How to connect bonuses thanks 💳 from Sberbank?

Как подключить Спасибо от Сбербанка? Инструкция.
The presence of a bank card does not guarantee connection to the loyalty program. Yes, a credit card for participation is required. But thanks to Sberbank's connection does not take place in itself, you need to connect the bonus program in most convenient way: through an ATM, via SMS, through the technical support operator, thanks from Sberbank or Sberbank online.

The presence of a bank card does not guarantee connection to the loyalty program. Yes, a credit card for participation is required. But thanks to Sberbank's connection does not take place in itself, you need to connect the bonus program in most convenient way: through an ATM, via SMS, through the technical support operator, thanks from Sberbank or Sberbank online.

Connect a bonus program through the terminal, ATM

How to connect thanks from Sberbank? Instruction.

  • Do operating an ATM. Insert the card into an ATM, type the PIN, find the section "Bonus Programs" and to "Clean?" Click "Yes."

Connect bonuses Thanks through the technical support operator

You can become participants in the program through the bank operator. This option is convenient for those who do not want to independently understand the terminals.

How to connect thanks from Sberbank? Instruction.

In the offices of Sberbank, there are often consultants to which you can seek advice and help in connecting the loyalty program. If there are difficulties with connecting, they will provide the necessary assistance.

Connect bonuses thanks through Sberbank online

How to connect thanks from Sberbank? Instruction.

This method requires the use of a personal account on Sberbank online.

  1. Enter the Sberbank Personal Cabinet using your own login and password.
  2. In the menu, on the right side, click the link "Thank you from Sberbank."
  3. After clicking on the link, the window will open in which enter the phone number and email address.
  4. Next, confirm your consent to the rules of the loyalty program.

Connecting a bonus program using a mobile bank

Many Sberbank plastic card holders often use the Mobile Bank mobile application. Writing banking operations in this way is convenient. Want to know how to connect thanks from Sberbank through your mobile?

How to connect thanks from Sberbank? Instruction.

  • Send an SMS. On the smartphone, dial the recipient number - 900, after which you enter the word "thanks" by capital letters, space, as well as the last 4 digits of your card. For example, a message may look like this: "Thank you 1234." Expect connections within 1 hour.

Now you will have access to purchases in partner companies. You can see their list and find interesting promotions.

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The main requirement for the Sberbank client, who wants to take part in the bonus program in "Thank you" - to have a working card of the bank.

  1. What is "thanks" from Sberbank?
  2. How to connect a bonus program?
  3. Connection via SMS
  4. Connection by phone
  5. Connect "Thank you" through an ATM
  6. Inclusion in the bonus program with a personal visiting office
  7. other methods
  8. What gives the connection to the bonus program?
  9. How to check part in the "Thank you" program?
  10. How to stop participating in "Thank you" from Sberbank?

What is "thanks" from Sberbank?

Bonuses Thank you - this is the gratitude of the financial institution to those customers who are actively using the bank card for purchases. The more purchases were paid by it, the more in the account of the client's actions. In the financial equivalent, bonuses make up 0.5% of each purchase. In addition, many sellers of goods and services supported the initiative of Sberbank. And now acquiring something from Sberbank partners, you can get to your bonus account up to 20% of the funds spent.

How to connect a bonus program?

To receive bonuses on the "Thank you" promotion program, you need to connect the service to the client's personal account. This can be done independently, and with the help of bank specialists.

Connection via SMS

The easiest way to join the program is to send the text message "Thanks XXXX" to the number 900, where XXXX is the latest number of bank card numbers. In response, the Bank will send code text in "#yyyy" format. It needs to be sent back to the operator to confirm its intention to become a member of the "Thank you" program.

Important! The SMS message needs to be sent only from that phone number that you specified when making a map!

Connection by phone

To register with the Sberbank program, you can call the Bank's hotline by calling 8 (800) 555-55-50. From all over Russia, calls are absolutely free. Well, those clients who are abroad will pay the call at the price of their mobile operator.

Immediately after dialing, the number will be connected to the voice menu. And to contact the operator, you need to dial the number "0". An employee of the bank will need to report the goal of the call, their personal data, the card number and code word. All the rest of the operator will do it yourself.

Connect "Thank you" through an ATM

Connect "Thank you from Sberbank" in the next removal of money through an ATM. For this:

  1. Insert the plastic card into the card reader.
  2. Enter the PIN code.
  3. In the menu list on the tablo, select the "Bonus Program" section.
  4. The application template will open to enter your phone number, and after agreeing with the conditions of participation in the promotion by pressing the appropriate button.
  5. Now it remains to wait for SMS messages from the bank, in which the code assigned to you is to communicate with the center of support if necessary.

Inclusion in the bonus program with a personal visiting office

If you decide to connect to the "Thank you" bonus program, passing by the branch of Sberbank, boldly go to the office. Here the operator will ask you to present a document confirming the identity and card of the bank. Then you have to fill out the application form. And the connection itself will quickly hold a bank specialist. He will also inform you and the conditional code that is necessary for calls to the hotline.

other methods

If all the above methods are not suitable for any reason, Sberbank offers another alternative way: connecting through Sberbank online. To do this, log in to your personal account, select the "Favorites" section in the Personal menu.

Just like in the bank's separation, here the client will have to fill out a request to connect the service. When you confirm your intention, the code will come to the phone number specified in the application.

What gives the connection to the bonus program?

The promotional program "Thank you from Sberbank" allows bank customers to significantly save. As the terminals today are located in any, even the smallest store, pay the card is very simple. And in return, the bank charges pleasant bonuses. The more shopping, the more bonuses! It is also easy to spend them, you only need to look at the site of the bank to see the list of partner organizations, in stores which bonuses can pay up to 90% of the cost of goods.

How to check part in the "Thank you" program?

Control the number of bonuses on its account in different ways:

  • In the Personal Cabinet Sberbank System online in the "Bonus Program" section. Here you need to open the "Thank you from Sberbank" tab, and click the "My Finance" button;
  • You can get a report on bonuses and by phone. To do this, send the number 900 SMS with the text "Thanks XXXX", where XXXX is the last 4 digits of your card. In response, the Bank will send an extract for a business account. Another number by which the client can get information is 6470. You need to send a message with the text "900". In response, the Bank will provide data on your bonuses;
  • When buying goods. Accumulated balls are always indicated in the check.

How to stop participating in "Thank you" from Sberbank?

Primary program Thanks from Sberbank is completely free in service. Participation in it does not burden the client, but on the contrary, it helps to save. Therefore, to disconnect its bank employees do not advise. But if such a need has arisen, contact your support by calling 8 (800) 555-55-50. Tell the operator you need your personal data, card number, codeword and reason. After a few seconds, the SMS message will come about the fact that the bonuses are no longer accrued.

The sensational system of Cashbek is represented by the bank in the form of a convenient bonus program. In the course of its use, each client gradually accumulates points, which can then use for their own purposes. First of all, this includes the purchase of goods and services on the partner network. To participate in the bonus program there may be absolutely any person with a map. Next, consider how to connect bonuses thanks from Sberbank and get acquainted with the advantages of the program.

Note. The program involves cards of any systems - Visa, Maestro, MasterCard and others. Each card has the opportunity to get and spend bonuses in accordance with the generally accepted conditions of the bank.

How to connect thanks from Sberbank - Step-by-step instructions

The Bank provides several convenient ways to connect the program. Before connecting bonuses, thanks from Sberbank, you should familiarize yourself with these options and choose for yourself the most profitable.

Through Mobile Bank

Mobile bank is comfortable primarily by the fact that there is always at hand. Through the service, you can not only connect bonuses thanks from Sberbank, but also solve many other tasks, as well as important financial transactions. To use the service you need one - its connection.

Make it easy, it is enough to contact the Bank's Office, the contact center or to independently activate the function through the personal account. After accessing the mobile bank, you can proceed to the desired operation. Before connecting thanks from Sberbank, you need to perform several simple actions:

  1. To send an SMS message with the word "Thank you" and the last four digits of the card identifier to the short number of the 900 service number (no need to pay). Note that the numeric value and the word are separated by one space.
  2. After the return response comes, you need to send the resulting digit combination with the response.
  3. Last action - receiving an identifier to participate in the special program.

Activation can be made after a few minutes. To check the bonus balance, you need to send the "Thank you" code and the last four digits of the Card number 900. You can also call the operator or use the personal account.

Note. After registering in the program and obtaining the first bonuses, you must follow the date of their accrual. The validity period of the scores is 36 months. If during this time the client did not take advantage of the proposal, bonuses burn.

Via phone

Another quick and convenient way to connect bonuses Thanks to Sberbank is to activate the program through the support service operator. To do this, you will need to dial the number of the call center 8-800-555-55-50. The call is free for all regions of the Russian Federation. In order for the consultant to be able to connect the service, it will require the cardholder data, namely:

  • Surname name and patronymic.
  • The card number located on the front side (16 or 18 digits).
  • Card expiry date.
  • Three-digit CVC code located on the back of the card.

After entering all the necessary data to the Bank's database, the consultant will report the results to the Client. Connection occurs instantly, therefore the accumulation of bonuses is possible immediately at the end of the conversation with a specialist.

Through ATM

Terminals can now be found not only in departments and branches of the bank, but also in any shopping center, so the connection will be convenient for many users of cards. To activate the program, the sequence of actions should be as follows:

  • Insert the card into an ATM.
  • Enter PIN.
  • After the menu appears on the monitor, select a bonus program.
  • Enter mobile number.
  • Get an individual code that will be confirmed by participation in the program.
  • Save the received password.

Here it is also possible to look into your personal account to estimate the current point with points. Further information on participation in the bonuses program can be found by calling the service center, through the online or mobile application.

Via the Internet (computer, tablet)

With the advent of Sberbank online, the life of the financial organization's clients has significantly simplified. An application with online services is a real multifunctional study, where you can solve a huge number of questions without visiting the Bank's Office. This will require only the availability of a computer and registration on the resource.

In the office, the service is represented by a separate subsection, which, in fact, makes it a "office inside the cabinet". To repurchase points and cachek, you need to properly activate the program. Knowing how to connect thanks from Sberbank in this way, you can quickly make activation and immediately start sapping points. This will require:

  1. Register in Sberbank online.
  2. Commit authorization.
  3. Go to the private menu.
  4. Press the button with the inscription "Thank you".

Next you need to specify all the necessary personal data. Moreover, they must be reliable and relevant. Otherwise, the system can block the client, after which the registration of bonuses will be extremely difficult.

First of all, you must correctly enter the current mobile phone number and email. After the data is entered into the system, the user will come to an SMS confirmation of a successful operation. Then it will be possible to familiarize themselves with the information that has appeared on participating in the bonus program. The advantage of such registration is speed - for the fulfillment of the entire procedure takes 2-3 minutes. It is also possible to register with the online bank service to activate bonuses from any gadget on which there is a specified application.

Note. Active participation in the special program gives customers great privileges. The Bank provides the possibility of obtaining double bonuses and discounts up to 99%. Shares conditions will be available in the Personal Account immediately after connecting the program.

Connecting bonuses to multiple Sberbank cards

Most people in use are not alone, but two and even three bank cards. It is quite natural to connect a bonus program for each of them. Fortunately, if all the cards belong to one client, it is not necessary to connect anything. After all, Sberbank has already done everything himself, and the accumulation of bonuses goes to all accounts at the same time.

If the cards are decorated for different data, you need to connect the function separately to each of them. To do this, follow the instructions already shown above. In the Bonus program, the service registers a particular person, not the card.

How to disable the program

Despite the fact that the service is absolutely free and does not impose any obligations on the card holder, many express the desire to disable it. To refuse to participate in the program, the client will need to make one of the actions:

  1. Call the operator of technical support.
  2. Contact the nearest bank division.
  3. Go to your personal account and disconnect yourself.

Virtual bonus services are now operating worldwide. Thanks to them, it is possible to get cachek and further apply it for their own purposes. At the same time, the unconditional advantages of such a service are accessibility, simplicity of registration and transparency of the accumulation of points. In addition, this service is free. The exception is the connection of the function being in roaming.

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How to connect bonuses thanks from Sberbank?

  1. What is "thanks" from Sberbank?
  2. How to connect "Thank you" bonuses from Sberbank?
  3. Connection with SMS
  4. Connecting "Thank you" bonuses through a mobile application
  5. Registration in ATMs or Terminals
  6. Sberbank "Thank you" - how to connect through Sberbank online
  7. Frequently asked Questions

To attract new and retention of regular customers, banks are developing loyalty programs. Sberbank offers a program under the symbolic name "Thank you" in grateful for cooperation with the financial institution. What does she represent from themselves and how to activate "Thank you" bonuses?

How to connect bonuses thanks from Sberbank?

What is "thanks" from Sberbank?

"Thank you" is a bonus program for Sberbank customers, namely - for owners of bank cards. By purchasing goods or services from a credit and financial organization partners, the client receives bonuses to his account.

Among the bank partners:

  • Litres;
  • Son's daughters;
  • Burger King;
  • Technopark;
  • Connected;
  • L'Etoile and others.

Purchases are charged on a separate account (one for all Sberbank cards). How much will be accrued, depends on the store in which purchases were made, and from the privilege level. Total levels 4:

  • Thank you: At the start level, you can receive up to 30% of bonuses for using the card in partner stores;
  • Many thanks: 0.5% of Sberbank bonuses are added to 30%;
  • Thank you so much: besides the above privileges, the client gets the opportunity to accumulate more bonuses on two categories chosen to them;
  • More than thanks: four selected discounted categories are available here. To enjoy the highest possible level, you need to constantly perform the tasks of the bank. For example, the ratio of expenditure operations to cash removal operations is more than 85%.

See which level is assigned, you can in your account.

Bonuses can be used at the rate of 1 bonus = 1 ruble. Accrual occurs within five days.

How to connect "Thank you" bonuses from Sberbank?

Connect to the loyalty program in the following ways:

  • Using the SMS Bank;
  • through a mobile application;
  • in terminals or ATMs of the Sberbank network;
  • Through the Sberbank Internet Bank online.

Connection with SMS

Actions for registration with SMS:

  1. You need to dial an SMS message with the text "Thank you NNNN", where NNNN is the latest plastic card numbers.
  2. Send text to number 900.
  3. After a few seconds, the response SMS will come, in which the digital code will be specified.
  4. The SMS response code must be re-sent to the number 900.
  5. The last stage is to get a password to enter your personal account.

In order to use this method for connecting a bonus program, you need to activate the SMS Bank service.

Connecting "Thank you" bonuses through a mobile application

This method is relevant for those clients who have a Sberbank mobile application installed. Need:

  1. Install another application - "Thank you from Sberbank."
  2. Enter the system by specifying a mobile number.
  3. Agree with the rules of the program by introducing a digital code from the received SMS.
  4. Get another SMS with password for logging after the end of registration.

Registration in ATMs or Terminals

Sberbank ATM network covers almost all large cities in Russia. Therefore, this is a fairly convenient way to activate the bonus program. How to do it step by step:

  1. Insert the card and specify the PIN code.
  2. Enter the "Information and Services" sections, then "bonus program".
  3. Specify the mobile phone number and agree with the rules of the system.
  4. Get SMS with password, as in the case of other means of connecting.

Sberbank "Thank you" - how to connect through Sberbank online

The fastest way:

  1. Enter the Internet Bank's personal account.
  2. Find the "Thank you from Sberbank" tab.
  3. Enter the mobile number and agree to the processing of personal data.
  4. Enter the SMS code to end the registration procedure.

Frequently asked Questions

What gives the connection to the bonus program?

The program does not imply additional costs from the client for participation. Therefore, in the presence of Sberbank cards, it is more profitable to take advantage of the offer and activate "Thank you from Sberbank." What will it give?

  • savings at usual spending;
  • the ability to buy goods at a lower price on which there was not enough funds before;
  • awareness of profitable shares from the Bank's partners;
  • Participation in charitable shares: Bonuses in some cases can be spent on it;
  • Additional income: at a level greater than thanks, you can exchange bonuses for money, and not at a discount;
  • The ability to buy cheaper not only products and things, but also travel services, tickets for events (cinema, concerts, exhibitions).

How to find out the balance?

You can get information about the number of accrued bonuses.

  • in the Personal Account on the official portal of the bonus program;
  • in a special mobile application;
  • in the personal office "Sberbank online";
  • in ATMs and information terminals;
  • Using the SMS service service (type SMS to number 900 with the words "Thank you NNNN", where NNNN is the last digits of the plastic card). If there were some difficulties with the activation or use of the program, you can contact the bank specialists by phone 900.

In what cases does the program bonuses burn?

You can lose savings in several cases:

  • The bank card was inactive for a long period - more than a year. There is a continuous period of inaction;
  • Bonuses were not turned into a client in a discount or rubles;
  • The contract for banking services is broken.

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Thank you from Sberbank - The most famous loyalty program developed by the largest Russian bank for users. The service allows you to save bonuses for using cashless payments. To obtain points, it is enough to pay a bank card for any purchases in partner stores. The participants in the program are rewarded on a separate account, independent of the currency balance.

The number of points varies from an affiliate store and is installed by each company. To view the rating of partners, it is recommended to visit the official website of the credit institution and open the corresponding section. Please note that information can be updated. Therefore, it is recommended to regularly view the list to obtain topical data.

To use the program, thanks from Sberbank, pre-connect the service. There are several ways to activate the loyalty program. Users can use the personal account, ATM or visit the banking department. We will look at each option separately.

How to connect thanks from Sberbank through Sberbank online

Credit organization has a personal account called Sberbank Online Through which bank products are managed. Customers can control the state of balance, view the history of payments, make transfers and connect additional services. Including, you can activate the loyalty program to save money. The service is connected by several mouse clicks.

Step 1 . Visit the official website of the Financial Institution and open the Authorization page -

Specify the username with the password, click the "Login" button. Enter the SMS message. You will display a personal section designed to manage banking services.

How to connect bonuses thanks from Sberbank

How to connect bonuses thanks from Sberbank

Step 2. . Over the section " Thank you from Sberbank " on the menu.

How to connect bonuses thanks from Sberbank

Step 3. . Check out the rules for using loyalty program. Enter the phone number, date of birth and confirm your consent with the rules of the program "Thank you from Sberbank" and for the processing of personal data;

By pressing the confirmation button, you automatically give consent to the PD processing and accept the rules of the User Agreement.

How to connect bonuses thanks from Sberbank

Step 4. . Wait for the SMS message. It will contain a disposable code to confirm the operation. Reprint the accepted combination of characters in the designed string. Click "Continue".

You will be successfully registered in the loyalty program.

How to connect thanks from Sberbank through an ATM

The second way implies the use of a Sberbank ATM.

  1. Find the nearest self-service terminal, insert the bank card and specify the PIN code via the numeric keypad.
  2. Then choose the "Bonus Program" section in the proposed menu.
  3. You will display a dialog box that offers specify a telephone number for registration. Agree with client service rules and provide the requested information.
  4. After a few seconds, you will receive an SMS message containing a password to use the loyalty program.
  5. Registration completed. It remains only to visit the official Sberbank website and log in under its data in the section " Thank you from Sberbank "

How to connect thanks from Sberbank via Mobile to number 900

The credit institution has provided for users mobile banking - a special service that allows you to manage banking products. Connection or shutdown of services is carried out by sending SMS messages with a specific textual content.

Consider the use of mobile banking on an example of joining the loyalty program.

  1. To do this, type the command. Thanks XXXX where instead of Xxxx Substitute the last four digits of your bank card. For example, Thank you 2355. . Be sure to place the gap between the word and numbers, otherwise the message will not be processed.
  2. Send the specified text to the short number 900. belonging to Sberbank. Sending a message is free throughout the Russian Federation, with the exception of the use of international roaming.
  3. After sending text, wait for the response message to contain the instruction to confirm the registration.
  4. When the loyalty program is successfully connected, you will receive a password from a personal account. It remains only to log in in the loyalty program under your credentials to view the status of the account and spending bonuses.

How to connect thanks from Sberbank through a mobile application

The credit institution has created a separate mobile application "Thank you from Sberbank" for customers, allowing you to use the loyalty program on any mobile device.

  1. You need to download the application via the Google Play or App Store directory on the phone, run and follow the automatic instruction.
  2. You will be asked to specify the phone number for which the message will be received with the secret code. Refer to the appropriate line combination and click the confirmation button.
  3. Registration successfully passed. Before you will appear the main page Thanks from Sberbank. Here is the current balance of the balance. A little lower, you can see the history of operations. For spending accumulated bonuses, it is recommended to open the menu and select a category of goods or services.

Thank you from Sberbank - a popular loyalty program that allows you to save money to any customer of the bank. It is very easy to receive remuneration, it is enough to pay a plastic card at any affiliate store. The size of bonuses can be from 2% to 20% of the purchase price and varies from the chosen company. The collected points are spent spending on partial payment of goods.

However, first the service must be connected. Activation is carried out by several actions and requires SMS to a mobile phone. In total there are several ways to connect - through an ATM, personal account, application or SMS message. Select the appropriate option from the list, activate the loyalty program and save money.

"Thank you" or "Salvsko" is the privilege system that Sberbank has developed for its customers. According to the rules of the program for each purchase, the owner of the card receives the bonuses that he pays in the future. Solber pays Thanks to Sberbank can be exchanged for a discount, which can be up to 99% of the cost of the product or service from a partner.

Personal Cabinet Thank you from Sberbank

Personal Cabinet Thank you from Sberbank is designed to control the bonus account, which is provided to all program participants. Using a personal account, the user can track the charges for purchases, exchange points to rubles and coupons from partners. You can register on the site using the profile on the Sberbank online platform.

Connect bonuses thanks from Sberbank

The bonus program opens up the opportunity to accumulate savings bills for purchases and then exchange them for discounts or coupons. When making a map, employees offer the recipient to activate this service. But in some cases you have to do it manually.

About how to connect bonuses Thanks from Sberbank on your own, tell me further.

Thank you from Sberbank - how to connect how to check how to spend


  1. The client inserts a card into an ATM (or terminal), opens the menu and enters the "Bonus Program" section.

Thank you from Sberbank - how to connect how to check how to spend

2. In the dialog box, the phone number (to which the card is attached) is to register.

3. Agrees with the terms of service, after which the system sends an SMS code.

four.  Enters the password in the corresponding window and terminates registration.

By number 900.

  1. The client sends a message with the text.
  2. Gets a response message containing the "#yyyy" type code.
  3. Copies the received code and sends it to the same addressee.

If the service is already activated, then after sending the command a message will receive a message about the number of savings accounts on the account.

Before connecting thanks from Sberbank through a mobile one, you need to make sure that the message goes from the phone to which the account is attached.

Sberbank Online

  1. The user goes into a personal account on the link and clicks on the "Saving Scribble" section (located in the main menu).

Thank you from Sberbank - how to connect how to check how to spend

  1. Indicates cellular and agrees with:
    • Company rules;
    • Data processing.
  2. Read the SMS code and enters it in the corresponding window to confirm the person.
  3. Completes the registration and receives a personal bonus account.

Mobile Bank

  1. The user downloads the application Saving:
  • Android - through Google Play,
  • iPhone - via the AppStore).

Thank you from Sberbank - how to connect how to check how to spend

2. Enters the app and indicates a cell phone. Agrees with:

  • Company rules;
  • Data processing;

3. There is a message containing 5 characters (XXXXX), and reprints it.

4. Receives SMS with a password (it will be needed when calling a contact center when there are questions).

Log in to the program Thanks from Sberbank

To control the savingsballs, it became more convenient, the bank created a separate platform - SPASIBOSBERBANK.

Personal Cabinet SavingsPar is responsible for the following tasks:

  • tracking accruals and expenses;
  • exchange points for coupons;
  • Translation of points to other persons (paid service, since it includes, takes into account the commission).

Participants who have come down to the level "more than thanks" can also cash the accumulated savingsballs (translate into rubles) and use them for any financial transactions.

Log in by phone or Sberbank ID

  1. The client enters the link and clicks on the "Login" button.

Thank you from Sberbank - how to connect how to check how to spend

2. Selects the entry method:

Thank you from Sberbank - how to connect how to check how to spend

  • On mobile (you will also need to enter a password);
  • ON COLOR ID (for those connected to the authentication system).

3. Specifies the cell or scans the QR code.

Thank you from Sberbank - how to connect how to check how to spend

four. Confirms the input of Push-notification (comes to a smartphone or tablet).

Thank you from Sberbank - how to connect how to check how to spend

five. Agrees with the conditions (puts a tick under the list of banking requirements).

Thank you from Sberbank - how to connect how to check how to spend

6. It falls into a personal account.

Thank you from Sberbank - how to connect how to check how to spend


  • To connect thanks from Sberbank online (as well as through Mobile Banking), you need a personal account. Through the LC, the consumer goes to the site, where completes its registration.
  • If the client has several plastic media, then it is not necessary to activate the savings for each of them. Bonus program Thanks activated for all accounts at the same time. For the same reason, it is not necessary to re-connect the card during reissue.
  • The only condition for activating the bonus account is the presence of a Sberbank card. Tariff type does not matter. Supports: social, youth, corporate, credit, salary, etc.
  • After connecting the cardholder, the 1st level "Thank you" will be assigned. To increase it and save more savings closures, the platform will offer to perform a number of tasks.

How to check bonuses thanks from Sberbank

To learn about the bonuses, thanks from Sberbank, the client chooses a convenient way for himself:

  • SMS. : Sends a message with the text Thank you + the four latest card numbers (approx. thanks 4609) to number 900;
  • Technical support service : Calls at 8 800 555 55 50 and calls a password (comes after registering in the program in SMS, but also appears in the Personal Account on the Sberbacitor website);

Bonus program Thanks from Sberbank

  • Sberbank Online (Site / Software for the smartphone): Log in to the Personal Account and goes to the "Thank you from Sberbank" section;
  • "Thank you from Sberbank" : opens a mobile application (in the main menu there are data on the current bonus account and the accruals for the last purchases);

Bonus program Thanks from Sberbank

  • ATM : Inserts a map and selects the "Bonus Program" section in the main menu, then clicks on the "Find out a bonus balance" button.

Bonus Balance and Operations Control

Thanks Balance

The balance shows the number of bonuses that the user is able to spend at the moment. The personal profile has a complete story of enrollments and write-offs.

View the history of the operation

To study the story, you need to log in to your account on

Transactions and points credited are displayed in the main menu. To view a complete list of operations, you need to click on the "All" section.

Thank you from Sberbank - how to connect how to check how to spend

In the window that opens will be proposed several ways to sort actions:

  • By temporary interval:
    • all the time;
    • a week;
    • month;
    • year.

Thank you from Sberbank - how to connect how to check how to spend

  • Type:
    • costs
    • Accrued
    • Costs + accrual.

Thank you from Sberbank - how to connect how to check how to spend

If a specific operation is needed, then you can use the search string.

Thank you from Sberbank - how to connect how to check how to spend

Privilege levels Thank you from Sberbank

Levels Thanks from Sberbank suggest four steps. The higher the stage, the more privileges the client receives from the bank. To activate the next level of the cardholder, performs tasks that you can check in your account.

Terms of privilege

Name Privilege
1thanks Returns up to 30% of bonuses for partner goods (in physical or online stores)
2Many thanks On account will return 0.5% Sber of bonuses of up to 30% of bonuses for affiliate goods
3Thank you so much Higher bonuses in 2 categories0.5% Sberbreat bonuses of up to 30% of bonuses for affiliate goods
4More than thanks Higher bonuses in the 2nd categories0.5% Sber of bonuses from up to 30% of bonuses for partner goods and bonuses for rubles

Tasks for execution

All levels of bonuses Thank you from Sberbank provide for unique conditions.

Name Condition
1thanks Participate in the program for partner companies card
2Many thanks Monthly Rules: · Use cards so that the purchase / cash ratio turned out to be more than 50% · spend from 5 thousand rubles
3Thank you so much · Use cards so that the purchase / cashing ratio is more than 50% · spend from 5 thousand rubles · Pay for anything through Sberbank.Online
4More than thanks · Use cards so that the purchase / cashing ratio turned out to be more than 85% · spend from 5 thousand rubles · Pay anything through Sberbank.Online · Open contribution and make any amount to it

You can control the execution of tasks through the account on the website or in the application for the smartphone.

How many privileges act

The privileges of each level are valid for one season (i.e. summer, autumn, spring or winter).

To stay at any level above the initial, it is necessary to maintain the result achieved permanently. If the client did not fulfill the rules in one of the months of the current level, then next season it will be lowered.

Calculate points for completed tasks

Universal formula for calculating scroll scrolls Thanks from Sberbank does not exist.

The number of bonuses received depends on the following variables:

  • "Thank you" level;
  • Conditions of a specific partner;
  • Uriviegia specific card.

Thank you from Sberbank - how to connect how to check how to spend

The minimum number of bonuses that the client can get for the purchase is calculated in percentage - 0.5% of spending. The maximum number of partners are installed independently - up to 30% of the amount spent (some companies also carry out shares on the accrual of increased cachek).

Detailed information about the policies of partners in the accrual of points and their shares is contained in the section "Partners and Offers" on the website SPASIBOSBERBANK.RU. Depending on the purpose, the client selects the point to accumulate or write off bonuses.

Sberbank when calculating points at the end of each reporting period adheres to such a scheme:

  • After graduating from the season (i.e., after 3 months, allocated to perform tasks) calculates points for all spending.
  • Throughout the postperiod (1 - 9 months of the month), analyzes the tasks performed by the program participant for each month of last season. In the postperiod, the client is still open access to the previous level.
  • The 10 number of the system assigns a new level card owner - based on the calculations produced. All waste performed by a person in the postperiod go to the record of the new season and will be taken into account with the next count.

Cards for bonuses Thank you from Sberbank

For most Cards, Sberbank offers the standard conditions for enrollment of points: up to 30% of the magnitude of the purchase. But there are special rates that are designed so that customers can get more benefits from spending.

Thank you from Sberbank - how to connect how to check how to spend

Debit cards for bonuses

Program Tariff conditions
Map with big bonuses Returns by bonuses: 10% - gas stations, 5% - cafe1,5% - hypermarkets
Golden card (Sberbank Gold) 5% - Cafe1% - hypermarkets
Youth card up to 5% - by spending in the selected categoritho 11% - from partners
Saving 10% - Cafe and Delivery Club service; 5% - hypermarkets (including services for the delivery of products for the house + savingsmarket)
Savingspill 10% - gas stations, 5% - cafe1,5% - hypermarkets

For calculating tariff bonuses, online calculators are designed to be located on the page of each card with special accrual schemes for bonuses.

As part of the shares, Sberbank offers elevated bonuses to the owners:

  • Visa Gold Golden, "Give Life", "Golden";
  • WORD Mastercard "Golden", "Golden" (outside the service packages).

At the tariff "Golden", in packages of services for salary clients and for credit cards, Sberbank offers standard calculation conditions: up to 30% for purchase, depending on the selected partner.

For owners of pension and social maps, the Bank provided an opportunity for one of the categories of choice, based on the list:

  • 3% for gas stations;
  • 3% for medicines;
  • 1.5% on household goods;
  • 1% for the purchase of products in supermarkets;
  • 0.5% for any purchases.

The connection to the service is carried out through the personal account of the personal profile in the savings and votor assistant.

Bonuses when reale cards

The bonus system is not attached to the plastic carrier. If the card holder closes it (after the expiration or for other reasons), the accumulated points are not burned. They are fixed at the expense and when reissuing the card product is returned to the owner.

How bonuses are charged

Thank you from Sberbank - how to connect how to check how to spend

If a few cards are credited

Bonuses are saved by credit on a single client account, open in Sberbank. This means that when using any card, bonuses come to the name of its owner and are summarized. However, different cards provide their rules for calculating points, which is important to take into account when using several plastic carriers.

For example, when weaning in a cafe, the Customer will receive a return with bonuses in the amount of 5% of the amount, and when the card is a savings card - 10%. To understand how to get bonuses thanks from Sberbank with great advantages, you need to relate the tariffs of maps and shopping types.

Bonuses abroad when paying a savings card

For the program, savingspat does not matter where bonuses are accrued. Thanks from Sberbank. The points are accrued and within Russia, and abroad according to the same rules. The difference lies only in the fact that there are fewer Sberbank partners abroad, so access to the maximum return of bonuses is limited.

Cash Removal Bonuses

When removing cash to a bonus account, the scores are not credited

Stopped copying bonuses thanks from Sberbank

If the bonuses of Sber Thank you are credited incorrectly or completely ceased to do, you need to report a problem:

  • According to a single number 900 (hereinafter, you need to press the number "5" - to communicate with the employee operator);
  • In any physical branch of the bank;
  • Email [email protected]

The user will be asked to call a password that all participants in the bonus program in SMS during registration.

Limits of bonuses on cards

The problem in stopping the accumulation of bonuses can be associated with a limit that the bank establishes for each level:

  • "Thank you" - 5,000 per quarter;
  • "Thank you so much" - 30,000 per quarter;
  • "More than thanks" - 45,000 per quarter.

Why bonuses are not accrued

Points are not credited when performing the following operations:

  • currency exchange;
  • acquisition of securities, precious metals, checks;
  • purchase of goods with illicit trafficking;
  • Completing transactions related to gambling and bookmakers;
  • Transfers between bank accounts;
  • sending payments through Sberbank-online (if certain exceptions are not provided for by the shares of the bank);
  • payment of housing and communal services;
  • replenishment of "virtual wallets";
  • 6th purchase and all subsequent, if they were committed throughout the day in one trading point.

A complete list of operations for which the savings system does not deduct bonuses - by reference.

Thank you from Sberbank - how to connect how to check how to spend

Is it possible to pay the scores and rubles

Sberbank leaves the client the right to pay for the purchase and points, and rubles at the same time. If the card owner's bonus balance lacks bonuses in order to cover the entire amount, it can pay extra ruble.

Thank you from Sberbank - how to connect how to check how to spend

How many bonuses are stored for Sberbank

Duration of bonuses Thank you from Sberbank - 2 years.

Scores burned ahead of time at two circumstances:

  1. The client never used a bank card throughout the year.
  2. Announced the banking service agreement.

Covering bonuses that are in account for longer than 2 years, occurs once a month. Check the points that the bank plans to write off in the near future, in the Sberbank-online personal account (in the "Programs" section).

Translate bonuses thanks to another customer Sberbank

Bonus translation is available for all program participants, the level of which is higher than the initial ("Thank you"). The levels of both parties are taken into account - the recipient and sender of the points.

To send points as a gift Client, follows step by step instructions:

  1. Log in and goes into the "Translations" section in the Personal Account.

Thank you from Sberbank - how to connect how to check how to spend

2. Indicates the number of bonuses for translation and explor the proposed course.

Thank you from Sberbank - how to connect how to check how to spend

3. Enters the cell phone of the recipient.

Thank you from Sberbank - how to connect how to check how to spend

four. Agrees with the Rules of the Promotion (puts a tick under the form of sending) and clicks the "Send" button.

Thank you from Sberbank - how to connect how to check how to spend

In the mobile application, savingspan's transfer of points passes in the same order. The owner of the bonus account indicates the number of translatable points and the recipient number.

Bonuses when returning goods or cancellation of online purchase

When returning a product (or cancel an online order), the participant's account of the program is saved:

  • decreases to the number of bonuses that were accrued when making a purchase - if the score was credited when transactions are calculated;
  • Increases the number of bonuses that were written off when purchasing - if the points were used for partial payment.

How to cash off bonuses thanks from Sberbank

Before thanks from Sberbank to transfer to money, you need to make sure that its privilege level allows. This operation is available only for those users who are in the category "More than Thank you."

Thank you from Sberbank - how to connect how to check how to spend

To cash out bonuses, the client enters the personal account (through a website or mobile application) and indicates the number of points that he wants to convert to rubles. The exchange rate depends on the channel in which conversion is made.

What can I exchange points thanks

Accumulated points The client uses depending on the purposes:

  • exchanges for discounts (partners discounts reach 99%);
  • Bies railway and air tickets (any airlines);
  • I book flights and hotels;
  • Bies movie tickets and other events.

Coupons and promotions

In the "Coupons" section, a bonus program participant can exchange accumulated points on the course offered by partners.

For ease of searching coupon, the site provides sorting for a number of categories:

  • Restaurants and cafes;
  • Auto and refueling;
  • Taxi and Crachhering Trips;
  • insurance;
  • travels;
  • digital content;
  • household products;
  • children's products;
  • Letual;
  • pharmacies;
  • Beauty and health, etc.

Rules of write-off bonus.png.

The client can spend on a coupon to 5,000 points per coupon.

To partners who support the Sberbank bonus program belong to:

  • Delivery Club;
  • Litres;
  • Burger King;
  • Ozone;
  • Sytimobil;
  • Pyaterochka;
  • El Dorado;
  • Yandex Market, etc.

A complete list of partners is presented in the "Coupons" section.

In addition to coupons, the bonus program offers shares that allow you to use the services of a partner at a more favorable price.

How to turn off thanks from Sberbank

To disable Thank you bonuses, two ways are provided:

  1. Contact center 8 (800) 555-55-50 (free call): The operator will request personal data and password (specified in the SPASIBOSBERBANK Personal Account); Thank you from Sberbank - how to connect how to check how to spend
  2. Department of the Bank: you need to take a passport with you.

Bonus program from Sberbank can be connected once. When disconnected, repaid participation will not work.

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