir is declared for 7 liters, consumes water in an amount of 300 ml per hour. It has a water filter, which already cleaned water seals into the air.

This unit is set outdoor, it will look good even in a small apartment, because it has a stylish design and a small weight.

Noise level when working is minimal and is only 25 dB Therefore, it can be put in bedrooms and children's rooms.


  • Can moisturize air in large apartments.
  • Outdoor installation.
  • Low noise.
  • Fan speed regulator.
  • Low water indicator.


10th place. DYSON PURE HUMIDIFY + COOL Humidifier Cleaner (PH01)

  • Middle Rating - 4.0
  • The average price is 55,000 rubles
  • Find out where cheaper all >>>

Purifier-humidifier DYSON PURE HUMIDIFY + COOL is equipped with a modern non-filter which completely eliminates air from large dust. Coal filter catches unpleasant odors and cleans air from them in your room.

Power consumption is 45 watts, excellent moisturizes room of 20 sq.m., But for the whole apartment, unfortunately, it is not enough. It can work 36 hours, which is a lot, water container is represented by 5 liters.

DYSON PURE HUMIDIFY + COOL Humidifier Cleaner (PH01)
DYSON PURE HUMIDIFY + COOL Humidifier Cleaner (PH01)

In stock - Gigrostat, which accurately determines the level of humidifier . You can independently adjust the direction of air flow. In stock - UV lamp, which disinfects water before evaporation.

The device has Electronic control and convenient remote control. The noise level is 46 dB, it is set outdoor due to its weight (8.2 kg).

You can configure the timer on the panel - the maximum possible period of action is 9 hours.


  • Nehra filter and coal filter.
  • Ultraviolet lamp.
  • Electronic control.
  • Convenient remote control.
  • In stock - Timer for 9 hours.
  • Low noise when working.
  • Informative display.


  • The low level of humidity in the room, even if the machine runs at the maximum.

We picked up for you Ten best humidifiers that will take care of your health. Most of these, the ionization and ozonation options are implemented, which will maintain optimal air purity. We hope that our rating will simplify the task of choosing the apparatus for your home or apartment.

Successful purchase of a new moisturizer!


Everyone knows that air quality indoors is very important for our well-being. Usually everyone pays attention only to the air temperature, but the humidity is also an important parameter. With normal humidity, we have good performance, general well-being, we are in high spirits.

Daily work makes us spend a lot of time in a closed room, such as an office. Many buy air conditioners, install high-quality central heating systems, but do not notice that the operation of these devices dries air. The optimal level of humidity is from 50 to 60%.

It is not enough just to air the room, although it is necessary. Still, constantly keeping the window open is impossible, especially in winter.

  1. Today, such methods of maintaining humidity, as a bank with water or a wet towel on the battery, are already outdated. In addition, these methods do not bring a tangible effect. It is best to trust devices that will do everything automatically.
  2. The humidifier is a useful acquisition capable of working around the clock on ordinary water.
  3. Why do you need to control the level of humidity?
  4. Because due to the use of heaters in winter, the humidity decreases to 30%.
  5. To ensure normal humidity in the room where little children sleep.
  6. To moisturize the mucous membrane of the nose - the main barrier on the path of microbes, which saves from viruses and diseases.
  7. To reduce the symptoms of allergies. With normal humidity, the likelihood of their appearance is significantly reduced.
  8. To preserve freshness and skin elasticity.

To extend the life of indoor plants.

To preserve the appearance of wood furniture and expensive musical instruments, whose humidity requirements in the room are the same as in humans: 50-60%. If the air in the room is strongly "dried", then the seams between the parquet layers are diverged, which is why slots appear in the floor.


So that smaller dust accumulated in carpets and upholstered furniture.

Types of humidifiers


This device is intended only for air moistening.

The best air humidifiers for 2021Sink air


Depending on the work features, humidifiers are divided into

Traditional, ultrasound and steam

. We will talk about their differences a little later.


This device not only moisturizes, but also cleans the air.

In its foundation there is a pallet with water. The fan sucks the air, passes it through the drum with porous plastic discs, after which releases through the side openings. The air is moistened, and the garbage remains on the disks of the drum. This device clears the air from microscopic dust particles, so it is perfect for allergies. There are no reasonable replaceable cartridges in this device, you only need to change water, otherwise it will become unsuitable. The only minus washing is a high price compared to the humidifier.

Climate complex


This is a multistage device for moisturizing and "fine cleaning" air.

Unlike other instruments for moisturizing and cleaning air, climatic complexes can be called "smart", as they are equipped with a large number of different sensors that react to air humidity, dryness, tobacco sorrow, dustiness. Their main details: carbon filter, engine / fan, water tray, HEPA filters and antibacterial moisturizer. Such complexes are suitable for those who wish to acquire a truly reliable and durable unit for efficient cleaning and humidification.

Air purifier


This is a device intended only for air purification from dust.

Due to the presence of several filters, a multistage air purification is performed. Let's talk about the filters later.

Polaris PUH 7005 TFD

Air Dryer

The device is designed to reduce air humidity.

  BEURER LB 50.Steam


In everyday life used not so often, it is mainly necessary in the bathroom, basements, garages, in general, where the heightened humidity can harm.

Principle of work of moisturizers

Each type of moisturizer has its own features of work, so they should be carefully examined before buying the device.

On the principle of action, steam humidifiers are very similar to electric kettles.

How to choose a moisturizerWater is warmed up, that is, boils, and turns into steam. All energy for evaporation These humidifiers are obtained from the network 220 V. Sometimes even the room temperature can increase due to hot steam, however, only 2 degrees.


The advantages of steam humidifiers in their low cost, as well as high power. In the process of pasteurization, microorganisms and bacteria eliminate, which is also the advantage

Remember that water in the container is hot enough, as the first 10 cm steam, which come out, so do not fit close to the instrument, if there is no particular need. It is very difficult to overturn it, but if this happens, hot water will fall out on the floor, so be alert.


A similar instrument with such a principle of work is called "cold-type humidifiers".



The technology is quite simple and is based on natural evaporation of water. Evaporative gasket, or


, which is the only consumption, completely absorbs water from the pallet. The fan passes through it dry air, moisturizing and giving it back to the room. At the same time, the air is cleaned from large dust particles. Traditional data devices are called not because of their popularity in former times, but by simulating a wet towel on the battery. In fact, this type refers to the latest developments.

In these devices, a special plate with a high frequency of oscillation converts water into cold steam.

During evaporation, a visible water cloud comes out of the opening. The water remains cold. The required level of humidity can be adjusted automatically using the built-in hygrostat. Compared to steam devices ultrasound, more quiet, although there are still a small noise due to plate oscillations. To the rare "Bulkan" of the device during his work can be used without problems.

The main minus of such devices is periodic care. To mitigate water and clean it from impurities, as well as to extend the service life of the plate, you must buy cartridges with

Replaceable filler

Either pour purified water.

Accommodation of the humidifier and the area of ​​service

Maximum serviced area

- This is the area of ​​the room in which the device can effectively perform its functions. The greater the room, the higher the device's power should be, that is, these parameters are interconnected. The minimum value of this parameter is

10 m²


(in small air purifiers), the maximum -

75 m²

(in large). Medium range -

from 30 to 60 m²

Choosing a humidifier, think over the most convenient type of instrument accommodation for you: Outdoor, Desktop and Wall Mounted.

The first is suitable for large-sized devices, such as complexes.


If the housing is equipped with a mechanism for hanging, such a humidifier can be mounted on the wall.

Desktop humidifiers are small devices. They can also be put on the floor and high shelves. If the device is placed on the floor, then the cloud will fall on the surface, as it will not have time to disperse. The higher the humidifier is placed, the higher the cloud rises and leaves less traces on the surface.

Main characteristics

We study the applied filters

There are many filters, thanks to which cleaners and climatic complexes perform their work.

Pre-cleaning filter

. Used to clean air from large stimuli.


. Used to purify air from dust, pollen and tobacco smoke. Its only drawback: nothing can do nothing with toxic pollutants, for example, with nitrogen oxide and other organic compounds.

Coal filter

. Affects the tobacco smoke and eliminates unpleasant odors;

Hepa filter

. Causes up to 99% of allergens and pollutants.


. Blocks dangerous viruses, bacteria and disputes of mold.

ULPA filter

. On the principle of action is the same as HEPA, however, it is able to capture 99.99% of particles with a diameter of 0.1 μm. Used in expensive air purifier models.

Ceramic filler cartridge

. Designed for bactericidal water treatment.


. The plasma cleaning system also effectively purifies air, removes various allergens. The device equipped with this filter is able to cope with the task 10 times faster than electrostatic filters, and process large air volumes.

Photocatalytic filter


It works in cooperation with the UV lamp and disinfect water.

In humidifiers and sinks of air for water purification apply

Disinfection filter

ionizing silver rod

Cartridge with ion exchange resin

. Disinfection occurs by destroying pathogenic bacteria. The ionizing rod also serves to disinfect water and protect it from viruses. The cartridge with the resin performs the same functions and does not allow to form a white bloom. In addition, it cleans water from lime and rust.

In some models of filter humidifiers

may not be

at all.

Determine the number of cleaning steps

As we have already mentioned, there are several air cleaning steps in cleaners and climatic complexes (most often

from 3 to 6

). The better the air is cleared, the faster it is saturated with moisture.

Water consumption and air humidifier

The following characteristics group describes the parameters affecting the device time.

Capacity reservoir

which poured water to humidifying air, depends on the size of the room. So, for large rooms it is better to buy humidifiers with a tank

7 l and above for small (15-20 sq.m.) - from 4 to 5 l

. In portable humidifiers, a plastic bottle can perform the role of the reservoir.

Maximum water consumption

Shows how much water for an hour the device is consumed from the tank during moisturizing. The greater the power, the higher the value of this parameter. Household humidifiers spend from 8 to 12 liters of water in 24 hours, and their maximum performance is 15 l / 24 hours.

Duration of work

It shows how many hours of continuous operation in the most intense mode with a full water tank, the device uses all liquid. To calculate this value, the tank capacity is necessary (in ml) to divide to the maximum water flow (in ml / hour).

For example: the volume of the capacitance of the humidifier is 6500 ml (6.5 liters), the water consumption per hour is 400 ml. We divide 6500 to 400, we get 16.25 hours. It is for so much time the device spends all the liquid from the tank.



- Mainly used in budget models with two regulators: "work mode" and "timer". Humidifiers with such control are often supplied with LED indicators.


- most often found in expensive models. You can program the operation of the device or select automatic modes. As a rule, these devices are equipped with a display on which all the necessary data is shown, as well as the commands you entered.



A device with any type of control can be equipped. After installing the timer, the humidifier will work as much time as you set.

Electronic control devices can have built-in sensors that allow the device

independently switch operating modes

And such a device like


, Watching the humidity in the room and turns off the device to achieve a given humidity.

Types of indication of air humidifier

The indication controls all stages of the device.


Inclusion indicator

It is a light signal confirming that the humidifier works properly.

Low water indicator

- Warning indication, since with the complete absence of fluid, the device is automatically turned off.

Moisture indicator

. Humidity defines the built-in hygrometer, and only around the device itself. Therefore, this value is not always objectively for the whole room.

Temperature indicator

Shows the temperature in the room. It is best when the balance between temperature and humidity is supported.

Indicator mode

Shows the current mode of operation.

Replacement / Purification Indicator Parts

It warns that the details of the humidifier need cleaning or replacement.


Permissible noise level of air humidifier

The noise level in humidifiers can range from 5 to 55 dB. Its value depends on the design of the fan and the engine. The lower the fan turnover, the less noise. You should not ignore this parameter, after all, if you have a sensitive sleep, it is better to choose a device with a smaller level of noise. To work at night, appliances are suitable with noise level

up to 35 dB.

Additional functions

Aromatization. Some devices are equipped with an aroma-suite device, which poured essential oil. When the humidifier works, an enjoyable smell is spreading around the room, for example, eucalyptus or sandalle. Moms often use fir oil to neutralize the air when the child is sick. Remember that in the main capacity of humidifiers, pour something other than water is strictly prohibited, otherwise you can damage the internal parts of the device.

steam humidifier photo

Ionization. The essence of this process is complex, it suffices to say that the free electrons created by the device are connected to neutral molecules and become negative. Despite the fact that ionization is directed inside the device, it has a positive effect on the overall microclimate in the room. Remember that air is not saturated with ions.

Ozonation. It is known that ozone partially destroys the shell of viruses, which is why they cannot multiply and affect human cells. Therefore, ozonation helps to disinfect and clean the air. Even with closed windows after ozonation, you can breathe purified air, and the likelihood of infected, for example, the flu will significantly decrease.

Ultraviolet. Used to suppress the harmful microorganisms that came to the filter. It is worth noting that the ultraviolet kills the microbes inside the device so that water or air at the exit is clean. The device itself does not burn with ultraviolet.
  1. findings
  2. We tried to highlight the most important questions regarding the choice of humidifiers. Remember that after the first hours of the device, the effect will not be noticeable. Initially, moisturized air will greedily absorb wallpapers, carpets, furniture and plants. Optimal comfort will come around after a week or two continuous operation, and then it will be possible to feel the present humidification of air in the room.
  3. It is advisable to apply modern moisturizing devices and keep up with the times. Of course, to air the room and make a wet cleaning is still needed.
  4. Several general advice on the use of humidifiers.
  5. It is recommended to remove the device from furniture by 30 cm or more. A large space around the device is also necessary because hot couples can settle in the form of small droplets on wallpaper and furniture.
  6. Provide free space around the humidifier, doors and windows. Leave closed so that the moisture does not leave the room.
  7. Position the humidifier away from the electrical appliances (distance 1 m or more).
  8. Install the device on a flat surface.
  9. Do not admit full evaporation of water.

Rinse the humidifier at least once a week and change water, even if it has not yet ended.

When washing the internal surfaces, avoid using aggressive detergents and rigid sponges. 4Change the filter in a timely manner. If you comply with all these recommendations, the humidifier will serve you faithfully for a long time.  

Article rating: rating: .



Air humidifier - indispensable for the normalization of the microclimate in the room device, which Can not only moisturize, but also clean, heat or cool the air

Low humidity levels adversely affects the overall health of human, flooring, furniture and plants.

And this means, in order to avoid the manifestation of negative reactions, it is necessary to look at this electrospode and think about buying it.

Use the functional apparatus is quite simple

But the choice of the best model requires certain knowledge. Next, the article discusses an overview of all important parameters that will help choose the best humidifier for an apartment or at home. To choose a reliable and proven moisturizer, we suggest familiarizing yourself with the most popular models in terms of price and quality.

The table contains the models that have received the highest reviews on the Yandex.Market service. What is an air humidifier?

For your information!

The air humidifier is a modern climatic electrical appliance designed to increase the level of humidity in the premises.


Differs high performance, silent work, ease of operation and maintenance, as well as safety.

Therefore, it is great for families who have small children.

Air equipment

helps to clean the room

Since all dust and dirt particles are settled in the device filters and are eliminated by washing the humidifier. As a result, the air becomes not only more humid, but also clean.

In what cases is it necessary? Dry air in an apartment or office becomes a frequent cause of the development of many diseases.

You should know! It is for this reason that doctors recommend installing humidifiers in preventive purposes to protect themselves and their loved ones from the cold.

Especially effective device will be during the heating season

When the air temperature indoors increases significantly.

Thanks to the possibility of cleaning the air from dust, the device will become

Indispensable for people suffering from allergies. Harmes the lack of moisture not only to people, but also indoor plants. Without receiving a sufficient amount of liquid, the flowers can plant or lose freshness, which means to give up the acquisition of a functional home assistant, and those who love to engage in plants.

Types of devices

On the domestic household appliances market

Presented three types of air humidifiers

Each of which has its own characteristics, advantages and disadvantages.

After examining them, choose the device suitable in all parameters will not be difficult even if such a gadget is bought for the first time. Traditional

The principle of operation of traditional moisturizers is the cold evaporation of water.

  • Inside the device, trays are installed with grid cartridges located in them - they are wetted by water coming from a separate container.
  • Due to the built-in fan, air humidification occurs naturally
  • high performance;
  • However, due to the characteristic noise during operation, the device may prevent the rest of the households.
  • Benefits
  • automatic regulation of humidity level;

Lack of opportunity to get a burn;

  • Aromatization of air;
  • concise design;
  • acceptable price.


additional costs for interchangeable cartridges; the need to use purified water; Noise during work.


Device Working on the principle of an electric kettle. Pre-floor water heats up with a built-in ceramic plate or spiral, evaporating in the boiling process.

The principle of operation of traditional moisturizers is the cold evaporation of water.

  • After the liquid is completely popped, the relay is triggered, and then the machine is turned off.
  • In his configuration
  • Steam air important
  • It has hygrostat and inhaler used for therapeutic purposes.
  • highly efficient work;

Lack of opportunity to get a burn;

  • Instant moistening of air mass;
  • the use of any water;
  • applications as an inhaler;

Attractive appearance.

electricity consumption; The risk of getting a hot steam burn;

The device is noise during moisturizing.


The most popular type of moisturizer,

The principle of operation of traditional moisturizers is the cold evaporation of water.

  • characterized by rapid moisture of air masses in both small and large premises.
  • After pressing the switching button from the reservoir, the water enters the plate vibrating in the ultrasound range.
  • With the help of vibration, the liquid decays to the smallest drops.
  • They have a small weight and easily climb into the air, creating a cold fog in the room, which does not represent any danger to the user.
  • the ability to set the required level of humidity;
  • safety operation;
  • Large set of additional options;
  • Comfortable control panel;

Lack of opportunity to get a burn;

  • high-quality air purification;
  • low electricity consumption;

compactness and low weight;

Silent work.

higher cost;

The need to regularly purify the device. Criterias of choice

Deciding to purchase a humidifier of air, it will be pre-familiar with the main criteria for choosing a functional home assistant.

They will help you buy the best model for your home with a set of useful options.


Special attention should be paid to several parameters that determine the operation of the electrical appliance and the convenience of its operation.

Performance and maintenance area

The higher the performance indicator, the faster after turning on the device, the user will feel as the air indoor has changed. Powerful models are able to instantly moisten the air in


premises up to 70 sq.m.

But, For a small apartment there will be enough model with an indicator of 30-35 sq.m.

Method of accommodation By type of installation, humidifiers are two species: desktop and outdoor.

Desktop devices

Usually more compact, due to which buyers prefer exactly such an option. Note! :

  • Devices intended for installation on the floor are less popular, however, often their cost below. Applied filters and their parameters
  • Today Popular manufacturers produce air humidifiers with such types of filter elements like
  • carbonic. Made on the basis of activated carbon, delaying allergens and bacteria, as well as eliminating unpleasant odors and impurities in the air;
  • Rough Cleaning - are a frame with a stretched plastic or metal grid. The element is used in traditional humidifiers and helps to clean the air from large dust particles, animal and insect wool;
  • electrostatic - It is represented in the form of several plates creating an electrostatic charge in the air stream. Dust particles stick to positively charged plates, settled in a separate container. The filter is used in ultrasound devices;

Water consumption

Photocatalytic - cassette with catalyst and ultraviolet lamp. With the interaction of the catalyst and UV rays, substances are produced with high oxidative capacity. As a result, almost all mechanical and organic components are destroyed;

Nera - high-tech device capturing microparticles that are in the air. The non-filters are classified according to the degree of purification, but expensive models eliminate up to 99% of pollution.

Keep in mind!

A parameter that characterizes the capacity of an electrical appliance.

Different models this indicator

varies within 20-600 ml per hour. The more, the faster the device will be able to moisten the air in the room.

Duration of work

Duration of work shows how long the device exhaust all the water from the tank. .

The duration of the device can be from 5 to 24 hours, but

The optimal option will be the device, designed for 12-15 hours of operation. Noise level

Silent device work will become an incomparable advantage of the device

As this will allow you to install the device in any room, without worrying about the possibility of disrupting the sleep of close people or prevent their rest.


The optimal option is the device with an indicator of up to 40 dB - such a device will not be able to distract the user and will do its work without attracting attention.

Control: Mechanical, electronic

You can find electrical appliances with mechanical and electronic control type.

Devices are equally convenient in operation. , but,

Devices equipped with an electronic control panel are more expensive.

It warns that the details of the humidifier need cleaning or replacement.

Availability of indicators

Availability of indication of inclusion, water level and filter pollution It will help to simplify work with the device.

After all, thus, the user will immediately notice that the humidifier is time to fill with liquid or insert a replaceable filter.

Modern air humidifiers are equipped with a multitude of useful options, often significantly increasing the cost of the device. Attention!

To purchase a suitable model without spending unnecessary tools, it is important to know without any functions, if there are allergies or small children in the family.

Aromatization of air

The presence of flavoring function Allows you to quickly and efficiently get rid of unpleasant odors and conduct an aromatherapy session.

To do this, the user will only have to pour into a small amount of essential oil into a special container and place it in the compartment.


Models S. The function of moisturizing and ionization fill the air in the room by negatively charged ions and purify air masses from various impurities. In addition, air quality increases significantly, and malicious bacteria and microbes are completely destroyed.


But the choice of the best model requires certain knowledge. Next, the article discusses an overview of all important parameters that will help choose the best humidifier for an apartment or at home. Function

Used to disinfect various items and surfaces, combating microbes and viruses

, refreshing air and purification of water.


The device with ultraviolet is characterized by the possibility of neutralizing bacteria and viruses that cause colds. Ultraviolet destroys DNA of microorganisms and sterilize air masses.

  • Therefore, the user can be sure that it will breathe only clean and fresh air. Price categories The cost of various models of air humidifiers
  • It will differ depending on what kind of selected device belongs to: traditional - Buy an electrical appliance can be
  • ultrasonic 4000-5000 rubles; steam

- The cost varies within

6000-10 000 rubles; - Buy the device will be for

7000-14 000 rubles. Which option is better to choose for an apartment? .

Its useful to note!

The optimal option for the apartment, experts in the field of household appliances are called an ultrasonic humidifier.

There There must be a spacious water tank and several additional functions that ensure reliable protection against viruses and bacteria.

  • A good decision will be the acquisition of a traditional device that is characterized by highly efficient work and an acceptable price.
  • Which option to choose for a children's room?
  • When choosing an air humidifier for installation in a children's room
  • The following parameters must be taken into account:
  • high device performance;

sufficient water reservoir; the presence of a hygrometer;

The need to regularly purify the device. low noise during operation;

Replaceable filters and the possibility of their acquisition.

The best option will be an ultrasound device.

, designed quickly, and most importantly, high quality moisturize and clean the air, eliminating any unpleasant odors.

  1. Humidifiers for children's rooms have an attractive appearance and can be made in the form of favorite cartoon characters or animals.
  • They do not have a large set of functions, however, absolutely safe for kids and inexpensive.
  • Popular manufacturers
  • Among the many companies engaged in the production of climatic equipment are the most popular are:
  • Xiaomi is a proven Chinese company, widely known high quality devices and their durability. The best-selling models were:
  1. Electrolux VH MAN;
  • DEM-SJS600;
  • Smartmi Air Humidifier.
  • - Swedish company, one of the world's leading manufacturers of professional and home appliances. According to experts, models deserve special attention:
  1. EHU-3310D / 3315D; EHU-3710D / 3715D;
  • Yoga Health Line EHU-3815D;
  • Yoga Health Line Ehu-3810d.
  • Stadler Form
  • - Swiss company, which is engaged in the development and production of household appliances for a comfortable life. In great demand, buyers use such devices as:
  1. Boneco. Fred;

Oskar Original O-020or;

Oskar Big ORIGINAL O-040OR;

Oskar Little O-060.

- Swiss trademark, producing high-quality humidifiers and air purifiers. Among the large number of instruments offered by the manufacturer, users choose:

See our article with full-fledged

Rating humidifiers

where the top 20 models are assembled by buyers' estimates and reviews.

Reviews If you used the goods about which there was a speech in the article, please leave the feedback in the form below. Your feedback will help someone to make a choice. Thank you for sharing your experience! (5REVIEW BOX 0.

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Aromatization. Some devices are equipped with an aroma-suite device, which poured essential oil. When the humidifier works, an enjoyable smell is spreading around the room, for example, eucalyptus or sandalle. Moms often use fir oil to neutralize the air when the child is sick. Remember that in the main capacity of humidifiers, pour something other than water is strictly prohibited, otherwise you can damage the internal parts of the device.

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  • When choosing a humidifier for home, pay attention to The following points: ;
  • Important parameters are Performance and area of ​​maintenance, water consumption and duration of work For convenient operation, it is also necessary to consider Availability of indicators and management type

Best option for apartment and children's room

will be

Ultrasonic humidifier

With multiple additional features.

Useful video

From this video you will learn how to choose an air humidifier for an apartment and for children:

With the onset of the heating season, an interest in the domestic humidifiers of air - appliances designed to provide the most comfortable humidity in the residential room was predictable. Often, other devices (for example, air washing with a humidifier function) are often performed, but they relate to another category of household appliances.

Let's take a look at modern humidifiers and will understand what they happen and how to choose the most appropriate model.

Types of moisturizers

Household humidifiers presented in the modern market are three types: traditional, steam and ultrasound. The distribution by types occurs unevenly: so, at the time of preparation of this material, according to Yandex.Market, there are 116 models of traditional humidifiers, 485 ultrasound and only 11 steam pieces. Based on these data, it can be argued that the most common today is not traditional, as it would be logical to expect, but ultrasound humidifiers. The steam and almost came out of turnover at all and, thus, are unlikely to present interest to us. What do these models differ?

Traditional humidifiers

Traditional humidifiers moisturize air, "blowing" it through a cassette, a filter or a different item, rich in water. Thus, they work on the principle of natural evaporation. These devices consume relatively some electricity (from 20 to 60 W) and moderately purify the air during operation due to the sedimentation of the dust part in the water. The key disadvantages of such devices are relatively low performance and the need to regularly change the water (it is contaminated) and the filter / cassette (however, some is allowed to wash repeatedly - then you can change it, for example, once a year). The main advantage - air with this method of moisturizing is moistened to the worse, the higher its humidity - thus, the optimal level of humidity starts to be maintained automatically. Well, the cleaning of air from dust is also a unchecked function.

Traditional air humidifier Boneco Air-O-Swiss

Ultrasound humidifiers

Ultrasound humidifiers create cold pairs (in fact, to be physically accurate - more fog), consisting of the smallest particles of water. The "grinding" of water is made using a special membrane, which fluctuates at high frequencies (hence the name of this type of instruments). Ultrasound models on average consume no more than 50 W, have an average productivity and sometimes allow water heating. Couple, therefore, will be fed warmed, and the room will not be cooled. It is clear that for such an option you will have to pay not only increased price of the device itself, but also increased energy consumption. One of the key claims for ultrasonic humidifiers is the appearance of a characteristic white plaque on furniture if the usual tap water is used. In addition, if there is no built-in humidity sensor (hygrometer) in the ultrasound humidifier, it will moisten the air and after reaching the required level of humidity - no "self-regulation", as in the case of traditional humidifiers, does not occur in this case.

Steam humidifiers

Steam humidifiers, as easy to guess, provide moisturizing from air by spraying hot steam. The principle of operation of such a device is very simple: water is fed to a special container in which it heats up and evaporates. Such a device will not require special filters for cleaning and will be easy to care. Pay for this will have to be increased energy consumption and, as a result, an increase in the temperature in the room (which, however, can be interpreted and how dignity - if the humidifier is supposed to be used where heating does not prevent). Additional advantage is that moisturizing happens to ferry - that is, in fact, distilled water.

But the increased level of noise is worth the advantage of any way: use the steam humidifier in the bedrooms will not like everything. Complaints were also seen that such devices are dried by room plants, and with the wrong choice of the power of the device (if the humidifier is too powerful, or if it is installed in a too small room), the sauna effect is easily created in the room.

Steam Humidifier Stadler Form Fred F-008EH with funny design

Functions and characteristics

Despite the differences in principle, all household humidifiers have general characteristics and functions for which they can be compared even without taking into account. We will look at the most important and explain what they mean from a practical point of view.

Evaporation rate and tank capacity

For each humidifier, you can find specific specifications such as water consumption and tank capacity. Based on this data, it will be easy to calculate how long the device is able to work without refueling and how much water will fall into the air. For example, if the device consumes 400 milliliters per hour and has a volumetric volume in three liters, then without topping the water, the device will work less than eight hours. Agree, this is quite a bit: it's not enough even to maintain comfortable moisture for 8-hour sleep. Volume of served premises .

Duration of work

It is clear that the more water the evaporator is able to submit to the air per unit of time, the greater the volume of the room it is able to serve. In order not to create an additional confusion, the developers almost always indicate which room is calculated by a particular device. You can meet compact humidifiers designed to work in rooms with an area of ​​20 square meters, or much more powerful models that can moisturize air on an area of ​​60-80 square meters.

To decide which volume of the humidifier is optimal for the room, its area should be known. For example, the volume of 4-5 liters will be enough for a room in 20 square meters, and for 30 meters we would recommend paying attention to the model with a tank capacity of 6-7 liters.

True, there is one small "but" - speaking only about the area of ​​the room, manufacturers, apparently, use some averaged value to the height of the ceilings - after all, in fact, the humidifier does not moisturize the square, but


As the humidifier is often launched at night (especially if there is no one in the afternoon), the noise level is one of the key criteria for which you need to pay attention to when choosing such an appliance. The best way to find out the noise level is to refer to the instructions and get acquainted with the technical characteristics of the humidifier. It is quite good characteristics of the stated noise level of 25-30 dB, but even in such a seemingly simple question, "pitfalls" are present.

First, most of the humidifiers from time to time very clearly bouffacent, taking another portion of water. It is impossible to avoid this, and the volume of bouffags can vary significantly from the model to the model.

Secondly, the source of undesirable noise can be a device alert system that feeds the signal that water in the tank is coming to an end. Agree, it will be quite unpleasant to hear a warning beep in the middle of the night. And if it turns out to be a long or repeating - the level of water will have to check the personnel every night before launching the humidifier. Not too comfortable.

Built-in hygrometer and gyrostat

Some humidifiers are equipped with a built-in hygrometer (moisture level meter) and a gyrostat that allows you to adjust the intensity of moisture. Despite the fact that we would not recommend entirely to trust the measurement data of the built-in hygrometer (after all, it measures the humidity only in the immediate vicinity of the humidifier), we estimate the presence of these functions is very high.

The fact is that in everyday life we ​​do not need to know the exact values ​​of humidity in the apartment: just to understand enough, it is comfortable to breathe or not. And therefore, even if the hygrometer testimony is inaccurate, we can easily choose a comfortable level of humidity, taking into account the measurement errors simply by samples and errors. Well, if the device is able to automatically maintain the established humidity level - then the room will always be supported in the same comfortable climate. There are also models with built-in thermometers and other additional features.

Management type

Simple models of humidifiers are controlled using the built-in control panel. More advanced models have a remote control (like a TV). It is clear that the second method will be much more comfortable and comfortable.

Finally, the most advanced Xiaomi Smartmi Humidifier 2 devices allow remote control from the smartphone. Such humidifiers, as a rule, operate within the Unified System "Smart House" and open up to the owner of quite wide opportunities. By connecting the humidifier to the Wi-Fi home network, the user can get data on its operation remotely on the screen of his smartphone. With the help of the same smartphone, you can find out what is the humidity in the room at the current time, run or stop the operation of the device, as well as configure special automatic rules that allow the humidifier to work in automatic mode - according to a given schedule, or coordinating its actions with other devices (for example, With the same humidity sensors, also connected to the smart home system).

Humidifier Xiaomi Smartmi Zhimi Air Humidifier 2

Indication of operating modes and backlight

In most cases, the user communication with the humidifier is limited to obtaining information about the current situation in the room and choosing one of the modes of operation. To display this data, a backlit display is usually used, which can be as a plus (information from such a display is easy to read even with bright sunlight), and a minus (too bright and unconnected display can deliver tangible discomfort at night). Based on this, we would recommend before purchasing the selected model to take a look at the device live or, if it is impossible, at least study the relevant information on the Internet (for example, the presence of a special "night regime" is likely to indicate that too bright illumination is not It will prevent you during sleep).



Despite the fact that the household humidifier is a fairly simple device, its design features can significantly affect the convenience of operation. The most frequent operations when working with the humidifier are the filling of the tank (adding water), as well as cleaning the insides of the tank and parts of the instrument in contact with water. Surprisingly, designers and developers still continue to allow serious miscalculations in this part: so, for example, many tanks do not allow watering water (for this it is necessary to completely remove the tank), others - create certain difficulties in care (due to the availability of hard to access for Cleaning places). Finally, in some models it turns out to be adjusted to the direction of the steam supply, which is why water drops can be formed on furniture or the body of the instrument (which are subsequently inevitably stack down). Sadly, but the fact: frankly unsuccessful in terms of ergonomics of humidifiers in the market. Therefore, before buying the device, you need to twist it in your hands and literally imagine all the actions that will need to perform with it: how will you pour water, how to clean, will it be convenient? Etc.

Humidifiers for children may look almost like


Almost all humidifiers, regardless of the species, are sensitive to water quality. Conventional tap water may be too rigid or contaminated, so in a number of models there is a filtering system for cleaning from impurities. The service life of such filters does not exceed several months even if distilled or boiled water is used.

Aromatization. Some devices are equipped with an aroma-suite device, which poured essential oil. When the humidifier works, an enjoyable smell is spreading around the room, for example, eucalyptus or sandalle. Moms often use fir oil to neutralize the air when the child is sick. Remember that in the main capacity of humidifiers, pour something other than water is strictly prohibited, otherwise you can damage the internal parts of the device.

Some moisturizers models allow special odorless mixtures (essential oils) to water, allowing the air not only the necessary level of humidity, but also a pleasant smell. On numerous sites, you can read that certain oils have a positive effect on various aspects of the work of the human body (for example, help from headaches, help to fall asleep or vice versa - wake up, normalize pressure, etc.), however, we do not understand the data On relevant studies, adhere to a skeptic point of view and believe that this function performs exclusively "decorative" character. Do you like to smell in the air - why not?

Ionization of air

Many humidifiers are advertised as instruments that perform air ionization feature, which consists in supplying high voltage to the electrodes, as a result of which the number of charged particles, so-called aeroions increase in air. This process is accompanied by the "smell of freshness" and (according to many marketers) positively affects human well-being. We prefer not to comment on these statements and are grateful to readers who will have references to scientific research confirming either refuting them.

However, we must mention about one effect: with charged particles "bonded" particles of dust in the air, after which the charged dust seeks to neutralize its charge by sticking to the nearest surface. In practice, this means that dust will be more efficient to settle on the furniture, from where it is easy to remove using an ordinary rag. However, it will have to come at home more often.

Despite the fact that air humidifiers are pretty simple devices designed to perform one simple task - to saturate the air with water molecules, underwater stones when choosing a humidifier, you can find a lot. Here and frankly unsuccessful structures, leaving behind the puddles, and flawed designers, "forgotten" to provide the ability to disconnect the sound signals or the presence of a special night mode. There are simply devices uncomfortable in operation ...

If you make all these problems for brackets, then the choice of humidifier is caused by answers to several questions like "Whether you want to get warm or cold couples", "how much water you want to put in a room for a unit of time, and whether it will be enough", "you need whether you remote control ", etc.

Well, for lovers of equipment and computer gicks, the humidifier can become another toy that allows you to combine the device into the smart home system and customize it automatic work.

Ultrasonic air humidifier photo

Studying the effectiveness of household humidifiers, it will not be superfluous to arm a separate humidity sensor. The fact is that air humidity sensors built into their humidifiers themselves may noticeably err in the testimony. In addition, they are able to measure only humidity in close proximity to the device, while the sensor data located at a certain distance from the humidifier will be most indicative (for example, in the other end of the room).

Only by receiving measurement data from different points of the room, you can be sure that the humidity in the apartment corresponds to the recommended 40% -60% (and even better - 50% -60%).

    • The humidifier increases the humidity indoors and makes the air less dry. It is especially important to use a moisturizer in winter when the cold air when heated becomes even more dry, provoking static electricity, drying up furniture, itching of the skin, eye dryness, asthma symptoms and allergies. How to choose an air humidifier
    • Modern humidifiers are based on the principles of evaporation or splashing water vapor into the environment. Several factors that need to be considered when choosing a humidifier.
    • The size of the water reservoir. The size of the device is determined by the size of the room, the air in which you are going to moisturize. If this is one small room, you will need a portable humidifier. If you need to use the entire room or a whole house, the size of the humidifier should be greater.

Cold or warm evaporation.

  • Humidifier with cold evaporation adds humidity indoors by spraying a cool pair. Such a device is suitable for those who live in areas with a warm climate or for summer time. Accordingly, the humidifier with warm steam is more suitable for the inhabitants of the cold climate. Some models with warm steam can be used as inhalers. Built-in hygrometer and hygrostat.
  • The hygrometer measures the humidity of the air surrounding device. Built-in hygrostat will allow you to regulate the humidity in the room and automatically maintain at a given level. The ideal is considered humidity in the range of 45-50%. If the humidity increases more than 50%, it contributes to the reproduction of dust ticks, bacteria and mold spore.
  • White laid formation. When the operation of some humidifiers, mostly ultrasound, the furniture creates a thin white dust film. This mineral dust can have a negative impact on health.
  • Automatic shutdown. Humidifiers who do not know how to turn off automatically become fire hazardous when water ends in them. Without fluid, the engine overheats and can light up.
  • Cleaning and care. Make sure the device is easily cleaned, otherwise it will become a source of bacteria. Some moisturizers models require daily filling water and rinsing. Filters should be regularly cleaned and replaced in a timely manner. Dear models are equipped with filters that do not require replacement.


Noise level.

    • All humidifiers are noisy during the operation of the motor, which can interfere with night sleep. Advanced models are equipped with several ways to function, including night mode with reduced noise production. Cost.

When calculating the budget, consider costs not only to purchase the device, but also the cost of operation and maintenance. Humidifiers with cold evaporation require adding an antibacterial additive into water. For models with interchangeable filters and cartridges, the periodic replacement of these parts will be required.

  • The factors below can not pay attention, since they do not affect the performance of the device. The principle of functioning of the humidifier with a cold ferry.
  • Evaporative models (vaporizers) use a fan to blow air through wet wick. Ultrasonic humidifiers are used in the work of a vibration sprayer for water spraying. Impeller models create steam with a rotating blade. Regardless of the principle of operation, the humidifier of adequate size generates a sufficient number of steam.


Humidifier-2.Some models are equipped with a timer, which is programmed to turn on the instrument, so that the air was moistened to your arrival home. However, the water remaining in a container of a non-working humidifier for several hours serves as a nutrient medium for bacteria. Additional tasks: ozonation, flavoring, ionization. Many models are equipped with special capsules in which a flavoring agent is poured. Apparatuses with ionization charge negatively part of the molecules emitted, which has a positive effect on air quality. Separate models have an ultraviolet lamp and ozonizer for indoor disinfection. These functions are used as desired and do not affect the operation of the device.

Best Humidifier Air With Cold Ferry

[PROFITPRICE] Boneco U201 [/ ProfitPrice]

Boneco U201

  • - Ultrasonic model of a humidifier with integrated mechanical control of humidification rate. The blue light illumination can serve as a night light, if necessary, it turns off.
  • The room can be aromaticized, the rotary sprayer works 360 degrees. The device is turned off with an empty container automatically. The design includes a filter cartridge for protection against a white plaque, a silver rod for ionization and preventing the reproduction of bacteria in a container.
  • The water container is equipped with a handle for moving. Granulated powder for refilling the cartridge reduces the cost of its maintenance.
  • Specifications
  • Area: up to 47 square meters. m.
  • Water consumption: 295 ml / hour.
  • Power: 20 watts.
  • Container capacity: 3.6 liters.



  • Noise value: 25 dB.
  • Size: 24 x 12 x 26.3 cm.
  • Indicator of the amount of water.


  • Weight: 1.8 kg.
  • Reduced noise level.

The highlight function allows you to apply the device as a night light.

Compact lightweight model.

Little water tank.

No hygrometer is provided.

humidifierCustomer Reviews According to reviews, the device works quietly, but for a long time there is not enough capacity, it is necessary to fill the tank every 10 hours. If you use filtered water, the plaque on the surface is almost not formed. The device is high-quality assembly, compact and neat. It is considered simple in circulation, well moisturizes room air. Replaceable cartridges are available for purchase in the store.

Best Ultrasonic Air Humidifier


Boneco U201

  • Stadler Form Jack J-020/021
  • - This model can warm up the sprayed water, eliminating the bacteria and viruses with an antibacterial filter containing silver ions. The hydrostat is built into the device turns off the device if necessary.
  • Protection from the built-in plaque is provided with the help of a decalcining filter, making water to the tank of any quality in the tank. The design includes an ultrasonic gold membrane, a rotary dispenser to select one of two pair directions.
  • You can use flavors. The model is made in white and black color with night and economical modes of work.
  • Power: 20 watts.
  • Area: up to 65 square meters. m.
  • Container capacity: 5 liters.
  • LCD screen with sensory control.
  • Noise value: 29 dB.
  • Night mode.



  • Size: 23 x 31.6 x 16.5 cm.
  • The power of the device: 38-135 W.
  • Noise value: 25 dB.
  • Water consumption: 480 ml / hour.


  • Weight: 3.2 kg.
  • Compact size of the device.

The highlight function allows you to apply the device as a night light.

High performance.

Large tank capacity.

boneco_u201wIncomplete protection against white plaque. Inaccurate readings of the built-in hygrometer. The device has an interesting design, the management is simple. Quiet enough in work, the head is small. Easy removal compartment with water. There are complaints on the inaccurate operation of the built-in hygrometer and the occurrence of white plaque inside the tank and outside the device. Due to high performance, it is necessary to add water frequently.

The best humidifier "all in one"


Neoclima NCC-868

Boneco U201

  • - ultrasonic climatic complex with cleaning functions, humidification, ionization and ozonation of air. 4 modes of air treatment velocity are provided.
  • Cleaning is performed using a HEPA filter, photocatalytic and coal filters, as well as ozonizer and ultraviolet lamp. Thoughtful work of 4 instrument modes, including night and automatic modes.
  • The device performs bacterial purification and air disinfection, eliminates smells and improves the quality of room air.
  • Protection against children and from tipping the device. The built-in hygrometer is equipped with a function with stabilization of humidity in the desired value and configured with a 5% step.
  • Area: 50 square meters. m.
  • Machine power: 95 watts.
  • The degree of ionization: 8 million ions / cm.
  • Power: 20 watts.
  • Water spending: 300 ml / hour.
  • The degree of ozonation: 50 mg / hour.
  • Noise value: 22-30 dB.
  • LCD screen.


  • Humidity indicator.
  • Touch air pollution sensor.
  • Weight: 8.1 kg.
  • Size: 43 x 45 x 19.8 cm.


  • Favorable price for this class of devices.
  • The presence of all functions for air quality control in one device.
  • Several stages of air purification.

The highlight function allows you to apply the device as a night light.

High performance apparatus.

Heavy overall model.

Uninformative instructions for the device.


Settings when the device is turned off is not saved. The device is considered as a convenient multifunctional device with a favorable value ratio and quality. There are disadvantages of construction, difficulty with cleaning the device. In general, a rather noisy device, in the night mode, an acceptable sound of flowing water is heard.

To achieve efficiency, it is necessary to competently use the functions of ionization and ozonation. The built-in hygrometer provides correct readings, but the display is completely not turned off even in the night mode.

Best traditional air humidifier

Boneco W2055dr.

Boneco U201

  • - ultrasonic climatic complex with cleaning functions, humidification, ionization and ozonation of air. 4 modes of air treatment velocity are provided.
  • Area: up to 65 square meters. m.
  • - The model is positioned as a "car wash", combining the wiring tasks and cleaning room air. Able to work in two modes with a different noise productivity - night and daytime.
  • Power: 20 watts.
  • The device is designed on the principle of cold evaporation, splashing water dust. A patented design of disks with a microspheric structure is used, through which the room air is passed and settles the pollen, dust particles, animal wool, hair. Dirt settles on the pallet, which needs to be cleaned regularly.
  • Water disinfection technology is organized using a silver rod. There is a capsule for the aromatization and the function of the ionization of room air. The built-in hygrometer independently stabilizes the specified humidity in the room.
  • With a low fluid level, the machine automatically turns off. It is easy to operate - plastic parts of the device is allowed to be cleaned in the dishwasher.
  • Cleaning indicator.
  • Protection against children and from tipping the device. The built-in hygrometer is equipped with a function with stabilization of humidity in the desired value and configured with a 5% step.
  • The water container is equipped with a handle for moving. Granulated powder for refilling the cartridge reduces the cost of its maintenance.
  • Container capacity: 7 l.



  • Noise value: less than 35 dB.
  • LCD screen with automatic backlit.
  • Noise value: 25 dB.
  • Weight: 5.9 kg.
  • Size: 36 x 36 x 36 cm.


  • Moisturizing is combined with simultaneous air purification.
  • Antibacterial protection.

The highlight function allows you to apply the device as a night light.

Requires consumables.

Large volume of container.

Large dimensions of the model.

Stadler4-Form-Jack-J-020High cost of device. The device works quietly, even in the daily mode, in the night mode the device is practically sick. The container capacity is enough for a day of use. The device is well refreshing the room, easy to control, suitable for families in which there are children or pets. Easily clean pallet and discs, long service life. Cleans air from flying dust. On the glossy surface of the model, traces of fingers remain.

The best humidifier with a hygrometer

[PROFITPRICE] Boneco S450 [/ ProfitPrice]

Boneco S450.

Boneco U201

  • - Humidifier with warm steam for home or office. There are various pair settings and a built-in hygrometer that follows the humidity indicator in the room.
  • Water disinfection technology is organized using a silver rod. There is a capsule for the aromatization and the function of the ionization of room air. The built-in hygrometer independently stabilizes the specified humidity in the room.
  • With a low fluid level, the machine automatically turns off. It is easy to operate - plastic parts of the device is allowed to be cleaned in the dishwasher.
  • The device heats the water to 100 degrees, however, warm steam is safe when touched and does not cause firing. The model comes with two demineralizing cartridges that reduce calcination in the vaporizer container, and a special cleaning agent package.
  • Humidity installation levels are adjusted in the range from 30 to 70%. The automatic mode of operation provides for turning off the device at 50% of the humidity of the room, the economical mode turns off at 45%. Three levels of steam release are allowed: high, medium, low, as well as decalcination mode for easy cleaning.
  • - The model is positioned as a "car wash", combining the wiring tasks and cleaning room air. Able to work in two modes with a different noise productivity - night and daytime.
  • Power: 20 watts.
  • The device is turned off automatically if the container ended the liquid. The container is equipped with a handle for convenient use. Electronic control is easily configured. The device can be used to aromatize the room and in order to inhalation at home.
  • Coverage area: up to 60 square meters. m.
  • Water spending: 550 ml / hour.
  • Installation by timer.



  • Capacity: 7 liters.
  • Weight: 4.5 kg.
  • Size: 33.4 x 24 x 35.5 cm.
  • Power: 160-480 W.
  • Size: 36 x 36 x 36 cm.
  • The power of the device: 38-135 W.


  • Boiling water prevents the growth of bacteria in the device.
  • Antibacterial protection.

The highlight function allows you to apply the device as a night light.

Released steam is safe and does not cause firing.

Moisturizes the air in a large area.

Does not forms a white flare on the surfaces.

w2055d_boneco_packshotNoisy work, can be unacceptable for use at night. There is a high-quality design of the device and a large water container. The device increases the temperature in the room where it is installed. It has good performance, but overestimated price. The tank is easy to refuel and transferred for the handle. The device requires weekly cleansing from scale. From the disadvantages there is a strong noise in all modes, a short cord.

Best Aromatization Humidifier

Boneco U201

  • Ballu UHB-400
  • - humidifier with ultrasound action and with built-in container for aromatization. The sprayer can be deployed by 360 degrees. There are two colors for wood colors. Disconnected highlighting allows you to apply this model as a night light.
  • The kit includes a filter cartridge, due to which the container can be filled with tap water to moisture. A desktop or outdoor installation of the device is allowed. The mechanical control is provided with the possibility of adjusting the evaporation rate. The device is independently disconnected when the reservoir with water is empty.
  • Area: 40 square meters. m.
  • Power: 20 watts.
  • Capacity container: 2.8 liters.
  • Protection against children and from tipping the device. The built-in hygrometer is equipped with a function with stabilization of humidity in the desired value and configured with a 5% step.



  • Weight: 1.15 kg.
  • Noise value: 35 dB.
  • The power of the device: 38-135 W.


  • Power: 28 W.
  • Size: 19.8 x 28.8 x 19.8 cm.
  • Lightweight small model.

The highlight function allows you to apply the device as a night light.

A budget option.

There is no built-in hygrometer and timer.

Little water container.

S-L1600.Uncomfortable to pour water into the container. The device has an interesting design and intuitive management. The device works quietly, copes with its functions. When using the aromatization function, the fragrance in a few minutes is distributed throughout the room. The installed filter does not allow the formation of a white plaque, but the surface around the device becomes wet. It is noted an uncomfortable location of the backlight button on the bottom of the case.

Best air humidifier with ionizer

Boneco U201

  • Area: up to 47 square meters. m.
  • Power: 20 watts.
  • Polaris PUH 4545 Wave
  • - Ultrasonic model of the humidifier equipped with a built-in ionizer, which helps to improve air quality. The timer on the automatic switching on the device is set from 1 to 9 hours. The remote control is provided with the model, the evaporation rate is adjusted.
  • The auto-disconnect function will turn off the device in the absence of water in the tank. It is allowed three velocities for the release of steam in two different directions. A ceramic filter for cleaning and built-in hygrometer is used.
  • Area: 24 square meters. m.
  • Container capacity: 4.5 liters.


  • Size: 23 x 37.7 x 14 cm.
  • Power: 30 watts.
  • The power of the device: 38-135 W.


  • Weight: 2 kg.
  • Water spending: 350 ml / hour.

The highlight function allows you to apply the device as a night light.

The remote control of the device with the remote control is provided.

The optimal value ratio and quality.

When using tap water, a white flare on the surfaces is formed.

S450_Boneco_Image_mom_Kid.There is no night mode of operation of the device. The device has a simple control and a low noise level. Ionization gives freshness air in the room. A nice design is estimated, the compact size of the model and a spacious tank. The device creates a cloud of steam when working, the murmur of water is heard in silence. There are complaints of humidity in the built-in hygrometer. It is noted that when using bottled water, the white bloom is not formed.

The best humidifier of the air of natural evaporation


Boneco U201

  • - The model is made in a white and black case with built-in hygrostat and electronically control. The natural evaporation of the liquid is used. For the device, removable filters are not required, the integrated mechanical and antibacterial filters are sufficiently washed under water.
  • In the top of the case, the backlight is used, so that this device can be applied as a night light. When working in the night mode, the screen illumination turns off. The buttons are locked to protect the device from children and pets.
  • The timer sets the duration of the device from 1 to 8 hours. Equipped with ionization and fan speed adjustment. The device is equipped with a carrying handle, it turns off independently with complete evaporation of water.
  • The kit includes a filter cartridge, due to which the container can be filled with tap water to moisture. A desktop or outdoor installation of the device is allowed. The mechanical control is provided with the possibility of adjusting the evaporation rate. The device is independently disconnected when the reservoir with water is empty.
  • Area: 19 square. m.
  • Container capacity: 2.2 liters.
  • Power: 20 watts.
  • Water spending: 200 ml / hour.



    • LCD screen with backlit.
    • Size: 33 x 26.5 x 24 cm.

Weight: 3.5 kg.


  • Size: 19.8 x 28.8 x 19.8 cm.
  • Power: 15 watts.
  • Non-futured service.

The highlight function allows you to apply the device as a night light.

Resistant to tipping the design.

Natural moisturizing prevents the likelihood of excessive moistening of the room.

The device is suitable for small rooms.


Small power affects the efficiency of air purification function. This is a compact model that is easy to wash. The device works silently, durable design of high-quality assembly. No need to acquire additional consumables, the filter is washed with flowing water.

The humidification function works well, but due to the low power of the device, air purification function is poorly. The hygrometer shows three levels of humidity - low, normal, high - instead of digital values. There are complaints to the accuracy of the moisture level of the built-in hygrometer.

Boneco U201

  • Best Air Humidifier Battery
  • Ceramic humidifier "Relief"
  • - It is a set of containers that are suspended to the heating radiator with special hooks. Water is poured into the container, which is heated due to the hot radiator.



  • As a result, water from tanks evaporates and moisturizes the room. This design is suitable for use in the cold season. It is possible to add essential oils for aromatherapy into water.
  • Container capacity: 1 l.
  • Size: 10 x 20 x 5 cm.
  • Weight: 0.41 kg.
  • Does not consume electricity.


  • Compact and lightweight.
  • Safe when used.
  • You can use water of any quality.

The highlight function allows you to apply the device as a night light.

Budget device.

The device is effectively only in a small room.

Electrolux-EHAW-9010D-800x800It will not be possible to use the device outside the heating season. No control of air humidity. The design of such a humidifier fits well into the interior. Occasionally, it is required to top up water, but it is more efficient to use on flat radiators. Such a model is considered as an economically advantageous acquisition that does not need complex care. The container is not required to shoot from the battery, you can pour water right in place.

The best humidifier for children

Boneco U201

  • B.Well WH-200
  • - Ultrasonic humidifier with mechanical control and design in the form of a toy. The device works 18 hours on one tank without topping water. The tank is equipped with a handle for moving.
  • Provided control of evaporation intensity. In the absence of water in the container, the machine automatically turns off. The device is equipped with a light indicator of work.
  • Room volume: 50 cubic meters. m.



  • Container capacity: 2 l.
  • Noise value: 25 dB.
  • Water spending: 120 ml / hour.
  • Weight: 5.9 kg.
  • Weight: 1.62 kg.


  • Size: 19 x 24 x 26 cm.
  • Specially designed for children's room design.
  • Size: 19.8 x 28.8 x 19.8 cm.
  • Budget model.

The highlight function allows you to apply the device as a night light.

Non-futured use.

There is no built-in hygrometer.

There are no additional functions except basic moisturizing.

ReliefLow device performance. The device works very quietly, steam is cool, the child will not be able to burn. Pleasant design likes children. The device is easy to clean and use. It is stable, equipped with a useful feature of auto power off. When working for maximum power around the device, moisture is settled. The device does not forms a white flare on the surfaces, but the cord is short.

Best silent air humidifier


Panasonic F-VXH50

Boneco U201

  • - The model uses the principle of natural humidification and advanced 3D-circulation of indoor air. The manufacturer gives 10 years for the service life of the filter.
  • Light sensor and blocking from children are provided. There are three levels of energy consumption, three modes with different noise levels: 18, 29 and 51 dB. The device turns off automatically in the absence of water and overturning the device.
  • There is a system of specially designed composite, moisturizing and deodorizing filters and a powerful air intake system with two fans. Filters are cleaned with a vacuum cleaner or brush.
  • The device is produced in three colors: silver, black and white. Standard operation mode is supplemented with economical, night and tobacco smoke cleaning mode. Ionization is carried out on specially developed technology with an anti-allergy effect.
  • Water spending: 300 ml / hour.
  • Power: 6-45 W.
  • Noise value: 18-51 dB.
  • Container capacity: 2.3 liters.
  • Water consumption: 500 ml / hour.



  • Size: 56 x 36 x 24 cm.
  • Filter Replacement Indicator.
  • Air purity indicator.
  • Weight: 8.6 kg.


  • The reduced noise level when the night mode is turned on.
  • Uncomplicated device maintenance.
  • Effectively eliminates smells of tobacco, food and perfume.
  • Size: 19.8 x 28.8 x 19.8 cm.

The highlight function allows you to apply the device as a night light.

High productivity model.

Large dimensions of the device.

High price.

B-WELL-WH-200Large water consumption. The device is considered by the owners as very quiet, it is practically silent when installing a night regime. Stably moisturizes the air and removes odors. The main indicators on the control panel are overtaken. The device is suitable for allerges and people who live pets. The quality of the assembly of the device is noted, but the high cost of components. A water container is small, often have to fill the tank.

Best humidifier without interchangeable elements


Boneco U201

  • Venta LW25
  • The device is designed on the principle of cold evaporation, splashing water dust. A patented design of disks with a microspheric structure is used, through which the room air is passed and settles the pollen, dust particles, animal wool, hair. Dirt settles on the pallet, which needs to be cleaned regularly.
  • - The device acts at the expense of cold evaporation, moistening air and cleaning it when running through water in the tank without using replaceable filters. Dust particles settled in the device, clean water evaporates.
  • The device is equipped with a digital thermohygrometer, which shows the air temperature and humidity. For the reservoir, water is suitable for any quality, it is possible to use flavors.
  • Power: 20 watts.
  • The model is made in a white and black case for three sizes of rooms. There are three modes of operation with different levels of noise. For antibacterial protection of water, a special means is added, which is acquired additionally from the manufacturer.
  • Area: up to 40 square meters. m.
  • Device functioning indicator.



  • Power: 3-8 W.
  • Weight: 3.8 kg.
  • Noise value: 24-44 dB.


  • Size: 30 x 30 x 33 cm.
  • Antibacterial protection.

The highlight function allows you to apply the device as a night light.

Due to the simple technology and the absence of replacement parts, the manufacturer guarantees the operation of the device for 10 years.

With natural evaporation, there will be no convergence of air indoors.

Very low power consumption.

F-VXH50-900X900.Requires the use of hygienic additives to avoid flowering water and reproduction of bacteria. Reliable and unpretentious instrument with a simple design. In hot weather, cools the air indoors when using cool water. The device quietly functions in the night mode, but it may seem noisy when working in the main mode. Well copes with the tasks of moisturizing and purifying air. The device is easy to maintain, the details are clean in the dishwasher.

Best Air Humidifier without White Waters


Boneco U201

  • Philips HU5931
  • - The model is positioned as a "air sink" with four moisture modes. The three-stage antibacterial cartridge prevents the spread of bacteria. The device controls air purity, removing dust particles.
  • The instrument operation timer is set to 12 hours. Water steam particles do not cause white plaque and the formation of water spots. The function of blocking the device from children and 5 fan speed modes is provided.
  • Automatic change in the fan speed occurs when a programmed humidity level is set. When the filter is contaminated, the device automatically turns off. LED indication turns off at night.
  • Area: up to 82 square meters. m.
  • Water consumption: 600 ml / hour.
  • Container capacity: 4 l.
  • LCD screen with air purity sensor.
  • Noise value: 32-58 dB.
  • Power: 6-16 watts.



  • Indicator lack of water.
  • Filter pollution indicator.
  • Size: 46 x 45 x 28 cm.
  • The power of the device: 38-135 W.


  • The reduced noise level when the night mode is turned on.
  • Uncomplicated device maintenance.
  • Effectively eliminates smells of tobacco, food and perfume.

The highlight function allows you to apply the device as a night light.

Weight: 8.8 kg.

Combining the tasks of purification and moisturizing room air.

Uncomplicated management.

A simple cleaning of the device.


The device independently stabilizes the humidity at the required level. The quality of the product assembly is noted. At the maximum mode, it works loudly, but with a low noise you can sleep, the display backlight turns off.

The control panel is intuitive. The device cleans the air indoors from pollen and dust with simultaneous moisture, eliminates static electricity in the air. After use, freshness of air is felt.

Suitable for allergies and people who live pets. Filters are easy to clean and change, but expensive materials are expensive.

What air humidifier is better to buy

When buying a humidifier, decide on the necessary size and productivity, focusing on the size of the room in which the device will be located.

Comfortable moisture in the room must be in the range of 30-50%. In winter, the level of moisture drops to 10% without the use of the indoor humidifier.

Small devices will be suitable for moisturizing in rooms with an area of ​​up to 30 square meters. m. Usually, these are budget models like ultrasonic B.well WH-200 or ceramic "relief" for heating radiator, but a small amount requires frequent water filling.

Medium-sized humidifiers like Venta LW25 are suitable for a room from 30 to 45 square meters. m. for premises from 45 to 90 square meters. m. Large models will be required as Philips HU5931. For premises above 90 sq. M. m. We need industrial humidifiers.

Humidifiers with a warm steam, such as Boneco Air-O-Swiss S450 bring water to a boil, then produce the resulting pairs, pre-reducing its temperature. Vaporizers with natural evaporation, for example, Boneco U201 or Electrolux EHAW-9010D / 9015D mini, moisturize a large area, they are cheaper and easier to operate, but no longer noisy and require careful cleansing.

Humidifiers with an ultrasound principle of work, such as Stadler Form Jack J-020/021, work quieter, because the design uses a vibrating sprayer instead of a conventional fan, which is provided for vaporizers.

Models with a hygrometer, for example, Boneco W2055DR, turn off when air humidity reaches the desired value. Built-in hygrostat, like Panasonic F-VXH50, allows you to maintain a given humidity for a long time.

If you acquire a model without a hygrometer, purchase a separate hygrometer or

Weather storage

To follow the humidity of the air in the room, and turn off the device, not allowing condensation on the windows.

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