How to get a gold medal at school ℹ️ Conditions and rules for receiving a gold medal at the end of the school for good studies, which gives a medal when admission

The first gold medal For special successes in the teaching was awarded in the Russian Empire, in 1828, and in Tsarist Russia, the class composition of its owners was very heterogeneous - among the medals of that period, you can meet kiss of noble noble childbirth and children of commoners. The law did not take into account the political views of graduates . It is widely known that the leader of the revolution Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov (Lenin) received a reward For special successes in teaching, although his brother Alexander was convicted of participating in Terror.

How to get a gold medal at school

History of the medal

The first gold medal "For special successes in the teaching" was awarded in the Russian Empire, in 1828, and in Tsarist Russia, the class composition of its owners was very heterogeneous - among the medals of that period, you can meet kiss of noble noble childbirth and children of commoners. The law did not take into account the political views of graduates . It is widely known that the leader of the revolution Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov (Lenin) received a reward "For special successes in teaching", although his brother Alexander was convicted of participating in Terror.

After the October Socialist Revolution, the medal was canceled. The renewal of the issue has begun in 1945 From that period, she repeatedly canceled, returned again, its appearance changed . And the volume of privileges, which were given to medalists, was different in different periods. It remained unchanged that the most worthy of students should be encouraged.

Criteria for receipt

The entered rules for obtaining "red crusts" will affect those graduates, which this year finish the 11th grade. To new conditions for receiving a gold medal at school include:

gold medal
  • Successful development by a graduate of educational programs, the existence of a final assessment "excellent" for all educational subjects.
  • The results of GIA for grade 9. That is, if the training has the final estimates "excellent" for 10 and grade 10, and the examinations of the GIA are commissioned to the "Four" assessment, then the schoolboy cannot claim a certificate with honors.
  • At least 70 points in the Russian language and mathematics (if the graduate chooses a profile level for mathematics), as confirmation of successful studies.
  • If the schoolboy chooses the basic level of mathematics, the number of points should not be less than 5.
  • Special conditions are provided for graduates of graders 11, passing exams in the HBE format. They need to receive at least 5 points on the main educational subjects (Russian language and mathematics). Kids with disabilities, adolescents in places of imprisonment or studying in places of closed can participate in HBU.

The final decision on the extradition of the certificate with honors takes the school pedagogical council. After the results of the EGE are known, it is approved by the Regional Ministry.

The pedagogical community believes that, thanks to innovations, it will be possible to raise the significance of the certificate with honors, and to receive it will be truly worthy of applicants.

Privileges of medalists

Changes that occurred in the field of certificate of certificates with honors are explained by reforming school education, the introduction of the EGE as a form of certification of graduates. Partly amendments made to the legislation were caused by the sensational scandal in Adygea, where the Golden Award did the graduate, whose mother was a high-ranking official.

What is a gold medal

Commenting on the amendments made to the Education Act, E. Yu. Vasilyeva, Head of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation, noted that in recent years there has been a depreciation of the importance of the highest school award, and the purpose of innovations is to raise the prestige of the highest school award.

The end of the school and admission to the university becomes a new stage in the life of graduates.

Currently, the reward gives the following benefits to applicants:

  • Additional points are accrued (their number is different: each educational institution independently determines how many points will receive a graduate, but the maximum number is 10).
  • In the case when the medalist and another applicant for admission to the university have the same number of points, the advantage is given to the owner of the Golden Medal.
Opportunities for the Gold Medal

Of course, the volume of privileges associated with the presence of a "red" certificate is not so large. He does not always provide the opportunity to enter the desired university In order to continue their studies, but with tightening rules for receiving medals, it may be possible to grow the number of score advantages. In the meantime, the medal is more given to encourage excellent studies.

Rewarding medal graduates takes place in a solemn atmosphere. In many regions, medalists are honored by arranging gubernatorial balls and handing memorable souvenirs.

Other forms of rewarding excellent

Learn at school for perfectly - great work. Unfortunately, even the most diligent and diligent disciples can not always fulfill all the conditions in order to get a cherished award. For what gives a gold medal at school, everyone knows, but what kinds of awards also have more than the conditions for their receipt, not all children and parents are informed. Meanwhile, there are also regional awards "for special successes in teaching", as well as a silver medal with an appropriate inscription .

Regional medal

She appeared in 2014, when a decree was issued on the abolition of the all-Russian gold medal of schoolchildren. In many regions of the Russian Federation, they considered that it was unfair and entered into the turnover their own awards. The conditions for its preparation depend on the subject of the Russian Federation. In Moscow, for example, to get it necessary:

Gold medal and how to get it
  • Be the winner or winner of the All-Russian or International Olympiad for any subject.
  • Dial the maximum 100 points according to one of the main items (Russian or mathematics) on the exam.
  • Total to dial on the results of the ege 220 points.
  • Have excellent final grades in 10 and11 class.

In some regions, for example, the Irkutsk region, it is possible to obtain two medals at once - Russian and regional. The regional award does not have such preferences as federal, but some local universities can also take it into account when admission.

silver medal

In the days of the existence of the USSR, the schools appeared a tradition of presenting silver medals. They were received by those who successfully graduated from school, but did not reach the level of gold award. The tradition of a presentation of silver medals exists today, however, they give them not in all regions of the country. Persons claiming this school promotion should know the conditions under which it will be given:

silver medal
  • Excellent performance on academic disciplines 10 and 11 classes provided for by the plan of the educational institution.
  • Unlike the gold medal, it is allowed to have two fours in every half of the year.
  • The results of the exam should not be below the established threshold.

Schoolchildren who graduated from school with a silver medal receive a certificate of the established sample and do not have the advantages when entering higher educational institutions, but a good stock of knowledge and skills will certainly affect the successful end of the university.

Most medalists for schoolchildren questions about what needs to be done to get a certificate with honors, advise:

  • Additionally, visit the circles and electives for the study of items.
  • Actively participate in scientific and practical conferences, project activities, subject Olympiads of the school, municipal, republican level.
  • Increase the performance in all academic subjects of the studied cycle.
  • Pay special attention to those subjects that cause difficulty learning.
  • Expand your horizons, take an active part in social activities.

Today, the presence of award "For special successes in study" of Russia does not give great advantages, but is the cause of the pride of students, their parents, teachers, and the availability of medalists forms an image of an educational institution. No matter what diploma will receive a graduate, another thing is important - this person knows how to work well.

Consider school assessments are not important, and a gold medal - nothing knowing a metallic circulation? None of your family and friends received a gold medal, and it seems to you that it is too difficult? Both of my daughters finished school with honors. I will try to show why this is important for the future of your children and is not so difficult, as it seems.

How to finish school with a gold medal

We live in Khmelnitsky (Ukraine). One my daughter is now studying at the university. Shevchenko (number 1 in Ukraine), and the other in Erasmus University in Rotterdam.

Gold Medal is not an end in itself, but just a symbol of those knowledge and skills, which, together with the medal, receives a child at the end of the school.

Get a gold (or silver) medal at school - I don't care what to boil through the career ladder of a large company. To do this, you need to get around competitors, understand the scheme of the company's device, learn how to interact with higher management and build normal relationships with colleagues.

This is a long-term strategy, the game, at the end of which you get a prize together with the child. But unlike the game, in the process of studying, your child receives such useful skills as the ability to compete with peers, plan time, to establish short-term and long-term goals, separating important from the secondary one.

And literature, mathematics and other "extra" knowledge are simulators, they develop the brain and expand the horizons. These are the steps that the child lead to the top. After all, the states are managed not cooking.

Therefore, the teaching of the child needs to be planned as a long-term project. In the younger, middle and older school, you need to take several basic solutions that will allow your son or daughter to achieve the best results.

Primary School: The child gets used to independence and success

Do not hurry. M. Gladwell In his book "Noodynastic Success Stories" results in research results showing that stronger and physically developed children learn in primary classes better. The difference between the first grade, which is not yet six, and those who have already been seven, is huge. Even a backpack for a six-card is heavier than for a seven-year-old baby. And then - will you release your child at sixteen years to university in another city or country?

Choose teachers, not school. Initial classes - "State in the State", living with its separate life in the school walls. For a younger student, his first teacher is the second mother. A good primary school teacher can be found in the nearest school, ask your acquaintances about it. It is not necessary to carry the baby to the gymnasium to the other end of the city - it only takes away from both of the time and effort, but little will affect the result. If you are worried about the "right environment", then at this age, social connections between children are only born, and the influence of friends on the child is still much weaker than the parent.

Take care of independence. First, a briefcase is quite capable of collecting a portfolio, not to mention the student of the fourth grade. Study - the zone of the student's responsibility, not parents. The mission of parents is to help, control, but not to fulfill his work for the child. Crochet curves in the cuts are gradually aligned and turn into the letters. Happers, handles, books and shifts will stop being lost. The child needs time, he will definitely learn.

Use the Green Handle method. Its essence is that when checking performed work, the teacher emphasizes the green color what happened best. In other words, you need to praise for successes and encourage in case of failure. This approach works great not only in school, but also to build trust relationships with the child as a whole. Your baby will not be afraid to share with you with your mistakes, knowing that you will always find support and understanding.

How to prepare a child for admission to the university from the first class

Load gradually. Remember, what principle was brought up by Christian Gray from the "fifty shades of gray"? One sport, one musical instrument, one foreign language. This set can be any, the main thing is a variety. But not all in the first grade immediately! Start with what your son or daughter likes. Not you, but a child!

Personally, I think that a foreign language is not necessary to start learning in early childhood. It can be done in 12-13 years old, when it comes to a clear understanding, for which he is generally needed. But then you will have to show hardness so that your child gets a level not lower than B2 in English, because it is the basic for foreign universities.

The rest of the systemality is important. Wide three times a week for dancing? Super! Make sure that it was exactly three times, and not two or one. Rutin is the best friend of future champions. Participate in all competitions, concerts, competitions, let your kid collects his letters, cups and medals and equips the houses "Corner of Glory". Let it get used to be the first and proud of the results of his labor.

High School: Do not let you throw the music and sports section

It's time! Now - yes, now the time to translate the child to a good school. Choose the best to which you can reach. Now it is simple: all data on the successes of students of this or that school are in the open access. Look, graduates of which school, the best of all have passed the EEG (knowing in Ukraine), won more Olympics, got medals. If it suddenly fails to go to the best school, let's go to the second in your ranking. Or try in a year. The main thing is not to give up.

To resist. High school is a harsh test for teachers and parents. Children are already feeling independent and with great enthusiasm make their own choices: they throw everything with pleasure worked before. Your task is not to give your child to the wind your achievements. Maintain, motivate, begging, bargaining, blackmailing - all means are good for work continuing.

It is boring to learn, especially when the prospects are still unclear before graduation. Therefore, you need to learn together. Believe me, now in school, it is not taught at all what before. The program has a lot of interesting, provocative and even outrageous, and I, for example, it was interesting how the teaching of history has changed in twenty years.

No tutors. There is nothing complicated in the school program. Teachers are always ready to explain to those who ask. Classmates can help. And you yourself will be quite able to deal with the challenges for the sixth grade. As Matroskin used to say, "collective work unites".

Tutors will be needed later, at the stage of preparation for graduation, because your graduate aims to receive the highest points, remember?

Let go. Friends are important. Communication is necessary. Perhaps school friends are just the people with whom your child will communicate with all further life and even create your business projects (so started Apple and Microsoft). Smart friends friends with smart, with stupid, they are simply uninteresting. And often new hobbies and achievements grow from such friendship.

Senior School: Your goal is the best universities

Not all items are equally important. Senior school - time to arrange priorities. It is almost impossible to achieve high success in all subjects. Therefore, it is now important to be able to negotiate with teachers. I do not mean buy an assessment, no. But, for example, if your child has already passed IELTS or TOEFL, it may not go to English. Or, making a presentation on the history of arts, immediately get an assessment for a quarter. Teachers are loyal to students working on the prestige of the school. To those who participate in the Olympiads, write scientific work and so on.

Why get the gold medal

Yes tutors. But only the best that is not just being prepared for the exam (knowing), but to the highest points for them. There are few such specialists, it is hard to get to them, so they are in the queue in advance. The services of good tutors are not seeking, but we have already saved them in the younger and high school, yes?

Lay into perfection. That is, the best university. The world has become less, you can not be limited to one country, because many prestigious universities give grants and scholarships. And now you can save well, learning remotely (thanks to pandemic). High-quality higher education, the right environment - all this is crucial for a successful career. Yes, Mark Zuckerberg did not learn very well at Harvard, but he did it there!

And finally, Ta Lam! A minute of glory - graduation! Time of Triumph, the serious victory of your child, one of many. All to whom this medal was "and the gift is not needed," at the moment they envy those who received it. After all, those who have earned the highest scores on the exam (knowing), won the regional Olympics and defended scientific work, will be invited to study outside the competition and free of the world's best universities. Is it necessary to explain why this is good?

In a word, a gold medal for me is not a dummy and not a loss of time, but proof that proper planning and sufficient efforts allow you to achieve any goals.

Good Time Dear Subscribers and Readers of the Law Social Site 9111. RU. Glad to welcome you again on the pages of the site. Today I want to tell in my new publication about the gold medal, how to get it, to whom and for what it is given. In 2014, the concept of "Golden Medal", as well as "Silver", abolished, now graduates at the end of the school can get a medal "For special advances in training." But the people still popular expression "Golden" - so familiar. School medal is a sign of distinction, issued at the end of the secondary general education in Russian schools. It is made of brass alloys and covered with gold 999 samples. Conditions for obtaining a gold medal based on school training approved by order of the Ministry of Education and Science No. 685. The rules are united for all students and educational institutions, and the regions cannot change them. To obtain the gold medal, the schoolchild will have to work, it is necessary to have a "excellent" assessment in all subjects, successfully pass the USE or public graduation exam (HBE).

Conditions for the new law

To qualify for a gold medal after the completion of the school, the student must have "excellent" estimates in all subjects included in the grade 10 curriculum. Please note that now schools can decide which knowledge assessment system to use on objects such as from, physical education, music. If the school acts in the school, the "Custom" mark can stand in a red certificate, and not "excellent".

It often happens that excellent students are given by physical education lessons, and it is very difficult to get the top five on this subject.

Another condition for obtaining a gold medal is the successful passing of EGE:

at least 70 points on the exam in the Russian language;

Satisfactory EGE results for all subjects.

If a schoolboy chose the delivery of HBE, not his exam. To get the gold medal, he needs to get a lot of "excellent" in the exams in Russian and mathematics.

About the issuance of the Gold Medal School makes an entry in a special registration book. When the medal loss, its duplicate is not issued.

The opinion of the author

Many parents and schoolchildren adhere to the opinions that the goal of "getting a medal after school" does not always justify funds. You need to make colossal efforts, and everything you get as a result is a few points. What do you think about this?

If you decide to get a gold medal at school, consider your strength and strength of your child correctly, do not forget to rest and remember that health is above any assessments.

I invite you to discuss the topic of publication in the comments under publication. If you like my publication - do not forget to share information with your subscribers in social networks. I want to thank you, my dear readers that support my articles like huskies and comments.


Do you need a gold medal with a modern schoolchild? What advantages does she give? How to get this prestigious award? Let's deal with together.

In this article:

A little about the history of the award

The first gold medal was given the student in 1828, in the Russian Empire. Since then, it has been canceled several times, then returned again. The last cancellation took place at the end of 2013. The reason - the medals were issued in huge quantities, while not always reasonable. In addition, then they did not give any advantages when admission. Such a decision of the Ministry of Education and Science caused a negative reaction in society, therefore was revised by the State Duma. In May 2014, the president signed a decree, according to which schools began to re-issue gold medals for special successes in teachings.

Medal consists of zinc alloy, copper and nickel with gold spraying

Gold medal is handed in a solemn atmosphere

How to get a gold medal? Conditions for receipt in 2021

The decision on the issuance of the gold medal takes the school's pedsoves and coordinates it with the local ministry department. In 2021, the Gold Medal in the 11th grade must be confirmed by one of the options:

  1. Get at least 70 points for the exam in Russian and pass thresholds for other subjects of the EGE. Mathematics-ege do not need to pass.
  2. Get 5 points for HCE in Russian and mathematics. Suitable for those who do not plan to enter the university.

And some of the regions of Russia have established their own awards for excellent studies. And if the Federal Gold Medal is given for the difference always, then regional - subject to the availability of such a program in the region.

For instance, in Moscow, According to information on Portal of the mayor of Moscow The medal will give someone who performed one of the conditions:

  1. Won the All-Russian School Olympiad;
  2. Received 100 points for the exam in Russian or mathematics;
  3. Scored 220 points for three subjects of the USE (this is 73.3 points for each exam).

For graduate with OVD There are two more options:

  1. Finish the 11th grade on "excellent" and to gain in the amount of at least 146 points for the exam in Russian and profile mathematics;
  2. Or 73 in Russian and get 5 for basic mathematics.
Only round excellent students can count on the Gold Medal

Gold medal - a prestigious reward for special successes in school

What advantages gives a gold medal

Of course, the medal will not open the doors to you in all universities of the country, but some bonuses will still provide. Upon admission, it gives additional scores that are summarized with the results of the exam. According to the portal of the Mayor of Moscow, it will provide the advantage of enrollment, if you and another applicant without a medal dial the same number of points. However, we did not hear universities to make this concern to excellent.

To confirm the presence of the gold medal, you must provide a reception office of the certificate.

How many points charge universities for a gold medal

Upon arrival in 2021, you can get up to 10 additional points inclusive. What figures to install, solves each university independently. Information on additional points can be obtained on the official website of a particular university. To do this, find the section "Individual Achievements" in the reception rules. Here are the additional points in 2020, some famous educational institutions of the country were established:

Every year different points can be installed. This is not a complete list even for Moscow and St. Petersburg. Check the points for the Gold Medal on our website in the specialty section.

The maximum number of additional points for the medal in 2020 - 10

The number of additional points for the Gold Medal Each university sets independently

Legislation does not stand still - the conditions for obtaining medals are tightened, and its owners receive additional benefits. The main emphasis is made that the medals are deservedly and objectively. All in your hands, dare!

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