Where passwords are stored in Firefox: how to see or delete, export files

Some users prefer to store credentials in the Firefox manager. If per day I have to be remembered once authorized - this option is very convenient. It is enough to enter a login and password from the site. The browser will remember and will be able to provide the user with access to a personal account, that is, it will not have to reinstall the fields to enter the input. Plus, the manager Mazila Firefox saves forgetful users: if they have seen a key combination, then at any time you can see the saved passwords in Mozilla Firefox. And more export them, find out in which file they are.

Some users prefer to store credentials in the Firefox manager. If per day I have to be remembered once authorized - this option is very convenient. It is enough to enter a login and password from the site. The browser will remember and will be able to provide the user with access to a personal account, that is, it will not have to reinstall the fields to enter the input. Plus, the manager Mazila Firefox saves forgetful users: if they have seen a key combination, then at any time you can see the saved passwords in Mozilla Firefox. And more export them, find out in which file they are.

From this article you will learn how to manage authorization data in Firefox.

In which file browser stores logins and passwords?

If you have a task where passwords are stored in Firefox - in which directory and in which files, do the following instructions. She will help you get access.

1. Click on the "Three Strips" button in the upper right corner of the browser window.


2. In the drop-down menu, click on the "Question Sign" icon (is located at the bottom of the panel).

3. To the submenu, select "Information to solve problems".


4. In the "Application Information" section, clat the "Open folder" button.

Open folder button

5. In the opened directory of the profile, two file you are interested in are stored:

In Key3, passwords are saved, and in logins.json - logins.


How to save the key to enter the manager?

Note. The procedure for saving to Firefox with default settings is considered.

To save a specific password, you must: 1. Open the website on which you want to execute authorization.

2. Fill in the fields in the login panel (login and key), send data (click the "Login" button, or "Login").

Password saving

3. In the drop-down panel with the picture "Key" click the "Remember" button.

Attention! If you do not want to save information in the manager, clatter "arrogance" near the inscription "Remember", and select the appropriate command: "Not now" - temporarily abandon save (when you repeated input on this site, a request will appear again); "Never remember ..." - refusal to save.

To use the saved login, set the cursor in the form field where it needs to be inserted.


Then click the right mouse button. In the context menu, set the cursor over the "Login" item. In the currently open click, select the desired login.

Managing Manager

Get the answer to the question of how to see the saved passwords in Mozilla, the browser manager will help us.

1. Click the "Tools" section in the FF menu. Go to the "Settings" subsection.

Subsection "Settings"

2. Open the Protection tab.

3. In the "Login" block, click "Saved Logins ...".

Tab "Protection"

4. In a new window, a list of records will appear. But they only provide logins, the creation date and on which site are used for authorization.


To view passwords, click "Display ...". Confirm Action: Candle "Yes" in the window with a question.

Password mapping

After activating the command, it is possible to view the "Password" column with open symbolic combinations for each login.

View the "Password" column

You can also delete passwords in the manager via the Delete buttons to "delete everything" (remove all the records available in the log).

Importing saved passwords is carried out by the "Import ..." directive. Candle it, select the browser in the list from which you want to transfer data to Firefox. And then click "Next".

Import settings

In order to copy the credentials in the manager, right-click on the required entry and consistently use the commands:

  • "Copy username" → Insert the copied login where you want (in the field, the manager of another browser, in the text editor);
  • "Copy Password" → In the same way, transfer the symbol key to enter.
Menu Manager

Attention! In the "Login" block, you can install a master password to access the manager. Click the Use Master Password button and enter the key. By the "Change ..." button, the master password changes (from the current to the new one).

Export credentials

Export passwords in Firefox can be performed in various ways:

Method number 1: Addon Password Exporter

Attention! This method is suitable only for browser versions not older than 57th.

1. Open the page - https://addons.mozilla.org/ru/firefox/addon/password-exporter/


2. Follow the installation, restart the web browser.

3. In the Click menu: Tools → Settings.


4. On the "Protection" tab, click on the "Import / Export Passwords" button.

IMPT / Export Passwords Button

5. In the window that appears, activate the necessary command: "Export passwords" or "export a list".

Export passwords

Method number 2: MozBackup utility

1. On the http://mozbackup.jasnapaka.com/download.php page, download the MozBackup utility to reduce the user profile in Firefox. Install it in the system and run.

2. In the "Operation" block, select "Backup a Profile", Clazzo "Next".


3. Press "BROWSE" specify the folder to save the copy of the data.

Selecting a folder

4. Select the save option. If you want to limit access to the file with a password with a backup, click "Yes" and specify the key. In order not to use the add-in, respectively, click "No".

request to create a password

5. In the element panel, click "Unknown Files".

Button "Unknown Files"

6. And make sure that the checkbox is selected next to the files in which the credentials are stored (Logins.json).


7. Now the saved backup with authorization data can be transferred to Firefox to another PC. Either to the directory of reheattered distribution.

Thanks to the Firefox manager, you will not bother with a set of logins and passwords to enter personal pages in social networks, on forums, blogs, online games and other web services. It has simple control, allows you to quickly delete unnecessary account recordings, import / export and edit them. However, using the manager, do not forget to observe precautions to avoid theft of personal data. Install the master password to access the entries panel to the file with a backup. In particular, these requirements are critical in cases where several people use one computer without setting up individual accounts.

The Mozilla Firefox web browser has a memory and storage and storage feature and password accounts from various web resources that use the user with particularly popular, as well as their automatic filling with each next visit to your favorite sites. Now we will analyze several actions on the topic of passwords in Mozile.

How to remember Password in Mozile

Open an Internet site that requires logging into an account, fill data on the user name and password. We enter into an account.

Passwords in Firefox

Then, Mozilla browser will automatically ask you "Do you want Firefox to remember this username?". If you need it to press the "Remember" button, if not, you can ignore the message and simply close the window that appears. Next to the "Remember" button there is a shooter down, if you press it, two additional actions will appear "Never remember the password for this site" and "not now."

Passwords in Firefox

When you click on the item "Not Now", the dialog box closes, but you can always open it again by clicking on the icon in the form of a key located on the left of the search line.

Where passwords are stored in Firefox

The input data for various Internet sites is stored in a special folder called "Profile". This folder is separate from the search engine files Mozil Firefox. This prevents the loss of important data during malfunctions with a web browser. From here it follows that if you delete your Internet browser, then saved passwords will not disappear anywhere.

How to view saved passwords in Mozilla Firefox

You saved passwords for some web resources and now think how to see the saved passwords in the Mozile, for this, open the settings menu (the icon in the upper right corner depicting three strips located under the other), then the "Settings" button.

Passwords in Firefox

In the left part of the window, choose the "Protection" item. In the window that opens, we see two sub-item "General" and "Login". In the "Login" subparagraph on the right there is the "Saved Login ..." button, click on it.

Passwords in Firefox

The new "Saved Logins" window opens, where you can see the list of sites and user names, as well as the latest changes. To view passwords, you must click on the "Display Passwords" button.

Passwords in Firefox

A window appears with a request for confirmation of the password show, choose "Yes."

Passwords in Firefox

Now you see the site address, username and password to enter the specified site.

Passwords in Firefox

How to remove passwords in Mozilla Firefox

If you want to delete the login and password for any reason, you need to select the site in the "Saved Logins" window for which you want to remove the password and click the Delete button in the bottom left side of the window or the "Delete All" button to immediately delete Passwords for all sites.

Can save Mozilla passwords to your accounts on web pages. Using the password saving in the Mozile, you will be able to open your account faster as you will not need to manually enter the password every time, and the browser will automatically fill the corresponding field and you will only be left to enter your account. Password on Mozilla Firefox can be remembered, delete and display. In the browser, passwords are in an encrypted form and therefore they cannot be seen through the Internet, and only the person who uses them directly with your computer will be able to see them.

How to remember Password in Mozile

To save the login and password in Mozile, you need to open the site and click the button. input And in the appropriate fields to enter a login and password.

How to find passwords in Mozile
How to save password in mozile manually

After that clicking on the button To come in In the upper left side of the browser, a small window will open in which you will be offered to save the login for your site. Pressing the button on this window Save The browser will immediately save the password to this login on this site. After that, if you open this site again and press the Input button, the authorization window will open in which the fields login and password will already be filled out. If the Firefox browser does not save passwords, it is possible that this feature is disabled in the settings. To start it, you need to open the settings by clicking on the Tools - Settings menu panel.

Why passwords are not saved in Mozile
That's why Firefox does not remember passwords

In the settings, go to Protection And put a tick at the point Memorize logins for sites . After that, the password browser will memorize.

How to add exceptions in mozile

If you do not want to save passwords on this site, you will need to click on the button Do not save , and if you do not want, each time you open this site, you do not appear with a proposal to save the password, then you need to select the item from the pop-up list Never save .

Where passwords are stored in Firefox
How to add exceptions to Mozile

If after that you want to save the password, and the window to save the password does not open, then you need to open the browser settings by clicking the Tools - Settings on the menu panel. In the settings, go to Protection and opposite item to memorize logins for sites press the button Exceptions .

How to remove saved password in mozile
How to clear passwords in Mozile

A window will open in which you will need to select this site, and then press alternately buttons Delete Site и Save changes . After that, passwords for this site can be saved.

How to view saved passwords in Mozilla Firefox

To view saved passwords in Firefox to this site, you need to hover the cursor in the field where the login fits and press the right mouse button. The context menu will open in which first select sequentially Enter login View saved logins .

How to remove passwords in Mozile
How to find out passwords in Mozile

A window will open in which will display the address of this website, and to view passwords in Firefox will need to click Display passwords .

How to remove saved passwords in Mozile Firefox
How to remove passwords in Mozilla Firefox

If you want to see the saved passwords in the magazine in this window, you will need to click on the cross in this window which is located on the right side of the address string. The specified address will disappear and immediately display all your sites and logins with passwords to them. To delete Firefox passwords, you will need to select a site and click the Delete button, and if you click on the Delete button, everything will be deleted all passwords. Also to view passwords in Mozile. This window can be Open through the browser settings. Opening the settings by clicking in the menu panel to the Tools - the settings will need to go to Protection and at the very bottom click on the button Saved logins . A window will open in which you will see all the logins and passwords to sites.

Where Mozilla stores passwords

The browser saved logins and passwords saves on the computer in the key3.db and logins.json files. These files where Firefox stores passwords can be found at C: \ users / username computer \ APPDATA \ ROAMING \ Mozilla \ Firefox \ Profiles \ F66CO4CU.Default Where the last set of numbers and letters can be different.

All changes made in Firefox, such as the homepage, used panels, extensions that you installed, your bookmarks and saved passwords are stored in a special folder called "Profile". Your profile folder is stored separately from Firefox executable files, so if something suddenly goes wrong with Firefox, your information will always be saved. It also means that you can remove Firefox without losing your settings, and that you do not need to reinstall Firefox to delete information or solve the problem.

How can I find my profile?

  • Click on the menu button FX57Menu., then click the button and select. From the menu, select. The tab opens Information to solve problems .
  • In section Information about the application Near Folder Directory Profile Click on the button Open folder Show to Finder Open catalog . A window opens containing the folder of your profile. The folder of your profile opens.

How to find a profile without launching Firefox

Firefox saves your profile folder on your computer, by default in this place: C: \ Users \ <Your Windows Login Username> \ APPDATA \ ROAMING \ Mozilla \ Firefox \ PROFILES \ Folder APPDATA Windows hides the default, but you can find your profile folder as follows:

  1. Click Windows Key.+Ron keyboard. The Run dialog box opens.
  2. Type: % APPDATA% \ Mozilla \ Firefox \ PROFILES \
  3. Click OK. . A window opens containing profile folders.
  4. Double-click the folder with the profile you want to open. If you have only one profile, his folder will have the name "Default".
  1. On the start-up screen, click on the tile Desktop . The desktop appears.
  2. On the desktop, Mouse over to the lower right corner to open the Miracle Button panel.
  3. Select a miracle button. Side panel search.
  4. In the search field, type: % APPDATA% \ Mozilla \ Firefox \ PROFILES \ without pressing ENTER. A list of folder profiles will appear.
  5. Click on the profile folder you want to open (it opens in the window). If you have only one profile, his folder will have the name "Default".
  1. Press the button Start In Windows. The Start menu opens.
  2. In the search field, at the bottom of the Start menu, type: % APPDATA% \ Mozilla \ Firefox \ PROFILES \ without pressing ENTER. The profile list will appear at the top of the Start menu.
  3. Click on the profile folder you want to open (it opens in the window). If you have only one profile, his folder will have the name "Default". AB167BEC686B081A25849C98D6BF9EA7-1258940859-69-1.PNG.
  • You can also find your profile by clicking the button. Windows Key.And then dial: % APPDATA% \ Mozilla \ Firefox \ PROFILES \
  1. Click the button button Start In Windows and select item. Win-Run.png.
  2. Type: % APPDATA% \ Mozilla \ Firefox \ PROFILES \ and click OK. . Over the window containing profile folders. WIN-RUNDIALOG.PNG.
  3. Make a double click on the profile folder you want to open. If you have only one profile, his folder will have the name "Default".

Click on the icon Finder in the dock. In the menu bar, click on the menu, and holding the key Option or Alt. , Select. A window contains your Library folder.

  1. Open the folder Application Support , Open the folder in it Firefox. and in it - folder Profiles .
  2. The folder of your profile is within this folder. If you have only one profile, his folder will have the name "Default".
  1. (Ubuntu) Open the menu on the left side of the screen and select. The file browser window appears.
  2. Open the menu and select if it has not yet been noted.
  3. Double click on the folder .mozilla. .
  4. If you have only one profile, his folder will have the name "Default".

What information is stored in my profile?

Note: This is not a complete list. Only important information is given.

Bookmarks, Downloads and History Views:

  • places.sqlite. This file contains all your Firefox tabs, lists of all files downloaded by you and all websites you have visited.
  • BookmarkBackups. This folder stores backup bookmark files that can be used to restore bookmarks.
  • Favicons.sqlite. This file contains all sites (FAVICONS) icons for your bookmarks in Firefox.

For more information, read articles How to use bookmarks to memorize and organize your favorite sites and restore bookmarks from a backup or transfer them to another computer.


  • Site-specific settings:
  • permissions.sqlite.
  • Content-prefs.sqlite. These two files store a variety of Firefox permissions (for example, what sites are allowed to open pop-up windows) or scale levels set separately for each site (read the article font size and page size - increase the size of the web pages).

Search engines:

Personal Dictionary:

  • Persdict.dat. This file contains all the additional words you have added to the Firefox dictionary. For more information, read the article How to check spelling in Firefox?.

Autofilling history:


  • cookies.sqlite Cookies are small fragments of data saved on your computer visited sites. This is usually something like site settings or login status. All cookies are stored in this file.

DOM storage:

The DOM repository is designed to provide a more spacious, safe and easy-to-use alternative to storing information in cookies.

  • Webappsstore.sqlite. Website information is stored in this file.
  • chromeappsstore.sqlite. This file stores information for Pages about: *.


Security certificate settings:

  • CERT9.DB. This file contains all the settings of your security certificates and all SSL certificates that you imported in Firefox.

Protection Device Settings:

  • pkcs11.txt This file stores the configuration of protection modules.

Actions when downloading files:

Saved session:

Toolbox settings:

Custom settings:

  • prefs.js. This file stores the settings changed by the user, such as the changes made by you in the Firefox Settings dialog box. Optional file. user.js. If it is available, overlaps the action of any changed settings.


Work with profiles

  • Article Using Profile Manager To create and delete Firefox profiles, explains how to create a new profile, install a new default profile and remove the old profile.
  • Article How to restore user data that disappeared after the Firefox update explains how to use the Profile Manager to switch profiles if there are several profiles.
  • An article Reservation and data recovery in Firefox profiles explains how to save a backup profile copy and how to restore profile. Also, this article explains how to transfer your profile to another place of your hard disk or another computer.
  • An article Recovery of important data from an old profile explains how to copy files to a new profile and includes a list of files that contain information that is useful for recovery.

Firefox includes a function that allows it to save passwords that the browser will subsequently automatically insert into the appropriate fields to enter websites.

Saving passwords in Firefox

If you enter a password in a web form, but do not see the message with the question "Want those whether Firefox remembers the password", make sure the setting " Memorize logins for sites "Included in Settings-> Protection-> Login .Save Firefox PasswordsPut a tick near the item " Memorize logins for sites " Now, if you register on any web resource, the browser will prompt you to save the password. Passwords in Firefox

Another reason when Firefox may not offer to remember Login, - View sites in "

Private mode

" You can learn about it in

Settings -> Privacy -> History-> Firefox


If you have chosen " will not memorize history "Your browser will not give you password memorization. Saving passwords in Firefox

Where passwords are stored in Firefox

Firefox stores passwords in the folder of your profile and starting with version 2.0, this data is stored in encrypted form.

В Windows 2000 and Windows XP The profile folders are default on this path: • C: \ Documents and Settings \ <Windows Name> \ Application Data \ Mozilla \ Firefox \ Profiles \ <Profile Folder> Windows Vista, 7 and above Profile folders are default in: • C: \ Users \ <Username> \ APPDATA \ Roaming \ Mozilla \ Firefox \ Profiles \ <Profile Folder>. Your passwords are stored in two different files, both of which are necessary:

  • key3.db - contains the key to decipher the saved logins and passwords;
  • Logins.json - saved logins and passwords in encrypted form.

It is important to note that at least Firefox and stores data in an encrypted form, anyone who has access to your computer can easily view these passwords and logins.

How to view passwords in Firefox

If you need to find out the password for a particular site, then it's easy enough. Choose Settings -> Protection -> Saved Logins .How to view saved passwords in Mozilla Firefox

In the new dialog box, click "

Display passwords

"And answer positively to the question" you are confident ... ", which will appear in the warning window.

View passwords in Firefox

Now you can see your passwords.

How to import passwords in Firefox

You can import passwords from other browsers using the built-in Firefox tool " Master Import " In the dialog box Saved logins " Press " Import "And in the new wizard window, select which browser will be imported from data. Import passwords from Firefox

Click "


", Then remove the checkboxes from those data that you do not want to import.

After the master informs that importing is successfully completed, click " Ready »

How to import passwordsExport passwords from Firefox

The first way. You can export passwords from Firefox by making a copy of the key3.db files and "logins.json", which are in your profile, moved and, for example, in another Firefox profile on another computer or save on a flash drive, an external drive or in "Cloud Storage".

The second way. Exports can be performed using special additions, such as Password Exporter.

After installing the supplement, go to Settings -> Protection -> Login . Click on the "button" Import / Export Passwords " Supplements to save passwords in Firefox

In a new window, you can choose whether the exported passwords encrypt, as well as set sites to which exports will not be applied.

Supplement passwords Firefox

Logins and passwords can be saved in files with a resolution .xml, and in .csv.

Third way. The Synchronization feature is another option that will allow you to export your own data by synchronizing with other devices where the Mozilla Firefox browser is installed. Extensions for passwords Firefox

Remove Firefox Passwords

Regardless of the reason you will encounter you to remove passwords in Firefox, you can do this in just a few clicks.

Settings -> Protection -> Saved Logins . Next, in the dialog box that appears, click on the site for which you do not need a saved password and click " Delete " If you need to delete all passwords, press the " delete everything " Remove passwords from Firefox

If you are confident in your choice, click "



Wizard passwords in Firefox

As you can see, if a stranger has access to your computer, he will be able to make anything with your passwords, stored in Firefox. To limit access to confidential information, Mozilla has " Master Password "

Password wizard protects all your personal information with a single password specified by the user.

To turn on the function, go along the way Settings -> Protection -> Login And check the box near the line " Use Master Password "

Master Password Firefox.

A new window will open, where you will be offered to come up with, enter and remember your main password.

Wizard passwords in Firefox

Now, to view passwords, make import or their export, Firefox will request a master password with you, which you must remember.

How to reset master password

If you have lost or forgot your master password or want to disable this feature, then you can reset it. Reset " Master Password "Will be removed from the memory of all information about the saved logins and passwords for authorization on sites.

Enter Chrome: //pippki/content/resetpassword.xul In the address bar, press the "Enter" key and in the appeared tab, click on the "Reset" button. how to remove the master password in Firefox

After restarting the browser, you will lose all saved information in the password manager.

Password Manager for Firefox

LastPass Password Manager.

Although the built-in "master password" in Firefox is considered a reliable function to save your personal information, there are a number of additions that are more convenient and functional.

For example, LastPass Password Manager is considered the leader among password managers. This online password manager comes with a large number of wonderful features and is distributed as extensions for various browsers, including Firefox.

Download the LastPass Password Manager extension and read its rich functionality, which includes:

  • Saving, encrypting and backing up all your passwords and logins automatically;
  • Data synchronization;
  • Only one master password that needs to be remembered;
  • Password generator;
  • Automatic insertion of logins and passwords in special fields;
  • Creating secure passwords

How to put a password for Mozilla Firefox browser

Put a password on Firefox

Password on the launch of Firefox can be delivered using the add-on


. Download the extension and install it in the browser. After restarting Firefox, go to

Settings -> Protection -> Change Master Password

. In the window "

Change Master Password

»Go to the"


"And check the tick near"

Request a password when starting


Set the password to start Firefox

You can use other settings for this expansion.

Password on the launch of Firefox

Now after starting the browser Firefox, the program will ask you to enter the master password with you.

Alexander Anufriev, journalist, in his free time loves to work with computers, paying special attention to browsers. Author of the author - VKontakte


Where passwords are stored in Firefox

Password is a tool that protects your account from using it by third parties. If you have forgotten the password from a specific service, it is not necessary to restore it at all, because in the Mozilla Firefox browser it is possible to view the saved passwords.

  1. Open the browser menu and select "Logins and passwords" .
  2. Go to section with passwords to view them in Mozilla Firefox

  3. Through the left panel, you can switch between sites, passwords for which were saved, and in the main part of the window all information about the selected URL will be displayed. To view the password, you can just click on the eye icon.
  4. View password from the selected site in Mozilla Firefox

  5. If he suddenly outdated or has been saved by its incorrect form, you can always edit or delete an entry about the saved website buttons "Change" и "Delete" .
  6. Editing a saved password from the site in Mozilla Firefox

  7. If necessary, you can immediately copy the password when you can immediately use the corresponding button on the right.

View passwords in the form of a file on a computer cannot be encrypted and stored in a special file. However, you can always make a backup of this file or transfer it to another Firefox simple copying. In addition, you can always export them if you want to go to another browser. Read about all this in another article by reference below.

Read more: How to export passwords from browser Mozilla Firefox

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In active Internet users, there may be a huge number of accounts on various services, and everyone has its own password. Mozilla Firefox users, and any other browser, can store passwords in the browser. But sometimes these passwords are forgotten. I will tell you how to see the saved passwords in Firefox.

How to view saved passwords in Firefox? + video

We will not swing and pour water for a long time and immediately go to the practical part.

For those who do not want to read, here video:

To find out the password from any service (if you saved it) in Firefox, follow these steps:

  • Go to Mozilla Firefox (1) Main Menu and click on "Settings" (2)
Main menu Firefox
Main menu Firefox
  • Click on the left menu on the "Privacy and Protection" link
Firefox Settings
Firefox Settings
  • You will see the "Saved Login ..." button on the page. Click on it.
Saved Firefox Passwords
Saved Firefox Passwords
  • A window will appear where the list of all sites will be displayed for which there are saved logins and passwords.
List of saved passwords
List of saved passwords
  • The list is sorted by alphabet, but you can sort it up by login in the last save date. Also for convenience at the top of the window there is a search string. Just enter the site address there, the password to which you need to know, and it will appear in the list.
Specific site
Specific site
  • Now click on the site name right mouse button and click in the context menu to the item " Copy password " Now the password you have in the clipboard. You can insert it into any text editor or in the text box in the browser, for example, in the search string, and see it.
Copy password from the site
Copy password from the site
  • You can also display all saved passwords. To do this, click on the button " Display passwords " The browser will ask for confirmation of this action. Click on the "button" Yes »
Displays saved passwords in Firefox
Displays saved passwords in Firefox
  • Now a new column will appear in the list - " Password "Where the names of sites, logins and passwords will be seen.
List of saved passwords
List of saved passwords
  • To hide passwords back, click on the button " Hide passwords " The list will disappear column "Password".
Hiding passwords
Hiding passwords

Now you can see passwords at any time for any saved site in your Firefox browser. I hope that you have no difficulty. If something does not work, I will gladly help you. Write your questions in the comments.

The Mozilla's Firefox browser has a distinctive feature - quickly and easily remembers and saves passwords, logins for sites that users use, it is worth only once to remember the account of a specific site in Mozille. And this data is filled in automatic mode with each subsequent site visit.

What file is Firefox passwords are stored?

All user information in the browser is stored in one folder, and is called profile. By default, this full way looks like this: Full way

This folder is placed separately from Firefox. This feature eliminates the likelihood of data loss if malfunctions arise in the browser.

Key4.db and logins.json - logins and passwords are stored in these files.

Files that are responsible for logins and passwords

Turn on password saving setting in browser

To have something to look, you must make sure that the account saving option is enabled.

ATTENTION! By default, this feature is included. If you only installed the browser - you can move to the next section.


Make this procedure is quite simple, as the browser has an understandable interface. Main list of actions:

  • Open the Mozilla Firefox application;
  • Click on the icon in the upper right corner (three horizontal lines)
  • Click on the heading "Settings"; Configuration
  • The new window will open access to the "Privacy and Protection" tab. It can be made in the form of a "lock" icon.
  • Then it is worth finding the "Logins and Passwords" section, put a tick opposite the phrase "request saving logins and passwords for websites."
  • To preserve the entered settings, you must click the "OK" button.

How to save password?

To save the authentication data, you will need to visit the Internet resource where you need to enter the username and password.

Next, Mozilla browser in automatic mode asks the user whether to save the entered data.

Save Login

If you need it, clicks on the "Save" button, if not, "not save".

Next to it is the arrow showing the direction down. After clicking on the user, the option "Never save a password" is provided.

Never save login

In this way, you can add a site to exceptions, and will no longer be a browser asking to remember Login.

This rule is valid only for sites that are added to exceptions.

After clicking on the first option, a dialog box closes. It can be easily open at any time by pressing the key icon. It is located on the left of the search string.

View passwords

In some cases, you need to see the data from the accounts of various sites, for this you need to open the menu with the settings. Special icon is located in the upper right corner. It is depicted in the form of three strips, which are placed on each other. Next, you must click on the "Settings" menu.

Open the configuration menuIn the left side of the window that appeared is the section "Privacy and Protection". Changing at him, the drag of the scroll down, the user will see the "Login and Passwords" inscriptions. On the right side of the screen there is the "Saved Login" button. It is on it that needs to be pressed.

Saved logins

The new window will show a list of Internet resources and names that are stored after registration. The user can also explore the latest changes. To see the saved logins, you need to click on "Display Passwords". The window will pop up where you need to confirm the actions performed.

Show Login.

All of the information you are interested in will appear on the screen of your monitor. There is also a website address, and login, Password Firefox. It is these data that are used to log in to the account.

After completed above, it is necessary to hide the authentication data from unauthorized persons. Click the "Hide Passwords" tab, confirm the action by click on the "OK" key.

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