How to stop watching porn - 21 way to get rid of dependence

Parliamentia (porn philia) is a psycho-physiological dependence. Just refusing viewing pornography from it not to get rid of - the body will require the physical level to meet their needs.

How to get rid of porndependence

21The way to help yourself or a close person to win the videos dependent

Harm and consequences from watching porn

  • Reducing self-esteem, formation of an inferiority complex. It is manifested due to the fact that men and women compare their genitals and their figures with those on the screen and in most cases losing them. A distorted idea that the opposite sex is needed precisely such dimensions and forms lead to problems with self-esteem.
  • Falling motivation in live communication with the opposite sex to further build relationships, family and sexual satisfaction of each other. Many are easier psychologically (because it is not necessary to experience failures in dating and communicating), financially, physically and in time to satisfy yourself or yourself.
  • Feeling guilt and condemnation after watching porn movies
  • Feeling helplessness - decrease in self-esteem
  • Quarrels in personal life
  • Commes
  • Divorce of spouses, end of relations of unmarried couple
  • Reducing the likelihood of a child and continue
  • Problems with excitation when practicing real sex - men do not get up for girls, girls do not feel attracted to a man

Causes of porn addiction

Parliamentia (porn philia) is a psycho-physiological dependence. Just refusing viewing pornography from it not to get rid of - the body will require the physical level to meet their needs.

Porn-dependent critically important to understand the essence of the problem, because Only in the presence of fundamental knowledge of causal relations, it is possible to form the hypotheses of its treatment.

Otherwise, there are large risks of spending time, money and strength on those treatments, which in principle are not able to help get rid of dependence and as a result - complete disappointment and lack of hope ever cope with the bad habit.

To understand the deep reasons for the appearance of porn addiction, it is necessary to consider this question from the point of view of physiology, neurology and psychology.

Physiological causes of porn and addiction

  1. Energy oversupply:
    • Passive lifestyle
    • Consumption of high-calorie food
  2. Bad sleep:
    1. Low physical activity

Outlying energy in aggregate with poor sleep stimulates dependent on viewing erotic video or intimate fantasies. Whatever the power of the will, it will not work for a long time - the energy needs to go somewhere.

Psychological reasons for porn and addiction

  1. Lack of joy, positive emotions in everyday life:
    • All day - work from morning to evening
    • Every day - the day of Groundhog, nothing new and unusual
  2. Permanent disappointment with a loved one:
    • Compare yourself and your beloved person with others in social networks. As a result, the lack of conformity of idealized parts of the body, lifestyle leads to disappointment
  3. Depression:
    • Broke up with beloved / loved ones
    • Divorced with her husband / wife
    • Ugasla passion in relationships

Neurological causes of porn addictions

Neurological causes smoothly flow from psychological. When a person feels bad, the natural reaction of the brain is to stimulate a person to receive a portion of pleasant emotions.

If the method of stimulation is chosen incorrectly and regularly repeats - a person is formed a harmful habit, which flows into a strong dependence fully controlled by the brain - the center of the nervous system.

To begin with, consider a number of definitions of the nervous system, for which we will rely further, when forming true causes of porndependence and ways to exit it:

  • Neuron is an electrically excitable cell of the nervous system, which is designed to receive from outside, processing, storing, transmitting and outputting information through electrical and chemical signals.
  • Sinaps - the place of contact between the two neurons.
  • Neurotransmitters (neurotransmitters, intermediaries) - biologically active chemicals by which the transmission of an electrochemical pulse from neuron to neuron through synapses is carried out.
  • Neurotransmission (neurointing or synaptic transmission) - electrical movements in synapses due to neurotransmitters.
  • The brain is the main organ of the central nervous system. Interacting by neurotransmission, neurons form complex electrical impulses that control the activities of the entire body .
  • The neuroplasticity of the brain is the property of the human brain, consideration of the possibility change , as well as restore lost links after damage or as an answer to external influences.
  • Dopamine - hormone and neurotransmitter, serves as an important part of the "remuneration system" of the brain, as it causes a sense of pleasure (or satisfaction) than affects the processes of motivation and training. Dopamine is naturally produced in large quantities during a positive, according to a subjective representation of a person, experience - for example: sex, tasty food, pleasant body sensations. Neurobiological experiments have shown that even memories of encouragement can increase the level of dopamine, so this neurotiator is used by the brain for assessment and motivation, fixing important to survival and continue

Based on these definitions, you can form the following conclusions:

  1. Our organism manages the brain
  2. The brain may vary under the influence of experience.
  3. The change in the brain affects the emission of dopamine, which occurs during the experience of positive (subjectively pleasant) experience

As a result, when a person looks pornography, he is experiencing a pleasant sensation (subjectively positive experience) - it stimulates the emission of dopamine, which enhances the relationship between neurons. The more often the pornography is being viewed - the stronger the connection. In addition, the stronger the experienced emotions - the stronger the connection.

The stronger the connection - the better the person remembers the information and reproduces it. Reproducing the scenes from pornography in memory, fantasizing, the person strengthens the neurons' communication even more.

With all the complexity and genius of the brain device, its resources are limited. Short-term memory (weak, not strong neural communication) and long-term memory (strong neural connections) have their limits, as well as the memory of any computer or telephone.

The neuroplasticity of the brain allows you to transfer data from short-term memory into long-term if it understands the high need for information and the need for regular use.

At the same time, if the information is not used in long-term memory for a long time, it is cleared. We give a brain, with limited resources, constantly developing, remaining the most effective in terms of performance, which would be impossible if all the data obtained is remembered for life and not cleared (remember how your phone or computer starts to slow down when it does not stay free space in it Memory).

As a result, it is possible to make an encouraging pin - in the way of the neuroplasticity of the brain, the porn dependence, formed by durable neural bonds, and referred to the long-term memory department can be cleaned of the brain. However, there are nuances here.

If you just stop watching pornography - nothing will change. This is because you do not force your brain to clean long-term memory. In order for this happened - you need to start regularly replenishing short-term memory with new neural connections - positive experience (pleasant experiences).

Here, it is extremely important to regularly, at least the same with which you watched porn to guarantee the strengthening of neural connections, translate them from short-term memory to long-term, cleaning there that are not used.

Those. In order to get rid of porndependence times and forever, it is critical to comply with 2 rules - not consistently, but at the same time:

  1. Do not look pornography, avoid any stimulants of sexual desires and memories
  2. Find ways to reward yourself, feel pleasant experiences (the stronger - the better) on a regular basis and constantly repeat them

How to stop watching porn?

No one is a secret that if you want to eat exclusively by unhealthy food (a large number of sweet, fast food, semi-finished products, the absence of vegetables and fruits in the diet) - wait for health problems, well-being and appearance.

In order to preserve health, good health and beauty of the body - you need to stick to a certain diet, i.e. Restricate yourself in taking specific food.

Sexual information is unhealthy food for our brain. When we make a decision to begin to stick to the diet, we do not continue to consume the same products, and then try to change the processes of digestion so that they do not assimilate. We filter the harmful food at the entrance - i.e. Do not use the mouth at the start of the digestive chain.

However, when it comes to sexual promiscuity, for some reason we skip the first stage, or we only make it partly and then try to fight our thoughts, as if you feel a hamburger on a diet, we tried to fight our stomach so that it does not digest and did not assimilate him - Useless occupation, agree.

Therefore, it is possible to win over porn devices only in the case of absolute control of your eyes.

As usual struggle with porn devotees:

You limit the view of sexual materials on the Internet and on TV.

However, in theline you continue (someone consciously, someone does not) scan a look of passers-by, billboards, advertising banners on buildings.

You are trying not to think about what you saw, do not remember and not fantasize.

However, what has already fallen into your brain, it is difficult to control your memory.

Your hands stretch to the genital organs, you are trying to restrain them. As a rule, if the previous stages are lost - the defeat on the current is guaranteed, the question is how long you will hold on before weeping.

How to fight with porn devotees:

You limit your eyes completely - both online, on TV and offline.

You look out from seductive pieces of passersby, from advertising signs containing erotic elements.

You choose routes where the likelihoods meet with the temptations less (especially in the first weeks of lust of eyes).

You also like before applying efforts to not remember what they saw and not fantasize.

However, it is easier to do, because The amount of information for the fantasies is much smaller, and with the regular practice of viewing the view - remember and fantasize simply from anything (with the exception of completely old memories, however, they will go away with time - see Block about the work of the brain and its restructuring above).

Because In your memory there is no content that can stimulate the brain on the production of hormones, under the influence of which your hands will replete to the genital organs - you will not have the desire to masturbate.

Verified ways to overcome porndependence

Stage 1 - Vacuum Filling

Usually the first thing is the recommendations on how and where to limit yourself to not watch porn. And it is necessary to recognize these recombosis is absolutely true. Another question is in order of their implementation. Most people, putting protective barriers, break off after some time, because No alternatives to hormonal stimulation did not introduce into their lifestyle.

If you think that you are unique, and you will be able to deceive your hormone system, you have the titanic power of the Will - please remember about this stage at the time of repentance, after there is a disconnect, and do not stand the voltage.

These stage is put in the first place specifically in order to get rid of porndependence once and forever.

After passing the following 2 stages, you will have a temporary energy and emotional vacuum. The body will demand it to fill it, and it is critical to finding new ways to obtain pleasure, joy, positive emotions before you begin to implement the following stages.

Therefore, right now, postpone further study of the article and make your list of "substitutes" of hormonal stimulants. You can push off the list below, removing from it that you are not suitable and adding something to your own sensations:

  • Sport:
    • Occupation in the gym, on the horizons and bars
    • Jogging
    • Swimming
    • Yoga, stretching
    • Game with friends in football, basketball, volleyball, etc. Command games
  • Live communication:
    • Meeting with friends, relatives
    • Game with friends in board games
    • Cresting
  • Leisure:
  • Self-development:
    • Reading artistic or professional literature
    • Guitar or other instrument (or learning the game)
    • Studying of foreign language
  • Entertainment:
    • View comedies, interesting rollers
    • Hike to a new restaurant / cafe
  • Help others:
    • Children, elderly, poor families
    • Animals

Stage 2 - Restricting access to pornography and fantasy stimulants

  1. Delete all links, bookmarks, backup bookmarks.
  2. Install the protection against children, such as Yandex.DNS (blocking is carried out at the network level, so if the router is connected - it will automatically be blocked porn sites from any computer or phone connected via WiFi) or a program that will block porn sites, such as cybernya, Clearwalk, etc. And even better ask you to do it anyone else, so as not to know the password of shutdown.
  3. Install the Blockerx application on your phone or any analog that will block adult content anywhere when connected via WiFi and 4G
  4. Install advertising blockers (they will block numerous nidget banners):
    1. For Google Chrome - Adguard Antibanner
    2. For Firefox - Adguard Antibanner
  5. Install in the browser on the computer plugin, blocking social networks (at least at the time of work)
  6. Transfer the computer to the living room or to another place where you will not be able to retire. Also, if you work remotely, you can practice work in a cafe or in the park.
  7. Get clean accounts in social networks so that the algorithms of the recommendations do not appreciate the desired content.
  8. If there is no desire to make a new account in social networks:
    1. Go to the history of the Publications you like and remove the husky with those that cause you carnal desires
    2. Post off all accounts that stimulate your thoughts to lust, incl. From beautiful girlfriends / friends or hide them out of the tape
    3. Daily Laika dogs, cats and other animals, travel, houses, cars - photos of any subject, where there is no erotic content. Due to this algorithm, social networks will be shoved to the tape much less nudity.
  9. Refuse to view the TV (even if you do not have channels with erotic content, on any music channel abreatened clips overcrowded with candid scenes) - Turn off the power cable from the outlet, turn off the antenna cable or digital TV consoles from the TV
  10. Learn to control your eyes. It is through them that harmful information gets into your brain and memory. Read in the book "Fighting of every man" as it is better to do (information on this issue in the book is relevant for both girls).
  11. Before bedtime, put the phone to another room to reduce the risks of random getting into your brain of unnecessary information. Do you live in a one-room apartment? Put the phone in the bathroom.
  12. Refuse alcohol. Even 1-2 wine glasses are capable of turning the vigilance and let dirty thoughts into mind, turning the old memories or embelling recent.

Stage 3 - Energy Level Control

In order for the end of the day you did not have energy to watch porn movies and erotic fantasies there are key tasks:

  1. Lower calorieness of the diet:
    1. Replace high-calorie products with low-calorie analogs - instead of sweets Eat sweet fruits
    2. Increase the consumption of vegetables containing fiber - they will help better digest food, saturation will come faster - you don't have to consume excessive food
  2. Enhance physical activity:
    1. Training in the hall or on the street
    2. Hiking, jogging
  3. Restore the work of the nervous system and sleep:
    1. Refuse any stimulants - energy, fat burners, pre-road complexes, because They strongly stimulate the nervous system and break a healthy sleep
    2. Limit the use of coffee and tea with three cups per day. Ideally - completely replace coffee and tea on fresh juices, milk, kefir, just water. The larger number of caffeine during the day also overloads the nervous system as any energy, as a result, you are more difficult to fall asleep and you give your brain an excessive opportunity for dirty fantasies.
    3. Go to bed and get up at the same time - use the strength of biorhythms for victory over porn devices. About 7-10 days from the beginning of regular compliance with the regime, you will begin to feel that it is much easier for you to wake up in the morning and it is much easier to fall asleep.
  4. If there is a wife / husband:
    • In men, the sperm is generated on average every 72 hours. If you have sex less often - the frequency and strength of dirty thoughts will increase.
    • If a long time in marriage is to master new knowledge and practice with your wife / husband. On the Alelex Maja website, from one of the best sexologists of Russia and Europe, you will find very high-quality materials. Start with the free, apply them today at night in practice - the results will be happy and inspired, and that is no less important - you will again pull to my wife / husband, and dirty thoughts will disturb much less.

Stage 4 - Spiritual Wrestling

See below in a short video, why it is so important to "jump off" from sinful dependency in the spiritual world, and not try to constantly fight it in physical:

  1. Raise any manifestations of lust (sexual attraction to the spouse / spouse here does not apply here, we are talking about the desire of other people who are not related to the wounded bonds). It is not possible to abandon what you love. Follow the psyche will not work. As long as you try to fight against the fact that you love, your psyche will experience cognitive dissonance - one part of your consciousness will be desired to get rid of the bad habit, another passionately want her. You need to save your consciousness from this contradiction, otherwise there is a big risk to break and not bring the case to victory.
  2. Ask God forgiveness for your sins and ask for his help to defeat the thoughts of sex. God created the whole world, created us all. As a Creator, he knows better than anyone how to help us to win in the fight against porndependence. If you have never asked God for help, read the article, how to pray that God guarantees us and answered. Pray every day - without God's help chances to defeat extremely small. If you do not believe in the existence of God, look at the video that will help you, relying on the facts, logic and common sense to rethink this question.
  3. If there are believing friends, relatives - tell them about the fight against addiction and ask to pray for you.

How to avoid disruptions?

Even if you perfectly observe absolutely all recombosis - the probability of breakdown is still present. We continue to live and work in the world crowded by debauchery. However, in most cases, the breakdown in the fight against the porn devotees arises, on the contrary, in situations of desertless, where no one sees us.

Below are the places and situations that you should avoid - plan in advance if possible your routine of the day in order to eliminate the difference in difficult situations to the maximum:

  • You are one / one at home
  • You are very tired
  • You have not been awarded yourself for your work for a long time, I did not pour yourself
  • You have nothing to do
  • You have been offended by a loved one - a number of people have a sense of law on treason at this moment, albeit not physical, and in thoughts or when watching a photo or video of erotic content

How much time do you need to get rid of porndependence?

In all in different ways. You need to be patient. The habit of a person is formed on average for 66 days (yes, it's right, the generally accepted opinion that it is necessary to 21 days - the myth, more precisely, this is the minimum value, but not average).

The more difficult the habit, the longer it was formed and practiced - the more time it will be necessary to replace it with good.

66 days is also an optimistic indicator for porn-dependent. Focus on the period from 3 months. It is better to take with a margin than to overestimate your strength and then disappointed back to sin.

What if the husband looks at porn?

Of course, you can put protection at your home on a WiFi-router and partially limit your husband in his dependence, however, most likely, you just do not only decide the problem that has arisen, but also aggravate your relationship.

Delete all porn from the computer, clean the browser from bookmarks with erotica is good, but by mutual agreement and conscious husband's solution.

Optimally to enter as follows:

  1. Try to determine the reasons because of which your husband is watching pornography. Very often, men in our country are packed at work, life begins becoming similar to the day of Groundhog, including the days of rest. You do not need to run into sex shop, blow various outfits to match the fantasies of your husband. We persuade your husband to take 2 days off in a row, take yourself. Make a rest plan for these 2 days, it is desirable that you spend them together outside the house, conducted as they did not do it before. Show your husband that they are able to give him new emotions and feeling that he should have to run for it on porn sites. Take the habit of spending this way rest. If you come back to the old way of life and relationships - you will get oldest results. It makes sense to count on new results. At this stage, it is important not to tell her husband about what you know about his preferences. The key is to understand the reasons and find them an alternative that you are able to give your husband on a regular basis.
  2. When you feel that relationships are settled, try to honestly talk to your husband. Of course, it is very unpleasant that your man looks at other women, but here the main thing is not to condemn him - it will not help this exactly. Tell your husband about what you know about his preferences, honestly say that it is very painful to you and unpleasant, and be sure to tell you that you do not condemn it, you understand that there could be a lot of factors as from his childhood, and from living together. The key in a conversation is to understand her husband about your feelings, while it is possible to understand that you want healthy relationships and instead of condemnation and criticism you want to assist and support.
  3. If the husband adequately responds to the conversation, tell him about our site. Advise to familiarize yourself with the materials and if he wants to apply any recommendation - you will have any assistance and support for our part.
  4. If you believe in God - pray that he helped your husband will overcome addiction, and you have given patience and forgiveness.
  5. Explore and apply in the next 2-3 days tips of the course "Sex. Practical experience (for women) "from Alex Maa, the host of the sexologist of Russia.

It is very important that you become an ally for a husband in the fight against sexual lust, and not another "holy" criticizing his actions. God to help you!

Selection of materials for porndependent


How do you handle porn devotees?

In this article we tried to understand the true causes of sexual dependence, the effect on the brain and methods of treatment.

The material does not apply for the title of the only right point of view in this matter. We are open to the refinement of the article - please write in the comments about your experience that you tried to do to get rid of the bad habit - what helped, and what is not.

If you have useful materials - apply links, we will gladly study them, check the accuracy of the information and in the absence of contradictions add to the article. Let's help together each other once and forever get rid of porno dependence!

If you have found a mistake, please select the text fragment and click Ctrl + Enter. .

You may be interested:

The current century is not found for the age of mental disorders. How many people, so many mental illnesses, as one famous analyst said. And with the development of progress, new disorders appeared. In one row with alcohol, nicotine and narcotic dependence, you can put pornographic. She quickly is addictive and interferes normally live. To cope with this terrible ailment, you need to know how to get rid of porndependence.


In fact, the constant viewing of various pornographic materials is difficult to detect mental deviation. Its experts refer to the category of complex dependencies along with alcoholism, drug addict, smoking and gymnia.

Passion for pornography originated from another psychological violation - thrust to peeping. It is the possibility of unpunished spying on sexual scenes that caused the appearance of such a complex, hard-painted problem.

In the future, the pornographic dependence provokes the development of a plurality of other psychological deviations, which ultimately lead to the inability to lead a normal sex life. This is quite frequent cause of divorces from modern people.

how to get rid of porndependence

Since this psychological disruption has adversely affects the person and welfare of the family, it is necessary to think about how to get rid of porndependence.

Teenage problem

Dependence on pornographic materials can manifest itself at any age and any person. But because of the different features of the body, she is still more susceptible to men. Although women have such a psychological disorder is also frequent phenomenon.

Pornographic dependence should not be confused with a simple desire to see erotic scenes, which appears in adolescents according to certain, sometimes quite understandable reasons. This may be a pseudocingency materials with sexual behavior. It appears due to the temporary inability to lead a sex life. As soon as the teenager enters intimate proximity and regularly makes acts of consideration, the need to watch pornography disappears. Also addiction in young men and girls passes after the normalization of the hormone background (as you know, at the young age of hormones, which is called, raging).

However, the grew up teenagers can remain porn lovers and in adulthood, even if they have a normal level of dihydrotestosterone and is the possibility of permanent sexual intercourse. In this case, we can talk about depending on materials with sexual scenes.

Physical dependence

The constant desire to watch pornography is a problem not only a psychological nature, but also physical. It is worth a little indeveloped in the biological component of this deviation. We can safely say that under the influence of pornography and all the processes that occur in parallel during viewing, any person violates the causal relationship of the promotion of the neurotiator system.

We are talking about the hormone dopamine, which is responsible for the good mood and tide of vigor. Regular portions of this substance obtained from viewing products "for adults" cause the appropriate response of the body at the level of reflexes. This means that a person reacts to erotic scenes in the same way as Pavlov's dog on the light bulb. This is a physical dependence.

On the other hand, the rest of the mechanisms affecting the dopamine system remain in terms of the infretion. Man, be it a man or a woman, begins to suffer because he does not give to see the products "eighteen plus". Also such an individual is impossible to cheer apart, except pornography. Even normal sexuality with a partner does not bring full-fledged pleasure.

The harm of pornography

Signs of porn addiction

Like any other dependencies, pornographic has its own signs for which it can be diagnosed. These are criteria testifying to obsessive desire to watch, listen and even think about erotic materials. For easier and convenient definition, specialists have developed a small test for porndependence. It consists of nine questions (statements), which must be responding or negative.

1. There is a huge desire to stay one at home to enjoy pornography.

2. The fact of viewing erotic rollers is carefully hidden from others.

3. Intimate relations with a partner are minimized or absent at all.

4. For watching erotic scenes time flies unnoticed. This can be spent several hours a day.

5. The sexual partner does not cause sexual interest.

6. To initiate in front of intimate proximity, you need to recall the frames from pornographic rollers.

7. There is a desire to implement the scene from erotic films.

8. The sexual partner is not similar to porn actors, and it is very annoying.

9. There is no desire to talk with the second half of the constant viewing of sexual scenes.

If there are at least four affirmative responses, the drug dependence test is considered positive, and this indicates a serious problem.

Modern methods of treatment

Dependence on erotic rollers is treated with medicines or psychotherapy. The first way is not so common among the dependent. People most often appeal to the problem to psychologists, psychotherapists and psychoanalysts. The work of Freud Sigmund on the appropriate subject was widespread in treatment. In addition, hypnosis and stimulating by drug irritants of dopamine centers can be used.

However, in view of the delicacy of the problem, many people prefer to carry out treatment from porn dependence on their own or with their loved ones. These ways to get rid of mental violation and will be discussed below.

Physical addiction

Recognize the problem

First of all, it is necessary to recognize yourself that the pornographic problem exists. If there is a favorite or just a close person who can be trusted, then it is better to tell him about it. This will help free from lies and easier to survive the difficult period. Especially since conversations are often used in psychotherapy, since they have a strong medical action. No need to be afraid to talk about your dependence. Close people will be listened to, will understand and try to help in the current situation.

Some women wonder: "How to behave, if a husband has a porn dependence?" - When the spouse is for such obsolence. It is important not to swear, but to delicate your beloved on a frank conversation. You can directly ask: According to the husband, if he has a porn dependence. But sometimes it will be more correct to start from afar, hinted that the spouse spends a lot of time at the computer, perhaps something worries him and he wants to talk about it. In any case, it is necessary to express its sincere interest in the problem.

Do not shame and do not blame

In many cultures, pornography is considered an obscene and shame. However, if a person wants to change, the additional feeling of guilt and shame will not benefit. Therefore, even negative behavior will make it incorrectly (addiction to erotica), especially if impotence is observed. Photos dependence can be defeated, but it is important to encourage when it really is necessary, a healthy feeling of good and bad. You need to try to find such things that stimulate positive changes. A person must realize that he is not bad, but his actions bring him harm, so they better refuse them.

Psychologists advise to speak as follows: "Your relationship will be much better if you change behavior. Even live will be easier, although at first glance it may not seem like that. " But how to talk exactly not worth it: "You only spoil your relationship and life. It does not make sense, and it gets worse and surrounding from it. In general, it is not clear why you continue to do it. " Such statements causing a feeling of shame and guilt should be avoided.

Overcome pornopendency

Do not watch porn

In order not to experience the harm of pornography, you will have to abandon its viewing. If it does not work voluntarily, this will help special control programs. Such filters close access on a computer, tablet or phone to certain resources. Usually, parents are treated for blocking applications in concern for their children who use the Internet. But in the struggle with temptation to see the next pornoolik - this is what you need. The password should not be known to suffering from addiction, otherwise controlling services are useless.

In addition, it is worth getting rid of everything that is at least remotely connected with lust. Nothing should be a source of temptation, which will provoke to take erotic disks for rent or go to the site. If it does not help at all, then the last measure will turn off the Internet, the rejection of the computer, the TV and everything, with which you can see the desired plot.

Develop a self-control system

So that there was no temptation to refer to Internet pornography and other resources, you need to engage in self-control. We will have to change the usual behavior and enter new habits. For example, dependent is missing or studying, because it does not sleep until two o'clock in the morning and looks through erotic rollers. So, you need to make adjustments to the routine of the day. On weekdays go to bed no later than twelve hours.

This situation was given as an example. You can also make a schedule for using the computer, to plan your time in detail, replace watching porn movies, take one hour on the blog entries about your success.

Conduct depression, anxiety and low self-esteem will help respiratory exercises, meditation, yoga and relaxation techniques. According to psychologists, all these methods show positive results in liberation from porndependence.

Be in front of one

Perhaps, few people decide to watch pornography, if there are other people nearby. Therefore, a great solution will be the accommodation of a home computer in a common room, in which the whole family spends most of the time. If it is necessary to work with a laptop, then coming to the same room. The main thing is not to succumb to the temptation to go to your favorite porn, while there is no one at home.

Exemption from porn addiction

It is even better to make up its schedule in such a way that there is no place for lonely suites behind the computer. While households at work or study can be sent for a walk. If they leave somewhere, try to go with them. That is, the whole point is that you need to surround yourself with people and do not sit alone.


Usually, people are easier for all sorts of tests if they know that in their positive result, someone is interested. Therefore, a close person in the role of the inspection will help overcome porndependence. It is easier to believe in yourself and your capabilities when there is someone to talk about achievements.

You need to ask someone to praise for success and report for unjustified expectations. It will be appropriate to follow the routine of the day, computer activity and visited sites on a weekly or daily basis. Just need to agree that the dependent will not deceive and clean the history of the browser.

Physical activity

To distract a person from a computer, it is useful to provide it with useful entertainment. It is physically active is necessary for the occurrence of interest to dependent in obtaining benefit for its health. When you feel good, you remain positive for a long time and becoming more motivated to positive changes.

Replace viewing erotic films can be running, walking, weightlifting or active campaigns. Studying a new passion will need to pay a lot of attention, so there are all the chances of a break from porndependence. In women, it can be dancing, aerobics, yoga or shaping. Thanks to the active activity, the brain begins to allocate more endorphins, which causes the feeling of joy and satisfaction with his life. In addition, usually after physical exertion there is no strength to either on a computer or on the Internet.

New hobbies

Dependence takes too much time in people, not allowing you to do what really like and brings pleasure. Bad habits simply deprive the opportunity to enjoy interesting things and hobbies, even if a person has time for them. Perhaps the harm of pornography in this regard is obvious.

You need to explore your interests, honestly responding to a few questions. What is missing in life? Where is the desire to go? What classes and hobbies have a traction? Who would like to work if you put money for late place?

Test on porn addiction

Perhaps there is a desire to play a guitar in the music group. Then it is worth visiting specialized stores and take a few online lessons. Maybe I always wanted to visit different cities. So why not work in this direction? Life dreamed of ride a horse? Excellent! Horse rides are useful for the soul and health. New hobbies will take most of the time and thoughts, so pornography will not be a place in life. The more hobbies, the better. With them, life becomes brighter and more interesting!

Romantic relationship

Nothing will replace a loved one or not even a loved one, but a living person. Therefore, it is necessary to immediately take yourself in hand and go to search for the second half. It is desirable that New Passasy takes an active position in bed. Such a person certainly knows how to get rid of porndependence. Frequent intimate proximity will not leave any desire, neither forces for peeping over other couples.

If the desire to abandon erotic films is associated with some spiritual inspection, then it is necessary to enter into sexual relations only by love, and not for the sake of the process itself. Even ordinary walks under the moon and other romance will help you feel better. But already held pairs worth trying something new in bed to kill interest in pornographic materials.

Celebrate achievements

Change the usual behavior is pretty difficult to occupation. Therefore, it is necessary to recognize your progress if there are at least the slightest signs of improvement. Regarding your achievements it is useful to arrange small holidays, which can over time to grow into lush celebrations. It reinforces the result and motivates for further positive changes.

Former porn lover can say that the erotic rollers have not been looking at the whole week. Then it must be praised and congratulate with a good result. Excellent consolidation will be a cupcake with a candle. It is cute and very efficient.

Similar frank confessions about the progress achieved do not need to ignore. Otherwise, the chance of the occurrence of relapses will increase, and the dependent will have to start all.


So, to get rid of viewing pornographic products, the following recommendations of specialists should be performed.

1. Decide. It is important to realize the problem, to understand why it is worth getting rid of it, as well as plan the ways to solve it. Calculate the dependence is the first chamber on the way to get rid of dependence.

Women porndependence

2. Do not blame yourself. Dependence on pornography is a deviation, but it does not need to be ashamed. View erotic scenes is a simple way to realize your sexual needs that, by the way, use many people.

3. Control yourself and with the help of other people. The marked positive results are always motivated on great feats. And the support of his beloved person is perfectly inspired and has not harmed anyone.

4. Do self-development. People who are concerned only with the usual chain of "work-sex", actually need to satisfy their sensory desires. Therefore, it is worth diversifying gray everyday life and useful hobbies. With a training intelligence, it is more difficult to become a hostage of any destructive habit.

Now you know how to get rid of porn dependence and help in this other close people. The problem is complex, but quite solved even without the help of specialists. Successes!

According to the famous psychoanalyst, there are so many mental illnesses in the world as people. Mental disorders mean, do not mean the presence of a person in a person associated with the discharge of the psyche in the physical sense of the word.

Mental disorders every year becomes more and more, and guilt is technical progress. There was no less dangerous than nicotine, alcoholic, gaming and drug addiction - pornographic, that is, the desire to constantly watch sexual orientation videos and masturbate at the same time. The addictive in this case is very fast, and it's hard to get rid of the pornophilia.

This problem is dangerous in that it is fraught with people who suffering in disabilities in the future lead a normal sex life. This is the reason for the impossibility of getting stable personal relationships, divorce in the family, divorces, etc. Other, even more dangerous mental deviations may occur. Therefore, with dependence on pornography, it is necessary to fight, and the earlier it starts, the better.

Risk group

Pornphilia Treatment"Grew up" such love "to the strawberry" from a long-time and primitive mental violation - passion to peeping. But if earlier the presence of fear of "caught up", then now a kind of "peasing" has become much easier thanks to the presence of special sites, television programs, video films. That is, all the hottest sexy scenes are easily accessible and unpunished. Therefore, the dependence is easy to "pick up", but it is very hard to get rid of it.

Such a mental disorder can overtake any person as a gender and age he would be. Men are more susceptible to them - due to the characteristics of the body.

Do not identify pornographic dependence with the desire of teenagers to watch erotica. Everything is quite clear here - sexual maturation is happening, but they have sex, they still cannot die by social and ethical framework. But as soon as sex life, adolescents occurs, then regular intimate proximity eliminates their interest in monitoring the acts of consideration from the part.

Pseudo-dependence on pornography in young people passes and after the raging hormonal background is stabilized. At the same time, some young men who have become adults and having a stable sex life and a normal level of dihydrotestosterone, remain adherents to porn. In this case, it is quite acceptable to argue that there is a dependence.

Now about women. As experts found out, their dependence on pornography is much worse than representatives of a strong half of humanity. At the beginning of the two-year-old visitors to sites of the category "Erotic XXX", there were mainly men. Now every third user is a woman. The same statistics and porn films. The edition of Today's Christian Woman published data according to which each sixth female person fights with an irresistible desire to watch the scene of the sex acts again and again.

The psychologist Douglas Wais from the United States insists that women's film dependence, like alcoholism, develops very quickly, but it is very difficult to get rid of it. The constant viewing of the far from the puritancy of the rollers in the complex with self-satisfaction (masturbation), catastrophically affects the female psyche, undermining it the basis is much stronger than the male. This specialist explains this: Women's sexuality is a personal contact with a partner, and in the case there is no intimacy. Wearing sex comes down to banal manipulation.

The consequences do not make themselves waiting: the woman develops intimophobia, it avoids sexual contact with a partner, believing that this full sex is not needed at all. Each time it is harder to build relations with a man in real life, and she does not feel any special desire to do so. Why, if everything is very simple with pornography: turned on the TV or computer, found the right channel or site, settled on the couch or in the chair more comfortable - and voila! That is, you should not spend precious time and your own strength to have sex if you can simply watch the right video and get orgasm.

Thus, the dependence on pornography for single women is really dangerous - they do not want to look for a man and create a couple to be satisfied in sexual terms, because they have it.

With men, too, this is happening, but it is not so much (these are the features of their psyche).

Psychologists are alarming about the availability of pornographic materials for teenage girls. American activists of movement for clean Internet warn: Children in any case come across the network for porn, but at what age does it happen? They are confident that the earlier it happens, the worse for the future woman. Porn-dependence is much worse by addiction to drugs, it slows down the sexual development of the child and even able to stop it. In addition, it stops the spiritual and moral formation of the girl, distorts sexuality.

The domestic doctor of medical sciences Nikolai Oleinikov, based on his many years of practice, calls pornfilia with a rapidly propagating phenomenon in recent years. According to his observations, the most porn addictable among men, but there are also "splashing" on the "strawberry". The beginning of such a phenomenon is given joint views before entering the sexual intercourse, and then porn along with joint or mutual masturbation completely replaces sex.

Signs of porn addiction

Pornphilia TreatmentSuch a mental disorder, as a permanent desire to watch pornography, has psychological and physical character. In man, under the influence of pornographic plot and masturbation, biological processes occur. The "hormone of happiness" is allocated, dopamine, responsible for the tide of cheerfulness and a good mood. Its regular obtaining it thus violates the causal relationship of the promotion of the neurotiator system.

Simply put, the body reflexively responds with a dopamine portion while watching porn. Dependence arises, similar to the one that Pavlov's dog was tested when the light was lit - she was stood with saliva in the premonition of food. The remaining mechanisms of the dopamic system do not react in any way. As a result, the person suffering a person does not enjoy anything else, except from viewing sexual scenes. He suffers when he can't do it. The dependent is nothing more happy and does not merge, and the sexual act with a real partner does not give him the desired euphoria.

There are criteria according to which it is possible to determine the presence of obsessive desire to watch pornography, that is, depending on such products:

  • Inability to withstand the desire to view scenes 18+;
  • Permanent wish to stay alone to go to your favorite pastime;
  • growing tension in anticipation of the emerge for the emergence of the desire for viewing "tubers", relief and enjoyment in the process and after the "session";
  • Erotic thoughts, thrust for pornographic materials and peeping;
  • attempt to hide from those surrounding this dependence;
  • Loss of sexual interest in the partner, it is necessary to recall the frames from the rollers to excite;
  • minimizing real intimate relationships, termination of them at all;
  • loss of sense of time when watching porn - it flies unnoticed;
  • The desire to implement the reality of the scenes from the rollers;
  • annoying partner if he does not look like actors from porn;
  • thoughtless spending money for the purchase and watching pornography;
  • Reducing the mood and tone when it is impossible to watch porn;
  • Refusal to work and public life for the sake of the subject of passion, etc.

Treatment: how to fight and defeat porndependence

Pornphilia TreatmentThis disorder is treated with drugs (stimulating different stimuli dopamine centers), but psychotherapy demonstrated itself much more effectively. She comes down to conversations with a psychotherapist, a psychiatrist or a psychologist. As techniques, experts use hypnosis, psychoanalysis, etc. Most patients seek to get to the psychoanalyst. Most likely, this is the popularity of the Sigmund of Freud, some well-known works of which just correspond to the topic.

The problem delicacy contributes to the fact that they are trying to cope with such a disorder on their own on their own, and their loved ones seek to help him in this. Specialist advice contribute to the achievement of success:

  1. The main thing is to recognize the availability of addiction. It is necessary to confess to a beloved person or a relative about her, telling everything, as it is. Psychotherapists insist that frank conversations have therapeutic effects, help normally survive a difficult period.
  2. If the spouse noted that a husband has a porn dependence (he does not get out of the computer), you need to call it on a conversation, start from afar, do not swear and not scream, but to ask about everything, show your understanding and sincere interest in his problem.
  3. You can not cause guilt and shame. Many consider belonging obscenity, and the passion for her - shameful. But it is not necessary to shame and blame in all the mortal sins of a person who recognized his dependence.
  4. Fighting porn devotees should be encouraged, to look for what will contribute to positive changes. A person needs to say that he deals with his own actions and better change behavior. It is impossible to reproach and insist on ban porn that he spoils life to himself and others.
  5. Fully abandon watching porn. This will help to achieve special programs that closing access to certain resources on gadgets. It is necessary to get rid of everything that is connected with lust even remotely. A porn additive should not be able to buy XXX category films or go to the corresponding site. If necessary, you can disable the Internet at all.
  6. Strict self-control. The self-control system will change the habit. So, if earlier the dependent went to bed at 3 in the morning, since I watched the "porn" and could not stand on studying or work, now the mode must be different. On weekdays, "Ottop" no later than 12 hours, walks and use of the computer - on schedule.
  7. Anxiety, depression and low self-esteem arising in the process of getting rid of mental disorder is easy to defeat special relaxation exercises, meditation, respiratory gymnastics, yoga.
  8. Constantly to be in sight - in such conditions it is unlikely to be able to enjoy pornography. For this it is impossible to stay for a long time.
  9. Report on "made work". Tests survive easier with knowledge that someone else is interested in the positive result. Therefore, your achievements in the fight against pornophile should be told to someone close, and he should praise for success and scold for failures. In addition, it is good if someone will be jealously monitor the routine of the day and the time of stay at the computer, as well as to visiting sites.
  10. Physical activity - sports, walking, long-term hiking, hiking, dancing, shaping, aerobics, swimming. The brain with such activities produces endorphins, causing satisfaction with life, joy.
  11. New hobbies, classes, interesting things, travel.
  12. Take a romantic relationship, find a second half - if it is not. You often have sex so that there is no desire to pry after others. Against pairs to make something new in your intimate life, experiment with mutual interest and desire.
  13. The appearance of positive results should be celebrated! You can only with a cupcake with a candle, but even a weekly rejection of pornography is an achievement!

That is, the relief from pornographic products contributes to the following:

  • Awareness of the problem and developing a plan for its solution.
  • No need to be ashamed of this deviation and blame itself is a way to implement sexual needs;
  • Self-control and control from other people, support for loved ones.
  • Self-development, gaining useful interesting hobbies, intelligence training, avoiding gray everyday life.

To help porndevia

ASAM is an American society of addictive medicine, has developed a special test for the definition of drug dependence. It is designed by a large number of doctors that were based on a variety of studies. If you wish, this test can be found on the Internet and make sure that you have this disorder.

If you really have pornophilia or you want to help you have a close person, that is, it makes sense to read the popular scientist book, Doctor of Medical Sciences, University teacher, the current family therapist psychologist and writer Kevin Skinner "Treatment of dependence on pornography. Basic tools for recovery. " Reviews about her say that everyone suffering such a dependence will find in it very accurate and clear, and most importantly, a professional medical program. The book will help to explain that preceded the emergence of disorder and prevent recurrence.

"For the first time I have sex at age 14. Only now I understand how early it is, but then it seemed that I was big lucky, since such a beautiful 16-year-old girl agreed to sex with me. Naturally, everything went wrong, as I imagined it. My partner was also not delighted.

For some reason, the idea came to mind that I need more theory in this matter. Real sex because of the unsuccessful first experience scared, but to learn everything from Porn, to another time it is definitely not to strangle, it seemed a "smart" idea. And it became my habit. In 16-17 years I watched porn 6 times a day - fantasized, masturbated. In general, the thrill. And when he began to work out, hooked on the virtual sex for which it was necessary to pay. By that time, I had already forgotten that I needed a porn only for "training" skill in bed with a girl.

The fact that I became porn addressed, I understood in 25 years. By this time, all my sexual experience was reduced only to several unsuccessful attempts to make love with different girls. The whole salary went to Cyberseks with strangers, subscriptions to premium video on sites. I communicated little with people, because for watching porn I needed solitude. But the main harm of the porn certificate, which I fully felt on myself, - I stopped interested in "real" sex. I could get a discharge, just watching sexy scenes from the monitor or talking to a stranger on the phone.

At some point I decided to fight with the porn devotee, figure out how to throw it. Now I'm trying to work on myself. I watch porn 3-5 times a week. According to the standards of ordinary people - it is a lot. But for me - progress. So far I can not completely abandon the habit, because without pornography it is hard for me - obsessive thoughts about sex and strong irritation appear. "

- Igor, 27 years old

According to polls, periodically looks for porn about 70% of men and almost 30% of women. [1] But not always "adults" rollers remain harmless. In some cases, this develops into dependence, which scientists equate to alcoholism and drug addiction. Doctors do not hurry to classify porn addiction as pathology - there is no addiction in official medical documents. But they do not deny that the uncontrolled view of an intimate information is caused by discomfort and the addict itself, and his surround. What is dangerous porn dependence - how does life destroys and affect the psyche? Let's talk about it in our article.


  1. Causes of the development of porn addiction

  2. Psychological dependence on porn

  3. Physical dependence on porn

  4. Men's porn addiction

  5. Women porndependence

  6. Persian addiction in teenagers

  7. How to get rid of porn addictions: 5 recommendations of psychologists

Causes of the development of porn addiction

Media dependency (porn philia) is an obsessive desire to watch, read and think about pornography and sex theme. Many experts tend to the fact that this is one of the forms of sexual disorder. The obsession with erotic films becomes a kind of epidemic of the 21st century - the number of men and women, "huddled" for porn, over the past 10 years has grown 15 times. [one]

Why are a huge number of people replace real sex solitude with pornography? According to experts, the reasons may be different - from personal problems of childhood to a tendency to non-standard species of sex. And if you do not understand the factors provoking an unhealthy addiction to view erotica, then find a way how to overcome porndependence will be difficult.

  1. Unsuccessful sexual experience

Not every person has the first sexual experience is successful. The difference is only personal attitude to the "failure". One calmly crosses through it, and the other seizure fear.

It is a fear of suffering a fiasco in sex often pushing a person in a cobweb of porn addiction. And in the risk group of adolescents, early launched sex life. From sex, they expect that in reality it does not happen. Frustrated teenager can long throw out the thought of sex with real partners from the head. The first sexual experience often brings not only disappointment in the process itself, but also deep insecurity. Partner ridicule can cause a deep psychological trauma. Installation is formed - "Once with a real person is so" difficult "to have sex, I will enjoy onanism." After all, viewing porn is something else: a beautiful picture, the perfect physical form of men and women, and sometimes the exciting plot. [2]

Separate case - experienced sexual violence. Many victims for many years after the incident can not recover, begin to trust the people of the opposite sex. Real sex for them is equal to the hard horror. So watch porn becomes the safest way to get sexual satisfaction. And then, together with post-changed stress, you have to look for a way to treat and porndependence.

  1. Passion for peeping

Prying other affected for free fruit. And sex, which can be observed from the side, many excites more than direct participation in the process. And watching porn gives such an opportunity. A person understands that it makes something bad and forbidden, but can not stop. Masturbation with porn sooner or later becomes the only possible way of self-satisfaction. [2]

  1. Complexes

From nature, non-self-confident personalities with numerous complexes are difficult to communicate with people and especially - to tie love relationships. For them, it is much easier to look for sexual satisfaction in pornography. In this case, it is not necessary to leave the comfort zone and deal with uncertainty in yourself.

  1. "Strange" sexual preferences

Even people who already have sexual partners can show signs of video dependence. If a person has "special" preferences in bed, about which he for one reason or another can not tell close, it is porn that it becomes the only way to implement sexual fantasies. And it is not always something forbidden. Sometimes partners are so closed and are shy, that they cannot even tell a beloved person that it is time to change the classical missionary pose into bed over the years.

  1. Prevalence and availability of porn

Analysis of Internet traffic shows that its significant part (more than 50%) occupy materials of a sexual and pornographic nature. [1] Video, photos, sex chats, cyberstitution - You can find anything in the network. Any bold fantasies will be satisfied. This only contributes to the spread of the epidemic of the epidemic of the dependences. And in the risk group again, teenagers, who, due to psychological immaturity, are not able to tell them the "stop".

Psychological dependence on porn

Pornphilies develops gradually. And if you do not take action on time, it will very soon manifest itself.

A well-known American sexologist and psychotherapist Kevin Skinner denotes the first stage of porn dependence as a normal interest in a sexual content. First, it is 2-4 porn watching a week. A person does not feel any discomfort, considering that he does nothing wrong. But the problem comes to a new level when viewing of a sexual content begins to enter the list of daily tasks. [3]

Gradually, a person can start spending almost all his free time on porn, and this is already directly affected by the quality of his life. View video is brought to automatism - 2-8 times a day. Thirst to enjoy prevails over other areas of life. K. Skinner has developed a drug dependence test. In his opinion, the person who was addicted to viewing erotica begins to behave as follows:

  • becomes closed and secret, because it is important for him to keep his addiction in secret;

  • All free time spends on watching porn;

  • becomes irritable if it cannot satisfy his desires;

  • Provides all new ways of self-satisfaction;

  • ceases to be interested in real sex;

  • Loses the feeling of time because it can watch clips for hours, moving from one site to another;

  • He spends the impressive amount of money for paid videos and virtual sex. [3]

Physical dependence on porn

A constant desire to watch pornography is not only a psychological problem. Dependency due to both human physiology. While browsing the content "for adults", especially if the process is accompanied by masturbation, the dopamine hormone is released in the body. This causes the appropriate response of the body at the level of reflexes - the physical and psychological discharge comes, the mood rises.

And when the situation comes out from under control and a person looks through porn increasingly, dependence begins to develop. The body again and again requires another portion of dopamine. It is bad that the remaining mechanisms affecting the emission of hormones of happiness cease to work. That is, a person ceases to enjoy other actions - sports, delicious food, communicating with a pleasant person, hobby, real sex.

Fantasy - the main symptom that supports physical dependence on pornography. This is often accompanied by frequent masturbation. A person fantasies not about sex as such, but about watching the film. And if it does not receive the desired, as in the case of alcoholism or drug addiction, there are signs of cancellation syndrome (abstinence) - overwork, irritation, insomnia. A lot of strength and energy takes place on the fight against thoughts about erotica - physical symptoms only increase psychological dependence.

Men's porn addiction

According to sexologists, the men are more prone to a greater extent. This is due to nature itself and dictated by generally accepted stereotypes. It is believed that the "real man" should be strong, confident in herself, beautiful. But not everyone boasides what is able to easily seduce a woman and invite her to her home. The formation of numerous complexes can provoke the development of porn addiction, if a man is shy and closed to such an extent that it is difficult for him to converge with potential partners. "Adults" films are a peculiar way of self-affirmation for a compacted man. [2]

And even if a man with a porndependence does not closes completely at viewing erotica, and at least occasionally recalls the fact that there are also real sex in life, it is extremely difficult for him to find a partner. The image of an ideal woman has already been formed in the head. It should be similar to the heroine of a porn film - and outwardly, and by sexual experience.

The symptoms of the dependences can manifest themselves and in a completely confident men who are married. This often happens due to the fact that he does not suit the intimate life with his wife. There are 2 main reasons - different temperament, unsatisfied sexy fantasies. When a man does not consider treason as a suitable way to get satisfaction, and honestly discuss his needs with his wife he is not solved, looking porn. Soon the wife begins to suspect that her husband has a porn addiction, because it practically ceases to interest sex in a married bed. So family collaps.

The lack of interest in real sex is far from the only negative consequence of the dependence. Doctors are concerned how "younger" diseases associated with erectile dysfunction in men. And according to


Women porndependence

Douglas Weiss, the founder of the Association of Sexual Dependencies in the United States, insists

The specialist explains it as follows. Sex for a woman - emotional contact with a partner. And in the case of watching porn this contact. And she begins to like it - it is not necessary to spend time and strength to build relationships, which may not lead to anything. Dependence is formed, and negative consequences are not forced to wait a long time - the woman begins to avoid the "real" sex. When an understanding comes that for sexual discharge, there is no partner at all, it is increasingly immersed in dependence.

According to D. Weiss, the pornophiles are more susceptible to lonely, insecure women. On time, not accepted measures threaten to turn into the development of mental disorders from the dependent. At the same time, the treatment of overweening women is complicated by the fact that they are ready to hide the problem for a long time, so as not to cause the condemnation of society. Also on the background of pornophiles, a woman can develop other types of dependencies - for example, alcoholism. She is experiencing a sharp sense of guilt for what life leads, and is deeply immersed in depression. In this case, there is still a longer psychological recovery after therapy of porn addiction.

Persian addiction in teenagers

According to Research

Why do children watch porn? The main reason lies in the impossibility of conducting a normal sex life. There is plenty of ripening, but by virtue of social and ethical frames, young guys and girls can not have sex. In some cases, the easiest way out is viewing porn.

Sexologists insist that it is not worth identifying the desire of children to watch erotica with pornographic addiction. Porn in the "dosage" quantity with the absence of negative factors of mental development does not cause a detrimental impact. This is youthful maximalism and negativism - the teenager wants to taste the forbidden fruit and in some sense to expand its horizons. [2] For many guys and girls, entry into intimate proximity with a partner is delivering from porndependence. This is a natural stage of growing up.

But if a child made a lot of personal problems from the adolescent crisis - non-independence, insecurity, complexes related to appearance, there is a big risk that even after joining adult life it will be difficult for him to leave the habit of watching porn in the past.

There are many disputes about the connection between the unhealthy passion of porn in adolescents and the manifestations of their tendency to violence in the future. Some psychologists express the opinion that the "adult" content can strengthen the predisposition of a person to aggression and cause him a tendency to rigid sex. The share of truth is there. Many convicted serial rapists and murderers for various reasons in adolescence has evolved porn dependence.

it Confirms

How to get rid of porn addictions: 5 recommendations of psychologists

how to get rid of porndependence

The problem delicacy contributes to the fact that they are trying to fight it yourself. Not everyone can admit even a close person that only erotices on the screen excites him, and not sex in real life. The dependent remains one on one with the problem.

A full ban on viewing porn is an inefficient answer to the question of how to defeat the pornopendency. This leads to the abolition syndrome, which can negatively affect the mental and even physical condition of the person. You need a smoother transition to life in which erotica will not occupy a leading place in the list of priorities. And it is desirable that the man felt the support of loved on the way to "recovery".

Psychologists for the effective struggle against the poronophilia give the following recommendations by the dependent and relatives themselves:

  1. Do not shame and do not blame

In the minds of many people pornography is associated with something vicious and obscene. Many dependent is this and attracts erotica in watching. But here's a loved one who lives with addicted, the current situation surprises / annoying / scarets / causes disgust.

In the fight against porn devotees, negative emotions will not definitely benefit! And the most dependent, and its partner is important to approach solving the problem with the "cold" mind. A wife who wants to understand how to fight porn devotees from her husband should not blame and shame it. Support and understanding is that it is necessary to now native people, not shouts and ultimatums. And the dependent must recognize the existing problem, forgive yourself for weakness and move on, making every effort to change life for the better.

  1. Search for other sources of pleasure

Porn with formed dependence becomes the only source of physical and emotional pleasure. It is a habit. To get rid of it, it is important to change the behavior model. Try to gradually displace from the routine of the day the moments of viewing pornography by those actions from which you also have fun. Yes, it will not be the pleasure that erotic gives, but the beginning will be supposed.

Sport, reading, walking, hobby - find any interesting hobby. No matter what you will do. The main goal is to diversify the gray weekdays.

In the fight against bad habits, high efficiency shows a course of psychotherapy for porndependence using the 7SPSY behavior modification technology. The 7spsy course will help you get rid of porndependence. Leaving in the past negative installations, a person copes with addiction and begins to live "in a new way". Having mastered a healthy behavior model, you can forget about a detrimental habit of life poisoning.

  1. Develop a self-control system

Self-control is the best assistant in the fight against bad habits.

Control yourself by changing the routine of the day and removing seduction from the zone. Stick in the day - earlier go to bed and get up before, delete numerous porn sites from bookmarks in the browser, and even better block them. The diary is useful, in which the success and failures on the way to goal can be noted.

Excellent if the dependent has a person he trusts. The partner will help keep the situation under control and will not let go in critical moments.

  1. More communicate

If the dependent is constantly in sight, he will definitely be able to retire for watching porn. Therefore, it is important to communicate more with people. It is extremely necessary and for another reason - as the dependent, which most of the time had previously spent alone, will begin to restore communication skills.

  1. To establish sex life with a partner or tie new romantic relationships

It is important to come to understand that porn and masturbation will never replace a full sexual intercourse. It's time to return to traditional sex with a partner. Surely a relationship with a close man on the verges because of the habit formed. Sexologists advise the already held couples to make something new in their intimate life. This will help to establish relationships and return confidence. And if there is no permanent partner, it's time to start new romantic relationships, as if scary.

Remember, if you fail to cope with porn devotees yourself, you can always contact a sexologist or psychotherapist who specializes in this topic. Do not let the dependencies of deprivation of the joys of real life.


  1. "Cyberscual Addiction: from online sexual activity to sex with robots" (Medical Psychology magazine in Russia, 2017, No. 6), N. D. Knotov (

  2. "Sex. From the neurobiology of libido to virtual porn. Scientific and Popular Guide ", 2018, D. Varlamov.

  3. Treating Pornography Addiction: The Essential Tools for Recovery, 2017, Kevin B. Skinner.

I wrote this article because I already have 4 people to contact me with one problem. I have no goals to condemn anyone. There is a goal to bring you to certain thoughts that may provoke changes.

What you just do not hear about motivation. Enhance the motivation, put the goal, visualize, meditate, apply another magical technique. In the material and books you can just drown or choke. Together with the ocean of information, there are also dangerous trend-algae of the format: "Become a millionaire or you are a champion", "find a matter of your life and gain freedom," "Be surrounded by beautiful chikulas, otherwise you are not a man." It is spent a huge amount of time for a senseless chase for the illusion of successful success. And few people think about what success is for you personally. At the same time, many people cannot take truth in the eyes and consider the true causes of their laziness, the lack of energy and unwillingness to move in their own direction.

Now to the sharp. Especially for men. Do you know why it happens? It's all about masting. Yes Yes! This topic is not customary to speak directly and frankly. And it's not even just in masting, but depending on which is called pornophilia. When the young man / guy / man jerks off for porn, several times a day losing the most valuable resources of their life - energy, time, emotions and money. Somehow I wrote about alcohol and disassembled in detail how much a harmless bottle of pivassing steals resources. Now let's talk about more delicate theme.

What is porn philia and how does this dependence appear? What is the harmary? So, we all know that young men from the age of 11 feel an erection and they begin sexual matches. The first orgasm in life for many guys is frightening experience. Then a lot of sexual energy appears and what to do with it is unclear. Together with it there is a need for sex, while still unconscious. And our young man begins to actively jerk off several times a day. So continues until the first sexual experience is obtained, which is sad both in men and women. Not all and not always, of course. But most of this is so. And it happens when the guy faces the female body for the first time - he has a powerful stress and his body refuses erection. "It did not get up", if we speak in common. Why? Because the body has developed sexual reactions tied for porn, and not on the female body.

In the process of sexual adult, which goes until 21 years, a man needs to be given sexual energy somewhere. If he lives with parents, crushed by complexes and fears, then he jerks up even more active. It is necessary to somehow get rid of stress! This directly creates a problem that it often does not get real pleasure from sex. Why? Because the body is used to certain processes. It is much easier, more comfortable and faster at the secret.

What happens to a man after 25? He needs to think about the future, actively work and move towards his goals. But he cannot do this. Because it continues to implement the mechanism developed by years. Masturbate. I will even tell you more: Many men are actively handful of being in relationships. On the one hand - strange. How so? On the other - everything is clear. The habit of this is ... In addition, onanism is the fastest method of removing stress. Yes, it also seems harmless. What is that? Well this is not a drug or alcohol ... Well, now let's look at harmlessness. What does masturbation dependency lead to? From the point of view of resources.

1. Time loss. During orgasm, 3 hormone is allocated in increased quantities: serotonin, dopamine and endorphine. There is a strongest hormonal splash associated with a pleasant sensation of the child's conception. The body rejoices. But it turns out a deception, since the conception does not happen and the girl is not there. Disappointment occurs. After a hormonal splash, the body produces such a hormone as oxytocin. To lead ourselves to normal. Remember the condition after an orgasm, when you do not want anything, and still pulls in Drema. Restoration after disappointment and hormonal splash requires time. Remember yourself after active masturbation the next day.

2. Loss of energy. How much time is spent during orgasm you can read in any directory or google. Here is the data if you are too lazy to watch - the energy costs for orgasme - 400 kilocalories per hour, so it lasts a maximum of 15 seconds.

3. Loss of emotions. Familiar to the feeling of emptiness after orgasm from masturbation? So here. The worst thing is that a negative experience is fixed in the body. Disappointment that your genes are not in demand. Due to the lack of a girl. It is very scary, especially after 30, when the energies are not so much as before.

4. Loss of money. At making money you need a large amount of energy. Where to take it if there is an emptiness, disappointment and lack of forces? Imagine if you have sent this activity to your business or activities. Sport, in the end.

It is possible to lose all the most valuable resources of your life, not aware of what is happening. And the most terrible - energy to achieve goals is not at all. Or she is close to zero. And here it is not just necessary to "find a girl" or boosted on the brothels, as some do. Here you need to truly change the processes in the body, putting new habits. This is a separate and extensive topic.

How to get rid of masturbation? To begin with, confess yourself depending on. If something goes into incision in your life with expectations - admit to yourself honestly, which prevents you. And start changing through real actions. Improving your effectiveness every day.

P.S. If you regularly jerk off - the opposite sex perfectly feels. Everything is written on your face. A low-energy and frustrated man is not particularly attractive in sexy. Every rich and oligarchs do not take into account.

P.S.S. defeat the dependence on masturbation and masturbation will help Record My Online Training "New You" . In the third part, I told how to defeat the dependence and bad habits:

how to get rid of porndependence

In our age, when technical progress has long overtaken a person, almost the whole life of modern people is concentrated on the Internet and television. With the help of these technologies, you can fill your life with work, recreation and entertainment. But, unfortunately, on a par with useful information on the Internet, there are plenty of different erotic sites and pornolists that make people not indifferent to pornography.

Such a passion for some becomes addiction, from which it is very difficult to get rid of. But how to get rid of porn addiction so that it does not poison life as the most dependent and its loved ones? Let's try to figure out.

Test on porn addiction i

Psychologists have developed a test that allows you to determine if a person has a dependence on pornography.

  • Often a desire to stay alone appears to watch pornographic materials.
  • View porn movies carefully hides from outsiders and even a close environment.
  • Sexual contacts are very small or there is no them at all.
  • Viewing materials of erotic nature is given a lot of time (up to several hours a day).
  • Sexual partner does not cause the same strong excitement as watching porn.
  • In order to initiate in front of sex, you have to remember pictures from erotic magazines or shots from pornolists.
  • There is a desire to embody in reality favorite scenes from erotic rollers.
  • Partner of sex far from the image of a porn actor, which is very annoying.
  • About the frequent viewing of pornographic materials I do not want to tell even to your partner.

If, as a result of the survey, at least 4 positive responses were obtained, this indicates a serious problem.

Do not consider pseudo-dependent adolescents for impairment. The passion for pornography of young people is temporary due to the fact that their hormones are not a joke. As a rule, over time, when the hormonalphone stabilizes a bit, and sexual life will be regular, young people are about their sexual addies. However, even as they are interested in entering pornography, it can already be argued that there is dependence.

Modern methods of treating porn addiction 2

If a person suspects that he has a dependence on pornographic materials, then he should try to get rid of this problem, as it can significantly complicate life.

Among modern methods of struggle most often use drugs of treatment, hypnosis or psychotherapy. However, most often people come with such issues to psychoanalysts. But especially shy or secretive, prefer to get rid of porndependence on their own. How best to do it is written below.

How to get rid of porndependence? 3

  • Recognition of porn and addiction

As with any dependence, it is necessary to recognize the surrender, and even better, voice it. If you trust a close person, you can remove the cargo. According to psychologists, such psychotherapy has a good effect. In addition, close people can help solve the problem.

Test on porn addiction
  • Get rid of the feeling of guilt and shame

Such emotions will not lead to anything good, but to make a step from a problem, it is necessary to realize that without such a prediction, it life is much calmer and harmonious. And if you indulge your whims, it will be worse and the most dependent and relatives.

  • Eliminate the cause of addiction

In order not to suffer from the problem, it is better to stop it on the root. If the dependent is missing for this, you can use the links that do not miss such sites. In order for the temptation to remove the block and enjoy the frank frames, it is better to ever-set to install someone from loved ones so that the password is only to him.

It is necessary to remove everything from your life, which is source. Videos and pictures, logs, discs and other. In the extreme, there is a time to abandon the Internet and watching TV.

Dependence This is just the absence of self-control of the manifestation of its own weaknesses. Therefore, it is so important to engage in a self-control. If porn films take a lot of time, which could be able to quickly benefit, then you need to plan your routine routine, so that there are no time for such pants.

Eliminate the cause of porndependence

In order not to be able to view the materials of the factory, it is better to be in mind. Especially if you work with a computer. It is best to arrange it in a common room that is not empty. If the household diverges, then it is better to go a walk or somewhere else.

The problem is much easier to cope with the problem, if there is a challenge in solving the problem. When there is someone to share with your offspring or breakdown, it is much easier to deal with addiction, especially if it is more important person who does not give to relax and take the "for the old".

Socializing in sports, you can immediately kill several hares: take your time, take thoughts with something else, improve health and tapidify. Thanks to physical activity, a good mood appears, then after loads of forces on viewing pornography may simply do not stay.

Passion for pornography will take away a lot of time dependent, not allowing the opportunity to engage in favorite classes, communicate with friends, versatide and versatile life. But if you think about what a new one can find out a person, daily "killing" time on viewing videos?

How to get rid of porndependence

The best stimulus to get rid of bad habits is the desire to spend time with your loved one. Therefore, as an alternative to porn addiction, it is worth a personal life. Regular sexual life, especially with a very active and sexy partner, will force forget about old hobbies.

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